Secrets FAQ by BlackDragonHunt

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                                                         Sonic Advance
                                                          Secrets FAQ
                                                          By: PCM333

I.      Introduction          [INT]
II.     Copyright Info        [COP]
III.    Version History       [VER]
IV.     Secret Springs        [SEC]
   1.   Neo Green Hill Act 1  [SS1]
   2.   Secret Base Act 2     [SS2]
   3.   Casino Paradise Act 1 [SS3]
   4.   Ice Mountain Act      [SS4]
   5.   Ice Mountain Act 2    [SS5]
   6.   Angel Island Act 2    [SS6]
   7.   Cosmic Angel Act 2    [SS7]
V.      Other Secrets         [OTH]
VI.     Thanks                [THA]
VII.    Other Stuff           [OTS]
VIII.   Help Me               [HEL]

I. Introduction [INT]
This is the first FAQ I have ever made, so cut me some slack.
Enjoy. I wrote the WHOLE thing myself, tested everything, and had a lot of fun.

A note on the [***] things, you can use them to quickly find anything you are
looking for by pushing [CTRL] + [F] and entering the specified 5 character combo.
You will be able to quickly scroll down to anything you desire. (Not that you need 
some of these =D)

II. Copyright Info [COP]
Sonic and all related to Sonic are copyright of Sega. Sonic Advance is
Copyright of Sonic Team. GameBoy Advance is copyright of Nintendo. This
FAQ is copyright 2002-2003 of PCM333.
If you see this FAQ anywhere other than GameFaqs, or GameNotOver; please email me
If you wish to use this FAQ on your website, please email me with the name of
your site, the URL, and the reason you wish to use it.

III. Version History [VER]
03/08/02 - Version 1.0   - Most likely only version.
03/11/02 - Version 1.1   - Added thanks, and more secrets.
03/11/02 - Version 1.2   - Minor Update. More thanks and more info in the
                           Copyright Section.
03/18/02 - Version 1.3   - Very Minor. Added two Thanks
03/29/02 - Version 1.4   - Added more hints and thanks.
04/02/02 - Version 1.5   - Added more secrets.
04/03/02 - Version 1.6   - Fixed a couple typos and errors in the FAQ.
04/04/02 - Version 1.7   - Added the Unimportant Stuff Section, and more
04/06/02 - Version 1.701 - Forgot to add versions to my previous updates. Doing
                           that now.
04/15/02 - Version 1.8   - Added another tip, and fixed the unimportant stuff
05/13/02 - Version 2.0   - Fixed an error in the Casino Zone Spring location.
06/02/02 - Version 2.01  - Added more codes, also added a help section where you
                           can help me with problems people have mailed me and I
                           don't know the solution. Also took out the Unimportant
06/11/02 - Version 2.1   - Answered the Questions in the 'Help Me' section.
09/14/03 - Version 2.2   - Updated guide with grammatical and spelling fixes. (Some 
                           of these things I'm surprised you didn't notice!) Also 
                           fixed a word-wrap problem. 

IV. Secret Springs [SEC]
I recommend Tails for every one of these, so all of these descriptions, unless 
specified, are in Tails format. Secret Springs are larger than normal springs. 
They become regular springs with their same look after you use them once.
NOTE: You must complete the level that the emerald is on to keep the emerald.
A secret spring looks similar to this:


Secret Spring #1 Neo Green Hill Act 1 [SS1]


From the beginning, just go continuously straightforward. Only killing enemies
with no detours until you get to the grassy area. There, go up to the place
where the save tower is. Fly up to the land where the trampoline is. Use it to
get up to the next platform. Here, you'll need to stay up as high as you can.
From here, jump down to the top of the loop. If you fall down, just fly up. From
here, fly across the long area till you reach the loop with spikes on it. Jump
across to the loop with the speed shoes. GET THEM. Jump onto the next small
platform. From here, fly up to the high platform above and to the right of you.
Here, get on the edge, jump as high as you can, and fly all the way to the
platform way to the right. On the top is the first secret spring.


When you start out, stay on the main path. You'll eventually reach the
first normal spring of the level; use it to to get to the top of the first
loop. This might take some practice, but from here on out, it's really
easy. Go to the edge of the platform you're on. Then jump as high as you
can and glide. You should eventually reach a wall. Climb to the top, go to
the edge of the platform, and glide again. You will encounter another wall.
Do the same thing. Knuckles should land right in front of the special
spring. He may shoot straight into the air on occasion, and if this
happens, be sure to tap the arrow pad forward ever so slightly so he doesn't
careen backwards on his way down.

Red Chaos Emerald
60 rings/120 rings.
This one is easy. It has at least 160 rings. Don't forget to use the trick
maneuver (Press B) when you pass through the glowing barriers.

Secret Spring #2 Secret Base Act 2 [SS2]
This one is closer to the start than the previous one. From the beginning, go
past the jumping platforms, and go either up or down then go to the right until
you get to the spin-string. At the end, go upwards, if you go down, just fly up
back on the spring and go up. Continue right and go up at the yellow springs. Go
to the right, and at the edge of the tunnel, fly up to the next platform and
continue left through the loop and fly up to the higher platform. From here, go
right and up till you are next to the jumping platform. Go down at this fork and
go through the 2 loops. At the conveyor belts, go up and right till you are at
the end of the spin-string. Go UP. Here, fly up till you get to the 2 yellow
springs. Here you have 2 options, fly up to the top, or use the springs. On the
top is the second secret spring.

Blue Chaos Emerald
70 rings/140 rings
Another easy one. Just avoid the bombs, collect enough rings, and use the trick
maneuver. If you do, this level will be a piece of cake.

Secret Spring #3 Casino Paradise Act 1 [SS3]
This one's easy to find. From the start, fly until you get to the next patch of
land. Keep going up and to the right and you will come across a  S  O  N  I  C 
flashing banner. Continue right, and you will come upon some conveyor belts. Hit
a spring to the right of it, and you will see a set of three bumpers. Go under
them and through the hole.  You will notice two moving bumpers. Fly over them
and go right till you get to the next patch of land. Rest here and then fly up
to the next area. You can use the flags, but don't go into the striped slide.
When you get near the slide, you will see a pinball paddle. To the left of it is
the spring.

Yellow Chaos Emerald
80 rings/160 rings
This one has all the stuff that 1 and 2 have, but in 3 you have to learn to deal
with jump pads. When you see one, stay centered like it was a ring. If you
perform a trick maneuver correctly on the pad, you will get all the rings on your 
way to the next group.

Secret Spring #4 Ice Mountain Act 1 [SS4]
This one is so close to the beginning of the level that it isn't even funny.
Just continue forward until you get to the end of the first tunnel. Immediately
at the end of it, jump up to the higher platform. Jump up to the higher platform
on the right, then fly up to the higher platform with the yellow spring. From
there, jump on the spring to get to the higher sliver of land. From there, jump
to the left wall. The spring is directly to the right of you.

Green Chaos Emerald
80 rings/160 rings
This one has areas of spread out rings. Here, just use the trick maneuver to
grab as many as you can. By the first checkpoint, you want to have at least 82
rings. These extra rings could be the difference between a chaos emerald and 
dirt. This one is the turning point from easy to hard.

Secret Spring #5 Ice Mountain Act 2 [SS5]
Not as close to the beginning, but very easy to access. All you need to do is
stay at the top. From the start, jump across the gap. Fly to the top of the
loop. Fly up to where the shield is and jump across that gap. Climb up the hill,
but DON'T use the pulley. Fly over it to a platform near the end of the pulley.
Jump down and to the right to avoid the angled spring. Jump on the rock and
bounce from the spring to the higher platform. Hit the red spring and hold right
till you land on the loop with the invincibility. If you miss, just fly up. From
there, jump over to the yellow spring. Bounce on it and get on the platform.
There, you see moving platform. Jump on them and you will get to a platform with
a red angled spring. Don't hit it. Fly down and to the right, you will see a
tri-spinning platform. To the right of it is the fifth spring.

Silver Chaos Emerald
90 rings/180 rings
This level introduces a new trick. The fake-out. There are long, turny strings
of rings with a bomb at the end. Basically, if you hit a bomb, you are almost
guaranteed to fail. Only go for about 3/4 of the long trails. It is better to
miss 1-3 rings then to get hit by a bomb. When you see a bomb, just head back to
the center and get ready for the next trail. This one took a little while to
beat, but you'll get it, don't get frustrated.

Secret Spring #6 Angel Island Act 2 [SS6]
At the start, continue straight like you would normally. When you get to the
spikes, go the upward path. Stay as high as you can. Roll down the hill farther
to the right. Let the spring send you to the waterfall area. Slide down the
waterfall and spring over to the platform. Continue right like normal. Go
through the backwards-S tube and continue right. STAY LOW. When you get to the
2nd curved wall after the tube, fly upwards to a yellow spring. Hit it and go
onto the spinning ball. Use it (hold right) to go up to the next one. Take the
diagonal one up to the next platform. Avoid the red spring and jump onto the
moving platforms. Use them to get to the next platform on the right. Hit the
yellow spring and land on the spinning ball. Take that to the right and jump
onto the next one. Take it up and jump onto the land on the right (not the down
block). Continue right till you get to yet another spinning ball. Avoid the bee
and go all the way to the right on the ball. Jump onto the platform and there's
the spring!

Sky Blue Chaos Emerald
90 rings/180 rings
This one shouldn't be too much of a challenge. There are LOTS of rings after the
first checkpoint, so if you can get 90 for the first, 190+ should be simple.
There is a new challenge in this one. Large circular patterns of 8 rings. All
you need to do is execute the trick maneuver right in the center of them, you'll
grab all 8. There are 4+ groups of these one right after the other.

Secret Spring #7 Cosmic Angel Act 2 [SS7]
That's right, the final chaos emerald. This one again requires you to stay at
the top of the level. At the start, just keep going straight. Jump onto the
tri-spinning platforms and fly up and to the right onto the next large platform.
Grab the 10-ring box and continue upward. when you get to the yellow spring, use
it to get up to the zoom-tube. Jump over the tacks and head right toward a
yellow spring. Bounce over the tacks avoiding the enemy. Do that 3 times. You
will now be at a red spring with a curved wall. You can either hit the spring
and get up to the platform, or avoid it and fly up there. The platform is
moving, so I'd just fly up. From there jump to the right grabbing the checkpoint.
Hit the spring on the wall and let it do its course. Hit the angled red spring. 
From there, fly to the right. There's the spring!

Purple Chaos Emerald
100 rings/200 rings
This one is a really tough one. There is probably a max of 250 rings in this
level, so donít get hit by a bomb. The hardest part is the slalom bombs. This
one is a real toughie.

V. Other Secrets [OTH]
-Sonic 2 Mode-
This code allows Tails to follow Sonic like he did in Sonic 2. To activate it,
go to the character select screen. On Sonic, tap up once. Move to Tails, tap
down once. Move to Knuckles, tap L once. Move to Amy, tap R once. Move back to
Sonic and press A. When you get to the level select screen, you will hear a
chime. Congrats! The code worked!
Contributed by - PCM333 (Me!)

-Unlimited Tries on Casino Secret Spring-
Get the checkpoint thing immediately before the spring. Then, try the special
stage. If you fail, there is an extra life to the right, directly above the
swinging boat thing. You can get unlimited tries because every time you die the
extra life returns.
Contributed by - PCM333

-Moon Zone-
Collect all seven Emeralds, then successfully complete the game with Sonic to
unlock the Moon Zone.
Contributed by - PCM333

-Easy Rings for Chao Garden-
Play the first level. Press Start + Select + A + B to reset the game after you
hear the chime. Go to the Chao Garden and you will have the rings that were
Contributed by - PCM333

-Extra Ending-
Complete Moon Zone to view an extended ending.
Contributed by - PCM333

-Extra rings in Moon Zone-
In Moon Zone, your rings are constantly ticking down. You can charge dash 
the circle capsules and they will release 8-12 rings.
Contributed by - PCM333

-Escape Capsules on Moon Zone-
To escape the annoying capsules that Dr. Eggman throws at you on Moon Zone, 
just rapidly spin the control pad and press A and B back and forth.
Contributed by - PCM333

-Not fully in ball mode when jumping with Sonic-
To jump when you're not all the way in ball mode, start walking, push B 
twice, then A immediately. It is a little hard to get the hang of, but 
it works.
Contributed by - Ness1234
Update - You don't need to run to do this.
Added by - Vincent Teo

-Amy Rose tripped-
Pick Amy Rose and go to any level. Now press DOWN and A and she will do a 
short jump. Now press B while she does the short jump and she will fall on
her face.
Contributed By - Ness1234
UPDATE - You can destroy enemies while you slide across the ground.
Added by Cody V.

-Amy Rose Grinding-
Press R on a rail with Amy Rose to grind.
Contributed by - Ness1234
This is False! To grind with Amy, press -> twice in the air on the flat rail.
Fixed by Kung Fu
Update! You CAN do it with the R button. You just have to land on the part where
it first starts to bend.
Fixed by Cody V.

-Beat Ice Mountain boss easily with Amy-
To damage the boss, jump when
underneath it and hit it with the hammer.  (I think you can also so it with
Sonic) If you're running out of air, use Amy's Hammer Jump (down and B) to
Contributed by - Codster1988

-Beach Ball Looking characters-
Get into a green shield with any character. Pause the game. The characters 
will look like they have turned into a black and white beach ball. If it 
doesn't work, unpause and repause it until it works.
Contributed by - Dake Forkins

-Warp portal looking characters-
Do the same thing as the beach ball code, but use the Magnetic shield instead.
Contributed by - Dake Forkins

-Stronger Spring with Amy-
To make your jumps higher with Amy on a spring, just
get next to it and hit it with the Piko Piko hammer. This works on any spring
she can reach.
Contributed by - Mew1239219

-Extra Lives-
In the casino zone level with the spring you can also gain lives
easily. When you get to the spring get the life to the right of the spring
first, then do the spring. Then go back to where the life was and it will be
there again! If you keep doing this you will be able to beat the game no
Contributed by - Tank473

VI. Thanks [THA]
Thanks Michael Virag for helping me with this.
Thanks Nintendo for making GBA.
Thanks Sonic Team for a great game.
Thanks GameFAQs for posting this FAQ on their site
Thanks Neoseeker for posting this FAQ on their site
Thanks Versus Books for the guide that I used for the secret stages (and spring
Thanks Steven Lacroix for notifying me about something that was missing.
Thanks Ness1234 for telling me about another Secret.
Thanks Xfactor for updating Ness1234's first secret.
Thanks Codster1988 for adding a strategy for a boss.
Thanks Dake Forkins for submitting a secret.
Thanks Kung Fu for correcting me on a secret.
Thanks Mew1239219 for sending me a tip.
Thanks Tank473 for telling me about the lives trick.
Thanks Mystery754 for notifying me about an error in one of the walkthroughs.
Thanks Cody V. for telling me more tips.
Thanks SpiffSupreme for adding a walkthrough for Knuckles on Spring one.
Thanks Xfactor (again) for supplying the answer to the Questions.

VII. Other Stuff [OTS]
If you find anything that should be in here, or any typos; please email me ASAP.
When you do, I will add you to the Thanks List.

VIII. Help Me [HEL]
I have beaten Sonic Advance once, and erased my data to do it again (it didn't
erase my chao, of course).  But, ever since I erased my first data, all the
rings I earned in the game didn't go to the chao garden like they were supposed
to.  I wanted to know why it won't work.  The only way I can get rings is
through the mini games.  I have 3,617 rings, and the television costs 8,000
rings. Through the mini games, this will take forever!!!  Is it because I erased
my first game data that the rings won't show up in the chap garden?  Or do I
have to make my chao run away??? (Which I REALLY don't want to do because I have
so many rings!) Can you help me????
A. There's no way to cure it. The only way is to earn the rings back to the
amount that you earned before you erase the data. For example, you have 10 rings
in Tiny Chao Garden, before you erase the data, you will not get additional
rings until you have get more than 10 rings. You'll have to accumilate the rings
that you have before the data erase all over again.

There's also a Gameshark method, you can read about it in Ed The Sloggie's FAQ
From - Xfactor

I accidentally erased my data, and the accumulated rings I get in levels don't
go to the chao garden anymore. I know you can fix this but I don't know how.
Please help me and try to post a solution.

A. Same as above