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Who says Nintendo makes kiddy games?Aganar10/10
Great! (If You Enjoy Short, Linear, Hand Holding Adventures That Is!)Ashley Winchester6/10
Let it fuse with you!BartV9/10
I'll take quality over quantity any day of the weekbluej339/10
A Fusion Of Super Nintendo Gameplay And Crappy Game Boy Advance ColorBobo The Clown10/10
Fusion of hand and GBAclarkisdark8/10
Fusing hardcores and newcomersCouch Tomato5/10
I am my own worst enemy...discoinferno847/10
Fusion FinaleEJRICH8/10
Far too linear for its own good.Ethereal Blue7/10
Super Metroid: part 2gnrchild58/10
Samus is back with style, though feeling a little restricted by the virus and stuff.honestgamer8/10
Samus + X - Mother Brain = Fusion?idiotman710/10
Samus Advanced...KasketDarkfyre8/10
Can Nintendo pull off a rehash of Super Metroid?lufia229/10
Metroid Dread would be more like it.Malkmus9/10
What it fails for in innovation, it makes up for in great game play.McGray8/10
The best Metroid yet, and a must have for GBA fans everywhereMetalSonic7009/10
Metroid Fusion: Twelve Years Later, still a blastModel_Omega10/10
Game Informer says this is the best Metroid ever. What are they smoking?MSuskie6/10
A new look and a new sequel.muhtadi9/10
Like Super Metroid. Only linear...Ofisil8/10
With a bit more polish, this game could have been an absolute masterpiece...but it's still the most fun I've had playing a GBA game. A must-have.Phediuk9/10
Despite the lack of freedom and exploring, Fusion is a solid Metroid adventureplasmabeam9/10
If Super Metroid was a dream.. then this is a nightmare.Psycho Penguin5/10
Rock solid action, it's just over a little too quicklySashanan7/10
Metroid Gear SolidSethBlizzard8/10
Now introducing Samus. The hulking, cavelike, Neanderthal.shneepshnop7/10
You will be fused to it!slimmer8/10
Metroid and Handhelds Fuse Together Once More For an Incredible Ride.SuperPhillip9/10
A perfect blend of 2D platforming, shooting, and storylineSuperSmashBro138/10
Best Game On Any Handheld Gaming SystemTHAguyINgta310/10
Hurry up with the Sequel!TheRedneck148/10
In which Samus kinda fuses Flashdance with MC HammerTom Clark7/10
Innovative and fun, and about bloody time!Walker Boh Ohmsford10/10
Fusing the New with the Oldwhisperingmute8/10
It's a Metroid game, what do you expect?ZaleIsBackAgain9/10

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Well, another great Metroid game!auron50810/10
Great, but nothing that changed my life...bobspid8/10
Everything I've ever wanted in a Metroid game and MOREBotsu10/10
At Long Last, Another 2d Metroid Gameburuburu18/10
Different from its predecessor in all the wrong ways.capefeather7/10
What We Get For Wanting Another Metroid GameCharpig6/10
This game is badDoOfY dA lLaMa9/10
Few games can top thisDoomion339/10
Metroid 4 - Evolution of SamusEOrizzonte7/10
Metroid Fusion (Metroid 4) is well worth the wait!fightingsushi10/10
The first Metroid game to be launched for the GBA is one of the system's very first, and one of the very best as well.gamelunatic9/10
Falls short of Super Metroid, but still an incredible gameGreliz9/10
Whats this gooey stuff...oh ****!!hangid10/10
The Return Of SamusIrish Wolf258/10
Does it live up to the name 'Metroid'?Korkskrew9/10
A Great game, but it doesn't quite live up...MercuriusRed9/10
Too linear to be a true classic.ND9k7/10
An Intergalactic Adventure In The Palm Of Your HandsNeoNess9/10
Samus returns in a slightly different feeling, but the greatness remains!!N_freak10/10
Samus Advances!ProtoZero9/10
Good, but fails at being greatQuestionable_8/10
A Solid Outing For SamusRedGyrados8/10
A Metroid for all the purist out theresammyc5219/10
Um...why do I see a 7/10???SH Junkie10/10
Stunning, but short-lived.slutboyfame8/10
A great game with flawsSuper Smash Bro8/10
Fusion is a perfect 10swe2aotc10/10
It might be linear, but that doesn't mean it's bad.Throwback278010/10
Fuu-sion Hah!videogamer10309/10
Samus never looked so HOTZee Germans8/10

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