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Tips and advice for winning? 0
Is he good enough? 1
100% Music and Supports? 1
Amount? 1
Are Marth and Roy in this game? 7
Are the ONLY differences between LHM and LNM just lack of tutorial and a few less items? 2
Arena Choice? 1
Barrier? 1
Board 2? 3
Board? 1
Can assassins steal? 3
can i have both Wallace and Geitz in my team ? 2
Can you do support conversations in Lyn's story? 1
Can you promote lords? 2
Change of heart? 1
Choose? 1
Details? 1
Do you need the tutorial with Lyn? (normal 1
Do you still receive support turns if unit in question is an enemy? 12
Does getting 5-star ranking in everything for tactician confer bonuses? 1
Does the last battle (Light) count as one or two battles? 1
Does your best rank show in extras or your most recent one? 1
Elusive? 1
Emblem Seal? 1
Ending Question: "Tactician Absent"? 1
Enigma? 1
Grudge? 1
Happy Ending? 1
Harken and Karel? 3
Harken or Karel? 13
Harken vs. Raven? 1
Hector 23x help? 1
Hector? 1
History? 1
How can I get the Uber Spear with the codebreaker codes? because... 2
How can I train my pegasus knight in the arena? 1
How do I get stars for tactics? 1
How do i get the shaman? 2
How do i go beyond the 16 slots guru2012 has on his codebreaker FAQ?? 1
How do i use saves? 9
How do you gain all hte songs in sound test mode? 3
How do you pick between Harken and Karel? 2
How does one obtain mines? 1
How I unlock every support conversation in a single playthrough? 3
How is Lyn able to recruit Karel in Pale Flower of Darkness? 1
How many support levels can you get? 2
I cannot seem to be able to get harken,please help? 3
I dont know how use the code breakercode,can some one please help me?! 10
Impossible? 1
Is dorcas worth using? are there any better warriors than him? 1
Is it possible to get the Door to open up without killing all the morphs? 2
Is their any point? 1
Is there a difference in the max stats of characters from the same class? 1
Is there a way to completely erase all data? 2
Is there any reward for actually completing the support log? 1
Is there anyway to recruit Harken and Karel? 1
Jaffar? 1
Levels/stats of the characters from Lyn's route in a New Game? 2
Lowen and Rebecca- and other support? 1
Master seal locations? 4
Masters? 1
Max Level? 2
Misunderstanding? 2
Multiple Questions? 2
Never played FE before. How does this game compare? 1
Nightmare help!!!!? 1
Offspring? 1
Patch? 1
Plot? 1
Ranking? 1
Rebecca or Rath? 3
Release? 1
Rule Settings...? 1
S ranks? 1
Save? 1
Should I fight Lloyd or Linus first? 1
Should I use Guy? 2
Should you use the arenas throughout the game? 9
Stars? 2
Stopping Wallace from Promoting? 1
Support after cleared game? 1
Support Reoccurrence Rate? 1
Supports? 1
Survivors? 2
Sword? 1
The Next Story? 1
Title? 1
Track? 1
Union? 1
Unleashed? 1
What are the titles of the games that are part of this game series'? 3
What do the "b,w,l" at the bottom of the r button info screen mean? 1
What does each character's affinity do? 1
What happened? 2
What happens? 1
What level should I promote Priscilla? 4
What should I do?; 1
What The? 1
What? 2
When Rath joins Lyn, a villager (in a house) says he has 'somthing' to help. Was it a typo? 1
Where and how do you recruit Karla? 1
Where are all the arena's in this game? 2
where do I get VBA cheats for this game? 2
Which characters eat up the most experience and which characters eat up the least experience? 1
Which difficulty level is the best? 4
Which Ending CG will appear? 1
Which game? 1
Which units are better? 7
Who do you think? 3
Who is better. Geitz or a massivelt levelled up Wallace with the stats given below? 2
Who should I use The Knights Crest on? 1
Who talks to the second Pegasus Rider? 1
Why are my stats so horrible? 2

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