FAQ/Walkthrough by HGruen

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                                Broken Sword GBA
                           The Shadow of the Templars
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                          FAQ v1.5 for GAMEBOY ADVANCE
                                by Hannah Gruen

                         Last updated January 14, 2003

|                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                               |

1.  Introduction
      · About
      · Glitches
      · General Tips

2.  FAQ
      · PC/Playstation Users
      · ROMs
      · Combining Items
      · Cursor is missing (Lochmarne Castle/Cat in Syria Bazaar)
      · The Priest and the Chalice
      · Spain/Syria Glitch
      · Do you need to restart?
      · Plaster Glitch
      · Easter Eggs

3.  Walkthrough
      · Paris I
      · Ireland
      · Paris II
      · Syria
      · Paris III
      · Spain I
      · Paris IV
      · Spain II
      · Britain

4.  Other Resources

5.  Author's Babble and Acknowledgements

6.  Version History

7.  Copyright and Legal Notices

|                           1. INTRODUCTION .1                               |


This FAQ is for the GAMEBOY ADVANCE version of Broken Sword - "Shadow of the
Templars". This means that it wasn't written for the PC or the Playstation. If
you're NOT using a GBA, this FAQ is NOT for you.  Please don't contact me with
questions about alternative versions because I just don't know!  You can find
links to PC/Playstation guides in the FAQ station.

Also of note, this FAQ is best viewed in a monospace font.


Unfortunately, there are several glitches in this game, most of them game
crippling.  The FAQ section addresses these issues.  I've also read reports of
the game locking. I myself was able to play through with only one minor screen
rendering error but this is not to say that your game will be trouble free! 
Here's how to avoid the most major of the glitches:

     *                                                                    *
     *  DON'T go to Spain before you go to Syria.                         *
     *                                                                    *
     *  MAKE SURE you pick up the plaster in Lochmarne Castle!            *
     *                                                                    *

For detailed information, please read the FAQ.

General Tips

· DON'T GO TO SPAIN BEFORE YOU GO TO SYRIA (in case you missed it above).
  Doing this will later cause an inescapable problem. See the FAQ for the
  full explanation.

· MAKE SURE you pick up the plaster in Lochmarne Castle! (in case you
  missed it above). Doing this will later cause an inescapable problem.
  See the FAQ for the full explanation.

· Explore, explore, explore.  Even tho' I swore I wouldn't use it but did
  anyways, the L button will toggle through all the available hot spots in a
  scene.  This helps for those hard to spot, er, spots.

· When you're stuck, even if it seems tedious, go through your inventory, item
  by item and use them on various hotspots, including Talk icons.  Mostly
  you'll just see George shrugging at you but eventually you'll stumble upon
  a weird and mysterious combination.

· New avenues of conversation will open up depending on your actions, so don't
  forget to go back to various characters and tickle their ear.

· Some hotspots need more than one click.  You'll know if it's a dead end if
  George says the exact same thing as before, but if not . . . !

|                                  2. FAQ .2                                 |

If you only need a hint on how to get past an area, email me at
hannah@buttersky.com.  I will be happy to help and it will also help fill this

Q: I have the PC/Playstation Version, can you help me?

No. The GameBoy Advance version is different from the PC version and (most
likely) the Playstation version. The controls are different and in some ways
quests are completed slightly differently.  I recommend you seek out a guide
written specifically for your platform:

PC Broken Sword Guides

Playstation Broken Sword Guides

Q: I'm using an illegal ROM of the game, can you help me?

No.  I do not support or endorse the use of ROMs.  Any problems that arise
from using an illegal copy of the game are soley yours.  Do not contact me!

Q: How do I combine items?

Cycle through your inventory until you find one of the items you want to
combine.  Press "UP" on your controller so that the item is above the rest of
your inventory.  Cycle through your inventory again until the other item is
directly below the first.  Both items should be "wiggling" (if they're not,
they cannot be combined).  Press the A button to combine the items.

Q: My cursor is missing in certain areas, why?

It's most likely a glitch.  It seems to happen in two places: the courtyard of
Lochmarne Castle and the cat in the Syria Bazaar but it could disappear
elsewhere.  To make absolutely certain your cursor is missing, cycle through
the hotspots with the L button.  If it's still not there, there are a few
things you can try.

First, make sure your save spot is NOT in the area of trouble.  Turn off your
game, load your save and try again (this might have to be done repeatedly).
Still not there?  Try to leave the area completely.  Go into a building or
leave the country (if possible).  Save and try again, repeat if necessary.

Still missing? You will need to restart your game from the beginning.  On the
second time through, do NOT save your game in the trouble areas and DON'T save
until you get through them. Those whose save spots are BEFORE the trouble area
have the highest chance of getting back the wayward cursor.

Q: How do I get the Chalice back from the Priest?

Have you been to Syria yet?  If so, skip to the last paragraph.  If not, have
you completed the sewers of Montfauçon? If so, did it end with a conversation
with Nico about Syria/Marib?

If Nico does mention Syria, you're fine, travel there and complete the Syria
Quests. Once you return, skip to the last paragraph if you're still stuck.

If Nico *doesn't* mention Syria, you've run into the Spain/Syria glitch which
means you will need to restart your game from the beginning (read the
following FAQ for more information). Doh!  So how to avoid this problem? The
next time through, do NOT go to Spain until AFTER you've returned from Syria.

If you've been to Syria already, you will have the lens in your posession. Use
the lens on the statue beside the Father and keep selecting it until George
looks through the scroll.  Go back and talk with the Father.  He'll be
finished polishing now and will give the chalice back to you.

Q: What is the Spain/Syria Glitch and how do I avoid it?

Going to Spain before Syria will most likely create circumstances that won't
allow you to continue your game.  If you want to avoid this glitch, it's
simple.  Do NOT go to Spain before you go to Syria.

In brief, this is a glitch inherent in the game.  It is rumoured later
releases of the GBA version do not contain this problem but I cannot confirm
this.  The glitch occurs when a player visits Spain before Syria. After
returning from Spain, the player typically completes the sewers of Montfauçon.
The completion of the sewers is supposed to end with a conversation with Nico
about Syria (Marib).  This conversation will NOT happen if your game contains
the glitch. And if the conversation does not occur, you will never be able to
get to Syria and thus proceed in your game.  Restarting your entire game is
the only option.

Technically if you finish Montfauçon before going to Spain you won't have
problems, but I would still leave off going until you are back from Syria.
Better safe than sorry!

So how do you tell if you *do* need to restart?  The next FAQ will help you
determine that.

Q: I went to Spain before going to Syria, do I need to restart?

Most likely yes, but read the following questions to be absolutely certain.

1. Did you go to Spain before Syria?  If not, you're fine!  If you're there
now, have you saved?  If not, DON'T and return to your pre-Spain save.

2. If you did go to Spain before Syria, have you completed the Sewers of
Montfauçon?  If not, do so.

2. After completing the sewers, does the cutscene end with Nico talking about
Syria?  If yes, you're fine, proceed to Syria.  If not, you will need to
restart your game from the beginning.  Avoid going to Spain until after Syria
on your next try.

Q: I thought you couldn't leave Ireland without the plaster?

If you just want to avoid this glitch, simple, make sure you pick up the
plaster in Ireland in Lochmarne Castle.  If you want to know the full reason
why and risk some spoilers, read on!

Unfortunately, it is very possible to leave Ireland without the plaster.  And
since the plaster is needed to progress in the game at a later point, you'd be
up the Restart Creek if you accidentally stumbled onto this glitch.

The glitch happens in the underground room of Lochmarne Castle.  To progress,
in theory, you grab some plaster, drop it into the sand impression of the
statue and then use your wet towel on the plaster.  Voilà!  One plaster cast
and you can get through the door.  HOWEVER, if you DIDN'T grab the plaster,
you are STILL ABLE to use the wet towel on the impressions with SUCCESS!

Yes, sand + wet towel = plaster cast.  I'd like the Laws of Science to explain
that one to me!  You'll be able to get through the door without so much as
looking at the powder plaster.  So what, you say, it's a skipped step. Not so! 
Wait until you get to the Institut where you need some plaster to proceed in
the game.  Uh oh.

And if you didn't grab the plaster, more than likely you would've saved your
game many times since Lochmarne Castle -- your only recourse is to Restart
your game from the beginning.  My deepest sympathies :(

Thanks very much to Tom for bringing this to my attention.

Q: Are there any 'easter eggs' in this game?

Yes.  In the catacombs of Montfauçon there is a scene reportedly from Broken
Sword 3 (still in development).  To get to the scene, climb down into
Montfauçon, walk across the bridge to the right side with the boat and
continue walking towards the top of your screen.  You will automatically walk
into the 'new' scene.  Not very spectacular, I know.  And no, you cannot open
the door no matter how hard you try :)

|                              3. WALKTHROUGH .3                             |

This walkthrough has been written in a detailed yet general way.  I won't
comment on the plot developments unless I feel I need to.  This way, at least,
you can get the satisfaction of finding out what happens on your own.  I will
also tell you to do things that are not technically *absolutely* necessary to
progress.  This, too, is so you can either learn more about the plot or enjoy
the game's wit.

When the guide directs you to speak with a character, it is assumed you will
exhaust all areas of conversation.  Unless I specifically state otherwise,
most conversation "choices" will not affect the plot.

                     {_______________          _______________
              {»»»»»»{______________/ PARIS I /_______________>
                                                     "Non way!"

The Café

When the dust settles, go into the Café to look for survivors.  Inside, search
the corpse.  Chantelle the waitress is looking rather shocked so it's a great
time to interrogate her.  Leave the Café and pick up the newspaper by the
lamppost.  Head towards the guy digging in the background.  Once the cut scene
is over, Rosso will give you his card and kick you back out onto street.  Chat
with Moue, the gendarme guarding the door.  There's a lady wandering outside
the Café now so, like a good George, hit on her.  Talk with Nico but leave the
subject of the clown till last.  Once you mention the clown she'll give you
her phone number and leave.  Head back up the street to where the guy is
digging.  Talk with Flobbage, the worker, but leave off asking about the
newspaper until the end.  Once you mention the newspaper, Flobbage will leave
allowing you to rifle around in his toolbox.  Take the T-shaped tool.

Go back to the street in front of the Café and then move to the right, there's
an alleyway to explore.  Open up the garbage can and then use the T-shaped
tool on the drain.  And yes, that means you'll have to climb down into the
sewers.  You can't get lost in here but make sure you pick up the following
items along the way: clown nose, wet tissue and a scrap of fabric.  At the end
of the tunnel you'll be able to climb back up into the sunlight.

You'll be in the courtyard of a hotel and the concierge, Albert, has some
choice words for you.  In your conversation with him, talk about Rosso's card
as soon as you can, it'll make getting information from him much easier. 
During your talk you will receive a phone number for Todryk the Tailor.  At
the conclusion, you will automatically leave through the big doors and find
yourself outside Flobbage's hole.  Help yourself to the phone and call Todryk
first and then Nico.  Nico has invited you over!

Nico's, La Risée du Monde and the Police Station

Get to the Paris street map by exiting to the right of the screen.  There's a
couple of juicy looking dots to visit, but Nico's is the one farthest to the
left near the bottom.  Once outside Nico's building, chat with Fleur the
Flower Seller; she'll tell you how to open up the apartment building's door.

Upstairs you'll be able to talk with Nico about many things.  She will give
you a photo and a lead on where the killer got his costume: La Risée du Monde. 
Leave Nico's and back to the Paris map; there's a new dot across the river
where the costume shop is.  At La Risée du Monde, play with the phonograph for
some uplifting music and then talk with Claude the clerk.  He will be able to
identify the killer and give you a hand-buzzer of all things.

Leave the Costumer to the Paris map.  It's time to visit the police station,
which is the dot just below and to the right of Nico's.  Talk with Moue and
Rosso.  On the wall behind you is a phone so call Todryk again and mention
Khan.  You'll get another lead, this time to the Hôtel Ubu.  The Paris map
will have a new dot, this one is farthest to the right by the river; walk on

The Hôtel Ubu

You won't be able to leave the Hôtel until you've done everything you're meant
to do here.  Talk with the goons Flap and Guido standing outside the entrance
and then go into the Hôtel.  Talk with the Clerk who is less than helpful. 
Talk with Ostvald who is reading a newspaper beside the piano.  He tends to
break off the conversation even though there is more to say, so keep selecting
his talk icon.  Once you're finished, turn and chat up the Lady Piermont who
is playing the piano.  You will learn another alias of Khan -- Moerlin.

Go upstairs to where the rooms are.  Room 22 is Khan's and locked.  Head back
down the stairs and talk with the Clerk.  He won't give you the key to Room 22
but you might be able to get the key for Room 21 when he's not looking.  The
Lady Piermont can help with this so go and ask her.  She agrees and distracts
the Clerk long enough for you to grab the key (which is at the far end of the
counter near the door).  Do it quickly otherwise the Clerk will come back and
you'll have to ask the Lady for her assistance again.

Once you have the key, head upstairs to Room 21 and use the key on the door. 
Aside from an oniony cupboard the only thing interesting is the window.  Open
it and go through it onto the ledge.  Shimmy along the ledge and enter Khan's
room.  Have a look around; of note is the bed.  Try to leave through the front
door and a cut scene will follow.  Once Khan has left, search the pants on the
bed.  You will get a matchbook for Club Alamut and a business card for Grüber
Electronics Corporation.  Leave the room through the front door and go back
downstairs to talk with the Clerk.

The Clerk still won't give you the package so it's time to enlist the Lady
Piermont again.  Once you've asked her, she'll make the Clerk give you the
parchment.  As much as you'd like to just leave and meet Nico, if you leave
now, Guido and Flap will take the parchment and kill you.  To get around them,
you'll need to ditch the parchment first.  Go back to Room 21 and out the
window.  On the ledge, use the parchment and you'll drop it into the alley
below.  Now you'll be able to leave the Hôtel without dying.

After Guido and Flap search you, go into the alley to the left of the Hôtel
and pick up the parchment.  A cut scene will follow at Nico's apartment.

Crune Museum

Talk with Nico and examine the parchment.  There's a lot to assimilate but
you'll be able to look at the parchment anytime you talk with Nico.  Nico
suggests her friend André Lobineau at the Crune Museum will be able to help. 
Leave Nico's to the Paris map and go to the new dot which should be just below
the grayed out Hôtel Ubu.

In the museum, have a look at the display case in the middle.  You will get a
new lead, Ireland.  For fun, click on the display case again.  Talk with
Goinfre, the chap who is wandering around, and then leave the museum to the
Paris map.  Although you can now go to Ireland, drop in on Nico and talk with
her about the tripod.

                     {______________          _______________
              {»»»»»»{_____________/ IRELAND /_______________>

To get to Ireland, go to the Paris map and there will be an arrow in the upper
right.  Selecting it will take you to the World Map.  Ireland, for the
geographically challenged is the highest dot to the left.


Your visit to Ireland begins on the street in front of MacDevitts, the local
pub.  Talk with Maguire, the kid, who is leaning on the wall.  Go inside the
pub and speak with Sean Fitzpatrick, the fellow with the glasses sitting at
the table in the middle of the room.  There is a bizarre man sitting in the
right hand corner.  Keep talking with him.  HEH-HEH-HEH.  Once you've
finished, pocket the wire that's lying on the table in front of him.  There is
a green towel on the counter so take that too.

Saunter over to the bar and shoot the breeze with Leary the barkeep.  Talk
with Doyle, who is sitting near at hand on a barstool.  OBrien, his friend,
also has information for you.  Go back outside onto the street and talk with
Maguire.  He'll let you in on a tidbit about Sean "Fitzy" Fitzpatrick.  Sean
won't admit to it yet, so you'll have to get proof from Doyle.  Walk back into
the bar and talk with Doyle.  You'll have to buy him a beer to confirm
Maguire's story.  Once he has, confront Sean about it.  Your conversation will
end with a cut scene.  Go outside to find out what happened to Sean; you will
automatically walk over to Maguire and another cut scene will follow.

The box beside the door has had its cover knocked off so ease your itchy
fingers by fiddling with it. Ooops!  How did that happen?  Go back inside and
ask Leary for a beery.  Seems the switch you broke stopped the beer from
flowing.  And the glass washer just conked out.  Show Leary the Grüber card
and he'll let you take a shot at fixing the washer.  Go behind the counter and
use the wire in your inventory on the washer.  Voilá!  You can now get down
into the cellar.  It's rather dark down there but you can pull on that
tempting lever on the wall.  Nothing seems to happen but if you head upstairs
and out on the street you will be able to pick up the grate on the sidewalk. 
A brief cut scene will follow.  Go back into the cellar and you will
automatically pick up the flashlight and the gem.  Turn on the sink and use
the green towel on it.

Lochmarne Castle

It's time to check out the castle.  You can get to it from the street outside
the pub; the path is to the far right.  Talk with the Farmer until he leaves. 
The big doors to the castle won't budge, but the haystack might get you over
the walls.  Climb the stack.  You're still not high enough so use the T-tool
on the crack in the wall; you'll now be able to clamber over.

In the castle courtyard is a vicious animal that won't let you get into the
dig site.  Move the plow (located to the left of the broken watering trough)
and the animal won't bother you anymore.  Climb into the hole.  NOTE: Is the
cursor for the hole missing?  If so, read the FAQ near the top of this guide
for instructions.

Underground is a small chamber with a door that won't open.  Pick up some
plaster from the table.  Examine the statue by the door; you'll knock it over. 
Pick up the statue and some impressions will remain.  Use the plaster on the
impressions and then use the soaked green towel on the impressions.  You can
now pick up the cast plaster.  Use the cast on the panel beside the door. 
Très bon!  Go through the open doorway and a cut scene will follow.

                    {______________           ______________
             {»»»»»»{_____________/ PARIS II /______________>
                            "What's that you say, Mr. Shiny?"

Nico's and the Police Station

Upon your return from Ireland, you'll be sitting in Nico's apartment.  Talk
with her all about your adventures.  When you get up to leave, she'll suggest
checking out Lobineau and the Police Station.  I can save you the trip and
tell you that Lobineau hasn't gotten back to the museum yet.  Head over to the
Police Station and talk with Moue.  He tips you off about the Hagenmeyer

The Hagenmeyer Clinic (Hôpital)

Get to the clinic from the Paris map.  It'll be the new dot across the river
near the middle of your screen.  Just because it's there, try to open the
ambulance before going inside.  Talk with the pompous Doctor Felix and then
with the Receptionist Elsa.  Elsa will allow you access to Marquet's ward
after you show her the Grüber card.  Walk down the left hand corridor where
you will meet Sam and Mr. Shiny.  Marquet's ward is on the left but Nurse
Grendal won't let you in yet so speak with Sam instead.  After talking with
him, pull the plug on Mr. Shiny; the outlet is in the left hand corridor. 
Once you have control again, open the closet in the right hand corridor.  Do
this quickly otherwise Sam will catch you.  If you weren't fast enough, just
pull the plug again.  If you're successful, you'll grab a doctor's coat and
put it on.

Head back into the ward and this time Nurse Grendal will be more helpful.  She
will give you a blood pressure gauge.  Talk with her and then move towards the
right side of the room where Marquet's room is.  Eric the Exasperating will
demand you take his blood pressure and you'll automatically try to do that. 
No matter how many times you "try" to take his blood pressure, he's never
satisfied and you won't be able to get to Marquet's room.  Talk with Eric and
then leave the ward.  Head back to the reception and you'll see a new doctor
there.  Talk with "Bunny" Benoir and then with Felix.  Seems Benoir is new and
needs to be shown the ropes.  Go back to the ward; don't worry, Benoir will
follow you.

In the ward, use your blood pressure gauge on Benoir and then speak with him. 
For fun, tell him to use it on Nurse Grendal.  Once that idea is shot down,
ask him to use it on Eric the Exasperating.  Now you'll be able to get past
his bed and into Marquet's side of the room.  Speak with the gendarme and then
enter the room.  A long cut scene will follow and at the conclusion you will
wind up back at Nico's.

Crune Museum

I'll save you the effort by telling you that Moue and Rosso have nothing new
to say so pay another visit to the Crune Museum.  Goinfre will tell you the
Museum is closing soon.  If you were just dying to crawl into that
sarcophagus, tonight's your lucky night!  Lobineau has finally showed up so
speak with him.  He has quite an earful; you will find out what and where
Montfauçon is.  Once you're finished it's time for some tricky footwork.

Position yourself to the left of the left window; there is a pole here that
will open a window.  Goinfre has a pattern; he walks counter-clockwise around
the room.  He will stop about a third of the way across the room near the
bottom of the screen.  He will be facing to the right.  As soon as he starts
to move (and not before), open the window.  Without delay, walk towards the
sarcophagus and, as soon as the big "push-me" magnifying lens shows up, select
it (if you wait a step or two after, George won't have enough time to remove
the lid).  If all went well, you will slip inside.  If not, Goinfre will catch
you and you'll have to start the window ploy all over again.

After the brief cut scene, immediately push the totem pole.  If you're not
quick enough, you'll wind up as sarcophagus bait.  Watch the next cut scene
which lands you back at Nico's.

The fork in the road is here.  You may choose the path of righteousness or the
path of damn-you're-screwed-ness.  But since I'm writing this guide and you're
reading it, we'll take the righteous road and avoid that messy Spain before
Syria business.  (And in case you missed all of my dire warnings above, going
to Spain before Syria can lead to trouble -- restarting your whole game sort
of trouble.)


Now that you know where Montfauçon is, finish flirting with Nico and visit the
new dot across the river.  Montfauçon is a perfect place for self-humiliation. 
Although you can head up the stairs into the Church, you don't need to do that
until after your trip to Syria.

Speak with the gendarme sitting at the table.  Having been thoroughly taunted,
walk over to the Jongleur and heckle him.  Make sure you exhaust all
conversation pieces before broaching the subject of jongleur-ing.  After
making a complete fool of yourself, talk with the Jongleur again.  Saunter
back to the gendarme and discuss your clown's nose.  Go back to the Jongleur
and ask to try jongleur-ing again.  Didn't know you had it in you, did you?

After the scene, use your T-shaped tool on the drain cover and climb down into
the catacombs.  At first look it's a dead end, but the nearest bricked up arch
looks promising.  Use your multi-purpose tool of vandalism (there's always one
of them in games) on the bricks.  You will need to do this twice to break
through.  Pull on the ring that was revealed.  The door will need some help,
so hop onto the boat in the water and you will lower the hook and chain.  Pick
up the hook and watch the wanton destruction.  Proceed through the doorway.

In the cavern, it's tempting to walk down the stairs but don't do it yet (well
you can, just save first).  Instead, have a close up look at the far wall at
the top of the stairs.  Oooh a conspiracy!  When they float away you'll have
control again and can take the stairs down.  Use your tripod on the center
pillar and then use the gem on the tripod.  Yet another cut scene follows and,
once again, you'll be at Nico's.  Tidy up any left over discussions and go to
the World Map.  The new dot will lead you to . . .

                    {_______________        ________________
             {»»»»»»{______________/ SYRIA /________________>
                                             ''Il 'a'kl kalb'

Marib Marketplace and Club Alamut

There's plenty of people to pester in the marketplace.  Start with the kid at
the stall.  You won't be able to give Nejo the ball yet so move on.  Pet the
cat, talk with the Hendersons.  If you talk with Duane first and then with
Pearl, you'll get to hear some unique poetry.  Finish the marketplace by
investigating the kebab kiosk.  Once you're disgusted, go through the doorway
on the right.  In the quiet balcony you will find a carpet seller named Carpet
who doesn't have much to say, but if you use the matchbook on him, a hidden
entrance will be revealed.  Once inside you will finally see the esteemed Club

The taxi driver, Ultar will immediately start in on his sales pitch.  Talk
with him and then try talking to the Manager.  Upon trying to go into the
bathroom, you will learn that it's locked.  Read the sign on the door and then
ask Ultar what it means.  The Quest for the Brush begins.

Leave the club and find Arto the kebab seller.  Try talking with him again and
you will learn the identity of the Brush thief.  Since you're ill- equipped to
steal it back, ask Nejo.  Nejo will teach you some Arabic.  Try it on Arto.
When the coast is clear, head back to Nejo's stall and receive your reward.
For fun, wander around asking people what ''Il 'a'kl kalb' means.

Brush in hand, return to Club Alamut and use it on the Manager.  Now that you
have the keys, use them on the bathroom door and enter.  Have fun by playing
with the towel dispenser and then open the dispenser with the keys.  Take the
toweling.  In the stall, pull on the chain.  Instant souvenir!  Leave the Club
and go back to Nejo's stall.  Stand by the table and pet the cat.  It'll jump
up onto another shelf.  As soon as it settles, ring the bell.  If all went
well, the cat will take off, knocking something off of the shelf. NOTE: Is the
cursor to select the cat missing?  If so, read the FAQ near the top of this
guide for instructions.

Pick up the item and you'll notice it's a cheap statue.  Combine the manky
tissue with the statue for a marbleizing effect worthy of Martha Stewart. 
Find Duane and talk with him about the statue.  Now that you have the money,
go back to the Club and tell Ultar.  He will now consent to driving you to
Bull's Head.  Follow him outside into the marketplace.  He will be standing by
the vehicle in the distance.  Talk with him and you will learn the truck's fan
belt is shot.  Bring up the subject of the toweling you pilfered from the Club
and you'll be on your way!

Bull's Head

Ultar drops you off at the top.  There is a scraggly tree that will yield a
branch.  Combine the remainder of the towel with the branch for instant
mountain climbing gear.  Use the towel/branch combo on the crack in the ground
and climb down.  At the bottom, have a look at the view and then investigate
the small niche in the rock.  You will have to select it three times for
George to pull on the ring.

Enter the cave; when you get to the corner you'll find an unpleasant surprise.
At this point the door will close.  Search the corpse to recover the lens. 
Examine the statue and take a gander at the inscription at the end of the
short tunnel.  A cut scene will follow.

When talking with the Assassin, answer truthfully.  And when it comes time to
be shot, say you'll die like a man (any other answer and, well, you'll die). 
Impressed by your honor, the Assassin will want to shake your hand before he
caps you.  All game you've been wanting to use it, so here's your chance. 
Select the hand-buzzer icon (any other choice will get you killed) and watch
the cut scene.

                    {_____________            ______________
             {»»»»»»{____________/ PARIS III /______________>
                                  "Quite a find Georgie-boy!"

Nico's and Crune Museum

Your stay in Paris is a short one this time.  Give Nico the pull chain you
picked up in Syria and then proceed to Crune Museum.  Lobineau is still there
and talking with him will reveal a new lead.  Get to the World map where a new
dot marks . . .

                    {_______________        ________________
             {»»»»»»{______________/ SPAIN /________________>
                                "One prawn short of a paella"

Villa De Vasconcellos

It's a beautiful day at the Villa.  Lopez, the gardener is watering the lawn. 
Speaking with him will reveal a few things: he doesn't like you and no, you
can't go in the house to see the Countess.  Walk around the corner of the
house to the left.  Use the blood pressure gauge on the hose and George will
do the rest.

When Lopez goes into the house, follow him.  Lopez will catch you and kick you
out if you don't do the following: try to go through the far door near the
suit of armor.  When the dogs bark, walk back a little and select the armor. 
If all goes well, you'll slip behind the suit and Lopez will walk right past
you.  When he's gone, climb the staircase.  The conclusion of your
conversation with the Countess will drop you in the Mausoleum.

The Mausoleum

Here in the crypt, talk with the Countess and then investigate the lectern
under the high window.  You will need to select the lectern twice to get all
the information.  Turn back to the Countess and mention what you found.  She
will call Lopez to bring her chess set and while you're waiting, talk with her
some more.  When the set arrives, you will have to solve a minor puzzle.  Only
the three pieces in the middle column are movable.  Move them so that they are
in these spots:

|      |
| king |
|      |

When the last piece is placed properly, the secret of the Mausoleum will be
revealed and you will be back in Paris.

                    {______________           ______________
             {»»»»»»{_____________/ PARIS IV /______________>
                                       "Vive l'indifference!"

Nico's, Montfauçon and Crune Museum

Maybe you should move in with Nico?  You seem to be here an awful lot and she
seems to be a little jealous this time.  As usual, talk with her and leave to
the Paris Map.  It's time for another visit to Montfauçon.

For fun, talk with the gendarme before going up the stairs into the Church. 
Chat with the Father but leave off mentioning the chalice until the end.  When
you mention it, let him polish it.  While he is thus occupied, have a look at
the big statue.  Use the lens on the statue and keep selecting it until George
looks through the scroll.  Go back and talk with the Father who has finished
polishing the chalice.  When you're done, walk over to the wall to the left of
the left window and examine the knight's tomb.  One mystery down, one to go!

Visit Lobineau at the Museum and talk with him about the strange statue you
saw in Syria.  Seems a similar statue has been found in Paris.  A new dot on
the Paris map will reveal . . .

Institut Hermétique de Nerval

On the street outside the Institut, talk with the well groomed Painter.  Make
note of the bucket of paint beside him before going inside.  Examine the
thermostat on the wall, you will need to "B" button it; this is so that a
conversation topic will be unlocked with the guard.  Speak with the guard,
making sure to mention the thermostat.  Try to go through the door opposite
him and he'll tell you it's locked.  Speak with the guard again, this time
asking for the keys to the bathroom.  Use the keys on the door and step in.

Nasty sort of place isn't it?  Take the soap sitting on the sink.  Time to
learn Key Counterfeiting 101.  Combine the soap with the keys from the guard. 
Combine the key imprint with the plaster.  Use the resulting combination on
the sink and George will do the rest.  Leave the bathroom and return the keys
to the guard.  Get back outside on the street and try to use the plaster key
on the paint bucket.  Go into the Institut for the second time and use the
phone to call Nico.  When she agrees, find the Painter again and talk with

When he's gone, use the Plaster Key on the paint bucket.  When you're done,
return to the Institut and this time turn down the thermostat.  The guard will
put on some spiffy white gloves.  Ask for the bathroom keys again and then
combine them with the plaster key.  Speak with the guard to return the key
ring with the fake.  Now all you have to do is get him out of the way!  Phone
Nico again and watch the scene.  Return to the Institut again and use the key
to unlock the door.

Inside the locked room, climb down into the pit and have a look around.  Use
the chalice at the base of the statue.  Mystery of the Chalice solved!  You'll
be at Nico's yet again, so take your leave of her and head back to . . .

                    {______________           ______________
             {»»»»»»{_____________/ SPAIN II /______________>
                                   "Very funny, you psychos!"

The Villa et. al

Since you'll be back and forth from the Villa to the Mausoleum, I thought it'd
be easier just to combine them here.  Talk with Lopez who has found it in his
heart to forgive you.  Go into the house and take the mirror from the utility
room just to the left of the stairs.  Climb the stairs and speak with the
Countess.  George will return the Chalice and the Biblical references will
come up.  Since neither of you has a Bible handy, leave and make your way to
the Mausoleum.

Take the Bible on the lectern.  Use the manky tissue you've been carting
around on the long candle snuffer.  George will light the candle but the
breeze from the open window will blow it out.  Step back slightly until the
"push me" icon shows up on the window.  Select it and George will close the
window.  Again, use the tissue on the rod and this time the candle will stay
lit.  George will retrieve the item hidden in the candle.

Go back to the house and talk with the Countess.  Afterwards, find Lopez and
ask him if he knows of an abandoned well.  Keep talking with him until he
comes up with the idea of a divining rod.  The trees in the distance are no
good, but the one by the window to the left of the house will yield a suitable
branch.  Walk back to Lopez and speak with him again about the branch. 
Eventually you will find the well and be lowered down into it.

At the bottom, investigate the huge lion's head.  You will need to select it
twice to activate the switch.  As soon as the "walk this way" hand shows up,
select it, otherwise you'll be flatter than a pancake.  Examine the black
doorway that was behind the lion and then walk back to where the sun is
shining down the well.  You will be just to the right of the rope and a
magnifying icon should show up on the well's wall.  Use the mirror on the wall
to reveal a socket on the door.  Use the candle key from the Mausoleum on it. 
Elementary my dear Georgie!  Although you'll be back in Paris, the cut scene
will end with the train trip to Britain.

                    {______________          _______________
             {»»»»»»{_____________/ BRITAIN /_______________>
                        "Do I have to spell it out? L-E-A-K."
The Train

On the train you will be sitting with Nico and an old lady.  Try to get up and
leave.  After the brief scene with the conductor, you'll be able to leave. 
Walk through the train towards the left and into the next car.  An old nemesis
just walked out of a door so that way is blocked.  Return to your compartment
to find that Nico and the old lady are missing.  Leave and enter the
compartment next to yours.  Talk with the extremely hunky and suave Basher in
the referee-esque clothes.  Open up the window and clamber through.

On top of the train, turn around and shuffle to the right.  Near the middle of
the next car is a ladder.  Climb down it and watch the scene unfold.  As soon
as you have control again, pull the train brakes.  As usual, if you don't do
it quick enough, bye-bye Georgie.  After the "old lady" expires, untie Nico
and get a little touchy feely while you're at it.  Exit the train to the left. 
Nico will follow and you'll conveniently be on the path just outside the

St. Ninians

Enter the ruined husk of St. Ninians.  Search the debris near the door you
entered.  You'll need to search it three times to get the cog, but search it a
fourth time for fun.  Between the pile and the gargoyle is a lever which you
will, of course, play with.  You just keep breaking things, don't you?  You'll
get another cog and the lever.  For fun, use the pipe on the gargoyle.  Once
you're finished amusing yourself, use both cogs and the lever on the gargoyle. 
Enter the opened door.

In the half-ruined chamber, try to take one of the torches; Nico won't let you
and for good reason.  Move towards the far end of the chamber and follow the
"walk this way" icon.  Oooh!  Bet you didn't see that one coming.  When you
return to the gunpowder chamber and your escape seems foiled, grab the nearest
torch.  Sit back and watch the rest!


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 - the official site for Broken Sword GBA

 - the official site of the Broken Sword series, full of flashy goodness

 - if you really *must* code your way through Europe

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