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How do you catch Kyogre in Ruby?

Can you catch Kyogre in Ruby?

619jeffor300 provided additional details:

I just got Sapphire now i have Ruby and Sapphire but not a trade thing.

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Renesmee_Cullen answered:

The " trading thing " is called a lick cable, you can get it at stores that sell games and such
you need a link cable to get the kyogre in ruby
but if you are really desperate to get a kyogre in ruby, you need to get an action replay or gameshark(cheating devices) and find the code for getting kyogre
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z_09 answered:

No, you can't. You have to trade from Sapphire.
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amp888 answered:

Kyogre does not appear in Ruby. You have to trade for it. Sucks huh?
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brownybob answered:

You can't, you must trade for it from a saphire version.
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Renesmee_Cullen answered:

ehehe....mistake on my answer above.....
-LINK cable, not lick
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Erikkirerik answered:

Catching Kyogre in pokemon Ruby is impossible. Trading Kyogre form Saphire or Emerald seems to be the only option.
By the way, a link-cable is requiered to trade between Ruby and Saphire.
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MONEYMAN1972 answered:

Kyogeres only in emarld and saphhire you must trade from either of those two.
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