___    ___     ___  ___   ______   __  __
         \  \  /  /    |   \/   | |      | |  \/  |
          \  \/  /     |        | |   ___| |      |  __
           \    /  __  |        | |  |___  |      | |__|
           /    \ |__| |  |\/|  | |   ___| | |\   |  __
          /  /\  \     |  |  |  | |  |___  | | \  | |__|
         /__/  \__\    |__|  |__| |______| |_|  \_|

    _______   _____   __   _____   _______      _____   _____ 
   |   __  | | |_| | |__| | |_| | |       |    |  _  | |   __|
   |  |  |_| |  ___|  __  |___  | |   _   |    | | | | |  |__  
   |  |      | |___  |  |  ___| | |  | |  |    | |_| | |   __|
   |__|      |_____| |__| |_____| |__| |__|    |_____| |__|

     _      ____  _____  ____      _      _     _    _  ____  ____  _____
    /_\    |  _ ||  _  ||  __|    /_\    | |   | |  | ||  _ ||  __||  ___|
   /|_|\   | |_||| | | || |      /|_|\   | |   |  \/  || |_|||_ |_ | |___
  /  _  \  |  __|| | | || |     /  _  \  | |    \    / |  __|  |  ||  ___|
 /  / \  \ | |   | |_| || |__  /  / \  \ | |__   |  |  | |   __|  || |___
/__/   \__\|_|   |_____||____|/__/   \__\|____|  |__|  |_|  |_____||_____|

                                   | Title: X-men: Reign of Apocalypse|
                                   | System: Game boy advance         |
                                   | Guide type: Boss FAQ             |
                                   | Guide version: 1.77              |
                                   | Writer: Punisher_x2              |

 Table of contents

Section A: Guide introduction

1. Introduction

2. Version history

Section B: Game introduction

3. Controls

4. Characters

Section C: Boss FAQ

5. Boss walkthrough

6. FAQ

Section D: Credits and info

7. Credits

8. Contact and info

======================|Section A: Guide introduction   |======================

1. Introduction

Hello, it's me again! Well, I haven't posted a guide in a while so here is
my first boss FAQ that I made. This may be an old Game boy advance game but,
I remembered playing this and liked it. All I have to say about all the boss
battles can be found here and I hope it helps. Have fun and enjoy my
first boss walkthrough!

2. Version history

History of updates for this guide:

Version 1.0 (19.08.09) - Guide created and uploaded

Version 1.50 (20.08.09) - Fixed a few grammar mistakes

Version 1.77 (07.03.10) - Added Myspace, Twitter and Facebook account ULRs at
the contac and info section

======================|Section B: Game introduction    |======================

3. Controls

Here is a list of all the controls in the game:

Basic controls:

D-pad - Move

A button - Normal attack

B button - Power attack

Start - Pause the game

Select - Not used

R button - Jump

L button - Mutant power

Advanced controls:

D-pad (rapidly left or right) - Run

A button (near enemies) - Trow

4. Characters


Real name: Logan

Height: 5'3

Weight: 195 Lbs.


Fast healing, metal skeleton and razor sharp claws

This is my favorite character in the game and my favorite
x-man. I don't know why he can't heal in this game but, I
enjoy playing as him. He has fast attacks and cuts the enemies
to shreds.


Real Name: Ororo Munroe

Height: 5'11

Weight: 127 Lbs.


Control over weather

I can't say that I am a big fan of Storm but, she is Ok in
this game. Her regular attacks are strong and she is not
so useless.


Real name: Scott Summers

Height: 6'3

Weight: 185 Lbs.


Energy beams

My mother's favorite X-man. He is the leader of the X-men
so this means he is important. His energy beams are useful
if you are in a crowded place.


Real name: Unrevealed

Height: 5'8

Weight: 120 Lbs.


Super strength, absorbs mutant powers

Rogue is a decent character and is a good fighter. I
might say that she is one of my favorite female x-man
(or x-girl).

======================|Section C: Boss FAQ             |======================

5. Boss walkthrough

From here my boss walkthrough begins. I will explain everything I can and 
including a few strategies.

Stage 1: Xavier mansion

Boss: The Blob

Difficulty: Easy

 The Blob is the first boss in the game. He is huge and looks unbeatable but,
that is not true actually he is pretty easy to beat. When the battle begins,
take the health power up and prepare to face the Blob. If you are playing with
Logan, just do him a combo and wait for him to get up. If you are with cyclopes
hit him four times and retreat. Don't get too close or he will do you a belly
hit. When he jumps in the air just hit him there. Just do this with all 
characters and get ready for the next stage!

Stage 2: Canadian Showdown

Boss: Cable

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

 Cable appears to be the guardian of Department H. I suggest that you use
mutant powers against this guy. When he trows a grenade time will slow down 
but you better avoid even his guns. The best way to dodge all his attack is 
to do him a combo then quickly run away from him. After he is down you will go
inside Department H.

Stage 3: Department H

Sub boss: Sabertooth

Difficulty: Easy

 Wolverine's long time nemesis, Sabretooth. He is actually pretty easy to
beat. Make sure that the mines next to you aren't blown up because, you
might used them to your advantage. They don't do much damage but it's
fun to see him blow up. I don't know what he is doing in his mouth. Maybe
he is clouding something. Anyway if you are a perfect button masher then
Sabertooth won't be a problem.

Boss: Gambit

Difficulty: Medium

 My mother's second most favorite X-man. Ok enough about her let's talk
about the boss. Gambit is actually tougher than Sabertooth but I think
it should be the other way around. Do a combo and retreat. Watch out
for the cards because they hurt. Your mutant power is very useful here
so use it wisely.

Stage 4: Black Bird

Boss: The Phoenix

Difficulty: Easy - medium

 She sounds hard but not if you know how to dodge her attacks. First
take out the red robots but the green ones will keep respawning until
Phoenix is defeated. She has two main attacks, create a shield to 
knock you off her and a little lightening at you. Avoiding the 
lightning is pretty easy. Keep a small distance when attacking her to
avoid the shield. After she is down prepare for the next level.

Stage 5: Sentinel base

Boss: Juggernaut

Difficulty: Medium

 This is the hardest boss so far. What ever you do don't tap the A
button or he will counter you. Sentinels will keep coming to his
aid so focus on Juggernaut. All his attacks are pretty strong and
if he stomps the ground time will slow. Just smack him down and
run away. The good thing is that you can charge up your mutant
power multiple times here so you could beat him faster.

Stage 6: Undersea base

Boss: Magneto

Difficulty: Easy

 My favorite villain. Well he has been a villain, an anti hero
and even a hero. Ok enough let's cut it to the battle. Most of
helmet heads attacks are from the ground and you can avoid them
easy. He also creates shields like Phoenix so use the same 
strategy. Don't think the game is over yet.

Stage 7: Paris

Sub boss: Nightcrawler

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

 Nightcrawler has a teleportation attack that friezes you and hits
you with brutal force. If you can use your mutant powers on him
atleast two times he won't be a problem. Remember to use the
spikes from the left.

Boss: Psylock

Difficulty: Medium

 If you try to attack her, bam she will kick your butt. In order
to beat her, you need to have mutant power or use brutal force.
There are no spikes here only you and Psylock in a deadly mortal
combat fight. Air attacks help here but not much. If you manage
to beat her then prepare for the next round.

Stage 8: The Savage Land

Sub boss: Pterodactyl

Difficulty: Easy

 If there weren't guys helping him out this would have been
the easiest fight. Just go and punch him until he cryes for
his mother.

Boss: Beast

Difficulty: Medium

 I never knew that mutants can walk on water until now.
Beast is like a break dancer and uses it to hit you but,
there is one which can freeze you so make sure you aren't
close to him. Beast is also fast and follows you everywhere
like a cold. Doing combos on him isn't hard but he does
some damage.

Stage 9: The Statue of Liberty

Boss: Colossus

Difficulty: Medium - hard

 In my opinion this is the hardest fight in the game. Not
that Colossus is too hard but because of all the enemies
on the screen that help him. Colossus will remind you of
Juggernaut and he is nearly as strong as him. I suggest
you use the same strategy but watch out for his special
attack. It freezes you (like most) and does damage. The
good thing is that you can quickly recharge your mutant
power meter due to the fact that there are so many

Stage 10: Genosha

Boss: Silver Samurai

Difficulty: Medium

 The main problem with this guy is his bombs and sword.
If you are in the right place you should avoid them.
Just do him combos and retreat. Mutant power is also
required here.

Stage 11: The Golden Gate

Sub boss: Arch Angel

Difficulty: Easy

 Angel is easy and when nobody is helping him then
it's very easy. Do him a few combos and he is done
for. Try not to use air attacks or he might hit

Boss: Bishop

Difficulty: Medium

 Bishop and Cable are like twin brothers who have
the same attacks. The best way to take out Bishop
is to pin him at the right corner and pummel his
a$$ to death. Don't forget your mutant power.

Stage 12: The blue area of the Moon

Sub boss: Pyro

Difficulty: Medium

 Pyro isn't that weak. Most important, dodge his
attacks. Pin him at the fire and finish him with
a few combos.

Final boss: Apocalypse

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

 Sorry to disappoint but if you expected a real final
fight then you are wrong. He has good stamina but
that can't save him. He has an annoying attack that
hits you nomatter where you are. He also has this razor
which can be easily avoided. Just use your
mutant power on him and he is done.

Congratulations! You have earned your terrible ending!

6. FAQ

Here are a few questions realeted to the game:

Q: Are there any cheats for this game?

A: To my knowledge no.

Q: I haven't playide this game. What it is like?

A: It's just an ordinary beat em up where you
beat everyone to complete the stage.

Q: Is there a secret character?

A: No there isn't.

Q: May I use this guide on my website?

A: Without my permission, no.

If you have a question and want it to be posted in this FAQ, please see the
contact and info section.

======================|Section D: Credits and info     |======================

7. Credits

Thanks goes to:

Stan Lee: For creating the X-men

Marvel: For publishing the X-men comics all these years

Activision - For publishing this game

Digital Eclipse - For developing this game

Special thanks goes to:

My family: For supporting me

My friends: For all their great advice

You: For reading this guide

8. Contact and info

If you want to ask/tell me something, inform me of any spelling mistakes,
want permission to use this guide on your Website, then send me an E-Mail to
this address: the_punisher_x@mail.bg or visit my website:

Don't forget that Punishing X Guides is on MySpace too: 

Follow direct updates at our Twitter:

Make sure to become a fan at our Facebook page:

Important: If I missed something (Boss info, character bio etc.)
please tell me.

Support: If you like this guide, please send me an E-mail saying you want
me to make more guides. Who knows, I might even add you to the credits

Advice: If you don't like the style or the way this guide is written,
tell me and give me some advice on how to make this guide better.

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Stan Lee, Activision or Marvel
comics. X-men is property of Stan Lee, the game is published by Activision,
and the comics are published by Marvel!

Thank you for reading this Boss FAQ

- Philip

Copyright 2009 Philip Petrov
All rights reserved