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                    - and the Sorcerer's Stone -


1) Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my guide to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. This
game is pretty old (released in late 2001), but it's still a pretty decent game
with some challenging puzzles.

Anyway, I'm on a quest to write a guide for every Harry Potter game there is
(well, every game I own, which is all the GBA ones and a few PC ones). Back
when I first got the HP:SS game, I never really finished it, so while writing
this guide, you could say it was my first playthrough. This simply means I
probably didn't catch everything there is for a game.

The only time I'm going to update this is if people send me info that I have
missed, or if I ever play through this game again and find what I've missed.

If you have any comments, suggestions (or even complaints), send me an e-mail:
songoku1 [at] gmail [dot] com

I hope this guide helps you out and you enjoy the game.

2) Version History

v1.0 (1/13/07: (125 KB)
- Yes, still v1.0
- Just added the exact location of the Rowena Ravenclaw Chocolate Card

v1.0 (1/9/07): (125 KB)
- First release
- Includes walkthrough through the whole game, all the wizard cards, etc.

3) Table of Contents

1) Introduction
2) Version History
3) Table of Contents
4) Characters
5) Walkthrough
 - 5.0  - Intro
 - 5.1  - Attend DADA class on the 3rd floor
 - 5.2  - Defense Against the Dark Arts Class
 - 5.3  - Attend Potions class in the dungeons
 - 5.4  - Potions Class
 - 5.5  - Meet Hagrid in his hut to collect Dittany
 - 5.6  - Collect Dittany
 - 5.7  - Attend flying lessons outside Hogwarts
 - 5.8  - Meet Hermione in the Common room on the 7th floor
 - 5.9  - Meet Draco for a nighttime duel in the Trophy Room on the 3rd floor
 - 5.10 - Escape Snape and return to the Common room on the 7th floor
 - 5.11 - Attend Herbology in Greenhouse 1
 - 5.12 - Quidditch match versus Slytherin
 - 5.13 - Attend the Halloween celebration in the Great Hall
 - 5.14 - Attend Transfiguration class on the 1st floor
 - 5.15 - Visit Hagrid's hut for Flobberworm mucus
 - 5.16 - Return to DADA class on the 3rd floor
 - 5.17 - "Borrow" Wiggentree Bark from Snape's storeroom in the dungeons
 - 5.18 - Escape the storeroom and return to the Common room
 - 5.19 - Attend Potions class in the dungeons
 - 5.20 - Attend Charms class on the 2nd floor
 - 5.21 - Quidditch match versus Hufflepuff
 - 5.22 - Find the Nicolas Flamel book in the library
 - 5.23 - Quidditch match Versus Ravenclaw
 - 5.24 - Report to Hagrid for detention in the Forest Edge
 - 5.25 - Sneak into the forbidden corridor
 - 5.26 - Prevent Voldemort from finding the Sorcerer's Stone
6) Items
7) Spells
8) Chocolate Frog Cards
9) Pumpkin Pasty
10) Enemies
11) FAQ
12) Copyright
13) Conclusion

4) Characters

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the main character (obviously). You'll be playing as him
throughout the entire game. Harry Potter is also known as The Boy Who Lived,
because he is the only person to ever have survived the killing curse, Avada
Kedavra. When Voldemort (aka You-Know-Who, or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) tried
to kill Harry when he was just a baby, the curse backfired, leaving Harry with
his lightning bolt scar, and leaving Voldemort barely alive. And thus, the
Harry Potter story begins.
Ronald Weasley

Harry's best friend. Ronald (Ron) comes from a large family, all of
which have red hair. Due to the family's size, they are very poor, a fact which
Draco Malfoy likes to bring up to make fun of Ron. Ron is very loyal to Harry
Potter, and helps him out whenever he can.
Hermione Granger

Hermione is Harry's other best friend. She is muggle-born (muggles are "normal"
people who don't have magic powers), but extremely smart. She tends to know
just about everything, which can get annoying, but is also very helpful at
Draco Malfoy

A pure-blood who is in Slytherin House. He's always followed by his cronies
Crabbe and Goyle (for protection). He thinks he's better than everyone else,
and is not afraid to admit it. He seems to hate Harry Potter for being famous,
and is his main rival.
Albus Dumbledore

Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Also the only person
Voldemort has ever feared. Very, very wise and intelligent person, who takes
care of Harry (even though it's not obvious) as best he can.
Professor Snape

Potions teacher at Hogwarts. Professor Snape seems to have a dislike for Harry
right from the start (you find out why later in the series), and tries to get
Harry in trouble in any way possible. Snape is also the Head of Slytherin
Professor Quirrell

Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Is always seen wearing a
turban and tends to stutter a lot.
Professor McGonagall

Assistant Headmistress of Hogwarts, Transfiguration teacher, and Head of 
Gryffindor House. She's not afraid to punish kids in her own house and take off
House Points.
Professor Flitwick

Charms teacher at Hogwarts. He's very tiny, and always stands on a stack of
books in the front of the classroom to be able to see everyone.

Groundskeeper at Hogwarts. Also one of Harry's best friends. He got expelled
from Hogwarts in his 3rd year (for something he didn't do), but Dumbledore has
allowed him to stay as the Groundskeeper.
Voldemort (You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named)

The main enemy of the series. Ever since he failed to kill Harry, he's barely
even alive, and must use other people's bodies to survive. His main goal seems
to be to kill Harry.

5) Walkthrough

When you first start the game, you'll be asked to choose between one of many

- English US
- English UK
- Francais (French)
- Deutsch (German)
- Espanol (Spanish)
- Italiano (Italian)
- Nederlands (Dutch)
- Svenska (Swedish)
- Norsk (Norwegian)
- Dansk (Danish)
- Portugues (Portugese)
- Portugues(BR) (Portugese, Brazilian style)

You can always change the Language in the Options Menu if you ever change your

Now you'll be at the Main Menu. Three choices here:

- New Game (Start a new game)
- Continue (Continue a saved game)
- Options (Change your options)

Since you just started this game, you won't be able to continue, since you
never saved anything. Select New Game.

5.0 - Intro

(Picture of the Dursley's House)
Dumbledore: There was nothing about the starry sky that night to suggest that
            strange and mysterious things would soon be happening.

(Picture of Hagrid on flying bike, with baby Harry in arms)
Dumbledore: As unsuspecting muggles slept, a huge motorbike with a giant
            astride it tumbled down from the darkness.

(Picture of baby Harry on Dursley's doorstep, with Dumbledore's letter on him)
Dumbledore: The giant, named Hagrid, left a blanket-wrapped bundle on the
            doorstep of Number 4 Privet Drive. Nestled in the bundle was a
            baby... Harry Potter... The Boy Who Lived.

(Picture of the Dursleys)
Dumbledore: For the next 11 years Harry lived with his dreadful stepparents,
            the Dursleys. Until...

(Picture of Harry looking at a letter)
Dumbledore: ... that fateful day when he received the letter inviting him to
            attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

(Picture of Hogwarts Express)
Dumbledore: Hagrid took Harry to Diagon Alley, to purchase a most unusual list
            of school supplies. Soon after, Harry caught the Hogwarts Express
            from Platform 9 3/4's and left the muggle world far behind.

(Picture of Professor McGonagall placing Sorting Hat on Harry's head)
Dumbledore: Harry sat beneath the Sorting Hat hoping that he would not be
            chosen for Slytherin House over Gryffindor. "Not Slytherin, eh?"
            said the hat in his ear. "You could be great, it's all here in your
            head, and Slytherin will help you on your way to greatness. No?
            Well, if you're sure, better be... GRYFFINDOR!"

5.1 - Attend DADA class on the 3rd floor

You (Harry) and Ron Weasley are now in the Entrance Hall.

Ron: Hello, you must be Harry Potter. I'm Ron Weasley. I'm glad we're both in
     Gryffindor. Looks like we'll be joined by that know-it-all Hermione too.
     Anyway, we need to go to Defense Against the Dark Arts on the 3rd floor.
     I'll see you there. Oh, and watch out forr Peeves the Poltergeist, I've
     heard he's causing trouble again.

There's nothing to do as of now, so head up the Grand Stairs to meet up with
Draco Malfoy:

Draco: Well, if it isn't the famous Harry Potter. You want to watch the company
       you keep. Gryffindor's for mud-bloods and riff-raff.
Harry: I'll certainly be more careful about the friends I keep than your
       friends seem to be.

Continue on through the big door (which actually leads to 1F).

To your right is the first Save Point. Every time you see one of these floating
books, press A when you're standing on them to save your game.

To the right of this floor is the Transfiguration classroom, and to the left is
the Girls' Bathroom. Well, that's it for this floor. Go up the stairs at the
top to go to 2F.

You'll meet Peeves here.

Peeves: Ooh! An ickle firstie! What fun!

That's it. He disappears after this. (Ok..?)

To the left is the library. In the top right corner is the Charms Classroom.
That's it for 2F. Go up the stairs to 3F.

Ron awaits you here.

Ron: Defense Against the Dark Arts is this way, Harry.

You'll see another Save Point here. Now everything that's on this floor:

At the very left is a locked door which will play a role later. You'll also
meet Filch (the caretaker) around here, who will just tell you that this
corridor is off limits. Go up from where Filch is to find the Trophy Room.
There's nothing of interest in there, so just take a look around and leave.

If you try to head upstairs, one of the Weasley twins (Ron's twin brothers)
will tell you you should be in DADA class. The classroom is to the right, so
head there and enter. Approach the teacher (Professor Quirrell) to start the

5.2 - Defense Against the Dark Arts Class

Quirrell: G-Good d-day class and w-welcome to Defense Against the D-Dark Arts.
          I am P-Professor Quirrell and t-t-today we are going to learn the
          Fuh-Flipendo Knockback J-Jinx. This is p-particularly useful when
          c-cornered by nuh-gnomes or w-when getting p-past Puffapods. To
          l-learn the spell, repeat my wand m-movements.

You will now learn your first spell, Flipendo.

Spell: Flipendo

To learn Flipendo, you must follow Quirrell's wand movements. Press your
Control Pad in the direction he waves his wand to match his movements, Left,
Right, Down, and Up.

You now have to mimick Quirrell's movements.

The first challenge only consists of 3 directions, so you should have no
problems doing this.

Note: After Quirrell does each direction, his arm always returns to the center.
For example, if he goes Up, his arm will come back to the middle, and then go
to the next direction. Some people think his arm lowering means he's going
down. You'll see what I mean when you get here.

After you finish the first challenge, you try the 2nd challenge, which consists
of 5 Directions. The first three are the directions from the 1st challenge, so
really it's only two new directions. If you finish this correctly, you get 25
House Points. Sweet.

Then you go on to the 3rd and last challenge. This one has the same 5
directions from the 2nd challenge, plus 2 more (for a total of 7). If you get
this one right, you get 25 MORE House Points. Not bad.

Quirrell: N-Now I'd l-like you to go into the n-next room, Potter, and collect
          the six G-Golden Stars you'll f-f-find in there. Oh, and w-watch out
          for the gnomes. Use Flipendo to knock them b-back. Are you r-ready?

Then enter the door Quirrell just opened (Top right).

You are starting your first class challenge, the Flipendo Challenge. To win
this challenge, collect six gold stars and leave through the same door you used
to enter. This challenge is when you begin to cast your first spell, Flipendo.
To cast a spell, press the B Button.

Go up and to the left and touch the little scroll. These scrolls give you
little tips throughout the game. This one says:

"During this challenge you will encounter a switch for the first time. Switches
activate nearby bridges, doors, or platforms. To trigger a switch, cast
Flipendo on it. Flipendo can also be used to move objects out of your way and
tip over buckets that might have treasure or goodies in them."

See the shield right above you? Cast Flipendo on it. This is an example of a
switch. This will turn a pillar sideways, allowing you to cross a gap.

Go back and cast Flipendo on the barrell lying in your way. Keep pushing the
barrell back into you can reach your first Golden Star (1). Cross the gap
to find another scroll:

"Some rooms in the challenge are occupied by Gnomes. To open the locked doors
to leave these rooms and advance, you must knock out all the Gnomes by casting
Flipendo on them."

You can probably guess you'll meet some Gnomes now. In fact, you'll meet two.
Cast Flipendo on both of them to open the door to the North. Note that it
takes about a second to cast a spell, so try to plan ahead and guess where the
Gnome will be in a second, not where he is now.

Cast Flipendo on the pot in the top right corner here. You'll find a Bertie
Bott's Every Flavor Bean. You'll find these throughout the game, and their
flavor will be pretty much random. These beans will replenish some of your
health (if you need it).

Anyway, collect the next Golden Star (2) and go through the door you just

The two pots up ahead have nothing, but there is another Golden Star (3) around
the corner. Up ahead is another scroll:

"Flipendo Blocks make ideal bridges. To slide them into place, cast Flipendo on
them from the proper side. Once a black has been moved, it can't be moved

Now you'll see the blocks the scroll was talking about. The first block's hand
is pointing left, so we'll want to move the block left by hitting it with
Flipendo from the right side. The block will fall into the blackness and allow
you to cross.

You'll see a Gnome here, so Flipendo him to defeat him. There's also a Bertie
Bott's Every Flavor Bean on the floor. The next block is pointing down, so
push it down. Cross the gap, and push the next block you see down. Then go
around and push the block near it to the left, which will now allow you to get
the next Golden Star (4). Next to the Star is another Bertie Bott's Every
Flavor Bean (from hereon referred to as BBEFB).

Go back and to the right and push the block here to the right. Cross it, push
the next block down, and the next block to the left. Now go back around to
where the Golden Star was and cross the next section. Moving on you'll find
yet another scroll:

"You can search bookcases in Hogwarts. Walk to a bookcase and press Up on the
Control Pad."

And what do you know, there's a bookcase! Search it to find a BBEFB. Go down
and through the door and you'll collect another Golden Star (5). After you go
through the door, it locks behind you.

There's two more Gnomes in this room, so Flipendo them and the door in the
upper-right opens up. Now collect the last Golden Star (6) on the blue carpet
to unlock the door you originally came through.

Before you leave, knock over the left bucket for a BBEFB. The right bucket also
holds a BBEFB.

Now go through the door and you'll realize this is the room where you first
fought the Gnomes. Backtrack back to the beginning (go right, over the pillar
you turned using the switch, and down) and go out the door you first came in.

You mastered the Flipendo Challenge! Your reputation will get a push now!

Quirrell: W-Well done, Potter. That's 20 House P-Points for Gryffindor. You
have P-Potions next with Professor Suh-Snape. You d-don't want to be late, so
r-run along. Oh, and d-don't go t-t-trying out the Flipendo Jinx on your
f-fellow students - you n-never know who m-might be watching.

As you leave the classroom, you'll meet up with Hermione.

Hermione: You're Harry Potter. I know all about you, you're in my "Modern
          Magical History" book. I've learned all my books by heart, of
          course. I'm Hermione Granger, by the way.
Harry: Am I really in that book of yours?
Hermione: Goodness, didn't you know? Anyway, we'd better get to Potions class
          in the dungeons. I hear Professor Snape's very strict.

5.3 - Attend Potions class in the dungeons

You now need to go to the dungeons. You still can't go up (Weasley Twin is
still there), so head back down.

When you get to 2F, Peeves will show up again.

Peeves: Boo.
Harry: Oh, hello Peeves.
Peeves: You didn't jump, firstie!
Harry: I'm getting used to you.
Peeves: Better get scarier then, hadn't I? Don't let me catch you walking the
        halls late at night, or I'll call the prefects on you!

Then he leaves again. Head down to 1F, save if you want, and head down again
to the Entrance Hall.

Hermione: Potions is this way, Harry! Hurry up! Go down the Grand Staircase and
note that the two doors to the left and right are now open! The one on the
right leads to the Great Hall, which has a chest that you can't open yet.

Anyway, go back to the Entrance Hall and take the left door which will take you
to the dungeons.

Hermione: Hurry, Harry! Potions class is this way. They say Professor Snape is
          very strict.

You'll see a Save Point. Save if you want. From now on I won't tell you to
save, rather I'll just mention that there's a Save Point. I shouldn't have to
tell you to save. Just save if you feel like it.

Above the Save Point is a Pumpkin Pasty. There's only 12 of these in the entire
game, and if you collect 3 of them, you'll get another lightning bolt for your

Anyway, the locked door is the Potions storeroom. The door to the very left
leads to Potions class, so head there now.

5.4 - Potions Class

Snape: Ah, yes, Harry Potter, our new - celebrity. Since you're the last one to
       class, Mr. Potter, go fetch us six glass vials from the basement. Hurry
       up now, don't keep the class waiting.

Snape then opens up a trapdoor. Go down it to try to find the six glass vials.

You'll immediately see three pots to your left. The middle one holds a glass
vial (1). Head south through the door, and hit the shield with the hand on the
wall to turn the pillar. Cross it, and you'll find a switch you can step on in
the middle of this room. Do so, and it unlocks the top door.

Go through it, walk through the hallway, across the pillar onto a platform with
another switch you can step on. This releases three Gnomes from the three gates
you see up above. Watch out for these guys. They are very fast, you don't have
much room to move around on, it takes you a while to cast your spell, AND
there's three of them.

After you defeat them, the platform to the right turns and you can cross it.
You'll find another glass vial (2). Search the bookshelf for a BBEFB. The pot
has nothing. Step on the switch next to the bookshelf and go back to the room
which had the three locked doors.

The door to the right should now be open. Head through and you'll come to a
room with three barrells on the floor, and three switches (how convenient).
But first, check the bookshelf in the top right corner for a bag full of BBEFB.
Then break the pot below you, and break the pot below that one for a glass 
vial (3).

Now knock the top barrel to the right twice. Now squeeze to the right of the
middle barrell and Flipendo it to the left twice. The bottom one requires
three Flipendos. This will open some little office, which has another glass
vial (4). Step on the switch below the table and backtrack to the room with the
three doors.

The bottom door is now open. Push either the left or right block down (or both)
and you'll see four pots. The 2nd one to the right has another glass vial (5).
Now hit the shield with the hand on the wall to open the door below you.

Enter the door and you'll see a barrell on a narrow ledge. Roll the barrell and
kill all three Gnomes in your way with the barrell. Then collect the last glass
vial (6).

Snape: That's enough now, Mr. Potter. Return to class immediately for your next
assignment. Backtrack back to the beginning (right, up, left, up) and go up the
stairs to return to class.

You collected all six vials! Maybe Snape will go a little easier on you now.

Snape: Welcome back, Potter. Now, what would I get if I added powdered
       powdered Wiggentree bark to an infusion of Moly and Dittany and then 
       stirred in one pint of Flobberworm Mucus?
Harry: I don't know, sir.
Snape: Tut, tut - fame clearly isn't everything. The answer, of course, is the
       Wiggenwild Potion, a powerful antidote. Which is precisely what we are
       going to be learning this term. For our next lesson I want you all to
       collect the following four ingredients: Dittany, Moly, Flobberworm Mucus
       and Wiggentree Bark. Failure will be severely punished. The
       groundskeeper, Hagrid, may be able to help you with the first
       ingredient. Class dismissed.

5.5 - Meet Hagrid in his hut to collect Dittany

Exit the classroom, and talk to any of the students in the dungeon. They don't
mention anything important, so just head to the Entrance Hall.

Ron: That Snape's not very nice, is he?
Harry: I think that's putting it mildly, Ron. How are we ever going to find all
       four ingredients? I wouldn't know where to start.
Ron: Well, Snape mentioned that Hagrid might help with Dittany. He lives in a
     hut out in the grounds. C'mon, this way!

You can now leave the Castle and head out onto the grounds. There's a Save
Point nearby if you need it. Head outside through the big door to the south.

Ron: Hagrid's hut is this way, Harry. Follow me.

Lots of new things on the Grounds. Go to the right, and the top entrance on the
right side is blocked by Madam Hooch. Come here later to get flying lessons.
Below that you'll see some banners. This is the entrance to the Quidditch
field, which you'll be doing later.

**** SECRET AREA ****

Now there's 7 Greenhouses in the bottom of the Grounds. To the right of the
very right greenhouse is a secret garden you can visit. Enter it and defeat
the Gnome in front of you. Grab the BBEFB and then move the barrell out of the
way. You'll now see two different Gnomes. One is the Yellow Gnome (the ones
you've been seeing all along, I'll call them Yellow Gnomes from now on) and the
other one is a Blue Gnome. The Blue Gnome actually takes two Flipendos to take
out. After one, he'll fall over, but then he'll get back up. After the 2nd
Flipendo he'll stay down though.

Now you'll see some prickly bush. If you hit it with Flipendo, it shoots off
spikes which will damage you. I find it easier to not Flipendo it, because you
can just simply sneak by it without getting hurt. But if you do want to defeat
it and make sure you won't get hurt by it, Flipendo it and QUICKLY move out of
the way so you dodge the spikes. Flipendo it four times to defeat it. Move on,
and you'll find another Yellow Gnome and a Blue Gnome here. Defeat both, grab
the BBEFB, and sneak past the next prickly bush (or defeat it).

You'll have off against three new enemies - the Fire Crabs. These guys are more
like turtles, but they're Fire Crabs. These guys shoot fire balls from their
butts at you, but they only shoot diagonally. So if you're standing right next
to one of them, you're fine. Anyway, Flipendo them three times do defeat each
of them. Once they're defeated, your reward for all of this is another Pumpkin
Pasty. One more and you'll get another bolt for your health.

Now head back out of the garden. Go to the left and enter the next screen to
head towards Hagrid's hut.

Up above is another scroll:

"It's a reminder from Professor Sprout. 'Students should avoid poisonous
mushroom patches!'"

The mushrooms right next to the scroll are poisonous. Ignore this, and head
left instead. Defeat the Yellow Gnome coming at you. Now you have to take out
the prickly bush. Stand below the grass hedge below the bush, and fire from a
safe distance, and move out of the way quickly to dodge the spikes. Might as
well grab the BBEFB while you're here.

Now enter the area the prickly bush was blocking, defeat the Yellow Gnome,
be careful not to touch the poisonous mushrooms, and also avoid the mud with
the cracks in it. You can fall into these and you won't lose any health, but
you'll have to restart the area. Anyway, search the top right bush for a bag

Leave that area, continue on and defeat the next prickly bush. There's another
Yellow Gnome behind it, so take care of him first. See the log on the other
side of that water puddle? Flipendo it.

Now go back to where the other log is, and Flipendo it until you're past the
water and can head up (towards the mushrooms). If you Flipendo the random
bucket, you'll get another bag of BBEFB.

Go past the mushrooms, take care of the Yellow Gnome and search the bush for
just a single BBEFB. Move on, avoid the cracked mud, defeat the Yellow Gnome.
Get by the poisonous mushrooms to the south and get ready to Flipendo another
Yellow Gnome. And another. Then there's two prickly bushes you can get rid of.

Now search the bush to find your first Chocolate Frog! Chocolate Frogs are
cards with famous witches and wizards on them that you can collect. In this
game, there's 16 of them. You just found your first one. This one is a card of
Morgan Le Fay.

Anyway, head back and go left (avoiding the cracked mud) and finish off the
Yellow Gnome and collect the BBEFB. Then take out the prickly bush and enter
Hagrid's Hut.

Hagrid: And here's Harry! Good to see yeh! I must apol'gise fer the slight
        gnome infestation, I bin a might distracted lately, what with the
        break-in at Gringotts and doin' some personal business for Professor
        Dumbledore an' all.
Harry: Hagrid, can you help me find a herb called Dittany? Snape's ordered us
       to find some before the next Potions lesson.
Hagrid: O'course I can, Harry! Follow me!

There's a Save Point inside of Hagrid's hut. Go out the back door (on the

Hagrid: This 'ere's my garden, Harry. I'm sure there's some wild Dittany at the
        back. Why don't yeh go 'ave a look?

5.6 - Collect Dittany

First head left and see that white egg shaped thing? Flipendo it up, then go
around the left, and Flipendo it to the right so it lands on the switch. This
will cause a block to move back and forth, allowing you to move on. Defeat the
Yellow Gnome, go left, defeat another Yellow Gnome, and Flipendo the white
egg-plant thing to make it roll on one of three switches.

Further down you'll see another white egg-plant, so Flipendo it to the right
and take care of the Yellow Gnome. Continue down, take care of the two prickly
bushes, defeat the Yellow Gnome, go further down, grab the BBEFB, and defeat
another Yellow Gnome. Phew. Keep going until you see a switch on the ground
you can push. This will activate another block that moves. Get on it, ride it
to the end, get off, defeat the Yellow Gnome and grab the Bag of BBEFB.

Now you'll see two bushes. The left contains another Chocolate Frog. This one
is Newt Scamander. Head down and defeat three Yellow Gnomes, and collect the
lone BBEFB. Go back to where you got off the block and go right and defeat the
prickly bush. Check the bush right above it for a full bag of BBEFB. Go down,
defeat all the Yellow Gnomes, get rid of all the prickly bushes anad grab the
bag of BBEFB. Then push the block below you down.

Now I suggest going ahead of the egg-plant and taking care of ALL the prickly
bushes you possibly can. This just makes it easier for a minute from now.
Now, follow my instructions carefully.
1) Knock the egg-plant to the right.
2) Then up
3) Left
4) Up
5) Left
6) Now go below the egg-plant, and Flipendo it up from across the gap. Before
you do this, make sure the block above it is pushed to the right.

The egg-plant should now roll onto one of the switches.

Now the last one. This is the egg-plant you originally pushed to the right
after you got the first one on the switch. Follow instructions again:
1) Knock it down.
2) Then to the right from across the gap (it should hit the log)
3) Down
4) To the left from across the gap by the poisonous mushrooms
5) Down from across the gap
6) Left

Now you should know how to do this (up, left, up) and you'll have finished this
little puzzle.

Now go to where all the moving blocks are and get across it. If you fall,
you'll have to redo the whole level. I wouldn't fall if I were you. Cross it
to get a bag of BBEFB. Then approach the little mushrooms, which turn out to be
Dittany. Finally.

Now make your way all the way to the beginning (again, if you fall you'll have
to do it ALL over again).

Harry: I've found the Dittany, Hagrid!
Hagrid: Well done, Harry! That's one over on old Snape! What class you got
Harry: Flying, I think, with Madam Hooch.
Hagrid: Better get goin', then. See yeh later.

Head back into Hagrid's house.

You found the Dittany! It's tiny fronds wave as if in greeting!

Ron: Hey, Harry, it's Flying lessons next with Madam Hooch over at the flying
     pitch! Go on ahead, I'll catch up.

5.7 - Attend flying lessons outside Hogwarts

Just head to the upper right exit off of Hogwarts grounds to start flying

Madam Hooch: You're late, Potter. Neville Longbottom's broken his wrist and I'm
             taking him to the hospital wing to see Madam Pomfrey. I'll be back
             very soon. In the meantime, I don't want to see any of you leave
             the ground!

Malfoy: Did you see Longbottom's stupid face? Boo-hoo, the big crybaby.
Harry: Is that Neville's Remembrall, Malfoy?
Malfoy: Yeah - what about it?
Harry: Give it here. It doesn't belong to you.
Malfoy: I think I'll leave it somewhere for crybaby Longbottom to collect - how
        about - up a tree? Come and get it, Potter!

"You are on your broomstick! Press the A Button to go faster, and release it to
slow done. Flying through the trail of sparkes gives you a speed boost to help
you catch Draco. When you catch up to him, press either the A Button or B
Button to grab the Remembrall."

Now you get the first flying lesson. I find the "Advanced Flying Controls" a
LOT easier than normal, but it's up to you. Anyway, follow Malfoy, and try to
fly through as many blue rings as you can. Doing this will increase your speed
and you'll eventually catch up to Malfoy.

Once you're close enough, a new bar appears. You don't control Harry at all, so
don't worry about crashing. Instead focus on the blue bar. As time goes by the
blue bar will decrease. What you have to do here is catch the ball that is
moving back and forth. Your hand is on the left, and when the ball is closest
to your hand, press either A or B to catch it. If you run out of time, you'll
start over and have to speed up to catch Malfoy again.

You recovered Neville's Remembrall! Draco and his rough-hewn cronies will think
twice about taking you on now.

Madam Hooch: HARRY POTTER! How dare you! You might've broken your neck!
Harry: But Malfoy-
Madam Hooch: That said, Potter, you are obviously a natural flier and I'd like
             you to be Seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.
Harry: Er, great. What's a Seeker?
Madam Hooch: You'll find out later. It'll soon be dark. Better head up to the
             Gryffindor Common room.

Try to leave the flying area.

Malfoy: So, when are you taking the train back to the muggle world, Potter?
Harry: You're a lot braver now you're back on the ground and you've got your
       little friends with you.
Malfoy: I'd take you on any time on my own. Tonight if you want. Wizard's duel.
        Wands only. I'll meet you in the trophy room on the 3rd floor.
Harry: I'll be there.
Malfoy: See that you are.

5.8 - Meet Hermione in the Common room on the 7th floor

Leave the area and head towards the castle again. You'll meet Ron here.

Ron: Well done, Harry. You really showed that stuck-up Malfoy how to fly! I
     heard about the duel tonight. I'll be your second. Now we'd better get up
     to the Gryffindor Common room on the 7th floor. C'mon!

Then follow Ron inside. Head up the Grand Staircase to 1F. Keep going up until
you reach 4F, where you'll meet Ron again.

Ron: Hey, Harry! Fred and George told me about a secret staircase on this
     leading up to the 7th floor! It's behind a special looking bookcase. All
     you have to do is search the bookcase to open it! Let's go!

Go up and to the left to find Ron standing in front of a bookcase. Search the
bookcase and it will reveal the secret passage. Enter it, walk up the spiral
staircase and go in the other door. You're now on the 7th floor, with Hermione
standing right in front of you.

Hermione: Hello, Harry. Bit of a pain, but apparently the password for the
          Common room's changed. Do you know what the new one is?
Harry: Er, no, I don't.
Hermione: Good thing that I do, then. Come with me.

Follow her to the Gryffindor Portrait, and she'll say "Pig Snout!" which is the
password to let you in. Hermione goes in. Walk up to the portrait and you'll
say Pig Snout. Now go into the Gryffindor Common Room. Walk up to Hermione and
talk to her.

Harry: Er, hello, Hermione, I was wondering-
Hermione: You were wondering who was responsible for the creation of the
          Werewolf Register in 1947?
Harry: Um, not exactly, I-
Hermione: You were wondering who was the Chief of the Wizards' Council in the
          14th century?
Harry: No, Hermione, I was wondering if you knew any spells that could, umm,
       unlock doors?
Hermione: Well, as it happens I do. It's the "Alohomora" unlocking spell. Would
          you like me to teach it to you?
Harry: Yes, please.
Hermione: All right, then.

Spell: Alohomora

To learn Alohomora, you must follow Hermione's wand movements. Press your
Control Pad in the direction she waves her wand to match her movements, Left,
Right, Down, and Up.

The 1st challenge consists of four directions. Not too hard.

Down, down, left, up, left, right, down, up

The 2nd challenge is the first four from the 1st challenge, plus two new ones.
Then the 3rd challenge is the six from the 2nd challenge, plus two new ones

If you finish the 3rd challenge, you get a Pumpkin Pasty from Hermione! If
you've been following this guide, this should be your 3rd one, which means you
get another Lightning Bolt for health.

You learned Alohomora! This should really open doors for you!

Hermione: I want you to promise me you won't use Alohomora to help you sneak
around Hogwarts at night.
Harry: Hermione, I-
Hermione: Promise me, Harry.
Harry: Okay, I promise.
Hermione: Good. That's that, then.

Now approach Ron to talk to him.

Ron: It's nearly midnight, Harry. Time for your wizard's duel with Malfoy.
Harry: Um, I've been thinking, Ron. I reckon that I should go to the trophy
       room alone. Malfoy might think I'm afraid of him I went with you.
Ron: Well, if you're sure?
Harry: I'm sure.
Ron: Well, all right, then. Good luck Harry.
Harry: Thanks Ron.

If you need to save, go through the door in the top right corner. Otherwise
just exit out the right side.

5.9 - Meet Draco for a nighttime duel in the Trophy Room on the 3rd floor

You'll notice it's night now, and everything is dark. You have a little circle
of right around you so you can see. To the right is a scroll:

"You have learned the Alohomora spell. You can use this skill to unlock
treasure chests and certain doors marked with keyholes. The spell icon for
Alohomora is a key. Press the R Button to cycle through spell icons in the
upper right of the screen. When an icon is onscreen, the spell it represents is
the selected spell."

In this section you have to walk out for prefects. Even though it's dark, you
can still see other people. Just don't let them get too close. Everytime you
get caught, you lose 3 House Points and start over at the beginning of the
floor you got caught on.

Floor 7

To the right is a prefect. Instead, open the door below using Alohomora. Use
the R button until you see a key in the top right corner. Now cast the spell to
use Alohomora. You can use R again to switch back to Flipendo if you want too.

Anyway, go through the door. Go left, but hug the top wall, since there's a
prefect pacing back and forth here. Go up as soon as you can, go around, and
back down. Open the door to the left (Same prefect is to the right).

Now it gets a little trickier. There's two passages, with two prefects on each
one. As soon as either one starts walking up, go after him, but keep your
distance. Duck into the empty area in the middle of the two passages, and wait
for them to pass again. Head to the top, and go left and prepare to go down

Run past the prefects when they're walking away from you. The next two prefects
randomly walk around, so just do your best to avoid them. Go to the right,
unlock the door. Go through, right, and down the stairs to 6F.

Floor 6

The stairwell to 5F is nearby to your right, but there's a prefect in the way.
That would've been too easy. Instead, go left, and up. Avoid the prefect here
by hugging the wall on the bottom. Contine upwards, and go left (hugging the
bottom wall to avoid the perfect). Go down and right and you'll find a chest.
Open it with Alohomora to get a Chocolate Frog (Bowman Wright).

Go back to the right (again, hugging the bottom wall) and take the bottom path
of the two (the top one has a prefect walking around). Wait for the prefect
to walk away from you, and walk down that narrow passage there.

At the end of this passage is another prefect, so wait for him to walk away
from you. Go up above (avoiding that prefect here), go to the right, and down.
To the left you will see a big dark spot (only a stone dragon), but you can
hide behind him. Watch out for the prefect, and continue down through the
narrow passage.

At the end of this passage is another narrow passage, but this time it has a
prefect patrolling it. Fortunately, there are alcoves you can hide in when the
prefect is approaching you. Wait for him to walk away from you, and run through
the passage, hiding in the alcoves if needed.

Once you're by here, simply head to the stairs to 5F.

Floor 5

Once again, the stairs are to your right, but a prefect is in the way. Instead,
go left. You'll have to hide in the alcoves again to avoid the prefect on this
long narrow passage. Go up, and all the way to the right for another chest.
This one has a bag of BBEFB.

Now go all the way to the left. Hug the left wall while you go up (avoiding
2 prefects). Once you're at the top, go all the way to the right, then down.
Go right again and you'll find a switch on the wall (the shield with the hand).
Hit it with Flipendo to change a pillar nearby that you couldn't get across
before. Head back out of this room (all the way up, left, down).

Go right and you'll see a big black spot. If you fall in here you'll have to
start the floor over. If you hit the switch, there'll be a pillar in the middle
that you can cross on. 

Wait for the prefect to go away, and go up and to the right (hide in alcoves
when needed). Go down (avoiding another prefect) and you'll find a locked door.

Unlock it and go down to the stairs to 4F.

Floor 4

There's prefects to the left and down, so head right and cast Alohomora on the
mirror. Head up and wait for the prefect to walk away from you in the narrow
passage. Hide in the alcoves with the Knights when needed. Go up, to the right,
and take the 2nd passage down (if you go all the way to the right and down,
you'll find a door that won't open). Hit the stone dragon with Flipendo and it
will wake up and walk back and forth, also stepping on a switch that opens
the previously mentioned door for a second. Go back around and go through the
door when the dragon steps on the switch.

Go up, right, and avoid the prefect and continue down. Use the alcove in the
next passage to avoid the prefect. Go down, and use the alcove again to avoid
the prefect. Go down through the door, and avoid the prefect walking around
in this area. Go down the stairs to 3F, your destination.

Floor 3

Go left, avoid the prefect walking around there, and go down past him, and
turn left. Follow the red carpet and you'll eventually up at the trophy room.
But, it's locked, and Alohomora doesn't work. Instead, go left and you'll find
an open room here. Go left through the room and Harry will say:

Harry: Gosh! What an enormous dog! I wonder if it's guarding the mysterious
       package Hagrid removed from Gringotts?

Pretty far-fetched theory if you ask me, but the game has to tie that in some
how. Anyway, keep going left and at the end go up, unlocked the door, and

You'll now find Malfoy.

Malfoy: What took you, Potter? Weasley's dull-witted must be rubbing off on
Harry: Let's just get on with it, Malfoy.
Malfoy: Yes, let's. Oh, one more thing before we begin. Snape heard - I can't
        imagine how - that you were in the trophy room after dark. And he's on
        his way up here as we speak.
Harry: Snape? Coming here?
Malfoy: That's right, Potter. Locomotor Mortis!
Harry: Argh! I can't move!
Malfoy: Bye, bye, Potter. Give Professor Snape my regards when you see him.

Harry: Ah! I can move again! I need to get back to the 7th floor before Snape
       catches me!

Now you have to escape Snape.

5.10 - Escape Snape and return to the Common room on the 7th floor

Go up and cast Alohomora on the mirror and go through the revealed passage.
Save Point is on the left. Go up from the Save Point and Flipendo the switch.
Now go back to the right where the big black gap is. Hitting the switch
activated a block that is now moving back and forth the gap. Wait for the
block, get on it and ride it across.

To the left is a chest with a Chocolate Frog (Godric Gryffindor). Go the right,
and go around until you see a switch. Step on the switch and DON'T MOVE! Snape
will suddenly come around, but as long as you don't move he won't see you.
He'll ask who's wandering around, and that it better not be you, Harry Potter!

Note: If Snape catches you, you lose 6 House Points and have to start over.

Wait for him to disappear across the bridge you just turned with the switch,
and follow him. Hide in the alcoves of this hallway, since Snape is walking
back and forth in this hallway. At the end, go down and push the block to the
right. Cross it, and push the next block up. Be careful here, since Snape is
walking around here too (how did he get here so fast?). Go up the left passage,
break all the pots, and collect the single BBEFB.

Now hit the block to the right. Go up, and another block will be there. Hit
this one to the right and Snape will take off again. Quickly follow, break the
pot in the alcove and hide there for now. Down below this are three locked
doors. First unlock the left door (all while avoiding Snape) and enter. At the
bottom you can push a block to the right. Now go in the right door and push the
block to the left. Now go in the middle door and cross the gaps (if you hadn't
pushed the blocks, you'd fall in the blackness).

Keep going and you'll be out of the Trophy Room.

You escaped the Trophy Room! Wait 'til Ron and Hermione hear about this!

You'll now be on the 4th floor. Now just backtrack through the 4th floor (if
you're having trouble, refer to my Floor 4 directions up above and just follow
it backwards). Fortunately for you, you don't have to through Floor 5-7 again.

Instead, use the secret passage Ron showed you (The bookcase to the left of the
stairs that lead to 5F). Go through it, and enter the Gryffindor Common Room.

Ron: So, how did it go, Harry? Is Malfoy a gibbering wreck?
Harry: Not exactly. Malfoy tricked me. He told Snape I was going to be in the
       trophy room.
Ron: Did Snape catch you?
Harry: No, I managed to escape. But, on the way there I saw a great big
       three-headed dog guarding something in the forbidden corridor.
Hermione: I don't believe it! Didn't you listen to what Dumbledore said? I hope
          you didn't use the Alohomora spell I taught you.
Harry: Well, I, um...
Hermione: Oh, Harry - you promised...
Ron: Oh, Hermione, stop behaving like a grown-up.

Sometime later...

Ron: We've got Herbology in Greenhouse 1 first thing. Better get going, I
Hermione: Harry, I can't forgive you for using Alohomora to help you sneak 
          around at night when you promised me you wouldn't.
Ron: Oh, shut up Hermione.
Hermione: Hrrmph!
Harry: Don't be too hard on her, Ron. I did break my promise not to use
Ron: Yeah, but it was worth it, wasn't it?
Harry: Well...
Ron: Of course it was - you got to see the three-headed dog guarding the
     forbidden corridor! Anyway, we'd better get to Herbology in Greenhouse 1.
     I'll see you there.

5.11 - Attend Herbology in Greenhouse 1

First, let's get some other things done. Instead of taking the shortcut on
7F, follow the path you followed at night. Eventually you'll come to switch
on the wall (shield with hand). Flipendo this switch and backtrack until you
notice an open door (which was locked before). Enter the door to see a bunch
of Astronomy instruments and other things. The thing we want is in the top
left: A Pumpkin Pasty!

Now head to 5F. First, hit the switch on the wall that you hit at night to
turn the pillar. This starts a moving block over the same gap as last night.
Now you must find 4 switches:
1) Go up from the switch on the wall and step on switch
2) Go left from the stairs that lead to 6F, and you'll see the switch by the
3) On the other side of the bookshelf
4) Go to the top right corner of this floor and you'll see a locked door. Go
   left a bit and you'll see the last switch

After stepping on all these switches, you'll unlock the door in the top right
corner of the floor.

Enter this room to find a Fire Crab. Defeat this guy by hitting him with
Flipendo 3 times. This guy is very fast, and the room is small, so be careful
when fighting him. After you defeat him, you get another Pumpkin Pasty.

Now, let's head to Herbology.

Go outside and head into Greenhouse 1 (the one on the very right)

Professor Sprout: Welcome to Herbology. My name is Professor Sprout. I
                  understand that Professor Snape has asked you to collect
                  ingredients for the Wiggenweld Potion. One of these
                  ingredients can be found here in the greenhouse. This
                  ingredient is Moly - a magical herb that protects against
                  Dark Enchantments. You will need to collect six Moly in total
                  and bring them all back to me. They can be recognized by
                  their black stems and white flowers.
                  But be warned - the greenhouse is full of Doxies, which are
                  immune to your Flipendo jinx. I would advise that you lure
                  the Doxies into the snapping mouths of the Venomous
                  Tentacular. Potter, you will begin. Good luck.

Now for your second challenge. You have to find 6 Moly herbs.

Go to the left and follow the path until you meet a new enemy - Slime Snails.
They leave behind a green slime, which will hurt you if you touch them. Three
Flipendos should take care of each one though.

Proceed, but watch out for the cracked floor tiles. You can quickly walk over
them, but don't stay too long, or you'll start over. Continue on, and then
unlock the locked door. Here you'll find a piece of Moly (1). Don't forget to
step on the switch (it will turn a bridge you'll need later). Continue on the
path, defeat the Slime Snail and cross the bridge (See how the top bridge is
turned? That's what the switch did).

Push the block above you up, then continue down and left. You'll be in a big
open arena. Suddenly you'll see little purple creatures (these are Doxies)
flying towards you. Do your best to avoid them and lure them towards the big
green Venomous Tentacular so he can eat the Doxies. Once all the Doxies are
gone, go to the bottom left to collect another Moly (2). Then step on the
switch above the Moly. This turns the center bridge you crossed to get here.

Now take the bottom right path (Search the bushes here for a BBEFB) and move
on. Get rid of the prickly bush in your way, and move go right and up and push
the block to the left. Go down here, push the block right, the next block left,
and grab another Moly (3).

Now go back, take the very right path and up where you'll find two prickly
bushes and a bag of BBEFB. Defeat the bushes and grab the BBEFB, obviously.

Now make your way back to the beginning (shouldn't be too hard, just don't go
the way you came in). Go down from here. You'll see another egg-shaped plant.
Make it roll right. Then go to where you pushed it (by some bookshelves),
squeeze yourself above it and roll it down. Go down, past the two egg-shaped
plants and to the right. You'll see a black hole, with another egg-plant a
little below it. Go BELOW this egg-plant and roll it up, so that it's next to
the black hole. Now go back to where the other two egg-plants are, and roll
the top one to the right.

Then go back to where Professor Sprout is, and take the right path all the way
to the end. Go down and roll the egg-plant in front of you down. It should be
on the switch now, which will open up the door near it. Go back around and
enter the room. Grab the Moly (4) and step on the switch.

Make your way to where you first met the Doxies. You'll see that all three
bridges have turned now, so cross all of them and grab another Moly (5). Push
the block up and go up to find Professor Sprout again. You've been everywhere
now, so where's the last Moly?

Go to where the bookshelves were, and search the middle one, to find the last
Moly (6). Head back to Professor Sprout.

Professor Sprout: Well done, Harry! Professor Snape will be extremely pleased
                  to see that you have one of the ingredients for the
                  Wiggenweld Potion. That's 30 House Points for Gryffindor.
Harry: Oh, do you think so?
Professor Sprout: I'm sure.
Ron: I've never seen Snape pleased.
Harry: I don't think he can ever be pleased.
Ron: Let's not worry about that now, Harry. It's time for the Quidditch match
     against Slytherin!
Harry: Oh great.

5.12 - Quidditch match versus Slytherin

Simply make your way to the right, where all the banners are and enter the
Quidditch Stadium.

Oliver Wood: Hello Potter, ready for the game?
Harry: Well, I, er...
Oliver Wood: Great! First, a quick briefing on the rules. There are seven
             players on each team: three Chasers, two Beaters, one Keeper, and
             a Seeker. They play with four balls. The Chasers try and score
             through the opposing team's hoops with the Quaffle ball and the
             Keeper tries to stop the Quaffle from going through the hoops. The
             Beaters try and bat the two Bludger balls out of harm's way and
             the Seeker tries to catch the Golden Snitch, which is a ball with
             wings. That's your job, Harry. When you see the Snitch try and
             catch it and you'll win us the game. Got it all?
Harry: Well, I, er...
Oliver Wood: Perfect! Let's get going!

Enter the Stadium now.

As a Quidditch Seeker, wait until the snitch is released and then chase it
down. Stay within the Snitch's 'halo' to swoop down to try and catch it. And
watch out for bludgers! To dodge them, hit the B Button.

This is actually a little hard. You have to follow the Snitch around. The
does have a certain path it follows, so just try and follow it around while it
moves around in seemingly random directions. After a while you should notice a
pattern. This will make it easier to approach it. Start cutting corners once
you know where the Snitch is going. If you get near any Bludgers, dodge them
with the B Button.

Eventually, you'll enter the next scene.

You now have to catch the snitch. Watch out for other players now as well as
bludgers. Fly through its trail of sparkles to get a speed boost. When you
catch up to the snitch, press either the A Button or B Button to grab it.

Same thing here. Follow it around (it does have a pattern) and fly through
the blue rings to get more speed. Try avoiding Bludgers, but I'm always too
focused on the snitch to notice the bludgers. Eventually you'll get the little
bar to come up, and you have to catch the Snitch with A or B. Once you catch
the Snitch, the game will be over and you'll have won.

If you take too long to catch the Snitch, you'll lose the game. Winning or
losing doesn't the affect the story at all, except you don't get 70 House
Points if you lose.

If you won:

Ron: Well done, Harry! We beat those slimy Slytherin lot and got 70 House
     Points for Gryffindor!
If you lost:

Oliver Wood: Unfortunately, the other Seeker beat you to the snitch. You lost
             the match. Better luck next time!
Ron: Never mind, Harry. We've still got Hufflepuff to make up the points.

Ron: By the way, seen Hermione anywhere?
Harry: Not since this morning, why?
Ron: Just wondering where she'd go to, that's all.
Harry: Not like you, Ron, to be worrying about Hermione.
Ron: I'm not worried, exactly, just. umm - well, just wondering where she was.
Harry: I'm sure she'll be in the Great Hall tonight for the Halloween banquet.
       I'll tell her that you were worried about her.
Ron: Don't you dare. C'mon, I'll meet you in the Great Hall.

5.13 - Attend the Halloween celebration in the Great Hall

Go back towards the castle and enter. The pumpkins are not Pumpkin Pasties, but
rather it's Halloween time, so they're just decorations. Go in the door to the
right and go through this corridor to enter the Great Hall.

Harry: Hermione still not turned up yet?
Ron: Nope. I overheard Parvati Patel saying that Hermione was crying in the
     girls' bathrooms on the 1st floor.
Harry: She's probably upset with me for breaking my promise to her about the
       Alohomora spell.
Ron: Feeling guilty are you? I reckon she's just noticed she's got no friends.

Harry: I wonder what Professor Quirrell wants?
Professor Quirrell: Troll in the dungeons! Thought you ought to know.
Dumbledore: Everyone stay where they are! Percy Weasley, guard the doors!
Harry: How could a troll get into Hogwarts?
Ron: Don't ask me. Maybe Peeves let it in for a joke. I wonder where Snape's
Harry: I don't know - what about Hermione?
Ron: What about her?
Harry: She doesn't know about the troll! We need to warn her!
Ron: Oh, all right. But Percy better not see us leave.

Before you go, open the chest in the top right corner for a BBEFB. Now exit the
Great Hall. Then open the chest to the left of that one (towards the middle of
the Great Hall) to find a Chocolate Card (Merlin).

In the Entrance Hall you'll see Percy Weasley running back and forth. Move past
him (if he catches you, you lose 3 House Points) and go up the stairs to 1F.
Watch out for Professor McGonagall here. If she catches you, you lose 6 House

Go to the left door, which is the Girls' Bathroom (it's open).

Ron: Quick, Hermione! It's coming!

Go up and to the left to fight the troll. But first, fall down one of the small
holes. We got some items to get down here.

Right in the area where you fall down, there's 2 chests. They have 1 BBEFB
each. Now go to the top right. Push the left barrell up to get another BBEFB.
Push the right barrell aside and go in the area. You'll have to defeat two
Yellow Gnomes here. Then open the chest for another Chocolate Frog card
(Ignatia Wildsmith).

Ok, now ready to fight the Troll? I hope so. Go through the door on the very
left to head back to where the troll is at.

So how do you defeat this guy? He's rather annoying.

Basically, to defeat him, you have to push him in the big black hole. The only
time you can push him back is when he raises his arms and growls, or whatever
he does. So you need to get him near the big black hole, then hope he yells
around and raises his arms. When this happens, hit him with Flipendo, and he'll
fall into the black hole. That's it.

It can be a little frustrating, and may take a while, but eventually it'll work

After you defeat the Troll, Ron and Hermione come running (Thx for the help you

Ron: That's brilliant, Harry! You trapped the troll!
Hermione: Well done, Harry!

Professor McGonagall: Potter! Granger! Weasley! What on earth were you thinking
                      of? You're all lucky you weren't killed!
Hermione: Please, Professor McGonagall - if Ron and Harry hadn't fuond me I'd
          be dead by now. Harry managed to trap the troll in the dungeons.
Professor McGonagall: Well, in that case I'll award 50 House Points to

"You defeated the troll! It smells really bad! But Hermione is safe now, and so
is the rest of Hogwarts."

Sometime later...

Hermione: It's Transfiguration class with Professor McGonagall on the 1st
          floor. Come on, Harry!

5.14 - Attend Transfiguration class on the 1st floor

Just head up to 1F and go in the door to the right to start the class.

Professor McGonagall: Welcome to Transfiguration. The Transfiguration is some
                      of the most dangerous magic you will learn here at
                      Hogwarts. Anyone messing around in my class will leave
                      and not come back. You have been warned. Today we will be
                      transfiguring non-living objects into living things with
                      the Avifors spell. Are you all ready? Then we shall

Spell: Avifors

To learn Avifors, you must follow Professor McGonagall's wand movements. Press
your Control Pad in the direction she waves her wand to match her movements,
Left, Right, Down, and Up.

The 1st challenge consists of 5 directions. A little harder than in the past,
but still easy.

The 2nd challenge is 7 directions, consisting like alwyas of the 5 from the 1st
challenge, and 2 more. You get 25 House Points for completing this.

The 3rd challenge is 9 directions, 2 new ones like always. You get 25 more
House Points if you finish this.

Professor McGonagall: Right. Now we shall learn how to use the Avifors spell in
                      a challenging situation. In the next room you must
                      collect six Golden Stars and bring them back to me.
                      Potter, you shall go first.

Go through the left door to start the challenge. There's a scroll right in
front of you:

"You have started the Avifors Challenge. In this challenge, you need to collect
six gold stars and use Avifors to move heavy objects off of pressure plates in
the floor, which will open doors so you can advance. In somep laces, you will
also need to use the other spells you have learned."

Another scroll further up ahead:

"Avifors is the third spell you have learned. The icon for Avifors is a bird.
Press the R Button; when the bird icon appears, you have equipped Avifors. You
can change spells by continuing to press the R Button."

And another scroll to the left:

"The following room is infested with venomous Doxies (they're quite different
from fairies). While Flipendo will stun them, the best tactic to use is luring
them into a nearby Venomous Tentacular. Doxies are its favorite snack!"

The last two you already knew. Oh well.

Anyway, cast Avifors on the stone that's laying on the switch. It will fly away
which raises the switch, which opens the door to the left, the room with the
Doxies. Lead the Doxies to the Venomous Tentacular to finish them off, and get
your first Golden Star (1).

Go up and Flipendo the bucket for a BBEFB. Go right and down and Flipendo the
block to the right. Continue right, until you meet a Blue Gnome. Defeat him
with two Flipendos. Take the star at the bottom (2). Go left, push the barrell
up, and cast Avifors on the stone to lift the switch up.

Backtrack to where you got the 2nd star, and go down through the door and grab
another Gold Star (3). Flipendo the bucket for a BBEFB. Go up, defeat one Blue
Gnome, then go up and defeat another. Go left from the 2nd Blue Gnome and grab
yet another Gold Star (4). Go all the way to the right and down to Avifor
another rock.

Head back to the other side of the wall and go down through the now open door.
Flipendo the stone dragon and wait for him to move onto the switch. When he
does, quickly go through the door below and grab the next Gold Star (5).

Go left, through the next door, and open the chest with Alohomora for a bag of
BBEFB. Then Avifor the rock next to the chest. Make sure to push the two blocks
to the left before you leave. The door below is open, so head through it.

Go left and you'll be at the place where you started. However, head up since
you've pushed all the blocks into the blackness. Grab the final Gold Star (6).

Then go down and out the door you came in.

"You overcame the Avifors Challenge! Your heart soars like a hawk, or perhaps
more like a finch."

Professor McGonagall: Well done, Potter. That's 50 House Points for Gryffindor.
                      Run along now.

5.15 - Visit Hagrid's hut for Flobberworm mucus

Head outside the classroom and Hedwig, your owl that you were never told about,
will drop off a letter:

"Dear Harry, I think I can help you find the third ingredient for the
Wiggenweld Potion - Flobberworm Mucus. Come and see me in my garden right away.

Head outside towards Hagrid's hut. Check section "5.5" if you need help on
getting there.

However, before you get to Hagrid's, we can get another item. When you come to
the part where there's two Yellow Gnomes while you're going down (with two
prickly bushes to the right), you should see a brown spot on the bushes across
from the prickly bushes. This is a secret entrance. Walk through here and you
should find a chest on the other side. Open it with Alohomora to get another
Pumpkin Pasty.

From here, go up, left, up through the prickly bush to reach Hagrid's Hut.
Enter his hut, and go out the right side to meet up with Hagrid.

Hagrid: Hello, Harry. Glad yeh could make it. The Flobberworms are out in the
Harry: How do I go about collecting them?
Hagrid: Well, Flobberworms, like a great many of animals, are partial to a bit
        o' music. They can be calmed by playin' a tune on this flute.
Hermione: So, that great big dog down the forbidden corridor might also be
          calmed by music?
Hagrid: How do you know about Fluffy?
Harry: Fluffly?
Hagrid: Yeah - he's mine - bought him off a Greek fellow I met las' year - I
        lent him to Dumbledore to guard the - 
Harry: Yes?
Hagrid: You jus' keep away from that corridor. Whatever's down there is between
        Dumbledore and Nicolas Flamel.
Hermione: We were just wondering, that's all.
Hagrid: Anyway, Harry, yeh need to charm six Flobberworms with the flute and
        bring 'em back here so Hermione and me can extract the mucus.
Hermione: Why do I always get the really great jobs?
Harry: Okay. Thanks Hagrid. Six Flobberworms.

Ok, the garden is a lot different, but that's okay.

First head up and take the right of the moving blocks. Going right, avoid the
Doxies (or feed them to the Venomous Tentacular), go right and down (defeating
two Blue Gnomes on the way), and step on the switch below to turn the pillar.
Go back up to where the wooden bridge is to find the first Flobberworm.

Now hold L (to play the flute) and the Flobberworm will follow you. Have him
follow you across the pillar you just turned and lead him in front of Hagrid.

Go back across the pillar, head right instead of up, go through the mushrooms,
past the water and go down to find the second Flobberworm. Lead him back to
Hagrid. (2)

Go up and across the right of the two moving blocks. Keep going up and to the
left a little bit until you find another switch which turns a pillar right in
front of you. Loop around here, push the block up, and you'll find the next
Flobberworm. Lead him back to Hagrid (3).

Go back across the left moving block and go left. There is another Flobberworm
near the Blue Gnome. If you want, you can go all the way down and then right.
Move the log to the right several times and you won't have to cross the moving
block with the Flobberworm. Just a shortcut you can use. (4).

Go back to where you found the last Flobberworm, and head straight up for
another one. Watch out for the mushrooms. Lead him back to Hagrid. (5)

Now go back to that wooden bridge (cross the pillar to the right from Hagrid).
Head a little bit further up and you'll see two moving blocks. Cross both and
continue up, and push all the blocks you can see in the right direction. Cross
the block that's inbetween 5 bushes and go left to find another Flobberworm.
But first go all the way up until you see a path going left. Keep going left 
until you get to a dead-end. However, there's a dirt path you can take. Go
through this to find a Chocolate Frog (Rowena Ravenclaw). Now head back to the
Flobberworm. Lead this one back to Hagrid. (6)

Hagrid: Well done, Harry. Tha's all six Flobberworms.
Hermione: There you go, Harry: one jar of freshly squeezed Flobberworm Mucus.
Harry: Thanks Hermione. And thank you, Hagrid.
Hagrid: My pleasure, Harry.
Hermione: We've got Defense Against the Dark Arts on the 3rd floor, so we'd
          best be going.

Leave the garden.

"You collect the Flobberworm Mucus! It's a treasure you don't want to hold on
to for long!"

5.16 - Return to DADA class on the 3rd floor

Leave the Gardens and head back to Hogwarts. Before going into Hogwarts though,
let's stop by the Greenhouses. Enter Greenhouse #6 (it was closed before this).
In here you'll find a Pumpkin Pasty guarded by a lone Yellow Gnome. Don't get
caught by any of the kids walk around though, they'll take 4 House Points.

Anyway, head back to Hogwarts and up to the 3rd floor.

Ron: Hermione told me what Hagrid said about someone called Nicolas Flamel and
     Dumbledore being involved. with whatever's down the forbidden corridor.
Harry: Yeah, it's all a big mystery. I think that we should find out more about
       this Nicolas Flamel.
Ron: You're right. Anyway, we've got Defense Against the Dark Arts with
     Professor Quirrell. I'll see you there.

Head into the classroom on the right again.

Professor Quirrell: G-Good day c-class. T-Today we are going to have a m-most
                    illuminating experience when we l-l-learn the wuh-wand
                    lighting spell, Lumos. Are we all r-ready? V-Very well, let
                    us begin.

Spell: Lumos

To learn Lumos, you must follow Quirrell's wand movements. Press your
Control Pad in the direction he waves his wand to match his movements, Left,
Right, Down, and Up.

Down, down, down, down, right, right, up, left, left, right

1st challenge is 6 directions. Getting harder.

2nd challenge is the previous 6, plus two more. 25 House Points if you get it.

3rd challenge is the previous 8, plus two more, making it ten. Another 25
House Points if you get this one right.

Professor Quirrell: V-Very good. N-now we must l-learn to use the L-Lumos spell
                    in a chuh-challenging location. In the n-n-next room you
                    must c-collect six Golden Stars and b-b-bring them back to
                    me. Mr. Potter, you w-will go f-f-first.

Now go through the right door to start the challenge.

Ahead of you is a scroll:

"Collect six stars and defeat all challenges before you can leave. Cast Lumos
to brighten the darkness!"

Whenever it's dark, simply cast Lumos to make it light.

Continue right, and down through the door. In the middle of the room is a chest
with a bag of BBEFB. Go down and defeat the Yellow Gnome. Hit the golden dragon
with Flipendo, and go through the door at the top. Defeat the Yellow Gnome
and grab the Gold Star (1). Search the left bookshelf for a BBEFB.

Now leave this room and go through the door to the right. Grab the Gold Star
here (2). Continue, defeat the Yellow Gnome, and push the barrell at the
bottom. Head left for the Gold Star (3) and step on the switch. Go back and
above the barrell is the door that opened.

There's two Yellow Gnomes in here, and a Gold Star (4). Go down the ladder
above the Gold Star. You'll be in a large room with severla Blue Gnomes, and
several Yellow Gnomes. Once you defeat everyone, go to the bottom left corner.
Break all the pots to find another Gold Star (5). The bottom right corner
has 3 more pots, with the last Gold Star (6). The top right corner has a chest
with a bag of BBEFB.

Once you're done, head back up the left ladder. Then go through the door on the
left (which is the door you came through in the beginning).

"You passed the Lumos Challenge! It was never something you took lightly!"

Professor Quirrell: W-well done, Potter. That's 20 House P-Points for
                    Gryffindor. R-Run along now.

Leave the classroom.

Ron: Fred and George were telling me that the only place we're going to get
     some Wiggentree Bark is from the Potions Storeroom down in the dungeons.
Harry: So, setting Wiggentree Bark as an ingredient was a trick on Snape's
Ron: Yeah, and you can bet that Malfoy and his Slytherin friends will
     mysteriously have some bark next time we have Potions.
Harry: So how're we going to get into the storeroom? Snape's bound to be
       prowling about.
Ron: I'll meet you down in the dungeons and we'll work it out from there.

5.17 - "Borrow" Wiggentree Bark from Snape's storeroom in the dungeons

Before going anywhere, head to the Gryffindor Common Room. Go in the door in
the top right and you'll find a Pumpkin Pasty!

Then head to 2F. Right to the right of the stairs is a mirror. Use Alohomora
on it and it reveals a secret passage. Inside is a chest with a Chocolate
Frog (Cornelius Agrippa).

Then head towards the dungeons. You'll meet Ron in front of the door to the

Ron: Harry, I'll keep watch up here while you try and sneak into the Potions
     Storeroom and find the Wiggentree Bark. Watch uot, though - I saw Snape
     prowling about earlier.

Watch out for all the prefects and Snape here. Sneak by them all, and go into
the door to the right of the Potions classroom. This is the Storeroom.

Search the bottom left bookshelf for the Wiggentree Bark. Now don't leave
through the door you came in, Snape is there. Instead, search the bookshelf
in the middle of the room against the top wall. It's a secret passage.

"You found Wiggentree Bark! You can practically taste the Wiggenweld Potion
now! Or maybe you just inhaled a spider."

5.18 - Escape the storeroom and return to the Common room

Now you have to return to the Common room. Here goes nothing.

Go left, defeat the Yellow Gnome and grab the BBEFB in the corner. Go right,
then down, and defeat the Yellow Gnome here. Now wait for one of the Slime
Snails to cross the pillar and Flipendo it three times. This causes three
switches to appear. Go right and step on that one to turn the pillar. Cross it.

Go around, defeat the other Slime Snail, open the chest for a single BBEFB.
Now you have to hit 3 more switches. First, hit the switch to the left of the
gap (on the side you're on right now). This will turn the bridge again. Cross
it, and hit that switch. This will undo the switch you just hit. Cross back
over, and hit that switch again. The bridge will have turned. Go around, cross
the bridge again and you'll notice a switch that wasn't there before.

Hit that switch and the door below the bridge will finally open. Now go left,
defeat the Slime Snail, then go back up, and right, and down and defeat that
Slime Snail. Now step on the bridge on the right side, and hit every block on
your way. Eventually you'll end up with a switch and a stone dragon. Flipendo
the dragon and he'll walk around, stepping on the switch every now and then.

Now go all the way back around, and take the bridge on the left side. You'll
end up at a door that only opens when the stone dragon steps on the switch. So
just sit and wait until the door opens for a second then go through.

Go right, defeat the two Blue Gnomes, go up, and defeat another Blue Gnome.

This next room is pretty crazy. All the cracks become black holes of nothing
if you're on them for more than a second or so. There's also some Blue Gnomes,
but just run through this room. Defeat the two Slime Snails in this room, and
go right to the next room. Two Blue Gnomes here, and if you go down you'll find
a chest with a Chocolate Card (Bertie Bott). Go up through the door.

Go left and if you got some Doxies following you around, enter the center big
room to find a Venomous Tentacular. Step on the switch in the left, center, and
right room to get that block to move back and forth. Go down through the door.

"You escapde the potions storeroom! Better get back to Gryffindor... Snape
could be close behind!"

Now just leave the Dungeons, but watch out for Snape, as he's still around.

Ron: Well done, Harry! Now Snape can't get us for not having the Wiggentree
Harry: It was nothing.
Ron: We should get moving, Harry. It's after dark and there are lods of Prefets
     patrolling the halls. Let's get back to the Common room.

Simply avoid the prefects (it's easy, trust me) up till 5F, which is where it
gets a little more difficult

Floor 5

Head to the right and through the door at the bottom. Go to the right and push
the barrell onto the switch from across the gap. Now go to the right, and down,
and you'll see a moving block that goes left and right. Get on that, then get
off at the narrow ledge up top. Hit the switch on the wall (across the fence)
with Flipendo and a block below you starts moving.

Get on the first block, then on the one you just activated. Ride it to the
bottom. Now go ALL the way to the right and push the barrell here up onto the
switch. Now go left and take the first path you can upwards. Now this is going
to be a little confusing, but I hope it makes sense:

1) Get on the first one moving left/right
2) From here, get on the one that goes up/down
3) Step on the land here, and wait for the one that goes left/right and get on
4) Get on the one above this
5) Then the one on the right that goes up/down
6) Get off to the right on the land, and go right and up and wait for the block
7) Get on the one that goes left/right
8) QUICKLY get off and step UP. The bottom row of this land has cracks which
   only allow you to stand on them for a second
9) Flipendo the switch on the wall, which activates a block in the bottom right
   You have to time this right, since again, you can't stand on the cracks for
   too long
10) Ride this down, and quickly get off (more cracks). Open the chest for a
    Chocolate Card (Helga Hufflepuff)
11) Get on the block on the left that goes up/down
12) Get off at the end, and wait for the block on the left side that goes down
13) Get off, and use Avifor on the stone object. You'll see some blocks to the
    left now start moving.

Guess what? It's time to go ALL the way back. Lucky for you, there's a
short-cut. You know the last block you took to get to the final platform with
the stone statue that you Avifor'd? It goes ALL the way down, which takes you
right back to the beginning where you started out. Phew. Go down the long
corridor, then all the way to the left, and ride this block up.

Now back in the room with the two bookcases, take the left door up and cross
the gap using the three blocks (they're fast, so time ahead).

Then follow the corridor and enter the door. Approach the big mirror, which is
The Mirror of Erised (Which is desire spelled backwards). This mirror shows
what your heart truly desires.

When Harry looks in it, he sees his parents, because he's never met them.

Harry: Mom? Dad?

Then Dumbledore suddenly shows up.

Dumbledore: So you, Harry, like hundreds before you, have discovered the
            delights of the Mirror of Erised.
Harry: I-I can see my parents in it.
Dumbledore: The Mirror shows the deepest desire of our hearts. But it does not
            give us knowledge or truth.
Harry: But my - my parents.
Dumbledore: It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry. The Mirror will be moved
            to a new home tomorrow. If you happen to run across it again, you
            will now be prepared. May I suggest that you make your way upstairs
            to the Gryffindor Common room? Your route back to the 7th floor
            should prove easier now.

You are now back on the 5th floor. Most of the prefects are gone, so you can
just follow the Red Carpet up to the 7th floor and into the Gryffindor Common

Ron: Hey Harry, what kept you? I thought maybe Snape had nabbed you!
Harry: I met Dumbledore...
Ron: Uh-oh. How many House Points did we lose?
Harry: Er, none, actually. I got lost on the 5th floor and stumbled across a
       room with a mirror in it.
Ron: Big deal. Did you stop to comb your hair?
Harry: It was called the Mirror of Erised and I could see my parents in it. And
       I think Dumbledore was warning me that I might see the Mirror again.

The Following Morning...

Ron: It's fantastic that you managed to get the Wiggentree Bark last night,
     Harry - just in time for Potions class this morning! C'mon, let's go!

Go into the Dungeons and enter Snape's classroom.

5.19 - Attend Potions class in the dungeons

Professor Snape: I think it remarkable that only three students should manage
                 to find all four of the ingredients for the Wiggenweld Potion
                 that I set you last lesson. Very remarkable, indeed Potter,
                 perhaps you could enlighten us to how you, Mr. Weasley and
                 Miss Granger happened to be the only ones to glean the
                 Wiggentree Bark?
Harry: I, er, I, well - I, um, I bought some.
Professor Snape: I see. From where, exactly?
Harry: From Diagon Alley, last time I was there.
Professor Snape: Very well, Potter. I'll believe you, thuogh thousands
                 wouldn't. I shall, however, be keeping my eye on you. Now, if
                 you'd like to mix up the Wiggenweld Potion that would be most
                 gratifying. Once you have used the Wiggenweld Potion you may
                 return to this cauldron at any time to refill it. Charms with
                 Professor Flitwick is next. Class dismissed.
Ron: C'mon Harry - time for Charms on the 2nd floor!

"You mixed the Wiggenweld Potion! Even Snape can't deny you've done well with
your assignment."

5.20 - Attend Charms class on the 2nd floor

Just head up to 2F and enter the room in the top right to start class.

Professor Flitwick: Welcome to Charms - and a particular welcome to Harry
                    Potter. How you do resemble your mother, dear boy. This
                    term we'll be starting with a decidedly uplifting charm
                    (if you'll pardon the pun!) Wingardium Leviosa, the
                    levitation charm. Are you all ready, class? Jolly good!
                    Then let us begin!

Spell: Wingardium Leviosa

To learn Wingardium Leviosa, you must follow Professor Flitwick's wand
movements. Press your Control Pad in the direction he waves his wand to match
his movements, Left, Right, Down, and Up.

Left, up, left, right, up, left, up, left, right, down, right

The 1st challenge is pretty hard already - 7 directions.

The 2nd challenge is the previous 7, plus 2 more, for 25 House Points.

The 3rd challenge is the previous 9, plus 2 more, for 25 House Points.

Professor Flitwick: Oh, jolly good! Especially you, Mr. Potter! Such elegance,
                    so quick-witted! So like your dear mother! Now we must
                    learn how to use Wingardium Leviosa in a challenging
                    situation. In the next room you'll find a variety of
                    puzzles, all of which must be solved in order to leave the
                    room. As you solve the puzzles, you must also collect the
                    six Golden Stars. Harry, I'd like you to start.

Then enter the door to the right, where you automatically grab a scroll:

"You have learned the Wingardium Leviosa spell, which is used to levitate and
move objects. The icon for Wingardium Leviosa is a feather."

Now head straight up and left to find a Gold Star (1), a scroll, and a switch.
The Scroll says:

"You have now started the Wingardium Leviosa Challenge. To complete this
challenge you must gather six gold stars. You will need to move objects onto
pressure plates in the floor in this challenge. But first, find the first

Well, the first switch is right in front of it. Flipendo it. 5 Yellow Status
will appear. You must lift these statues up (by equipping the Feather and
pressing B towards them) and move them onto the switches (Press A or B to put
them down).

Once you've got all 5 switches activated, go left and follow the path for
another Gold Star (2) and an open door. Here, take the statue and move it down
onto the switch to turn the bridge. Another Gold Star is ahead (3).

You'll see more switches, and a switch on the wall. Flipendo the wall-switch
and 5 more Statues will appear. Move all these onto the switches (once you have
an item in the air, you can move it wherever you want too).

The four switches on the left open the door ahead, and the lone switch on the
right simply turns the bridge. Break the pots for a bag of BBEFB. Cross the
bridge and grab a Gold Star (4). Move about 5 steps up for another Gold Star

Go down either ladder here and get ready to defeat 2 Fire Crabs. Then grab the
bag of BBEFB from the chest and the last Gold Star (6). Go back up the ladder
and enter the now open door.

"You conquered the Wingardium Leviosa Challenge! This really lifts your

Professor Flitwick: Excellent, Mr. Potter! That's 30 House Points for
                    Gryffindor. Run along now!

Ron: Don't forget that you need to be at the Quidditch Stadium as soon as
     possible for the match against Hufflepuff! Good luck Harry!

5.21 - Quidditch match versus Hufflepuff

Ron says to get to the Quidditch Stadium ASAP, but we have other plans.

Not big plans, but plans nonetheless. Head out to the grounds. Above Greenhouse
#4 and #5 is an enclosed space with a Chocolate Frog. Use Avifors to get rid
of these statues and grab the card (Salazar Slytherin).

NOW you can head towards the Quidditch Stadium. Use the same strategy as
before. The Snitch still has a pattern, just takes a bit to find it out. Check
section 5.12 for more info on the games

If you won:

Hermione: Well done, Harry! You played really well! We beat Hufflepuff 180
          to 20! You gained 80 House Points for Gryffindor! 
If you lost:

Oliver Wood: Unfortunately, the other seeker beat you to the snitch. You lost
             the match. Better luck next time!
Hermione: Never mind, Harry. We've still got the last match against Ravenclaw
          to make up for the loss.

Hermione: I've been doing some research about the mysterious Nicolas Flamem.
          I've searched everywhere for him. He wasn't in "Great Wizards of the
          Twentieth Century", or "Notable Magical NAmes of our Time". He was
          missing, too, from "A Study of Recent Developments in Wizardry". The
          only place he could possibly be is in a book in the Restricted
          Section of the library.
Harry: So what you're saying is, we need to get into the Restricted Section and
       find that book?
Hermione: That is exactly what I'm saying. Come on, Harry - to the Restricted

5.22 - Find the Nicolas Flamel book in the library

Head back to the castle. It's dark now. Simply head up to 2F. There are people
walking around, but they're just students, not prefects, so don't worry about

Once on 2F, head to the left to meet up with Hermione.

Hermione: Harry, I've just seen Madam Pince leave the library, so the way's
          clear for you to sneak into the Restricted Section and find the book
          on Flamel. I'll keep watch here.

Before you go in, search the bookshelf to the left. A Pumpkin Pasty! Now enter
the library.

First head to the left and up, and search one of the bookcases to find a secret
entrance. Go through it, use Avifors on the statue to the left and enter the
door. Here you have to fight a Fire Crab. After you defeat the Fire Crab, go
through the door on the right for a Chocolate Frog (Edgar Stroulger).

Now go up to the next "room" and go the top left corner to find a room with
three golden status in front of it. It's locked now, but use one of the status
(Wingardium Leviosa) and put it on the switch to the right. This will open the

Welcome to the Restricted Section. If you go left you will see a block above a
black pit and a bookshelf on the other side. That's where we need to go. Of
course, it would be way to easy if we could just reach it now, right?

It's not that hard to get it though. Go to the right and up across the bridge.
Go left here (the bookshelf on the very right has a BBEFB if you want it) and
you'll see a pile of books on the switch. Avifor these books to raise the 
switch. This turned the bridge we just crossed, but we won't get there now.

Continue left, go up and around and push the block into the hole. Continue, go
down and around and push the block into the hole. Continue until you get to a
seemingly dead end. Search the bookshelf and it will move aside, revealing a
secret passage. Continue, move the barrell down a few times, and go to the
right, searching the last bookshelf for another secret passage.

Keep going and push the barrell down until you can go right. Go right and down
and search the first bookshelf here for a bag of BBEFB. Now we're at the bridge
again, and it's turned now (remember the switch?).

Cross it, then search the middle of the three bookshelves for a Pumpkin Pasty!
Now go down, push the block into the hole and search the bookshelf on the left
to find Nicolas Flame's book!

To get out, backtrack to the bridge and a new switch will have appeared (with
books on it). Avifor the books and the bridge will turn again to its original
position. Now go back ALLL the way to the beginning, heading the same way back
that you came from. Once you're at the beginning, you'll see the door to the
right is open, so head out that way.

"You found the Nicolas Flamel book! Maybe the tangled mystery of the Sorcerer's
Stone will finally be revealed!"

Now go all the way to the right, push the block into the hole, and keep going
right. Then go up, use Wingardium Leviosa to get some of the statues out of the
way and go through the door. Go right to meet... Professor Snape!

Professor Snape: Ah, hello there, Potter. The fame's well and truly gone to
                 your head if you think you can sneak past me. I think that
                 this deserves a detention. Meet Hagrad tomorrow night
                 following the Quidditch match against Ravenclaw. I'm sure he
                 can find you something beastly to do. Now get back to your
                 Common room.

Go up to 4F and MAKE SURE you use the secret passage by the bookshelf next to
the stairs. If you try to go up the main stairs, Snape will take off 24 House
Points. Go to the Common room to meet Hermione.

Hermione: Well done, Harry! You got the book!
Harry: Yeah, and I also got a detention from Snape.
Hermione: It says here that the Sorcerer's Stone currently in existance belongs
          to the 665-year-old alchemist, Nicolas Flamel. The Stone is a
          legendary substance with astonishing powers - it produces the Elixier
          of Life, which will make the drinker immortal!
Harry: Fluffy - that big dog down the forbidden corrider - must be guarding the
       Sorcerer's Stone - and it's no wonder Snape's after it! Anyone would
       want it!

Next day...

Ron: Lookingn forward to the final Quidditch match, today, against Ravenclaw?
Harry: I'm trying not to think about it. There are other things on my mind -
       like the detention Snape gave me and the fact that Snape's trying to
       steal the Sorcerer's Stone from down the forbidden corridor.
Ron: Yeah, the stuff about Flamel in the book you got from the Restricted
     Section was very interesting.
Harry: We've got to do something to stop Snape - and soon.

Malfoy: Try not to fall off your broom during the match today, Potter, or you 
        might end up with ragged clothes like poor Weasley here.
Ron: Just watch it, Malfoy, or I'll-
Malfoy: You'll what, Weasley? Tell your mommy? She can't even mend your clothes
        properly, let alone fight your battles for you.
Ron: That's it, Malfoy, I'm gonna-
Harry: Leave it, Ron. He's not worth it.

Harry: C'mon, Ron. It's time we went over to the Quidditch Stadium.
Ron: You're right. I'll see you later. Good luck, Harry.

5.23 - Quidditch match Versus Ravenclaw

Just head out to the Quidditch field, you should know where it is by now.

The game's a little harder now. The Snitch still has a pattern, it just takes
a minute or so to figure out. The 2nd part where you fly through the rings is
a lot faster now. You get a much bigger speed boost, which actually makes it
harder, but it's still manageable. The part where you have to catch the Snitch
is a little harder too. The Snitch moves faster, and you have less time, but
this part is still easy.

If you won:

Hagrid: Well done, Harry! You were absolutely brilliant! You gained 50 House
        Points for Gryffindor!
If you lost:

Oliver Wood: Unfortunately, the other Seeker beat you to the snitch. You lost
             the match. Better luck next time!
Hagrid: Never mind, Harry. Yeh can't win all the time.

Hagrid: I'm sorry ter remind yeh, Harry, but Professor Snape's asked me to take
        your detention.
Harry: I think Snape's out to get me, Hagrid.
Hagrid: Oh, Professor Snape's all right really, he just gets a mite, well, a
        mite over the top with his punishments sometimes. Now, I've just got a
        coupl'a things to prepare first, so I'll meet yet at the Forest Edge, 
        by the gate to the Forbidden Forest.

5.24 - Report to Hagrid for detention in the Forest Edge

Go to the left and to the gardens, where you always go to go to Hagrid's hut.

Hagrid: Right then, now listen carefully, 'cause it's dangerous what we're
        gonna do tonight an' I don' want yeh takin' risks. Follow me through

The garden's are a little different, but the path remains the same. Go all the
way up to where the prickly bush in front of Hagrid's hut is, but go left
instead to the gate that used to be closed until now.

Hagrid: Further into the forest yeh'll come across a trail of silvery blood.
        There's a unicorn in the forest bin hurt badly by summat. You're gonna
        try an' find the poor thing by followin' the trail of its blood.
Harry: But, Hagrid, what if whatever hurt the unicorn finds me first?
Hagrid: If yer keep ter the path, Harry, yeh'll be all right. Good luck.

Enter the forest. Save Point ahead. Cross the bridge and note that the bridge
falls apart, so there's no turning back now.

Go up and get rid of the three prickly bushes. Up ahead are several Blue
Gnomes. Go to the left and get rid of the prickly bushes. Advance to find some
more very annoying doxies, along with a Venomous Tentacular. Feed the doxies
to the Tentacular and grab the BBEFB. Go back and go right this time instead,
where you'll find 5 prickly bushes.

Go up, defeat the two Slime Snails, and get rid of those ever annoying doxies
by finding the Venomous Tentacular a little to the left.

This area is pretty huge, so I can't really tell you what to do. Just defeat
all the enemies, and make your way to the bottom left part of the area. You'll
come across some trees that are large thorns grouped together. Keep going left
(there should be two Yellow Gnomes) here and you'll see some silver spots on
the ground - Unicorn blood! You must be close. Enter the next area of the
forest through here.

You'll find a troll here! Do your best to avoid him and keep going left. Watch
out for the holes in the ground, and keep going left to find the unicorn laying

When you approach him, you'll see someone else walk towards the unicorn! If you
touch this guy, you take damage, so just avoid him. Then you'll see a screen of
a centaur jumping over you and chasing off the hooded figure drinking the
unicorn blood.

Dumbledore: Harry was rescued in the nick of time by the centaur, Firenze, and
            rode on his back to safety. Firenze explained that unicorn blood
            had the power to keep someone alive who was an inch from death.

Another picture of Harry riding on Firenze's back.

Dumbledore: Harry realized that the hooded figure he'd seen in the clearing was
            none other than He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named... Lord Voldemort!

You'll be back in a place full of poisnous mushrooms, a troll, and a Save
Point. Save if you want, then head down to find some dirt coming out of the
trees. Go down here and you'll walk through a path, escaping from the troll.

You'll come out in another area with a big puddle of water in the middle, and
two Yellow Gnomes. Go down again to find another dirt path. Go down, right,
then down and you'll see a prickly bush in front of you. Get rid of these,
step out in the area and defeat the two Slime Snails. There's another dirt path
to the right, so go into there and you'll come out to where you need to push a
block. Do so, then defeat the Slime Snail here.

Go up through the next section and keep heading right to come to a new area.
Defeat the Yellow Gnome here and go right to get out of the forest. Phew.
Pretty confusing if you ask me.

"You found the unicorn and escapped the Forbidden Forest! You're sorry it's
dead but you feel you're close to solving the secret of the Sorcerer's Stone!"

You'll be back at Hagrid's Hut now.

Hagrid: Ah, there ye' are, Harry. Did yeh find any trace of what's hurting the
Harry: Yes, I did, but I don't have time to talk right now - I must find Ron
       and Hermione.
Hagrid: Okay, then. Glad ter see yeh back safe an' sound. G'night, Harry.
Harry: Goodnight, Hagrid.

5.25 - Sneak into the forbidden corridor

You're back at the Entrance Hall, with Ron and Hermione being right in front of

Ron: Phew, Harry!
Hermione: We thought you'd never get here!
Harry: I, er, got rather sidetracked in the Forbidden Forest.
Hermione: How was your detention?
Harry: I've found out more about why Snape wants the Sorcerer's Stone! He's
       going to steal it for Lord Voldemort!
Ron: Oh, I wish you wouldn't say You-Know-Who's real name out loud!
Harry: We need to go down the forbidden corridor and get the Stone before Snape
       can steal it!
Hermione: You're right! Let's go!

Just head straight up to 3F, then go to the left (where Filch was always
sweeping before) and through the open door!

Go through the corridors, avoiding all the spikes. You'll meet three Blue
Gnomes on your way, so take them out. Keep going until you see a big mirror.
Cast Alohomora on the mirror to advance.

Go through this room, being careful not to fall off the edges. Hit the switch
(which turns a bridge you're about to find) and continue on. Collect the
Chocolate Frog (Albus Dumbledore) and the BBEFB and cross the bridge.

Use Wingardium Leviosa to guide the golden statue up to the switch, which is
to the right of the bridge. This will open the door in front of you. Get past
the three moving blocks and watch out for the cracks in the floor here.

Go left, defeat the Fire Crab, and cast Alohomora on the mirror. Enter the
corridor and hit the switch at the end. Now go back to the last room and to
the left to the door which was opened by the switch. Go up and left.

5.26 - Prevent Voldemort from finding the Sorcerer's Stone

Hermione: Harry! We can't get past Fluffy!
Harry: Didn't Hagrid say something about music calming certain animals?
Hermione: That's right, he did!
Harry: Maybe if I played Fluffy a tune on the flute Hagrid gave me?
Ron: It's worth a try!

Smash the pots for some BBEFB. Then go left to meet Fluffy.

Talk about easy. You have to play the flute (with L, remember?) long enough
until the bar in the bottom right fills up completely. However, the flute only
works when Fluffy is on screen.

Well, all Fluffy does is walk back and forth. So just wait for him to reach
your end, then when he turns around, just follow him and play the flute the
whole time. Watch out for when he turns around, and just walk the other way.
Duck down to the bottom/top when he reaches your end, because he will try to
bite you.

After a few walks back and forth he'll fall asleep.

Then go to the left and grab the bag of BBEFB if you want. Then go down the
trap door.

"You slipped past Fluffy! Sleep, Fluffy, sleep! Good dog! Now on to find the
Sorcerer's Stone!"

Now the Devil's Snare. Go right a bit.

Hermione: We're trapped! Help, Harry!
Ron: Hurry up, Harry!

Save Point here as well. Now you have to navigate through a maze to get to the
Devil's Snare.

Ron and Hermione will throw in comments every now and then. Go right.

Hermione: Hurry up, Harry - it's strangling me!
Ron: Yeah, get a move on - urkkk!

Now head down a bit.

Hermione: We should stop moving! I know what this plant is - it's Devil's
Ron: Oh, I'm so glad we know what it's called, that's a great help.
Harry: How do I kill it, Hermione?
Hermione: Shut up, I'm trying to remember! What did Professor Sprout say?
          Something about Devil's Snare liking the damp and the dark.

Go left and roll the barrell onto the switch. Now go right and up to meet a
smaller version of Devil's Snare. Get on the platform and Flipendo the fire
(which is in the middle, so when the block is in the middle, Flipendo upwards).
This will burn the Devil's Snare. Now step onto the switch and head back

Go right and down to find a bunch of moving blocks. Cross all of them (the
Devil's Snare here can't hurt you) and get off, grab the bag of BBEFB and head
down and right to step on a switch. This will start the two moving blocks
in front of you. Cross them, then go right and down and push the block into
the hole.

Go down, left, down, and left to come to a mirror. Alohomora the mirror, go in
there and defeat the two blue gnomes. Go to the top of this room and Avifor
the right stone for a BBEFB, and the left one to raise a switch. Go back out of
this room and to the left and cross the gap with the moving block.

Push the block into the hole and cross it. The block will disappear behind you
and reappear in front of you. Push it into the hole again and cross it again.

Go all the way up and hit the switch (it turns a bridge up ahead). Then cast
Alohomora on the mirror and go through. Kill the Devil's Snare and cross the
bridge. Go up and defeat this Devil's Snare to free Ron and Hermione.

Harry: It's lucky you pay attention in Herbology, Hermione.
Ron: Yeah, and lucky Harry doesn't lose his head in a crisis.
Hermione: This way!

Go up through the door.

Harry: I need to catch the correct flying key so that we can open the door and
       get out.
Ron: Yeah, but to catch the right key you're going to need a broomstick.
Harry: I think I found one.

This is Quidditch all over again. You know what to do. The nice thing is you
don't have a time limit this time, so take all the time you want. There are
annoying Doxies that slow you down, plus random building structures you can
run into, but keep at it and you'll eventually get it.

"You grabbed the flying key! Now you can unlock the door and go on to the next

Just go up and through to the next room.

Hermione: Now what do we do?
Ron: It's obvious, isn't it? We've got to get across the chessboard to the
door on the other side.
Harry: You two wait here, I'll go first.

Now you simply have to walk onto the chessboard and guide the moving pieces
onto the switches. Once they're on a switch, Flipendo them and they'll stay on
the switch. After every piece is stopped, there's one more switch remaining.

Harry: All right?
Hermione: Go on.

Uh, I guess this means Ron is going to stand on the last switch, letting you
and Hermione move ahead. Go up.

Hermione: I hope Ron will be okay.
Harry: I'm sure he will. What do you reckon's next?
Hermione: We've had Sprout's Devil's Snare - Flitwick must've charmed the
          keys - McGonagall transfigured the chess pieces - that leaves

Grab the BBEFB on your way out. Go through the door (Save Point!) and head into
the next room.

Harry: So what do we have to do?
Hermione: Look, there's a note!

"But Four ingredients shall the cauldron drink,
So find them all and watch them slowly sink.
Upon the switch a partner then must stand
To bring the blackest fire near to hand.
A sip of potion you must acquire
To gain safe passage through the fire."

Harry: What does it mean?
Hermione: I think it means that we have to find four ingredients, place them in
          the cauldron and then one of us drinks the potion while the other
          stands on a switch to access something called the "blackest fire".
Harry: I'll start looking for the four ingredients while you search for the
Hermione: Okay.

Now you have to get four ingredients. You can find one each in the four
corners of the room (after going through a little challenge of course).

Go to the top right one first. Push all the blocks into the holes, defeat all
the Blue Gnomes, and use Wingardium Leviosa to move the statues. Defeat the
Blue Gnome, push the block in the hole, hit the switch on the wall and cross
the bridge. Use Wingardium Leviosa to move the two statues on the switch and
collect the Black Fire potion ingredient (1). Now backtrack all the way to the

The bottom right door is open. Take the first right and move the statue onto
the switch. Then go down, defeat the Blue Gnome, and push two blocks into the
hole. Step on the 2nd block you pushed, and Flipendo the block to the right of
it. It will fall backwards, allowing you to cross. Grab the two BBEFB, then get
on the last switch you hit. Flipendo the block above you, and it will also go
backwards, allowing you to cross. Go up, put the statue on the switch and grab
the next Black Fire potion ingredient (2). Backtrack to the beginning.

Now the top left door. Defeat the three Blue Gnomes and grab the BBEFB. Go
through the south door, left, and Alohomora the top left door and the bottom
right door. This is quite puzzling at first, because both doors lead to
nothing. However, if you try to go back to the last room, three Doxies and a
Venomous Tentacular appear. Get rid of the Doxies first. In the bottom right
room is a Blue Gnome with a BBEFB. The top left door holds the next Black Fire
potion ingredient (3).

Now the bottom left door. This room is huge with tons of barrells and switches.
It's really not that hard. First go to the middle of the room and above the
top most barrell (you'll have to go above the black hole). Flipendo this
barrell twice to roll it onto the switch. Then go to the right, Flipendo it
ALL the way to the left (you'll pass the switch). Then go around the black hole
and Flipendo it twice to get it on the switch. Now get the barrell just below
the last one, and roll it ALL the way to the right (onto a switch).

Now move the barrell that's facing down all the way to the bottom onto the
switch. Move the statue that's blocking the last barrell down to the other
switch at the bottom. Now move the last statue onto the final switch. The door
opens and you can grab the last Black Fire potion ingredient (4).

Head back to the main room. Approach the cauldron (which somehow dumps all four
ingredients into the cauldron) and a switch will pressure, which Hermione then
steps on.

Hermione: Drink the potion from the cauldron, Harry, and you'll be safe from
          the black fire!
Harry: Listen, Hermione, go and get Ron and then use the broom in the Flying
       Keys room to escape. Go straight to the owlery and send Hedwig to
       Dumbledore, we need him. I might be able to hold Snape off for a while,
       but not for long.
Hermione: Harry, you're a great wizard, you know.

Head up (Hermione wishes you Good luck!) and go through the black fire.

Save Point.

Go up and you'll find... Quirrell?

Harry: You!
Quirrell: Me. I wondered whether I'd be meeting you here, Potter.
Harry: But I thought Snape...
Quirrell: Yes, Snape does seem the type, doesn't he? Next to him, who would
          suspect p-p-poor stuttering P-Professor Quirrell? Now, tell me about
          this mirror... is the Sorcerer's Stone inside it?
Harry: I-I don't know...
Turban: Let me speak to the boy... face to face...
Quirrell: Master, you aren't strong enough!
Turban: I have strength enough for this...
Voldemort: Harry Potter - See what I have become? I have form only when I can
           share another's body.
Harry: You won't get away with this!
Voldemort: Oh, won't I? SEIZE HIM!

Now Quirrell goes crazy and runs around. He'll fire jinxes at you, which will
follow you, and they're faster than you! To win this round, let a curse hit
each of the four pillars twice (they will crumble). Once all four pillars are
gone, the whole floor crumbles and you go on to round 2.

This isn't that hard really. The only hard part is, you have no way to recover
your health. Anyway, Quirrell will fire the same jinxes at you (and every once
in a while he'll send one of the stones on the floor against you). See the
snakes in the bottom right corner? This is Quirrell's health. What you need to
do is have his jinxes reflect off the mirror. Every time he gets hit by a jinx
he loses one of the snakes.

You can flip the mirror by casting Flipendo on it (depends which side of the
room Quirrell is on). You'll notice that Quirrell always goes either to the top
or the bottom of the room, then walks left and right and fires jinxes.

Once you defeat Quirrell, you'll see a random green screen appear.

(Picture of you in the Hospital Wing, and Dumbledore sitting on your bed.)
Dumbledore smiled. "What happened down in the dungeons between yourself and
Professor Quirrell is a complete secret," he said, "so, naturally, the whole
school knows." The Stone has been destroyed, but Harry remained fearful that
its loss would not prevent Lord Voldemort's return. Dumbledore nodded, sharing
his concern. Nevertheless, Harry -- if our battles do no more than slow
Voldemort's return, with luck he may never regain his power at all."

(Picture of Ron sitting on bed with Harry.)
"So, the Stone's gone?" said Ron, finally. Harry nodded and wished it good
riddance. Then Ron produced a brand new Chocolate Frog Card from his robes and
handed it to Harry.

(Picture of Chocolate Frog Card (Harry Potter))
"Now you've got the whole set, Harry," Ron said. Harry was stunned.

(Picture of Harry entering the Great Hall.)
Harry made his way down to the end-of-year feast alone that night. The Great
Hall was decked out in green and silver, to celebrate Slyhtherin winning the
House cup. When Harry entered there was a sudden hush. He took a seat between
Ron and Hermione, trying to ignore the stares of the other students.

(Picture of Dumbledore)
"The House cup," announced Dumbledore, is awarded to the team with the most
House Points. At the moment, that would seem to be Slytherin." A storm of
cheering and stamping broke out from the Slytherin table.

(Picture of Gryffindor table cheering)
"However," continued Dumbledore, "in recognition of Mr. Harry Potter's pure
nerve and outstanding courage, I award Gryffindor 60 points." Harry's table
erupted with cheers and applause. The additional points had won the House cup
for Gryffindor!

(Picture of Harry Potter)
It was the best evening of Harry's life. Better than winning at Quidditch or
Christmas, or knocking out mountain trolls. He would never, ever forget.

6) Items

There's not that many items in the game, but I'm going to list the few you can
get anyway, since the game doesn't tell you what they are once you get them.

Here is a rather bad illustration of how the items are listed:

   1        2   3
   4       5  6   7
 8 9 10       11


1 = Nicolas Flamel book
2 = Dittany (Used as an ingredient for the Wiggenweld Potion)
3 = Moly (Used as an ingredient for the Wiggenweld Potion)

4 = Flute (Used to guide Flobberworms/put animals to sleep)
5 = Flobberworm Mucus (Used as an ingredient for the Wiggenweld Potion)
6 = Wiggentree Bark (Used as an ingredient for the Wiggenweld Potion)
7 = Black Fire Potion (Used to find get through the Black Flames when trying
                       to find the Sorcerer's Stone)

8, 9, 10 = Pumpkin Pasty. Collect three of these to add a lightning bolt to
           your health meter

11 = Wiggenweld Potion (Restores all your health when you lose all your health,
                        can be refilled in the Potions classroom)

7) Spells

Spell: Flipendo

Who Teaches It: Professor Quirrell
Where You Learn It: Defense Against the Dark Arts Class (1st time)
What It Does: Defeats enemies, pushes blocks/switches
Spell: Alohomora

Who Teaches It: Hermione
Where You Learn It: Gryffindor Common Room
What It Does: Unlocks doors, opens chests, reveals secret passages when used
              on certain mirrors
Spell: Avifors

Who Teaches It: Professor McGonagall
Where You Learn It: Transfiguration Class
What It Does: Transforms stones/books/whatever into birds, mostly used to
              get things off of switches
Spell: Lumos

Who Teaches It: Professor Quirrell
Where You Learn It: Defense Against the Dark Arts Class (2nd time)
What It Does: Use in dark places, makes the area bright for a little while
Spell: Wingardium Leviosa

Who Teaches It: Professor Flitwick
Where You Learn It: Charms Class
What It Does: Lift certain objects/statues off the ground and move wherever
              you want to, usually used to either get things off of switches,
              or place things on switches

8) Chocolate Frog Cards

Chocolate Frogs are found throughout the game, and each one is paired with a
certain card. They don't serve any real purpose. They're just collectibles and
it's fun to try and find them all. I will list all of them here and how to get

Here is a rather bad illustration of how the cards are listed:

1   2   3   4
5   6   7   8
9   10  11  12
13  14  15  16

1. Merlin (Medieval - Dates Unknown)

Found in the Great Hall. Search the top most wall of the hall in the middle to
find the chest. Must have Alohomora to open. See Section 5.13
2. Cornelius Aggrippa (1486 - 1535)

Found behind a mirror on 2F. See Section 5.17
3. Derwent Shimpling (1912 - Present)

Found by going into the Potion's classroom and searching one of the bookcases
at the top. Follow the path and at the end is a room with the card in it.

I don't know how to get this door to open. Everytime I went back there, the
door is always locked (but I can see the chest). Any info on this would be
4. Morgan Le Fay (Medieval - Dates Unknown)

Found near Hagrid's Hut. Go down, right, down from Hagrid's Hut to find two
prickly bushes. Get rid of these and open the chest for Morgan Le Fay. See
Section 5.5
5. Newt Scamander (1897 - Present)

Found in the quest to collect Dittany. After you ride a block across a black
hole, you'll find two bushes. The left one contains Newt Scamander. See Section
6. Bowman Wright (1492 - 1560)

Found on 6F. See Section 5.9 (Floor 6)
7. Godric Gryffindor (Medieval - Dates Unknown)

Found when trying to escape Snape. See Section 5.10
8. Edgar Stroulger (1703 - 1798)

Found at the beginning of the quest to find the Nicolas Flamel book. See
Section 5.22
9. Salazar Slytherin (Medieval - Dates Unknown)

Found in the middle of the grounds. Must have Avifor spell. See Section 5.21
10. Ignatia Wildsmith (1227 - 1320)

Drop down one of the holes when fighting the Troll, then make your way up to
the top right corner while defeating all the enemies. See Section 5.13
11. Bertie Bott (1935 - Present)

Found when escaping the Store Room. See Section 5.18
12. Helga Hufflepuff (Medieval - Dates Unknown)

Found right before finding the Mirror of Erised. See Section 5.18
13. Rowena Ravenclaw (Medieval - Dates Unknown)

Found in the Flobberworm Mucus quest. See Section 5.15
14. Hegist of Woodcraft (Medieval - Dates Unknown)

Found in the Devil's Snare area. Exact location unknown.
15. Albus Dumbledore (???? - Present)

Found while sneaking through the forbidden corridor. See Section 5.25
16. Harry Potter (???? - Present)

Automatically gotten after you beat the game from Ron.

9) Pumpkin Pasty

Pumpkin Pasties are quite helpful for you. If you find three of these, your
health meter gets a boost in the form of another lightning bolt. I'm not sure
how many of these there are exactly. I've found 10, but other guides say
there's 11.

I'm not going to list here (at least, for now I won't) where they all are.
Search the walkthrough part for now.

10) Enemies

Here is a list of all the enemies in the game. They are listed in alphabetical
order for your convenience.

Blue Gnome

Description: Same as the Yellow Gnomes.

How To Defeat: Two Flipendos

Description: VERY annoying little flying purple creatures. Once they see you,
they follow you until you defeat them.

How To Defeat: Lead them to a Venomous Tentacular, and it will eat them
Fire Crabs

Description: Also quick and annoying. They shoot fireballs out of their rear
ends. Note that the fireballs only fly in a diagonal direction, so use this to
your advantage.

How To Defeat: Three Flipendos
Slime Snails

Description: Snails that leave behind a slimy substance that will hurt you.

How To Defeat: Three Flipendos

Description: Big huge mountain troll that swings his club at you. Only found
in two locations: Girls' Bathroom (See Section 5.13) and in the Forbidden
Forest (See Section 5.24)

How To Defeat: Cast Flipendo at Troll when he raises his arms and is yelling.
This pushes him back a little bit. Push him into the big black pit (Girls'
Bathroom only) to defeat it.

Note: You can't defeat the Trolls in the Forbidden Forest, just avoid them
Venomous Tentacular

Description: Big green plant that eats Doxies for you. However, they can damage
you if you touch them.

How To Defeat: You can't.
Yellow Gnome

Description: These guys are quick and annoying, and tend to dodge your spells
a lot. They also seem to approach you in a zig-zag pattern, making it hard for
you to hit them.

How To Defeat: One Flipendo

11) FAQ


Question: Do I have to find all the Chocolate Frogs?

Answer: No. They are simply there for collection purposes. You don't get
anything for finding them all.

NOTE: Several guides say that you must get all 15 Chocolate Cards in order for
Ron to give you the last one (#16 - Harry Potter). This is NOT true. I've
finished the game with only about 13 cards, and I still got #16.


Question: How do you get the Derwent Shimpling Card (#3)?

Answer: I don't know for sure. I know WHERE to get it, and HOW, but I don't
know when. See Section 8 for more info.


Question: How long is this game?

Answer: This game isn't too long. You can see there are 26 Mission Objectives,
some are rather short, and some are longer. I'd say about 5-10 hours, depending
on how fast you play.


Question: Is this game hard?

Answer: No, not at all. The only time I ever had trouble was in the very last
level, when fighting the last boss, I almost ran out of health.


Question: Should I get this game?

Answer: I suggest you only get this game for collection purposes. That is, if
you're a Harry Potter fan and want all the games, you should get this. I
wouldn't buy it simply to play the game though, it's not worth it (IMO).


Question: Are you going to make guides for other Harry Potter games?

Answer: Yes. I plan to make a guide for every Harry Potter game I own. This
includes ALL the games for GBA, and several for the PC. I'm not sure if I'll
make a guide for the PC ones, but I'll definetely make one for the GBA ones.


Question: I have a question. can I e-mail you...?

Answer: Sure. My e-mail is at the bottom in the Conclusion section.


12) Copyright

This document is Copyright 2006 Lufia_Maxim and is the intellectual property
of the author. It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form.
It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
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part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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13) Conclusion

Well that sums up this guide. My 2nd Harry Potter guide is now complete. I did
enjoy writing this, as it was a rather fun game (which even made me think twice
in some situations).

If you have any comments/suggestions/complaints, or just a question about this
game or any other random game (can't guarantee I'll help you with some random
game), send me an e-mail at: songoku1@gmail.com

Thanks to:
- TripleJump for giving me the exact location of the Rowena Ravenclaw Chocolate