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Fire Emblem

1.	Introduction (Section 1)
2.	Email Policy
3.	Version History
4.	Walkthrough (Section 2)
5.	Promoting a Character (Section 3)
6.	What I Thought of the Characters (Section 4)
7.	Special Thanks (Section 5)
8.	Legal Stuff (Section 6)

Section 1


Hi, this is KLC writing my first FAQ. Do not be surprise to
find lots of mistakes! I decide to write my first walkthrough
for this game because it is my absolute favorite game. Plus,
I haven't unlock EVERY possible side quests, so if you have
and would like to submit it to me on how to beat, than I will
add your name in the Special Thanks area!

This is just a layout on how to beat the game. I cannot
step-by-step tell you how to beat everything! It's too hard
for me to do so. This game is similar to, let's say chess.
I can tell how each pieces move but I can't tell you how to
beat an opponent unless I can see what your opponent is doing
and stuff. Oh yeah, it's possible that my FAQ walkthrough
contains spoilers, so I will put SPOILER ALERT if I'm about
to spoil something! I do reveal some of the story line from
time to time. However, if you feel like I forgot to mention
a part of the story, please don't email me. I'm supposed to
tell you how to beat the game, not revealing every story line
in the game! If you have anything that you want submit to me,
email me but first please read my email policy!

Email Policy

I have some don'ts of my email policy. Please read all of them
very carefully, and then send me your message at
1.	Send me a virus of any kind. I won't be happy and I might
even sue.
2.	Send me SPAM. You know anyone that actually likes SPAM?
That's what I thought.
3.	Send me questions that are common sense, not related to Fire
Emblem, or anything off topic.
4.	Send me repeated mails asking me for credit for something
you had told me. I need time. Also, if you don't see your
name in the Special Thanks column, then chances are somebody
already emailed me before you did.
5.	Send me an email with a size over 5 KB. I will assume it
is SPAM this way. It is just a simple question or request.
It doesn't take up much space.

Violate any of the following except the first one and I will
send you a warning. I will automatically block you if you send
me a virus, and I might sue. Violate #2 and beyond and I will
block and ignore all further messages from you. Oh yeah, and
be sure to put Fire Emblem FAQ as the subject or else I will
assume it's SPAM.

Version History

1.	Version 1.0

I've managed to complete all the necessary chapters. I think
I might have missed some side quests.

2. Version 1.1

Added neoseeker.com to my list of web sites.

Section 2


Throughout the game, this game is broken into three stories:
Lyn's, Eliwood's, and Hector's. You must complete them in that
order in order to unlock the next story.

Lyn's Story

Prologue: A Girl From the Plains
Object: Seize gate
New Member: Lyn, level 1 Lord

This chapter is completely rigged. Unless you're playing the
hard mode, it is impossible for Lyn to die. Just follow the
game's directions.

Chapter 1: Footsteps of Fate
Object: Kill all enemies
New Members: Sain, level 1 Cavalier; Kent, level 1 Cavalier

You and Lyn are training together and decide to stop at Bulgar
to stock up. You'll then meet Sain and Kent. The two knights
pissed Lyn off, so she leaves the town. But when she does,
a bandit attacks her. Not only that, the robber called her
by the name of Lyndis! Lyn then gets shocked. Suspicious.

Sain and Kent will come and will aid you in your battle! This
is just another tutorial. When the tutorial ends, head towards
the boss and, well, fight.

Boss: Zugu, level 4 Brigand
Pathetic guy, actually. All three of your units use swords,
so all three of them can kill him much quicker than you think
they can.

After the battle, Sain and Kent tell Lyn why they are here.
Lyn is actually supposed to be the heir of House Caelin! And
she actually does have a family member left, her grandfather,
Lord Hausen. Unfortunately, her granduncle, Lundgren thinks
Lyn wants to steal his throne, and he orders his men to have
her dead! Oh yeah, and Lyn's real name is Lyndis!

Chapter 2: Sword of Spirits
Object: Seize throne

The party stops to rest at a shrine and to pray for safety.
Unfortunately, bandits attack and the leader wants to steal
a sacred sword! Looks like another battle!
After the tutorial, break the crack wall so you can reach the
boss quicker. Besides, Sain and Kent won't be able to fight
the boss if you don't break the wall.

Boss: Glass, level 3 Mercenary

Glass uses a sword as a weapon, so Lyn is out for this boss
battle. Both of your horsemen uses lances, so have them fight

After the battle, the priest of the shrine wants you to touch
the sacred Mani Katti sword and pray for a safe journey. It
turns out Lyn was destined to pull the sword out of its scabbard!
I like this sword; it does a lot of damage and performs
criticals at a high rating.

Band of Mercenaries
Object: Kill all enemies
New Members: Florina, level 1 Peg Knight; Wil, level 2 Archer

Lyn's old friend, Florina has been caught by a few bandits,
and Lyn rushes in just in time to help her! Now, follow the
tutorial and you'll also get Wil, an archer! Have Florina go
to the northwestern house for 2,000 G.

There is an armory in the southeastern corner. Because your
weapons break now and then, it's best to buy a few new weapons
as backups, but don't blow away all your cash!

Boss: Migal, level 6: Brigand

Another simple boss. He stays on his spot, so just have Wil
nail him to death.

Chapter 4: In Occupation's Shadow
Object: Save Natalie for 7 turns
New Member: Dorcas, level 1 Fighter

You and your party spend the night at a ruined fortress. There
you'll met Natalie. She's looking for her husband Dorcas, but
just afterwards, bandits attack!
After the tutorial, you'll get Dorcas as a member. Keep on
fending off all these bandits. Be careful, there are a LOT
of them. More than usual at least.

Boss: Carjiga, level 8 Brigand

You don't have to kill the boss if you don't want to. This
is a survival mission, meaning that killing the boss is a
complete option. If you do fight, use a strong sword user (Lyn
is a good choice). Be careful! Carjiga is harder than the
previous bosses! Yes, he CAN perform massive damage on Lyn!

After the battle, Lyn will send Dorcas and Natalie off back
to their villages. However, Dorcas will return to you the next

Chapter 5: Beyond the Borders
Object: Kill all enemies
New Members: Serra, level 1 Cleric; Erk, level 1 Mage

You are almost at the Bern border line! Pass the line and no
more bandits! Wait! It looks like the bandits are trying their
best to prevent you from crossing! They never get it, do they?

Meanwhile in the woods, a cleric named Serra and a mage named
Erk were passing by. Serra starts to complain about how
annoying it was for them to be lost. Erk argues back saying
that she was positive this was the right path. Anyways, Serra
sees you and the bandits and runs up ahead. The bandits thought
Serra and Erk were in the same league as you, so the bandits
made them their targets, too! Oh well, more members for you!

Now, Erk, despite his incredibly low defense, is an incredible
magic user. In my opinion, he's the third best magic user in
the game! Anyways, fight like always until you reach the boss.

Boss: Bug, level 9 Brigand

He's so easy! Wil and Erk both can use long range attacks and
he will be toast in no time!

    After the battle, Serra and Erk both bid you farewell and
leaves. However, Sain encourages them to join your party.
Serra seemed delighted, but ol' Erk said he felt sick...

Chapter 6: Blood of Pride
Object: Turn on switches
New Members: Matthew, level 2 Thief; Rath, level 7 Nomad

Lyn believes the Marques of Araphen would aid them on their
journey so they head towards Araphen. Unfortunately, Araphen
seems to be under attack! A nomad by the name of Rath saved
Lyn's life and will tell you the only way to enter the castle
is to trigger three well-hidden switches.

Go the northwestern right house to get Matthew. Follow the
tutorial. Open the chest for an Angelic Robe. Who you use it
on is up to you, but I advise you to use it on Erk, Serra,
or Lyn.

Kill the guard at the southeastern corner, and if you have
visited the central house, you should have gotten a door key.
Unlock the door and step on the switch. The last switch,
obviously, is under the Boss's guard.

Boss: Bool, level 5 Knight

He has great defense, so arrows won't do much damage. However,
Erk's magic on the other hand... BOOOMM!!!!!!!!!! Easy victory.

When you reach Marques Araphen, he refuses to help Lyn because
she is a Sacaen. He's sort of... racist against them, I guess.
Anyways, Rath who also happens to be a Sacaen, overheard him
and resigns and joins your party. He also gives you 5,000 G!

Chapter 7: Siblings Abroad
Object: Kill boss
New Members: Nils, level 1 Bard; Lucius, level 3 Monk

A young boy named Nils and his sister Ninian are escaping away
from a group known as the Black Fang. Unfortunately, Ninian
has been caught! Lucius overheard the situation and joins your
party! Now, Lucius is a Light Magician, meaning that he's a
good choice to take out the shamans (who are Dark Magician).

Visit the northeastern village for Pure Water, an item that
increases your resistance. This is a good choice for the boss.

Boss: Heintz, level 5 Shaman

If you've been using Florina regularly, use her to reach the
boss quickly and kill him. If not, then you have to go the
long way by going around the mountains. Use Lucius to kill
Heintz if Florina is too low level. Oh yeah, Pure Water helps
big time!

After the battle, if you were able to beat it in less than
15 turns; you just unlock a side quest! If not then, skip down
to the next chapter.

Chapter 7x: The Black Shadow
Object: Kill all enemies
How to Unlock: Beat previous chapter in less than 15 turns

Ninian's precious ring is somewhere in here. Don't try to break
any walls here, because you will just release more enemy
reinforcements! There is a thief that will steal a Hammer in
this side chapter. If you care for it, steal it back, or better
yet kill him. But since Dorcas is your only real axe man, there
really is no point getting it.

Boss: Beyard, level 7 Mercenary

Ahem, long distance weapons can eliminate him within seconds.
Lances also work well.

Chapter 8: Vortex of Strategy
Object: Kill all enemies

There is a ballista in this chapter. It is a very powerful
weapon with a very long range, meaning it can wipe out flying
units such as Florina within seconds. So on the preparation
screen, bench her. Also, Matthew will leave out for this

Go to the northeastern village for a lancereaver. It reverses
the weapon triangle. It is a sword that kills lance users but
will fall before axe users. Be careful, the boss and his
bodyguards also use reaver weapons. Just use the opposite
weapon you would usually use to defeat them, or better yet,

From where you start, go to the armory/vendor to buy stuff,
then head south and try to take out the archer arming the
ballista. If you've killed him before he uses up all his arrows,
Wil can control it and use it to destroy your enemies. However,
the ballista has only five shots, so it will be useless whether

Boss: Yogi, level 6 Knight

Sword users, now is the time to use your weapons to destroy
this lance user! Magic also works well.

After the battle, Kent recognizes some of the foes. Matthew
returns and tells you that Marques Caelin is ill but most people
think his brother Lundgren is poisoning him on purpose. He
also tells them that Lundgren told everyone that Kent and Sain
are traitors to Caelin. This doesn't look very good...

Chapter 9: A Grim Reunion
Object: Seize gate
New Member: Wallace, level 12 Knight

This is a fog of war battle. Your movements are limited. Head
to the northwestern house for a torch. Give it to Matthew and
have him light up the area. Wallace, a knight that works for
Eagler, the boss of this area trusts in Lyn and joins your
party. You then have to promote him to a general, which sucks
because he's not at level 20 yet. Oh well. When a unit is
promoted, he/she gets changed to a new class. When they do,
they will have most of their stats increased by at least 1,
and they will start all over from level 1. Don't panic about
Wallace being level 1, as he is still very strong (but he's
a credit hog). Also, your units can't evolve until they reach
level ten, and they must have a specific item for them to evolve.
I think it is best to wait until level 20 before evolving them.
I will explain more about promoting a character in my
"Character Promotion" section of my guide.

Be very careful in this battle! It's hard to see your enemies,
yes I know. Carefully head east for the castle gate where Eagler
waits! It will also be a smart choice to kill the reinforcements
for experience!

Boss: Eagler, level 1 Paladin

Boy, this guy is tough! Your best bet is to use Wallace and
his axe. And again, this is not an easy battle, although Wallace
is pretty good and makes it slightly easier. However, Wallace
can be a bit of a credit hog, so if you don't want to use him,
then a high level Dorcas would just work as well. He has a
Javelin, which is a long distance weapon, so don't use magic!

Chapter 10: The Distant Plains
Object: Seize gate

This is it! The final battle for Lyn's throne and her
grandfather's life! As you can probably tell, Lundgren is
really pissed and will send his best army to take you down.
Also, watch out for the rain! It won't rain long, but when
it does, it will slow all your party members down.

Visit the eastern village for an energy ring. This is really
valuable! Break the snag just south the village and visit the
armory. You will lose all your stuff after this battle, so
use up everything you have not yet use! Buy a Heavy Spear for

Boss: Lundgren, level 5 General

Oh my gosh! This is really tough! If Lyn is at a REALLY high
level, have her equip with either an Armorslayer or a
Lancereaver with about a ton of vulnerary. Don't attack with
magic! Lundgren has a Javelin, a long range melee weapon that
can kill your magic user on the counterattack.

Wallace is also a good choice if you've bought the Heavy Spear
at the armory. Whoever you use to battle Lundgren, make sure
they use the energy ring! Good luck!

After this, Lyn finally gets to see her grandfather! I won't
spoil the next scene! ^_^

From here starts Eliwood's and Hector's Story. Since their
stories are alike in many ways, I will say "Eliwood's Story
Only" or "Hector's Story Only". Also, some of your characters
will show up again. In Eliwood's Story, when I write level
in Lyn's, it means whatever level you got him to in Lyn's Story,
he will be at that level.

Another small note: If you beat Eliwood's Story, make sure
you start Lyn's Story again so you can have all your guys at
decent levels.

Eliwood's and Hector's Story

Chapter 11: Taking Leave (Eliwood's Story ONLY!!!!!!)
Object: Seize gate
New Members: Eliwood, level 1 Lord; Marcus, level 1 Paladin;
Lowen, level 2 Cavalier; Rebecca, level 1 Archer; Bartre,
level 2 Fighter; Dorcas, level in Lyn's

Eliwood is out to search for his father while a group of bandits
attack a nearby village. Now, Eliwood needs a lot of experience.
He is, in my opinion, the worst of the three lords. Marcus
is an upgraded unit, but don't use him! He's one of my worst
soldiers! He is good for the beginning bosses but he's
practically useless later on.

On the second turn, Dorcas and Bartre will appear out of a
village and will automatically join your party. Visit the
village that Dorcas and Bartre just came out of from to get
a Dragonshield. It boosts defense so you might want to give
it to Rebecca since her HP is so low. However, you might also
want to consider saving it for later on.

Boss: Groznyi, level 5 Brigand

Not that tough. Rebecca should use her bow and nail him to
death. If you want to give Eliwood exp., then have Rebecca
weaken him and have Eliwood finish him off. You can also use
Marcus but that will be a total waste of experiences.

After the battle, the village magistrate will tell you to go
to Laus because it seems like they are preparing for war.

Chapter 11: Another Journey (Hector's Story ONLY)
Object: Kill boss
New Members: Hector, level 1 Lord; Matthew, level 2 Thief

This is available for Hector's Story only. If you are playing
Eliwood's Story, read the above section! Anyways, Hector knows
his brother the Marques of Ostia would never let him venture
out to search for Eliwood. Hector sneaks out of the back door
but unfortunately, a group of people in black coats appear
and attacks the castle!

From your starting point, head south and have Matthew unlock
the door. Break the western wall and have Matthew steal a Red
Gem. This is very valuable since you start off with no money!
Now, head back east and follow the path, defeating enemies
as you go.

Boss: Wire, level 7 Knight

As long as Hector has full HP, he can easily wipe Wire off
the ground. His Wolf Beil is nice, but if you prefer a safe
way, attack from a distance with Hand Axe.

Chapter 12: Birds of a Feather
Object: Kill all enemies
New Members (Eliwood's): Hector, level 1 Lord; Oswin, level
9 Knight
New Members (Hector's): Oswin, level 9 Knight; Serra, level
in Lyn's Cleric; Eliwood, level 1 Lord; Marcus, level 1 Paladin;
Lowen, level 2 Cavalier; Rebecca, level 1 Archer; Bartre,
level 2 Fighter; Dorcas, level in Lyn's Fighter

In Santaruz Castle, Marques Santaruz is talking to a man in
black robes by the name of Ephidel. He tells Ephidel that he
could not lie to Eliwood if he were to come and ask him what
had happen to his father. Ephidel tells him that he will chase
the boy away and he would not have to lie to him. Marques
Santaruz asked whether Ephidel wants to kill the boy or not.
Ephidel promises that he will only frighten the boy, and not
hurt him. While all of this is being said, a shady music plays
in the background. Hmm... Interesting.

This chapter basically is the same in both stories with a few
1.	Less enemy.
2.	Easier
3.	Hector and Oswin joins on the fourth turn
1.	More enemies
2.	Peg Knights are included on the battlefield
3.	Much harder
There's an armory and vendor here. Sell your Red Gem to make
money and buy more weapons!

Visit the northern village for a Secret Book, as it will
increase your skill level by 2. Also, sell your Red Gem you
got in the previous chapter (Hector's Story) to earn cash so
that you can buy weapons!

Boss: Zagan, level 9 Fighter

Zagan is no pushover! Unlike all your previous battles, Zagon
actually knows how to move around the battlefield and kill
all your weak units. No more long range attacks! Surround him
with your best sword users, and if you really have a hard time,
then I guess this will be one of the rare times where I will
suggest you to use Marcus.

After the battle, you will be able to see a reunion between
Eliwood and Hector. Together they head on towards Santaruz
to ask the Marques that dwell there.

Chapter 13: In Search of Truth
Object: Seize the gate
New Member: Guy, level 3 Myrmidon

Inside Santaruz Castle, Marques Santaruz realized that
Ephidel is trying to kill Eliwood. He asks Ephidel to leave
his castle. Ephidel obeyed him, but he also killed him.

Split your party into two, have the first half go west and
south and the other half go south and west. In the southern
corner of the map, a guy named Guy will dwell there with a
Killing Edge. It's not called a Killing Edge because it's a
weak weapon! It has a very high chance of performing criticals,
and criticals means three times the regular damage, or in other
words, almost a guarantee instant death! However, there is
a way to get Guy on your team.

It's no walk in the park to convert Guy. He is very tough and
will cut down anyone foolish enough to go near him. What's
worse, only Matthew can convert him. With his low HP and Defense
stat, it is likely that Guy will kill him unless you are lucky
and he misses!

Have someone with high defense (such as Oswin or Marcus) and
trade away all their weapons. Use him as a bait to lure Guy
out. Make sure Matthew is near the bait at all times but out
of Guy's range! On your next turn, convert him.

Visit the northwestern village for a torch and to unlock a
side quest. Visit the central village for a mine. In Hector's
Story, watch out for more Peg Knights!

Boss: Boies level 13 Knight

Good grief, this guy is tough! Have Hector at full health armed
with his Wolf Beil and charge in to defeat this guy. Make sure
Serra is nearby so she can heal him. Even with Hector's high
defense, Boies can kill Hector in two moves!

When you've won the battle, Marques Santaruz has only one
breath left. He tells you that Lord Darin of Laus knows it
all. He, with his last breath, managed to mutter "Beware... the
Black Fang". The Black Fang, eh? Now where have I heard that
name before?

If you've visit the northwestern village, read on. If not,
then skip the next section.

Chapter 13x: The Peddler Merlinus
Object: Save Merlinus
How to unlock: Visit the northwestern village on Chapter 13

Eliwood and his friends decide to stop at Caelin for the night.
There, they find a man being tortured by some bandits. Eliwood
obviously decides to help out. Merlinus is the NPC unit.
Merlinus can't move, so it would be wise for someone to rescue
him, or else if he falls, this mission will end.

This is yet another fog of war. The darkness consumes you,
so have Matthew whip out his torch to light up the area. Visit
the northeastern village for 5,000 G. Be careful, if you're
not fast enough, bandits will come and tear that village down!
If you want to kill the boss, make sure you head west over
the snag bridge.

Make sure you have soldiers guarding all sides of the little
island you're on. There will be reinforcements to the north,
west, and southeast.

Boss: Puzon, level 10 Mercenary

This is another survival mission, so killing him is optional.
If you want experience, though, you can send a cavalier with
a lance to finish him off.

After the battle, Merlinus joins your party. He cannot fight,
but he can store all your unused items. If Merlinus loses all
his HP, he will not be available until the next chapter.

Chapter 14: False Friends
Object: Kill all foes
New Members: Erk, level in Lyn's; Priscilla, level 3
Important! Make sure you have Serra with you!

Here in Laus, Lord Darin asks Erik to take care of Eliwood.
Erik rides out and greets Eliwood. Fortunately, Hector
discovered that Erik has troops hidden all around them. An
old woman Hannah will come by and aid you as a fortune teller.

Kill the guys in the back of you, and press on to the northern
village. Here, Erk lies from Lyn's Story. Only Serra can
convince him to join your party. Also, make sure you send a
cavalier to the southwestern village ASAP! Priscilla, another
healer will be there. Dawdle and the bandits around will tear
it down. Priscilla, in my opinion, is a better healer than

Also, watch out for pirates that will invade camp from the
southeastern sea! Visit the northern village for an Iron

Boss: Erik, level 14 Cavalier

Easy, have Hector and his Wolf Beil take care of him.

Erik will tell you everything after the battle. He tells you
who Ephidel and the Black Fang are. He even knows something
about his father... which I will not spoil.

Chapter 15: Talons Alight (Hector's Story ONLY)
Object: Protect throne
After days go by, a group appears out of no where and attacks
Castle Laus. Get ready!

Okay, make sure someone is guarding the throne at all times,
as if an enemy unit reaches the throne, you lose! Axe users
should head south, taking out enemies as they go. Matthew
should then open the door and steal the Mend Staff and Silver
Axe. Be careful of the northern wall, as there will be enemies
trying to break it down and try to attack you.

Boss: Sealen, level 15 Nomad

Sealen can't attack directly, so surround him with your best
troops and he should be gone in no time.

Chapter 15/16: Noble Lady of Caelin
Object: Seize gate
New Members (Note: all of these members' level is depended
on Lyn's Story): Lyn, Sain, Kent, Florina, and Wil

And so, it looks like you and Lyn are reunited! Hurray! Visit
the western house for a Red Gem, the southern house for a Heavy
Spear. There is also an armory and a vendor, where you should
stock up for your new members. In Hector's Story, watch out
for the deadly ballista and Peg Knights!

From where you start, make sure someone is guarding Merlinus,
because after a few turns, a bunch of cavaliers will come out
of nowhere and will ambush your camp.

Bouker: level 8 Knight

Use Hector's Wolf Beil on him and back him up with vulnerary.
Bartre can help by throwing hand axes.

After the battle, you get to see a reunited scene between Lyn
and Eliwood. You then decide to head into Caelin Castle to
save Lyn's grandfather.

Chapter 17: Whereabouts Unknown
Object: Seize throne
New Members: Raven, level 5 Mercenary; Lucius, level in Lyn
Important! Make sure Priscilla is on your team!

The castle has been under attack! There are 5 soldiers locked
up in a prison. One of the soldiers (Raven) leaves the cell.
Anyways, this level has a ton of enemies, especially archers,
so Florina might want to sit out for this battle.

Head north and east towards the jail cell. By now, the prisoners
probably all have bolted the door and are escaping.
Unfortunately, Raven, the guy who escaped earlier will start
to kill them all off. I have two very important things to say.
One: Do NOT let Raven or any other enemies kill off the Caelin
soldiers! Two: Do NOT kill Raven. Why not? Because you can
convert Raven on to your team. Only Priscilla can do that.

If you're playing Eliwood's Story, ride like the wind in order
for Priscilla to reach Raven in time. If you are playing
Hector's Story, study Raven's movement very carefully. Yes,
in Hector's Story, he will move around the battlefield. It
surely gives the Caelin soldiers more safety, but it makes
it harder for you to convert him. He will most likely blend
in with a crowd of enemies, so make sure you don't accidentally
see him as a foe and kill him! Remember, only Priscilla can
convert him, as they are "brothers and sisters".

After you get Raven, send him back to the jail cell and have
him speak with Lucius. The monk that joined your party in Lyn's
Story will now rejoin your party! Yay!

Boss: Bernard, level 1 General

He is an upgraded unit, so no, it's not a typo. Remember how
you upgrade Wallace in Lyn's Story? Well, this guy also happens
to be upgraded. Lyn and Eliwood should attack when he has his
axe equip, and Hector should attack if he has his Javelin

After the battle, you'll meet with an Ostian spy, Leila. She
also happens to be Matthew's secret girlfriend. Leila will
tell you all she knows and will inform Lyn that her grandfather
is still alive. The three Caelin soldiers you saved in this
chapter will come up and give you a reward for saving them.
What you get depends on how many soldiers were saved. If one
was saved, you get a mine. If two were saved, you get a light
rune. If all three survives, you get a Red Gem! No matter how
many were saved, if even one soldier lives, you will unlock
a side quest! If they all died, then you will only get woes.

Chapter 16x/17x: The Port of Badon
Object: Reach Fargus
New Member: Canas, level 8 Shaman
How to unlock: At least one or more Caelin soldier must survive
in Chapter 16/17

You now need a passage to Valor (a.k.a. Dread Isle). No one
in the village agreed to help you. One of the sailors said
that perhaps pirates might accept your offer. When you meet
up with one, the captain, Fargus, will only agree to take you
if you pay him 100,000 G!

Afterwards, he decides to just put you to a test instead. If
you can reach the harbor still breathing, he will take you
to Valor for free. First off, visit the central top right hand
house (the one with the red roof) and you will get Canas, the
only shaman in the game! He is the fourth best magician in
the game, especially when he becomes a druid!

Visit the southwestern red roof house for a Devil Axe. I
personally never used it. Now, it is decision time. You can
either fight like a brave man (or a crazy idiot) or you can
coward out like a chicken.

If you're brave (or crazy), head west onto the battlefield.
Torrents of enemies with really nasty weapons greet you there,
including the boss, who shows up on the second turn. It is
very easy to die this way, but it is also a great way to level

If you're a coward, then stick to the northeastern wall, then,
when you run out of space, head west, and then south to the
harbor where Fargus greets you. Do not kill him! Do so and
you will get a Game Over.

Boss: Damian, level 5 Paladin

Ah! Another upgraded boss! However, you do not need to kill
him. If you're fast, then you can leave the docks and Damian
behind. If you're not, or if you want to fight, then prepare
to meet him!

If you're playing Eliwood's Story, Damian is very tough, for
he has a Killing Edge. If you use Guy even once and saw how
awesome criticals are, then you can expect the same thing from
him. If Oswin is really good and is at a high level, give him
the Heavy Spear or Horseslayer you got from the previous
chapter and kill him.

If you are playing Hector's Story, he is much easier. He only
has a steel sword and steel lance. Use the same strategy. Again,
there really is no need to kill him unless you really have

When you reached Fargus, he will grant you passage. Lyn doesn't
very happy at the thought of it, though.

Chapter 17/18: Pirate Ship
Object: Survive for 11 turns or kill boss

If you are playing Eliwood's Story, you will see Eliwood and
Fargus becoming good friends and talking about how a pirate's
life works. If you are playing Hector's Story, you will get
to see why Lyn distrusts pirates so much and what was Hector's
response to Lyn's feelings. Either way, you will pull up Ninian
(!) from the waters. Apparently, some guys are chasing her
again. It seems like Fargus's ship has been invaded! Fargus
needs to go downstairs to fix his ship, and he entrusts the
ship's deck to you!

There are even more enemies here, so you need to be very alert
of your surroundings. This isn't just in Hector's Story
anymore, there are Peg Knights everywhere, and they are a huge
pain in the neck if you're not careful. Send your best lance
user to the eastern plank to kill off all the mercenaries there.
Have Lucius and some other strong unit kill off the shamans.

There are no shops on the Dread Isle, so be sure to purchase
all your backup weapons on this chapter!

Boss: Zoldam, level 18 Shaman

That is not a mistype! A level 18 shaman with Luna magic
equipped... Luna magic ignores your resistance, so it doesn't
matter what kind of person you send in to fight him, it will
always do the same amount of damage, which is really bad.

Pure water helps big time, so give it to your best unit, backing
up with a lot of vulnerary and luck. If you think he's too
tough, then don't bother challenging him.

After Zoldam dies or if you survive for 11 turns, Captain Fargus
will come and save you.

Chapter 18/19: The Dread Isle
Object: Kill boss
New Members: Dart, level 8 Pirate; Fiora, level 7 Peg Knight
Important! Make sure Florina is on your team!

You get to see Nergal, the man who is responsible for the Black
Fang, Darin, Eliwood's father Elbert, and Ephidel with his
hood off on this chapter. Nergal will tell Elbert that his
son is heading this way. Elbert knew that Eliwood would die
if he comes, so he can only pray that he turns back. Meanwhile,
Leila's secret identity is discovered by Ephidel. He then
orders an assassin named Jaffar to kill the woman and buried
her corpse in the forest for Eliwood. Matthew obviously could
not forgive him when he sees her body.

Aack! It's another fog of war! This is really bad considering
there a huge amount of nomads, who can travel long distances,
and pirates, who can walk on water. Have Matthew light up a
torch so that you can see well. On the second turn, Fiora will
show up. Have Florina talk to her and she will join your party.
Do this quickly, or else she will challenge the pirates and
nomads! They can both kill her fairly quickly.

The boss, Uhai, lurks at the very southeastern part of the
map. Send Peg Knights away from there, as there are a lot of

Boss: Uhai, level 7 Nomad Trooper

On Eliwood's Story, just surround him and kill him. Simple.
On Hector's Story, watch out for his Killing Edge. Have your
archers take him out, even though he will counterattack. When
his HP is low enough, rush in with combat weapons.

After the battle, Uhai will tell you the directions to the
Dragon's Gate. Eliwood guessed there are decent people even
among the Black Fang.

Chapter 18x/19x: Imprisoner of Magic
Object: Seize gate
How to unlock: Finish Chapter 18 in less than 15 turns

As your troops keep moving, Lyn and Hector started to fight
for no particular reason. Unfortunately, their yells and
screams had reached a man named Aion's ears. He works for the
Fang, obviously, and now, thanks to Lyn and Hector, another
battle has arisen!

This starts out to be a difficult battle, but on the fourth
turn, Kishuna, a strange magician will appear and place a seal
on the battlefield. His seal will prevent anyone from using

Now, this is good and this is bad. It is good because a lot
of your foes are magic users, and even the boss himself uses
magic. They cannot hurt you as long as they are in the seal.

It is bad because now your magic healers and users are now
worthless on most of the battlefield. I hope you brought a
lot of healing items! Have someone visit the southeastern
village for a Goddess Icon.

Boss: Aion, level 4 Sage

This battle is so freaking easy! As long as you don't scare
Kishuna away, he cannot attack in any way! Since he is a high
level boss, you can bring in a low experience fighter and punch
him to death and he/she will get a lot of points! I don't know
how hard he is if he can attack, but that's because I had never
challenge him when he has a weapon.

After the battle, Lyn and Hector said something about a strange
force in their environment that made them argue in the first
place. Whatever it was, it's gone after the battle so Lyn and
Hector can finally travel together in peace. Now, onto the
Dragon's Gate!

Chapter 19/20: Dragon's Gate
Object: Seize throne
New Member: Legault, level 12 Thief

At long last, Eliwood is just steps away from seeing his father
and putting an end to Nergal's evil plans! Just when you get
there, the infamous Ephidel, murderer of countless people
appears out of nowhere and grabs Ninian! Hector swore that
he will kill Ephidel right there on the spot, so the big giant
grabs his axe, took a great swing, and misses! Ephidel reports
this to Lord Darin, the ex-marques of Laus. It looks like
another battle!

Now, this battle is practically the same in both stories, but
it is very different in getting Legault and the Member's Card.
For those of you who finished Eliwood's Story, you will know
what I'm talking about. If you didn't, then read on.

Legault is an ex-member of the Black Fang who you can recruit
to join your team. There is another Thief in this chapter who
carries a Member's Card. You definitely want those two.

Now, for you folks playing with Eliwood, simply go up to the
one they call Legault with Eliwood and he will join your team.
Then, you can have him steal the Member's Card from the other
thief, or Matthew could do it.

If you're playing with Hector, then be warned: When Legault
says "There is no point staying on a sinking ship" or something
like that, he means it. He appears on the first turn instead
of I think it was the seventh turn, and he will start to steal
treasures and will try to leave immediately. Yes, if you are
not precise, Legault AND the thief with the card will escape
immediately! But that's only in Hector's Story. Those of you
who are playing Eliwood's Story, just take your time. If you
are not, then read on.

Send your best cavalier to the northern wall, with a sword
equipped to battle Cameron, the sub-boss guy. You must kill
him on the first turn. Then, get Hector to as close as he can
to the western wall leading to a door. Hopefully, you have
your own door key. If not, then pray that one of the enemies
who does have a door key will challenge your cavalier by the
third round. Trade with Hector if that's the case. Open the
door and there should be a crack wall. The enemies on the other
side should have broken it by now, and you can pass through,
waiting for Legault to come by. When he does, talk to him and
he should just be in the range of stealing the card thief.
If not, don't panic, just find someway to corner the thief
and then steal his card. Thanks to Ephideliscool! for the great

Now, there are a lot of treasures for Legault to find on this
chapter. Just have him open every chest for a Luna Magic, Blue
Gem, and Brave Bow. Legault should have already stolen the
Barrier Staff and Guiding Ring.

Boss: Darin, level 5 General

The greedy power-loving Darin is about to meet his doom! Have
Hector or another strong axe man destroy this traitor to all
of Lycia! Oh, by the way, make sure he has healing items with
him, or else he might not survive! ^_^

And now, the Grand Finale! Eliwood rushes into the Dragon's
Gate to meet his long-lost father. Will he find him?


He finds his father, all right. His father tells him to save
Ninian. When they try to do that, the man who killed Leila
appears and blocks their path. Lord Elbert warned Eliwood and
his friends not to fight that man, as he is very powerful.
Eliwood refuses to listen and challenged him. Just then,
Ephidel warps in and tells Eliwood to listen to his father.
He then tells Jaffar to go to Bern for his next assignment.

Then, Lord Nergal appears and he gave Lord Elbert a serious
wound, and then he starts to call out to the dragons, ignoring
Lord Elbert's cries. Ninian obeyed Nergal's words and used
all her energy to bring the dragons back into this world! Just
then, a dragon emits from the gate way!

The entire group watches hopelessly and in great fear as of
what to happen. Just as Ninian almost pulled a dragon out,
her brother, Nils, came into the rescue. He told Ninian to
wake up from Nergal's powers, and he had succeeded.

Nergal was furious, and the dragon had exploded. Nergal
managed to escape in time but poor murderer Ephidel got caught
in the explosion and as powerful as he is, no one can live
through an explosion with the power of a hydrogen bomb! ^_^

Lord Elbert stabbed Nergal in the back, and Nergal managed
to escape before Elbert finished him off. Eliwood cradles his
father in his hands and tells him that he will make it back
to Pherae. Unfortunately, Lord Elbert had only one breath left
and says "I'm sorry to Eleanora (his wife)" and then... and then...
well, he dies.


Chapter 20: A New Resolve
Object: Kill boss
New Member: Ninian, level Nils had in Lyn's

The party heads back to Badon and talked about their
experiences. Nils talk about what quintessence is. He then
tells you about how Nergal steals other people's quintessence.
Just then, enemies attack Badon...again!

You have Ninian on your team, and she works in the same way
as her brother Nils did, except that she's a dancer, and not
a bard. She also can use her Nini's Grace. It boosts one of
your party member's defense and resistance for one turn!
However, there is this really cheap trick about it, and I will
explain it when we get to this chapter's arena.

Anyways, it's another fog of war! The pitch black darkness
makes it hard to see. Visit the northwestern house from your
starting point for a restore staff. Watch out for a new unit
in this chapter, the Wyvern Rider. They are similar to Peg
Knights except Wyverns generally are more vicious. Oh yeah,
and there are enemies with poison weapons in this chapter!
If they hit you, whether they do damage or not, you will be
infected! Go to the second Vendor to buy Antitoxin to cure
you if that is the case. (The first vendor sells only magic)

Now, whatever you do, do not cross the eastern most walls to
fight the boss! Instead, let the enemies come to you and finish
them off! Now, look at the arena. This is a really cheap trick.
First, have Ninian put her Nini's Grace on your desired raise
up guy, then send him/her to the arena. You should win easily.
Now, afterwards, rescue that person and keep him rescued till
the next turn. On the next turn, drop him off and let Ninian
perform her dance. The player would be able to move again,
and he will still have the Grace on him. Now, keep doing this
until you have a whole lotta money or until he reaches level
20. You can even promote him and let him reach level 20 again!
Note: This will kill your tactics rating so don't do it unless
you don't care for your ratings!

Boss: Oleg, level 5 Warrior

In Eliwood's Story, he has a Silver Axe. In Hector's, he has
a Killer Axe. Both axes are highly dangerous and have a very
high chance of killing even your best unit. Fortunately, you
can use the arena trick before battling him! He won't come
to you unless you cross the eastern most walls. Oh yeah, he
has a Steel Bow as a secondary weapon!

After the battle, Eliwood will feel better and Isadora will
appear. She's the paladin that was supposed to look after
Eliwood's mother. Anyways, she will join your party!
Afterwards, Eliwood decides to speak with Hector's brother,
Lord Uther, the Marques of Ostia.

Meanwhile, Nergal is really pissed at Elbert for giving him
such an injury. He asked Sonia to bring out the Four Fangs
to kill him. He also asks Limstella to gather the quintessence
of all the strong units to heal his wound quickly.

Chapter 21: Kinship's Bond
Object: Kill boss or survive for 11 turns
New Members: Isadora, level 1 Paladin; Heath, level 7 Wyvern
Rider; Rath, level in Lyn's

Jaffar. Ursula. Lloyd. Linus. The Four Fangs, the most feared
group in the Black Fang next to Nergal. Sonia gave them all
the mission to assassinate Eliwood.

Meanwhile, Nils collapse in an old fortress. You and the others
tend him while waiting for Lord Uther to arrive. Then, Eubans
comes with a bunch of mercenaries. They hope that by killing
Eliwood and his friends, they will be accepted into the Black
Fang. Heath, one of his soldiers thinks that attacking women
and children is a disgrace to all soldiers. But nevertheless,
he obeys and attacks.

Have someone with the Member's Card go to the northwestern
corner of the fort. You should see a small tile that looks
different then its surrounding tiles. Step on it, and with
the Members card equipped, you will be able to enter a Secret
Shop! Here, you can buy lockpicks, elixirs (which are very
helpful), and different kinds of staves.

In Hector's Story, be very careful, as most enemies have reaver
weapons, meaning axe users will be crushed by lance users and
sword users will die by the hands of axe users. Try to get
to the center of the map to fight off all incoming enemies.
Also, there are Ostia guards who will help you. Unfortunately,
they are not that good! Anyways, have a thief unlock the
southwestern door so you can steal 10,000 G. and a brave axe.
However, watch out for Heath, as he might demolish your thief!

Do not kill Heath! Instead, have one of your lords or Ninian
to convert him to join your team! On the second turn, Rath
and other nomads will come and help. Have Lyn talk to him so
that he will join! Rath's units are slightly better than
Ostia's pathetic guards. Watch out for the ballistae in this
chapter, as there are a lot of them.

Boss: Eubans, level 6 Paladin

Ha! Any strong axe users (especially Hector) can finish him
off rather too quickly! Or just survive, if you don't want

After the battle, Lord Uther will arrive. You will tell him
everything and he will advise you to go to the Nabata desert
to search for the "Living Legend".

Chapter 22/23: Living Legend
Object: Kill all enemies
New Member: Hawkeye, level 4 Berserker
Important! Get Hawkeye on your team and get more than 700 exp.

As you walk into the desert, Hector will with Nils and you'll
get to see a romantic scene between Eliwood and Ninian. Anyways,
there is this guy name Pent who is being chased and he needs
your help to rid him of these bandits.

Now, if you haven't been using the arena trick because it kills
your tactics, then you can catch up on this level. First, you
must have a Falcoknight rush in to rescue Pent, or else he
will kill all the enemies. Now, what's interesting about this
level is that there are hidden treasures buried in the sands.
You can send any unit with a high luck stat and see if they
can dig up any treasures. I've dug up an Ocean Seal, a Body
Ring, and a Hero Crest. There might be more but I haven't dug
them up yet.

On the second turn, Hawkeye will show up. If you're playing
with Eliwood, have him talk to him. Otherwise, have Hector
talk to him. He is my absolute best axe men next to Hector!
With his Killer Axe, I think he had once performed ten criticals
in a row! Really! I've counted!

Boss: Paul, level 8 Warrior

He has a Killer Axe, so don't attack with sword users
immediately. He has low resistance so send your best magic
user to cast their best spell on him, then finish him off with
a sword user (preferably Lyn).

Boss: Jasmine, level 9 Warrior

Yes, he's a guy. I know it's crazy. Anyways, use Hawkeye with
his super powerful Killer Axe and pray he performs a critical.
If he does, Jasmine will die in one hit. If not, then keep
trying and back him up with powerful sword users.

After the battle, Pent will thank you and will take you to
this "Living Legend".

Chapter 22x/23x: Genesis
Object: Kill all enemies
How to unlock: Get Hawkeye and earn 700 or more exp. in previous

You and your party will fall into a quicksand, and the strange
irritating force from the Dread Isle will be back. At the
beginning, a wall will appear and will separate your units.

Keep on breaking walls and killing enemies until you are
reunited. Be sure to unlock all the chests for cool items!
Now, open the door leading to Kishuna and he will flee, leaving
you with more enemies. Kill them all and you will get cool
Silver type weapons. They are very powerful! (The weapons,
not the enemies)

Chapter 23/24: Four Fang Offense (Lloyd)
Object: Kill boss
New Members: Wallace, level in Lyn's
How to get: I'm not sure about this one either but I've heard
something about your lords' averaged levels or something.

You will stop at Bern, and Pent and Louise will go to the palace
for more info on the Shrine of Seals. Anyways, you will get
to see Lloyd and Linus preparing to ambush you! Linus will
go and inform the Fangs, and Lloyd will stay to fight.
It is yet another fog of war!

On the eastern side, Wallace will appear. Have Lyn talk to
him to recruit him. Now, visit the nearby house for an Earth
Seal! This can promote all but Lords, Thieves, and Pirates!
Go to the northeastern house for a Silence Staff.

Boss: Lloyd, level 12 Swordmaster

In Eliwood's Story, he doesn't move and doesn't have a long
range weapon, so simply beat him to death with your magic.
In Hector's Story, he moves and has a long range weapon. Attack
him with Oswin back with lots of good backup units.

Afterwards, your party spares the life of Lloyd and he will
let you go on in Bern. However, when you leave, Limstella
appears and steals Lloyd's quintessence. She frames Lloyd's
death on Eliwood when Linus returns.

Chapter 23/24: Four Fang Offense (Linus)
Object: Kill boss
New Member: Geitz, level 3 Warrior
How to get: Not too positive, but I think your lord's average
have to be more than 50.
Important! Have Dart on your team!

Story is as same as above. When Geitz steps in, lure him out
with a high defense unit. Then, have Dart talk to him and he
will join your party. There are tons of Wyvern Riders here
so bring axe users and snipers. Be sure to visit all the houses
for cool items. I'm too lazy to list them all.

Boss: Linus, level 12 Hero

Linus' Silver Blade is very lethal, and he might attack twice.
But he doesn't move, so you can blast him from a distance.
You don't need to fear a hand axe. Like I said before, the
story is the same except that the brothers do things vice versa.

Chapter 25: Crazed Beast (Hector's Story ONLY)
Object: Seize 3 forts
New Member: Farina, level 12 Peg Knight

Sonia will summon Pascal as a replacement for Lloyd or Linus,
whichever one you've just killed. Your job is to capture all
three forts, and you can do it with anyone, and not just your
lords. Just click "Wait" and you will automatically capture

Farina will appear on the fifth turn, and she will fly straight
to Hector. She will join only if you pay 20,000 G! If you've
been using the arena trick, then you should have that kind
of money, but are you willing to buy her? I have not heard
of an alternate way to get her. Sorry! ^_^

Boss: Pascal, level 14 Paladin

Here's the equation to kill him: Oswin with a Horseslayer +
Hector with a Wolf Beil = the end of the so-great Pascal, the
murderer. That should be enough.

Chapter 24/26: Unfulfilled Heart
Object: Survive for 11 turns
New Members: Pent, level 6 Sage; Louise, level 4 Sniper

Your party managed to sneak into the castle, and you'll unlock
a lot of stuff. First thing is that the Black Fang had already
reached the king! I won't spoil what the Black Fang and the
king's agreement was. After the cut scene, you will be pursued
by a bunch of Wyvern Riders.

This chapter is difficult if you don't know what you're doing.
First off, reunite your team. Second off, send a confident
paladin or falcoknight to the southwestern house for a
Hammerne Staff. Third off, if it's not too risky, go to the
armory to stock up.

Boss: Vaida, level 10 Wyvern Lord

Vaida has incredible strength because Lord Nergal granted it
to her. So in reality, she's actually like a level 20 Wyvern
Lord. This should be enough to tell you not to fight her. If
it isn't, then this should be enough: she will join your team
later on!

Chapter 25/27: Pale Flower of Darkness (Kenneth)
Object: Seize Throne
New Member: Karel, level 8 Swordmaster
How to unlock: Your magic people must be at a higher level
than your fighter people.

After the battle, Lyn tells you guys to follow the Black Fang's
trails. Do so and you'll find yourself at their secret hideout.
Vaida apologizes to Sonia that she had failed. She begs her
to give her another chance. Unfortunately, Sonia refuses and
asks her to leave. She then warns Ursula not to be a fool like

Sonia then leaves and places Kenneth in charge. Kenneth will
then spot you and will send out his army. Now, this is a really
unfair battle because for the first four or five turns, it
is snowing and your party is going nowhere because of the snow.
Shouldn't this slow the enemies down too? Yes, but the problem
is that there are some enemies with long range attacks that
can kill your best unit and the worst part is you can't fight
back because it's long range.

Now, beat up all the enemies you can, especially the ones with
long ranged attacks. After awhile, the snow will stop. But
then, it will snow again. When it does, Karel will appear.
Any one of your lords can convince him to join your party.
He is a sword master, and he's my favorite one.

Be sure to steal the Blue Gem and the Talisman from the chests
before leaving!

Boss: Kenneth, level 13 Bishop

Kenneth can be a huge pain if you don't know what you are doing.
He has an Aura spell, which is a very powerful Light magic.
I once had my level 4 Wallace charge in to him, and Wallace
misses, Kenneth kills him in two moves. Then, I just decided
to use Hawkeye and his Killer Axe and he performed a critical
and Kenneth died in one hit.

Chapter 25/27: Pale Flower of Darkness (Jerme)
Object: Kill all enemies
New Members: Harken, level 8 Hero
How to unlock: Your fighter people must be at a higher level
than your magic people.

Storyline is the same, except Sonia leaves Jerme in charge.
Now, for this battle, there are a lot of buildings with locked
doors. Thieves and lock picks are extremely helpful. Be
careful though, as once you unlock the door, the enemies in
the room will rush out and attack you. Back your Thief with
your best guys, as there is no way to tell what enemies hide
inside a building until you open the door.

Some of the enemies drop keys, which you should use to save
your lock picks. There are even some chests! Open them for
cool stuff! In one of the room hides Jerme, the boss.

Boss: Jerme, level 13 Assassin

He has a Light Brand, which is a long range sword. You want
to attack him from a distance, as his Light Brand can perform
a one hit KO on any one of your guys.

Afterwards, you will find the Fire Emblem. This is just what
you need! Now, head back to Bern!


Meanwhile, Sonia gives Nino a very important job: assassinate
Prince Zephiel. Sonia also warned Nino about the consequences
if she fails. Nino understands, but before she goes on the
mission, she asks if Sonia would hold her hand like a real
mother would. Sonia promised Nino that if she makes it back
alive, she will treat Nino the way a mother is suppose to treat
her own daughter. When Nino leaves, Sonia tells Jaffar to
accompany Nino. But she also told Jaffar to kill Nino once
she's done. Jaffar, a man without emotions, was stunned when
he heard this. He argued back that Nino was her daughter. But
Sonia just kept on saying what a worthless daughter Nino always
had been. Jaffar had no choice but to accept the mission.

Chapter 26/28: The Battle Before Dawn
Object: Save Zephiel for 15 turns
New Member: Nino, level 5 Mage

The two assassins from the Black Fang, Nino and Jaffar, heads
towards the Bern castle. When they reached the castle, the
halls were quiet and defenseless. Nino and Jaffar listened
to Zephiel's coming of age prayer. When Zephiel was finished,
Jaffar kicked the door down and knocks Zephiel into
unconsciousness. Nino tried to finish the job but she couldn't.
She said that Zephiel just wanted to be loved by both of his
parents, just like Nino herself. Nino then tells Jaffar how
her mother Sonia never loved or cared for her. No matter how
many times she had succeeded, Sonia always sees her as a failure.
Jaffar was touched by her words and together, they fled the
castle and the Black Fang.

Ooops! Too bad for them because right when they tried to cower
out, they were caught by Ursula and her army. Ursula orders
her army to kill Nino, Jaffar, and Prince Zephiel. That's when
you come in!

This is yet another fog of war, so be very careful. Also, there
are significant differences between Eliwood's and Hector's
Story, so read your part!


Send your strongest and fastest unit to the western entrance.
I call this Team A. Make sure one of them has a door key or
a thief with a lock pick. Open the door and kill the Heroes
with magic for safety and everyone else with everyone else.
Jaffar can do a decent job of defending himself, so don't worry
too much about him. In my game, Jaffar even killed Maxime,
the sub-boss for me!

For the troops on the eastern side, make sure you have either
Lyn or Eliwood, as that is the only way to convert Nino. This
is Team B. You don't need a door key because one of the guards
will hear your footsteps and will unlock the door to see what's
going on. When he does, bonk the fool on the head! Watch out
for one of the fighters; he has a Swordslayer, so don't use
swords on him!

Team A should have a paladin rescue Jaffar and you should send
your falcoknights and other gruesomely strong units south to
beat up Ursula. Team B should convert Nino and protect Zephiel
from any oncoming foes. When Ursula is dead, drop off Jaffar
close to Nino and have Nino talk to him. You will now unlock
a side quest and you will get Jaffar in the next chapter!


Have your best units and lords head east, as there are tons
of enemies there (Ursula is also there). This is Team A. Send
your weaker units and a thief with a lock pick to the west.
This is Team B.

Team A's priority is to beat up all of Ursula's main and
toughest reinforcements, save Zephiel, and of course, to
convert Nino. Lyn should do well with the assignment. Team
B should rescue Jaffar and bring him to Team A or Nino. Have
Nino talk to Jaffar to unlock a side quest!

Boss: Ursula, level 15 Valkyrie

Ursula's location change depends on whether you are playing
Eliwood's or Hector's Story. In Eliwood's Story, she is on
the southern side of the map. In Hector's, she's on the
southeastern side of the map.

If you are playing Eliwood's Story and you want to unlock the
side quest or to get Jaffar, this could be a huge pain in the
neck if you don't know what you're doing. In Hector's Story,
you don't really need to fight her unless you want experience.
First off, in both stories, she has Bolting. If you remember
the previous chapter, Bolting has an extremely long aim.
What's worse, because she is a high level boss, her attacks
are really accurate, meaning that she will almost always hit
and will almost always do massive damage to your allies while
her reinforcements finish you off.

Her up-close attack, Elfire, isn't any much better. It is just
as powerful and accurate, except she has a probability of
attacking twice! It took me several tries to kill her. A lot
of times my attacks misses. Finally, I just send in a level
13 Florina (falcoknight) armed with a Silver Lance and it
killed Ursula in two hits.

After 15 turns, whether you've killed Ursula or not, the lights
will be back on and Zephiel's reinforcements will come to save
you. If you've killed Ursula, Limstella will find her body
and takes her quintessence. If not, then Limstella kills
Ursula and then takes her quintessence. Either way, Ursula

After the battle, a lot of stuff will happen. I'm too lazy
to explain it, but like I said before, I'm here to help you
beat the game, not revealing every part of this story.

Chapter 26x/28x: Night of Farewells
Object: Seize the throne
New Member: Jaffar, level 13 Assassin
How to unlock: Get Nino on your team and reunite her with Jaffar


At about midnight the next evening, Nino heads out to find
her mother. Jaffar warns Nino that Sonia is not a safe woman
to be around with. Nino insists that she speaks with Sonia.
Jaffar decides to accompany her to ensure her safety.

The three lords were eavesdropping and they decide to help
them out. Well, except for Hector. He could not forgive Jaffar
for killing Leila and other friends that he once had, but in
the end, he decides to help out.

At Sonia's hideout, Sonia was talking to Limstella when
Brendan Reed steps in. Sonia told Brendan the truth about why
she married him. It was all a conspiracy so that Nergal can
seize power! Brendan tried to kill Sonia, but failed.
Limstella takes his quintessence and leaves. Just then, "Uncle
Jan" saw everything and tried to flee. He met Nino on the way
out. Nino asks if she could see her mother. Uncle Jan tells
Nino to get as far away as possible from Sonia. Just then,
Sonia warps in and Uncle Jan fled in terror. Sonia began to
insult Nino about how worthless she had always been. She also
revealed that had she known that Nino was so worthless, she
would have sent her off with her REAL parents. She then tells
her about how she had killed Nino's parents and stuff.

When Jaffar heard all this, he vowed to kill Sonia. However,
Sonia only laughed at how foolish Jaffar and Nino are. Just
then, Eliwood and friends step in! Sonia, seeing that she is
greatly outnumbered, flees and called out her army.


This battle is harder than it sounds, mainly because there
are platforms appearing and disappearing every so often. If
you move too slowly, then you will be stuck on an island. If
you move too quickly, then you will run yourself into torrents
of reinforcements.

When you first start, you should see some platforms. These
platforms are the bridge to the next island. However, it will
disappear after awhile, and when it does, it won't reappear
after a long time. Who should you bring, then? Your best flying
units and Pirates/Berserkers are a must for this level. If
you get stuck, your flying units can rescue them back onto
shore. Your Berserkers can go and fend off Snipers in ballistae
in the distance. If you haven't figured it out yet, Berserkers
and Pirates can walk on water.

In Eliwood's Story, send a falcoknight to kill the magician
on the southern isle who has the long range Bolting spell.
There are also a lot of reinforcements in this chapter, and
if you're stuck on an island, be aware whether it has
reinforcements or not. If it does, be sure to knock them out
before they reach your weak units!

The northeastern isle has two chests with two very valuable
items: A Fenrir spell and a Thor's Ire. Your Berserkers should
go and take out the snipers, as it is too risky for your flyers
to go and retrieve it. Once they're gone, open the chest with
chest keys or with a thief with lock picks.

Boss: Sonia, level 17 Sage

Sonia has the infamous Bolting spell at her range. Use a unit
with the highest resistance to lure her into using her spell.
When the unit is injured badly, leave her range and heal, then
come back into wasting her spell. When she used up her Bolting
spell, charge in with a Silver or Killer weapon and back him/her
up with Hawkeye and his Killer Axe.

When all has been settled, you will leave and Nino will say
good-bye to Uncle Jan and she will continue to travel with
your party. Jaffar will join, too! He's an assassin, meaning
he can perform one of those moves which I prefer to call it
An Assassin's Blow. When he does perform such move, your
enemies die in one hit!

Back at the hide out, Limstella comes and takes Sonia's
quintessence. If you didn't unlock the side quest, then Nergal
will take her quintessence.

Chapter 27/29: Cog of Destiny
Object: Kill all enemies
New Member: Vaida, level 9 Wyvern Lord

Only one of the Four Fang is still alive, and he is either
Lloyd or Linus. If you've killed Lloyd before, then Linus will
be waiting for revenge, or vice versa. Lloyd or Linus will
send out his best army to take you down. Believe me, he has
an enormous army!

The fist thing you want to do is to move your entire army west,
killing enemies as you go. Be careful, every time you cross
a bridge, you will trigger tons of reinforcements for several
turns! Have your falcoknight cross the mountains to reach a
house where you'll get a Warp Staff. Now, steer your party
into the directions of the armory and vendor. Have them stock
up on weapons here. Now head north and when you head north
enough, then Vaida will appear from where you had started.
If she's there, then she will fly towards your party. Have
your main lord talk to her and she will join your party! Now,
dispatch the other Wyvern Riders.

Boss: Lloyd, level 18 Swordmaster

He has a Light Brand as a weapon, and it is long range too.
Have your high level magic users wear him down. If Pent is
at a very high level, then he wouldn't even get hurt!

Boss: Linus, level 18 Hero

He's even easier than Lloyd! You can kill him with the same
tactics! Oh yeah, both of them have an Iron Rune, which means
you can't perform criticals on them! Yeah, it might take awhile,
but you'll eventually kill him.

After the battle, Athos will greet you, and will take you to
the Shrine of Seals, where you meet Brimimond, another one
of the Eight Legends. He will remove the seal and you can get
your legendary weapons! What happens next is a spoiler and
I'm not going to spoil it.

Chapter 28: Valorous Roland (Eliwood's Story ONLY)
Object: Step on a tile

You may take only 5 people with you to retrieve a weapon, and
Eliwood must be one of them. Pick your best and brightest ones,
as this dungeon's boss is insanely difficult. Don't step on
the red tiles, or else you will get burned!

Well, I don't know how to explain how to beat this level other
than kill all the enemies and get ready to confront the super
hard boss! Your units to the east and west of you can break
the walls down to help!

Boss: Georg, level 15 Berserker

He has a Tomahawk as a weapon, and that's really bad because
a Tomahawk is like a hand axe except stronger and has an
extremely high critical rating! Have Eliwood hold the Iron
Rune and charge in with a Rapier, Killing Edge, or Silver Sword
to kill him. If he's too tough for the prince, then break the
two walls so that your other units can help. When he's finished,
go and step on the tile.

Chapter 30: The Berserker (Hector's Story ONLY)
Object: Step on the tile where Kaim was standing

You are allowed to pick only three (!) units for this chapter,
and Hector must be included. Anyways, this chapter is easier
than the one in Eliwood's Story. There are a few things you
should be aware of. One: Watch out for the thieves. They will
steal your items, so eliminate them as soon as possible. Two:
Watch out for openings in the wall. This is where noxious fumes
will spill out. They will damage you and poison you.

Boss: Kaim, level 16 Hero

Have a strong sword user kill him. He's easier than Georg,
by the way. In other words, you can kill him the same way as
you did with Georg in Eliwood's Story.

Afterwards, the shocker part of the story will happen. This
is the biggest plot twist in the entire game! I'm betting you
are eager to know what happens, right? I will spoil only the
predictable part! And that is Athos challenged Nergal to a
duel and Nergal turned out to have superior power while Athos
is this old weakling. That's all I will say, and no more!

Chapter 29/31: Sands of Time
Object: Survive for 11 turns

Athos will tell you the story about he and Nergal met, while
the castle is being ambushed! Now there are a lot of archers
and snipers in this chapter, but there are two Druids with
two especially nasty staves. The one in the south can cast
your allies to fall into deep slumber while the enemies around
you beat you up! The one to the east knows the Silence spell,
which will make you numb for a long time. Eliminate them

Also, if you kill the boss, reinforcements will stop pouring,
so try to kill him as early as possible! If you want to level
up your guys, then corner him and he won't be a problem. When
the boss is dead (or not), head towards the western side and
have a thief unlock the chests for goodies!

Boss: Denning, level 19 Sniper

Loser alert! Loser alert! Denning has only bows as his weapons,
so you can corner him on all four sides and Denning will be
helpless to do anything! Simply corner him and kill him. Easy,

After the battle, your party will discuss how creepy morphs
are! It turns out Denning is a morph created by Nergal! Now
that you have received his message "I await you on the Dread
Isle", get going!

Chapter 29x/31x: Battle Preparations
Object: Stock up!
How to unlock: Automatically unlocks for you

You will 30,000 G to start your shopping madness! There are
no enemies here, and the only way to can possibly die is by
the arena! The armory closest to you holds every kind of swords,
the next one contains lances, and the eastern most one holds
axes. The southern one has bows of all kinds.

The vendor to the west sells magic while the one to the east
sells elixirs (get as much as you can!) and dozens of staves!

Now, if Bartre is a high level Warrior, a woman will appear
out of the Arena. Have Bartre talk to her and she will challenge
your Bartre. If your Bartre is good enough, he will survive
her attack, and she will join your team. Be sure Bartre has
the Iron Rune equipped before fighting her. Remember, you only
have 5 turns!

Now, in the Dragon's Gate, only two members of the Black Fang
are still alive. One is Nergal and the other one is Limstella.
Nergal tells Limstella to steal Eliwood's quintessence and
give to him and he will summon the dragons! He also calls
Limstella his masterpiece.

Chapter 30/32: Victory or Death
Object: Seize gate
New Member: Renault level 18 Bishop

This is it! The great battle with Limstella, the great
quintessence taker. You can tell I'm getting excited! Now,
be very careful because this is another level where there are
a lot of reinforcements!

Head north as early as possible to reach an ancient ruins house.
Inside, you will get Renault, a bishop. Now, he really isn't
that good, but he does have a nice Fortify Staff. Be sure to
get there as soon as possible or else he will flee.

There is nothing more for me to say other than head east to
where Limstella is waiting!

Boss: Limstella, level 20 Sage

Eliwood's Story

Nergal calls this his masterpiece? This is so easy. Send your
best unit in and she will die in like one or two hits.

Hector's Story

Nergal wasn't jesting when he called Limstella his masterpiece!
Yes, she is that tough! She's another boss who has that annoying
Bolting spell. Her Bolting is very accurate and yes, it does
major damage if it hits you! Her Fimbulvetr Magic is even worse!
It is more accurate and it does more damage!

What I do is to have Canas as a Druid and a healer out of range
to back him up. First, any high resistance user should trick
her into wasting her Bolting. Then, charge in with Canas and
cast Luna. She will be in big trouble if you do! Her Fimbulvetr
Magic is still nasty, though. That's why I said bring a healer
and heal if necessary!

It might take awhile, but you should triumph!

Chapter 32x: The Value of Life (Hector's Story ONLY)
Object: Kill Kishuna
How to get: Beat Chapter 32 in 20 turns or less

Yet, another scene with Kishuna. Anyways, you are allowed to
take only 5 units with you. Think carefully, as there are a
lot of enemies with powerful weapons. Once again, don't bring
magic users or else Kishuna will block them all off. Once you
reach Kishuna, watch out for his pile load of reinforcement.

Final Chapter: Light
Object: Kill your greatest foe

Athos brings you the legendary items and Merlinus will leave
your group. This is your last chance to trade with Merlinus!
Now, it is time. Nergal warps into the battlefield and calls
out his elite morph units. This looks really bad, as you must
kill them all in order for you to fight Nergal.

Boss: Uhai, level 20 Nomad Trooper

Okay, first lure him out and then surround him on all four
sides and tackle him. He is really tough as he has a powerful
weapon, great agility, and great movement. Once you've
finished him, take his Rienfleche to your Sniper. Then, kill
the rest of his Snipers.

Boss: Kenneth, level 20 Bishop

Have Athos equip the Aureola and attack the Sage. Once the
Sage is dead, Kenneth will challenge you. When he's gone, a
Druid will challenge you and will drop a Gespent spell.

Boss: Brendan, level 20 Warrior

Attack him from a distance with arrows or magic. If it isn't
enough to kill him, then send in your best sword user to finish
him off. Give his Basilikos to your best axe man. You can simply
kill the other Warrior with anyone.

Boss: Darin, level 20 General

Attack with the Basilikos and magic from a distance. If you
have another axe man, have him throw the Tomahawk to help.
Kill the other General with anyone. Give the Rex Hasta to your
best lance user.

Boss: Ursula, level 20 Valkyrie

Use Gespenst to kill her and back Athos up with someone else
if she doesn't die. Give the Excalibur to your best Anima user.

Boss: Jerme, level 20 Assassin

Don't worry about his Assassin's Blow, as he can't perform
a critical. He does have a long range attack, though. I used
Athos and Jerme did no damage to him! But a lance user with
the Rex Hasta will do just as well. He drops nothing.

Boss: Lloyd and Linus

This is very difficult. Kill Lloyd with the Rex Hasta and really
powerful magic and then dispatch Linus with the same strategy.
Like I said, it's harder than it sounds because if Lloyd
performs a critical, you're in BIG trouble! Lloyd drops Regal
Blade, so give it to your best sword user.

After all the morphs are dead, kill all the reinforcements.
Be especially careful of the Druid with the Berserk Staff.
If any of your unit went berserk, then cure it with a restore
staff. Now, heal and trade and get ready to take on Nergal.

Boss: Nergal, level 20 Dark Druid

Have Athos rush in with Aureola and cast it Nergal. Nergal
should die in three hits. I don't recommend attacking him with
anyone else as he is very powerful and he might kill them in
one hit.

Now, congratulations, you've finally killed Nergal! It's
finally over! Or is it? Nergal, with his last breath, calls
out the dragons! I won't spoil the next part for you!

There are reinforcements in this final battle but you can't
kill them unless you have long range weapons. You should be
able to dodge them all.

Final Boss: Dragon, level 20 Dragon

 Oh my gosh! This is no doubt the hardest battle in the entire
game! I attacked him with my best guys and they did either
very little damage or no damage at all. The Dragon uses
Flametongue as his weapon, and it ignores your defense and
will always do 37 damage and it never misses!

Send Athos in and cast Luna. Now, either rescue him with flying
units or heal him with a Physic Staff twice. Anyways, always
make sure he is completely healed before fighting him at

I will not spoil the ending of this game! Besides, the ending
changes depend on your support level. Enjoy! ^_^

Section 3

Promoting a Character

This section talks about promoting a character, what good are
they when they are promoted, stuff like that. Now, you may
be wondering what so good about a promoted unit. Well,
generally they are better, and certain units get to use
additional weapons or acquire additional skills. For example,
a nomad can use only a bow, but a nomad trooper can use both
bows and swords.

When a unit evolves, a lot of its skills get increased by at
least one. It can go as high as a five. It sounds tempting
to simply promote a character at level 10, but it's a total
waste, if you ask me. Ten levels of experience wasted right
there. It is better to wait till level 20 so you can max
everything out.

Here, I will list all the items necessary to promote a certain
1.	Archers and Nomads: Orion's Bolt/Earth Seal
2.	All types of magicians, Valkyries, and Clerics: Guiding
Ring/Earth Seal
3.	Cavaliers and Knights: Knight Crest/Earth Seal
4.	Mercenary, Myrmidons, and Fighters: Hero Crest/Earth Seal
5.	Peg Knights and Wyvern Riders: Elysian Whip/Earth Seal
6.	Pirates: Ocean Seal
7.	Lords: Heaven Seal
8.	Thieves: Fell Contract
If I forgot something, email me and I will put your name
in the Special Thanks section!

Section 4: What I think of the Characters

Here, I will say how I feel about each character and how much
I like them on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being the lowest and 10
being the highest. Also, I have not unlocked everything, so
it is possible that I miss someone. Of course, you can have
totally different opinion on a certain character.

Class: Archsage
Rank: 8/10

He joins in the last chapter, and personally, and I don't think
he is that good. His HP is too low, but I like the idea of
how he can use all different types of magic.

Class: Fighter-Warrior
Rank: 7/10

A decent axe man. He's pretty good if you level him up to a

Class: Shaman-Druid
Rank: 9/10

The only Dark magician who will join your team; he is very
powerful when you upgrade him at level 20 and he becomes a
Druid. His Luna attack is the best!

Class: Pirate-Berserker
Rank: 7/10

I like the fact that he can walk across water. He's also pretty
decent, if he would only hit more.

Class: Fighter-Warrior
Rank: 4/10

I don't really like using him, as he is too easy to be killed.

Class: Mage-Sage
Rank: 9/10

A good magician, he is the best one in your early travels.

Class: Peg Knight-Falcoknight
Rank: 8/10

She joins only in Hector's Story. She's good, but in my game,
all the axe users and arrow users team up against her and she
always gets slaughter.

Class: Peg Knight-Falcoknight
Rank 7/10

I never really use her, but she is pretty good when I did use

Class: Peg Knight
Rank: 9/10

She's really weak in the beginning, but with patience, she
could be one of your best units. I call her my "Magic Slayer".

Class: Warrior
Rank: 7/10

He's an okay guy, but Bartre is better as a Warrior.

Class: Myrmidon-Swordmaster
Rank: 7/10

He has low defense, but I like his criticals.

Class: Hero
Rank: 8/10

He's another good unit, but not as good as Karel.

Class: Berserker
Rank: 10/10

Yeah, I love using him. Second best axe man in the game.

Class: Wyvern Rider-Wyvern Lord
Rank: 5/10

Many people say he's good but, I never really use him.

Class: Paladin
Rank: 4/10

Slightly better than Marcus, although she joins late at such
a low level, meaning she dies too easily.

Class: Assassin
Rank: 10/10

Jaffar can perform the awesome Assassin Blow, which can kill
an enemy in one hit. Hope that's enough.

Class: Swordmaster
Rank: 10/10

Great guy who performs a lot of criticals.

Class: Swordmaster
Rank: 6/10

Not as good as her brother, Karel. Oh well.

Class: Cavalier-Paladin
Rank: 6/10

Nice guy, just don't use him a lot.

Class: Thief-Assassin
Rank: 8/10

Too bad he sucks at fighting, or else I would've given him
a higher score. He's my primary thief.

Class: Sniper
Rank: 8/10

Pretty good, actually. Unfortunately, she is a promoted unit,
which takes up a lot of experience.

Class: Cavalier-Paladin
Rank: 7/10

Lowen is a little bit tough to level up at first, but once
he is, he's pretty powerful.

Class: Monk-Bishop
Rank: 7/10

He's good but he has terrible defense, so he is practically
useless when fighting against a fighter-type guy.

Class: Paladin
Rank: 3/10

Ha ha ha! He may be an upgraded unit and joins at the very
beginning, but he's what I call a credit hog. Yes, he's a good
choice to take down early tough bosses, but he's practically
useless later on. I use him only for bait.

Class: Thief-Assassin
Rank: 6/10

The only thief you can get early in the game. He's good, but
once Legault joins, you won't use Matthew that much.

Class: Bard/Dancer
Rank: 8/10

They are identical in many ways, except that Nils is a Bard
and Ninian is a Dancer. They both can't be promoted, and they
also can't attack. However, with their special ability, they
can make your allies move again.

Class: Mage-Sage
Rank: 8/10

I know that a lot of Nino fans will be steamed to see this,
so let me tell you why I gave her this score: I never really
had time to turn her into a really good Sage. I'm sorry! She
joins so late and she's just a level 5 Mage! I'm playing it
again so that I can train her and see her true power!

Class: Knight-General
Rank: 10/10

He beats Wallace by a mile, alright. He may be slow in the
beginning, but train him to a General and he can wipe out an
entire army by himself!

Class: Sage
Rank: 9/10

Nice magic user. Too bad he's just as bad as an experience
hog like Marcus.

Class: Troubadour-Valkyrie
Rank: 9/10

Too bad a Troubadour can't attack. Priscilla as a Valkyrie
is AWESOME. The only bad thing is because she starts off as
a Troubadour, she can't attack, and she can only heal. Because
of that, it is extremely hard to raise her up to level 20 before
the game ends.

Class: Nomad-Nomad Trooper
Rank: 8/10

He's the only Nomad/Nomad Trooper in the game. Yes, he starts
out awesome and he stays awesome.

Class: Mercenary-Hero
Rank: 8/10

Love him. He can kill any axe user he wants. End of story.

Class: Archer-Sniper
Rank: 8/10

Rebecca is good, but it's a little frustrating in the beginning
because she has such incredibly low defense and HP, but
afterwards, she is really good!

Class: Bishop
Rank: 3/10

He joins at the semi-final chapter, and he is the worst magic
user in the game. The only thing I like about him is his Fortify

Class: Cavalier-Paladin
Rank: 8/10

There's not much for me to say other than he's just plain good.

Class: Cleric-Bishop
Rank: 7/10

Good healer, but dies too easily.

Class: Wyvern Lord
Rank: 9/10

I like to give her a Killer Lance and watch her kill all those
pathetic sword-users.

Class: General
Rank: 2/10

Why does the game force you to upgrade him at level 12? He's
so worthless as a General this way.

Class: Archer-Sniper
Rank: 7/10

Wil, you are nice and stuff, but I think Rebecca is a better

Section 5

Special Thanks
1.	Me, for writing this guide
2.	You, for reading it
3.	Nintendo, for publishing one of the best games ever! And
telling me that Nini's Grace Trick!
4.	Ephideliscool!, for telling how to get to Legault in time
in Hector's Story!
5.	www.gametalk.com, for being the best site to talk about Fire
Emblem and other games.

I will thank more people once they've emailed me with your
helpful tips! Your name could add on to the list! Don't
forget to read my email policy before you start! ^_^

Section 6

Legal Stuff

First off, I wrote this guide, not you! This guide currently is only supposed
to be posted on gamefaqs.com and neoseeker.com. If you want to post this on
your web site, then please email me first. If I give you permission to, then
you may and you must give me all the credit and not change anything, and update
it when I update it. You may not plagiarize my guide in any way. You may not
profit from my guide in any way. You may not change my guide in any way.
Violate any one of these and I have the right to sue. This guide is written by
me, Kang-Lin Cheng. Copyright 2004. All trademarks and copyrights contained in
this document are own by their respective trademark and copyright holders.