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Sir "O" presents
The Tactics Ogre: Gaiden Ghost FAQ
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October 1, 2002; v.1.0: First version.

November 12, 2002; v.1.5: Editted the FAQ. (I wish I had spell check right 
about now.) Also added two new chapters and updated a couple of others. Who 
knows? Maybe someone will actually read it now. (^_^)


1) Introduction
2) "Why should I pick a Ghost?"
3) "How do I get a Ghost?"
4) Run-down of the Ghost Class - Strengths and Weaknesses *Updated*
5) "Who works well with a Ghost?" - Choosing Teammates
6) Set-up, Strategy, and Technique *Updated*
7) "Q & A" *New*
8) Level 50+ *New*
9) Other Things

Chapter 1: Introduction
This is my first FAQ for nearly two years. My purpose is to introduce you to
using an underrated class; a Ghost. Ghosts are extremely mobile and
versatile fighters in the world of Tactics Ogre, and although they're by no
means invulnerable, they're more than able to give competitors a run for
their money in a 2-player game.

Chapter 2: "Why should I pick a Ghost?"
Heck, if you're more inclined, you might instead ask "Why should I pick a
Ghost over a Lich or an Undead Dragon?" Ghosts are best explained as an
auxiery class of fighters that are dismissed too quickly by opponents as
being vulnerable and expendable. Nothing could be further from the truth. A
well-equipped and deployed group of Ghosts could spell doom for a Heavily
armored knight or even a famed Lich. Granted, as all classes do, they have
their Achilles' Heel, but that shouldn't stop you from taking advantage of
what these guys have to offer.

Chapter 3: "How do I get a Ghost?"
It's actually fairly easy to get a Ghost. There are two main ways: first is
to use the "Necromancy" spell to revive one of your fallen warriors. They
will return to the field as a Ghost. The second is perhaps the best option.
You can presuade a wild Ghost to join you. These are found at Gryllus swamp,
which is more or less near the Southeast corner of the map. If you persuade
one Ghost, get him to talk another Ghost into joining WITHOUT using him to
fight. If you do this, the persuading Ghost will recieve an emblem allowing
a much higher rate of persuasion. This coupled with the bonus you recieve
persuading a member of your own class can get you a nearly 75-80% chance of
persuading more Ghosts. I recommend getting three Ghosts, no more, no less.

Chapter 4: Run-down of the Ghost Class - Strengths and Weaknesses
Alright, here's where it gets interesting. This is the continuation of
Chapter 2.

*Advantages of a Ghost: *

-Very mobile. Ghosts are small, with an average move range of 7 spaces. That
means they can get in, attack, and move out in a matter of two turns with
ease. They also float, so water and rough terrain have no effect on them.
Best of all, they move via teleportation, so neither height nor obstacles
are an issue for them. All of this put together mean that they essentially
have free reign of the board.

-The second chance. If a Swordmaster happens to get a lucky shot on Mr.
Ghosty (or whatever cheesy name he happens to have ^_^), instead of
disappearing from the field, your Ghost simply collapses onto the tile he
"died" (lost all HP) on. Given time, he'll pop right back up, fresh as a
daisy. And with a certain spell (explained down the road) he doesn't even
need to wait!

-No fear/bravory factor. A lot of people don't pay attention to it anyway, 
but Ghosts don't react to the landscape in any way. You know the meter under 
the character's picture with a number from -2 to 2? It will almost always be 
zero for a Ghost. Unfortunately, they won't become brave either. The 
exception is if you're next to a person with an emblem (I believe it's 
Exorcist, but I'm not sure) that automatically sets your ghost to a -2. I'm 
not sure of Relix's Emblem gives a Ghost a +2 when obtained, because I 
haven't recieved it for my Ghosts.

-Ignorance of defense power. This is where it gets good. Most of the Spells
a Ghost recieves (Brain Sap and Enfeeble, particularly) completely ignore
both Defense and even MAGIC Defense. What does this translate to in gaming
terms? It means that the same Enfeeble spell that steals 70 HP from a Wizard
will also steal 70 HP from a Knight and especially notable, even 70 HP from
the armored tank that is a Lich. Last boost giving you a hard time? bring a
Ghost in with Longinolis[sp?], break its barrier, then have your three
Ghosts keep Enfeebling it. The three of them alone can do about 210 damage
per turn at level 40 (and it keeps increasing from there) while remaining
relatively safe from his reprisals.

-STATUS EFFECTS ARE NULL AND VOID! I just had to capitalize this part,
because it's one of the biggest advantages of using a Ghost. This is the
class that will make a Witch cry. Ghosts can't be Poisoned, Paralyzed, put
to Sleep, Petrified, Confused, or Charmed. Stat altering spells (POW up, SPD
down, etc.) still work, however.

-Perfect teammate for an Angel Knight. When an Angel Knight uses his/her
"Poignant Melody" skill on a Ghost, he'll not only recover a large chunk of
HP, but he'll also be loaded for bear with a generous MP donation. Set an
Angel Knight up in the back ranks on defensive, let the Ghosts rush in with
their Nightmares, Enfeebles, and Brain Saps. By the time someone manages to
get through to the Angel Knight, he'll be considerably weakened, unable to
use strong magic, and possibly asleep from the Nightmare spell. All the
Angel Knight has to do then is a little clean-up work.

-Relatively versatile with equipment. While your strongest sword probably
isn't in the best hands with a Ghost, they don't suffer all that horribly
with heavy equipment. And since their move range is pretty large to begin
with, give 'em a set of semi-useful swords and give them strong armor, and
they'll do just great blocking enemy attacks or taking damage from the
attacks that DO get through.

*Disadvantages of a Ghost:*

-Not powerful. As I said, while it's intelligent to give them decent swords,
your best weapons will be useless in a Ghost's hands. They mostly use
weapons just to parry or to have something to fight with while they're
waiting for their SP meters to charge up. Even when you get enough SP for
their "meat and potatoes" spells (Brain Sap and Enfeeble), they'll only do
about 1/4 a lifebar damage on a equal-level character. That's why it's
important for your set of three Ghosts to stick together. Hitting 70 HP
worth of damage with an Enfeeble attack on a character with 400 HP isn't
much of a threat. Band the 3 Ghosts together using the same spell, however,
and now he's lost slightly over half his lifebar and he doesn't know which
of the three ghosts to hit when his turn comes around.

-No heal spells or HP-recovering items. Being undead, they can't recover HP
by conventional means.

-THE ACHILLES' HEEL. I had to cap this one as well, because it's very
important. Ghosts are extremely vulnerable against a fighter with the
Exorcism spell. The classes that, because of this spell, will give a Ghost
trouble are Clerics, Priests, High Priests, and Angel Knights. This spell
will completely wipe a Ghost off the field, often with a high percentile
chance of hitting. Oh, well. You can't have it all... The plus side of this
is that if there's only one character able to use this spell and no one with
"Fluid Magic" nearby (something you MUST check on), you can usually keep
them in check with the Brain Sap spell.

-They use SP. Sorry, no Magic Seeds or Fluid Magic spells to speed up their
SP recovery. Of course, that's why there's Brain Sap and the Angel Knights'
Poignant Melody.

Chapter 5: "Who works well with a Ghost?" - Choosing Teammates

Ghosts actually work well with just about anyone, but these in particular:

-Angel Knights. As explained above, these two compliment each other
extremely well. Set them up together, and it'll be one hard time taking them

-Liches. After all, they're tough as nails and can use the Black Magic
spells Ghosts can't. Plus, they have Fluid Magic, which helps out the...

-Priest and High Priest. Truth be told, these classes will have little to do
with Ghosts, but they're the perfect Yin the the Ghosts' Yang, and they'll
help out the living end of the party easily.

-Hero as a Swordsman. Make this your class for the hero, and give him
Atropos (the HP-draining spell for use with Swords), and equip him with a
Sword from a fallen comrade (there's an item that turns a party member into
a powerful sword). Then while he's slashing away, doing 300+ damage a pop
and being healed be the Priests who are supplimented be the Lich[es], your
Ghosts pals can be on the total opposite end of the field doing their thing
with their Angel Knight buddy.

-Fairy. Not my first choice, but they ARE one of the few classes that can
more or less keep up with a Ghost's move range and they get the extremely
useful "Fairy Embrace," which allows you a second move for a character in a
single turn.

Chapter 6: Set-up, Strategy, and Technique
First, here's how to set up a good "Ghostly Trio." (Yes, I feel bad about
the Casper reference.)

*The spells*

These are the four main Ghost spells that will be invaluable to you:

-Cursed Existance: (Cost 25 SP) Only one Ghost should have this. This is an
extremely useful spell against a tough opponent able to take down your
Ghosts.  You see, as explained above, a Ghost, once KO'd, will eventually
recover from "death" if given time. With the Cursed Existance spell, there's
no need to wait. This spell instantly revives all fallen (not Exorcised)
Ghosts from ANYwhere on the field.

-Nightmare: (Cost: 8 SP) This spell is far more useful than it might seem at
first glance. This should be the spell used by the two Ghosts not using the
Cursed Existance spell. It's a sure-hit spell (100% chance) that does
extremely minor damage (usually in the single digits even at levels 40 and
up) and has a chance of putting an opponent to sleep. While the damage is
usually nothing to root for, it's great if the opponent lucked out from a
would-be finish and has 1 or 2 HP left. It's also particularly handy against
fighters, beasts, and dragons (not undead dragons) because it has a
reasonable chance of putting them to sleep, opening them up for an Enfeeble
spell by a fellow ghost. It also has amazing reach.

^Enfeeble:^ (Cost: 15 SP) This is one of the two bread and butter spells of
the Ghosts and should be equipped by all three ghosts. This is very easily
the most important spell in a Ghost's line-up. Enfeeble is a
*defense-ingnoring* spell that drains HP from other characters and
replentishes those of the Ghost. This is a must for a few reasons. First of
all, it takes awhile to get an Angel Knight, and until you do, this is the
ONLY way a Ghost has of recovering HP during battle. Second, while it's not
mind-boggling in strength, it does ignore defense and magic defense, making
it optimal against high-defense characters that are nearly impossible to
hurt any other way. It also has very respectable range, though not as much
as Nightmare. ONE THING TO NOTE: Although this isn't a missle-type spell,
it's not gaurenteed to hit. It is most accurate when used from BEHIND an

^Brain Sap:^ (Cost: 15 SP) This is the other spell no Ghost should be
without. It's not ALWAYS useful (that Fluid Magic is a real bugger), but
it'll get you out of a tough jam. This spell works like Enfeeble, only
instead of HP, it drains MP from an opponent and transfers it to the Ghost
(as SP). This is another great move to have until you're able to get an
Angel Knight. Say a Lich just gave himself a Magic Seed and you're down to
15 SP. Suddenly he has the advantage and is likely going to unleash a nasty
spell on your hapless Ghosts. Well, by using the Brain Sap spell, you'll not
only take away his advantage, but you'll recieve your own, as you'll have
the SP reserve to be able to cast Enfeeble for the next few turns. ONE THING
TO NOTE: Although this isn't a missle-type spell, it's not gaurenteed to
hit. It is most accurate when used from BEHIND an opponent. (Deja vu, right?
^_^) ANOTHER THING TO NOTE: This spell does NOT, I repeat, NOT work against
SP-using creatures, so don't try draining an Angel Knight's SP. It won't

*Spell set-up*

Ghost #1:
Brain Sap
Cursed Existance

This Ghost is your Ghost with the most HP and largest move range. If your
two other Ghosts are getting clobbered, this is the one that will save the
day. Because of Cursed Existance, the two active Ghosts will be all but
unbeatable if the enemy team doesn't have a Priest or what-not handy.

Ghosts #2 & 3:
Brain Sap

Most of the time, all three Ghosts should be up front, but if the battle
gets nasty, set these two up in the ranks and let the third stay out of the
battle. That will give these two ample opportunity to keep battling away
against a colossus of an opponent while being revived with #1's Cursed
Existance spell.


While I don't have very many specific suggestions for weapons, I really must
recommend AGAINST using staves for Ghosts. They're lighter and some are
somewhat strong, but you can't parry (Guard) with them. My recommendation
are stabbing swords. The Point of Light is very well used by a Ghost, as
is the Dragon Gem Sword (something like that...). I don't recommend axes,
spears, or snapdragon swords, as many are too heavy and Ghosts aren't strong
enough to wield them and do decent damage. Bows are okay, but usually if
you're in the range for a bow to be useful, you'll want to hit a spell
instead. Besides, Ghosts do just fine in melee range. If you want to get a 
shield (and I'll say it again in the armor portion), that's perfectly fine.

Recommended swords:

Point of Light
Abicon (recieved from the second-last boss)

As for armor, there's not too many restrictions, but don't go crazy. I
recommend some very light armor or robes (Spell Robes work just fine) and
perhaps some headgear and nothing more. They have no need for boots (being
at optimal mobility already) and acessories do little more than weigh them
down. Remember, your Ghosts should work on parrying attacks rather than
absorbing them, so work on getting your dodge/guard rate up. Often a
strong-seeming armor just makes you a damage magnet. Shields shouldn't give 
you too much trouble, though.

Recommended armor:

Spell robe
Iron Helm

*Other things*

The only Dragon Summon (attack based on your weapon that damages user) that
I might give a Ghost is "Clotho," which is used with spears and stabbing
swords. When using a stabbing sword, and this ability, a Ghost will be able
to attack the two panels in front of him. Other than that, save these
abilities for more hearty fighters.

*Vs. classes*

Vs. Soldier: If there's a menacing Soldier class character, I've never seen

Vs. Swordsman/Dragoon/Knight: This is when the "two up front, one waiting
with "Cursed Existance" strategy comes in handy. Have your two active ones
wail away, using Nightmare, Brain Sap, and Enfeeble spells and fighting when
SP are drained.

Vs. Angel Knight: RUN. Unless they're loaded down, they have a large move
range and the Banish attack once sufficiently charged. You can't take their
SP (see Brain Sap description), and Cursed Existance won't do a thing if one
of your guys gets Eradicated. Let your heavy hitters (not magic users,
Banish depletes MP) go to work on him quickly.

Vs. Cleric/Priest/High Priest without Exorcism: Don't sweat it. They heal, 
and you steal their healed HP. Magic Missile or Devine Radiance might knock 
you out, but Cursed Existance will just bring them right back into the fray.

Vs. Cleric/Priest/High Priest using Exorcism WITHOUT Fluid Magic support:
Start sweating. Unless there's a whole gang of them with Exorcism (not
subtle enough placing your Ghosts, perhaps?), this shouldn't be a really big
deal, because you have Brain Sap and should be able to hit it before they
have enough magic to cast exorcism. Don't let them get near anyone else,
however! If they do, a person from their group can give them a Magic Seed
(or the like) and they'll be able to cast Exorcism on the next turn.

Vs. Cleric/Priest/High Priest using Exorcism WITH Fluid Magic support: This
is your worst nightmare (and I don't mean the spell, either). It only takes
one turn for the Fluid Magic user to be able to give the Priest a large dose
of MP to use in the same turn to take out one of the Ghosts. Don't go
ANYWHERE near them and IMMEDIATELY use you other characters to wipe out the
Fluid Magic caster.

Vs. Lich: This is exceptionally easy, believe it or not. The premiere Lich
spell, Fiend's Grip, won't do a whole lot of damage to you. Why? Because
Ghosts are Bane-type creatures taking a Bane-type spell. Their high defense
might give other classes trouble, but as I've said several times already,
Enfeeble ignores defense.

Vs. Witch/Warlock: Unless they're helping a Priest with Fluid Magic, these
guys are absolutely worthless against ghosts. The vast majority of their
spells effect status; and because Ghosts' statuses CAN'T be changed (no
Fascination for you, witchy!), these opponents are basically up the creek 
without a paddle against a Ghost. Just remember that spells like Constrain 
DO effect Ghosts.

Vs. Deneb (Witch[Heart]): This rarity isn't much more of a threat to Ghosts 
than a regular Witch, mostly because her specialty ("Temptation") won't work 
any better than a regular watch's "Fascination" special against a Ghost. 
Actually, since very few people equip Deneb with Fluid Magic, she might even 
be LESS of a risk than a regular Witch. The only major difference that a 
Ghost should be mindful of is that Deneb can use summon spells.

Vs. Wizard/Siren: Nothing worth mentioning here. The Sirens' summon attacks
might be tricky to deal with, but the standard Ghost tricks apply.

Vs. Beasts/Elemental Dragons (not undead): Give me a break. I've yet to see
an exceptionally powerful Griffon. The Dragons (as well as the Cockatrice)
can do some damage on you with their breath attacks, but your status won't
be effected in any way.

Vs. Undead Dragon: This is only worthy of noting for two reasons. First
their breath attack will effect you (I believe the effect is POW down).
Second, they're like Ghosts in that, once felled, they're able to revive in
a matter of a couple of turns; and if you're forced into using Cursed
Existance, just take note that it will revive these guys, too. However, I
wouldn't sweat this too much, their move ranges are far from respectible
and, not being Final Fantasy, Enfeeble (Drain) WILL take HP from them.

Vs. Lesser and Greater Demons: See Lich.

Vs. Fairy and Goblin (I believe): These are flip side of the same coin. The
thing to note about Fairies is that they can use "Fairy's Embrace" and give
a teammate another turn. Goblins look like they have Fairy attacks, but
they're actually offensive. These are basically like Ghosts, except they
have no defense-ignoring spells (or ANY spells, actually) and once they die,
they're dead. Nightmare (with 100% hit rate) is a plus against these pixies.

Chapter 7: "Q & A"
So, here we go. This is obviously the question-and-answer portion of the 
FAQ. (In case you're wondering, I put "Q & A" in quotation marks because 
several of the "Qs" aren't really "Qs" at all.)

-Q: The people I play against are using a bunch of Priests and Angel Knights 
-A: You're using your Ghosts TOO much. Variety is the name of the game. Give 
your Ghosts a breather and send in your heavy hitters for the next few games 
to make those Priests pay.

-Q: I'm at level 50, but I'm still really overpowered!
-A: Your enemy most likely has an edge on you. See the next Chapter for 

-Q: Does a Ghost make a good Snapdragon weapon?
-A: No.

-Q: Why not?
-A: Because a Snapdragon weapon's power is half of the attributes of the 
person it is based from. Ghosts are really weak when it comes down to it 
(I'm not saying they're underdogs; it's the other things besides strength 
that give them the edge). I'm not sure if the sword would protect against 
status changes, but even if it did, I'd recommend against it.

-Q: Can Ghosts use any spells besides the four you talked about?
-A: Not that I know of.

-Q: I think a Ghost should use staves and be reserve characters. Why do you 
want them to be front-line fighters?
-A: Hey, I'm not saying this is the way they HAVE to be used. I'm saying 
this is the way *I* use them. I find Ghosts to be wasted in the back of the 
line and stabbing swords their most effective equipment. If you've got  
better way, feel free to tell me it or make your own FAQ.

-Q: Where can I contact you?
-A: Since apparently everyone missed it, my address is and is listed at both the beginning and end of my 
FAQ. The aol address DOESN'T WORK.

Chapter 8: Level 50+
I bet you thought level 50 was where it ended, didn't you? Although level 50 
is the maximum level, there are ways to keep improving yourself. You might 
notice that every so often in random battles you'll recieve an item such as 
a "Cup of Life." These items will improve your attributes even beyond those 
of the normal relm of growth. For some reason, I see people pawning these 
off all the time. Don't get me wrong - when you're between story decisions 
and strapped for cash in the middle of the game, they're great for a quick 
buck; but when you have a party that you've beaten the regular game and 
Quest Mode with and have no need to go to the stores, don't seel these 
trinkets, because they could make or break you in a two-player game and give 
you incentive to continue fighting in random battles in a one-player game. 
Just remember you have other characters besides your Ghosts. Don't pump only 
one or two characters up (unless you're doing it to Alphonse). Spread the 
joy! Anyway, these items are...

Cup of Life
Crown of Intellect
Sword Emblem

The Cup of Life is perhaps the most valuable of the three for your #1 Ghost 
(the one with Cursed Existance, remember?), because it increases your 
maximum HP by 5!

The Crown of Intellect can be very useful to all three Ghosts, because it 
increases your intelligence (and thus your magic and magic defense) by 2 
points. It might not seem like a lot, remember that these things add up.

The Sword Emblem is the third item; and it increases your strength (and 
consequently your attack and defense) by 2. Because Ghosts are primarily 
magic users and have less need for defense since they are so easy to revive, 
this is probably the least useful of the three items to Ghosts, and should 
be limited to your "living" party members.

Chapter 9: Other Stuff
There's not a whole lot left to add. Please feel free to contact me with
advice and comments anytime. My current working address is (just be sure the first letter of 0rion is a zero,
not an "O"). Just make sure that the topic has something to do with Tactics
Ogre and isn't something like "Hi!" Thanks for reading this far into my
strategy guide.

-Sir "O"