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Tactics Ogre: The Knights of Lodis (GBA)
Dismiss Quotes FAQ 
Version 1.1
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I. Version History
II. FAQ Information
  A. What is this?
  B. Why this?
III. Dismiss Quotes
  A. Special Characters
  B. Other humans/human-like
  C. Beasts
IV. Final Comments
V. Credits, Thanks and Legal Information

I. Version History

  -Version 1.0 (6-15-02)- First version, with almost all Characters up.

  -Version 1.1 (6-17-02)- Added the Fairy sisters, Orson and Rictor (thanks 
   Landon!), more beast quotes and one human/demi-human quote (thanks to 
II.  FAQ Information

   A. What is this?

        During your adventures in TO:KOL, you begin to gain numerous troops 
in your army.  After organizing and sorting out your best members, you decide 
that that Archer you persuaded just isn't able to hold it's own.  You decide 
to Dismiss him.  Just send him back to the forest with no clothes and no 
money, hoping to make his way through life.  But, as you press the 
confirmation on the dismissal, he says one last word (er...words).  Sometimes 
characters say funny things when they are forced to leave, sometimes 
characters say stupid or mean things when they leave.  The point I'm trying 
to make is, many of these are interesting, and people would want to know all 
the quotes they can, without actually taking time out of their precious 
lives.  Players have the option to dismiss any character they choose (with 
the exception of Alphonse, duh).

  B.  Why this?

       This is my first FAQ, so I decided to start with something 
interesting, something that hasn't been done for this game before.  I might 
decide to put in the different quotes people say when the die in battle, who 
knows.  In this FAQ, I typed out the quote, and then added my own commentary 
in parenthesis.  Most are slightly humorous, so take the time to read them 
and enjoy!

III.  Dismiss Quotes

      A. Special Characters
            (Characters that join your party, and usually keep their original 

1. Alphonse (You can't dismiss him, but you can still get a quote)
    "I'm sorry, but I won't give up." 
     (Good for you)

2. Ivanna**
    "I won't rest until I find out the truth." 
      (Bust out the coffee)
     "I guess my part is done.  Thank you." 
      (No prob!)
    -before Bison (not sure when it begins/ends)-                             
     "From now on, I'll let my heart be my guide." 
      (Sure, whatever you say!)

3. Glycinia**
    -With Lubina-"Please watch over my little sister"
      (Maybe, I might just send her along with you!)
    -Without Lubina-"I've seen enough fighting.  Farewell." 
      (Watch?  Yes.  Fight?  No)

4. Shiven
    -With Cybil-"Will Mistress Alinda be alright without me?" 
      (Sure, she doesn't like you anyways)
    -Without Cybil-"I'll always remember these days.  Thank you." 
      (We will too)

5. Orson*
    -With Rictor-"You don't have to say anything.  Take care."
     (A great archer leaves to join a travelling circus)
    -Without Rictor-"Please take care of Master Lasanti." 
     (Uh...whatever you say!)

6. Aerial
    "Are you worried about me?  Don't be silly." 
     (I think you're the one who's being silly)

7. Eleanor
    "Sorry I couldn't do more to protect you." 
     (Should-a, could-a, would-a)

8. Euphaire**
    -With Elrik-"This is so-long, but not good-bye, Father." 
      ("I'll see you in the morning!")
    -Without Elrik-"I forgot...you're also from Lodis." 
      (And don't you forget it!)

9. Elrik**
    -With Euphaire-"Tell Euphaire that we'll meet again." 
      ("She owes me 20 Goth.")
    -Without Euphaire-"Hmph!  I guess I didn't amount to much." 
      (You guessed right)

10. Lubina**
     -With Glycinia-"Don't tell my Glycinia where I go next, Ok?"
       (Are there problems at home?  You can tell us.) 
     -Without Glycinia-"!!!...Darn it!" 
       (That's it?)

11. Cybil**
      "Just come back alive...Farewell..." 
       (Why'd you have to leave?! *sob*)

12. Rictor**
      "It seems we'll never see eye to eye."
       (Nope, I will forever remain five inches taller than you.)
13. Saia*

14. Lobelia
      "Hmph! Do you think you're perfect?" 
       (You aren't, ya stupid wannabe fallen angel)

15. Deneb
      (giggle)"See you later<3" 
      (I'd like to know what that giggle was for!)

*Characters I don't have
**Characters that MAY be influenced by a 'significant other'/certain 


B. Others
   (All other characters dismiss quotes are generated randomly)

1. "Will getting rid of me really help?" 
(We don't like you enough to find out)

2. "Huh?  Are you bringing someone new in?" 
(Yeah, someone good)

3. "There was nothing more I could do.  Sorry." 
(You will be missed)

4. "Yeah, I already knew I was a slacker!" 
(Finally, one that actual tells the truth!)

5. "Wait a minute.  Am I really that useless?" 
(Yes...yes you are)

6. "I was pround to be your comrade" 
(Oh no!  A spelling error!)

7. "Will the others stand for this?!" 
(Spoiled, now, aren't we?)

8. "But why?  I did my best.  This stinks." 
(Apparently, you stink too)

9. "Are you kidding?  What was so bad about me?" 
(What was so GOOD about you?)

10. "What!?  You can't fire me...I quit!" 
(What!? You can't quit, because you're fired!)

11. "I've never been so insulted..." 
(Neither was your mother)

12. "I won't hold a grudge.  You had your reasons." 
(Finally, an easy-goer!)

13. "Things just don't seem to go my way." 
(Nope, and I doubt they will later on)

14. "Well, I didn't want to be here anyway!!!" 
(A bit toucy, aren't we?)

15. "Don't let power go to your head."
(So what?  Let it go to my feet?)


C.   Beast Quotes 
      (They can't talk.  Somehow, you're able to read their minds.  Creepy, 

1. (Don't expect me to be very forgiving...) 
(Well, I'll forgive you)

2. (Just what I'd expect of humans...) 
(Why would you not?)

3. (What?  What happened?  Hey, what's going on?) 
(Has someone been in the wine again?)
4. (Humans can be such a pain...)
(We sure can!)

5. (A lot of insolence from such a puny body.)
(You're just jealous of the S-sized body!)

6. (I was kind of enjoying myself.  Oh well.)
(It's always about you, isn't it?!)

7. (Tell me this while I'm hungry!)
(Er...that would be a bad thing!)

IV. Final Comments

Well, these are my comments, that will be final.  (except for the legal 
stuff, which wouldn't exactly make this 'final')  Here's the thing on these 
dismiss quotes.  I rarely have beasts in my party, so that's why I only have 
the 3 (I only have 1 beast total in all 3 files), and I have never taken the 
Orson/Rictor path (Cybil, she so good).  I've only been to Saia's place once, 
but I didn't know you couldn't have Lobelia for him to join, and I didn't 
want to restart from my last save.  And, I haven't tried with any 
ghosts/undead characters.  If you know of some quotes, feel free to e-mail 
them to me at Gilgamesh1095@aol.com, and specify what 
class(human/beast/undead/etc.) just in case.  So, those are my explanations 
on the shortages/ones I don't have.  As for the "Others" quotes.  It took me 
a good thirty minutes just to find those 14 quotes, so don't expect a 
seperate one for each character.  Lastly, learn from these video game 
characters.  You might be taken out before you're due, but you can always go 
out with a curse! :)

V. Credits, Thanks and Legal Information

TO:KoL Board  - Information, requests, assistance and a general escape from 
Monstructer   - supplying quotes
Landon        - tacticsogre.com
Atlus         - Development
GameFAQs      - The boards and the FAQs.

This FAQ is written and copyright by RevenantThings (Kyle Johnston). If you
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you are doing so - you do not need to ask permission, but you must give out
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Kyle Johnston is not claiming any copyright of any Atlus property. The video
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Lastly, Kyle Johnston is a busy man. He rushed this guide out for its first 
version. Please, please, please do him a favor and contact him if you notice 
any mistakes (even if it's only one tiny grammatical error). If you would like
to assist him in any way or add to the FAQ itself, please contact him. Again, 
his e-mail address is Gilgamesh1095@gmail.com, and can also be reached via The
War of the Lions messageboard on GameFAQs.com.

Thank you for reading my FAQ (my first official FAQ!), and I hope you find this
very useful!