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                            POKEMON RUBY/SAPPHIRE
                                GLITCHES GUIDE

                                BY: soapman87
               email:        AIM: supersoap87

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|   ___/     /  /_\  \            |      /                  \   \    
|  |        /  _____  \         _ |  |\  \----.         .----)   |   
| _|OKEMON /__/     \__\DVANCE (_)| _| `._____|RUBY AND |_______/ APPHIRE   
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                       |  | |_ |      |  | |_ | 
                       |  |__| |      |  |__| | 
                        \______|LITCH  \______|UIDE 
                                Version 2.0


   A) Slateport City Boat Glitch
   B) Save Game Glitch
   C) Thunderbolt Glitch
   D) Walk Through Walls
   E) Aroma Lady Rose Glitch
   F) Mawile Glitch

While browsing one day and reading the Ruby/Sapphire message
boards, I found a few different topics regarding glitches in the game. I have
decided, therefore, to compile a guide to all these glitches so that each
game player will be aware of them. Some of the glitches are for fun, some are
glitches which can screw up your game, and some are just plain weird. And now
without further pointless yacking, on with the guide!

Here is the list I have compiled of the glitches.
the format is:
Name of Glitch
Type of glitch (either Game Screwers or Weird)
Place where it occurs
How the glitch occurs
Glitch Contributor(s)

A) Slateport City Boat Glitch
- Weird
- Occurs in Slateport City near the boats
- Walk, do not run or bike, up and down next to the boats.
- The Slateport City Boat Glitch is a strange glitch which does not alter
gameplay. This glitch is just weird and strange to look at. As you walk up &
down the left (or right) side of the boat(s), take a look at the boats. As
you walk, the boats will have a weird pixel glitch and there will be a messed
up line of pixels down the front (or back) of the boat.
- Contributed by: drobb,  harle1012000,  

B) Save Game Glitch
- Weird, Possible Game Screwer
- Occurs wherever there is a tree that you can use CUT on.
- Cut down a tree, move to that spot, save the game.
- The Save Game Glitch is a classic glitch which has been around to the best
of my knowledge for Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal. What
you do is go up to a tree and use CUT on the tree. After the tree is cut down
move over the spot where the tree used to stand. Save your game. Then turn 
off the gameboy. Turn it back on. When you continue your game you will find
that you are stuck on top of the tree and cant move until you supposedly use
cut again. I'm pretty sure it's in these games also.
- Contributed by: Gundam Fan

C) Thunderbolt Glitch
- Weird, Possible Game Screwer
- Can occur in battle.
- Use the move THUNDERBOLT in a battle.
- The Thunderbolt Glitch occurs when the player uses the move Thunderbolt in
a battle. Sometimes, (I stress the word sometimes) the sound of the move will
linger on until you turn off your gameboy.
- Contributed by: MidgetSnowman

D) Walk Through Walls Glitch
- Weird
- Occurs in different Place
- Use PAR to put in the walk through walls.
- If you use the Pro Action Replay device and put in the code for walking
through walls, here are somethings that can happen.
  1 - If you use the walk through walls code, go up in Sky Pillar to the top 
      where Rayquazza was, go through the rocks and drop in one of the holes, 
      you'll in up in the city where your "Dad" is a gym leader.
      Contributed by: Shin Kaiser Dragon

E) Aroma Lady Rose Glitch
- Weird
- To the right of Mauville City
- Before you battle Aroma lady rose, dont jump the thing
- Go to Mauville city. Exit out at the East  Entrance. It is near the ocean.
If you have never defeated the aroma lady there just stand by the ledge* 
where she can see you. ( be sure to leave a few spaces for her to walk). A ! 
point wiil appear above her head and she will walk over the ledge to 
challenge you.
- Contributed by: Linkinparkgrl975

*the ledges that you jump over but cant walk up again.

F) Mawile Glitch
- Weird
- Mawile's Entry in the Ruby PokeDex
- Look at the entry
- Go to the entry of Mawile and you'll see that it reads "MAWHILE's huge jaws
are actually steel horns that have been transformed. Its docile looking face
serves to lull its for into letting down its guard. When the least expects it,
MAWHILE chomps it with its gaping jaws." The PokeDex entry reads MAWHILE but
the Pokemon's name is actually MAWILE, without the "h"
- Contributed by: NotBob101

In this section I will list a bunch of different things that you can do in
the game that have no point whatsoever and are... well... "just for fun!"

Just For Fun Thing #1
Go and participate in a POKeMON contest in any of the four cities: 
Verdanturf, Fallarbor, Slateport or Lilycove. After the first round of judging
is over, the voting begins. When the second round of judging begins, take a
look at the people in the background. Right in the middle of the audience, you
can see Whitney, one of the gym leaders from Pokemon Gold/Silver. All the way
on the right side you can also see Pryce, another gym leader from Gold/Silver.
This just proves that the old gym leaders do make an appearance
Contributed by: Flame060

Just For Fun Thing #2
Fly to Littleoot Town and enter your rival's house. If you climb the 
staircase to the top floor of the house (your rival's room) and walk to the 
bed, you can climb "into" the bed an it looks like you're sleeping in their 
bed. Also, go to Verdanturf Town and go into Wanda's House. You can do the
same thing in Wally's bed. If you go to Lavaridge Town, you can sleep next to
the old man in the sand.
Contributed by: mudkip,  Linku

Just For Fun Thing #3
Not only is this Just For Fun, it also helps you find the PKMN you are looking
For this thing, you can go to any town that has a Pokemon Center. Go to the 
PC and go to access Someone's/LANETTE'S PC. Go to either Move Pokemon or
Withdraw Pokemon. Move the Cursor to the box which tells you the name of the
current box. Press A and go to Wallpaper. Then choose a style. Make all of the
POkemon that stay in that box the same type as the background, give different
types different backgrounds. For example, I used all 14 boxes as follows:
Box Name     Real Number    Background
''''''''     '''''''''''    ''''''''''
Grass           1             Forest
Water           2             Seafloor
Flying          3             Sky
Fire            4             Volcano
Fighting        5             Cave
Normal          6             Plain
Psychic         7             Pokecenter
Electric        8             Machine
Poison          9             City
Ground         10             Crag
Dark           11             Cave
Ghost          12             Beach (couldn't find something better :)
Ice            13             Snow
Special        14             Pokecenter

My box called "Special" is a box reserved for special things. It currently
contains the following pokemon:
Regice, Registeel, Regirock, Rayquaza, Castform, Shedinja, Anorith, Azurill,
Igglybuff, and 2 Pokemon Eggs
Contributed by: soapman87

Just For Fun Thing #4
In your secret base, there are a couple of items which are a little bit odd.
These items break when you do something to them:
Red Balloon: When you walk over this thing, it pops. Resests when you leave.
Yellow Balloon: See Red Balloon
Blue Balloon: See Red Balloon
Mud Ball: See Red Balloon
Breakable Door: When you pass through the door, it breaks. Resets when you 
Sand Ornament: If you press A next to it, it crumbles. Resets when you leave.

You can get the Balloons at the Slateport City Market. The other 3 can be
purchased at the Lilycove Department Store Rooftop Sale.
Contributed by: soapman87

Just For Fun Thing #5
Use a link cable, go into a Pokemon Center, and mix records. Come out and
disconnect the link cable. Go to the person's Secret Hideout and they will
be there. Talk to them, and you will battle them. You must have beaten the
elite four first.
Contributed by: gambit444; Lc71135

Just For Fun Thing #6
As you travel through the different routes of the game, you can sometimes
hear the cries of some of the pokemon that reside on that route
Contributed by: soapman87

Just For Fun Thing #7
1. Go to a body of water and face it.  Have a Pokémon with surf.
2. Set bike to select button.
3. Press select, then QUICKLY keep tapping A while facing the water to surf.
The surf music will start before you get on the water!  Crazy huh?
Contributed by: djflipstarx

Just For Fun Thing #8
When you catch a Spinda you'll notice that each and every one had a different &
unique pattern of spots on its skin.
Contributed by: r_mage

I have now determined that Missingno needs his own section in this FAQ.
I have browsed through the many, many, many, many pages of Pokemon Ruby
and Sapphire topics, and have cut and pasted some of the pages on Missingno.
Here they are:

From: Tsukasas Kite | Posted: 4/29/2003 7:54:37 PM | Message Detail

For those of u that arent pokemon junkies, Missing0 was a virus u would get 
if u talked to the old man in Viridian City then sail on the edge of Cinnibar
Island. Missing0 would sometimes battle u (otherwise it was a lvl 99 snorlax) 
and it was like a disformed rectangle of static. It glitches up ur hall of 
fame and a bunch of other things. It turned my Mew into a Snorlax! >_< 
It made pidgies lvl 1 but they could kill any pokemon in one hit. There were 
two forms of Missing0, the otherones name constantly changed, it was all 
gibberish though. DONT FIND HIM, TAKE MY ADVICE! So the point is, is he in 
the game or not.
BTW for those of u that have seen him, look closely, u see the old man's 
drawing faintly in the static.

From: ShinyCelebi | Posted: 4/29/2003 8:02:40 PM | Message Detail

There were 3 versions in R/B, not 2.
2 of them were Missingno, but 1 (Forgot what type) was a ok missingno that 
didnt glitched, the other 2 (2nd version of Missingno and ~~M~~) was bad.
Then in G/S/C, there was a hacked missingno, you fight a egg and catch it 
and your game freezes.
And theres 3 Missingno's in R/S.
The first one looks like a question mark in a ball (Its the same picture as 
it looks like the one in the empty pokedex slot). Its name is "????????" and 
is not a perminent pokemon, it will disappear sooner or later. It has its own 
pokedex data that aint glitched surprisingly, but it freezes the game too.
The 2nd one is the same as on top but acts as a real pokemon.
The 3rd one is a VERY GOOD AND SAFE missingno. Its name is "?", and it looks 
like 2 HUGE white blocky question marks. It doesnt glitch, and the only 
glitch thing about him is his pokedex data, which aint a problem. If ya want 
to use a missingno, stick to the "?" 2 question mark one. I use him and NEVER 
had a glitch. Unfortunatly, he only knows 1 attack and cant learn anything 
else and no TMS and HMS work for him.

From: ShinyCelebi | Posted: 4/30/2003 8:37:52 PM | Message Detail
Pik pik carrot took those pictures.
And heres a quote from somebody else with the codes :
"GS/AR v1/v2
MissingNo. Egg
Ruby: 320B31B9 8795B1B9
Sapp: 16903EAB 2789E501

AR v3
MissingNo. Egg
FD78F257 F6D1C816
F8A224A7 5C90B52B
9B78FA02 2FF826E7
F8A224A7 5C90B52B

This is the safe MissingNo. (the image is the double '?'). Get the egg from 
the lady, hatch it, viola, a new little bundle of joy.

And, to save you the trouble of finding the other codes you need to get this 
to work:

GS/AR v1/v2
9E6AC862 823AB7A8
46B7D9E4 A709E9E1
9E6AC862 823AB7A8
8365F8FA 817CF3E9

Lavaridge Egg Enabler
C6500699 A423FC68

Fast Egg Hatch
D7A2E463 9F64ABFA

AR v3
530823D9 16558191
B4564EFE 23F44BF2

Lavaridge Egg Enabler
46813A10 82A13FB1

Fast Egg Hatch
9E17B966 367DE205

Put the MissingNo. Egg, (m), Lavaridge Egg Enabler, and the Fast Egg Hatch 
codes in your cheat device that correspond with the game and cheat device 
version you have."

? Pokemon : CE97AB70 EC01B132
?? Pokemon : CBD2E675 36131AFD 
The 2nd code is for the good one.

From: FireBrand | Posted: 4/28/2003 3:28:22 PM | Message Detail
The Missingno, or the whatever I ran into didnt have a name. All I can figure 
out was that it was some error with the new GS and its codes. I had the M 
code, the Rare Candy code, and was trying out the One Hit KO code out. 
Went into the cave before the elite 4 from the exit and every random encounter
I had was with a "wild " i.e. "wild appears!" No name when it appeared, no 
name up by the HP bar, same ? Ball, and on the next turn even if you just 
switch pokemon you would win. Every encounter was like that but I wasnt 
brave enough to try and see what would happen if I caught it. Basically I was 
being thrown into a fight with a monster that wasnt actually there.

I hoped that Helped!

Here's some letters I've gotten from fans reading this FAQ and have requested
that it be put on the FAQ.

ok I used that cheat on my pro action replay were it says to battle 
in the pokemon center with the go thru walls cheat if you do the battle 
center glitch in any pokemon center then you will lose all of your items 
in your inventory but not in your personel pc thing I know because it has 
already happened to me before twice now please post that on your glitch 
thing for pokemon ruby so nobody else

hi mr soapman..
well as you what i have mention earlier in the subject,i read the FAQ that you 
wrote was a nice FAQ and i have to admit that i do have seen all those 
rare glitches...i didn't know if my eyes had spotted the MissingNo glitches 
when i played the game...
But i do remember a type of glitch that really screwed up my game 
really freaks me as all my pokemon were lost,all the data in my pokedex lost 
just like having a new pokedex without any pokemon info in it,and getting a new
pokemon that i never had caught before..I think it's better for me to tell a 
little bit further about this glitches so that ( i hope ) you could tell me 
what is actually wrong with it.. 
I play the Gameboy Advance's Pokemon Sapphire ( i think that the glitches 
happen bout two or three weeks ago ),and using Torchic as my Pokemon starter 
and using 'boy' as the trainer's gender..and finishing the game for about 3 to 
4 days.After beating the Elite Four i continue my journey by  challenging the 
Battle Tower,and try to catch the legendaries ( 3 Regis,Rayquaza and Latias ) 
and of course i catched about 170 pokemon ( according to my pokedex data ) from
about 190 pokemon that i have seen.The only thing that really freak me is an 
egg named as " Bad Egg ".
I think you know what is this so called " Bad Egg " as its existence in my 
Pokemon Storage Box without my knowing ( coz in the entire game i only hold 
one egg which is given to me by the old lady in the Lavaridge town ) and guess 
what,it screwed up my game each time i defeat the Elite Four...usually i will 
level up my Pokemon by challenging the Elite Four and using the Exp share..i 
think i challenge them about ten times ( i guess so... )
Since i get that damn egg,this is the list of what happening to me when i 
challenge the Elite four..
-i lost all my Pokemon that i caught in the Safari Zone. >_<
-as exchange to it,i receive a few pokemon,some of them i never caught in my 
entire game and thou i had it in my Storage box,the pokedex never recording 
down its data.for example i never have the fire type pokemon Camerupt ( but i 
do have its devolution type which is Numel ),but when i lost all my Safari 
Zone pokemon,Camerupt and few other Pokemon ( without knowing where are they 
coming from ) exist in my Storage box..but their data (especially the new one)
 can't be seen in my pokedex.
-usually i didn't arrange my pokemon in different box or give a name to the box
 according to the type of pokemon..i put all of them in the same box until its 
full then change to the next box.After the Bad Egg screw up my game,all my 
pokemon being 'transported' to the other box...and a few of them lost just like
that.And usually the new pokemon that i didn't know where i caught it exist in 
box 12.
-Sometimes i received both of the ressurected pokemon thou in one game a player 
could only have one type of ressurected pokemon depending on which type of 
fossil we choose..i didn't know if there is any codes for having both of the 
fossils.But from the beginning of the game i never used any kind of cheat..not 
even Gameshark or PAR..or using any e-reader.
The more i defeated the Elite Four,the glitches became more weird as all my 
effort began to disappear one by one..this is the last thing that i remember 
happening to me when i defeated the Elite Four for the last time.
-I lost all the data in my pokedex..not a single data of pokemon can be seen 
in my's completely empty.
-At the credit part after defeating the champion ( in the credit part, 
May/Brendan will riding a bicycle followed by the image of the pokemon that we 
have caught being show one by one ),i still can see the trainer that i choose 
( which is a boy ) riding a bicycle..except for the image part where i all 
that i have see a big "?" came down one by one and two pokemon image that 
couldn't be caught in any Ruby or Sapphire versions showed up...those two 
pokemon are Charizard and really suprised me as i have to delete 
that infected game and start to play a new game..
Well that is all that i could say to you...hoping that one day you could put 
this in your FAQ..and solving this problem..i think almost all glitches that i 
could find,i think this one is the worst one..

Dear soapman87,

Here's what happened for documentation purposes.

1: I Entered battle in the Fiery path vs a level 15 or 16 Grimer. I sent out a 
   level 48 Alakazam.
2: I used Thief(7 pp out of 16) on the Grimer.
3: The Grimer's Hp goes to Zero.
4: A meassage appeared saying "wild Grimer's sticky hold made Thief useless"
5: Alakazam got around 216 Experience for winning the battle.
6: I then found myself in the Fiery path free to hunt down more 

As for your first question as to why this counts as a bug. (sticky hold is 
supposed to keep you from stealing items after all) The "Wild Grimer 
Fainted" Message never appeared and the Fainting animation didn't 

Thank you and Good Day.
(mark hawkman)

- 6. CREDITS -
The following people have contributed to this FAQ/Guide
drobb - Slateport City Boat Glitch
harle012000 - Slateport City Boat Glitch
Gundam Fan - Save Game Glitch
MidgetSnowman - Thunderbolt Glitch
Flame060 - Just For Fun Thing #1
mudkip - Just For Fun Thing #2
Linku - Just For Fun Thing #2
soapman87 - Just For Fun Thing #3, #4, #6
gambit444; Lc71135 - Just For Fun Thing #5
Shin Kaiser Dragon - Walk Through Walls #1
Linkinparkgrl975 - Aroma Lady Rose Glitch
djflipstarx - Just For Fun Thing #7
r_mage - Just For Fun Thing #8
NotBob101 - Mawile Glitch
pik pik carrot - some clarification stuff

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