Class Guide by CLantz

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Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis
Class Guide V.1.07
Written by Casey Lantz

    I. About this FAQ
   II. Human Classes
       1. Soldiers
       2. Ninjas
       3. Archers
       4. Wizards
       5. Clerics
       6. Knights
       7&8. Swordmasters & Valkyries
       9&10. Dragoons & Sirens
       11&12. Warlocks & Witches
       13&14. Beast Tamers & Dragon Tamers
       15. Priests
  III. Demi-Humans
       1. Hawkmen
       2. Mermaids
       3. Fairies
       4. Giants
   IV. Transcended Beings
       1. Liches
       2. Angel Knights 
    V. Undead Creatures
       1. Ghost
       2. Dragon Zombie 
   VI. Beasts
       1. Griffins
       2. Cockatrices
       3. Octopus
       4. Cerberus
  VII. Dragons
       1. Elemental Variations
       2. Upgraded Dragons
 VIII. Denizens of the Netherworld
       1. Gremlins
       2. Gorgons
  IIX. Hero Classes
       1. High Priest
       2. Sorceress
       3. Shaman
       4. Summoner
       5. Lesser Daemon
       6. Witch <3  (the <3 is supposed to be a heart...)
   IX. Party Building   
    X. Emblems
   XI. Snapdragons
  XII. Final Notes

I. About The FAQ
     As a huge fan of Tactics games and the Ogre Battle series, I could 
not help but to pick up Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis.  It is a 
real gem of a title.  The thing that stands out most to me is the 
subtle, yet tremendous at the same time, difference between every class 
and monster possible to recruit.  Hence, I decided to write my very 
first FAQ about just that- The Classes of Tactics Ogre Advance!
     I tend to abbreviate some words simply for ease.  The most notable 
abbreviations I use throughout the guide are MT for Movement Type, PE 
for Preferred Equipment, and CR for Class Requirements when dealing 
with characters that can change classes and Cost of Recruitment for a 
LV. 1 demi-human/monster character.  I also use the typical stat 
     Statistic gains work on a base/variance system.  For the most 
part, there is either a + or - 1 difference that can be obtainable for 
a specific stat, although some can have higher.  Usually, any stat with 
base of +7 or more will have a variance larger than the standard +-1.  
An example of how this works:
  Deneb has a base HP growth of +5.  On any given level, she can gain 
+4, +5, or +6 HP.  Her INT base growth is +7.  She can gain anywhere 
from +5 to +9 INT.
     I received lots of complaints from people not understanding the 
"non-lawful" or such things required for classes.  Take a look to your 
Element.  You should see a little Letter next to it.  There will be a 
blue "L", a green "N", or a red "C", standing for law, neutrality, and 
chaos respectively.  If a class is listed as Non-Lawful, then your 
character must have anything other than an L.  Your alignment must not 
be lawful, hence the "Non-Lawful".  Got it?  Good!
     I do not list the gains of defensive and offensive capabilities as 
those stats are derived from the other stats and the current class, at 
least for the most part.  If any information is proven wrong or is 
otherwise expounded upon, contact me at and title it 
"FAQ fixin's".  Also, I frequent the GameFAQs message boards under the 
name "TheLantzenator", if you can catch me there.
     As far as editions of this go:
V.1.00- Got the FAQ first typed up, all human classes taken care of.
V.1.01- added the rest of the creatures; also fixed classes listed 
  earlier as wading but are actually semi-aquatic.  Fixed various LV UP 
V.1.02- added a section on suggested party formations and classes that 
  are good for setting up to a better class.  Fixed gremlin class.
V.1.03- added Emblems section.
V.1.04- more miscellaneous errors fixed.  added section on Snapdragon   
V.1.05- added information on Saia (thx to Baading).  Found out the 
  level Titan Crush is learned (thx to pm 1)
V.1.06- fixed some stat gains (no longer matters which ones)
V1.07-  The big one.  All stats should be fixed (thanks to Olan and his 
  mad skillz!!).  Also, fixed variance issue and clarified 
  alignment(read the entry before versions are listed) 

II. Humans
  Humans should be the backbone of any army.  Males tend to be better 
warriors, while females have skills in the ways of magic.  You can only 
recruit them in the form of a soldier for a cost of 1000+200 GOTH per 
additional level.

1. Soldiers-
   They are the beginning class of basically any character except the 
heroes.  Not good at anything, horrible gains in magic.  Actually, they 
do gain a nice number of HP, but that's about it.  This class is simply 
to level up in until you can turn the character into something else.  
On a side note, soldiers are the only class I have seen that has more 
than a 4% chance of recruiting anything.  Only the tamer classes have 
more luck and that is only with their respective beasts or dragons.

CR- As long as your character is human and living, they can be soldiers 
MT- Walking/Wading, base move 5
PE- any sword (two-handed, piecing, etc.), armor, helmet, shields
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +8     
  MP: +2
  STR: +4    
  INT: +4
  AGI: +5

2. Ninja-
   Ah, the classic Ninja, one of the best beginning classes.  (FYI, 
"ninja" plural is "ninja".)  They have tremendous movement range, walk 
on water, can equip attack spells, throw shurikens when out of MP, and 
can fight hand to hand if needed.  Their biggest weakness lies in the 
fact that ninja are beginning class and, as such, do not gain the 
greatest levels.  Other than that, you can't go wrong with these 
versatile characters.  One last note: Shiven is good to stay a ninja, 
so I suggest you do so.

CR- 36 STR, 37 AGI
MT- acrobatic/water-walking, base move 7
PE- Katana blades, robes
Talents: Shuriken Barrage and single attack spell
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +5
  MP: +3
  STR: +4
  INT: +4
  AGI: +7

3. Archers-
   Standard rear support, non-mage class.  Contrary to everybody else's 
opinion, I actually like the class, especially once the Batraal 
Chronology quest is beaten and the "Lachesis" special move is learned.  
The later bows are pretty powerful, as well.  With Orson, I deal 
roughly 160 damage to any spell casters, easily picking them off with a 
normal attack on the second turn.  Their obvious weakness is that 
armored foes take little damage and they counterattack weakly.  Go earn 
the "Fist Fight" emblem to fix the latter.  With a little work, your 
good to go with an excellent ranged character.  Another thing I like to 
do with my archers to make them even more useful is equip something 
that will make them fly or teleport.

CR- 37 AGI
MT- Walking/Semi-Aquatic, base move 6
PE- Bows, robes
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +6
  MP: +2
  STR: +4
  INT: +3
  AGI: +6

4. Wizard-
   The first good offensive spell casting class.  Magic is good, 
especially once you get enough INT for AoE spells.  I think they are 
only really good as a set-up class for warlocks, sirens, and witches.  
Worthwhile until one of the aforementioned classes become obtainable.  
As with all magic, equip spells of the same element as your own for 
better results.

CR- 16 MP, 26 INT, Non-Lawful
MT- Trudging/Wading, base move 4
PE- Staves (plural of staff), robes
Talents- 3 attack spell slots
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +5
  MP: +6
  STR: +3
  INT: +6
  AGI: +4

5. Cleric-
   Textbook healer.  Get one. Now.  Keep it forever (until you can 
upgrade it into a priest).  Healing is a necessity, and doing so from a 
distance with no money cost is even more of a necessity.  Interesting 
note, though.  Killing 3 enemies (sorry, no training) as one will earn 
you an emblem that lowers alignment toward chaos.  If you want to be 
some class that is non-lawful with a lawful character, this way is 
easier that hunting hours on end for an Urn of Chaos and you get a 
memento to boot.  Unlike wizards, they also have some up-close 
capabilities once a good hammer weapon is found.

CR- 18 MP, 28 INT, Non-Chaotic
MT- Trudging/Wading, base move 4
PE- Hammers, robes
Talents- 3 Holy spell slots (For offense, get the spell Lightning Bow)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +5
  MP: +5
  STR: +3
  INT: +7
  AGI: +4

6. Knight-
   Solid class.  Knights dish out some nice hand-to-hand damage with 
large swords and can heal.  When I can't reach an enemy, I heal.  A 
good tactic that any dim-witted individual could figure out.  This is 
one of the few classes obtainable as early as it is that is good the 
whole game throughout.  Although I only keep Ivanna as a knight the 
whole game, it is an excellent class to level up in on your way toward 
Swordmasters, Dragoons, and Valkyries.

CR- 51 STR, 53 AGI, "Knight's Certificate" emblem, Non-Chaotic
MT- Walking/Wading, base move 5
PE- all swords (not katana blades), shields, armor, helmets
Talents- 1 Spell (either basic heal or lightning bow)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +7
  MP: +3
  STR: +6
  INT: +4
  AGI: +5

7&8. Swordmasters (male) and Valkyries (female)
     (I list these two together because they fill the same spot when 
you go in to change class for a male or female character.  The same 
holds true for the next few classes as well.)
  Swordmasters are amazing up close and personal.  From a distance, 
they lob stones with Pelting Fury and they do massive damage with 
katana blades, or any other type of sword for that matter, when they 
catch up.  Swallow's Daze is a nifty ability gained around level 20 
that cost some HP but has a chance to stun the enemy in addition to 
normal damage.  The only problem with that is you must have a katana 
equipped, and katana get outclassed rather quickly toward the end of 
the game.  Great class overall, but I just wish they had more defense!  
They make up in the defense department, though, as they have an amazing 
ability to dodge/block even from the back.  On a side note, the female 
Swordmaster (You cannot get one without a gameshark, sorry) gains 
better stats...

CR- 95 STR, 111 AGI, "Book of Initiation" emblem, male only
MT- Walking/Wading, base move 6
PE- Katana weapons, armor
Talents- Pelting Fury, Swallow's Daze (LV. 20), 1 Support spell
 Stat Gains- 
  HP: +6
  MP: +3
  STR: +5
  INT: +3
  AGI: +6

  Valkyries are the most physical Female class.  They get two spell 
slots for attack magic and use spears.  Spears are some of the best 
weaponry in the game, especially the Longicolnis and the Zephyrus.  
Another class I like a lot.  I suggest getting one, maybe even having 
Eleanor as your spear maiden.  Another thing that I got from bearsman6 
would be that male companions within 3 panels get a plus one mental 
gauge.  Oh, to get the Zephyrus, go back to Rana once Castle Ostorea 
appears on your map.  It has 72 power, wind element, and seems to add a 
little extra percentage to your hit chance.  

CR- 38 STR, 41 INT, "Lancer" emblem, female only
MT- Walking/Semi-Aquatic (Snow), base move 6
PE- Spears, armor, helms
Talents- 2 slots for attack spells
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +6
  MP: +2
  STR: +5
  INT: +5
  AGI: +5

9&10. Dragoons (male) and Sirens (female)
      Talk about a contrast.  Awesome physical fighters or second best 
mage class.  Interesting that they occupy the same class spot...
  Dragoons are a defensive monstrosity.  Only liches (oddly enough) 
have more.  They are also the most powerful class obtainable in terms 
of strength, although they don't have the greatest AGI gain.  Unlike 
Swordmasters, they can equip with a throwing attack spell (the wimpy 
basic stuff) instead of a support spell.  That is just in case they 
can't reach their target.  Also, instead of talents (like Pelting Fury 
or Swallow's Daze), they get bonuses to dragons.  They deal more damage 
and always have a chance for an instant kill against any dragon you 
come across.  On a side note, dragoons look sweet and they flip their 
sword in the air whenever they are going to defeat an enemy with an 
attack.  Overall, a terrific class and a good showman for going against 
a friend.  (Watch my sword! HA!)

CR- 215 HP, 109 STR, 94 AGI, "Dragons Scale" emblem, male only, 
MT- Walking/Wading, base move 5
PE- Spear (they can use swords well so I give them such), armor, helms, 
Talents- 1 throwing attack spell, chance to instant KO dragons
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +7
  MP: +2
  STR: +6
  INT: +3
  AGI: +5

  Sirens are the real reason to have a female wizard over a male one: 
this class if female only.  Stronger magic than a wizard, more MP than 
a wizard, more attack physically than a wizard, etc.  The best part is 
that they are the only non-hero class to use summons!  Yea!  If you 
keep one, then you'll have a person to use each summon spell.  Still, I 
say to eventually turn it into a lich, if possible.  The horrible AGI 
gain is a definite crimp.

CR- 60 MP, 60 INT, "Philosopher's Stone" emblem, female only
MT- Trudging/Wading, base move 4
PE- Fans, robes
Talents- 3 spell slots for attack or summon magic
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +5
  MP: +7
  STR: +3
  INT: +7
  AGI: +3

11&12. Warlocks (male) and Witches (female)
       Witches and Warlocks go together like ketchup and mustard.  Or, 
at least they occupy the same space for the respective genders.

  Warlocks are pretty good.  This is the only class I have personally 
never had (at least on my current file), but I still know they can kick 
serious butt from personal experience (and my friend's main character 
as one kicks my butt).  They are the only class branded under the mage 
stereotype that can swing a weapon with power.  They also have room for 
two support spells and they have this nifty ability to wreath their 
sword in the opposite element as the poor sap that is about to get 
hacked called Barren Soul.  Solid class overall, warlocks make a worthy 
addition to any squad as a jack-of-all-trades but master of none.

CR- 78 MP, 90 STR, 76 INT, "The Pen and the Sword" emblem, male only, 
MT- Walking/Wading, base move 4
PE- Swords, shields, armor, helms
Talents- Barren Soul, two support spell slots
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +6
  MP: +5
  STR: +5
  INT: +5
  AGI: +5

  Witches must not be confused with Deneb's class, because they are two 
different things.  Normal witches aren't very good.  Support spells 
are, in my opinion, next to useless.  There are only a handful of good 
ones because most have a horrible chance to hit, horrible chance to 
actually enact the effect, and take massive amounts of MP.. There are 
some good ones (Fluid Magic and Time Flux/Teleport come to mind).  They 
have Fascination, which is pretty good.  (It charms the enemy).  You 
need the "Vixen's Whisper" emblem, so make sure to persuade some 
hapless male into joining you.

CR- 38 MP, 35 INT, "Vixen's Whisper" emblem, female only, non-lawful
MT- Trudging/Wading, base move 5
PE- Staves, Robes
Talents- Fascination, 2 support spells
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +5
  MP: +6
  STR: +3
  INT: +4 
  AGI: +6

13&14. The Tamers: Beast (male) and Dragon (female)
       You want a beast or a dragon but don't feel like giving up 3000+ 
GOTH for them?  Then these classes are the way to go!

  Beast Tamers are actually a pretty good class.  They will most likely 
be your first characters to do over 100 damage in a fight against an 
enemy.  They are also about the only way to get the "Arbitration" 
emblem for male characters.  Beast Tamers (and Dragon Tamers on 
dragons, for that matter) get up to roughly 75% chance to persuade an 
enemy beast with 20 or so HP.  Beasts within 3 panels receive damage 
bonuses, as well, so if you like any of the beast classes, get one of 
these guys, but I suggest you trade him in later for a dragoon or a 
swordmaster when possible.  Still, not that shabby as they are good 
with Whips, the great weapons they are.

CR- 142 HP, 34 STR, male only, =1 beast killed
MT- Walking/Wading, base move 6
PE- Whips, armor
Talents- empowers friendly beasts within 3 panels
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +6
  MP: +2
  STR: +5
  INT: +3
  AGI: +5

  Dragon Tamers are basically the same, except dealing with the much 
better type of creature: dragons.  They also have a slot for throwing- 
type spells.  They are the best way for a female to get "Arbitration" 
as well.  All around, a decent class to be as, although it has some of 
the worst level gains I've seen.  After the emblem, they aren't a 
necessity and are easily traded in for Valkyries.

CR- 140 HP, 12 MP, =1 dragon killed, female only
MT- Walking/Semi-Aquatic, base move 6
PE- Thrusting Sword, shields, armor, helms
Talents- empowers friendly dragons within 3 panels
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +6
  MP: +3
  STR: +4
  INT: +4
  AGI: +5

15. Priests
    Last, but not least, of the human classes.  While not many but your 
cleric will probably ever obtain this class (via the 10 kill only 
restriction), they are so vital, it isn't funny.  They are the only 
class that can use Resurrection and they heal nearly 120 damage around 
LV. 25 to 30.  Toss in the AoE of Heal Plus, and that is up to 5 
characters good to go kick more tail.  Make sure you don't blow the 
opportunity to get one of these!  Yes, they do gain less INT than 
clerics, but they make up for it by be able to cast better spells and 
by having better gains in other areas, ones which clerics sorely lack.

CR- 76 MP, 96 INT, "Heavenly Spirit" emblem, =10 enemies killed, 
MT- Trudging/Wading, base move 4
PE- Cudgels, robes
Talents- 3 holy spell slots (I recommend Heal Plus, Resurrection, and 
  Divine Radiance/Lightning Bow)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +5
  MP: +6
  STR: +4
  INT: +6
  AGI: +4

III. Demi-Humans
  Demi-human characters do not change classes.  They are what they are 
and that never changes.  Unlike Final Fantasy Tactics, however, non-
human characters can be just as good if not better than the humans in 
some cases.  For the most part, these characters are best purchased at 
some hiring outpost in the first few cities.  Also, they use SP instead 
of MP; therefore, time is the only way to build it up (no magic 

1. Hawkmen-
   My personal favorite demi-human class can be a real blessing 
especially areas where there is a large difference of height between 
the panels.  They wield clubs with expert skill, shoot the enemy with 
lightning bolts, and fly.  Getting one of these guys early is a 
definite plus.  Make him of the lightning element so he does more 
damage with his special ability once it is earned.  Many people like to 
make Hawkmen as their archers for the flying ability.  This is actually 
a good idea, but I still prefer my Hawkmen to be up close and personal.  
If you can help it, avoid War God.  It will lower the effectiveness for 
their Thunder Arrow.  Combined with the fact they gain pitiful INT 
already...  If you do get it, make sure to locate 15 Crowns of INT to 
get him back up.

CR- 1500+220 GOTH 
MT- Flying/Wading, base move 6
PE- clubs, armor, shields, helms
Talents- Thunder Arrow (LV.10)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +7
  SP: +2
  STR: +6
  INT: +3
  AGI: +5

2. Mermaids-
   Mermaids are semi-decent.  They only really stand out in water 
battles.  Their skill with swinging spears around is good.  Lullaby is 
alright, except that it has an abysmal chance to succeed.  Cheer is 
good when you need that one extra space of movement to decapitate foes.  
Aerial is plenty in the fish woman department, though.  Make them water 
elemental because they flounder if NOT in water.  You might as well 
make them better for their best environment, right?  Right.

CR- 1800+250 GOTH
MT- Trudging/Aquatic (Snow), base move of 4
PE- Spear, armor, helms
Talents- Lullaby (LV.10), Cheer (LV.15)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +6
  SP: +5
  STR: +4
  INT: +5
  AGI: +5

3. Fairies-
   Another being that is considered worthless I have found a use for.  
Okay, at least the two special ones.  They do pitiful damage even with 
the most powerful bows.  They are only worthy once they start gaining 
their special moves.  Fairy's Kiss saves a bundle on antidotes.  
Fairy's Embrace is an excellent move that heals around 30 points of 
damage AND ALLOWS THE RECIPIENT TO GO AGAIN.  Magic Missile is a good 
move, doing nearly 50 damage to the typical foe and 70 to unholy 
beings.  When you stick Glycinia and Lubina next to each other in a 
battle and they can both move, they can use a move that, while halving 
the twin's health, deals 100+ AoE type damage that exercises undead.  I 
must talk about Glycinia and Lubina a little bit.  They are the only 
worthy fairies because, when used together, they get a special attack 
called Magic Barrage that hits an area, eradicates undead, and deals an 
extreme amount of damage to anything else.  The only drawback is that 
both the fairy sisters take 1/2 of their current HP in self damage.  
Luckily, they can move so far and have such high AGI, they should 
never, ever be hit by any opponent.

CR- 1300+200 GOTH
MT- Flying/Hovering, base move 6 (seems like more do to insane AGI)
PE- Bows, robes, helms
Talents- Fairy's Kiss (LV.10), Fairy's Embrace (LV.15),
  Magic Missile (LV.20)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +3
  SP: +6
  STR: +3
  INT: +4 (the fairy sisters base gain is +5, making them better again)
  AGI: +8

4. Giants-
   These guys are hulking behemoths.  A level 30+ giant will usually 
have 400 or so HP.  You would figure they'd do some more damage, 
though.  Their low AGI makes it hard for them to hit things. (Do NOT go 
after fairies with giants.  Complete waste of time!)  Titan Crush is 
really powerful, but it has a horrid chance to hit.  They are also 
slow.  They are basically beasts, as they cannot equip anything but 
accessories.  I still keep one around, though.  Just as with anything 
behind the hands of a skilled tactician, everything has a place in my 
armies.  Also, they make excellent snaps do to their enormous STR gain.

CR- 3000+300 GOTH
MT- Trudging/Wading (Snow), base move 3
PE- They can only equip accessories.  Get some Armlets of AGI.
Talents- Titan Crush (LV.10 [thx to pm 1])
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +9
  SP: +3
  STR: +8
  INT: +2
  AGI: +3

IV. Transmigrated Beings
  Now this is what I'm talkin' about!  At least one of each should be 
enlisted in your army.  If you are sane, that is.  And, sorry!  No 
recruiting and there is only one instance before Angel's Headstone 
where you can recruit Angel Knights.  (The only lich in the game is a 
boss.)  The only real way to get them is with time.  You can return 
these guys to human form by killing them, raising them with Necromancy, 
and then using a reincarnation scroll. 

1. Liches-
   I'm not one to swear much, but when I got a lich, I said, "Damn!"  
These undead wizards take such small numbers of damage themselves (my 
lich has 999 physical defense with basic equipment), yet dish out lots 
and lots of it.  They only have a single downfall.  They cannot use 
summons.  Yes, that sucks, but not to worry.  My lich deals 120+ damage 
with Fiend's Grip on average, while my summoners tend to miss with at 
least one little blast (not always hitting all ten times) and sometimes 
not quite reaching three digits.  Get a lich a.s.a.p.  I believe the 
first time you can get a Ring of the Dead is in the crypt during the 
raid of Ostorea Castle.  It is located behind one of the coffins.  If 
you want, you can turn a lich into virtue element by using a Tome of 
Discipline, essentially having a baelnorn (D&D reference to good 
liches).  By the way, there is absolutely no reason to equip them with 
Firecrests.  They have 999 Defense at around 35 anyway.  You don't need 
to bother with snaps, either, unless it has an exceptional INT gain.

CR- 118 MP, 134 INT, Chaotic only, equip Ring of the Dead and die in 
  battle (no training!)
MT- Trudging/Wading, base move 4
PE- wands, robes
Talents- 3 spell spots for anything but summons and holy spells
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +4
  MP: +7
  STR: +2
  INT: +7
  AGI: +4

2. Angel Knight-
   Think hawkman, just more holy-ish.  They fly, they deal damage up 
close pretty well.  Instead of a ranged attack, they have a move that 
heals undead beings. They also have Banish, a move that does just that 
to undead creatures and drains the MP/SP out of anything else.  They 
make great utility to keep enemy wizards wishing for more spell power 
while the angel fights in the front lines.  They are difficult to 
obtain, though.  They only angel knight I have ever had is the hero 
Lobelia.  Try to get one the "real" way if possible so you can go get 
the unique class of lesser daemon with Saia.  The only problem I have 
is that they have SP instead of MP.  Although you can make an angel of 
the bane element with an Urn of Chaos, they still don't become fallen 
angels.  These are commonly considered to be the best snaps because of 
the balanced abilities and the +1 mental gauge bonus the weapon would 
then bestow.  [SPOILER] If on Path A, there are two angel knights 
accompanying him in the Crypt below Ostorea.  They are persuadable. 
(thx to JC Kang) [/SPOILER]

CR- 215 HP, 66 MP, 89 STR, 81 INT, 88 AGI, "Archangel's Feather" 
  emblem, Lawful only, be killed in battle (no training!) for a 
  chance to become one (a real crapshoot)
MT- Flying/Wading, base move 6
PE- Thrusting Swords, shields, helms, armor
Talents- Poignant Melody, Banish (LV. Requirements?)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +7
  SP: +3
  STR: +5
  INT: +5
  AGI: +6

V. Undead Beings
  Undead are just that- creatures that just refuse to die.  Them only 
way to keep them from popping back up after a few turns is to use a 
spell that "eradicates".  Fighting against them is a pain, even with 
Faith, Exorcism, Banish, etc.  Those moves take three turns to build up 
the mana to use.  Have fun when the comp uses a whole bunch of ghosts!  
Oh, to get the Necromancy spell, you have to complete the quest Cave 

1. Ghosts-
   Not overly powerful in any aspect, ghosts mount a huge annoyance and 
not usually anything more.  Give them a Snapdragon-made weapon if you 
want them to do real damage.  They don't have high HP or defense, but 
that is okay because they auto-revive.  They do teleport, which I like 
a lot.  Not to great, but fun to bug friends who don't use any exorcism 
moves.  Try to find a reincarnation scroll if you can (check layoneil's 
secrets FAQ).

CR- cast Necromancy on a dead human.
MT- Teleportation/Floating, base move 7
PE- staves (give 'um something with power anyway), robes
Talents- 3 spell slots (all bane spells except the good ones)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +5
  MP: +5
  STR: +4
  INT: +6
  AGI: +4

2. Dragon Zombies
   Unlike ghosts, dragon zombies can mount a good offense as well as 
being an un-killable pest.  There is a debate between me and my friends 
over whether they are better or worse than the living dragons.  I say 
they are in between they basic elemental types and the upgraded ones.  
Your say, really.  They are weaker than the upgrades, but the computer 
almost never has any banishing moves.  Rotten Breath is okay (lowers 
enemy power in conjunction to damage), too.  If you do plan to get one, 
make sure the dragon had been every one of the other seven so you get 
Grozz Nuy's emblem, putting your dragon at a permanent +2 mental gauge.  
Another idea is to give them a Necklace of Resist.  They take no damage 
from spells and Poignant Melody/Cursed Existence still work (thanks to 

CR- cast Necromancy on a dead dragon
MT- Trudging/Wading, base move 4
PE- accessories (some AGI bracelets are nice)
Talents- Rotten Breath 
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +8
  SP: +4
  STR: +7
  INT: +4
  AGI: +3

VI. Beasts
  Hmm...  On a whole, beasts are slow, have decent (at best) abilities, 
can only equip accessories, and cost lots of money.  Oh well.  
Experiment and see if you like any of them.  I personally care not for 

1. Griffins-
   In some fantasy worlds, griffins are almost on par with dragons in 
terms of power.  Not in this case.  They gain weak STR and INT, never 
being able to do much damage.  They do fly and Windstorm is actually 
rather good, but you can do so much better with something else.  
Lightning element griffins are the way to go.

CR- 3000+300 GOTH
MT- Flying/Wading, base move 4
PE- Accessories (get it some STR enhancers!)
Talents- Windstorm (LV. 10)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +7
  SP: +3
  STR: +4
  INT: +5
  AGI: +4

2. Cockatrices-
   The mythical rooster/lizards are a real nuisance.  They have 
Petrifying Breath (which probably smells bad) that works like dragon 
breaths, just that it turns the unlucky target into a Vegas Forum Shops 
style statue.  They fly, which is always a bonus.  Overall, my favorite 
beast class.  Make them of the earth element for more breath power.

CR- 3200+300 GOTH
MT- Flying/Wading
PE- accessories (armlets of wisdom are helpful)
Talents- Petrifying Breath (LV. 10)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +8
  SP: +3
  STR: +4
  INT: +4
  AGI: +5

3. Octopi-
   These guys suck tremendously out of water.  Unfortunately, hardly 
any stage has a relatively large size of ocean in it.  Way too slow 
(even in water), they barely ever get the chance to use their above- 
average strength.  Their ability Strangling Tentacles is good, though, 
even more so when the target gets confused.  They make partly good 
companions up until winter hits, but most likely anyone who has one has 
it for keepsakes only.  They are best as the Water element, for that is 
where they should spend most of their time fighting.

CR- 3000+300 GOTH
MT- Trudging/Aquatic, base move 3 (horrible!)
PE- accessories (Glass Pumpkins work because 3 is minimum speed anyway)
Talents- Strangling Tentacles (LV. 10)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +8
  SP: +1
  STR: +6
  INT: +3
  AGI: +3

4. Cerberus-
   As like the cockatrice, hellhounds have a dragon-like breath attack 
as well that deals fire damage and has a chance of sleep.  Another 
character you can pass on and not know the difference, I say.  Fire 
element is a must for improved Mesmerize.  They are pretty good because 
they gain rather good stats.

CR- 3000+300 GOTH
MT- Walking/Wading
PE- hmm... maybe accessories (INT armlets are good)
Talents- Mesmerize (LV. 10)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +7
  SP: +3
  STR: +6
  INT: +5
  AGI: +5

VII. Dragons
  After continuously comparing beast classes to dragons, I'm happy to 
finally talk about dragons themselves.  With enormous HP and STR 
bonuses, dragons are the only type of creature that can compare with 
humans (and subsidiaries like liches) thereof.

1. Elemental Variations
   Dragons work a little differently than everything else.  The type 
they are (red, blue, earth, or thunder) are based on the element of the 
beast (fire, water, earth, and wind respectively).  When someone of a 
different element uses a Mirror of the Gods on the dragon, the dragon 
doesn't just change element.  It becomes a new type of dragon based on 
the new element and changes to the appropriate breath.  Fire breath has 
a chance of confusion, ice a chance of sleep, earth often yields 
poison, and thunder breath stuns (my favorite). Before they upgrade, 
try to make the dragon every element at least once.  You'll see why in 
the next entry...

CR- 3000+300 GOTH
MT- Trudging/Wading, base move 3
PE- could it be...? accessories! (go for magic defense)
Talents- (Flame/Ice/Poison/Thunder) Breath (LV. 5)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +8
  SP: +4
  STR: +7
  INT: +4
  AGI: +3

2. Upgraded Dragons
   Now we're talkin'.  Mushus, Naga, and Vrtra dragons are groovy.  
They difference between these guys and their former wimpy selves is a 
matter of stats and movement type.  They breath formula stays the same, 
though.  Mushus dragons are the upgrade for Lawful dragons and are good 
on snow, nagas are Neutrals and dominate river battles, and vrtras are 
Chaotics that fly.  Vrtras also cause a -1 mental gauge penalty for 
enemies caught within three panels.  Mushus render a +1 for allies 
within 3 panels.  Just make sure to get an upgraded dragon!

CR- 259 HP, 130 STR, 69 AGI; once met, automatically changes
MT- Trudging/Wading (Snow): Mushus; Trudging/Aquatic: Naga; 
  Flying/Wading: Vrtra, base move 4 (all)
PE- no, its not possible!  Accessories (magic defense here again)
Talents- (Flame/Ice/Poison/Thunder) Breath; Vrtra- lowers enemies' 
  within three panels mental gauge by one
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +9
  SP: +4
  STR: +8
  INT: +5
  AGI: +4

VIII. Denizens of the Netherworld
  The netherworld creatures are basically demi-humans, just evil in 
nature.  There are only 4, but one is a hero-only creature (see next 
section) and the other is an enemy-only person.  Darn the luck, darn!

1. Gorgons-
   For those of you who never knew what the type of creature Medusa 
was, you'll know once you see one of these.  They, like the 
mythological snake-lady, have a petrifying gaze.  Good with bows, too.  
When fighting against them, wear a shield or make sure that you aren't 
facing them when they build up the SP to unleash their gaze because 
that is the only way other than luck that will keep you from being the 
next exhibit in the Zeteginean Museum of Art.  Evil Eye has UNLIMITED 
RANGE and works in a cone-like way, spreading until the end of the map, 
so watch out!

CR- persuading is the only option again
MT- Trudging/Wading, base move 4
PE- bows, armor, helms
Talents- Evil Eye (LV. Requirements?)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +6
  MP: +4
  STR: +5
  INT: +6
  AGI: +4

2. Gremlins-
   Nope, they don't split when you get water on them.  They are evil 
little buggers, though.  Think evil fairy, and these guys are what you 
get.  Low HP and attack power, insane AGI.  Even though gremlins get 
better HP/STR than fairies, they aren't quite as useful as the moves 
they get are status inflicting instead of beneficial spells.  While 
Fairy's Kiss and Fairy's Embrace have the same name, the first one 
inflicts ailments (sleep, poison, etc.) and the second petrifies.  They 
do not get any other moves, the Abyss move was just someone pulling my 
leg.  (I finally found one of the buggers for my own.)  Anyway, the 
evil fairy moves can do lots of damage (Fairy's Embrace did 97 to my 
lich!).  I say go with a gorgon or cockatrice for petrifying and a 
warlock/witch for status attacks.

CR- persuading is the only way (look in Sufrir, Aquila, and Gracula)
MT- Flying/Hovering, base move 5
PE- Bows, robes, helms
Talents- Fairy's Kiss (LV.10), Fairy's Embrace (LV.15)
 Stat Gains- (taken solely from bearsman6)
  HP: +4
  SP: +6
  STR: +4
  INT: +4
  AGI: +7

IIX. Hero Classes
  There are a handful of heroes and heroines throughout this game and a 
few of them have unique classes.  Being you can get them and you can 
train them, I figured it would be prudent to include them from a class 
standpoint, telling my opinions on each.  
NOTE: I have not figured out the level gains for any of them.  I gain 
roughly ten levels before I am confident enough to be sure of the 
numbers.  I didn't decide to write this FAQ until two weeks ago and as 
of yet do not have these values computed down.  The ones I am listing 
are an estimate ONLY.

1. High Priest- (Rictor Lasanti)
   You first get to witness Rictor Lasanti's awesome power in the very 
first stage, throwing Lightning Bow around for 80+ damage.  He has good 
INT, good STR, and good AGI.  He can equip any virtue spells, including 
the holy summon Ignis Fatuus, making him even more useful.  Overall, 
probably the most balanced character in the game with the ability to 
get up close and succeed, blast away with magic, and heal if the need 
arises.  Choose path B (see bearsman6's FAQ for details) to get him.

CR- pick option B when Cybil talks to you after the Cape Urodela battle 
  and Rictor joins after the raid of Ostorea Castle
MT- Trudging/Wading, base move 4
PE- piercing swords, shields, armor, helms
Talents- 3 spell slots for ANY virtue spell (I say Heal+, Ignus Faatus, 
  and Lightning Bow)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +6 
  MP: +6
  STR: +5
  INT: +5
  AGI: +5

2. Sorceress- (Cybil Alinda)
   Cybil is basically a living lich with summons.  The best offensive 
wizard in the game, there really isn't a whole lot more to say.  
Personally, I like Rictor better simply because he can heal as well, 
but she can use every spell but healing and Necromancy.  A great 
addition to your party anyways.  Pick option A instead of B (see 
bearsman6's FAQ.  In fact, all info regarding Cybil are taken from his 

CR- (see above entry, substitute "A" for "B" and Cybil for Rictor.)
MT- Walking/Wading, base move 5
PE- Fans, robes
Talents- 3 spells for anything non-virtue
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +5
  MP: +7
  STR: +4
  INT: +7
  AGI: +5

3. Shaman- (Euphaire)
   Most likely the first original-classed character you will get.  She 
is basically a Siren that sucks more at fighting (which is okay 'cuz 
she is a mage) and gets more power in the INT department.  In fact, 
this class replaces Siren for her.  She also gets one of the greatest 
moves in the whole game- Energy Transfer.  She gives up 1/4 of her HP 
and recovers that much value in MP for another character.  You're 
probably like "So what? You recover MP naturally!"  I say: First turn, 
use it on your healer. Heal her.  Next turn, use it on another wizard 
(say, Elrik?) and you can blast away with summons already.  Just 
continue to heal at least every other turn and you never need to worry 
about charging for 4 turns before every summon.  She can also use 
summons, which is great to cast in between every few energy transfers.  
Awesome character!  Only valid bad point- crappy HP.

CR- defeat her at Blete and choose option A when she asks to join
MT- Walking/Wading, base move 4
PE- staves, robes
Talents- two magic spells (any non-virtue, non-bane [except 
  Necromancy]) and Energy Transfer
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +4
  MP: +7
  STR: +4
  INT: +7
  AGI: +5

4. Summoner- (Elrik)
   As with Euphaire, Elrik's class replaces his ability to turn into 
another, this time being warlock.  Other than the fact he tends to get 
slowed down by equipment, Elrik can go toe-to-toe with most enemies and 
could mage-duel it with Merlin.  Think doll mage, and this is basically 
what you have.  He also has 2 spell slots with a third devoted to a 
special ability, Summon Golem.  Although it doesn't work like any other 
summon (it works like a ranged spell without having to deal with height 
and obstacles) and the "golem" looks exactly like the dolls that doll 
mages in previous Ogre Battle games, it is a wonderful spell that does 
some hefty damage.  I also think it looks hilarious.  (Ah, the little 
doll hugged that knight.  What the?  BOOM!!!)  To make it better, I did 
a little switch-a-roo between my three summoners elements.  I turned 
Euphaire into ice for Fenrir because I changed Elrik to earth so he 
could make better use of his ability and use Gnome.  Anyway, he is a 
rather groovy fellow whom I suggest you get a.s.a.p.

CR- defeat him at Belleza and he'll join after choosing option A
MT- Walking/Wading, base move 4
PE- piercing swords, shields, armor, helms (either change the helmet 
  for an accessory or the armor for a good robe or he will be SLOW)
Talents- 2 spells for anything but virtue/bane (can still use 
  Necromancy) and Summon Golem
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +6
  MP: +5
  STR: +5
  INT: +6
  AGI: +5

5. Lesser Daemon- (Saia)
   The most unique character you can acquire and the last entry in my 
FAQ, Saia is great.  He can equip with 3 bane spells (except 
Necromancy, I think) and is the ONLY character you can possibly get 
that is good with axes.  He is really powerful and flings a decent 
spell every once in a while.  I'm not sure why he is a lesser daemon 
while the plain normal daemons you fight are a lot less powerful...  I 
like him.  I feel kind of stupid now, but because I played the game 
having my main character exhibit an overbearing sense of righteousness, 
I went with Lobelia.  Not that she is bad (quite the opposite), just 
that Saia is so unique and just as good.  And he can use the Bloody 
Cleaver.  *SIGH* Oh well...

CR- return to Rebanada after defeating Rimmon.  Defeat Saia, then 
  choose option A.  He only proposes his question is you do not have 
  Lobelia in your group.
MT- Walking/Wading (Snow), base move 5
PE- Axes (sweet!), armor, helms
Talents- 3 bane spells
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +7
  MP: +4
  STR: +5
  INT: +5
  AGI: +5

6. Witch<3- (Deneb)
   Deneb makes a return yet again.  Recruit a female soldier and name 
her Deneb.  Make sure she is not lawful.  When she becomes a witch, she 
changes into this upgraded version, although she can no longer switch 
classes freely.  Unlike normal witches, Deneb has the ability to cast 
Summons, so she is actually quite useful.  Her charm ability is more 
potent than the usual witch Fascination, as well.  There isn't a reason 
to not get her, so you might as well, seeing as how good any kind of 
summoner can be.

CR- Meet the requirements for witch with a character named Deneb
MT- Trudging/Wading, base move 5
PE- staves and robes
Talents- two spell slots for either summons or support spells, and 
 Temptation (charm spell)
 Stat Gains-
  HP: +5
  MP: +6
  STR: +3 
  INT: +7 
  AGI: +6

IX. Party Building
  Well, now we know what everything is and how to obtain it, what makes 
a good class to train up to the higher, better classes?  I decided to 
prepare this in an easy list format.  The class desired is on the left.
  Dragoon->Knights go into this class with ease; also do Beast Tamers.
  Swordmaster->I like having them have been some kind of combination 
   as both a knight and ninja.  Straight-up ninja swordmasters work 
   wonders, too, because they just never get hit.  Ever.
  Warlock->Equip a knight with Lightning Bow or use a ninja.  Either 
   way, just leave them as a warlock once here.
  Valkyrie->doesn't matter.  Just train one fight with a spear 
   equipped.  You get them early enough.  I like leveling them up as  
   one the moment they can become one...
  Siren->wizard.  Simple, right?
  Witch->either as a cleric or a wizard.
  Lich->as a siren for female, warlock for male.  I like the warlock 
   into a lich because s/he will have more STR for defense.
  Angel Knight->swordmaster or knight works well.
  Okay, now we know what to be first.  What makes a good squad?  First, 
a healer is a must, PERIOD.  After that, there are a few combinations I 
like to use: damage without having to wait, ideal for first-turn 
  Large Maps- 3 warriors, 3 wizards, 1 archer.  When you have the time 
   to build up MP/SP, take advantage and wait for them to come to you.
  VS Undead- 1 angel knight, 3 other warriors, extra healer with Faith 
   equipped, 2 wizards.  Self-explanatory, I would hope.
  VS HP mongrels- 7 characters that can do 3-digit damage.
  Quest Mode- make everyone fly/teleport.  3 warriors, 1 archer, 1 
   Mage (bring MP leaves). *Notice no healer this time.  If you plan on 
   getting good stuff, you won't have the time to not deal damage.

X. Emblems
  I know I said I didn't plan on adding any more sections to my FAQ.  I 
guess I lied.  Because emblems are vital parts to any persons you may 
have in your party, I decided I should include them in this FAQ.  This 
information was taken a bit from myself, but mostly from bearsman6 and 
almasy's respective guides.  Instead of putting them in alphabetical 
order, I am going to arrange them in the same way that the game does.  
First, the left side of a group of four, going right, then to the next 
group of four, etc., until the left side is finished.  Then, the same 
thing on the right side.  Got it?  Good... I confused myself.

1. Blood Reign- to get this one, kill 25 foes (No training!!).  No 
training for this one.  Doing so gives enemies within 3 panels a 
penalty of -1 to their mental gauge.  You should get this with everyone 
but a healer.

2. Dragon's Scale- kill 5 dragons (No training!!).  Doing so makes it 
hard to persuade dragons to join your cause with that character.  It is 
a requirement for the Dragoon class.  For some reason, my guys who have 
it seem to do just a little more damage to dragons, but I think I'm 

3. Animal Hunter- kill 5 beasts (No training!!).  Doing so makes beasts 
not want to join if any character with this tries to persuade it.  
Again, I seem to notice a slight increase in damage, but it is just 

4. Exorcist- nope, you don't need to stop little girls from spinning 
their head around and spitting pea soup.  You need to banish 5 undead, 
whether it be by the use of Faith, Exorcism, Banish, etc.  Undead 
within 3 panels get a -1 mental gauge.

5. Self Preservation- kill an enemy with a counterattack.  This is 
rather easy to do in training.  Make sure the guy attacking will be 
killed by the guy he is going against.  Doing so will make your 
character do more damage when countering.  Good in conjunction with 
Fist Fight for characters like archers and for priests with no weapons.

6. Berserk- You get this one for killing something in a hit.  This is 
physical only and often comes with War God (see the emblem later).  For 
an easy fix, go recruit a scrub and don't equip him with anything.  
Strong characters will be able to get this off him/her.  The emblem 
affects biorhythm by adding a +10 to the character's value.  Go read 
the biorhythm FAQ for more info.  No training, either.

7. Arbitration- this is a nifty little emblem that makes it easier to 
recruit by the ways of persuasion.  Persuade 5 enemies and this baby is 
yours.  As I mentioned earlier, the tamer classes excel in obtaining 
the emblem.

8. Vixen's Whisper (female) and Broken Heart (male)- these emblems are 
gained by trying to recruit.  Vixen's Whisper is gained when a female 
recruits a male.  Other than the fact that that character can now be a 
witch, nothing special here.  Broken Heart is for us guys that can't 
get a date... I mean for guys that can't persuade a female ten times.  
Not a good thing because it lowers luck.  Get it just to have it.

9. Sniper- this is one of the most useful emblems, especially early on.  
Hit anything with a bow 5 times in a row (no missing!) and you now have 
an extra 10 AGI.  Get it in training with everybody.  Now. Don't wait, 
get it now.  No, not later, NOW.  Get.  Now.  

10. Fist Fight- This is a must for archers.  Kill something with 
NOTHING EQUIPPED WHATSOEVER and you now do more damage without weapons.  
Actually, this is great early on because your characters will do more 
damage than with those crappy short swords.  Anyway, get it with 
anything that uses a bow or else you counterattack will suck.

11. Heavenly Spirit- pre-req for priests.  Use 20 healing moves and 
this little star will appear over your fellow's head.  I don't believe 
items count and I don't think it does anything special.  Anyone know 
for sure?

12. Don Quixote- this is an emblem for dummies out there.  Get 
counterattacked for 2/3 of your max HP and you'll now have a -10 
penalty to INT.  If you want it for the end of the game's "Emblems 
earned" % just get Lubina.  I figured you'd have to attack a windmill 
mistaking it for a giant...  Oh well.

13. Centurion- Sweet deal with this one.  Kill everything in a non-
training battle with one character.  +20 STR is awarded.  I found the 
easiest way is to A.) find a willing friend and beat the stuffing out 
of his party (his must have at least 3 guys in it) or B.) when powerful 
enough, take out the first quest mode with one guy getting the kills.

14. Charisma- Once you obtain 350 of STR, AGI, or INT, you got it.  
This gives a +1 mental gauge to any allies within three panels.  It 
takes a long time; just hang in there.

15. Bullpen Ace- Defeat 20 targets in training mode to do extra damage 
(+25%) in training mode.  Yawn.  No big deal, really. 

16. Bogus Hero- Gain 20 levels in training mode.  Now you can't do 
critical hits!  :P  It gets cancelled out by Miracle, though, so don't 
worry about this one.

17. The Pen and the Sword- Kill 4 guys with magic; kill 4 guys with 
physical attacks.  Pre-req for Warlocks.  Training is acceptable.

18. Gibe of the Fallen Angel- Kill 3 enemies (no training!) with 
physical attacks as a cleric/priest/high priest.  You move toward chaos 
by one level.  This is good for those Lawful guys who need to drop down 
a notch to become a dragoon. :)

19. Lancer- Nail two people with one attack with a spear.  You need 
this one for Valkyries.  Set it up in training mode.  I think it adds a 
tad more damage to the character 2 panels away, but I'm not sure.

20. Philosopher's Stone- Kill two people with the same spell.  Set it 
up in training.  You need this one for Sirens.

21. War God- deal 200 or more damage with a physical attack.  +30 STR 
at the expense of -30 INT.  Your decision.  Sometimes its best to not 
get this so spells do more damage.

22. Knight's Certificate- 15 attacks not in an enemies back will net 
you this emblem.  You need it for knights (obviously).  If you want it 
in a hurry, de-equip two characters and let them punch each other in 
training mode for a while.

23. Book of Initiation- dodge/block three attacks in a row.  You need 
this one for swordmasters, so make sure get it with males.  Easily done 
in training mode as a ninja versus a giant that attacks from the front.  
(I knew I could find a use for Biggrin [my giant]!)

24. Miracle- dodge/block an attack with 5% HP or less.  You'll cause 
more critical hits.  To get it safely, train.  Once the guy is low on 
HP, bring in a low AGI character and attack frontally.  It cancels out 
Bogus Hero for all you trainer types out there.

25. Embodiment of Desires- Get five treasures.  This increases buried 
treasure's goodness.  I don't like getting any random treasures without 
it, so earn this one by way of non-random treasures and enemy bags.

26. Archangel's Feather- If you ever get revived, you'll get this.  You 
need it for the chance to turn into an angel knight.  Basically, you'll 
have to die once before you even get the chance to become an angel.  
You can get this in training mode (even with Alphonse).

27. The Cycle of Life- Use a reincarnation scroll on something undead.  
You now give a +1 mental gauge to friendly undead within three panels.

28. Mark of the Elite- Gains you an instant level.  To earn, you have 
to use no more than two guys enter a battle.  I think you can earn this 
one against a friend as long as they have a full squad, but I don't 
know for sure.

29. Lucky Soldier- Go into a VS battle and don't get hit.  This is 
basically only possible against a willing friend.  Increases luck.  
Someone find out if you can get this just by finishing a VS battle with 
full HP and tell me.

30. Mark of Valor- Win a VS battle.  Simple enough, I suppose.  This 
decreases the biorhythm amplitude.  In other words, good days are not 
as good, bad days are not as bad. 

31. Veteran Soldier- Kill an enemy in VS battle.  This gives a sweet 
+15 bonus to STR, AGI, and INT each.  Sorry for you without links...

32. Relix's Emblem (male), Ripple's Emblem (female), and Grozz Nuy's 
 Emblem (dragon)- the best emblem in the game is not a piece of cake to 
get, to say the least.  You must have been every single class, period.  
That includes Lich AND Angel Knight for the humans.  That is rather 
difficult.  Be careful to obtain Priest and whichever tamer class while 
you still can.  Make the guy Lawful, turn 'em into an angel knight.  
Kill the Angel Knight, use necromancy on it.  Use reincarnation on the 
ghost.  Become a lich.  Wa-laa, you know have +2 mental gauge 
PERMANANTLY (you did make sure to be all the other classes, right?).  
It is a little easier for dragons.  Use a bunch of Mirror of the Gods 
on him while its still an elemental variant until you've been all the 
different kinds.  Upgrade.  Use Tomes and Urns until you've been all 
the upgrades.  Kill. Necromancy.  Hooray!

XI. Snapdragons

  There is an item found in the game known as the "Snapdragon".  It is 
a scroll that turns a character into a weapon (more specifically a 
sword), permanently.  The weapon grants a bonus to stats equal to half 
of the unwitting sap that uses the thing's stats.  There are four, and 
how you should use them are one of the most heated debates on the 
GameFAQs boards.  I figured that, being the "snaps" were originally 
characters first, I'd add a section in my FAQ for it.

  First off, the sword may also grant another ability to the wielder.  
The following classes, when "snapped" grant the ability that follows.

Knight- Prevents fear (as in characters with an emblem like "Blood 
  Reign" or a Vrtra does not drop mental gauge)
Swordmaster- chance of instant death
Valkyrie- grants mental bonus to male characters within 3 panels
Dragoon- attack power up vs. dragons
Priest- prevents instant death
Beast Tamer- powers up beasts within 3 panels
Dragon Tamer- powers up dragons within 3 panels
Lich- undead within 3 panels gain +1 mental gauge bonus (as Cycle of 
  Life emblem)
Angel Knight- +1 mental bonus to all allies within 3 panels (as 
  Charisma emblem)
Fairy- increases luck
Gorgon- prevents petrification

  I personally like to have a "snap" for each primary stat- STR, INT, 
and AGI, with the other being either Lobelia or Saia (you can't have 
both, so why not?).  For STR, giants and dragons are the first things 
that come to mind.  Their raw power is unmatched by anything else this 
game has to offer.  Another power sword idea is in the form of a 
swordmaster (for the instant death ability).  An INT sword (great for 
Elrik!) is made easily from sirens and witches.  If you want to make 
another Deneb, she is excellent in fulfilling this sword's potential.  
The AGI sword is easy- fairy!  A level 50 fairy who uses a Snapdragon 
will grant 200-300 AGI easily, making the wielder next to impossible to 
score a hit on, even from the back.  Make sure that you turn any 
character into a class that grants an extra ability when applicable.

XII. Final Notes
  Well, that about sums up my whole FAQ.  I don't plan on making any 
more information type updates (for real this time), so someone will 
have to ask to get me to do an enemy-only section.  I hope you enjoyed 
and most of all, I hope you benefited in some way for my efforts.  
Again, I'd like to thank bearsman6 and layoneil for the info in their 
FAQ's.  Another super special must go out to Olan for his help on the 
stat gains for great justice!  Thanks to everyone who has sent me 
information for the FAQ.  Thanks to Duracell and Energizer for the 
many, many pairs of batteries I went through and thanks to GameStop for 
my A/C adaptor (even though I still had to shell out the money for it).  
I need to give credit where it is due for the idea of a party column to 
Cong Chen (Volandum).  Lastly, I would like to thank GameFAQs for 
posting my guide and letting the world take a look at mine.