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                      Mysterio's Menace
                    Power-up Location FAQ

                          By Kaas

 /                     \
|     Introduction      |

Welcome to this small in-depth FAQ for the fun game "Spider-man: Mysterio's 
Menace" for the GameBoy Advance. In it, you'll be playing through the levels 
as everyone's favorite hero Spider-man. Of course, as in most games, you 
start out rather bare and naked (except for the costume, of course). So, 
let's find some power-ups to increase your abilities!

Some of these power-ups are rather hard to find, so I decided to write this 
little FAQ. This guide may contain a few small spoilers, so if you don't 
want pieces of the game spoiled for you, stay clear until you finished it 
(you can always come back to other levels as long as you don't defeat the 
final boss).

If you have something to add to this FAQ, spotted some mistakes or simply 
have something to tell me, drop me an E-Mail. My adress is Kaas(dot)Bink(at)
GMail(dot)com. Feel free to write me!

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|    Version History    |

Version 1.0  - 3/23/2006
The indepth FAQ is done. If I get any mail or hear something I missed, I'll
probably update it, but I think I've got everything.

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|  Power-ups  |

There's a grand total of 10 different power-ups to be found, scattered 
throughout 7 levels. They are all listed below, and I included the effects 
and locations of them all. Enjoy!


- Fluid Upgrade: When you tie up an enemy, it will take him longer to free 
himself from the webbing if you have this upgrade (it will take him about 3 
seconds longer).


- Heavy Impact Web: Instead of just dealing some damage and knocking the 
enemies a bit back, this upgrade deals damage and actually knocks the enemies 
down. Very useful.

- Spider Belt: This belt enables you to carry an additional two web 


- Web Compressor: When you get this upgrade, you'll be spending less webbing 
when you swing or shoot web at enemies.

- Left Wrist Container: When you get this item, you're able to carry  
one more web cartridge with you. It's very useful.


- Right Wrist Container: With this container, you can carry one more web 

- Thermal Suit: It's basically the same as the Electric Suit, but with fire 
instead of electricity. You can move through flames now, but you will still be 
hurt by them when you're in them for too long.


- Armor Suit: You will receive less damage when you get hurt.


- Electric Suit : With this suit, you're able to move through electric wires 
(you will still take a little damage if you're standing in them for too long, 


- Symbiote Suit : Not only does it look good, it also regenerates health and 

 /                     \
|  Power-ups Locations  |

Level: Downtown

Upgrade: Fluid Upgrade
Requirements: None, this is one of the upgrades you can get anytime.
How to get it: You start this level on top of a building. Jump and swing 
forward to cling to the next wall and clim up (there's a billboard for 
attorneys there). Walk to the right and swing to the next building. Swing to 
the next roof. If you swung high enough, you've probably already noticed the 
power-up above you. If you haven't, simply swing to the next roof (it's the 
famous Daily Bugle!). Now, jump and swing to the left to find your first 
upgrade, the Formula Upgrade (it looks a bit like a bottle).

Level: Empire Metals

Upgrade: Left Wrist Container
Requirements: None, this is one of the upgrades you can get anytime.
Location: From the start, go right and jump over the barrels. Keep going 
until you see a wall, which you should scale to find a way to keep going to 
the right. Swing across the molten metal and go right to find some solid 
ground under your feet again. Walk to the right until you see a place you 
can jump up to and climb (it's just a small wall hanging in midair). If done 
correctly, you should see some kind of yellow cogwheels spinning on the 
right side of the wall. Now, get as close as possible to them without 
actually touching them and jump to the right. At the top of your jump, start 
swinging. You should adhere to the other wall on the right side. Climb up a 
bit to find more yellow cogwheels, so just jump and swing to the left and 
climb up the previous wall again. When you reach the top of the wall, just 
go left to find the Left Wrist Container (it looks like a red bracelet).

Upgrade: Web Compressor
Requirements: None, this is one of the upgrades you can get anytime.
Location: Go through the first two screens (the first one being the one 
where you got the Left Wrist Container, the second being the short passage 
with the guns). When you get in the third screen, walk to the right until 
you see a big, red container spilling molten metal. Jump to the left and 
cling to wall there. Now, climb up until you see those yellow cogwheels 
again. Get as close to the as possible, then jump to the right and swing 
twice. You should see a orange/red Spidey emblem floating around there, 
which you should get (it might take a few tries). You're now invincible (and 
stronger). Finish your swinging to the right, and jump climb up the right 
wall. Keep crawling up and you should see some more yellow cogwheels and a 
metal saw. No problem, you're now invincible, remember? Just walk through 
them to get the Web Compressor upgrade (it looks basically the same as the 
Fluid Upgrade).

Level: Nightclub

Upgrade: Armor Suit
Requirements: You need to have completed the level "Downtown" before you can 
start playing this level.
Location: From the beginning, go through the most right door to enter the 
night club. Now stand on the edge of the platform you're standing on (on the 
right edge). If you jump, you can see a platform in the air (above the big 
lamp). The easiest way to get there is to swing to the right, cling on the 
most right wall, crawl up and jump and swing to the left. Once you've 
reached it, get in the door and go left to find the Armor Suit (a blue/red 
suit with some yellow emblem on it).

Level: Chemcorp

Upgrade: Electric Suit
Requirements: You need to have finished the level "Empire Metals" to be able 
to play this level.
Location: Make your way past the first screen (it's big and confusing). You 
now get to a few puzzles concerning lasers and plastic tubes. Make your way 
through the first two puzzles (with laser 1, 2 and 3) and go to the last 
puzzle (with laser 4 and 5). Go to the place where you can disable laser 4 
(it's the box behind the laser (you have to shoot it with web to defeat it). 
The Electric Suit is located directly above you (too bad you're in one of 
the tubes now...). Move to the right and drop out of the tube. Jump and 
swing to the right. There, climb up until you reach some electric wires 
(don't touch them). Swing to the left and cling to the tube (watch out for 
the electric wires on a floating platform while swinging). Now climb up, 
stand at the most right edge of the tube and swing to the right. If done 
correctly, you should cling to the wall directly above the electric wires. 
Now simply crawl to the left to collect the suit.

Level: Pier 54

Upgrade: Spider Belt
Requirements: you'll need the Eletric Suit (which can be found in "Chemcorp").
Location: At the beginning of the level, jump on the green truck to the 
right. Now jump up and cling to the sign on the wall. Now, crawl to the top 
of the building and move to the right until you can drop down. Drop down and 
take the Spider Belt (a red belt with a yellow "buckle").

Upgrade: Heavy Impact Web
Requirements: None, you can get this upgrade anytime.
Location: First, move through the first screen (outside) and the second 
screen (inside a boat). When you begin at the third screen, the upgrade is 
located directly above you, on top of the ship (but you can't seem to reach 
it..). Just keep moving to the right, past the crates and stand on the 
highest rooftop of the green building. Now jump and cling to the wall on the 
right (below you are some webfluid refills). Crawl up, but not all the way 
up. The idea is to jump to the left, then keep on swinging until you reach 
the roof of the ship at the beginning. Your first jump must be a high as the 
invisible border of the level (ie. you must not get pushed down by the 
"sky"). Now, when your initial jump has succeeded, you'll need to time your 
swings exactly right (press A at the highest of your swing, right after the 
"somersault" you do while swinging). Keep on swinging to reach the roof 
where the upgrade is located (it might take you a few tries, though). The 
upgrade looks like a spinning bottle.

Level: Museum

Upgrade: Right Wrist Container
Requirements: None, but if you should happen to have the Thermal Suit 
already the job's a bit more easy.
Location: At the beginning of the level, go to the right until you see two 
doors. Go through the most right door, then walk to the left until you reach 
some fire. Cling to the ceiling and wait for the fire to be low for a few 
seconds. When that happens, quickly crawl to the left. Once you're there, 
crawl up to the next fire. Repeat the sequence and take the Right Wrist 

Upgrade: Thermal Suit
Requirements: None, you can take it anytime (provided you unlocked this level)
Location: At the beginning of the level, go to the right until you see two 
doors. Take the left door and move to the right. Now go through the white 
door you see. Move to the right and you'll notice the fire. Climb across the 
ceiling until you see a brown giant moon/coin/artifact. Position yourself in 
the middle of it and drop down. Press down + A to drop down the hole (you'll 
fall into some flames, but they won't really damage you; you could always 
swing to the left when you're near the bottom, but it's very tricky, so I 
don't really recommend it). Go through the door you see on your left and claim 
the Thermal Suit (the blue square with flames on it).

Level: Amusement Park

Upgrade: Symbiote Suit
Requirements: Having completed all 6 levels to open up the final level 
(Amusement Park), where it is located.
Location: Make it past the first two screens (the first screen is outside 
with the clowns, the second one is inside some kind of castle with 
skeletons). When you enter the third screen (you're still inside the castle), 
just keep moving to the right. Go past the skeleton and the clown, the swing 
across the small spike pits (you might wanna webshoot the clown of the middle 
platform first). Go right and make you way up, dodging skeletons and spike on 
the side of the walls. You're now standing in front of a giant spike pit. And 
that's where the final upgrade can be found. There's a small spot on the floor 
where there are no spikes. You need to drop down there. My suggestion is to 
jump to the right, swing once, drop down a bit, swing one more time to the 
right and then keep swinging left and right while descending until you see the 
hole. It's very hard, but after a few times you'll get the hang of it. 
Remember, when you touch a spike, you die.
Now, once you're in the hole, keep looking at the right wall. As soon as it 
ends, swing to the right (it ends after a few seconds of falling). Swing one 
more time, then drop down a bit again. Then, swing to left until you reach 
solid ground. Now, simply keep going until you find the awesome Symbiote Suit!

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|    Special Thanks     |

CJayC - For creating GameFAQs and allowing me to host my work on it.
Lagoona, NatashaQuick, SoftReset - For helping me with the lay-out of the FAQ.
Schlave - For having an already great FAQ for this game hosted. He actually  
          helped me out a few times.

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|      Legal Stuff      |

This walkthrough, and all it's content (including the ASCII), is
Copyrighted, 2005 by Jaap van Zon. This walkthrough is only allowed on
www.gamefaqs.com. No part of this walkthrough can be used without proper
quoting and/or recognition. Any person(s) found violating this copyright
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