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"Whats this gooey stuff...oh ****!!"

Metroid Fusion is what is expected for a Metroid game, perfect! No I'm serious this was probably one of the best games I've played. If anyone says otherwise they either lying or are a Metroid hater.

Graphics 10/10: For a game this old details are more important than the realism. By details I mean the enemy designs or the back round. The enemies were quite detailed and colourful. You could tell by just looking at them, if they had rough or smooth skin. Also, in the back rounds you could see extra stuff as well as supports for platforms. What also caught my attention was the suit designs, especially the fusion suit. Maybe it was just me but I liked the new suit design. I gave the graphics a ten out of ten because it's the graphics that matter it's the detail.

Story 10/10: The story was a light VS dark sort of thing. The only difference was that it wasn't actually light VS dark. It was about the SA-X the X mimicked form of Samus. This SA-X was a heartless, deadly, mindless killing machine. Like other metroid games Samus loses her, this game is no exception, but this time loses it because she lost her entire power suit. Samus also has a computer that tells her everything she as to do which Samus no likey. I gave the story a ten out of ten because it took a cliched story part and re-mastered it.

Sound 10/10: I've played this game so much that I have all the songs memorized, and that's not because I've played it so long, it's because the songs are so damn catchy!! The music in each sector matched it perfectly. In sector 5 (ARC) the smooth, icy music gave it a more realistic feel. The sound effects we're also perfect. It was like you were right behind samus when she kill that space pirate. I gave the sound a ten out of ten because of it's memorable songs.

Game play 10/10: Best. Side scroller. Ever. No I'm serious. It's like this game revolutionized side scrollers. Going from sector to sector by elevator or secret passage samus is going kill you!! What I also liked what that had a lot more freedom that you thought you would. Although at some times your blocked off because of that stupid computer. Speaking on that stupid computer, that stupid computer was also something new. It would tell you where to go, but that's no problem. The old items were no problem because they were one, classics and two, the look cooler. I gave the game play a ten out of ten because it's the best side scroller evar.

This game is the perfect game for new metroid players as well as Metroid veterans.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/31/07

Game Release: Metroid Fusion (US, 11/17/02)

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