Question from steveonubksp

Asked: 5 years ago

How does the Move Tutor work in Ruby/Sapphire?

I read in one of the FAQs the Move Tutor can teach new moves to some certain pokemon, and I was trying to get him to teach Aron Rock Slide. The move doesn't appear on the list though. Why not?

Accepted Answer

From: RaikouTGC 5 years ago

The Move Tutor (more commonly called Move Relearner on the boards to distiguish them from the One Off Move Tutors introduced in FR/LG/Em) can only teach moves that are on the Pokemons Level Up Movelist for its Current Evolution. Aron can only learn it from a specific Move Tutor in FR/LG that will teach only the move Rock Slide, and then only one time in that save file

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What Raikou said.

Or you can trade it to Emerald and have one of the Battle Frontier's two Move Tutors teach it(the left one, IIRC). That might be better since that Move Tutor teaches Rock Slide to your Pokemon an unlimited amount of times, provided that you pay her 48 BP every time.

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