Question from nickinatore

Where can I find a red shard?

I know there are shards in the water but where is a red shard.

Daedryon asked for clarification:

Which route is it on? If I know, I'd be better able to help you out.

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POOPIESkillz answered:

There are some underwater between Sootopolis and Mossdeep. You need to use dive to get there.
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DragonoidDelta answered:

I think at the other side of the deep passage of Sootopolis (IDR the nema, the city under the moutain)!
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StrifeDragon answered:

Besides finding them underwater, you can steal them by using the moves Thief or Covet on Corsola. They have a small chance of holding one when you encounter them. Corsola are located in the route just below the entrance of the Victory Road. You have to use a Super Rod to fish them up. This way you have an infinite supply of Red Shards.
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bluestargirl69 answered:

Just dive everywhere
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123bobman answered:

Use dive
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VBAgamer60 answered:

DIVE in underwater near at sootopolis
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TopStarRacer answered:

You can find red shards around the underwater area of Sootopolis and Mossdeep. You'll need the HM dive to get down there though. You recieve the ability to use the HM dive after you beat the 7th gym leaders, Tate and Liza in Mossdeep.

Also, wild Corsola hold onto red shards every once in a while.
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