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How do you get a painting in the Lilycove museum?

How do you get it?
i want the glass sculpture

zvuzay asked for clarification:

Simply by winning all contests in master rank, win all the competition gives you all the paintings and surely the sculpture.

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RaikouTGC answered:

You need 800 total points to get pa painting done

Primary judging points:
floor(.5*Feel + .5*both secondary stats + Primary stat)

That comes pretty much from the Pokeblocks themselves. The secondary flavors added aren't visible on the 'block, but primary is, as well as the feel. The Scarves add 20 to the corresponding contest stat, up to a max of 255. So the max possible is 637.

Appeals points:
2*sum of total points earned from moves

Some examples: are +40 for those "normal" moves, like Pound.
Repeatable moves like Hidden Power/Metronome = +30
Explosion/Selfdestruct = +80
Dive > Surf = +20 for Dive in one round, +60 for Surf (w/ combo) in the following round
e.g. Dive > Surf > Dive > Surf > Explosion = 20 + 60 + 20 + 60 + 80 = 240, for a total of 480 appeal points.

Point info Courtesy of PiperStarfireGilmore
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xxtomthebombxx answered:

Im not sure but at the fan club in lily cove there is a painting behing the blond women that gives you the soothe bell.
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xxtomthebombxx answered:

I mean slate port not lily cove
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RaikouTGC answered:

You must win the Master Rank in the contest by a High Margin, Scoring Highly in the second round with Combos and Crowd Excitement Maxing will help
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amp888 answered:

You have to win a Master Rank contest, but thats not all. You also have to talk to the painter, hes hanging around in one of the contest halls, before you enter the contest. Keep talking to him every time you win a rank, and he will paint your Pokemon when you win the Master Rank. He will also give you a ribbon.
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pokeaddict17 answered:

You have to win a master rank in order to get a painting. when u won the master rank, a guy would come up to u and tell u congragulations and gives u a ribbon for yur pokemon being chosen for the painting. (my ninetales won a beauty contest master rank. i have the picture too.) To get the sculpture, u have to master rank on EVERY SINGLE TYPE OF CONTEST!!! Then he will give u a glass sculpture.
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Groudon_Bender answered:

Win a master Rank Contest Der...
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zacman452 answered:

You must win a Master contest to get your poke's pic on the wall.
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master_10000 answered:

They r all right do as they say i beat the game 5 times!
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