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Pikachu and Volt Tackle on Ruby?

I heard of this spectacular move a good while ago and just now started breeding my male and female Pikachus together.

I have given the Female a Light ball and bred them.
Obtained 5 eggs...
Hatched them all, and not a single one learned Volt Tackle.

I am currently trying the same procedure with my Ditto in place of my Male Pikachu but I gotta know am I doing something wrong?

Edit: I have now hatched 12 eggs... from the Pikachus... starting with the Ditto. Is it a random thing if you obtain a Volt Tackle Pichu or not?

Accepted Answer

RaikouTGC answered:

Volt Tackle can only be bred onto Pichu in Emerald or the 4th gen. You can however trade a VT Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu over from Emerald
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