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How do I find team magma in the submarine?

I cant' figure out were they are I really Need some Help desperately

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oops Ive done that captain stern says that Mr briley just came LOL

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do you mean that cave were sootopolis is, because I've done that but when i want to go to the 8th gym it says that the door is locked and after that im stuk

Manchesterkid provided additional details:

Oh and the submarine is gone so yea??????

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Grand_Ace answered:

You need to get to Mossdeep City & defeat the gym leader.
Here are the Steps
1 - Defeat everybody on the Team Base Cave on Lilycove City
2 - Surf East From Lilycove to Mossdeep City
3 - Defeat the Gym Leader For the Badge
4 - Go to Stevens House & Recieve the HM Dive *Its the farthest north west house on Mossdeep*
5 - When ready, Surf Down and right when you see a part of water that is darker colored, stop on it and push A to use Dive
6 - Keep going South until you see an opening *Basically an underwater cave entrance* Go In
7 - Press A to stop using Dive once inside!

Hope this helped and Goodluck!
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megapkmnmaster answered:

you go to Lilycove city and on the far right you will see a small cave in the ocean. (note: the master ball is located in the team magma fort)
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