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X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse
Game Script Version 1.0
Copyright 2005 Chris Castiglione (dinobotmaximized)
Email: dinobotmaximized (at) yahoo (dot) com

I. Introduction
II. Version History
III. Script
IV. Credits and Thanks
V. Legal

I. Introduction **************************************************************
In this FAQ I have typed the dialogue and story related text that appears in 
X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse for the Game Boy Advance. The text is exactly as it 
appears in the game except it's not all capitals.

II. Version History **********************************************************
1.0 - September 26, 2005

III. Script ******************************************************************
*               Opening                   *
Returning from a journey to 
the Mojoverse, the X-Men 
enter into a space-time 
portal aboard their trusty 
plane, the Blackbird. 

As the portal shimmers 
before them, they see the 
X Mansion appear on the 
other side. The team is 
relieved to be returning 
home at last. 

As the Blackbird slides 
through the portal, an 
unexpected shockwave sends a 
jolt through the spacecraft. 

Storm: What was that? 

The X-Men watch in horror as 
their home, the X Mansion, 
transforms into a broken and 
battered version of its 
former self. 

Little do they know that 
they have been transported 
to a sinister, twisted 
mirror of their own world. 

Apocalypse is the ruler on 
this world, former friends 
are now foes. 

The X-Men will have to use 
every scrap of courage and 
strength they can muster to 
find their way home again. 

Cyclops: What the...? 
         Professor X, come in... 
         .. anyone?!?! 

Storm: Great heavens! 
       The mansion is in 
       ruins! What happened 

Wolverine: Nothin' good, by the 
           smell of things... 
           Let's have a look 

Storm: What is it? Oh my... 
       Scott, you may not 
       want to see this... 

Cyclops: What's got you all 
         riled up? 

Wolverine: I'm afraid it's you, 
           It's a dead body that 
           looks...and smells just 
           like you, buddy. 

Cyclops: Whoever did this is 
         gonna pay! 
         Well, I hope this 
         isn't an indication of 
         things to come... 

Wolverine: No time for chitchat! 
           We've got company... 

*             Cut Scene 1                 *
Wolverine: What did you do to the 
           mansion, Blob?!?!?! 

Blob: I'm not talking to you, 

Wolverine: Find anything, Rogue? 

Rogue: Well, I know this much- 
       we're not in Kansas 

Cyclops: What do you mean? 

Rogue: According to these 
       computers, the mansion 
       was destroyed years 
       We must have somehow 
       crossed into another 

Storm: So we need to find a 
       way back to our own 
       dimension, but how? 

Rogue: It seems the X-Men 
       from this dimension 
       went to Wolvie's old 
       stomping grounds to 
       avoid the sentinels. 
       Maybe we can find some 
       clues there... 

Wolverine: Department H, here we 


Wolverine: The entrance should be 
           right over there. 

Cyclops: Look out Wolverine! 
         Looks like we've got 

Wolverine: Not quite the warm 
           welcome I was 
           expecting, but this 
           should be more fun! 

*             Cut Scene 2                 *
Wolverine: Good thing they never 
           changed the locks... 

Rogue: You better lead the 
       way, sugar. 

Wolverine: With pleasure. 


Wolverine: Wait a minute. I smell 
           We've got company boys 
           and girls. 

Weapon Omega: You have trespassed on 
              his high lord 
              Apocalypse's grounds. 
              Prepare to face Weapon 

Storm: Weapon Omega? Aren't 
       these guys Alpha 

Cyclops: Looks like things are 
         more different in this 
         universe than we 
         thought. Alpha Flight 
         were our friends in 
         our universe. 

Wolverine: Well, these clowns are 
           anything but... 

*             Cut Scene 3                 *
Cyclops: It appears that 
         Apocalypse has created 
         a warp gate and is 
         using it to transport 
         soldiers around the 
         We must've gotten 
         sucked into the gate 
         as our portal took us 
         We need to find the 
         warp gate in order to 
         get back to our 
         dimension, but first 
         we've got to stop any  
         sentinels from tracking 

Storm: We have to get to the 
       central dispatch base  
       and destroy their 
       communications grid. 
       According to the data I 
       downloaded, it's 
       located in Colorado. 

Rogue: What's the catch storm? 

Storm: It also happens to be 
       the regional sentinel 

Wolverine: Perfect...just, 


Wolverine: Looks like Phoenix is 
           one of the bad guys in 
           this universe 
           She and her friends are 
           making a beeline for 
           the Blackbird 
           and out to cause some 
           serious damage. 

Cyclops: Someone needs to get 
         out there and stop 
         them! There's nowhere 
         for me to land! 

Phoenix: Your plane won't fly so 
         well without a wing, 
         will it? 

*             Cut Scene 4                 *
Cyclops: Nice work, team. 
         Without our quick 
         response the Blackbird 
         surely would have 

Rogue: Aww shucks. It was 
       easy, right Storm? 

Storm: Sure thing. Just a 
       stroll in the park. 


Cyclops: Ok, team, once we're 
         inside, we need to 
         locate the central 
         cooling unit. 
         Destroying it will 
         cause the main 
         computer to overheat, 
         rendering the base 
         Wolverine, see if you 
         can bypass the alarm to 
         the dispatch base and 
         get us inside. 

Wolverine: Too late, bossman! The 
           jig is up! Time to do 
           this the old fashioned 

*             Cut Scene 5                 *
Rogue: Dandy, sugar. The 
       bigger they are, the 
       harder they fall! 

Wolverine: I'm bored, bossman. 
           Can we go find some 
           real competition? 


Cyclops: What we need to do now 
         is find the warp gate. 

Rogue: Yeah, but who knows 
       where it is and how 
       will we convince them 
       to tell us? 

Storm: Forge. 

Cyclops: Of course! But how can 
         we find him? 

Rogue: Not a problem. I can 
       use the Blackbird's 
       main computer as a 
       mini-cerebro unit. 
       He's here in the 
       underwater complex. One 
       problem though... 
       Magneto is with him. 

Wolverine: Don't worry Rogue. I'm 
           sure old helmet head 
           will listen to reason. 

*             Cut Scene 6                 *
Rogue: Forge! Can you help us? 

Forge: My name is no longer 
       Forge. I am called 
       Genesis now, X-Men. 
       You are correct to 
       seek me out. I created 
       the warp gate. 
       Apocalypse has been 
       hunting me ever since 
       he forced me to make 
       the warp gate, because 
       only I know how to 
       destory it. 

Cyclops: Well you can't destroy 
         it yet. We need to 
         return home to our own 

Forge: I will tell you what 
       I know, but you  must 
       promise me that you 
       will use this code I 
       am giving you to 
       destroy the gate after 
       you have passed 
       We need your help to 
       save our world from the 
       reign of Apocalypse 
       once and for all. 

Cyclops: We'll do our best... 


Storm: Are you sure this is 
       the right place, 

Cyclops: Forge...I mean Genesis 
         said that the location 
         of the warp gate could 
         be discovered at the 
         hellfire club, so let's 
         get to it... 

Rogue: I knew we couldn't get 
       there without a fight. 

Storm: Yeah, but it would be 
       real nice if we could 
       once in a while. 
*             Cut Scene 7                 *
Cyclops: I've got it. The warp 
         gate is in San 
         Francisco. Let's go. 


Wolverine: Hate to be disagreeable 
           but this doesn't look 
           like San Francisco, 

Cyclops: We've got to draw off 
         some of Apocalypse's 
         force before we can 
         assault the warp gate. 
         Let's do this by the 
         We wreck some of 
         Apocalypse's other 
         bases and the power 
         supplies to draw off 
         troops from the main 
         base where the gate is 
         located. Then we go in 
         for the kill. 

Wolverine: Wreckin' is what I do 

Cyclops: There is a geothermal 
         tap here that 
         Apocalypse is using to 
         power his sentinel 
         bases. Let's blast it 
         sky high! 

*             Cut Scene 8                 *
Storm: There goes the power 
       for his bases! 
       Now let's take out his 
       main satellite 
       transmitter at the 
       statue of liberty. 
       That should draw some 


Cyclops: Everyone remember to 
         wait for the signal... 

Wolverine: Here goes nothin'... 

*             Cut Scene 9                 *
Rogue: Looks like the torch 
       has been lit, friends. 

Cyclops: Taking out the main 
         transmitter link for 
         all of Apocalypse's 
         security stations 
         should buy us some 
         more time. 

Storm: All that's left is 
       destroying the cloning 
       plant in Genosha, then 
       home sweet home. 


Rogue: Why is it whenever 
       Wolverine's in charge 
       we end up swimming 
       through polluted 
       waters and climbing  
       slimy pylons? 

Wolverine: 'Cause it works. And 
           is it ain't broke, 
           don't fix it. 
           The mutant cloning 
           plant is right over 
           there. Ready? 

Storm: And willing. Let's 
       destroy this disgusting 
       body bank. 

Cyclops: There are fewer guards 
         here than the other 
         Looks like our plan is 
         working. We can hit the 
         warp gate once we 
         finish these goons off. 

*             Cut Scene 10                *
Wolverine: Warp gate, here we 
           come. Next stop, 
           San Francisco! 


Storm: He's using people for 
       I shouldn't be shocked 
       but I can't help 
       Apocalyse is nothing 
       but a self-serving 

Cyclops: He's using them as 
         fuel to power the warp 
         gate. We must free 
         these people before 
         we leave. 
         Are you with me, X-Men? 

Rogue: Do you have to ask, 

Wolverine: It's what we heroes 
           do, bub. 

Storm: The madness must end. 

*             Cut Scene 11                *
Cyclops: Great work, team. 
         Now these people 
         should be able to free 
         themselves, thanks to 
         our efforts. I'm 
         inputting the code  
         for the warp gate's 
         self destruct mechanism 


Rogue: This doesn't look like 
       the right place. 

Wolverine: Doesn't smell like it 
           either. We're on the 
           flamin' moon. 

Storm: I thought we were 
       being sent directly to 
       our own dimension? 

Cyclops: The warp gate probably 
         only works by line-of- 
         sight from the moon. 
         Troops are sent 
         anyplace on the earth 
         from the gate here. 
         There must be a main 
         warp gate that can get 
         us home from here with 
         a little tweaking. 
         Let's find the gate and 
         get out of here! 

*             Cut Scene 12                *
Cyclops: I think we've finally 
         found the gate that 
         we've been looking for. 
         Let's go home, X-Men. 

Wolverine: Just one last thing, 

Cyclops: What did you do, Logan? 

Wolverine: Initiated Genesis' 
           self-destruct program. 

*                Ending                   *
A portal opens on one end of 
the balcony and the battered 
X-Men step out. 

Professor X: I suspect there is 
             quite a story behind 

Wolverine: You don't know the half 
           of it, Chuck. 

Cyclops: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..... 

IV. Credits and Thanks *******************************************************
Thank you to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ.

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Thank you to Neoseeker for hosting this FAQ.    

V. Legal *********************************************************************
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