Question from _TheUnknownOne_

How do I get to the leader from the abandoned ship?

I want something over there.


amp888 answered:

You're question makes little sense to me. There is no 'Leader' near the abandoned ship that I know of. If you mean how do you get to the Captains room, walk in, take the first stairs you see, from there, go to the left wall, take the stairs there, go outside, and go in the next door, and you should be in the captains room. Tell me what object you want, I should be able to help more when I know what you're looking for,
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alan311 answered:

If youre talking bout rayquaza thats not where go to sky pillar its inbetween evergrande and pacifidlog there is an indent at the rocks at the top layers surf along side them and ther is a spot move up then right then up then the tricky parts inside youlle need a mach bike and be quick unless you want to come falling down a giant pillar from the sky to the floor have fun and luck youlle need it it was hard for me and i am amazingly lucky.
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brownybob answered:

If you are refering to a gym leader there is none, but I don't know of any other type of leader.
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