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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I get to tolbi?

How do I get to tolbi?

I seem to be stuck i cant make the ship set sail. Can someone please

help me on how to get there. Thank you.

Additional details - 6 years ago

I have done all that but on the ship there are the guys with the backpack in the middle talking to the other travelers tryign to convince them into rowing the boat and the north room is the same thing the captains just sitting in his room doing nothing the blue cap guys is on the deck with the red hat guy and the ther blue hat guy is on the place where he watches the sea but i dont know what to do next it wont let the ship set sail do i have to do something in lunpa or something else?

Additional details - 6 years ago

Ummm i cant find it can you tell me where it is exactly in the room?

because i see a little square thing in ther top of the room it looks like a

door is that it and if so how do i open it?

Additional details - 6 years ago

Oh no never mind!!!! i found it thank you people who helped me! =]]]]!!!!!

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From: pikachu092 6 years ago

From BF_Gamer's FAQ:

"Now, make your way back to Kalay, and enter it. Go into the Inn and talk to
the guy, with a backpack on, in the north part of the Inn. Now, exit Kalay.
There will be a long boring talk here, but you can't continue on in the game
unless this happens. After the talk Isaac will leave Kalay. Now, from Kalay
head south-west to find Kalay Docks. Once in Kalay Dock Garet will come out
and talk about the ocean. After Garet is done talking head to the building
directly infront of you. Talk to the lady at the counter to buy a ticket.
Once you go the ticket exit the building. Head north-west and talk to the guy
with the red hat on to get on the ship. Once on the ship walk over to the gray
haired guy. There will be a talk about all the monsters there are in the sea.
Then the guy with the blue hat on will sneak off. Follow the guy with the blue
house into the room, but before you get into the room he will come out and run
off looking guilty. Now, head toward the north part of the ship and enter that
room. Head toward the northern part of this room to hear a conversation
between a couple warriors and a travel guide. They will run out of the room
and go talk to the captin. When the conversation is done exit this room, and
climb up the ladder that is in the middle of the ship. Examine the post in the
middle of the area to get the Anchor Charm. Climb back down and go into the
room at the bottom of the ship. In this room climb up the ladder and talk to
the guy with the blue hat. There will be a long pointless talk here. After
the talk go up and return the Anchor Charm to the Captin. You will be forced
into protecting the oarsmen. When the talk is done exit this room and head to
the room on the north of the ship. Go down the stairs in this room to get into
another converstation. Now, the ship will set sail!"

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In the top cabin room there is a staircase that is slightly hidden. Go down it to trigger the next scene.

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Darn, this took forever to find. North of a...cook, I think,and a backpacker, there is a door that looks nothing like a door. Enter it, and the game explains for you, shockingly. The rest is possible in LESS than 3 weeks....

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