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Final Fight One - General FAQ 
Written by TJ Burke - "ripthesystem"
E-mail: jsrfuture@msn.com

Hello to all.

I'm writing this mainly because it's been awhile since I wrote a FAQ, 
and this being one of the only games that someone on Gamefaqs hasn't 
covered yet (as of May 30th, anyway).  Furthermore, I have been a 
longtime fan of the Final Fight series.  Ever since the original SNES 
release, I've been playing this game to death.  

Furthermore, this is the first FAQ that I'm writing that I'll post on 
Gamefaqs.  If everything goes OK, then I'll consider posting some more 
that I've written.

Updates are not going to come few and far between - I got my old job 
back painting, and there's a lot of overtime involved, so I don't have 
time to really write as much as I used to anymore.

Onto the "legal mumbo jumbo" - without sounding too high up on myself 
and throwing out the pseudo-legal crap that's in other FAQs, no other 
sites aside from Gamefaqs.com may use this guide unless I'm e-mailed 
about it and give permission.  If you want to use the FAQ on your site, 
just drop me a line and I'll probably let you use it, so long as your 
site doesn't contain any kind of questionable content.  Don't reprint 
my guide, take credit for my work, try to sell it for money or change 
anything in the FAQ, or anything along those lines without my 
permission first.  Like I said, just throw me an E-mail me if you want 
to use any portion of this FAQ, and odds are that I'll give in.

This FAQ is also available on cheathappens.com - thanks to Chris O' 
table of contents

1. characters 
    1.1 - Cody
    1.2 - Guy
    1.3 - Haggar
2. hidden characters
    2.1 - @ (Alpha) Cody
    2.2 - @ (Alpha) Guy
3. secrets
    3.1 - Unlocking Alpha Guy/Cody
    3.2 - Start with nine lives
    3.3.- Stage select
    3.4 - Rapid Punch Move
4. boss strategies (next update)
5. enemy descriptions/strategies (next update)
6. closing/contact/thanks

1.1 - Cody
Cody is Final Fight's all-around character, not really showing weakness 
in any specific area, but not excelling at anything either.  One thing 
to note with Cody is that he is the only character (besides Alpha Cody) 
that can pick up knives and stab enemies with them as opposed to just 
throwing them.  You'll see more knives then any other weapon in the 
game, so this can really be to your advantage.

Speed: 3/5
Cody isn't a slow character by any means, but he's nearly as fast as 
Guy/Alpha Guy.  He's much faster then Haggar, which really isn't saying 
much.  When knocked down, Cody should be able to get up quickly enough 
in order to pull of his special in case an Andore-type enemy is trying 
to jump on him.

Basic Combo: 3.5/5
Cody hits two punches to the face, one to the body, and then finishes 
up with an uppercut.    This will knock off a little less then half of 
someone's life bar. This combo hits relatively fast and does enough 
damage to get the job done in most cases, but the uppercut lags a bit 
after it's executed.  This can leave you in a bad way when you're 
surrounded by enemies.  It doesn't have the range of Haggar's combo, 

Grab Combos: 3.5/5
Cody only has two options when he grabs someone - either drive his knee 
into their head, or throw them over his shoulder.  His over-the-
shoulder throw should clear out anyone who chooses to approach you from 
either side, but the damage it does is abysmal.  Hitting three knees 
against anyone takes off a little more then half of an enemy's life 
bar, so stick with that unless you're being approached by a ton of 
people.  Then, you'll want to throw someone into all of them.

Air Attacks: 3/5
Cody has two options in the air - either a jumping kick or a knee 
attack.  To execute the knee, hold in down while in the air and press 
the attack button.  The knee attack has decent range - better then 
Guy's jumping attack, and it won't knock your opponent down, allowing 
you to tack an extra hit onto the basic combo.  You can even use the 
standard jump kick with the knee attack if you're quick enough, 
although it's easier to use the basic combo (and that does more damage, 
anyway).  The jump kick in the air doesn't connect with enough power.  
Use it to serve finishing blows or to kick a group of advancing enemies 

Defense: 3/5
Cody takes damage pretty well.  Although he won't be able to take an 
Andore choke or pounce without taking a lot of damage, he can still 
hold his own against most of the normal enemies in the game.  The 
bosses will pick your life bar apart, but that's pretty much standard.

Special: 4/5
Cody soars into the air and kicks both ways, but only once.  Great 
range, but as is the case with all specials takes a small chunk of your 
life bar.  This will probably clear out anyone around you, but it might 
fail to hit approaching opponents on either side because of the fact 
that he only kicks once each way and not multiple times like Guy.  Use 
it to get out of a jam if you must.
1.2 - Guy
By far the fastest character in the game, Guy's speed can get you 
through areas quickly.  He also boasts the best special move in the 
game, covering the most range and unlike Cody's, it will always connect 
with advancing opponents.  Guy is also the only character I have been 
able to finish off the "Break Glass" bonus level off with.  However, in 
this game, speed doesn't kill, and Guy is probably the worst character 
you can pick from the start.  He doesn't deal nearly enough damage and 
can't take much, either.  One of Guy's best attributes is the fact that 
because his basic combo hits so many times, it racks up the points in 
quite a hurry.  You can gain a lot of extra lives with him, but trust 
me, you're going to need them.  Guy can also jump off walls to kick 
people - to do this, simply jump into a wall, then press the jump 
button again, then kick.  Guy also does more damage with the Katana 
weapon then any other character.

Speed: 5/5
Guy is fast.  He walks and hits fast.  His basic combo hits very 
quickly as well.  Guy's speed allows him to create a lot of distance 
after knockdowns, which is great for grabbing a weapon that's laying 
around and quickly retreat.  This also helps after landing a jump kick 
- a quick knockdown and retreat.  Using Guy will require that you never 
stand too long in one spot.
Basic Combo: 2.5/5
Guy jabs twice, then moves in with two elbow shots, then finishes up 
with a roundhouse kick for a total of five hits.  This combo has decent 
range - a little more then Cody's if you ask me, and does about the 
same amount of damage.  The fact that this combo is a five hitter is 
somewhat of a double edged sword.  Because Guy's combo requires each 
and every hit to do any kind of damage, enemies who are walking into it 
after the second or third hit won't take the same kind of damage as 
someone who is receiving the full combo would.  Although this is the 
case with Cody and Haggar as well, Cody's uppercut and Haggar's double 
axe handle both have much more finishing power, and both do more damage 
then Guy's roundhouse.  

Grab Combos: 3.5/5
Treat them exactly like Cody's - Guy can either execute the over-the-
shoulder throw or drive knees to the face.  Use all three knees to the 
face when you need to do big damage, and throw enemies into one another 
when you're being approached.  As far as I can tell, there's no 
difference between the two of them.  It's a bit easier to grab people 
with Guy because he walks so fast, but it's also a bit riskier because 
he takes so much damage.

Air Attacks: 2.5/5
Guy's jumping air attack has a bit more range then Cody's does IMO, and 
you'll probably need to use it to quickly knock people down and 
retreat.  His standing air attack is useless, but that's the case with 
everyone.  Also, Guy can execute another jumping attack - an elbow.  To 
do this, hold down while in the air and then press attack.  This 
however, doesn't have the same range as Cody's knee does.  Guy is also 
the only character in the game that can jump off of walls - to do this, 
jump into a wall, then press jump again, then kick, although that move 
requires too much time setting up to be worth the damage.  Why not just 
jump into people instead?

Defense: 1.5/5
This is what makes Guy suck so badly - he takes so much damage.  If Guy 
is caught on the wrong end of just a couple of enemy attacks, he's 
toast.  A Jake/Simmons punch/punch/kick combo will basically put Guy's 
health at a little less then half - after that, it's only a matter of a 
couple of kicks connecting.  Although the same could probably be said 
of any character, compare the damage that Guy takes compared to anyone 
else and then let me know what you think of him.

Special: 4/5
Guy's special is better then Cody's, as it seemingly never misses 
anyone, but I rated them the same.  Why, you ask?  Because the only 
time you should use Guy's special is in the event that you're being 
pummeled - and using the special moves requires health that Guy 
probably can't afford to spare.

1.3 - Haggar
The mayor of the city, Haggar himself decides to fight for his 
daughter.  However, Haggar's usefulness seems to have been toned down a 
bit.  Enemies seem to escape his grabbing combos a bit more often, and 
him being slow as an ox doesn't help much either.  Haggar's piledriver 
doesn't do as much damage as I remember it doing, either, and it's a 
bit harder to pull off in this game.  Haggar also lacks any kind of 
move that can knock a bunch of enemies down quickly - he doesn't jump 
very high at all, and his special is only good at close range.  On the 
plus side, his basic combo is one of the best in the game, he takes 
pretty decent damage, and he has more options in a grab then anyone 
else.  He's also pretty good with a lead pipe.

Speed: 2/5
Haggar is slow as an ox, which sucks.  Being slow means that you'll 
have to let enemies come to you most of the time - you can't approach 
them from an angle as good as Cody or Guy can.  Being slow also means 
that it's harder to get people in a grab - especially the faster 
enemies like Two P. and Hollywood.

Basic Combo: 4.5/5
Haggar hits two blows the stomach and follows up with a double ax 
handle smash to finish it off.  Probably the best basic combo out of 
the three initial characters, Haggar's combo has more range then Guy or 
Cody's and does more damage to boot.  Enemies walking into the last two 
hits of this will take just about as much damage as someone being hit 
with Guy's last three hits.  

Grab Combos: 3/5
(Let the flaming begin) - despite having more options when grabbing 
someone then anyone in the game, that doesn't make Haggar the best 
person to be grabbing people with.  For one thing, he's slow, which 
means it's harder to grab people to begin with.  Haggar can do three 
things in a grab as opposed to two - either drive his head into someone 
with a head butt, do a German suplex either way, or jump up and do a 
piledriver (Haggar jumps pretty high here, which makes you wonder why 
his jumping is so abysmal).  Now, for a move-by-move analysis...

Haggar doesn't have a throw like Guy or Cody does - which means the 
German suplex will only clear out enemies that are right behind him or 
right in front of him, depending on which way you throw, and not an 
entire array of enemies (unless they happen to be close to him).  It 
does do more damage then Guy or Cody's throw, however.

Haggar's head butts do great damage, but the problem lies in getting 
the third one to connect.  Too often, at times, the first two will 
connect, and your enemy will drop from your hands, and probably get hit 
with a punch in the process (which was supposed to be the third head 
butt).  The third head butt does the most damage and is needed in the 
combo, but seeing as it doesn't connect with any consistency like Guy 
or Cody's knees do, you're usually always forced to do...

Haggar's jumping piledriver.  To pull this off, simply grab someone and 
jump in the air, and hit the attack button while in the air.  Haggar's 
jumping piledriver does decent damage, but not as much as I remember it 
doing - in fact, I think landing three consecutive head butts does more 
damage then two head butts and a piledriver, although I could be wrong.  
The real problem with the piledriver is the fact that it almost always 
leaves you in a bad spot - when you land from the pile driver, you'll 
bounce backward a bit.  If there's a ton of enemies waiting for you to 
land, then you'll be in a heap of trouble and probably be forced to 
execute Haggar's special move to give yourself some breathing room.  On 
the plus side, it will clear out whatever you do land on 

Air Attacks: 1/5
Yet another area that Haggar falters in - his air attacks.  Although 
Cody and Guy's air attacks aren't something you can rely on, they can 
at least cover enough ground to knock a group of enemies down in a 
hurry.  With Haggar, jumping is suicide - even in the case that you do 
connect, you almost always land in a bad way.  He doesn't jump high or 
far at all, and I'm convinced that his dropkick doesn't even do as much 
damage as Cody or Guy's jumping kicks.  He doesn't have any other 
options in the air like Cody or Guy, either.  With Haggar, the air is 
not your friend.

Defense: 3.5/5
Haggar can take a little more damage then Cody, and a lot more then Guy 
can.  Jab punches from your enemies won't hurt Haggar in a serious way, 
and he seems to take less damage from the bosses' special attacks then 
the other two combatants do.

Special: 2.5/5
This is the best Haggar can do for a quick knockdown move, and it 
doesn't have the range of Cody or Guy's.  Unlike their special attacks, 
Haggar's will only knock down what's surrounding him at the time and 
not everyone on the screen.  It does decent damage for a special 
attack, but it costs health.

2. Hidden Characters

2.1 - @ (Alpha) Cody
The V-Ism nightmare from Street Fighter Alpha 3 makes his first Final 
Fight appearance, and what an appearance it is.  Alpha Cody is the 
strongest character in the game by far - his punches do more damage 
then Haggar's, and driving three knee attacks into someone can kill 
practically anyone.  Alpha Cody is a total powerhouse in every aspect, 
and probably the game's best character to make it through the game 

Speed: 3/5
Not as fast as Guy, but not as slow as Haggar, either.  He walks pretty 
much at the same pace that Cody does - middle of the pack.

Basic Combo: 4.5/5
The only thing keeping this combo from getting a perfect score is the 
fact that it doesn't have the range that Haggar's does, but other then 
that, this is the most powerful basic combo in the game.  He retains 
Cody's 4-hitter, but it does incredible damage - knocking off close to 
75% off anyone's life bar.

Grab Combos: 5/5
One word: devastating.  Driving three knees into someone will probably 
polish off an entire life bar and then some - this is the move to use 
if you catch anyone in a grab.  Alpha Cody's throw also clears everyone 
out of the way and does just as much damage as Haggar's German suplexes 
do, making it all the more effective.  Want an example of how strong 
this combo really is?  Don't even bother with the pipe during the first 
bonus level.

Air Attacks: 1.5/5
An odd thing about Alpha Cody: if you use his knee attack in the air, 
it won't allow you to chain all the hits of the basic combo after it - 
you'll only be able to score three hits, which makes it pretty 
worthless IMO.  This is the only area that the original Cody has over 
alpha Cody - the normal Cody's air attack covers a bit more ground then 
Alpha Cody's does, making it more effective for quick knockdowns.  
However, using alpha Cody means that everyone will probably fall 
anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much about scoring quick knockdowns.

Defense: 4/5
Takes a little more damage then Haggar does, maybe even more.  
Remember, the best defense is a good offense, and that's something 
Alpha Cody excels in.  Most enemies won't even be able to survive a 
round and a half with Cody's basic combo, so I wouldn't worry that much 
about taking damage with him.

Special: 4/5
Treat it just as you would the original Cody's special, although it 
seemingly loses a little range and gains a bit more damage.  It still 
covers much more ground then Haggar's does.  One thing to note is that 
this special seems to not cost nearly as much health as the original 
Cody's special - you can use it quite often and not have to worry about 
the cost of your health going down.

2.2 - @ (Alpha) Guy
If you want to play as Guy, then this is the man to pick.  Not only is 
he more stylish then the original Guy, but man, can Alpha Guy take a 
beating.  Playing with Alpha Guy is almost like playing with three life 
bars - he takes that much damage.  His special also costs practically 
no health at all in order to pull off, and covers just the same amount 
of range that the original Guy's does.  The only thing that he has in 
common with his counterpart is that he still can't do a ton of damage, 
but the fact that he can take it like a pro more then makes up for it.

Speed: 5/5
Every bit as fast as Guy is, right down to the basic combos and 
attacks.   Grabbing people is never a problem with Guy, and getting 
away from them should never be a problem either.  

Basic Combo: 2.5/5
Exactly the same as the original Guy's combo, which isn't really a good 
thing.  Guy jabs twice, then moves in with two elbow shots, then 
finishes up with a roundhouse kick for a total of five hits.  This 
combo has decent range - a little more then Cody's if you ask me, and 
does about the same amount of damage.  The fact that this combo is a 
five hitter is somewhat of a double edged sword.  Because Guy's combo 
requires each and every hit to do any kind of damage, enemies who are 
walking into it after the second or third hit won't take the same kind 
of damage as someone who is receiving the full combo would.  Although 
this is the case with Cody and Haggar as well, Cody's uppercut and 
Haggar's double axe handle both have much more finishing power, and 
both do more damage then Guy's roundhouse.  (Yes, I did cut and paste 
the description.  It is exactly the same).

Grab Combos: 4/5
Because of Guy's speed, it isn't hard at all to grab people, and since 
Alpha Guy takes more damage then anyone else in the game, the risk of 
being beaten up while attempting to grab someone is gone.  He has the 
same options as his counterpart - either use the knees for damage or 
throw someone over the shoulder.  No changes here.

Air Attacks: 2.5/5
The same as Guy's - either a standing jump kick, which is worthless, or 
a forward jumping kick, which hits all the same.  Alpha Guy's elbow 
hits a bit differently then Guy's does - it's much harder to connect if 
you ask me, so don't use it.  The forward jumping kick has the best 
range in the game and helps a lot when it comes to quickly knocking 
people down.  Also, Alpha Guy can jump off walls just like Guy can.

Defense: 5/5
The one area that makes this Guy all the more different from the 
original - he takes damage like a tank.  Axl and Slash's double axe 
handle attacks that normally take about half a health bar don't even 
phase this man.  At full health, it takes Sodom about five charges with 
Katana blades to put him down as opposed to the two that kills everyone 
else.  Picking Alpha Guy is almost like playing the game with three 
life bars - it's almost as if you have to be trying to kill yourself in 
order to die.

Special: 5/5
Exactly the same special move as Guy's - Covers huge ground, does nice 
damage, and costs almost nothing to execute.  You could probably go 
through an entire level using this alone and make it through.  Using 
this while taking a beating will get you out of any jam, and it's not 
as if Guy takes a lot of damage to begin with, either.

3. secrets
To unlock secrets of the game requires you to defeat opponents to earn 
points throughout the game.  Each person you defeat accounts for one 

3.1. - unlocking alpha guy/cody
To unlock Alpha Guy, simply obtain 50 points and he'll be yours.  If 
you're playing on the normal difficulty, you should have fifty guys 
defeated right at about the end of stage three.  For Alpha Cody, obtain 
500 points.  You should get close to 500 points playing through the 
game twice.

3.2. - start with nine lives
To start with nine lives, obtain 500 points.

3.3. - color changes
To change the color of your character, simply obtain 1300 points 
beating enemies.  You should get this after playing through the game 
about four - five times.  Listed below are the color changes for each 
Color 1: White shirt with blue pants 
Color 2: Purple tinted shirt with purple pants
Color 3: Orange tinted shirt with orange pants
Color 4: Sky blue shirt with gray pants

Color 1: Orange Gi
Color 2: Yellow Gi
Color 3: Green Gi
Color 4: Blue Gi

Color 1: Brown
Color 2: Light Blue
Color 3: Red
Color 4: Dark Blue

@ (Alpha) Cody
Color 1: Purple stripes  
Color 2: Red stripes
Color 3: Blue stripes
Color 4: Black stripes

@ (Alpha) Guy
Color 1: Red outfit
Color 2: Grey-Brown outfit
Color 3: White outfit
Color 4: Purple outfit

3.4. - rapid punch move
To obtain the rapid punch move, defeat 2000 opponents.  What this 
basically does is makes your basic combo quite a bit faster - that's 
all.  Although it is kind of funny to look at - it's as if someone put 
the game in fast forward when watching someone pull this off.

4.1. - boss strategies 
Included in this section are all the bosses that you'll be fight in the 
game, and some tips on how to beat them.

Slums Boss - Damnd

Damnd will spend most of the fight jumping around like a monkey and 
doing the most annoying laugh in the history of Capcom games.  Being 
the first boss in the game, Damnd is pretty easy.  His main attack 
while on the ground (which isn't often) are short range punches that do 
a little bit of damage, but nothing to panic about.  If he catches you 
with one of them, use your special right away to knock him down - it 
will always work, and it's better then taking three punches.  Damnd's 
main "attack" (and I use the term real lightly), is to get up on the 
Subway rail and whistle for other goons to rush you.  He'll do this 
twice during the round, but the goons shouldn't be your main concern - 
he should be.  After about seven seconds of sitting on the rail, Damnd 
will jump back into the action and attempt to kick you in the process.  
The second time he jumps on the rail, your main thing to watch out for 
should be a Holly Wood who runs in with a flame - avoid him at all 
costs.  After he jumps back down a second time, the battle is yours to 
Subway Boss - Sodom

The katana-wielding Sodom has three attacks, but the only one you're 
probably going to ever see is him charging into you, which does major 
damage if he's holding onto one of those swords.  If he's not, it does 
a bit less damage.  The best way to avoid this charge is to use your 
special and hope it connects with him somehow, which will knock him 
down.  Once knocked down, Sodom will get up and appear to only have one 
eye - you can attack him almost any way while he's like this, even 
grabbing him or using his own sword against him!  Be careful though - 
once knocked down a second time, he will probably get up and charge you 
right away.  Even at the cost of some health, it's better to use your 
special as opposed to taking the charge, which does huge damage.  If 
Sodom's holding a sword, approach him from an angle and try and grab 
him, and pray that his sword swipe at you misses.   One in a real great 
while, Sodom might try and throw in a jab or two if he's missing both 
his swords.  One thing to note about Sodom is that if he's missing both 
his swords knocks you down with his charge, he will go tooth and nail 
to get his swords back - use this to your advantage if you have full 
health.  While holding one sword, walk as far away as the one laying on 
the ground as you can.  Take the charge, get up, and grab him as he's 
going to get the sword he just knocked away from you.

West Side Boss - Edi.E (Eddie) the Cop

At the start of the fight, no matter who you are, immediately start 
walking toward Eddie and grab him - it's almost a guarantee.  He also 
spits out gum at the start of the fight, which will almost restore all 
your health if you're in trouble.  Grab it if you must.  Aside from 
that, Eddie has some pretty lethal attacks to watch out for - if he 
cracks you with his club, you'll lose about half your health bar 
(unless you're playing as Alpha Guy), and if he grabs you and cracks 
you in the head six times, you're pretty much a goner.  Even worse 
still, there's nothing you can do if he catches you in his grab aside 
from curse at the screen.  Add to the fact that Eddie will have people 
trying to rush you along with himself, and you've got a threat of a 
boss.  Using your basic combo helps out a lot here - it will knock down 
not only Eddie, but also the enemies around him. Don't try to get in 
close and grab him, because he'll either nail you with his club or even 
worse, grab you.  When Eddie gets down to his last health bar, he won't 
grab you or even try to hit you with his club - he'll pull out a gun 
and try to shoot you from ends of the screen.  Eddie's bullets will 
also hurt the enemies around you, although odds are that if he's 
shooting, he's probably nailed you as well.  The bullets do pretty 
decent damage, so make sure you're not giving him a clean shot.  This 
isn't as hard as it sounds - it basically becomes a cat and mouse game.  
Just make sure you're not lined up with him, and jump toward him - 
he'll almost always try to run to the other side of the screen.  Grab 
him when he does, and its lights out, Gracie.  

Industrial Area Boss - Rolento

Before the fight with Rolento, several weapons and even a couple of 
food powerups will drop down, so try to leave as much of it as you can.  
It can help save a life or two during the fight.  Anyway, Rolento's 
stick has great range, but probably won't hurt you all that badly.  If 
by some chance he does catch you with it, use your special so he can't 
chain the combos together.  During the fight, Rolento will jump off of 
the walls and try to come down and kick you - try to avoid the kick and 
stay close to him.  If Rolento misses the kick, he'll be left wide open 
for you to grab him.  Even if the kick does connect, it won't do that 
much damage, anyway.  Rolento's most damaging move is a throw he can 
catch you in if you're close to him, so only try to grab him after he 
misses his off the wall kick.  After losing most of his life, Rolento 
will start running around and no longer attack you, but he'll run 
around and try to drop GRANADES (not a typo, that's how it's spelled in 
the game) on you instead.  Simply avoid the GRANADES (which don't do 
high damage either), and send him on his way.  When Rolento dies, you 
can stand as close to him as you want - the GRANADES he drops at the 
end of the fight seemingly only damage him.

Bay Area Boss: Abigail

Some consider Abigail even harder then the final boss of the game, and 
I can see why.  He has a huge life bar, incredible range, does huge 
damage, and you don't fight him alone.  Furthermore, anytime you even 
make an attempt to grab Abigail, you're risking life and limb.  There's 
always a chance that he can grab you and make you pay.  When the fight 
first starts, Abigail will run right into the screen - grab him!  It's 
very easy and gets things going in your favor right away.  Abigail's 
main attack consists of him turning red in color and charging into you, 
finishing up with a punch.  Don't get hit by this - it'll take off more 
then half your life bar, and two of these will kill you.  There's 
several ways around it - the safest way being a jump kick.  As soon as 
Abigail starts running towards you, jump right in and kick him - it 
won't do much damage, but it'll save you from taking a ton.  You could 
use your special also, but it'll cost you health, so why bother?  
Another way to get away from this move is to start moving up or down 
just as soon as the punch would go off - kind of like sidestepping in 
Tekken.  If you can "sidestep" Abby's punch, then he's in prime 
position to be grabbed, so capitalize.  Be warned, this is hard to do, 
as if you start moving too early, Abby will move with you and connect 
with the punch, but it is possible.  You can also try to hit him with 
your basic combo if you like, but the timing for this is even harder 
then the sidestep IMO.  He also has a variation of this move where he 
doesn't turn red, he just charges into you - there's nothing you can 
really do here except try your special, although your basic combo might 
stop him from nailing you, but the timing has to be perfect.  Abby also 
has an attack that makes it impossible to move in on him - a throw that 
sends you flying into the air and takes off even more then the charging 
punch.  He can even catch you out of a jump kick with this, so don't 
try to move in on him.  Lastly, Abby has some jabs that you can break 
out of with your special if he starts connecting with them in close.  
Do whatever it takes to win here; throw people into him, grab the 
knives that the Hollywoods drop, whatever.  Don't except to be able to 
finish him off with just one life, though.  If by some chance you do 
die (and you probably will), make good use of your invincibility.      

Uptown (final) Boss: Belgar

The last boss of the game will give you a run for your money.  When the 
fight starts, he'll be in his wheelchair zooming around with Jessica, 
trying to pick you off with his arrows.  As is the case with Eddie, 
don't stand in his path - his arrows will take a nice chunk of your 
health and set you back farther away from him.  As far as I can tell, 
you can hit her all you want and nothing will happen.  If you can get 
in close to him, grab him - this is probably the only time during the 
fight that you'll be able to drive all three knees into Belgar.  Even 
then, it's still hard to pull off.  Once you get him off his rocker, 
the real fight begins, and it's not an easy one.  Grabbing Belgar is 
close to impossible, and even if you do get him, he'll probably jump 
away before you can start doing anything to him.  If you're quick, you 
might be able to throw him.  Nonetheless, getting close to Belgar is a 
bad idea, because he'll shoot his arrows straight up in the air, and 
odds are he'll catch him with one of them and knock you away (along 
with a decent chunk of your health).  If this happens, he can really 
put you in a bad spot, as you'll end up giving him a clear shot the 
second you stand up.  Jump kicks work really well against Belgar, 
especially for catching him in the air - just don't make sure you give 
him a clean shot when he stands back up.  Belgar's life bar actually 
isn't all that big - it's just the fact that you can't grab, making it 
all the more hard.  Catch him with jump kicks, never give him a clean 
shot, and don't be afraid to use your enemies that also attack you 
during the fight as shields - much like Eddie's bullets, Belgar's 
arrows will hurt them as well.  Make good use of your invincibility - I 
highly suggest just using a basic combo on Belgar if you die and 
respawn, as he won't be able to pick you off with his straight up arrow 
shot.  Keep working at him and he'll eventually fall, and the ending to 
the game is yours!   

5.1. - enemy descriptions and strategies
Coming soon, I promise! 

6 - closing and the like

Thanks go to Kenny Cunningham and Jason Yost - both are responsible for 
introducing me to the series.  Jay showed me this game on the SNES way 
back in the early 90's, and Kenny showed me the GBA game while he 
visited me from Florida.  Props to Capcom for porting the game to the 
GBA and including enough secret stuff to keep it original.  Thanks also 
to Chris 'O Rorke, who e-mailed me for permission to post my FAQ within 
minutes of my original posting.  Also, last but not least, thanks to 
CJayC for hosting this FAQ.  For those who wish to contact me with 
comments regarding this FAQ or contributions, my e-mail is 
jsrfuture@msn.com - I always give credit where credit is due.