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Grunty's Revenge Walkthrough/Faq*
(ASCII Art desperately wanted for the game's logo)

By master_gamer11

I) Version History and Guide Progress

11/06/05: Started making my first guide (this one)
16/06/05: Took a break after it reached 12kb.
20/06/05: Quincy's back again!
19/07/05: Took another long break. I'm really lazy!
29/07/05: Started again after a 2 1/2 week break! I really gotta 
stop breaking!
14/08/05: Ya Know what?? I'm just gonna post this thing and THEN I 
can take them breaks!! I only worked on this thing twice since last 
time!!! (Version 1)
19/08/05: I wrote two words. Mumbo Tokens. Im sorry, It's cause of 
my bratty little bro! I'll write more later.
20/08/05: Finished the Mumbo Tokens part. Like you'll need it. 
(Version 1.01)
23/08/05: Finished the Items Section. I give myself a break to cele-
brate one of my best friends' birthday. (Version 1.1)
21/05/06: Christ! Its been almost a year I updated this FAQ! Anyhoo,
I added ASCII art for the Gameboy Micro and Advance. Hope ya like it!
Also modified Grunty's Profile a little! :P
23/05/06: Made the ASCII Art a bit smaller, added a Banjo Bear Art 
to the end, and made a couple of grammar changes in the Items. 
Enjoy! (version 1.2)

II) Intro

Hey everyone! My name is Quincy Boansi (you may think the last 
name is funny) and this is my very first walkthrough (not counting 
my own personal walkthrough)! I've made my own personal walkthrough
(meaning NOT on gamefaqs) because I've practically dedicated my 
life to the one-and-only Sonic the Hedgehog, but who can forget 
the battling duo, Banjo Bear and Kazooie the Breegull? I've played 
both premering games with the Bear and Bird, not to mention the game 
where 'Bear no longer needs a Bird to fly!' Then one day, I stumbled 
upon this game in different shops, and I finally got to play this awe-
some game! So just sit back, and enjoy this great guide to a great 

III) Table of Contents

I) Version History and Guide Progress
II) Intro
III) Table of Contents
IV) Who are Banjo and Kazooie?
V) The Controls
VI) The Characters
   a) Main                                           (MAIN)
   b) Other                                          (OTHR)
VII) The Enemies
   a) Da Henchmen                                    (DHMN)
   b) Da Bosses      (Commin' Soon)                  (DBSS)
VIII) The Story                                      (STRY)
IX) The Walkthrough  (Commin' Soon, Strange, huh!)
   a) Back to the Past                               (BTTP)
   b) Enter the Cliff Farm!                          (ETCF)
   c) On To Breegul Beach!                           (OTBB)
   d) *shiver*... Bad Magic Bayou!                   (SBMB)
   e) Spiller's Harbor! Finally, a... resort??       (SHFR)
   f) *shiver*.. The F F and the *sweat* G I!        (FFGI)
   g) Back to reality!                               (BTRL)
   h) Get ready-The Final Battle!                    (GRFB)
   i) The End!...Or is it?                           (TEII)
X) Items
   a) Da Good Ones                                   (DAGO)
   b) Da Temporary Ones                              (DTPO)
XI) Move List              (Commin' Soon)            (MVLS)
XII) Mini-Games               (Commin' Soon)         (MIGM)
XIII) Secrets and Wierd Stuff    (Commin' Soon)      (STWS)
XIV) FAQ                                             (FAQQ)
XV) Can I have...?                                   (CIHV)
XVI) Commin' Soon                                    (CMSN)
XVII) Thanx to...                                    (TNXT)
XVIII) Closer                                        (CLSR)
XIX) Legal Stuff                                     (LGSF)

Note: The Four-letter thing-a-ma-jigs are just a shortcut. You can get 
to different sections by presing Ctrl+F and typing them in. Notice that 
they are a random selection of letters in the sections. And, the first 
five sections do not have these shortcuts because they are so close to 
the contents.

IV) Who are Banjo and Kazooie?

Well, to Begin, Banjo and Kazooie are a duo of a bear and a bird who 
have been around since the begining of June 1998 on the N64. That was 
called 'Banjo-Kazooie', the hyphen being there because they were never 
seperated. This, I'm 99.9 percent sure, is the sequel to the game. 
(I can tell because in Banjo-Tooie, Grunty's sister's made her stop 
rhyming and in this game, she still rhymes.) Basically, they are the 
'Bear and Bird' all of the enemies talk about. In this game, they go 
into the past to stop Gruntilda from modifying the future, but I'll 
get to that in section VIII.

V) The Controls

GameBoy Micro:

     L                                                                   R
   ...,,:iiiii::::::.                                    v7c;vYYYYcvviii,..   
 W;           .....,:iii;;vvcY777XCttt1nn1nSoozooSoSSSnntttCX7777YYYY777X7btc 
 Ev .................. ..............,,,,::::iiiiii;;;;;vccccYYYY77777Y7X7Zoc 
 8c .....    ........:YcYY77XX77XCttt111nSooozozzz2222UYvcccYYYY777777Y7X7Aoc 
 Zc ...,cvcc;..,,,,:.oI.,,,.............              IA;cYYYYYY7777Yv;vYYItc 
 6c ...tMMMMMi..,,,:.1c                               C6;ccYYYYYYY7c728A7;zCc 
 6Y    iM#1$M,   ..,.t7 ....                          1A;cccc;;vcYcIMMMMMAC7c 
 AvX#B0QMQEQMBEW#S...tX ....:;... . . ., ..  :.  .    t2;cc;v7tci;;MM a MMSY; 
 Ii#MMMMM@#@MMMMMM ..tX ...Iz7i@ZiM1@X#Y #Bbzi#Wb.    t2;v;A@MMM@;,6MMW$M#tc7 
 z:bMM@MM@MMMM@MMM ..CC ...Zt007QbzZtBQ..$UASiX9,     nz;iXMM b M@..;AW01iXc7 
 S:.Y772M@@@MSv727 ..77 ... ... .    ..  .   .        X1iiiMMQEWMQ,:,...,i17; 
 ni     MMn$M     ...cY ....                          Ytii.,oB#B1,iiiiii;;t77 
 z;    .MMM@M,  .....vY....................    ...    YC:i:......i;;;;;;v;tYX 
 2c ..      . .......;Y.............................  Y7:ii:,,,:i;;;;;;v;;C7i 
 oc ...      ........;c............................   c7:iiiiiiii;;;;;;;;;Cti 
 oc .................;7.....................          ;Y:ii;;i;i;ii;;;;;;iXn: 
 oc .................,7;vvvvvvvvvvvvvvcvccccccccccccviX;:i:6tY9;0;iii;;;;iXn: 
 Sc .................  ..............,,,::::::iiiiiiii,,:::,,:,::iiiii;;iiX1i 
 oY ......,,,,,:::::::::iiiiiiiiiiiiii;;;;;;vvcccY777YYYYYcvvv;;;;;iiiii::7C: 
                            Select        Start

               L                                                    R
        .,i;c7SUAUSzZAnn1SSo1CXX7777t1tC11;.:i .;cccY7XXXt1nozXYvi:,....       
   Xi;;XC1z.  ,occYXiWM@z98bItSzn.17 7 7 .2t ,YYnCtozb8ZU0MMI,v7tnz2A07.A ...
   Civ7Ci:;.  .C;i77;$M@Xo2UtSnXv;,:. ,. iW..iiv9tSnAUIz1bMMQ;z2;,.1Q#; .  i.
  .7ict1.       ..zcc@M@ctnSoSn1IZXo6IZXXX9XCSA1CooSnnnn7AMM@SB:  B tIZt:,i..
  :c:iYX160;. :8C7YY7MM@ctnnSoz2IIIIIAA96UzAU2SozoSSnnn1YAMM@Y81..  c;c7Yv:..
  ;v:icXX7Cii vC;cYcYMM@;C1t11nn1I$W098Q969AWZ6811111111cIMM@:coS177v;;vvii,.
  tiiii; Start to: ,9MM@ ............................... ;MMM::;:....:ciC;i:..
          .ic12A9I17vii,.,,,,:ii;vvcY7777YYccv;i:,..   . ..::ic77Yvi.          

These are the controls for the game.

While Playing:

A: Jump, use a pad, use Feathery Flap in mid-air
B: Use different attacks (once learned)
Control Pad: Move Banjo
L: Crouch, use Bill Drill in air.
R: Change Egg list, use Talon Trot while Crouching
Start: Pause
Select: Nothing

On Pause Screen:
Start: Return to game
B: Cancel, Return to game
A: Confirm Selection
Control Pad: Select Option
L, R, Select: Nothing

VI) The Charachters

This section of this guide covers all of the charachters in the game.

a) Main                                           (MAIN)

Banjo: The Star of the game is back once more! Before now, he was in 
Banjo-Kazooie and -Tooie, then (oddly, the sequel to Banjo-Kazooie) 
this one, then Banjo Pilot. Banjo, with the help of his feathered fri-
end, they're gonna put an end to Gruntilda's evil plan!

Kazooie: Unfortunately, that badmouth returns for more insults as well 
as helping her good friend Banjo. She gets captured in this game by 
Grunty and goes into the past to prevent the Bear and Bird from ever 
meeting! This is the cause of the quest.

Gruntilda Winkybunion: *shiver* Grunty the wicked witch of the west 
(bad pun intended XD) also returns after her defeat in Banjo-Kazooie 
because his loyal subject Klungo has built a Mecha-Suit to support her 
soul. Now she's going to jack Kazo-oie to make sure the Bear and Bird 
Duo never meet!

Klungo: Grunty's loyal assistant. For two months, he's been trying to 
shift the boulder off of Gruntilda's body after her pummeling. He is 
the creator of the Mecha-Grunty suit to support her much-alive soul.

Mumbo Jumbo: The shaman is back again, and his job is still to tran-
sform Banjo into numerous different things. Luckily, he now changes 
him into different animals in different all the levels, but he is 
still too lazy to help out by actually walking around and zapping 
enemies, just like in Banjo-Tooie. Lazy bum...

Honey B: Technically, Honey B enters premeres in the Banjo-Kazooie 
world and continues serving her purpose in Banjo Tooie as the one who 
extends your honeycomb bar. This adds a lot more suspence because in 
Banjo-Kazooie, you instantly get an extra Honeycomb when you get enough 
pieces. Boring...

Bozzeye Mole: He's the salt to this game's pepper! (Bad joke I guess.) 
He poses as Bottles the Mole's ancestor. He also takes his job: 
teaching us new moves in exchange for musical notes. He teaches us 
the ones we forgot during our time-traveling, as well as some new 

Master Jiggywiggy: First he came in Banjo-Tooie, but he is the one 
who opens world doors-the ones with the freaky faces on them. Just 
bring him enough Jigsaw pieces aka Jiggies, and you will prove him 
worhty enough to go to the next world! 

Jinjos: They don't really play a big part of the game, but these cute 
multi-colour are just looking for peace on their weird world. 6 colours, 
5 in each world, recruit all in a world for a just reward.

The Jinjo Oracle: This is practically a statue with a mind and soul. 
He-er, she-is the leader of all Jinjos, and she is in every level wai-
ting for you to bring her back her lost Jinjos and give you your desire!

b) Other                                               (OTHR)

Sheep: Two types. One are those who give you a jiggy for rescuing them 
from the Giant Gruntweed. The other are ones you fish in the game 'Sheep 
Dip' (See section XII for more details).

Mother Hen: Help her Find her lost chicks and she will reward you with a 
'weird puzzle piece'. That, and she appears again in the same world where 
you play a slide mini-game where you MUST get ALL eggs to win. But there 
are only twelve!

'Ratman': He appeares in Breegul beach, Bad Magic Bayou, Spiller's Harbor, 
and the FF. In Breegul Beach, collect 5 shells for him, Bad Magic Bayou 
hosts a fishing game, Spillerston in Spiller's Harbor where you race him 
in a slide mini-game, and the Freezing Furnace is an invisible fishing 
game. Each of them give you the same prize. (see section XII for details)

White Breegul: Twice again in Breegul Beach, one of them is standing next 
to a mouse hole asking you to chew free his fellow breeguls. Another will 
explain to you about this slide where you get his little green grub, 
twenty of 'em, but there is well more than that, so don't be alarmed if 
you miss one. (see Section XII for Details)

Dolphin: How many times do you see these charachters twice?? Whatever, you 
see him once in Breegul Beach's lake: s/he guides you to a Jiggy in a 
sunken ship, secondly on Spiral Mere, he's in front of a purple patch of 
land and you have to aim and feed him his favourite food; Eggs. (Mmmm, Eggs
........[crikets chirping].......alright, no more acting like Homer.)

General Beaver-Type-Guy: You see him only once in the game in Bad Magic 
Bayou at the lower part of the level. You fight an army of Klungo-Klones 
(as I call them :p) that he calles out and you get a Jiggy if you can kill 
'em all. Then he's gone...FOREVER!! (Fine, no more evil jokes.)

Mama Squit: You may mistake this sludge thing for a pile of poopy, but 
she is looking for her children because they need to leave for some place. 
One you need to just talk to, one you need to give a toy spaceship, and 
one is wanting some Ice cream. Do all these things and the Mama Squit/
Poopy will give you a Jiggy. But be careful because according to Kazooie, 
'You don't know where that thing has been!'

Miss Bucket: You ask 'er to make a Jiggy (I thought they were legendary, 
powerful, able to break spells; how can you make one?!!?), but you need 
to give her seven pieces of gold. Get them, bring them, and let her use 
them to make the Jiggy.

VII) Enemies

Duh, duh, this part is about the enemies of the game.

a) Da Henchmen                                                   (DHMN)

Lv. 1 Gruntling (aka Klungo-Klone ;p): Extremely basic guys, with green 
skin and a red lab robe. They allow you to test your Pack Whack attack for 
the first time in Spiral Mountain. So, weak, so easy, one of any attack 
(but two eggs and no Ice eggs unfortunately) can take them out with no tro-
uble at all.

Whiplash: A purple tentacle thing-a-ma-jig that just waves itself around 
(the waving actually does something in BK). Theyve now adapted to land 
from the water, making it insanely easy to kill. Mind you, I ain't kidding 
when I say........................THESE ARE THE EASIEST GUYS IN THE ENTIRE 
GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SERIOUS!!! THEY DONT MOVE, THEY ONLY 
ANNIHILATE THESE.........THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  *Long wait while I chill*

Gruntweed: Phew, my episode is over! I can now talk normally! Anyway, Grunt-
weeds are like alligator heads with vine-like propellers. They fly up and 
slam down on you when you're below them. Then is your chance to either Bill 
Drill them, Wonder Wing them, or Pack Whack them: Everything Else Will Not 

Green Whiplash: Very different to its (INSANELY EASY TO KILL) relative (!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), you 
can only find them in- or underwater, just like in BK. You CANNOT kill it 
(unless you are an octopus), so you must avoid it at all costs.

Yum Yum: They're jumping clams with eyeballs from BK. If they hit you, you 
will not only lose one honeycomb, but you will also lose an egg that you 
last used and a feather, just like in BK, but in this case, an egg and a 
Golden Feather. Two Roll attacks, Pack Whacks, Rat-a-tat rap, and Battery 
eggs; four eggs; and one Bill Drill and Fire Egg should take care of them.

Lv. 2 Gruntling: Klungo-Klones with blue lab coats. Twice as much of any-
thing (except WonderWing, Bill Drill, Ice Eggs, and Fire eggs) will defeat 

Shrapnel: Ordinary Heat-Seeking Shrapnels with faces. Avoid them as much 
as you can because they are in the water. To kill 'em, sacrifice two honey-
combs and ram into them, or use a water bubble from Banjo the Octopus.

Bogfoot: They remind me of BigFoot! Only found in Bad Magic Bayou, there 
brown, got green chest, hands, face, and feet, and a very ugly face. Use 
8 eggs, 4 Roll attacks and Pack whacks, 3 Rat-a-Tat-Raps and Battery eggs, 
and 1 Fire Egg, Bill Drill, and Wonder-Wing (if you can actually find a 
pad!) to keeel them!

Stinglash: Red slashing scorpion tails. Just as insanely weak as a Whip-
lash, but they have more power-they take away two honeycombs. Avoid them 
more that you kill 'em, but for some strange reason, they give more honey-
comb pieces than most enemies.

Purple Chompa: They're some creatures that pop out of the wall to bite 
at you. One of any egg (yes, even egg eggs but no, not Ice Eggs) and the 
Rat-a-tat Rap will kill it. Amazingly, not even the Bill Drill will take 
kare of it!!! (The K in kare is on purpose if you wanna know)

Green Chompa: To tell you the truth, can't see any difference between 
the purple and green Chompa, so the same rules apply.

Gremuloid: There are two types. One is this purple blob-type thing 
with eyeballs that seem to be everywhere. They latch on to you and 
after about two seconds, it starts seeping the life out of you every 
second. Seriously, nothing except the WonderWing will defeat it, but 
if It latches on to you, run in circles to kill it. (I like to think 
it being weird the way you kill them by running...!) The Second type 
is no different to the first one. You only see it in one of the Klu-
ngo boss fights. It's a red one. That's all I can remeber about how 
it looks. Egg-zactly the same tecnique as a purple one, but they 
last longer, so be careful. You only see 6 of them in the entire 
game-after that, they're gone. Forever. No more. Don't try looking. 
All done. Finis. (Okay, I'll shut up now.)

Green Spooko: A green Ghost. You see 'em in the haunted house place 
in Bad Magic Bayou. Amazingly, he also may appear in Grunty's lair 
as part of Klungo's attacks. They're about the same speed as Banjo 
so outrun 'em with the Talon Trot move. When you're far enough, 
switch to Egg-Spittin' mode, swap to fire eggs, and let 'em have 

Lv. 3 Gruntling: These Klones have black lab coats. Not at all hard, 
but slightly more powerful than the Lv. 2 Klones. Two everything. 
Even Rat-a-tat Rap. One Bill Drill and Fire egg. Zero Ice Eggs. Done.

Red Spooko: A red ghost. Just like the green ones, you see them in 
Grunty's lair as Klungo's attacks. Ya find 'em in Grunty's indus-
tries, which is where they're used to most. Hit 'em with somethin' 
they're not used to, but it's so obvious what it is, I'm not even 
going to tell you. Just think-what doesn't mix well with fire??

Lv. 4 Gruntling: Brown lab coats, purple skin. You know the drill, 
just use 3 times more whach-a-ma-call-its than the Lv. 1 Klungo-
Klone (except of course Fire Eggs, Bill Drill, Ice Eggs, and the 

Maggie: There is practically no point writing about these enemies. 
There are only 3 of these enemies in Spiller's harbor and nowhere 
else. Rat-a-tat Rap them to get ice cream. The end.

Bees: These annoying enemies are found in this tucked away place 
in Spillerston and in The FF. Once you're in range, they'll charge 
for you in their entire pack at once. The only way to dispose of 
these pests is by the use of the WonderWing. I like the way they 
die in BK more, the *Poof* of the bees in this game is B-O-R-I-

Biggafoot: Like Bogfoot, only White with a light blue face. You find 
'em in the FF. Do the same thing you did with the Bogfoot and you 
should be fine.

Lv. 5 Gruntling: These Klungo-Klones are easy to recognise. They're 
grey all over. You find them in FF. Do I really have to go through 
how to kill 'em??!? All I'm gonna say is 4 Battery eggs, 3 Rat-a-tat 
Raps, and 2 Fire Eggs. You figure out the rest.

Livewire: These are waving wires found in G's I. Nothing will even 
flinch it except the WonderWing! These enemies are hard, yes? No. 
They dont move at all and they only take away one honeycomb! Just 
find a WonderWing pad (which are really common in their areas) and 
give it to them, okaaaay?!?

TNT Box: Finally as the last enemy, they are a box crammed full of 
explosives. You recognise them with the big TNT letters on the box. 
approach it and it will come to life, jumping after you. They take 
away two honeycombs in contact! But dont fret too much-if they dont 
reach you after a while, they'll explode where they last bounced, 
4 bounces I think. And, you can take 'em out with the WonderWing 
attack, so there's no need to worry too much.

b) Da Bosses                                           (DBSS)

Note: I'll get to this when I restart playing this game. I forgot 
all but the final boss! >_<

VIII) The Story                                              (STRY)

Like I said, the sequel to Banjo-Kazooie takes place two months after 
the downfall of the the hag, Gruntilda Winkybunion by Banjo Bear and 
Kazooie the bad-mouthed Breegul! This all begins with Banjo and Kaz-
ooie talking to each other. Banjo tells Kazooie to tidy the house while 
he gets the barbeque working. (>_<) While this was happening, Klungo, 
Gruntilda's best henchman, is still trying to move the boulder from 
Grunty's body! (I mean two months of doing nothing but moving a rock! 
Shouldn't he get hungry or tired or think of an idea in this amount of 
time or..........*two months of nonstop blabber*.....and furthermore,...
......ehem..hehehe...!) He finally quits in trying and decides to make 
something that may help the ol' hag (FINALLY!!!!!!!!). He goes away to 
start building. He's there for 3 seconds and he's already half-way done! 
At this time, Mumbo Jumbo, the "most powerful shaman in the game", finds 
out what's going on because he was hiding behind a bush evesdroping on 
the freak. About 5 seconds later, Klungo returns to the scene with some 
robot in the shape of Gruntilda, only uglier. He says something about 
a spell (not that we need to care), then her ghost comes out from the 
rock and moves into the ugly robot. Keep in mind that the shamman is 
still behind the bush. The robot will then come to life and rhyme about 
paying back the bear and bird for what they did to her. She says she's 
gonna steal Kazooie and keep the friends from ever meeting! If you 
still remember Mumbo, then you'll see him run away. Grunty goes in his 
direction, one a sole mission to destroy the present. Back at Banjo and 
Kazooie's house, the duo see the shamman panting running towards them. 
Mumbo tells Banjo to take Kazooie and flee them somewhere, anywhere to 
get away from the robo-witch and the kidnap plot. She comes, landing 
in front of Kazooie, saying that she finally has her and the present 
will never be the same because they are split. The angry bear says 
they can't let the witch get away with this, so Mumbo says he'll send 
Banjo to the past, the same time as Grunty (I wonder how far back he 
sent him!) to rescue her and save the present. He has to find ances-
tor of mole and "hansome young witch doctor" (yeah right!!) to help 
him. With his final words of hoping it doesn't have too many side 
effects, he waves his wand. Banjo's adventure begins.

IX) The Walkthrough

Guess wat.....Nothing! I said to myself I'd do this part last because
a) I'm too lazy :p and b) I had to do the entire game all over again! 
That thing isn't a walk in the park! So just wait until my next updates 
and I'll start, okaaaaaaaay??

X) Items

This part talks about all the Items you must have, and all the Items you 
just have to give to someone to get a Jiggy.

a) Da Good Ones                                             (DAGO)
<Notes >

The First items you ever dream of collecting. You practically 
see 'em as soon as you appear in the past! Anyway, they're like the 
lost gold of at Atlantis, and must be treated as such. Because with-
out them, you can forget the game. For some reason, Bozzeye wants 
these joyful little thing-a-mas 'cause he 'aint doin' this for char-
ity!' Anyway, you must get these notes (joined quavers) to give to 
the greedy mole so he can teach you new moves. Seriously, I like what 
Jamjars in BT did: you give 'em to him to prove you're diciplined eno-
ugh to learn something! You can recognise 'em by looking for notes ly-
ing around one by one and (pretty rarely) in nests. The ones lying ar-
ound are worth one note. But in the last two levels you can find a cou-
ple of note nests, worth 5 each, if your lucky, increasing your note 
count slightly more. Not all are needed to complete the game but if 
you do, give yourself a pat on the back and contain a feeling of sat-
asfication because you're such a good detective!


This game ain't gonna be so hard as to not give health after you defeat 
someone, so (as like almost every action/adventure game in existance) 
when you defeat an enemy, you sometimes get rewarded with a honeycomb 
hexagon, like the ones you normally see in cartoon beehives, only about 
50 times bigger. A logical explanation for Honeycombs being health is 
that Bears LOOOOVVEEE honey! To them, it's like dying and going to hea-
ven! Which is one of the reasons why the honeycombs come in one variaty 
after another. The first ones are the ones you all know and love. Know, 
but do not love. Then there's the by 2 honeycombs. They have the charach-
ters x2 on them. They (duh) heal you by twice the normal ammount. Here's 
where it get's interesting. Most guides to this game start with the other 
honeycomb first (wait for it.......), but I'm sorting the honeycombs in 
order of greatness. The third one is the ? Honeycomb aka the "Random Pick 
Honeycomb" As I call it. They may (rarely) appear like the other honeycombs 
from enemy carcasses and (more commonly) beehives. Collect one, and your 
energy bar will appear on the top of the screen. Press A (or B, I cant re-
member) on the highlighted honeycomb and your life will fill to that much. 
But there's a catch. The honeycombs are highlighted in random order. Fina-
lly, and definately the greatest of them all, the ! Honeycomb, also known 
as the "Energy Pick Honeycomb" according to me. Use 'em. Abuse 'em. 'Cause 
get one and the same thing as the Random Pick Honeycomb will happen, only 
the honeycombs will flash in order! Just find a Beehive if wou want it 
quick or wait until you beat an enemy. Either way, grab it and be happy!!

|             |
|Jigsaw Pieces|

These mystical items are practically hundreds and thousands of times more 
valuable than the lost gold of Atlantis! They're practically the key to 
this game. And this game is practically unbeatable without them (I'll try 
not to say 'practically' as much as I can from now on >_<). These things 
are practically (D'oh!) a high source of magical power, used to break 
Gruntilda's seals on the world doors. You get 'em almost everywhere-if 
you beat a mini-game, beat a boss, solve a puzzle, overcome an ordeal, 
find one lying around, and a lot more, but it's pretty self-explanitory 
once you know what you need to solve. Get some, then go to Master Jiggy-
wiggy's temple and show them to him. If youzzes got enough, he'll open 
up one world. Just go to that "crystal altar" thing-a-ma when you have 
enough and he opens the place before and press a to open your new world. 
I still like him finding if you're worthy enough by doing the puzzle though. 

{Hollow Honeycomb Pieces}

(Geez, wrong border for these words......) Huh?! I was thinking aloud, 
sorry. Anyway, back to the subject. Hollow Honeycomb pieces are rare 
honeycombs with no center. They're really rare-only twelve in the game. 
They're really no use to you; bring 'em to Honey B, 'und shes vill 
make uzzes un enerrgy ixtencion. ......Sorry for talking wierdly, I 
find it funny! Anyway, dont just bring her one honeycomb to get one 
extention. Go into her hive, and a number on the top left of the 
screen will show a number, meaning how many Honeycombs needed for an 
extention of one Honeycomb. On the mirror side, shows how many you have 
at the moment. You can get up to four extentions in the game-after that, 
when ya visit her, she'll just recover your energy, which is almost as 
useful I think.


Now although these above items are more important than the following, 
I'm still pleased to say...................Now were getting to the 
good ones! I mean real firepower! First up are the eggs. Now (doh! 
Too many 'Now's!), to begin with, there are 4 different types of eggs, 
and you learn them in order of, uhh, greatness? Yeah! First up are 
Eggs. That's right, the Eggs we all know and love. They are practically 
the most pathetic items in all Banjo-Kazooie. Notice I didn't add 
"Grunty's Revenge"? I'm saying in ALL of the BK series! God!! Even my 
grandma is strong enough to endure this worthless thing! Avoid using 
it as much as you can once you've learned other eggs, but I sometimes 
use them when I'm going against Grunty or Klungo 'cause it ain't really 
that fair. And it helps attack from a distance as well. Otherwise, 
ponder why Rare even kept in the game. Then there are what I thought 
were Grenade eggs, but are a bit like 'em; Battery eggs. Slightly more 
more powerful, about 50 percent more, are also used to power up some 
offline contraptions. An okay egg, but you only hold 15. What a jip! Next 
in line, and the second lamest, are the Ice Eggs. They have no special 
quality whatsoever, just the fact that they kill the -lashes in one hit 
and immobilizes other enemies. Unless you are cornered and have no 
other choice but to, do not use them, with great emphasis. Finally, 
even though still not as good as a Grenade egg or Clockwork Kazooie 
egg but still my favourite of the Fallacious Four, the Fire Eggs. 
It's major downfall is that you can only hold ten, yet they can kill 
almost any enemy in one blast. But only use 'em if you need to rid 
the area of enemies quickly. Overall, I rate the Eggs, in general, 
4/10. Keep away.

  ^_^     ^_^       ^_^ 
<                       >
 |   Golden Feathers   |
<  _       _         _  >
  v v     v v       v v 

(Better, but still not so good.......hmm......huh?) I'm thinking aloud 
again, aren't I? Well, about those Feathers. The last 'Collectable' that 
you can actually use. If you've played the other Banjo games (maybe 
you've played Banjo Pilot as well?), you'll know that the Golden Feathers
will make Banjo and Kazooie temporarily invincible. The best item, in my 
opinion. It's great, but at the same time, it's not so great. It's great 
that you can now carry a whoping twentee five feathers! And you only use 
a feather after about three seconds! Thats like (hmm, carry the 1, times 
the 5, add them together.....) a minute and 15 seconds if you dont get 
anymore gold feathers! I mean WOAH!! The MAJOR downfall about great item 
is that you can only activate it by standing on a WonderWing pad! And 
there are like 4, 5 in this game only! So abuse it when you can and cry 
when you can't.

()Mumbo Tokens()

These are skulls. There. I said it. You get one for beating specific 
Gruntilda or Klungo bosses. You have to bring these things to Mumbo 
for him to transform you into different animals or objects. You only 
need one for him to transform, while in the prequel, find a specific 
amount all over all the worlds. That made the game more challenging! 
Well, that's it, I guess. Just for the record, give him one token 
and he turns you into a mouse, two for a candle, three for an octopus, 
and 4 for a tank. (More on these on a later update.)

b) Da Temporary Ones                                 (DTPO)

Chicks: I ain't gonna do fancy art cause these are obviously the less impor-
tant Items. Chicks. Find them in Cliff farm and give them to the mother hen 
for a Jiggy.

Shells: In Breegul Beach, find 5 Shells for the Ratman and he will reward 
you with a Jiggy, then will make you go away 'cause you're scaring away 

Chains: You can't really get them but... A white breegul will ask you to 
rescue his breegul friends from chains by chewing them as a mouse. Chew 
all 6 for a Jiggy.

Silver Coins: Get 5 Silver Coins in Spiller's Harbor to play the Ratman's 
Slide minigame. Beat him to get a Jiggy.

Ice Cream: A sludge kid wants an Ice Cream before going back to Mama Sludge. 
You can get one for free by beating the maggies near the Ice cream truck 
and saving that peackock's buisness.

Toy Saucer: Another sludge kid wants a Toy Saucer. You can get it on top of 
the Game Over arcade thing.

Gold: Miss Bucket can make you a Jiggy if you can give her 7 pieces of gold
(How? She's a Bucket!) in Grunty's Industries.

Gold Coins: You can pick 'em up at the end-of-game slide game to replay 
mini-games on that Game Over Arcade in Spiller's Harbor.

XI) Move List                                        (MVLS)

Here are the moves you learn through the game by Bozzeye the mole.
Now, I don't know the cost of the moves, I'll find them out later.

          }Price is ten notes. Banjo Slam's his Backpack directly infront 
Pack Whack}of him. Press B while standing still to use it. I suggest only  
          }use it if you need to hit switches and stuff, otherwise you 
                              should avoid it.

        }God knows the price. The name is straightforward. I need not 
        }explain it. Press up and down to climb. Done.

        }I still dont know the price.

Note: From here, I'm closing in on the end of the FAQ, But you'll expect 
LOTS more on the next updates, okay?

XIV) FAQ                                             (FAQQ)

Here would be some questions emailed to me, but being this my first update, 
there are none. I'd be happy to accept Questions to extreme_brains785@hot-
mail.com. So there.

XV) Can I Have...?                                   (CIHV)

I'd like you to email me these things to spruce up my walkthrough...

Corrections on the Items in the Items sections
Questions for the FAQ section
Corrections on the Enemies
Any enemies I missed out
Any Controls I missed
Info on any charachter I missed (Not that I missed any, but...)
Praise mail! ^_^

I would not like thise things to my walkthrough or else I will ignore 

Spelling and grammer mistakes. They're really common, and I "dont not" 
like having my inbox filled in with pointless mistakeses that "Occor" 
every 2 lines.

Rude/Impolite email, e.g. 'Your FAQ sucks! You are the Worst walkthrough 
writer known to man!' And such. If ya dont like my FAQ, say so nicely ant
tell me how I can make it better.

Anything already in this thing. I wont put the same thing in this twice.

That's it. It ain't rocket science, so these instructions should be easy 
to understand.

XVI) Commin' Soon                                    (CMSN)

Expected to be in my next update are:

The walkthrough
Da Bosses
Move list
Secrets and Weird stuff
Questions in the FAQ Section

XVII) Thanx to...                                    (TNXT)
Without these people, this walkthrough would not be possible.

God: For making this universe!
Rareware: For making a great game character
Nintendo: Making a great game.
Me!: For creating this darn thing!

XVIII) Closer                                         (CLSR)

Well, that's it! My first, very own walkthrough! Hope ya liked it! If 
ya dont, tell me KINDLY at extreme_brains785@hotmail.com and say how I
can improve it. Other than that, It's Quincy Boansi, signing out!

XIX) Legal Stuff                                       (LGSF

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's revenge is copyright Nintendo and Rare. Banjo 
and Kazooie and all other characters are copyright Rare. This walkthrough 
is copyright Quincy Boansi 2006. You may not use this on your site without 
permission, hand it out to people, or make money out of it, but feel free 
to use it for your own gain.

                       ......                             .          ,;7.      
                   iU#MMMMMMMMQC.                        c1;,       z7..i.     
                v@MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMW; IMMMt             .MZ:.co     BMi  i6     
              .7WMMMMMMM@###BB$#@MMMMMW#MMM.           .Mt. ,Ui   .Mo:..79     
              .izMM@@@@@$WQ0E00WWBB$#9Y7t6M#            MW;,,7S   SMt;i;0;     
                 .@@MMM@$#MMMMM#$BWQ0QEv7$0             CMt:.iA   @WYi;XE      
                  ZMMM@B@#n. .7##W0QQQB0B$Eo:            ME;.:2: .Mz;ii9i      
                  #; .B@;       @#Q000Q0bEE#MQ.          9MX:,YX tMtc;Yb       
                 ;;   EE   it@U 1$000EEEbE0QW@Mn          Mz:..C $Si::z;       
   .0MMMMMMMt    Yi :.MZ  t.QMM;Z#E8889E08b0QW#M@         Qb...cW8.  .n  v7c;: 
  AMMMM@0A#MMM   :M.:6MM. ,c@MX.M@@@@#@@#W00Q00#M#        ZWUt;vAYci,i1cMM@EnC:
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  cMMQi.@#W@MMC  ..inAUA2ont7;:.          ;Bb0QE0B$#@   @b.c#MMWE0QMM0;i::iYU, 
   9MM$b@@MMMZ      ..:;;cc7tnCci,.    ...;B0bbE0Q00@A  @Mi :z@MM#1MMM#$#MM@.  
    :MMMMMM$,      . ...,iiv7zZ82i   ..,,.zBbb00008ZBM  .M#;   .   bMMMMMMQ;   
     MMBUY:  .........,,:iic7ob#b.  .,:::v#$0bQWBWbb0MMt cMBC:::,..  ... i7    
     SE,  i.,::,,,,.:::i:vc7tzQB   .:ii:;W#QQ0WBQEEbW0MMMSWMQIC7c;i,.  .7S     
      MbY.;Siii::::::::i;cX11E@  ..::i:vW@W0W$BE8EQ0@27#MMMM@AttCXYc;;iIS      
      .M$1,UX;iiiiiiiiiv7tSU##  .,:iiizMMM@MMQ880BBQ@zvcnMMMM#o7XttX7cz2       
       .M@tvZtc;;;;;;v71IE@MA  ,iiic6@M@B6IAtA@M@#WW@nvY;XM@#M@b1ooSIEMv       
         BMUoZzStX7XtzE#MM@: .;72WM@E.         c@M$W@ScXcI@#$#@@#@##@MMW       
       t0MMM@@#BWWB#MMMMMMEE@MMMM$v .            2MB@I7tYE@#B$#BB$####@M       
   .6MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMA:   ;C    .        Q@@871CWM@$##BBWQQW$@M:      
  SMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM99@W        zM    .        :M@Q711#@@##B$WWQQWB@M:      
 iMM@#B0EW@MMMMMMMMMM0nYtWn  ..... .M.  .   ..... .M##X1zM@@#$W$BWQQWW#M,      
 MM@$W00EbbEQW#@@@WEQUzo2#E..:::,.. 1M. . ....... iM@MnobM@##$$BWWQQWW@#       
.MM#WWWQ00EEEEEbZbE0Q$06A@@i:i::,,.. n#.......... Y#@M9AMM@##$$WBWWWWWMY       
.@M#$BWQQEbQQQWWWQQBBMMWZ@MS,ii::,...  ...........$#BM0QQMMM###$BWWWW@M        
 XM@#$WQQBQ09S1tttn2EQEM0#M@;iiii;i,,........... tMWE@#9  zMMM@#BBB$@@.        
  @M@#$$$6CccY7XCCYv;cCAZ@@M0;cv.        ....,..o@Q89WM.     v0MMM@#1          
   EMM@@E;;vcccv;;cc:.::izB@M#. .zoZZ2tYiio1;.;@M#B0EW0                        
    .QMMUcC1Yi,..:i71.    :ZMt  MMMMMMMMM@#@@QMM60$WBE                         
       X01Atc;. ,Ci.tA      0. .iMMB8M#WE89ZbWQ#:Y@EB;                         
        @z2i.;o:cb:  zUic.  iQ  MMMMMMM@#0E899E#0MMMM      vzoYci              
        @BX.  ibQZ,  :bW#Y:,:1I         .,9$@M@voMMMM     MM7vt0Mv             
        :Mt.  .CMW;. .iQMBc...;Ai               :#MM@    #M,iv;;cYc.           
         :MY,..,0M1,. .;MMz.  .c8,ivii,.       .. vM:   :M,CWn7Y6;;Q06v.       
         :MQ:.  :M@v,   iMMc...,Sv        ..  .,.z@@Wv:AMX.iEEZ9b7:..;UM;      
         9EMc.  .tMz.. ..@MW;.  ,b,   ....i;EMMM@@@MMMMMn.. .:;1X;nnYv7So      
          MM8,..iEM@Cv;v6MMMz:...Cn  ....CbMMMMM@MMM#ti..:i:.,St.i@zt7XA;i     
          iMM@B@0@M@@$$@QIMMM7:..vn  ...EWMM@@$#@@$Ici......t#o...YQbA6Ii2     
            .MMW:.W@@@W7,i$MMQA1o$6    Y@W####@#B67v;:..... ...:,. .X66t1zo.   
            SZci;i.i;i..icCM   .;IM$;,i@B$#@@@WZt;iii1ot;:...  .ii7UzY::...t7  
          ,@A:;;i:,...,i7Sz#,      1@$MM$W@M$Eocii,.606AUSc:.,..,0BX. YoYYttM, 
        .c$i.6$t.......:tbE@b        ..i@MMW9Ci,...Ubn1Sz22Sv,,....   EEoz60c  
    70#@@@6XZ@#@t n@BZ:.tWW$@           cME7:.  .YAIXXCttno2UX,,...,,.iWBWEt.  
  :@BSv:nES7;:iAM0BW0##i7$$0@,         ;M7.   ;nUoC777CCtt1Szbc,:::tCc;ii,.    
  Mt.. i8i.   .:Q7,..,nzc@$I@,        :M,   ,ZA17Y77XXCttt1o9bi,;t1i           
 tM..  Z7,b.   i7. .  ,SSMEAU         c1  .,0ICXXCXCttt11z6U7:itX:             
 BM., .EiXM,   ;v.;#  .z7              n:..;Wz11t111nSzAAn;:ici                
 7Mnv.vWivM.   c;.YM. .o                7c,.cZ8Z99999Anv::ii.                  
  .XztttXIMtXYv2n;X@,ic7                 :Yi..ivccv;i:i;i.                     
          ....   .ii:.                     .::,,,,:,,..                        

-End of Document-