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Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis
Knight FAQ
By Rashidi

Ogre Battle Encyclopedia


Table of Contents
The 6 Questions (Who, what, why, when, where, and how)
Other important Information
Preferred Weapon List
Thrusting Swords
Useable Spell List
Knight SCC (Single Class Challenge)
Legal Info and Credits


I. The 6 Questions

Male and female characters can become Knights.  The female character 
Ivanna is a Knight.  She joins you very early in the game.  Other 
notable Knights are Grimal (the boss of Formido) as well as Cassani, 
Justin, and Lara.

"Knights display unwavering courage and value courtesy, honor, and 
pride.  They surpass normal soldiers in ability and can cast certain 
spells of virtue."  A Knight's preferred weapon is a Sword, or a 
Thrusting Sword.

You should use Knights, because they are among the top 4 melee classes 
in the game (the others being Swordmaster, Angel Knight, and Hawkman).  
They also have excellent healing power, removing some burden, or 
negating the need for your Cleric/Priest.

You can turn any of your male and female characters into Knights if you 
meet the requirements.  You can find extra characters at a shop, or 
persuade them in battle.  Ivanna will participate with you as a Guest 
character at Scabellum, and Vespa (stages 2 & 3).  She will offer to 
join after the battle.

A character must have 51 STR, 53 AGI, an ALI of N or L, and the Knights 
Certificate Emblem in order to become a Knight.


II. Other Important Information

Stat Growth - Stat growth at Level Up is based randomly on my X, X-1, 
X+1 formula.  For all stat growth over 7, X-2, and X+2 are added.  What 
does this mean in simple man's terms?  A Knight will get between 5-9 HP 
per level, 2-4 MP per level, etc.  Just look at the number as an 
average and you'll do fine...

HP 7
MP 3

Preferred Weapons: If you didn't hear me before, it's Sword and 
Thrusting Sword.

Magic ability: Knights have 1 magic slot, and they have a choice 
between 3 virtue spells.  This is what puts them head and shoulders 
above most other melee classes, so choose wisely.

Movement: Base movement of 5, with no ground or water bonuses.  The 
movement isn't as good as other classes (they have the worst movement 
of the top 4 melee classes) but their stats and abilities more than 
make up for it, they're walking tanks.

Class bonuses (innate bonuses that vary according to class)
Attack Power +5
Defense Power +5
Magic Attack +5
Magic Defense +5

Persuasion ability: Knights can persuade other humans fairly easy, with 
variance depending on gender.  Typically, Knights are good at 
persuading other Knights.  They also seem to persuade Soldiers easier.

Fulfilling class requirements: The Knight's Certificate is easy to 
acquire during training.  You must attack a character adjacent to you 
15 times.  Attacking from behind does not count towards this total (in 
other words, get counterattacked 15 times).  If a character has an ALI 
of C, the expendable item Tome of Discipline can be used to raise the 
character's ALI.  The required stats are fairly low, you can get there 
fast if you use a Beast Tamer or Ninja prior to class change.

Other: I recommend keeping Ivanna a Knight, and making Alphonse a 
Knight (unless you want him as a Ninja to accelerate AGI growth if you 
want him to be a Swordmaster).  For one, the name of the game IS 
"Knight" of Lodis (it is also the only beginning class for him to get 
the preferred weapon benefit of the Anbicion if you used the trick).  
For two, if Alphonse and Ivanna are Knights, then you have no need of a 
Cleric or Priest.  You just eliminated the need for a character that 
isn't effective on offense.  Question, what is harder to kill, 4 
Knights and 4 Clerics, or 8 Knights?  Answer: The 8 Knights, by far.  
Knights are obvious candidates for the Divine Armaments set, because 
they are suited to the heavy weaponry (and Oracion is the strongest of 
the Knight's preferred weapons).  They are not so obvious choices for 
the Hunting Set.  Knights could use the extra movement, and their STR 
will make them effective with the Bow.  That's all, I think.


III. Weapon List
A. Swords

Short Sword
Stats: Power 30
Description: One-handed weapon.  Good sword for beginners.
Cost/Shop: 360/Y

Long Sword
Stats: Power 40
Description: One-handed weapon.  A large hacking sword.
Cost/Shop: 700/Y

Stats: Power 48
Description: A large, two-handed sword with a V-shaped hilt.  A ring is 
attached to the hilt.
Cost/Shop: 1200/Y

Sum Mannus 
Stats: Power 54, Earth RES+5, Wind element.
Description: One-handed lightning sword.
Cost/Shop: 1440/N

Firedrake Sword
Stats: Power 56, Water RES+5, Fire element.
Description: One-handed flaming sword.
Cost/Shop: 1440/N

Ice Blade
Stats: Power 52, Fire RES+5, Water element.
Description: One-handed frozen sword.
Cost/Shop: 1440/N

Stats: Power 58, Attack Power up VS Dragons.
Description: Used by Sigurd to defeat the dragon Fafnir.
Cost/Shop: 1600/N

Stats: Power 62, Earth RES+5, Wind element.
Description: Two-handed weapon.  Double edged sword of Notos, god of 
the South Wind.  1 of 4 Relics of Wind.
Cost/Shop: 3120/N

Stats: Power 71, INT+8, Bane RES+5, Virtue element.
Item use: Banish effect (cannot break)
Description: One-handed weapon.  Rumored to allow communication with 
the gods.  1 of 4 Divine Armaments.
Cost/Shop: 4000/N

Stats: Power 68, AGI+5, Virtue RES-5, Bane RES+15
Item use: Anbicion effect (cannot break)
Description: One-handed weapon.  Sacred sword that King Anbicion 
received in a covenant with God.
Cost/Shop: Cannot be purchased or sold.

Stats: Power 90, AGI+5, Virtue RES-5, Bane RES+15
Item use: Anbicion effect (cannot break)
Description: One-handed weapon.  Sacred sword that King Anbicion 
received in a covenant with God.
Cost/Shop: Cannot be acquired via normal means (GS only).

B. Thrusting Swords

Stats: Power 35
Description: One-handed weapon.  Slender, flexible sword designed to 
pierce armor joints.
Cost/Shop: 420/Y

Stats: Power 40
Description: One-handed weapon.  Slender thrusting sword with a knuckle 
guard on the hilt to protect user's hand.
Cost/Shop: 640/Y

Dragon Gem Sword
Stats: Power 48, Dragon Handling effect.
Description: One-handed weapon.  Sword with jeweled hilt adorned with a 
dragon's gem.  Enables communication with dragons.
Cost/Shop: 880/N

Needle of Light
Stats: Power 60, Bane RES+5, Virtue element.
Description: One-handed weapon.  Thrusting sword that draws on sacred 
energy and light.
Cost/Shop: 1440/N

Stats: Power 68, Virtue RES+5, Bane RES-5, Bane element.
Description: One-handed weapon.  Assassin sword whose name means "to 
answer".  1 of 4 Netherworld Weapons.
Cost/Shop: 4000/N (VS Mode only)


IV. Spell List

Element/Type: Virtue/Support
Stats: Power 20, 8 MP, 7 Range, 1 AOE.
Effect: Recovers HP (not Undead)
Cost/Shop: 400/Y

Lightning Bow
Element/Type: Virtue/Missile
Stats: Power 35, 6 MP, 7 Range, 1 AOE.
Effect: Bolt of electrical energy.
Cost/Shop: 500/Y

Element/Type: Virtue/Support
Stats: Power 0, 10 MP, 7 Range, 1 AOE.
Effect: Recover from abnormal status (stone, paralysis, asleep, charm, 
Cost/Shop: 1000/Y


V. Knight SCC

I'm not going to make a whole section on this, but I will make a few 
notes.  Knights are by far the easiest class to do an SCC with.  They 
have excellent offense, defense, and recovery (read as: the total 
package).  A group of 8 Knights cannot lose, period, not even to the 
boss of the game.  Dragon Gem Sword, Hyacinth Fan, Matsukaze, Kagari-
Bi, Ice Blade, Volcaetus, are 6 weapons that can be gained in chapter 1 
without going to Quest Mode once.  You can get Anbicion with the 
Anbicion Trick mentioned in the Secrets FAQ.  You can get Heal Spells 
in shops, and you'll have the money to buy stuff like Chain Mail, 
because you'll be selling off items that you don't need.  The fact that 
you get Ivanna so early does not hurt at all.


VI. Legal Info and Credits

This FAQ was made 100% by me, John "Rashidi" Markisch.  You may not 
take it in whole or in part and claim it as your own. You may not alter 
it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that includes putting it 
in HTML format.  Do not post this on your site unless you have 
expressed consent by me. If you want to post this on your site, my 
email and website are at the top, and I'm also a frequent poster at 

Special Thanks goes to...

Yasumi Matsuno: For writing the Ogre Battle Saga.  If the original 
Tactics Ogre weren't such a classic, this mediocre game would not be 
here today.

Quest: For making this game.

Atlus: For publishing this game in North America.

Nintendo: Well, actually, they didn't want to publish this game in 
North America, so they get no thanks.
Squaresoft: For buying the rights to the Ogre Battle series, followed 
by buying out Quest, and recruiting the remaining team members that 
worked on this game.  Hopefully, your guidance and budget will keep 
this absurdly easy game from ever happening again.

Bearsman6: For making an FAQ/Walkthrough (which allowed me to quit on 
mine).  Also for giving me a means of playing KoL before it was 

CJayC: Duh...

Destin: For the secrets FAQ, and allowing me to Manage the info on the 
Ogre Battle Encyclopedia.

Olan: For compiling the Class stat growth using that device thingy of 
yours.  You kept me from spending another 20 hours doing it the manual 

Rashidi: I wrote this.  In 2 hours.  I want my time back.

Please visit the Ogre Battle Encyclopedia for any information you need 
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