Cleric/Priest/High Priest FAQ by shadow paladin

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The Knight of Lodis

Cleric/Priest/High Priest FAQ

Written by shadow paladin

Version 2.0


1.	Intro
2.	Legal Stuff
3.	Contact info
4.	Revision history

5. The Cleric
A.	description
B.	requirements
C.	stat growth
D.	spells
E.	suggested equipment
F.	tactics

6. The Priest
A.	description
B.	requirements
C.	stat growth 
D.	spells 
E.	suggested equipment
F.	tactics

7.	The High Priest
A.	description
B.	requirements
C.	stat growth
D.	spells
E.	suggested equipment
F.	tactics



Hello, and welcome to my first FAQ. This FAQ is basically a 
guide for effectively using the cleric and priest classes in 
tactics ogre: the knight of Lodis. These classes are incredibly 
useful because they can use many (and in Rictor's case, all) of 
the virtue (holy) spells in the game, whereas most of the other 
classes can't use any. These classes can be difficult to use, 
because of all the typical problems that plague mage-style 
classes in any RPG, and this is a guide that hopefully will make 
it easier to use them.


Ok, lets make this quick. This document is copyright 2002 by 
shadow paladin. I don't really care if this is put on your 
website, but please ask me first. If you want to use this, send 
me an e-mail asking permission, and I'll send you the document 
if you like, or you can copy and paste it or whatever. Just make 
sure I know the site's address and your email address. Please 
don't change this document if you put this on your site, and if 
your looking for the newest version of this guide, you can find 
it at 



AIM: necrozoma (I rarely ever use this, so contact me at my e-
mail address or on MSN instant messenger)

If you see any errors in this guide, or have questions about 
something to do with the setups, please send me an 
email about it. People who make corrections will be 
noted in the "credits" section.


7/13/02- started this FAQ
7/22/02- FAQ got posted! Hail CjayC!
7/28/02- put some new items in priest section, filled in missing 
8/26/02 wow, been almost a month since I last updated... not much 
to add, just more divine radiance stuff.


A. description

The cleric is the basic healing class of the knight of Lodis. He 
(or she) can use most of the regular virtue spells (all of the 
ones you can buy) but has virtually no attack options. While you 
can equip any character with any weapon in this game, as far as 
I can tell the cleric doesn't have a weapon preference, making 
any weapon you equip it do only regular damage. Also, clerics 
have poor movement range, so you can't really equip them with 
any weapons with serious attack power if you plan on allowing 
them to actually get around. The movement type for a cleric is 
trudging, meaning they can't jump or move over obstacles, they 
have to go around them, and like most (and I believe all) human 
characters, clerics wade, so they can still attack in water but 
they're power is diminished.


In order to have a character become a cleric, you must meet 
these requirements:

MP 18, INT 28, non-chaotic alignment


Here is the amount of points in every stat your character gains 
as a cleric whenever he or she gains a level:

                  STR: +4
                  INT: +6
                  AGI: +4
                  HP:  +4
                  MP:  +5


The cleric can use all the curative and support spells of the 
virtue element that can be purchased in shops. The following is 
a list of those spells and what I suggest you do with each one.

Heal: 8 MP, RANGE 7, AOE 1, POWER 25, 400 GOTH
Heal is the most basic of all the virtue spells. It can only 
heal one character at a time, but it has good range, and the 
higher your INT, the more HP you restore, unlike most rpgs where 
heal spells restore around the same amount no matter your stats. 
Overall, heal is essential as it's the only healing spell 
available for the first part of the game, and its inexpensive, 
which allows you to conserve money and still get a few copies of 
this important spell.

Lightning Bow: 6 MP, RANGE 7, AOE 1, POWER 35, 500 GOTH
Lightning bow is the only attack spell available to clerics. 
Its low MP Cost makes it usable on the second turn and 
continuously afterwards. Its not the most powerful spell, and it 
seems to miss more frequently than some of the other missile 
spells, but this spell allows the cleric to help with attacking 
enemies when the extra bit of damage is needed.

Cleanse: 10 MP, RANGE 7, AOE 1, POWER 0, 1000 GOTH
Cleanse is a very important spell. One of your clerics should 
always have this spell. It cancels out any abnormal status 
effects inflicted by enemies, such as poison, charm, and 
paralysis. It's usefulness increases greatly as you get closer 
to the end of the game.

I usually never use global support spells. I suppose this spell 
could be helpful, but with Eleanor's special tech and exorcism, 
the undead cant come back anyway, and since by the time you 
actually have to deal with undead you'll have access to exorcism 
at the very least, and maybe even have the special tech. But 
undead are so easy to kill anyway, its nothing worth carrying 
around an otherwise useless spell for.

Tranquilize: 15 MP, RANGE N/A, AOE GLOBAL, POWER 0, 600 GOTH
This is another near useless global support spell. What it does 
is negate effects on you mental gauge. The mental gauge does 
factor into your characters' performance, but its really not 
anything to get stressed out about, as I've been through this 
game twice and never had any problems concerning it. I'm not 
even sure what the mental gauge does to your stats or how it 
otherwise factors into combat. In other words, there are much 
more important spells to have in your skill slots.

Heal Plus: 12 MP, RANGE 6, AOE 1-5, POWER 35, 1000 GOTH
Excellent spell. Easily the best healing spell. Being able to 
heal up to five characters at once makes it a must have. Keep 
all of your healers equipped with this. 

Exorcism: 25 MP, RANGE 5, AOE 1-5, POWER 0, 1250 GOTH
This spell banishes the undead so that when they die, they are 
really dead. Lots of MP, but that's not a problem with euphaire 
in your attack group. There are only a few battles with undead 
in them, but the final series of battles have a few, but you'll 
hopefully have Eleanor's special tech by then. Until you get 
Eleanor's tech, keep an exorcism on one of your healers.

Full Heal: 18 MP, RANGE 1, AOE 1, POWER 0, 1250 GOTH
AOE of 1 means only heal one character at a time, range of 1 
means you can only heal characters adjacent to spellcaster. This 
spell is ok, if anyone put it on Rictor, but there are much more 
efficient skills.


Clerics are slow movers, so it's important to keep equipment 
light. Robes and wands, though they provide less physical power, 
will actually benefit two things that are essential for healers: 
better movement and intelligence.


Once again, 
you'll want primarily light weapons, which means no swords, 
axes, or for the most part spears. Wands are probably the best 
option. They are the only weapons that won't lower you movement 
to really bad levels. If you've got an elemental wand, match 
wand with cleric's element. As far as the cleric in early to 
mid-game goes, quest 1 will be your best friend. Consult 
Layoneil's secrets FAQ to find the turn requirements for the 
wands. By the way, that FAQ can answer a ton of questions so 
check it out.

Use as an item to cast thunder flare. I'll say this once about 
the elemental wands, they are really great for healers, they 
don't screw up you movement, and they offer an attack spell that 
otherwise is unavailable to a cleric or priest. Might break when 

Earth Wand- POWER 26, INT +18, WIND RESISTANCE +5
Use as an item to cast crag crush. Might break when cast.

Use as item to cast firestorm. Might break when cast.

Use as item to cast ice field. Might break when cast.

Scipplay's Staff- POWER 20, INT +10
Until you get the numida chronology, and after that until you're 
comfortable fighting level 15 characters, this could be your 
only wand for your cleric. It's really not that bad, but replace 
with an elemental wand as soon as you can, as the scipplay 
doesn't provide a spell or any resistance.


As far as armor goes with clerics and priests, you really don't 
want armor at all. Instead, you'll want light robes that keep 
intelligence high and don't screw up your movement.

The most basic armor in the whole game for spellcasters. Keeps 
movement reasonable. That's the only real goal with equipment 
until better stuff becomes available.

Spell Robe- PHYS DEF 12, SPELL DEF 15, INT +5, PHYS RES +4
Spell robe is pretty good, but I like the elemental robes 
better, and they don't take as much to get. 

Wind Garb- PHYS DEF 15, SPELL DEF 20, INT +5, PHYS RES +5, EARTH 
The elemental robes should be matched to the characters element 
for maximum effect. Because these robes don't detract from 
movement that much, they are the ideal choice for clerics, and 
then priests until the more advanced robes are available to you. 
All the elemental robes and the robe of abyss can be received as 
war trophies in quest 1.

Earth Garb- PHYS DEF 15 SPELL DEF 20, INT +5, PHYS RESIST +5, 

Fire Garb- PHYS DEF 15, SPELL DEF 20, INT +5, PHYS RESIST +5, 

Water Garb- PHYS DEF 15, SPELL DEF 20, INT +5, PHYS RESIST +5, 

Robe of Abyss- PHYS DEF 15, SPELL DEF 20, INT +10, 
The robe of abyss is the best elemental robe that you can get 
early in the game, next to the cloak of oath. The +10 INT in 
conjunction with the INT bonus available with an elemental wand
Will really help a cleric with making your healing spells more 


As far as accessories go, keep to the theme. Boost INT, don't 
hurt movement. The rings are quite nice, especially if you want 
to have your cleric able to pack some emergency attack spell 
power. The rings can be won as war trophies in quest 1.
Use as an item to cast thunder flare. Might break after casting. 
The point of these rings isn't the small stat gains, but rather 
the spells that come along with them. Because the only attack 
spell that clerics can equip is lightning bow, it's nice to give 
your cleric a more powerful 5 AOE elemental spell. Match to 

Earth Ring- SPELL DEF 10, STR +4, INT +4, WIND RESISTANCE +5
Use as item to cast crag crush. Might break after casting.

Firedrake ring- SPELL DEF 10, STR +4, INT +4, WATER RESISTANCE 
Use as an item to cast firestorm. Might break after casting.

Water Ring- SPELL DEF 10, STR +4, INT +4, FIRE RESISTANCE +5
Use as an item to cast ice field. Might break after casting.

Seraph's Plume- SPELL DEF +10
This is a definitely a plus. You can get this in quest one. It 
raises your character movement range by .4.


So now that you have a cleric and some good equipment, what's a 
good strategy for using them? Because it can be easy to be 
overwhelmed your first time through the game, you may want two 
dedicated healers the whole game. You wouldn't need both in 
every battle, but its wise to have two just for situations where 
you're really outnumbered, and for the ostorea battle, where you 
have to split into two groups. My suggestions for you clerics 
for chapter 1 and even most of chapter two is to have two 
clerics that are both being leveled up consistently, and equip 
them like this:

Weapon: elemental wand (match element with character's)
Armor: robe of abyss 
Accessory: elemental ring (different element than wand, but not 
Accessory: seraph's plume

First healer's spells:
Lightning bow

Second healer's spells:
Heal plus
Lightning bow

Ok, so that's the setup I like for earlier in the game. All that 
equipment can be found in quest one, by defeating all in around 
20 turns according to Layoneil's secrets FAQ. However, you 
probably wont just be able to beat quest one really quickly when 
you first get the numida chronology. So until you can take on 
quest one comfortably, equip robes. Spell robes are to 
expensive, you should spend most of your money early on getting 
better spells and weapons for your melee characters. All the 
spells can be purchased, until stuff like exorcism and heal plus 
are available, just use heal and lightning bow. One more thing 
to consider; your two healers will work best if they are of 
opposite elements. This is mainly to make sure that your 
equipment attack spells are all covered. For example, your first 
healer is of the wind element, so you equip them with a wind 
wand, and then for the ring you want to equip something other 
than wind, so you have a different element covered. But you 
don't want your opposite element, in this case earth, because 
casting spells of your characters opposite element will lower 
the damage inflicted, so lets use the firedrake ring. So we have 
thunder flare from the wand and firestorm from the ring. Next, 
we consider the second healer, so lets make healer two of the 
earth element. Equip the earth wand for crag crush, so you have 
a deadlier same element spell, then use the water ring so that 
you have ice field. Now between your two healers you have all 
four AOE 5 elemental spells: thunder flare, crag crush, 
firestorm and ice field, in addition to two lightning bows. This 
allows your cleric to be much more versatile. You can heal your 
characters as they need it, then wreak havoc on the enemies with 
five different elements, and with the extra INT provided by the 
wands and robe of abyss, you can be hitting hard with an AOE of 
five. This can POSSIBLY eliminate the need of a dedicated 
magical attacker early in the game (but don't think for a second 
that a cleric with some elemental spells can replace elrik or 
euphaire). Just remember that wands and rings can break, so if 
you get any extras, don't sell them; keep them as replacements. 
Finally, both healers should be female; women are just better at 
using magic.



The priest is a more powerful version of the cleric with better 
stat growth. Also, the cleric has a few more virtue spells 
available to him or her.


The requirements that need to be met by a character in order to 
become a priest are:


What is the heavenly spirit emblem? You get it for healing your 
characters. Its pretty easy to get, I've received it in 
training. Just put all your characters out in training, and have 
the person you want to be a priest use heal plus, and keep 
healing different characters until you get the emblem. The 
characters don't have to be damaged for it to count.


The stat bonuses you get for leveling up a character as a priest 
are as follows:
                STR +4
                INT +6
                AGI +4
                HP  +5
                MP  +6


Priests have available to them two high-level virtue spells that 
clerics can't use. I've listed what they are and how to get them 
and some other stuff about them.

Resurrection- 25 MP, POWER 0

Where do I get it?
You have only one chance to get this spell. In chapter two, when 
you fight nichart in sotavento, you have to kill the priest 
that's near nichart, then pick up the item bag that the priest 
drops. You can also persuade the priest and get a heal plus 
along with the resurrection. Do it that way if you can.

Resurrection is a great spell to have. It's worth taking the 
extra time in the sotavento battle to acquire it. This spell 
works just like an altar of resurrection. When you cast it, you 
have to choose what direction you want to face, then what 
character to resurrect. The character will come back on the 
panel in front of your priest, regardless of where the character 
was before. The character will have half of his or her maximum 
HP. You may want to have another character heal him or her right 

Divine Radiance- 30 MP, POWER 0, RANGE 7

Where do I get it?
It depends on which path your are on. If you are on path A 
(where you get shiven early in the game) there are two copies of 
divine radiance. The first is found at the end of chapter 2, in 
the ostorea south battle. This is the battle with nichart. Once 
again, there is a priest here that you must kill, then take the 
item bag that the priest drops. The second copy of divine 
radiance is equipped by a priest in charadrius. From the many 
emails I've received on the subject, it appears that you have to 
persuade the priest to get the spell. If somebody has acquired 
it by killing the priest, tell me, otherwise please no more 
emails on the subject.  
     As for path B (which is when you get Orson early in the 
game) there is only one copy of divine radiance. It is the one 
at ostorea south, same as path A. 

Divine radiance is a very powerful virtue attack spell. However, 
it has very poor accuracy, something like 50%. It has a power of 
0 though, so I think it inflicts damage equal to a certain 
percent of the targets HP. This spell is nice, but use it 
sparingly, as the accuracy combined with the MP cost can make it 
frustrating. A great tactic that Salogy told me about is using 
ray of paralysis or slumber mist first, which increases attack 
accuracy to 100%. It's a bit more time consuming, but it's 
definitely worthwhile, especially if you're trying to get a rare 
item from an enemy unit. It doesn't seem to work on bosses 

Divine Radiance damage formula-
Divine radiance has a power of 0. It is a spell that ignores all 
the usual damage factors (armor, physical and spell defense, 
etc.), rather, if it hits the target, it will do 90% of the 
targets CURRENT HP. When targets HP is reduced to 1, it will do 
no damage. The actual accuracy of the spell is 49%, unless, like 
stated above, the target is immobilized because of a status 
ailment. So basically its good for when your enemy is close to 
full health, then after you use the spell use a melee character 
to finish off the target. Big thanks to Tetra for this info. 


I'm not going to reiterate all the equipment I put under the 
clerics section, but those items are still good on priests. I'll 
list all the better stuff that you can get later on, when you'll 
actually have priests. 


While your characters movement range may have improved slightly 
due to level up, you don't really want to use any heavy weapons 
with priests either. You can use the hyacinth fan, the caldia, 
or the gypsy queen, but the wands are still much better. There 
are two wands that you can get later in the game that can be 
quite useful.

The kerykeion is an awesome weapon for any magic user. Using it 
as an item will cast "Dark Quest", better known as fiend's grip.
While it would seem odd that a priest is using darkness spells, 
the priests element is still one of the four nature elements. I 
believe that fiends grips power might be based on STR, though, 
so some of the spells power could be lost on the priest. 
However, 28 extra INT is good for anyone.

Ripple's Staff- POWER 28, INT +30 BANE RES +5
This is the best wand in the game that I have found. There is 
only one place in the regular game where you can get this that I 
know of. After you battle Khodar in Haena, go to a different 
location, then go back, and if you haven't recruited glycinia 
yet, she will be there with a ripple's staff equipped. Just make 
sure you don't let her die. If you run into glycinia earlier in 
the game, reload your game. There are a few places where she 
will show up. The first time is really early in the game, and 
she just has some pretty basic equipment. The second time I 
found her she had the holy comet whip equipped. Just bypass 
these versions of glycinia and wait until she has the staff.
When used as an item, it will cast "shining" better known as 
divine radiance. It might break when cast. 


The only difference in armor between clerics and priests is that 
like weapons you have access to better stuff. I've lost some of 
my notes on some robes that I had on one of my saves, and that 
save is now gone, so unfortunately this section could take 

Cloak of Oath- PHYS DEF 15, SPELL DEF 20, INT +10, 
The cloak of oath is the virtue equivalent of the robe of abyss, 
and actually its better than the bane version towards the end of 
the game because of all the bane enemies you have to fight. The 
angel knight lobelia is equipped with this. Go back to ardea in 
chapter 3 to recruit her. After you recruit her, my advice is to 
take her equipment and dismiss her, because you cant get Saia 
(lesser daemon) if you have her in your party. You can read more 
about this on the Saia/Lobelia FAQ at gamefaqs. 

Pure White Dress- PHYS DEF 15, SPELL DEF 25, INT +15, PHYS RES 
This can only be equipped by women. But since you SHOULD only be 
using females for your magic users, this isn't a problem. The 
INT boost is the main attraction, and like most robes this gives 
a healthy amount of spell defense. The bane resistance is also 
really nice, as most of your enemies at the end of the game are 
bane. I think you get this in quest 3.

Robe of the Wise- PHYS DEF 18, SPELL DEF 25, INT +5, PHYS RES +6
Euphaire comes equipped with this. It's nice for making your 
priest hard to kill with magic, but the pure white dress is 
actually a lot better because of the extra resistance.

Cloak of Authority- PHYS DEF 15, SPELL DEF 30, PHYS RES +5, WIND 
This is a really good robe. It has better spell defense than the 
pure white dress, and more resistance for different elements. I 
got one from a siren in ostorea south. I don't know where to get 
another one, I'm thinking maybe VS mode. 


The rings are still good, think about maybe instead of rings 
equip an elemental wand along with the kerykeion or ripple's 
staff for more INT; I tried this and my movement barely took a 
hit at all. Working vigorously in quest mode will yield great 

Warp Shoes- AGI +4, PHYS RES +3, PHYS DEF 9, SPELL DEF 2
Warp shoes change the wearer's movement type to teleporting.
This means that you can move through any obstacles. Great for 
priest because low movement range and trudging makes it hard to 
get around things. The stat bonuses aren't huge, but every bit 
helps. Get this in the battle at belleza against elrik from one 
of the ninja.

Warp Ring- INT +3, AGI +4
This does the same thing as the warp shoes, except the stats 
aren't as good. Found in quest 3, can't remember how many turns 
though... check the secrets FAQ.

Ring of Flight- SPELL DEF 5, INT +3, AGI +4
Flight rings change the wearers movement type to flying. This 
means that they can go over most things, but some obstacles will 
still partially impede on movement. Not as good as warp items, 
but still really good. Found the same way as the warp ring.

Winged Shoes- PHYS DEF 9, SPELL DEF 2, AGI +4, PHYS RES +3
Same idea as the warp shoes. It's the same as the ring of 
flight, only the stat bonuses are better. Path B, get it at the 
battle of Haena. A Duke knight is equipped with it. I don't 
think you can get it in path A.

Armlet of Wisdom- SPELL DEF 10, INT +15
You always want more INT, and this is a good way to get it. They 
are kinda expensive, but it's easy to get money from quest mode 
by the time you have priests.

Sacred Stone of Bliss- EXPENDABLE, PHYS DEF 5
This is mainly an item for VS mode, but if you put it on a 
character with low hp, it can be nice for insurance.


Now for my suggestions for using priests. Once again have two in 
your party, and make both female. I'm only going off the stuff 
I've acquired myself in the game.

Weapon: kerykeion x2 (one priest use ripples staff and 
Armor: Pure White Dress
Accessory: warp shoes


Priest 1:
Heal plus
Divine radiance

Priest 2:
Heal plus
Divine Radiance

Ok. I know this setup might take a while as far as getting the 
equipment goes. But here's how this works. The twin Kerykeions 
give a combined boost of 56 INT, so this makes your spells more 
powerful, also, you have fiends grip available if you need to 
help your other characters blow up enemies. Remember again that 
kerykeions can break when used to cast fiends grip, so use it 
sparingly. If you have the ripples staff, replace one of the 
kerykeions with it. The pure white dress is just a great robe 
for your female priests, giving lots of stat boosts. The warp 
shoes help compensate for the priests' naturally bad movement 
and make it much easier to get around. Now for the spells. Its 
all the essentials here. Heal plus is now easier to get, so put 
it on both priests. If you're on path A, equip a Divine Radiance 
on both priests so that you can tear apart enemies with a lucky 
shot when you've got the MP. If you're on path B you don't need 
two divine radiance copies because you have Rictor and his holy 
summon. The variation in the two healers is cleanse and 
resurrection. You only really need one cleanse user, and you 
only get and need one resurrection. In battle this works well. 
The idea behind having two priests is that your never caught 
short during a battle where you have to heal and cure 
constantly. If you need to heal someone, but someone else is 
paralyzed, you can have both done in the same turn, making 
battles less painful.



The high priest is a special class that only one character is a 
member of; Rictor Lasanti. Rictor is arguably one of the best 
characters in the game. He has good physical attack abilities, 
and can use all the virtue spells, including a summon that can 
only be used by him and a few other special characters. 


Rictor is the only character that can use this class, he comes 
as a high priest, and he can't change classes. The only thing 
that you need to do to get him is complete Ostorea Castle on 
path B.

What is path B?

In chapter 1, Cybil asks you to get some information about the 
sacred spear from the mermaids, and she proposes that you go 
capture a mermaid in order to do so. You have a choice between 
these responses:

A.	"I've got no better ideas..."
B.	"It doesn't seem right."

If you chose the first answer, in the next story battle you will 
be able to recruit shiven, Cybil's servant, then after Ostorea 
you will able to recruit Cybil herself. Cybil is basically a 
cross between a Siren and a Lich. If you chose the second 
answer, you will continue through the game on "path B" and after 
the next story battle you will be able to recruit Orson, your 
archer friend from the first two battles. Then after Ostorea you 
will be able to recruit Rictor, who is what would be called in 
other games a paladin-which is basically a priest that can use 
weapons efficiently. I believe there are paladins in other TO 
games and that's probably what they based Rictor on. 
     So, if you want Rictor, just use answer B and you'll 
eventually get him.


Every time Rictor levels up, his stats increase like this:

	                 STR +5
                       INT +5
                       AGI +5
                       HP  +6
                       MP  +5


Rictor has one spell that is, among the healer classes, unique 
to him. 

Ignis Fatuus- 35 MP, POWER 55, RANGE 5, AOE 13
Ignis Fatuus, in my opinion, is the best of the 5 summon spells. 
Because it's a virtue spell, the only enemies that are resistant 
to it are virtue characters. It's especially helpful at angels 
headstone, where almost all your enemies are bane. The higher 
the casters INT, the more times it will hit the enemies in the 
AOE. Remember though, that summons can hit multiple characters, 
but are best when focused on one enemy. My favorite thing about 
Ignis Fatuus is its animation. Shiny albino squirrels of death, 



Rictor's weapon preference is the thrusting sword, so really 
your options for good weapons aren't huge. However, there are a 
few weapons that work really well...

Ok, I finally got Rictor again. This is Rictor's initially 
equipped weapon, and while it is a good weapon, it's easy to get 
a needle of light and equip him with that instead.

Needle of Light- ELEMENT VIRTUE, POWER 60, BANE RES +5
Not as good as the answerer, but you don't need versus mode. You 
get one from lobelia in ardea during chapter 3, and you can get 
them in quest mode.

The most powerful thrusting sword in the game. Its odd for a 
priest to be using an "evil" weapon, but Rictor is good with any 
thrusting sword. You can get this in VS mode.


RES +6, BANE RES +10
This is Rictor's initially equipped armor, and its pretty good. 
Though the spell resistance is kinda weak compared to some of 
the robes I listed in the priest section. Id suggest giving him 
the cloak of authority instead. 


The accessories that work well with the other classes work well 
with Rictor. I don't really feel like typing them out again, 
just look at the previous sections.


Rictor is a very powerful character, But his movement range just 
sucks. If you use the right equipment though, you should be 
fine. Here's the ideal setup for Rictor:

Weapon: answerer (I don't have this, but I know what the stats 
are so I'll suggest it)
Armor: Cloak of authority
Accessory: seraphs plume
Accessory: warp shoes

Ignis Fatuus
Heal plus

Special Technique

While Rictor may be able to handle most things by himself, it's 
still best to have two priest working at once. In Rictor's case, 
the other priest should be priest 2 setup I described in the 
priest tactics section. Now to explain the equipment. The 
answerer is the most powerful thrusting sword, so it's a no-
brainer. The Cloak of Authority is one of the best robes in the 
game, with good elemental resistance and spell defense. The 
Seraphs plume increases his movement range, and the warp shoes 
make it easier to get into combat. The spells are Priest 1's 
setup only with the superior Ignis Fatuus instead of divine 
radiance. While Rictor can function as an attack mage, he is 
still ideal as a priest. And finally, the special technique 
Clotho, which can be acquired after completing quest 5, is great 
for thrusting swords, allowing you to hit two enemies at once 
with a powerful attack, for 0 MP!


This is where I give credit to people who helped me with this 

 CjayC for having such an awesome site,, and for 
putting this on his site (hey, it did get posted :P!)

"Heathbo" for helping with formatting (note: my undying hatred 
goes out to Microsoft word 97 and its creators... may the gateway 
cow feast upon your malnourished bodies)

Dracula has a Mullet, mastertrainer002, and Tetra for info on 
divine radiance locations

Tetra for divine radiance damage formula

Destin for answerer info

Layoneil's secrets FAQ for helping me understand the game a bit 
better and for helping me get items

Rayovac for making rechargeable batteries

Salogy for the divine radiance/ray of paralysis tactic

Anticanadian for divine radiance info and weapon stat 

A countless number of people who emailed me about the charadrius