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How do I get to Meteor Falls?

I spoke to two team magma grunts blocking the way to the cable car? They say "what happened to the others who went to FALLARBOR? They're late". I go to Fallarbor. I talk to the person who says go to Meteor Falls, but I cannot find out how to get there. Please help.

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RaikouTGC answered:

Head Southwest of the Magma grunts you will find a cave (Fiery Path), take that cave out to the Northern part of Rte 112
Head East to Enter the Northern Part of Rte 111 (North of the Sandstorm) Heal at the house, then go West at the top of the route you will end up at Fallarbor after passing through Rte 113.
Meteor Falls is South-West of Fallarbor at the bottom of Rte 114
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Thegamepro2 answered:

All you have to do is keep going until you see a bridge. go down there will be some trainers, in the grass u will find zangooses,and lanettes house. just keep going till you see a cave thats meateor falls. you have to fight some team magma goons.
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