by Crayfish 
 for Acade, Snes, Sega CD & Gameboy Advance versions.                        
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   - Common moves
   - Haggar
   - Cody
   - Guy
   - Watch Your Back
   - Combos
   - Weapons 


 In the early 1990's, Metro City, a huge city on the east coast of the
 United States,is controled by the ruthless Mad Gear gang, who control 
 all criminal activity.The Mad Gear have hired an army of  vicious 
 street thugs (includiding the fearsome Andore family),  professional 
 fighters, corrupt police and even a deranged militia leader and his 
 commandoes to control the streets, any powerfull officials are
 simply bribed. One man plans to change all this. A blue collar, peoples 
 champion, Mike Haggar a former champion wrestler who grew up on the 
 streets of Metro City has been elected as the new mayor. When he 
 refuses to be bribed like previous mayors, the Mad Gear get Damno 
 (captain of the Mad Gears Slum Chapter) to kidnap his daughter 
 Jessica. When Mike hear of this he calls upon Jessica,s boyfreind 
 Cody a street smart martial arts expert and his Ninja freind Guy to 
 strike at the heart of the Mad Gear and help get Jessica back. 
 This is where our adventure begins.  


 -Chain Combo. (Press attack rapidly)
 This is a automatic sequence of strikes finished by a knockdown blow.
 The speed, power and number of strikes each character performs is 
 Haggar performs 3 slow but powerfull strikes with good range.
 Cody performs 4 quite fast strikes with medium range.
 Guy performs 5 very fast strikes with medium range.
 -Jumping attack. (jump at opponents then press attack)
 Every character has a standard jumping attack that will knock down 
 opponents but do little damage. 

 -Special jumping attack. (jump at opponents then press down and 
 attack) Cody and Guy's special jumping attack is a flying knee that 
 wil not knock down like the standard jumping attack, so can be used 
 to start a combination attack. Haggar's special jumping attack is a 
 flying belly splash derived from wrestling that will knock opponents 

 -Grab (push into opponent)
 To grab an opponent simply walk right into them.

 -Throw. (grab an opponent then push left or right and attack)
 Cody and Guy both use shoulder throws that throw the opponent a 
 long distance. Haggar's throw is a German suplex that slams the 
 opponent down close to you. A thrown opponent will knock down 
 anyone they come into contact with while in the air, this skittle 
 effect is very usefull for knocking down groups of enemies.

 -Hold and hit. (grab opponent then press attack rapidly)
 Both Cody and Guy use a 'Muay Thai' style holding 3 hit knee strike. 
 Haggar lifts his opponent off the ground and delivers 3 headbutts to 
 their midsection. The hold and hit can be cancelled into a throw at 
 any time by pressing left or right. Haggar can also cancel into the 
 Piledriver (see Special abilities).

 -Despiration attack. (press jump and attack together)
 When the heroes are in a bad situation they can exectue a powerfull
 spinning technique that will knock down any opponents within range, 
 this technique takes great stregnth and so drains a small sction 
 of your energy every time it is performed. If your energy bar is 
 empty you cannot perform the Despiration attack. Remember you are 
 completely invunerable during this attack and so can be used as a 
 defensive as well as offenseive technique. Cody and Guy use spinning 
 Cyclone kicks, Haggar uses a spinning clothes line attack. 

 Each Character has a special ability gained from their respective 
 martial arts backgrounds.

 Haggars years of competing in the CWA have given him super powerfull 
 grappling skills, his Piledriver is lethal when used against against 
 single opponents for knocking off huge chunks of energy. To perform 
 the technique grab an opponent, press jump then attack. Also Haggar, 
 due to his great stregnth can weild the Lead Pipe with great speed.

 Cody-Knife fighting expertice.
 Cody's street fighting background has made him very proficient with 
 knives, his ability to stab multiple times with knives before 
 discarding them gives him a massive advantage in this game. His knife 
 thrust is very fast, has huge range, does good damage and knocks down 
 (even groups of enemies). Knives are very easily found, enemies Holly 
 Wood & El Gado (expert knife weilding commandoes of Rolento's militia) 
 always carry multiple knives, don't jump on them straight away though 
 because they have to be on screen for a few seconds before "tooling up".
 When you stab at opponents make sure to hit them, if you miss Cody will 
 often throw the knife away.

 Guy-Off The Wall Kick.
 Guy's Ninja training has given him incredible agility. Guy is able 
 to use walls, posts or just about any vertical surface to launch 
 himself accross the entire screen with a flying kick. This is usefull 
 for knocking down large groups of enemies at long range. To perform 
 this technique jump up against a vertical surface (like the subway post 
 where Damno/Thrasher sits), as Guy touches it push in the 
 other direction and push jump again to launch off. Guy can also weild 
 the Katana (Samurai Sword) with great skill.  



 As any good fighter will tell you one of the gravest dangers in a
 street fight is getting surrounded by a numerically superior enemy, 
 these 2 techiques (a & b) will help stop this from happening.

 a)Chain into throw behind combo.
 The technique is basicaly the normal chain combo but finished with 
 a throw behind instead of the knockdown blow, this will score good 
 damage and throw the enemy your hitting into anyone approaching from 
 To perform this technique hold toward your and hit them with-
 Haggar 2 Hits
 Cody 3 Hits
 Guy 4 Hits
 of your chain combo, then immediately hold back and press attack 
 again to throw the enemy behind you. The throw on the end will 
 grab enemies even at the very maximum range of your initial strike, 
 this is especialy usefull for Haggar because of the massive reach 
 of his gut punch. This is a proper combo so enemies can't escape 
 or hit you before the throw. It will even grab anoying blocking 
 enemies Axel & Slash at full range.

 b)Reverse jump attack.
 This is one of the most advanced and bizzare looking techniques in
 the game but it is essential. This techniqe allows you to jump over 
 and attack enemies who approach from behind without having to wast 
 time turning around. When enemies approach from behind press jump ,
 hesitate for a split second then hold down back (you will jump 
 backwards still facing forwards) then press attack. Cody and Guy
 will perform their air knee (clipping the tops of the enemies heads 
 as they fly over) then land behind the enemies and to 
 go into a damaging combo. This technique is especially usefull for
 Haggar because his slpash attack will knock enemies back in the 
 direction he jumped from (because the computer thinks your jumping 
 the other way) 
 Final Fight pioneered many of the different types of combo's found 
 in modernfighting games.

 *Only Cody and Guy can perform this technique.
 This technique lets you get an extra hit of damage when trying to
 knockdown a group of enemies. When jumping at a group of enemies with
 Cody or Guy hold down and press attack perform an early knee attack 
 that hits the very top of their heads, then immediately move the 
 joystickto the nuetral position and press attack again to perform 
 the flying kick before you hit the ground for 2 air hits and a 
 These are super powerfull combos for use against a single opponent. 
 You must be quick when goin from the chain combo into the grab or 
 the opponent will hit you on the break.
 *One of these combos will kill many opponents outright.

 Cody: Deep Jumping knee attack, Chain combo(3Hits),
 Grabbing knee attack(2His),Throw.

 Guy: Deep Jumping knee attack, Chain combo(4Hits),
 Grabbing knee attack(2His),Throw.

 Haggar: Chain combo(2Hits),Grabbing Headbutt attack(2Hits),Piledriver.
 Yes years before MvsC2, Final Fight had its very own infinate. This is 
 very usefull against bosses. 

 With Cody attack an enemy at full range with your chain attack. 
 Hit the opponent twice then turn around and throw a single punch behind
 you (that misses)then turn back and hit the opponent twice...(repeat)
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 Coming soon.


 In the late 1980's Capcom producer Yoshiki Okamoto inspired by the Taito 
 game Double Dragon 2 set about designing his own scrolling beatemup. What 
 he and his team of talanted programers and artists created was Final Fight. 
 Released in 1989
 Final Fight was light years ahead of any previous beatemup in both graphics 
 and gameplay, infact it took even Capcom several years to make another
 scrolling beatemup of this qaulity. The graphics and character design were 
 of an unprecedented quality (the character design are so good that many
 stars of the game are favourites of a new generation of fans through
 apearences in new games nearly fifteen years on) and featured the largest 
 sprites ever seen . The gameplay was tough but rewarding, that with tactics 
 and skillfull play could be completed on a single credit.  
 Because of the success of Final Fight Capcom gave Yoshiki Okamoto the 
 option to create a sequel to this or Street Fighter (a game that was created 
 by another Capcom team at the same time as Final Fight), luckily for the 
 art of videogames (and the colapsing P.C.B arcade market) he chose Street 
 Fighter and with his genius, new technology and the most talanted programing 
 team yet assembled whent onto create Street Fighter 2. Final Fight whent 
 onto spawn many sequels on different systems but none did justice to the 
 origonal masterpeice.
 Final Fight still plays like a dream today, it is just as fun and rewarding 
 as it was in 1989 and continues to win over new generations of fans through 
 conversions to new systems.   



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 Crush the Mad Gear!!!