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Where are the red and green switches at?

What levels or places do I find the red and green switches near the beginning of the game?

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KeyBlade999 answered:

World 2, second exit of Donut Plains 2. Check a pipe in the level.

World 3, second exit of the second main level. It is a keyhole seen by using the P block.
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MetalSmasher86 answered:

To find the Green Switch Palace, look for a green ceiling pipe in Donut Plains 2. Go up into the pipe, then spin jump to break the blocks surrounding a blue Koopa shell (you need to be big to do this). Grab the shell, then kick it up at the uppermost block above you. A vine should pop out. Jump up the blocks, climb up the vine, and the key should be right there.

The entrance to the Red Switch Palace is found in Vanilla Dome 2. Eventually you'll come across a floor then a wall made out of used coin blocks. Dive down into the water, and swim up the next opening. Instead of jumping to the right (which leads to the regular exit), jump left and you should find a P switch. Carry it to the left and you'll end up directly on the other side of the aforementioned coin block wall. Hit the switch to turn the blocks into coins, then pass through the wall, then jump over the gap and go down through the coin floor and you'll find a ? block with the key in it guarded by fish.
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