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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I solve where the hidden keys and key holes are?

I really want to beat the hidden levels where you need the kys and key holes, but I can't seem to find them!

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From: pokemon8 5 years ago

Levels with secret exits Dounut Plains 1,Dounut Plains 2,Dounut Ghost House,Dounut Secret 1,Dounut Secret House,Secret House, Vainallia Dome 1, Vainallia Dome 2, Vainallia Secret 1, Cheese Bridge Aera, Forest of illosuins 1, Forest of illosuins 2, Forest Ghost House, Forest of illosuins 3, Forest of illosuins 4,Choclate Island 2,Choclate Island 3, Valley of Bowser 2,Valley Ghost House,Valley of Bowser 4,Star world 1,Star world 2,Star world 3, Star world 4, & Star world 5.

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Which levels are you talking about?

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Levels which have a secret exit which need a key are indicated by a red dot on the zone in the map, whereas levels with only the original exit are indicated by yellow dots on the map.

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One level in particular Chocolate Island 2 requires you to complete areas of it with a particular amount of time left and coins collected to reach it. It is the pinnacle of confusion and frustration besides Cheese Bridge Area. Also Donut Ghost House just run with the cape towards where you start at and fly up. run along the roof and drop to a secret door with 4 1up prize blocks. Gets Top Secret Area. Hope this helps with a few!

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Just get a yoshi and run through the key hole, if nothing happens, it means you aren't running fast enough.

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Anything with two Exits are marked with a red dot instead of a yellow dot.

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If you're talking about star world there are five stars on the map that will take you there. The easiest one to get to is the one in the vanilla dome. It's left of the first vanilla secret level, the one where you have to advance upwards. At the part where you have to jump on a spring board through a row of flying koopas, to the left there is a tube you can go through. Either fly with a cape or use the blue blocks (switch palace needed) to get there.

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Do you mean the Star World secret exits?

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To reach the special levels (which is what I think you're refering to), you must first beat both exits in all the star world levels. A complete walkthrough would take too long here, but there are numerous guides on this website that you could access for help.

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At the end of the Forest Fortress, do NOT go in the door have a cape run a long some place of land and get mario's hands out there will be lava and things popping out of it just spin jump of some them and the will tons of blocks filled with 1-up's and the 2ed boos door, eather way it will get you to the STAR ROAD.

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