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"A great strategy game!!!"

Finally! A great strategy game for the GBA!



This game is slow-based where you and an enemy take turns attacking. The units move by using squares of movement. Very varied here. There are three types of units: air, ground, and sea. You have to use all these types of units. Right from the start, you'll be in Field Training where it teaches you the basics of the game.

There are 4 ways to play this game: Campaign is where you play for the story. War Room is where you play against unfair odds on maps. VS. Mode is where you choose your own options to play maps or play on created maps (Truth).

You can create your own maps. You can make it in favor of some COs while making other COs weaker. You can choose to make it good for sea units, ground units, or air units. You could combine all three, or choose 2 kinds of unit types. You could make it a free-for-all, etc. The possibilities are limitless on what kind of map you want.

Units are what you use in this game to win. There are different kinds of ways to win depending on what type of game you are playing. If you are playing a regular war game, you have to win by either destroying all enemy units or capturing the HQ. In capture game, you have to capture the number of amount of properties it says.

When you complete Field Training, that is where the fun starts. A CO (Commanding Officer) has different abilities on different units and they have weaknesses and strengths. You get to use which COs to choose during each mission. This is extremely varied. Each have a different ability and huge differences on the power and defense of units.

Speaking of properties, the ones that are yours are the same color your army. Your properties give you funds that are used to purchase units. Properties that are no color are neutral. You could capture them to produce units if correct property and get funds. Any Mechs or Infantries can capture any color property. If an enemy Infantry or Mech captures one of your properties, they opponent will get more funds for building units and you will get less. The enemy can also produce units from one of your properties if correct one.

Units have different fuel, ammo, power, and defense. If you run out of ammo, you can't counterattack or attack a unit. If you run out of fuel and it is a ground unit, you will stop and can't go on. If it is an air unit or sea unit, it will crash or sink. To stop this from happening, you use APCs, which are used to resupply ammo and fuel. You could also go to properties the unit was built from to restore 2 HP and resupply yourself. You could also use APCs to transport Mechs and APCs. Certain types of units do more damage to others. Some units won't be able to attack another. Some units are used to transport units and resupply, while others are used for capturing properties, while others are used for attacking the enemy head on.

The COs also have CO Powers. To fill up a CO Power bar, you destroy units or lose some of your own and fill up your bar depending on how much they cost. Some CO Power bars are different from others by being larger or smaller. Once you activate a CO Power, you could use it again but it will take a bit longer to fill. A CO Power gives you a slight advantage or a huge advantage depending on which CO your using and how long it takes to charge it up. What other strategy could be in this game? Read on to find out...

Terrains, such as mountains or forests give a number of stars. The more stars there are, the bigger that piece of terrain gives to the unit on the space. Terrain also hinders your movement depending on what type of unit moves over it. For example, a Recon, an army unit that can move 8 spaces, moves over a forest and wastes 3 movement doing so. Units are produced from bases, airports, and ports.

Weather. It affects units and COs. In a battle, weather might affect your units depending on what CO you are using. Some CO Powers cause weather effects that hinder enemy's movement, but not their own. Sometimes there is random weather.

The game also furthers the strategy with FoW (Fog of War). FoW is when the map is full of fog and a units vision reveals how many spaces they can see ahead. This is dangerous, because if you go right smack dab into an enemy unit it will end your turn. You could also stay hidden from an enemy unit's vision if you put a unit in a reef or in a forest. The only way to uncover an enemy unit is if you go right next to the squares of forest. Different units have different visions and whatever CO you choose might affect a unit's vision. This ups the strategy by a lot.

Multiplayer. Sweet, sweet multiplayer. It is very fun to play because you can't predict what they're going to do. You could go 3 against 1, free-for-all 4 player, free-for-all 3 player, 2 against 1, 2 against 2, 1 against 1. Or you could choose to do capture properties mode, where you all go into a capturing frenzy.



You play Campaign to play the story part of this game. It's where you guide three COs, Andy, Max, and Sami through parts of Wars World, where the COs are, and discover why the other nations are hostile toward them and find out who is behind all this. Not that bad, but could've done a bit better. Not that bad for GBA. But it doesn't have to be a perfect story to be a perfect game. You'll experience all of the CO's personalities, how they speak, how they act toward others, how smart some are, how dumb some are, what they usually say when something is happening, and what some COs call nicknames to other COs.



This game has infinite replay value. Once you beat campaign, you could go to hard campaign. There are ranks you get in the game for winning battles. There are many maps to finish and many more maps to unlock and finish from Battle Maps, a place where you buy things with coins earned in War Room and Campaign. And many more to finish in War Room. You'll want to S-Rank (The highest rank you could get in missions) every War Room map with every CO possible. And you'll be in Campaign for a long time trying to S-Rank Normal Campaign and Advanced Campaign. There is no end to what you can do.

In War Room, there are 20 maps to S-Rank with one CO. There are 10 useable COs in War Room and that's a lot of hard work.

In VS. Mode, there are more then 50 maps to play from including 3 player and 4 player with different kind of terrain.

In Campaign, there are a lot of unlockables. You'll have to at least beat the game three times to unlock everything, assuming you choose the right path. That's right. There are multiple paths.



Every time a unit wins, the CO in control of the unit shows an expression of happiness. Every time a unit is destroyed, the CO in control of the unit will show an expression of sadness. It shows when a unit explodes. It has great animations. The characters are sort of shaded and are outlined in black. The graphics play well for GBA, but it could've been better.



They go over the basics in Field Training very well. The controls are simple and have easy use. The buttons are easy to memorize and respond very well. Everything is easy to access even with the limited buttons and takes a few buttons to get what you need to see.



Each CO has their own music. When you activate the CO Power, it changes. The music is varied and some music totally rocks! The sound of engines, the launching of submarines, the explosions, artillery fire... it's all very detailed. When a unit moves, it makes the sounds. And if a battle will take forever with all the animations, you could turn it off.


Buy or Rent?

Definitely buy. There is no reason not to buy this game. This game is great. I recommend it to everybody with a GBA. If you don't have one, buy one right now for this game. It will last you a long time.


Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 12/13/04

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