Valkyrie FAQ by Almasy

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 10/11/02 | Printable Version

The Valk FAQ
Version 1.03
Written by Almasy

1) News
2) Disclaimer
3) Why this FAQ?
4) What are Valks?
5) How do I get a Valk?
6) So... what can Valks do?
7) And the spears?
8) Eleanor...
9) The Infamous Counter Strategy
10) Thanks and such


1) News
     Version 1.04
          Corrected STR prerequisite
     Version 1.03
          Added earth spear
     Version 1.02
          Due to an uproar of smartasses, I defined piercing
          You can all now send am E-mail to me at
          PLEASE DO!
     Version 1.01
          Added bits and pieces here and there
          Added the counter strategy (I have no idea how i missed it)
     Version 1.00
          Yeah, I split the Intro and rewrote the disclaimer...


2) Disclaimer


     If you are viewing this anywhere besides, then you 
are reading an illegal copy.  And while I frankly don't care, thats not
nice of someone...


3) Why this FAQ?

     I have written this FAQ to provide information about one of the
greatest classes ever to grace the screen of an RPG or Strategy game.  If
you disagree, stop reading, go home, and rethink your life.


4) What are Valks?

     "Valks" is short for Valkyries (similar to "Gryphons" in the number 
of different ways you can spell that word...).  Valks are a powerful class
for females only that basically have the magic of a wizard and the combat 
ability of a knight.  They can cast spells and fight in the front lines
very effectively, either way.  They are unarguably superior to the male
Warlock.  Yes, unarguably.  Don't argue with me.  Stop it.  Now.


5) How do I get a Valk?

     Their are four things you need if you want to have become a Valk:

      1) You must be FEMALE
      2) You must have the LANCER EMBLEM
      3) You must have at least 48 STR
      4) You must have at least 41 INT

     Go look at my Emblem FAQ for tips on getting the Lancer Emblem


6) So... what can Valks do?

     Valks are proficient with spears.  Spears can hit two squares at once
and have some of the highest weapon power in the game.  Plus, their are
two very special spears, that outclass any other weapon in the game besides
Snapdragons.  The Longiculnis is a very powerful and important weapon, and
the Zephyrus will never miss its target.  More on those in a minute...
     Valks also can use two talent slots for AOE (Are of Effect) magic, 
which they wield almost as effectively as a dedicated wizard.  Not as good 
as a Siren in that regard, however.
     If, after using Valks, you still see need to have males in your party,
then Valks provide +1 to the support gauge of any males within three
panels.   I wonder why...
    Valks stat growth is above average in all areas, making them not only
well rounded, but deadly at anything they do.  Their growth:

  HP: +6
  MP: +3
  STR: +5
  INT: +5
  AGI: +5

    Not shabby at all, considering 6 is the growth of a Knights STR, 
or a Wizard's INT.  Their AGI is above average as well, meaning you can
ussually defeat a knight or even a dragoon in direct combat.
    In addition, they are Semi-Aquatic AND Snow-Walking.  This is one of
my favorite parts about them, because they excel in any terrain.

     Hooked yet?  Wait 'til you see their armory...


7) And the spears?

     Ah spears... the most beautiful and deadly weaponry in the game, fit
for the most beautiful and deadly class... they all require 2 hands.
Also, they all can hit two units at once (piercing).

   Metal spear with high attack power despite its slenderness.
   42 Attack power
   Someone drops one in the games 4th battle, and they can be purchased

   Spear with 3-pronged tip.
   55 Attack Power
   AGI +3
   Aerial joins with one equipped, can later be purchased

   Can sometimes cause instant death
   1 of 4 Netherworld Weapons (not an actual set, they are all weaps)
   62 Attack Power
   Virtue RES +5
   Bane Element
   Can be found in quest mode:
      Complete Quest 5, Kill all/leader in (about) 1-10 turns

   Spear retrieved from the once active volcano, Mt. Aquila.
   64 Attack Power
   Water RES +5
   Fire Element
   Can be found in quest mode:
      Complete Quest 1, Kill Leader  in 1-7 
      Complete Quest 2, Kill All in 13-18 turns

 Osric's Spear
   King Zamora's Ice Spear
   66 Attack Power
   Water Element
   Gained when you defeat one of your rivals...

 Earth Spear
   Spear that draws power from the earth
   68 Attack Power
   Wind RES +5
   Earth Element
   VS mode or path A only

   Spear of Zephyrus, god of the West Wind, which never misses
   70 Attack Power
   1 of Four Relics of Wind (not an actual set...)
   Earth Resist +5
   Wind Element
   Return to Rana after meeting the golden scaled mermaid
   Some people say they have missed with this, I never have

   Black spear created from the horn of the fallen angel
   Can pierce the skin of the Sacred Demon
   74 Attack Power
   Virtue Element
   Virtue/Bane resist +5
   Aquired through the story...


8) Eleanor...

     Make her a Valk.  Yup.


9) The Infamous Counter Trick

     Ok, this is pretty simple.  Set your units up like so:

     SPEAR USER            ENEMY        SPEAR USER

     Now, when you hit the enemy and your ally, your ally will counter
and hit the enemy again.  your enemy takes 2x damage, and you and your ally
might both take 1/2x damage.  Small price to pay...

10) Thanks and such

     CJayC - Must I say why?
     Destin - Secrets FAQ... nice...
     Any of the about thirty people who "reminded" me of the counter move
     All of the many people who submitted stuff on the earth spear
     All of the poor decieved indivuduals who noted 48 STR, not 41
     Atlus/Nintendo - And anyone else who made this game...