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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Link San

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                                Table Of Contents
     1. Copyright
     2. Walkthrough
     3. Weapons
     4. Armor
     5. Shields
     6. Helmets
     7. Magic
     8. Secrets
     9. Special Thanks
    10. Final Words
    This FAQ is a copyright of Link San (Robert de Boer) and may be used
    for personal use only. This guide may not be copied for any site other
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    If you have any questions or suggestions please mail me, if I see
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    I'll try to answer your mail as soon as I can. Thank you.
    The Epic begins as our Hero, Ryu, is awakened by the Dragon God Ladon 
    warning him of immediate danger. Upon awakening, Ryu finds himself 
    surrounded by flames. Before leaving with the Old Woman, check the chest 
    across from Ryu's bed to obtain a V.Ptn. Follow the Old Woman downstairs 
    and talk with all the Villagers. Upon talking to the last Villager, a 
    scence erupts and you quickly find out from Ryu's sister Sara, that the 
    Dark Dragons are attacking the village. The Villagers are quick to jump 
    into battle, but not before Sara turns everyone into stone. She tells you 
    that you will bring peace once you are a true Warrior. A scene follows with 
    Sara fighting Zog's lieutenant Jade. She doesn't stand a chance though and 
    is easily defeaten by Jade.
    When everyone comes out of the petrification, they want to save Sara, but 
    the Old Woman "convinces" them that they need to think of rebuilding 
    Drogen. The Elder then tells you that you are the only one who can save 
    your sister and defeat Zog. He then gives you a treasure chest with 300 GP. 
    Don't buy any equipment in Drogen. Only buy 18 Herbs and 9 Antdt, you will 
    get some new equipment very soon, for free! Walk around outside Drogen and 
    get used to fighting and build Ryu to at least Level 4. You can return to 
    the Elder's house and talk to the Old Woman to rest and restore your 
    health. Also, remember to save at the Dragon Shrine by talking with Ladon's 
    Statue. When you get to Level 4, travel North to find Camlon. 
    When you arrive, you find that Camlon Castle is in ruins. The Dark Dragons 
    have demolished the entire village as well except for the Dragon Shrine. 
    Take the opportunity to save and then go talk with the King. He asks you to 
    rid his castle of the monsters and being the Hero he is, Ryu accepts. 
    This board is very straightforward. From the entrance, follow the path 
    until you come to a pool of water. This is a healing spring, it will 
    recover all HP/AP and status. If you continue on the path, you will see two 
    treasure chests. Each one has 70 GP ripe for the taking. Stop at the second 
    spring to heal.The area here is great spot to level-build and heal, 
    especially with the presence of P.Bugs that can poison you. Also, don't 
    forget to buy Antdt's to heal poisoning when a Healing Spring or White 
    Magic user is not available. I would suggest getting to Level 6 before 
    proceding. From the second Healing Spring, walk South, follow the bend and 
    walk North taking the stairs at the end of the hallway. 
    Upon emerging in the passage, head for the first vault door, open it, and 
    obtain an Herb and the BronzSD. Equip this right away! Continue to the left 
    and open the second vault door to obtain another Herb and the Gauntlet. 
    Equip this also. Aren't you glad you saved your GP in Drogen! Continue up 
    the next set of stairs, and follow the hallway south and take the staircase 
    down to another passage with two more vaults. Pilfer the treasure chests to 
    obtain 2 more Herbs, a SuedeCP and the Visor. Equip these and continue 
    onward up the stairs. 
    When you come up the stairs, you will come across two treasure chests. Open 
    the second one first, and the first one second - trust me! Before walking 
    up the staircase in between the two chests, please be at least  Level 6 or 
    7, it will make your life much easier when you fight your first Boss - 
    Boss Alert: Frog
    The castle is ruled by a giant frog with a nasty temper and a long tongue! 
    Just attack and heal with Herbs whenever your life meter turns orange 
    color. If you do this, you should have no problem defeating him.
    When you defeat Frog, the air clears from the castle and the enemies inside 
    dissapear. Grab the 2 treasure chests for an Herb and 150 GP. Procede to 
    walk out of the castle, stopping to heal at a spring on the way. Talk with 
    the King and then save at the Dragon Shrine before heading to Nanai. 
    To get to Nanai, you must walk some distance from Camlon. Follow the 
    shoreline North and cross both bridges you come across. After crossing the 
    second bridge, walk down the steep slope just before the mountains head 
    southeast. If it is not nighttime, walk around until it is. You must enter 
    at night to get past the guards. Be carefull, if a guard spots you, you'll 
    have to start all over again. From the entrance, walk into the Dragon 
    Shrine and save your game. 
    From the Dragon Shrine walk left and enter the Inn. Search the Cabinets to 
    get a S.Ptn. Exit the Inn and follow the wall north until you see a garden 
    with 2 trees. Walk East and then North just to the left of the first house 
    and then east again and enter the last house before the moat to claim 2 
    treasure chests for 300 GP! Leave and walk south against the moat edge 
    until you come to 2 buildings. Walk between them and follow the wall until 
    just after the pier entrance. Walk North to find a weapon shop. Buy and 
    equip the LongSD and sell any spare equipment you don't need. Forget about 
    going North any farther than this. There are only 2 Herbs in the house two 
    up from the weapons shop. Instead, retrace your steps to the two houses you 
    passed between earlier. Walk North starting at the right side of biggest 
    house and enter the Palace. 
    Once inside, there is nothing of interest except the staircase leading to 
    the dungeon. Take it and go down until you emerge in a room with boiling 
    lava and platforms. From the staircase, go east over the rope bridge and 
    grab the Antdt from the chest. Go back to the steps and take another rope 
    bridge south. After crossing, go left and head north to get 650 GP. Return 
    and walk to the far right to obtain a B.Stn. Backtrack slightly and climb 
    the rocks to follow a path to a staircase. Follow it down for two flights 
    and emerge in a room similar to the first. 
    Again, walk east (to the right) and claim an ArmPad and 70 GP. Equip the 
    ArmPad right away. Travel back west and then south crossing 2 rope bridges. 
    From the second rope bridge, go west to get a F.Stn and then travel east 
    again , collecting the treasure chest along the way containing a Cure.  
    Follow the double staircase down and follow the hallway northward. Make 
    sure you are at least Level 10 and prepare to fight the Knight. 
    Boss Alert: Knight
    The Knight is a tough boss. He can cast magic spells that do up to 20 HP of 
    damage, so make sure you have a least 9-12 herbs to heal with. Use the same 
    technique as you did against Frog, until he gets down to the T in Knight on 
    his life meter. Then unleash on him with the B.Stn and the F.Stn you found 
    earlier. Now for the clincher: Most every boss has a second wind and keeps 
    fighting after their life bar reads zero, so get used to it now. He should 
    only last 2 or 3 more rounds after his second wind. Just keep healing with 
    After defeating thte Knight, examine the Stone altar and elect to take the 
    key. Run to the glowing sphere in the floor and step on it. You will be 
    warped outside and then met by one of the attendants of the Camlon King. 
    You will then cut to a scene in Camlon. After the story unfolds, save your 
    game and prepare to travel to Winlan. 
    To get to Winlan, retrace your steps to where Nanai once stood and then
    follow the path NorthEast to find Winlan. Upon entering Winlan, don't
    bother buying anything right now equipment wise for Ryu. Trust me. Just
    hold on to all that precious GP for awhile. After talking to the towns
    people and nabbing a V.Ptn in the cabinet of the eastmost house, enter
    Winlan Castle and speak to one of the soldiers to invoke a scene with
    Winlan's Princess Nina. When they ask you to wait, you accept and take a
    much needed rest. 
    After the Hero falls asleep, you will take control of Princess Nina. The
    first thing you should do is visit with the King and obtain a clue about
    Karma, your next destination. Make sure to explore the Castle to find the
    treasure chests and then head into the town. Buy Nina the BronzRP and the
    SuedeGN, then Deposit the rest of your money in Storage. When you are
    ready to go, Save your game and leave town. Head for the nearby cave just
    Southwest about one screen from Winlan. 
    You will find that Nina isn't the greatest character to start out with.
    She doesn't have much attack power or know much useful magic, yet. However,
    upon entering the cave, two Winlan soldiers volunteer to escort you. You
    have to accept to continue the quest, so just say yes. This will give some
    much needed support as you journey to Karma. While making your way through
     the cave, be sure to explore it very well. You will find some B.Stn and
    C.Stn as well as the Iron Ore. Make sure you find this or you will have to
    do some major backtracking later on. Another thing that will help you for
    quite a while is to have Nina use the E.Key as an Item during Battle. It
    will greatly help you out. Upon emerging from the cave, enter the town of
    While in Romero, you'll find that the Wizard of Karma has been conducting
    weird experiments that are having strange effects on the soil. You cannot
    help the people here yet, but you can snag the World Map by falling down
    the hole in the floor of the eastmost house in the second row of houses
    and pushing the jars out of the way. I suggest trading the SuedeGN for the
    Gown before heading to the Forest leading to Karma. When you are ready,
    leave the town and head West to the Forest. 
    The forest is full of Spiders, P.Bugs, and Creeps. It is not overly
    difficult, as long as you use the E.Key in battle to dispose of your
    enemies, mainly the Spiders. If you do get in a bind, save your Magic for
    Karma by eating the red mushrooms scattered throughout the Forest. Each
    one should restore 5-10 HP. The other mushrooms are poisonous and should
    be ignored. The forest doesn't have much to offer in the way of treasure,
    but the Bandage does give Nina a tad more protection than the SuedeSH.
    The other chest contain 2 Herbs and 150GP. The exit is straight West of
    the entrance from Romero. 
    Finally, you've made it to Karma! Karma is a set of 2 Towers that must
    be navigated carefully, as the floors sometimes open and drop you back
    down a floor or two. From the entrance, go North until you come to an
    intersection with two Healing Springs on either side. Walk left and follow
    the path up until you see a stairway going up. Take the stairs and get an
    M.Drop (You'll want to save these!) Walk back down the steps, and continue
    on the path going right across the top wall and follow it all the way
    until to come to a treasure chest with another M.Drop in it. Proceed back
    to the split and take the narrow hallway down back to the Healing Spring.
    After restoring at the Spring, head for the floating figure guarding the
    Mini-Boss Alert: Morte
    Morte is a foul character who doesn't seem to like you. He is not that
    hard to beat, just use the E.Key and heal when necessary. He goes fast
    and has a very very small second wind.
    After beating Morte, go back and heal at the Spring, then continue up
    the steps. On the second floor, opt to go down the hall to your right,
    not  up. You will come to 2 sets of stairs. Climb/descend each to nab a
    Charm and a Cure. Next, head back to the other path along the top wall
    of the tower and take the (only) stairway up at the end. You are now on
    Floor 3. 
    Head along the narrow hallway you emerged in and take the path on the
    left to grab another Charm. Go back and head right along the top wall
    and take the stairs leading down. 
    Follow the path North until you come to 2 holes on the floor. Don't
    bother with the stairs going up unless you want a Herb. Of the 2 holes,
    fall down the one on the right. Take care not to fall in the hole in the
    next room and follow the stairs up. Take the next set of stairs down to
    find a Life2 (Very important this early in the Game!). head back up the
    stairs and prepare to fight Mortea. 
    Mini-Boss Alert: Mortea
    Mortea is pissed that you defeated her brother and attacks you. She packs
    quite the wallop with her scythe, but just keep healing and using the
    E.Key. She also has quite the short second wind. 
    After defeating Mortea,head up the stairs. Step on the plaform to make a
    bridge to the other Tower. Take the stairs up to find a Healing Spring
    and a Save Point. Nina should now be at least Level 8. Head back down the
    stairs, and talk to the three girls who are in front of the steps. Step
    on the plates inside the doorway to free the 3 girls. Proceed down the
    stairs  until you come to the Wizard's Lair. A staged fight scene ensues
    and the Wizard captures Nina, but one of the Soldiers escapes and flys
    back to Winlan. 
    The soldier barely makes it back to the castle before he dies. The
    soldiers then find Ryu and ask him to help. Accept, and meet them outside
    Winlan. Before going, buy and equip Ryu with the ChainML. Once you get
    outside, talk with the soldier who has the pointy helmet. 
    You will then be flown to the roof Karma's second Tower. Take the stairs
    down to the Wizard's lair. Once in the Wizard's Lair, take the outer path
    all the way around the room the a treausre chest. This contains the Rang
    and has a Spriong in it that will refill your HP/MP to full. Head back to
    the Center Aisle. Walk up the path. Before the top of the stairs, you
    should make sure that Ryu has the LongSD equipped, not the Rang. Prepare
    to take on the Wizard. 
    Boss Alert: Wizard 
    Ryu should be at least Level 10 before this fight. Attack him with your
    Sword at first, healing yourself from his constant barrage of Lightining
    and Freeze Spells. When he starts casting the Petrify Spell, begin using
    the E.Key instead of your Sword. You should win this fight with not too
    bad of a problem. His second will be gone with one attack from the E.Key.
    After crossing the bridge, follow the road Southeast to Tantar & Tuntar. 
    Along your way, make use of the E.Key and the Rang to defeat your enemies. 
    Also, note the Forest you pass on your way, it is the next board you will 
    fight in, but for now, remember where it is. When you arrive in Tantar (the 
    one on the left side of the river), get the Bandana for Nina and the 
    SuedeAR for Ryu. Enter the Elder's house and nab a W.Ptn. Next, Visit the 
    Blacksmith in the bottom right house and give him the I.Ore (Iron Ore) so 
    he can make you the Saw. The Saw lets you enter the Forest of Despair. 
    Then, talk to the townsfolk, save, and head over to Tuntar. 
    In Tuntar, talk to all the townspeople and stop by the Inn to find a Charm. 
    After talking with the Elder, head to the Forest of Despair. 
    To enter the Forest of Despair, you must have the Saw handy. To use it, 
    walk up to the tree in the middle of the path and press the A button. The 
    Saw breaks from overuse, but you can now enter the Forest. The idea for the 
    first section of this board is to make your way to the Dark Dragon Base in 
    the Northeast part of the Forest. Along the way, be sure to nab all 5 
    treasyre chests for 2 T.Drops, 1 Life, 1 Herb and a Wrist (Give this to 
    Once inside the Base, be careful. The floor opens up if you try to cut 
    corners, forcing you to walk back upstairs to where you were. The point for 
    this board: Always take the long way. There are lots of treasure chests in 
    the Base. Here what you can find: 3 T.Drops, 5 Herbs, 2 Lifes, 1 Life2, 1 
    LongSD, 1 Acorn, and 1 WolfHT.  I'll leave the treasure hunting to you, but 
    I'll give you the way to go: 
    From the entrance, go north and fight the 2 guards. Have Ryu use the Rang 
    and Nina use the E.Key. This will make it MUCH easier. After beating the 
    Guards, take the path left and then North. Continue until you come to an 
    intersection. Go North again and come across 2 more guards. From here, go 
    left and go down the stairs. Once you are down the stairs, follow the path 
    to right and ignore the path to the north. Follow the path around the wall 
    and go left when the path intersects. Ignore the doorway and keep going 
    left. Walk up to the three Guards and let 'em have it. After beating the 3 
    Guards, the group follows the 'Elder' and walks into a trap. The General 
    was disguised as the Elder! Now you must fight Pog! 
    Boss Alert: Pog
    Pog is a two-headed beast. So every now and then he will get two attacks. 
    However, the strategy is the same, Ryu uses the Rang and Nina the E.Key, 
    healling when necessary. Pog's second wind only takes a few rounds to knock 
    off, so it isn't too bad yet. After beating Pog, Bo shows up to save the 
    day! Prepare to fight the General! 
    The General
    The General is a tough opponent, but at least Bo knows Freeze Spells. The 
    strategy is the same, but I would have Bo attack at first, and save the 
    spells for the General's second wind. Remember to keep your HP fairly high 
    towards the end of the fight.
    After you defeat the General, equip Bo with the WolfHT. While you are here, 
    charge up your characters. Before you leave, Nina should be at Level 13 
    (That is when she gets the Warp Spell). You may need to return to Tantar to 
    rest at least once during this time. The idea is to get as much Meat and 
    C.Stn's as possible. Warhogs drop Meat and C.Stn's can be acquired from 
    Zargs and S.Riders. If you do not do this, you will have a hard time with 
    the bosses soon to come. 
    After this, head back to Tantar/Tuntar to sell any excess weapons and 
    armor, buy and equip Bo with the ShortBW & SuedeAR. Talk to the townspeople 
    to clues about the Stone Robot  up north and then Save your game. 
    Your next quest will be to acquire the Stone Robot to give the villagers 
    back their water. To do this, you must enter Agua to find the Key to 
    operate it. If you have talked to all the townsfolk, you know that the 
    Elder of Romero knows how to enter Agua. However, make sure that you have 
    talked to the Elder of Tuntar's Daughter. Walk outside and Warp to Romero. 
    Talk to the Elder in Romero. He agrees to help you if you can get rid of 
    the Zombies. To do this, you need to re-enter Romero at Night. After coming 
    back during the Night, talk to the Elder's Daughter (upstairs), and then 
    talk to the Old Woman near the village entrance. Her Zombie husband will 
    open the way to the WtrJr. Get the WtrJr and exit the town. 
    You must now go southwest through the woods to get to the Water Cave. To 
    move in the woods, Bo must be leading the party(Note: While in the lead, Bo 
    can also Hunt on the World Map by pressing the A Button). The Water Cave is 
    relatively small, but has some neat secrets that you won't find out about 
    for a while yet. Make your way to the bottom, making sure to get the 
    treasure along the way. You should find these items: 2 Herbs, F.Stn, 
    T.Drop, Apple, BronzHT, and a NiceHT. Once you make your way to the bottom, 
    fill the WtrJr by walking into the spring. You will be taken back to 
    Romero. Talk to the village Elder and receive the Tablet, which allows you 
    to enter Agua. 
    To get to Agua, go Northwest form Romero. It is the floatng tower you will 
    see.  To enter, walk to the end of the dock and your lead character will 
    automatically read the Tablet. Walk up the steps to procede. Once inside, 
    the basic idea is to ride the floating platforms across the holes in the 
    floor. Not a difficlut board, but full of lots of goodies! You should find 
    the following as you make your way up: 2 Herbs, Life2, SunHT, IronSH, 
    TheifCL, Apple, Acorn, Bracelet and a Hairband. All very good items! There 
    will be 4 chests that you cannot get yet, you will need to come back here 
    with someone who can break down crumbling walls....... 
    As you are on your way up, you will come across locked doors. For now these 
    are unopenable, but they will be soon. When you arrive at the top, you will 
    see a pillar with a 'ghost' in front of it. Prepare to fight, but equip Ryu 
    with the LongSD first. 
    Boss Alert: Wisp
    Wisp is tough opponent, but he has no second wind, which is nice. To wallop 
    him, have Ryu attack, Nina can use the E.Key between healings, and have Bo 
    cast the Frost spell. Once you whittle away his HP, he gives you the KngKey 
    as your reward.
    Once you have the KngKey, walk back down through Agua, and Warp to Tantar, 
    stay at the Inn, and Save your game. (Don't sell any extra equipment just 
    Now you finally have the means to operate the Stone Robot! From Tuntar, 
    walk North and enter the Stone Robot by walking into its Left foot. The 
    treasure in this board consists of an Herb, 1 BronzHT, 1 Acorn, and a 
    Mrbl1. Once you get to the 5th floor, you'll meet the General, again. 
    Prepare to fight him again. 
    Boss Alert: General (again)
    This fight is just like the last one, except he has two Lancers. This fight 
    is pretty easy and the General's 2nd wind is fairly small.
    Once you beat the General, activate the Stone Robot by walking up to the 
    altar and pressing the A Button. Now, you must make your way to the Robot's 
    controls. The going gets a little confusing now, cause each glowing dot on 
    the floor warps you to another glowing dot somewhere else. There is alot of 
    treasure along the way, but here is how to get to the control room: 
    Starting at the Heart Altar, head back to the steps and step on the 
    teleport (glowing dot) just to the left of the stairs. In the next room, 
    walk along the right-hand wall and follow the path up and around to another 
    teleport. After emerging in the next room, walk all the way to the end of 
    the hallway, and take the Northeast teleport. In this room, walk up the 
    path and ignore the first teleport and continue until you come to a large 
    room with two pillars. Take the teleport in this room. Walk up and take the 
    next teleport. Welcome to the control room. Walk up to the Altar and press 
    the A Button. The Stone Robot will walk to the damn and release the water 
    for the villagers. Walk back to Tantar and talk to the Elder. He will ask 
    you to look for their treasure, the Ring. Also, he will give you the Key to 
    open the door guarding the Ring. 
    Once you have the Key, save your game and head North, back to where the 
    Stone Robot is. Enter the cave. This is basically a 2 screen filler to 
    bring you to the Ring Cave, no big deal. Once in the Ring Cave, you will 
    find it is pretty straightforward. Besides the Ring, you will find: 2000GP, 
    Life, Life2, Herb, Acorn, and a SkySH. This cave is about as hard as the 
    Water Cave, which means that you should have no problem with it at all. You 
    will find the Ring at the bottom of the Cave surrounded by 3 pillars and a 
    teleport. Once you have the Ring, step into the teleport and walk South to 
    exit the cave. Beforre heading back to Tantar, make sure Nina has the SkySH 
    and Ryu has the Ring. 
    When you get back, you find that Terry and Amelia are having a wedding! 
    Cool! During the wedding, a huge explosion rocks the village! That bastard 
    General steals the Stone Robot and destroys Tuntar! You must stop him 
    before he destroy Tantar. Enter the Robot and head for the control room. 
    Before you get there, equip Ryu with the LongSD instead of the Rang. Once 
    you arrive, the General transforms into the Gremlin!!! 
    Boss Alert: Gremlin
    This is the nastiest Boss you have faced so far. If your party isn't 
    charged up, you'll be a lot of trouble. I suggest that Ryu be at Level 17 
    or 18. His attacks are very strong, especially against Bo. His main attack 
    hits all the party members, so keep your HP high. This is a good fight to 
    make use of all those C.Stn's you been saving(hopefully). Gremlin's 2nd is 
    600HP and the going gets even rougher when he gets mad. Just keep 
    healing(use Meat if possible, it heals everyone) and using C.Stn's to make 
    your life easier.
    After you defeat the Gremlin, the Stone Robot, tired of being used for 
    human ambition, walks into the volcano. This is sad, but it does open up 
    the way south past the river.
    Before heading south past the newly formed path, thanks to the Stone Robot. 
    you should head back to Tantar to Save and rest up. Head back South, and 
    you will come across a small Dragon Shrine. Here, Ryu must fight alone to 
    gain his first set of Dragon Powers. It is essential that you have lots of 
    healing items, such as Meat and Herbs. Since there is no prerequiste for 
    this training, talk to the Dragon Elder, and prepare to fight Talon. 
    Boss Alert: Talon
    This fight is just an old-fashioned slug fest between Ryu and Talon. Just 
    keep attacking and healing until you wear him out. Talon does NOT have a 
    2nd wind.(Thank God!!!)
    After beating Talon, heal at the Spring in the Dragon Shine, leave and head 
    South. Put Bo in the lead and explore the Woods and field. You will 
    eventually find a Boy unable to stop himself from going in circles and a 
    Fairy hangout. Talk to all of them and head Southwest to the Cave. The Cave 
    is another filler board, but be careful of Shadows in battle. They are very 
    dangerous right now. Go South at the only fork in the road, and exit the 
    cave. Head South and enter Auria. 
    Upon entering Auria, you get thrown into prison. Fortunately, there is 
    thief sleeping in the bed. By talking to him and accepting his help you can 
    escape. Visit the weapon and item shops next door. Here is what I suggest: 
    For Ryu get the BroadSD and the SageML, for Nina the Rapier and Tiara, & 
    for Bo the LongBW and SageML. As for the Item Shop, buy one vitamin and one 
    pouch. Then head up the stairs. Upstairs, the man at the table who is sick. 
    Talk with him and give him the Vitamin. He gives you 5000GP. This is very 
    important: Don't spend any money that you find in this town. You will need 
    it to continue on in your quest very soon. After getting your 5000GP, walk 
    up to the shelf and push it aside. Walk into the new room and push the Jar 
    up and search to find a Life2. When you leave the Weapon/Item Shop, go left 
    down the pier and talk to the man in front of the boat to find out about 
    Ross. Walk back into the main part of town. Dodge the soliders here just 
    like you did in Nanai. If you do get caught, just talk to the thief again, 
    and he will let you out. Talk to everyone and explore everything. You 
    should come away with these: 26000GP, 3 Lifes, V.Ptn, S.Ptn, 2 Cures, 
    Acorn, Antdt, W.Ant (Put this in storage. They are extremely rare and 
    you'll need one later), L.Ptn, Mrbl3, Mrbl1, G.Tiara(Hold on to this), and 
    a SmartRG for Nina. 
    After exploring, head for the Northernmost house and talk to Ross. In order 
    for you to use his ship, you must save his daughter who is locked in the 
    safe. To get in into the safe, you need to be able to pick the lock. To 
    find a thief to help you, you must travel to Bleak, but for now, you should 
    have talked a woman who wants you to help her son. Her son is the one who 
    is under the Fairies influence. So travel back there and talk with the 
    Fairies and then the Boy to release him. Stop back in Auria to Save, and 
    then head for Bleak. 
    To get to Bleak, you must travel through the cave to the East of Auria. It 
    is decently long cause you will get attacked alot. There are 6 Treasure 
    Chests, but only 2 are obtainable right now. They are a Cure and a ShellHT. 
    The other 4 you will have to wait for a little while. However, the cave is 
    very straightforward, so you shouldn't have to much of a problem with it. 
    Once you leave the cave, make your way up and around the lake over to 
    Bleak. Notice the Tower you pass on your way, it is the Dk.Key Tower. But 
    for now, just go to Bleak. 
    When you enter Bleak, Save your game. Make sure you have the pouch in your 
    inventory and stay at the Inn. The Innkeeper will you give 5000GP, but you 
    must have the pouch. Otherwise you will lose your money....not cool! At the 
    Weapon Shop, sell the G.Tiara and buy Nina the WoolRB and Ryu the MetalSH. 
    Talk to the Village Elder in the North House. He tells you Karn could help 
    you, but you must have the Icicle to travel in the Desert. He will trade 
    you a G.Bar for it. I hope you saved all that money people have been giving 
    you! A G.Bar costs 65,000 GP!!!!! Warp back to Auria and talk with the 
    Boy's Mother again. She gives you 20000 GP for saving her Son. Now you 
    should have enough to buy a G.Bar. Buy one and head back to Bleak. Give the 
    Elder the G.Bar and receive the Icicle.  Before heading to the Desert, you 
    may want to walk around the Bleak area and fight the G.Slimes. You can reap 
    alot of EP and GP!!! Once you feel secure in your Party's Levels (I suggest 
    Level 19), head Southwest to Bleak Cave after Saving your game. 
    The Cave to the Desert is another filler board. The only catch is that to 
    exit the opposite end, you must have the Icicle. Once you enter the Desert, 
    head South to find the Krypt. You cannot enter cause of the quicksand. 
    Maybe someone in the nearby town of Arad knows something. You learn that 
    you need the Fife to enter the Krypt. The Elder will give you the Fife if 
    you help him out. Rest at the Inn (It's free) and Save your game. Walk into 
    the goat corral and examine the moving patch of dirt. Then prepare to fight 
    the Sandworm! 
    Boss Alert: SandWorm
    The SandWorm is a hard enemy and would pose an even bigger threat, except 
    that Ryu now has Dragon Powers! Have Ryu morph into the ThrDr and watch the 
    fun begin! Each attack will take down 130HP from SandWorm. Have Nina heal 
    and Bo use Fry magic. His second wind is nothing to worry about if Ryu uses 
    Dragon Magic. You should win in no time! (^_^) 
    After you beat the SandWorm, get the Fife, rest and Save. Make your way to 
    the Krypt and press the A Button to play the Fife. A bridge appears and 
    allows you to enter. Once inside, the Krypt is a tricky place. There are 
    opening floors and booby-trapped treasure chests. Skip getting all the 
    treasure until Karn is in your party. He can open them without setting off 
    the traps and he can also keep your party from falling through the opening 
    floors when he leads the party! For now though, you must find him. Make 
    your way down into Krypt. On the 3 Floor down, you'll fight EyeSpy. 
    Boss Alert: EyeSpy
    Use the same strategy as you did on SandWorm. Except in Ryu's case, have 
    him use a Mrbl1. This will double his attack power for the battle. EyeSpy 
    should fall quickly without any problems. Hopefully, you won't have a 
    problem with his second wind.
    After you beat EyeSpy, walk down the steps to collect some booty!!! 
    However, when you open the Blue Chest, it sets off a trap!!! No problem, 
    Karn to the rescue! He now joins your party! When he joins, put him in the 
    lead for now. He can open those pesky locked doors you have been coming 
    across. make sure that you equip Karn with the gear you have found in your 
    quest. I suggest the ThiefCL, SkullHT, and Wrist. Upgrade anyone elses 
    equipment and head for the bottom of the Krypt. From here, start collecting 
    the treasure chests now. As long as Karn is in the lead, the traps will not 
    hurt you. The only treasure you cannot get yet is the B.Rang (It is the one 
    sticking out of the rock in the room where you fought EyeSpy). Once you 
    reach the bottom, you will find a room full of coffins. It doesn't matter 
    what order you open them in, the Book is always in the last one you open. 
    After Karn's little scene, head back out making sure to collect any 
    treasure you may have missed. Head to Arad to rest and Save. 
    Before you head to Auria and Save Ross' daughter, head back to all those 
    lock doors you have come across and grab all that treasure! Now if only you 
    could break down those crumbling walls too.......... 
    When you are done collecting treasure, return to Auria and free the girl 
    from the safe.  She is quite stubborn and won't leave yet. Listen to what 
    she says, and head for the Dk.Key Tower, West of Bleak. 
    Once in the Tower, you will meet an Old Man who challenges you to get to 
    the top. Take that challenge and work your way up the Tower collecting the 
    treasure along the way. The idea is to get the Mirror on the second floor 
    from the Old Man by beating the Dk.Key's Guardian, Cloud, on the top floor. 
    Boss Alert: Cloud
    This is another tough fight. ThrDr is really the only thing that works and 
    to make matters worse, Cloud knows the Devistat and Lightining Spells. Each 
    one does 20 to 45 HP of damage respectively. Use Nina and Bo to heal while 
    Karn uses regular attacks or the E.Key (depending on which is more powerful 
    at this point) and Ryu uses ThrDr. Cloud has no second wind, so when he's 
    gone....he's gone.
    Once you defeat Cloud, take the Dk.Key and go see the Old Man. He will now 
    give you the Mirror. Take this Mirror back to Auria and talk to Ross. Ross' 
    dead wife will convince him to give you the Lt.Key. Now go and talk to 
    Ross' daughter and she will let you pass. Climb the small tower to get the 
    After taking the Lt.Key, head to the port. The captain cannot sail cause 
    the Dark Dragons are blocking the ship! 
    Boss Alert: Knight
    This fight isn't too hard. Just use ThrDr and say bye-bye.
    After the fight, the Knight sinks the ship and escapes. Talk with the 
    Captain and Gobi. They tell you the whereabouts of the Dark Dragon Base. 
    You must give Gobi a G.Bar to get the GnPwdr. If you haven't gotten it yet, 
    there is a G.Bar in the Cave east of Auria. Just use Karn to pick the Lock 
    on the door. After trading up, head to the cave North of Auria and hang a 
    left at the first intersection. Walk up to the rocks blocking the way and 
    Ryu will use the Gun Powder. Continue and exit the cave. 
    When you get to the Dark Dragon's Base, head for their ship. You will have 
    to fight plenty of goons along the way, but if Ryu is at least Level 21, 
    you shouldn't have a problem. Once at the bottom of the ship, the General 
    shows up yet again! This time, he transforms into Squid. 
    Boss Alert: Squid
    Just have Ryu use ThrDr while Bo and Nina heal and Karn supports them. 
    Squid's secnond wind is very short. You should have no problem as long as 
    you stay healthy.
    After you beat Squid, watch the scene that follows. You are in for one more 
    Boss Alert: Octo
    After the Dark Dragons board your ship, you make your way down to the cargo 
    hold only to find the Knight again. He changes in Octo, a much meaner 
    version of Squid. Use the same strategy and you should do fine. His second 
    wind can be wiped from one hit of Ryu's ThrDr Attack.
    When you beat Octo, the party jumps overboard. They end up stranded on a 
    desert island. But all is not lost
    After awakening on the desert island, Gobi offers to save you for 1,000,000 
    GP. Of course, you would never have this much, but say yes anyway and he 
    accepts your "IOU". This is where thing can be rough if you don't have any 
    Mrbl3. Gobi must travel by himself and is fairly weak, 2 enemy attacks will 
    usually do him in. You must get to Prima. To get there from your current 
    location, walk due west. Once there, take time to explore and possibly buy 
    some Mrbl3, but nothing else yet. Find Prima's Mayor and talk with him. He 
    sends you to Gant for the Gills. 
    The trip to Gant is bearable once you exit the ocean. To get there, walk 
    south and the west along the coastline, you can't miss the landing. Follow 
    the road West between the mountains to find Gant. When you get there, go 
    directly to the Northernmost house and talk to the Village Chief. He gives 
    you the Goods. Take these back to Prima and get the Gills from the Mayor. 
    When you get the Gills, a commotion occurs. A capture Gant citizen has 
    escaped from the Dark Dragons. However, a Reaper shows up threatens to take 
    the injured man. Gobi, being ever the money-maker, offers to bring back Ryu 
    and friends for 10,000 GP. Accept to lower this offer to 5,000 GP and then 
    head back to the island and talk with Ryu. Travel back to Prima. Before 
    taking on the Reaper, upgrade your equipment. I won't tell you what to buy 
    from now on, cause you should have a handle on it by now, but spend your 
    money wisely. When you are done upgrading, take on the foul being trying to 
    take this man's life. 
    Boss Alert: Morteo 
    Morteo may remind you of Morte and Mortea, but he is ALOT stronger. Keep on 
    him with Ryu's ThrDr and Nina's Zom1 (Zom2 if you have it) Spell. He should 
    fall quickly if you stay healthy. His second wind is around 700 HP. 
    When you beat Morteo, Ox joins your party! Now you can take the time to go 
    back get all that good stuff that was blocked by crumbling walls!!! Score. 
    The place you should visit are Agua, the Cave east of Auria and Krypt. 
    Please oh please, whatever you do, find the B.Rang. You can't use right 
    away, but you will very, very soon. But for now, just get it! 
    Once you finish treasure hunting, head back to Gant. 
    In Gant, go back to the Chief's house where you got the Goods. Notice the 
    shelf by the wall can be pushed aside. Walk into the room to find a man 
    behind some rocks. Use Ox to break the rocks and have Karn talk to the Old 
    Man. He learns the Shin Transformation Spell. This Spell rocks! This spell 
    will morph Bo and Gobi with Karn to create a Super-Human hunter. Try it 
    out! You can hunt easier as well as having a super-powerful warrior! What a 
    deal! This is cool cause you'll need all the help you can get with the 
    upcoming levels. Now make for Prima. 
    From Prima, head West and walk onto the landing. Follow the path West and 
    enter Nabal Dungeon. Have Ox knock down any crumbling walls you come 
    across. This board isn't to hard or long except for the enemies. 
    Eventually, you'll come to the General, yet again. 
    Boss Alert: Toad 
    You should know the drill by now. Make sure you have Life2's in case Nina 
    dies. Other than that: Attack hard and heal often. With the Shin Spell 
    added to your bag o' tricks, this fight isn't hard. His second wind is 
    around 500 HP. 
    Upon beating Toad, you find out that half of the prisoners have been moved 
    to Nabal Castle. Head North and survey the situation and then head to Gant. 
    Talk to the Chief to get the B.Rang fixed, for FREE!!!!!! 
    After you acquire the B.Rang from the Chief, leave Gant and head east along 
    the shore past the landing until you come to a small hut. Talk to the Man 
    here. He says to steal a Grimfowl Egg. Head back to Nabal Dungeon and head 
    North. Walk up to the egg in the clearing and the Mother attacks. 
    Boss Alert: GrimFowl 
    She isn't too tough, just use the same strategy as the Toad and you'll do 
    this on just fine! 
    Once you beat the GrimFowl, head North towards Nabal Castle. Once you get 
    there, your lead character will throw the egg into the castle. **Note: You 
    must move slowly or the Mother GrimFowl will not be able to follow you.** 
    Time to move in! 
    Once in the Castle, it is pretty straightforward. There is a Life2 and a 
    SkullRG under the pots by the steps, just push them out of the way and 
    search the ground. You will meet the General. He sends his goons after you 
    this time. Prepare for a 'fun' fight. 
    Boss Alert: SlimeX 
    This fight is different from the ones you have fought before. You will get 
    attacked by 3 SlimeX's. No biggie, except when the last one dies, they 
    revive and form one massive SlimeX. You don't get a chance to heal in 
    between battles, so stay healthy. 
    Once SlimeX is a pile of Ooze, rescue the prisoners. They tell you that 
    they are about to attack Prima! Hurry back to Prima and talk to the Mayor! 
    When you talk to the Mayor, he tells you to ask the Sorceress of Wisdon 
    what to do. Do what he tells you and talk to the guy upstairs. Talk to him 
    and search under his bed. Take the Statue and Warp to Arad. In Arad, rest 
    up and Save. Leave Arad, and head for the small moving town in the Desert. 
    Enter Wisdon, and talk to the Spirits. Head into the Palace and explore 
    throughly. If you have done a good job upgrading your character's 
    equipment, most of the stuff you find will be obsolete, but good for 
    selling and making money (You'll need that soon too). Eventually, you come 
    to find Bleu. When you try to approach her, the 3 Spirits stop you to test 
    your worthiness. Prepare to rumble. 
    Boss Alert: Wisp, Cloud and Myst 
    In order to win, you must beat all 3 one after the other - with no rest in 
    the mean time. Go all out to make short work of them. None have second 
    When you win, they wake Bleu and she gives you the OldEgg. Take this to the 
    Volcano North of Prima. It is very small, so you won't have much of a 
    problem. Once you drop the OldEgg in the Volcano, you get taken back to 
    Wisdon and Bleu joins your party and you are taken to Prima. Watch the 
    scene that occurs and when you land on the ocean floor, arrange your party. 
    I suggest Ryu, Bleu, Gobi and Ox. Fight time! 
    Boss Alert: Pincher 
    To make short work of this Boss, use this strategy: Have Ryu use ThrDr, 
    Bleu use Shock, Gobi use EcoX and Ox attack or use healing items. This 
    fight shouldn't take more than 6 or 7 rounds at the most. 
    After you pound the Dark Dragon Fleet into submission, a scene with Zog and 
    Jade transpires. Now the real fun begins.
    After the dust settles, Gobi gets his license back and the Sphere (You may 
    have to walk back into town and talk to the Mayor). Before leaving, buy 
    some fishing bait such as a Worm2. In the ocean, put Gobi in the lead and 
    press the A button. You can now travel as the Great Fish, without getting 
    attacked. Beautiful! 
    From Prima, head North until you come across the gap in the ocean floor. 
    Cross it and continue West until you come across a small island. Walk onto 
    the island and enter the Castle. You just happen to be in Tunlan. You don't 
    need to bother with much here cause you cannot talk to or understand the 
    people here yet. Make your way into the Castle at the top of town. Explore 
    the Castle until you find the treasure room. Walk down the Left-hand side 
    of the wall. The statue will come to life and push you into a hole in the 
    floor. You should land in a room with 2 guys standing by a bed. Push aside 
    the bottom right chest and search. You find Rod5! Congrats! You can now 
    fish in wells. Push the other chests to fall down another level and exit 
    Tunlan for now. 
    Once outside, Warp to Romero and walk along the coastline to the North, 
    until you come to a well in the middle of nowhere. Equip Ryu with the Rod5 
    and the bait you bought and fish in the well. You find the DragonSD!!!! 
    This is cool, cause it is a requirement to take the next Dragon Trial. Warp 
    to Gant and make your way to Nabal Dungeon. Walk to the other side of Nabal 
    Dungeon and instead heading North to Nabal castle, walk west to the 
    coastline to the south. From here walk east and enter the small Dragon 
    Shrine. Talk to the Dragon Elder and prepare Ryu for another test! 
    Boss Alert: Bain 
    The fight with Bain is much like the first test you took. Except this time 
    you can use ThrDr to fight against Bain. Just keep healthy, and you'll make 
    short work of Bain. He has no second wind. 
    Once you have your new set of Dragon Powers, Warp to Tunlan and use Gobi's 
    Great Fish as tranportation to head North. Exit the ocean at the landing 
    and follow the path to Gust. 
    KARN'S POWER (2)
    When you enter Gust, the people seem strange, but they are under a very 
    evil control spell. Talk with everyone in town to find out about Nicholie. 
    While talking with everyone, you will find a 'crazy' flutemaker. Push aside 
    the chest and drop down the hole. Have Karn talk to the Old Man. He will 
    learn the Debo spell! It can only be used underwater, but it is a good 
    spell nonetheless. 
    Be sure to also explore the chests in all the houses, especially the Inn. 
    Upgrade your equipment, and walk North into Gust Valley. Enter Cort's Base 
    to help cure the villagers. 
    Inside the Base, all the Chest are guarded by mini-bosses called Rogues. 
    Hit them hard and fast, and you won't have a problem. If you let them carry 
    on, you'll be sorry. When you catch up to Cort, he douses you with a 
    strange formula that shrinks your party to mouse size. Walk northeast to 
    find a mouse hole in the wall. Enter it and get a good laugh. 
    You have to help the Mice here fend off the Roaches. Simple enough, not 
    really, the Boss roaches pack a huge punch, but first, rest at the Mouse 
    Boss Alert: K.Roaches 
    These guys are fairly hard for Roaches. They go down quick, but have a long 
    second wind. Use your newly acquired Dragon Powers, the Shin Spell, Nina to 
    heal, and Bleu cast Blizzard. You should beat them if you stay healthy. 
    After beating the K.Roaches, talk to the Mice who are grateful to you. 
    Before you open the chests, stay at the Mouse Inn. Now, collect your reward 
    and chase after Cort. You will have to navigate some floating platforms, 
    but they are not too difficult. When you reach Cort, you will fight RugaX 
    Boss Alert: RugaX 
    Only a tougher version of Rogue. No biggie, no second wind. 
    You find out that RugaX is actually Nicholie, the man who can fix the 
    Bridge. When Nina cannot help him, he is taken back to Gust. 
    To save Nicholie, you must obtain the Oil from the Frogs on Frog Island. 
    Well, frogs like flies and dammit, your gonna get them one! Enter the cave 
    in Gust where the guy had his lunch stolen. This fight is techinically a 
    boss fight but the G.Fly is not hard to beat. Kill him and pick him up. 
    Take him to the Frogs in a cave East of Tunlan. Return with the Oil. 
    When you give Bleu the Oil, you head out to destroy the Flower that is 
    causing the illness. Prepare for Battle. 
    Boss Alert: FlowerX 
    Just pound at him with the same strategy, except you'll have Ox, not Bleu. 
    Have him attack while Nina heals everyone. FlowerX has a super short second 
    After beating FlowerX, return to Gust. You'll find that Nicholie has turned 
    into RugaX again. You know the drill. Upon winning, he is cured for good 
    and sets out to fix the bridge while you rest up. Talk to the FluteMaker to 
    get the Maestro. Save your Game and head for the Bridge. When you arrive, 
    you find that Cort is waiting for you. Here we go again. 
    Boss Alert: HornToad 
    This is a hard fight. Use the same strategy as you did against RugaX and 
    you'll make short work of Cort. His second wind is about 1500 HP, so pound 
    him fast! 
    Head back into Gust to rest up and Save. Cross the Bridge. 
    After crossing the Bridge in Gust, follow the mountain path until you come 
    to a barren wasteland. You will see a hole in the ground with a mole in it 
    who dissappears. Follow her and you will find yourself in Gramor and find 
    your next mission - To save Mogu. To do this, you need to travel to Tunlan 
    to get the Bolster. They do give you the Cowl so you can finally understand 
    what the Tunlan's are saying and if you got the Maestro, you can also talk 
    to them. For now though, leave Gramor and head south until you find a cave. 
    Pass through this cave carefully, if Ryu isn't Level 24 or higher you may 
    have a hard time. The upside is that it is only a filler board. 
    After passing through the cave, you'll enter the town of Spring. It is good 
    enough that you got here so you can Warp back here later. Leave town and 
    head for Tunlan. You have been here before, but really explore it this 
    time. You will find some nice armor for Nina and Bleu.  When you are done 
    exploring, make for the Castle and talk to the Old Woman in front of the 
    stairs. Follow her to where you found the Rod5 item. Talk to her and find 
    out that the Princess is in love with Zog and about to give him the TmKey. 
    Not good. If you help her, she will give you the Bolster. She also tells 
    you the safe combination is written on the Princess' back. Sounds good, you 
    get the Bolster and a peek at a cheeky babe!!! However, you must enter 
    Tunlan at nightime. If it isn't, walk outside and use the DkKey to make it 
    nightime. Walk back into the Castle and find the break in the wall to check 
    out the Princess' tattoo on her back and head to the safe. You enter the 
    code, but it is wrong!!! You saw the reflection, so you entered it 
    backwards!!! You'll get a good laugh out of the upcoming scene, except that 
    Cerl (one of Zog's henchman) shows up and steals the TmKey in the middle of 
    the confusion. 
    After the dust settles, the old lady tells you the bolster is in the now 
    demolished safe. Get it and return to Gramor. When you enter Gramor, Save 
    your game. 
    Talk to Mogu's mom and enter his dream. You find yourself in the Dream 
    World. Talk to all of Mogu's attributes. They tell you to head North to the 
    Tower. Walk north and enter the Tower. You will find that the walls seem to 
    dissappear when you step on switches in the floor. Try to find your way to 
    Mote. The enemies here can be very dangerous. Be careful, you may need to 
    use some Mrbl3, although I did not. When you talk to Mote, he turns into 
    Mothro. You cannot win this fight, so run. Mote will let you run. Have Bleu 
    cast Exit and return to the Village. Save and rest up. You find out that 
    Courage is in a cave Southwest of the Village. 
    Leave the Village and head for the Cave. To enter the Cave, you have to 
    pass through the Gas Fields. The Gas Fields are not long, but can be fatal. 
    Hard enemies and poison gas make this a hard maze. Use some Mrbl3 if you 
    are having problems. Once you get past the Gas Fields, enter the cave and 
    talk to Mogu's Courage. He will join your party. I personally don't like 
    Mogu, but you can decide if you want him in your battle party. To leave the 
    cave, you have to go back through the Gas Fields. When you get out of the 
    Gas Fields, head for the Village to rest up and Save. Once you are ready, 
    head for the Tower. Make your way back to Mote. He runs, so chase after 
    him! The Tower is only 4 Floors, so it isn't too bad. Once you get to the 
    top, prepare for an odd fight. 
    Boss Alert: Mothro 
    This time, the fight is for real. Don't be deceived by Mothro's life meter. 
    It says 1 HP. He has about 3500 HP. Pound him hard. You will miss quite 
    often, but so will Mothro. It may take awhile, but you will beat him. 
    After you beat Mothro, you awaken back in Gramor. Give yourself a pat on 
    the back, and prepare to go on a treasure hunt!!! 
    KARN'S POWER 3 & 4
    Now that Mogu joined your group, it is time to go on a treasure hunt with 
    Mogu's special abilities! The first place to go is Camlon Castle. You'll 
    find they made a statue in your honor. Cool! Leave Camlon, and head North 
    to where Nanai once stood. North of Nanai, there is mark on the ground of a 
    Dragon Head. Place Mogu in the lead and press the A button. He will dig 
    into the ground revealing another place for Karn to learn a new spell! This 
    time he learns the Doof spell. Now Warp to Bleak. 
    In Bleak, have Karn turn into Doof. Go back to the house with the shelf you 
    couldn't move before. Place Karn in point and have him move the shelf. Drop 
    down the hole and have Karn in his normal form talk to the Old Man. You 
    receive the Puka spell. This is THE spell to have. 
    Warp to Auria. Leave town and head North to the metal plate in the 
    mountain. Put Puka in the lead and press the A button. The Metal plate 
    moves aside. Raid the chest and Warp to Tantar. Head north towards the 
    place where the Stone Robot first stood. You will find another place for 
    Mogu to dig. Raid the room and go back to Tantar and fish with Rod5 and 
    some bait in a well to the East. Then, head for Gust. Head South from Gust 
    along the coastline. Have Puka open the metal door. 
    With all of your new items in tow, head to the town of Spring. 
    When you get to Spring, talk to all the people, rest, upgrade your 
    equipment, and Save your game. You find out that your destination is Spyre. 
    Head south from Spring have Mogu dig on the Emblem to enter the tower. You 
    can find some nifty equipment for Ryu and Ox in the basement. 
    Once you begin climbing the tower, you will find that the rooms are very, 
    very big with each one representing a different landscape. The stairs are 
    usually in one of the four corners of the room. On your way up, you'll see 
    open spots in the walls. Don't walk into them or you will leave the Tower. 
    When you arrive at the top, you find Mote. He takes you into his own 
    private Dream World. To find Mote, you have to find his Conscience. 
    Upon entering Mote's dream, talk to all the people in the town, use the Inn 
    and Save your game. Leave town and walk around the spiral path to the cave. 
    In the cave, you will fight some mean little enemies in addition to finding 
    some nice items. When you meet Mote's Conscience pleads for your help and 
    break the wall. Continue on to find a healing spring and a Save Point. 
    The next major room, in my opinion, is the most confusing in the game. The 
    floor spins every time you step on a switch. There is no treasure in this 
    room, so the goal is to just get to the next room. For your sake, here is 
    how to do it without slamming down the controller and breaking your 
    TV/Computer screen (each one tell you which direction to walk after the 
    floor stops spinning): 
    1. Go North to the first switch 
    2. Go West 
    3. Go South 
    4. Go North 
    5. Go East 
    6. Go North 
    7 & 8. Go South 
    9. Go East 
    Once you have left the rotating room, take the middle staircase up. Place 
    Karn in the lead (his form doesn't matter) and walk over the glowing tiles 
    to the Southeast corner of the room. Karn should find a trap. Drop down the 
    hole (the trap) and follow the path until you come to a room with 5 set of 
    stairs going up. Take the set that is 2 to the right of the staircase going 
    down. Continue up the stairs to find Mote. 
    Boss Alert: Mote 
    Mote is weird Boss. He starts out as a blob of squares and he gradually 
    becomes to look more "normal" the more damage he takes. Eventually, Mote 
    will taunt you. Then Mote's Conscience shows up. After this happens, go all 
    out on him. Spells really don't work so I suggest having Ryu attack, Karn 
    use Puka, have Nina heal, and Bleu for support. Mote has a huge second 
    wind, so this will be a long, hard fight. If you keep on him, you'll 
    eventually win. 
    Once Mote is history, the Guardian gives you the Skykey. Use it in the 
    Altar and the town of Spring will return to normal. Back in Spring, Equip 
    the Rod5 and some bait, such as the Shell, and fish in the duckpond. You'll 
    net the DragonAR for Ryu! Score! Rest up and Save, then walk into the 
    waterfall to find the path to Carmen. Just a filler board. Carmen is South 
    from the Cave's exit. 
    When you enter Carmen, you notice that something is wrong. None of the 
    people are moving and only a man named Alan is not in stasis. Talk to him 
    to find out about Tock, your next battle ground. Ryu should be at leaast 
    Level 25 by now. If not, you'll have some problems. To find Tock, follow 
    the plateau on the East side of Tock. Start by heading South, then East, 
    then North. You should find a spot that lets you climb the plateau. Walk up 
    it then head West. You'll see the Tower. You will need to have Bo or Shin 
    in the lead to walk through the trees surrounding Tock. 
    Once you get inside the Tower, head up through the doorway to find a 
    Healing Spring. You'll notice the glowing arrows on the floor. Step on them 
    to get a feel for how they work. Your success in this board depends on it. 
    You should have no problem once you figure out that the tiles move warp you 
    two steps forward in the direction the arrows are pointing. ON the second 
    floor, take the tiles until you reach the right-hand side of the room. Walk 
    all the way around the perimeter of the room in a counterclockwise 
    direction until you come to an arrow pointing this way: <---.  It will take 
    you into the room with the stair leading to the third floor. 
    Upon arriving on floor 3, you'll notice that most everyway you try and go, 
    you end up being forced back to the West and South sides of the room. I'll 
    leave the treasure chests to you (which include a WolfSkin and an AgileHT), 
    but here's how to get to the steps: 
    Walk to the top of the room and head left.  You will see 6 tiles across the 
    top row. Counting from the left, stand between tiles 4 & 5 and walk down 
    one step. Walk right one step and down 2 steps on to the next tile. From 
    here go down one step. Then down two more steps.  Next, down one more step. 
    Now go right one step. Again, go right one step. Then go left one step. 
    Then right again twice. Move up one step twice. 
    You should now be standing in front of the stairs. Congrats on a job well 
    done! At the top of the Tower, you meet with Cerl and find out she has 
    mastered time. After her bragging, she notices Alan and the disturbance 
    creates a time warp. Everyone gets pulled in, it is unavoidable. Everyone 
    except for Ryu lands in Carmen. As Ryu, you must travel back to Carmen. Be 
    careful along the way, Shock spells can really kill a Dragon. If you do die 
    don't worry, you just end up in Carmen anyway. 
    Once you enter Carmen and rejoin your buddies, you find out Alan and Cerl's 
    history. In the middle of the conversation, Alan bolts for Tock to talk 
    with Cerl. Follow him back there. Upon arriving on the top floor, you will 
    she a short story scene, and then fight a mock battle with Cerl. 
    I really don't consider this a boss fight cause it is not that hard. Just 
    have Nina cast FortX on everyone and go all out. When she starts losing, 
    Cerl creates another time warp. The same thing happens, except that Nina is 
    with Ryu at a Fortress southeast of Carmen and Tock. Cerl locks herself in 
    the Fortress and you are left to head back to Carmen. Use the Warp Spell. 
    Once you get back, you find that Alan is hurt very bad. Listen to what they 
    say, and go off to find the Fruit. You can get one by heading to where Ryu 
    was stranded and have Ox punch the trees until one falls out. Take it and 
    head to the Fortress. 
    When you get there, Cerl lets you in (if you have the Fruit), and gives you 
    the TmKey. As soon as you take the TmKey, Goda shows up and all hell breaks 
    loose. Cerl delays him. Watch the scene that follows and you eventually get 
    taken back to Tock. Go and place the Key in the Altar. (Notice the treasure 
    chest behind it. Come back for it later.) When you do this, something goes 
    wrong and Nina gets sucked into a time warp. The party jumps in and ends up 
    in Tunlan. 
    Enter Tunlan and Save your game. Talk to the mysterious man in green/blue 
    next to the Save Point. He gives you an important clue. If you talked to 
    everyone here, you'll remember seeing someone who looked like Nina, only 
    dressed in Blue. Go there, and you discover it is Nina, but she has 
    amnesia. Take the mysterious man's advice and go to Carmen. Find the doctor 
    and he tells you that to cure Nina, he needs some ingredients to make the 
    Here is where you can find the ingredients: 
    1) W.Ant  -  Hopefully you saved one of the 2 you should have found. 
    Otherwise, you'll have to hunt until you kill a White Deer. 
    2) C.Nut  -  Have Ox punch the tress outside of Tunlan and pick it up. 
    3) Root   -  Walk South of Gramor and have Mogu dig near the base of a lone 
    dead tree. You should find it. 
    4) P.Fish-  You'll have to walk from Carmen to the Bridge near Scande. Just 
    follow the path South from where Cerl's castle once stood. You must 
    have some type of Bait and any Rod except Rod5. 
    After you acquire all these items, head back to Carmen and notice that 
    mysterious man again. Talk to him and get the Pass. What luck! This will 
    allow you entry into Scande! Now, talk to the Doc and get the Tonic. Go to 
    Tunlan and give it to Nina. She regains her memory and a new ability! 
    Walk outside of Tunlan and put Nina on Point. If you press the A button, 
    she turns into The Great Bird and the party can now fly!!! Rock on!!! Now 
    that you can fly, you have some serious "shopping" to do. Fly to Tock. 
    North and East there are two spots for treasure- a Dragon Door and Dragon 
    Head. Use Mogu and Puka to get these, then fly South of Arad. Here there is 
    a well where you can find the DragonHT using Rod5 and some bait. From here, 
    fly west to find another spot for Mogu to dig. From  here, fly North to 
    Winlan. Fly over the area until you spot a small Island with 2 small 
    circular tower coming out of the ground. Land, and search behind the taller 
    one to find the TriRang!!! It is more powerful than the DragonSD!!! From 
    this island, head west to find another spot for Mogu to dig. Now, head to 
    Gramor. Fly North over the mountains and you should find a well in the 
    middle of them. Fish here to get the DragonSH. After fishing here, fly 
    Northeast to find a Castle on an Island above the waterfall. Here, Ryu will 
    undergo his 3rd Dragon Trial. Only do this if have found all the Dragon 
    Equipment, but you at least have to have the DragonAR and the second set of 
    Dragon Powers if you can't wait. 
    Boss Alert: Avian 
    This is probally the hardest fight you have had so far. Avian is very very 
    strong. If you don't have all the Dragon Equipment, you'll likely lose. The 
    strategy is the same though. Good Luck! 
    Once you have beaten Avian, head for the cave where you found the Cleansing 
    Water. Walk. Into the water, and you'll find a hidden Shrine. Walk up to 
    Ladon, and he'll give you Agni, the ULTIMATE power. No fights, nothing. 
    What's the catch? To use it is 60MP and it combines Ryu with all the other 
    party members to form one HUGE Dragon. This means Karn must be in his 
    normal form, not transformed. But hey, it rules anyway, so don't 
    If you want to do some Level-building, head to the Island where you found 
    the TriRang. Walk around until you meet a M.Slime. It's big and Gold 
    colored. For every one you beat, you get 9999 EP and 9999 GP!!! Try to have 
    Ryu be Level 32 before moving on. 
    Scande is south of where you caught the P.Fish. To enter, you need the 
    Pass, which that mysterious man in Carmen gave you. The elevator doesn't 
    work and the Mole people have escaped, not the Dark Dragons lucky day. Warp 
    back to Spring and talk with theman who likes to climb. He gives you the 
    B.Parts. Talk to him a couple of times. Go to Gant to get the parts fixed. 
    Talk to the Elder and the B.Parts become the Parts. 
    Head back to Scande, and talk to everyone again. Find out Scande is 
    actually a part of  Obelisk and head up the elevator. At the top you meet 
    that mysterious man again. He tells you to go to Tunlan and the D.Hrt. Take 
    his advice and go to Tunlan. Remember the woman who told you about the 
    song-in-a-bottle? Talk to her now and she sings a song, to which Ryu feels 
    disturbed (meaning he has only 1 HP left). She then puts it in a bottle for 
    you. Now climb the Tower in Scande and enter the Castle. 
    There are some nice items here as you make your way through the castle, 
    such as a badly needed new weapon for Bleu, the IcyCN. At long last, after 
    lots of trials and hardships, you meet Zog, Emperor of the Dark Dragons. 
    Boss Alert: Zog 
    Zog is a huge opponent. Now, you could use the D.Hrt, but I suggest using 
    Agni right away. Each attack takes away 999 HP from Zog. When he grins 
    fearlessly, he gets his second wind. It is upwards of 11,000 HP, so you do 
    the math if you're not using Agni. If your HP get low, one Cure Item will 
    refill your entire life bar while in the Agni form. You should beat him 
    without too much of a problem. 
    When Zog admits defeat, the floor gives way and you fall into an enclosed 
    cave. You awaken to find Sara, Ryu's sister!!! The only thing that remains 
    is to destroy the Goddess Keys. Sara asks you to give her the Keys, and of 
    course, Ryu does. BAAAAAAMMMM!!!!!!!! Plot twist!!! Sara is under Jade's 
    control and they leave for Agua to wake the Goddess Tyr. 
    Just when all is lost and you feel trapped, a Mole person comes to the 
    After being rescued by the Mole People, leave Scande and head for Agua. 
    Head all the way up to the top floor. On the top floor, if you haven't 
    already been here, open the door using Karn and follow the path until you 
    come a set of steps. If you came here earlier, go up the steps, if not, 
    grab the chest to get a FlameSH first. 
    When you come up the steps, you find a large Dragon Shrine. Enter it and 
    you'll find Altars for all of the Goddess Keys and Sara. She babbles as if 
    she is two different people. Follow her up the steps to find Jade. He 
    taunts you and leaves via a warp tile. Follow him. 
    The Warp Tile brings you to Tyr's Tower (it is on the island where you 
    found the TriRang). Tyr's Tower isn't too big for a goddess in my opinion. 
    It only has three floors between the 2 towers, so it is only 6 rooms big. 
    The navigation isn't too hard. Just be wary of the enemies in this board if 
    Ryu is below Level 30. Hopefully by this time, Nina has learned the CuraX 
    Spell and if you need it, the ZomX Spell. Both are very important from now 
    on, especially CuraX. About 3/4 through the Tower, you will meet bump into 
    some kind of Shield mechanism. Sara will then let you pass by. Make sure 
    you heal. All party members except for Bleu lose all but 1 HP. Very mean 
    indeed. Just as you are about to walk down the stairs, Sara challenges you 
    to a fight! 
    Boss Alert: Sara 
    Ryu's sister is no pushover. She has near 15000 HP and very strong attacks. 
    The only way to win this fight is to use Agni, unless you get very very 
    very lucky. Just stay healed using the Cure Item and you will win. She has 
    no second wind. 
    Once you defeat Sara, she is free from Jade's control, but she is also 
    dead. Sad as it is, continue down the stairs and across the bridge to 
    Healing Spring. From here, walk west then south. You will see a hole in the 
    floor. Don't go in it. Instead, walk  dead east from the right side of the 
    hole and you can then take the set of stairs on the top wall. Upon 
    emerging, you find yourself in an outerspace type room. Walk over the 
    platform and head South along the path and follow it to a floating 
    platform. You could go North instead, but then the floors dissappear on you 
    (cause of the switches in the floor) and it is much harder to find your way 
    around. Ride the floating platform and continue South along the path until 
    you come to the steps. On this floor take the floating platform to meet 
    Jade. He tells you it is too late and he is All-Powerful. Jade then 
    destroys the Tower and you awaken in Drogen. 
    Upon awakening in Drogen, you find that you were unconscious for 3 days!!! 
    You also find out that Jade has also finished ressurecting Obelisk, a 
    flying fortress! You must stop him! The party leaves Drogen and hops on 
    Nina (LOL) as she turns into the Great Bird. Obelisk is where Scande once 
    stood. Fly there and you'll find you cannot enter because Mogu cannot dig 
    through the crack in the floor. Leave and go to Gramor and talk with the 
    Master Digger. He tells you about the I.Claw. You can also find out some 
    more info in Prima. 
    You'll find that an Old Woman has the I.Claw. She is on a small island 
    North of Auria. Talk with her and you'll have to start a messanger service 
    between the Man east of Gant and the Woman. Eventually, you get something 
    called the Wtzit which is the I.Claw. Continue this service, until you get 
    the I.Claw from the Old Man. Head back to Gramor and the Master Digger 
    shows Mogu how to use it. Hopefullt Mogu understands, cause it can only be 
    used once! Save, stock up on Cures and Acorns, then head back to Obelisk. 
    At Obelisk, Have Mogu dig and sure enough, he got it right!!! Cool! Once 
    inside, ride the floating platforms to move around. It is not to hard to 
    figure out. On the Second floor, you only have once choice on platforms to 
    ride when you enter. Ride it North and then take the Platform on the Bottom 
    of right leg. (The floor looks like a funny shaped person). You will 
    eventually meet Goda who warns you to leave. Follow him and prepare to 
    Boss Alert: Goda 
    If you use Agni, he is no problem. He has a small second wind. 
    Continue on. In the next room you will have to ride the platforms and walk 
    on the raised areas to reach the stairway down. Watch out for Ruga. He is a 
    meaner version of RugaX. Also beware of Gargoyles. The path here is very 
    straightforward. Take the stairs down, ride the platform and go down 
    another set of stairs and meet Jade. Refuse his offer and get ready to 
    Boss Alert: Jade 
    The only differance between the fight with Jade and Goda is that Jade knows 
    the Shock spell which he really likes to use, so be ready to bring the Hero 
    back to life a time or two. His second wind is fairly small. 3 hits from 
    Agni will do the  job. 
    Don't worry about healing up before meeting Tyr. Trust me (She'll actually 
    heal you if you pay attention). I won't tell you what to do or spoil the 
    ending for you, but I will say this. Listen to Sara when she shows up. When 
    Tyr reveals her true form, unload on her with Agni. It will take about 30-
    40 hits to beat her.
    Congatiulations, you have now beaten Breath of Fire. Now sit back and watch 
    your well deserved ending scene.
    Ryu's weapons
    NAME                   ATTACK POWER           LOCATION 
    Dirk                   5  
    Sabre                  8   
    BronzSD                12   
    Rang                   18                     Found in Karma Tower
    PoisonRP               20   
    Scythe                 20   
    LongSD                 26    
    BroadSD                34  
    BrokenSD               42                     Cave to Bleak 
    Sickle                 50        
    B-Rang                 60                     Found in Krypt 
    PowerSD                62   
    PowerRP                82  
    WingSD                 96   
    MystSD                 100   
    DragonSD               110                    In a Well West of Romero 
    FlameSD                122                    Found in Mogu's Dream 
    Tri-Rang               150                    Behind Tyr's Tower 
    EmporSD                255                    (secrets section) 
    Nina's weapons
    NAME                   ATTACK POWER           LOCATION
    ShortRP                5  
    BronzRP                7  
    Rapier                 10   
    LightRP                10   
    IronRP                 14  
    PoisonRP               20  
    WingRP                 34  
    ThundrRP               46  
    EvilRP                 55  
    LoyalRP                64   
    PowerRP                82  
    Bo's weapons
    NAME                   ATTACK POWER           LOCATION
    ShortBW                20  
    LongBW                 28   
    SteelBW                35 
    PoisonBW               42  
    SharpBW                54                     Undersea Volcano 
    MoonBW                 66                     Found in Tock 
    JadeBW                 80                     In Mote's Dream 
    Tri-BW                 96  
    DwarfBW                150                    In a Dig Spot 
    HeroBW                 220                    Dig Spot Northeast of Carmen 
    Karn's weapons
    NAME                   ATTACK POWER           LOCATION
    SilverDR               10 6                   In Krypt 
    ThrowDR                20 1   
    Dagger                 32 2  
    Tri-DR                 54 6  
    PowerDR                66 7  
    FlameDR                74 7                   Tyr's Tower 
    Gobi's weapons
    NAME                   ATTACK POWER           LOCATION
    Pole                   12  
    Pike                   24  
    Javelin                34  
    OldSP                  42  
    HeroSP                 56  
    Trident                74                     Mote's Dream  
    Sleeper                100  
    Ox's weapns
    NAME                   ATTACK POWER           LOCATION
    Club                   30  
    IronHR                 45  
    GiantHR                60   
    RageHR                 75                     Wisdon 
    SpineHR                120   
    FlameHR                120                    Obelisk 
    StarHR                 210                    Obelisk 
    Mallet                 255                    (secrets section)
    Mogu's weapons
    NAME                   ATTACK POWER           LOCATION
    DigCW                  42  
    RustCW                 60  
    IronCW                 74  
    IcyCW                  88  
    MystCW                 120  
    Bleu's weapons
    NAME                   ATTACK POWER           LOCATION
    Stick                  5    
    Cane                   8   
    BoneCN                 14  
    EvilCN                 20  
    IcyCN                  30                     Zog's Tower 
    R= Ryu
    B= Bo
    G= Gobi
    N= Nina
    Bl= Bleu
    M= Motu
    O= Ox
    K= Karn
    NAME             DEF POWER      WHO CAN EQUIP         LOCATION 
    Cloth            1    1         All 
    Robe             2    1         R, Bl 
    SuedeCP          5    4         R, Bl  
    Dress            8    25        N, Bl  
    ArmPad           8    2         R, B, G  
    SuedeGN          10   6         All  
    SuedeAR          14   7         R, B, K, G, O, M  
    SilkGN           15   4         N, Bl  
    HuntCL           16   4         R, B, K               Krypt 
    Gown             18   1         N, Bl  
    ChainML          20   2         R, B, O  
    PlateAR          24   4         R, B, K, G, O, M  
    SageML           25   14        R, B, K, G, O, M  
    BronzAR          25   9         R, B, K, G, O, M, Bl 
    WoolRB           25   2         N, Bl                 Dig Spot East of
                                                          Tyr's Tower 
    IronML           27   9         R, B, O 
    IronMask         30   7         O  
    ThiefCL          30   4         R, K  
    SuedeRB          35   2         N, Bl  
    MetalAR          39   10        R, B, O  
    RangerVT         40   8         R, B, G  
    QuartzAR         50   9         All  
    SpineCL          60   10        G  
    MystRB           60   8         R, N, Bl  
    LightCL          68   1         Bl  
    GuruCT           70   0         Bl  
    WorldML          75   11        R, B, O, M  
    WolfSkin         80   11        B                     Tock 
    IcyAR            80   10        R, B, O               Tock 
    WorldAR          80   9         O   
    FlameAR          82   10        R                     Spyre 
    PowerAR          84   8         N, Bl                 Dig Spot East of
                                                          Tyr's Tower 
    AgileAR          92   0         N, Bl                 Tyr's Tower 
    ClearCL          100  0         N, Bl                 Bleak 
    NAME             DEF POWER       WHO CAN EQUIP        LOCATION 
    SuedeSH          2              R, N, B, K, G, O, Bl  
    WoodSH           5              R, B, K  
    Bandage          5              All 
    BronzSH          8              R, N, B, K, G, O, M 
    Gauntlet         8              All  
    Wrist            10             All  
    IronSH           12             R, B, K, G, O, M 
    Bracelet         12             N, Bl  
    SkySH            15             N                     Cave North of Tantar 
    MetalSH          16             R, B, K, G, O, M  
    Glove            20             B                     Zog's Tower 
    IronSL           22             G  
    MetalSL          25             G  
    HuntGL           30             B  
    IcySH            30             All  
    GuardSH          32             R, N, B, K, G, O, M   Tock 
    ProSH            32             R, B, K, G, O, M      Wisdon  
    LightSH          36             N, Bl  
    FlameSH          38             R, B, K, G, O, M 
    TrapGrd          40             K                     Tyr's Tower 
    Domino           42             N, Bl                 Tyr's Tower 
    MystSH           48             R, B, O, M  
    MaskSH           65             All  
    StarSH           70             R, B, K, G, O, M      Dig Spot Southeast of
    DragonSH         128            R                     In a Well Southwest of
                                                          Tyr's Tower
    NAME             DEF POWER       WHO CAN EQUIP        LOCATION 
    TideHT           0               All                  Shelf on 2nd floor of
                                                          Prima's Inn 
    G-Tiara          2               N, Bl  
    StrawHT          2               All  
    SuedeHT          3               All 
    Bandana          5               All  
    NiceHT           6               All  
    Visor            6               R, B, K, G, O, M  
    HairBand         8               N, Bl  
    BronzHT          10              R, B, K, G, O, M 
    Tiara            10              N, Bl 
    Turban           11              All  
    SunHT            12              R, B, K, G, O, M     Agua 
    WolfHT           12              B                    Forest of Despair
    GoldHT           14              All 
    IcyHT            16              R, B                 Krypt 
    HeadGear         16              All  
    SkullHT          25              All                  Krypt   
    ChainHT          25              All  
    ShellHT          25              G                    Cave to Bleak 
    EchoHT           28              R, N, B, K, G, O     Nabal Dungeon 
    IronHT           32              R, B, K, G, O  
    DivingHT         32              G  
    FaceMask         35              R, K, M  
    GaiaMask         36              R, B, O, M  
    HornHT           37              R, B, K, G, O, M  
    AgileHT          42              All                  Dig Spot Southeast
                                                          of Scande & Tock 
    PowerHT          44              K, G                 Zog's Tower 
    StoneHT          48              M                    Tyr's Tower 
    CursedHT         62              All                  Mote's Dream
    LoveHT           64              N                    Dig Spot Southeast
                                                          of Scande 
    DragonHT         80              R                    In a Well South 
                                                          of Arad 
    Black Magic:
    NAME             AP COST         LEARNED
    Flare            3               Bleu and Bo start with it  
    Spark            4               Bleu and Bo start with it 
    Cold             5               Bleu and Bo start with it  
    Bomb             5               Bleu starts with it  
    Flame            6               Bleu and Bo start with it   
    Frost            9               Bleu and Bo start with it  
    Fry              10              Bleu and Bo start with it 
    Sap              1               Bleu starts with it  
    3.5              3               Bleu starts with it  
    5.5              8               Bleu starts with it  
    Para             10              Bleu starts with it 
    Boom             11              Bleu starts with it  
    Exit             20              Bleu starts with it 
    Rub              20              Bleu starts with it  
    F.Ball           9               Bleu learns it at level 20
    L.Storm          11              Bleu learns it at level 21  
    Chill            12              Bleu learns it at level 22  
    Flee             20              Bleu learns it at level 23  
    9.5              15              Bleu learns it at level 24  
    Blast            20              Bleu learns it at level 25 
    Gale             24              Bleu learns it at level 26  
    Ice              30              Bleu learns it at level 28  
    Char             36              Bleu learns it at level 29  
    Nova             40              Bleu learns it at level 30  
    IceX             48              Bleu learns it at level 31   
    FireX            30              Bleu learns it at level 32  
    Drain            2               Bleu learns it at level 33  
    BoltX            30              Bleu learns it at level 35  
    NovaX            54              Bleu learns it at level 37  
    Comet            75              Bleu learns it at level 40  
    White Magic:
    NAME             AP COST         LEARNED
    Heal             5               Nina and Ox start with i
    Cura             3               Nina starts with it and Bo learns it
                                     at level 15
    Fort             6               Nina starts with it 
    Lk-Up            6               Nina learns it at level 6  
    ATK-Up           15              Nina learns it at level 7  
    Cura2            6               Nina learns it at level 9 
    Hold             8               Nina learns it at level 11 
    Ag-Up            8               Nina learns it at level 12 
    Warp             2               Nina learns it at level 13 and Bleu
                                     starts with it  
    Zom1             5               Nina learns it at level 14  
    Cura3            15              Nina learns it at level 15 and Ox
                                     starts with it  
    Renew            10              Nina learns it at level 17  
    Idle             5               Nina learns it at level 19   
    Shield           8               Nina learns it at level 21  
    Cura4            20              Nina learns it at level 23  
    Zom2             15              Nina learns it at level 24  
    FortX            14              Nina learns it at level 26  
    Hush             8               Nina learns it at level 28  
    Dispel           14              Nina learns it at level 30   
    RenewX           30              Nina learns it at level 34  
    CuraX            20              Nina learns it at level 37  
    Wall             15              Nina learns it at level 41  
    ZomX             35              Nina learns it at level 46  
    Dragon Magic:
    NAME             AP COST         LEARNED
    SnoDr            7               Dragon Shrine South of Tantar 
    FlmDr            10              Dragon Shrine South of Tantar  
    ThnDr            12              Dragon Shrine South of Tantar  
    IceDgn           20              Dragon Shrine West of Gant 
    FirDgn           27              Dragon Shrine West of Gant  
    BltDgn           30              Dragon Shrine West of Gant  
    GldDgn           40              Dragon Shrine West of Gant  
    Rudra            50              Dragon Temple North of Gramor 
    Agni             60              Dragon Temple in Water Cave  
    Revert           0               Received when you learn your first set
                                     of Dragon Magic 
    Transformation Magic:
    NAME             AP COST         LEARNED
    Shin             10              Old Man in Gant 
    Debo             15              Old Man in Gust  
    Doof             25              Old Man in Dig Spot North of Nanai 
    Puka             40              Old Man in Bleak  
    Revert           0               Acquired when Karn learns his first
                                     Transformation spell 
    Underwater Magic:
    NAME             AP COST         LEARNED
    Ebb              3               Gobi starts with it  
    EbbX             5               Gobi starts with it   
    Eco              8               Gobi learns it at level 16 
    EcoX             10              Gobi learns it at level 17  
    Secret #1: Finding Chun Li
    Would you ever expect to find a chick from the game Street Fighter 2 in
    Breath of Fire? Well, she is!!! To find Chun Li, go to Bleak and talk to
    the magician in the house to the upper left. Say yes to him, but when he
    tells you to look behind you, say "No" twice. Then say "Yes" the third time.
    Can you say 100-Kicks!!!!!!!!
    Secret #2: The Mallet
    To actually get the Mallet, Gobi must open his own Flea Market. You can do
    this in Winlan and Tunlan, but do it in Tunlan. The idea is to have Gobi
    leading your party and open shop in the empty booth in either Flea market.
    People will eventually come in and out to buy what is in your INVENTORY.
    You can bargain, deny, or accept peoples offers on things. The way you will
    get the Mallet is by buying it (so the other person sells it to you). The
    chance of this happening are exactly 1 in 100,000 attempts or so (As far as
    I can figure out). You must have 18000 GP to be able to buy it. It is pretty
    safe to say that you'll become immortal first and if you do happen to get it,
    consider yourself VERY lucky. 
    Secret #3: The EmporSD
    This weapon is the strongest in the game for Ryu. Unfortunately, You get it
    so late in the game it really doesn't matter that you have it. You can find
    it by searching around Jade's Throne after beating him.
    Secret #4: The LifeAR
    This is by FAR the best armor in the game for Ryu. It is hidden in one of
    the 2 Dragon Statues outside the Dragon Temple at the top of Agua.
    Secret #5: The IcyDR
    I believe this is Karn's best weapon. It is hidden in one of the 2 Dragon
    Statues outside the Dragon Temple at the top of Agua.
    Secret #6: Hunting Bonanza!
    While hunting, if you fire at an animal and the arrow hits at the PRECISE
    time the animal is going to jump, the animal will jump and underneath it...
    he item it drops! The animal will still be alive as well. You can use this
    for a vast amount of meat and a source of income!
                                  SPECIAL THANKS
    MortonKoopaJr for creating the artwork for this FAQ.
    Daniel for helping me with the SteelBw for Bo.
    CAPCOM for creating this wonderful game.
    GameFAQs for accepting the FAQ.
                                   FINAL WORDS
    Thank you for looking at my FAQ on Breath of Fire, I hope this FAQ was of
    some use to you. For questions mail me at lsguides@gmail.com.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is finished and wlll not be updated again. You can still
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