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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I solve the log rolling puzzle?

That puzzle involving the logs and the floodgate switch before you reach the Tret tree -- how do I solve that, and get the chest?

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Okay, to get the chest, try to focus on which log you need to jump from to get there. Now work your way backwards to the beginning. Also, do the same for continuing on, focus on what log needs to be there, put it there and work backwards. In the chest is a fur coat that I think isn't that great.

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The two horizontal logs roll to the top then the upper vertical one push to the right move the lower vertical one to the right then push the right horizontal one down so it hits it move the lower vertical one back to the left then push the other horizontal one down then fill it with water and follow the path

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It's kind of easy to miss, but the flood gate switch is right between the sign and the floodgate itself.

Then, like the previous answers, push the horizontal logs UP, then the vertical log to the RIGHT, then push the horizontal logs back DOWN to get the chest. If all you want to do is to go through (for the later part of the Tret quest) just lower the water, push the vertical log to the LEFT and refill the cistern.

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