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                       Wario Land 4
                     CD Location Guide
                       Version 1.0

              For the Nintendo Game Boy Advance

               Copywrite 2002 Britain O'Connor


This document is copywrite 2002 Britain O'Connor. This Guide is for private use 
only so don't reproduce it for cash in any way. Don't: post it in magazines,
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You can also contact me if you have any questions or notice any errors. And 
please, don't e-mail me for any other reasons besides those. Again, thanks.



1. Notes about this guide
2. CDs: What they do
3. CD locations and Guide
4. Karoke Mode
5. Conclusion
6. Credits
7. Revision History


I suggest getting all of the jewel pieces in a level first before attempting
to get the CD. That way, you don't have to get distracted by them and can exit
the level with the CD. Its worth the extra trip. Also, some CDs can only be
collected once the timer has started, so its better not to risk all of your
hard earned jewel pieces and run out of time trying to get the compact disc.

Another thing, on harder difficulty settings, there are more enemies and less
time to complete the level. Once you've gotten the CD, be careful of enemies
and be as quick as possible to beat the level so you don't have to restart it
and recollect it.

Throughout this guide, I will use a few terms. So you don't become confused,
here they are:

"Go Left ___ # of screens" -- A screen is a transition from one part of the
                              level to another. When you exit an area of the
                              level, the screen goes black for a split second,
                              and you reapear at the next area of the level,
                              that is what I mean be a new screen. So "move
                              left 1 screen" means go left until you exit that
                              area of the level and reapear in the next.

Since I'm not sure of the official names, these are my names for the enemies: 
     Apple Throwing Gorilla- An enemy that throws apples that, when eaten, turn
                             Wario into Fat Wario.
     Enemies that turn Wario into Spring Wario- They do just as my name for 
                             them says.
     Crusher Machines-       Flatten Wario into a pancake so he can fit through
                             tight spaces
     Flying Skeletons-       Turn Wario into Zombie Wario with green sprites
                             they shoot.
     Ice Shooting Creatures- Shoot sprites of ice at Wario, turning him to ice
                             which causes him to slide backwards uncontrollably
                             until he hits a wall. Quite annoying.

CDs: What they do

CDs are fun little collectibles hidden throughout the levels of Wario Land 4.
There is one per level. If you find one you must exit the level successfully
to be able to listen to it in the Sound Room.  If you fail to complete the
level once you have gotten the CD, it will be lost and you will have to get it
again. Located at the top of the Temple Overview map, in the sound room you can
browse and listen to your library of CDs in it. There are 20 CDs in all, many
of which contain truly bazaar lyrics and music. They are entertaining enough to
have inspired me to get them all, and they add replay value to the game.

Usually CDs are hidden in very unobvious spots throughout the level. For 
example, to reach a CD in a specific level, one must break through walls and 
use one's mind to think of how to get to the location of the CD. What this 
guide does is tell the reader (you) how to get each and every one of these CDs!
Woo-hoo! Now you don't have to search for them yourself, which is quite 
frustrating at times because allmost always one has no lead as to where a CD
could be =P .

Starting with the Emerald Passage, the CDs become progressively harder to find.
Therefore, I will start my guide at The Emerald Passage.

CD Locations and Guide

 __      _  _     _   _
 \ \    / /| |   | |_| |_ 
==\ \/\/ / | |_  |___   _|====================================================
===\_/\_/  |___|     |_|  ====================================================

 _____         ____
|  ___|       |    \
| |_          |  o  |
|  _|         |  __/
| |___        | |
|_____|merald |_|assage

Palm Tree Paradise: From the start, move right three screens until you
    enter a cave. Enjoy the music while your at it, because it sounds 
    pretty cool (even though the lyrics seem to be in Japanese). When
    you enter, watch out for any enemies, and jump up onto the elevated
    ground thats under four platforms. Jump onto the first platform and
    simply walk right into the wall. Thats right, the wall is fake, so
    when you touch the wall it will dissapear revealing a secret room 
    with the CD Chest in it. Run into the chest to open it and do what 
    is necessary to complete the level. Congratulations! You have your
    first CD!

Wildflower Fields: From the very start, get stung by a bee to make 
    yourself puff up. Navigate through the hole in the first set up 
    platforms, and then move left to go through another hole. When you
    are on the next screen, stay to the left to avoid hitting a plat-
    form. When your past it, head right as soon as possible to avoid 
    yet another platform. Once you clear it, head left and hit the 
    "ceiling" so you can drop down. There should be a CD Chest.

Mystic Lake: Once you've hit the "Frog Timer" and are rushing back back
    to the beggining of the level, you should be running low on time
    by the time you get there. Once you get to the first screen again
    (besides the room you start out in), hold the R Button and rush
    and left towards the big blue block. Run into it and break it open,
    revealing a room with the CD.

Monsoon Jungle: Head left two screens until you are in an area with apple
    throwing gorillas and arrow shooting men. Have Wario eat one of the apples
    the gorillas throw so you become Fat Wario and head to the bottom right of
    the screen. There should be a big blue block in the ground. Jump on it and
    fall down to a new screen and fall some more. If you haven't already done
    so, jump on the red ground on the right to fall to a cavern with an 
    emerald piece of the level. Anyways, crawl to the left under the small
    tunnel and ground pound the red block in the ground to the very left. You
    should see the enemie that turns you into Spring Wario trapped in a small
    cavern to the right of you. Ground pound repeatedly so he bounces up the 
    many platforms above him. When he is above the last one, return to the top
    of the platforms and let the enemy turn you into a spring. IMPORTANT: When
    you are Spring Wario, do not move left or right. Just press the A Button to
    jump up the hole above you. When you go to the other screen with all of the
    apple throwing gorillas, keep going straight up; don't press left or right.

    You should go through a block in the ceiling and enter a new "secret" 
    screen. Head right and press down on the slope to roll into a ball, 
    illiminating the black spiked enemies and rolling through another tunnel.
    After a few seconds of rolling you'll run into the CD Chest. Collect it and
    exit the level.

 ____       ____
|    \     |    \
|  o  |    |  o  |
|    /     |  __/
| |\ \     | |
|_| \_\uby |_|assage

The Curious Factory: After activating the clock, go right one screen into a
    room where you have to drop down many platforms. At the bottom, head left
    and let yourself get flattened by the big crushing machines. Head left and
    go to the next screen.  Let yourself float down until you reach the ground
    and head right and float down somemore into the next screen. When you reach
    the next screen, stick to the right and land on the section of ground.
    "Waddle" right, through the tunnel and over the gap. Go through the machine
    to return to normal Wario and collect the CD. Hurry, because the clock is

The Toxic Landfill: Once you are at the screen where there are a couple of
    enemies that turn you into springs, head to the right and turn into Spring
    Wario. Jump up through the blocks and through the hole in the ceiling on 
    the right. From there, head right to the next screen. Hold the R or L
    button to break through the blue block and kill the bottle type enemy (if
    there is one, depending on the level of difficulty). Back up and hold R or
    L again and rush right straight into the trash. It should break away. Keep
    running all of the way to the bottom where there is a door to the next 
    screen. However, don't enter it. Instead, head upwards near the start of 
    "passage of trash" to where there are two TV like blocks right next to
    each other. Break them by body checking them. Keep body checking blocks un-
    til you are in a small room with the CD chest.

40 Below Fridge: From the starting screen, head right one screen. "Ooh," you
    think. "There is the CD chest, this CD will be easy to get". But oh, no.
    There is a block at the end of a small tunnel blocking you from getting it.
    Anyways, head up one screen, dodge or destroy the enemies on the conveyer
    belts and head over the wall at the top right of the screen. Before busting
    into the next screen below, destroy the tan block next to the wall. This
    will be important later.

    A while later, once you've started the timer, turn into a snowball and
    break the snowball blocks below the CD chest. You'll drop down two screens
    to the "basement" of the level. Don't worry, just work your way of the 
    floors while avoiding from being hit by enemies, icicles, etc. Once you 
    have gone up two screens, you should be at the start of the level. However,
    do not go into the warp. Instead, head right a screen and then up a screen.
    You will be in the area where you broke the block earlier. Now, crawl under
    the tunnel the block was blocking (no pun intended) and drop down. Break 
    the block blocking (sorry) the tunnel to the CD, and drop down the two 
    screens again. Do this all quickly, because the timer is running. Work your
    way up the two screens again until your at the beginning of the level. Head
    right a screen, crawl through the tunnel, and grab the CD. This one took me
    a while to figure out. Not so easy, was it? =P

Pinball Zone: This is a fun level. After clearing the third area where you have
    to throw the pinballs into the boxes, enter the door and roll down the 
    slope through the tunnel. There will many platforms. Manuever around the
    head-like-traps that shoot spikes out of the tops. Starting at the left,
    jump right onto the first platform, right to the second, right to the
    third, right to the fourth, and then left to the fifth. From there jump
    left onto the level of ground above the red spike shooting object. The CD
    chest should be lying there.

 _______    ____
|__   __|  |    \
   | |     |  o  |
   | |     |  __/
   | |     | |
   |_|opaz |_|assage

Toy Block Tower: After hitting the timer switch, backtrack to the area with the
    long red tube. Go down it, and when you reach the end move to the right of
    the floor and drop down the gap. When you get to the bottom, head left and
    into the tan blocks. Break them, jump left onto the platform and then right
    onto the higher ground. Jump to the highest platform, crouch, crall right
    and drop into the little tunnel halfway up the wall. Enter the room and
    break the tan block on the right. Grab the triangle "key" and throw it 
    through where the block used to be. Move Wario through the hole to. Drop 
    down, grab the triangle and head right. Body check the red circle left
    until its under the door that has to be opened with the triangle "key".
    Once you've done that, brab the triange, jump on the circle and power throw
    the triangle into the slot above the door, allwing you to go through it.
    Enter it (obviously), and the CD Chest should be right there.

The Big Board: Another fun level. Go right seven screens until you are in a
    wierd house-like cave with bunny and monkey wallpaper (how strange...).
    Jump up the platforms, head right and enter the door. Now, there should be
    two "number switches". Stand below them and count how many spaces there are
    until you reach Wario's face on the game line. Stop the number switch on
    that number and you'll be turned into Spring Wario. Move left (don't press
    the A button yet) until you are under the middle row of tan blocks embedded
    in the ceiling. When your directly under them, press the A button to go
    bouncing up through them and you'll end up on a little platform. Head right
    and break through the blocks. Body check rightwards and jump over the big
    gap so you end up on the platform with the CD Chest. Collect it and exit
    the level.

Doodle Woods: After you hit the switch, fallow the tunnel and press down on the
    slope to turn into a ball and role through the narrow tunnel to the left.
    When you stop, jump up the platforms and exit the screen to the left. When
    you are in the new room with pictures of "pigs dancing" on the wall, work
    your way up the platforms by body checking the pencils to create platforms.
    Becareful, the "pig dancers" come out of the pictures and will spin attack
    you. After jumping up three pencils, there should be a red pencil sticking
    to the left. Body check it so it goes to the right. Jump up onto the red
    pencil and onto the above platform. The CD chest should be right there.
    Again, hurry because the clock is dwindling down.

Domino Row: Move through the level until the sixth domino race (not including
    the first screen) where you drop down into the area from a hole in the 
    wall. Start the race and hurry to your left and jump on the leftmost plat-
    form. Continue jumping up the platforms on the left side until the last one
    and jump down to your right onto the higher level ground. Drop down to the
    right again and jump up the platforms right above Wario. Jump up the two
    higher platforms to your left and then left onto the ground. Jump up some
    more platforms until you reach the highest one. Jump right onto the ground
    with the flag on it and press the button before the dominoes to open access
    to a new door. Enter it and the CD chest should be to the right of the 

   ____        ____
  / ___|      |    \
 / /__        |  o  |
 \___ \       |  __/
 ___/ /       | |
|____/apphire |_|assage

Crescent Moon Village: From the start, move up the platforms and go into the 
    door on the right (becareful of the flying Skeletons). Work your way up the
    ladder on the left and, on the upper level, go through the door on the 
    right. Move right throughout the first "town" screen (with the buildings in
    the background and the flying Pirate Ghost) and enter the door on the 
    right. When in the building, break the three blocks past the bat and jump 
    up through the gap you just made. Head left and slide down the slope. Jump
    over the gap to roll through a tunnel. Climb the ladder and run into the
    bat to be turned into Vampire Wario. Fly up onto the platform against the
    wall on the right. Move right through the second town screen and jummp down
    the cliff. Hold the L or R button to power-dash into the blue block on the
    left. Keep breaking through the tan blocks to enter a little chamber with
    the CD chest.

    If you want, you can go right again and jump up on the third
    little ground platform to the right and slide down the slope to turn into
    a ball. Keep going along the ground and you'll enter the chamber the CD was
    in. You'll break through a secret passage leading to one of the sapphire
    pieces. Then, you can slide down the slope next to the sapphire piece chest
    to go right across the screen and break through another secret passage
    leading to a purple tube. Go down it to get a diamond (if you can figure
    out the puzzle to getting it).

Arabian Night: After hitting the switch, drop down to the gap to the right.
    Swim all of the way left to the next screen. Climb the ladder you see and
    jump onto the magic carpet. Navigate throughout the screen while going 
    left. If you avoid the spike balls well enough, you can grab a couple of
    diamonds during the process. When you pass the second diamond, jump upwards
    in front of the wall with the spike at the top of it. Jump onto the top of
    the wall and climb down the ladder into a little room with the CD chest.
    Wario isn't far from the warp so you even if you have ten seconds left when
    you get the CD, you should be able to exit the level with no problem.

Fiery Cavern: This is the level I have had the most trouble on. Just be sure to
    avoid the magma geisers. 

    After hitting the switch, work your way right while avoiding those annoying
    Ice Shooting Creatures and go through the door. Head up through the tunnel
    and avoid icicles and piles of snow. Enter the door to the left before the
    cliff. Jump right over the gaps while avoiding falling icicles. When you 
    come to the wall, climb down the ladder. Open the sapphire piece chest so
    it gets out of your way. Body check the tan block to your right and let a
    pile of snow fall on Wario. Walk over to the slope on the right and let
    Wario turn into a snow ball and roll left. Enter the door that you come to.
    Head right, jump up the platforms and head left. Break the purple blocks
    you come to and jump up the platforms that were behind them. Walk (or run)
    left down the slopes and enter the door at the bottom. Climb down the 
    ladder and head left, jumping from ice block to ice block. When you're on
    the final ice block, hold L or R and run left to break the blue block. Move
    left and enter the door. Jump up the platforms on the left and climb the
    ladder. At this point, make sure you have at least two hearts.

    Head left and there will be a little tunnel with an Ice Shooting Creature 
    and a fewicicles overhead. Now, its easiest just to get hit by an icicle 
    and, while your invincible afterwards, run up to the Ice Shooting Creature
    and body check him. His ice blast should go through you while your 
    invincible, so head left and the CD chest should be there.

Hotel Horror: After hitting the switch, leave the room. Run left all the way
    down the hallway to the last door and enter it. Run right and drop down the
    hole. Run left and enter the door. Head left and enter the door 201. Hit
    the green switch on the left and jump up the stairs of green blocks. Go
    right and enter the door. Go right to the last door in the hallway, 304.
    Head right and go down the ladder and down the hole where there was a 
    ladder and enter the door. Head left and enter door 103. Jump up the plat-
    forms and break the tan blocks on the upper platforms. Jump onto them and
    over the wall in the middle of the screen. Drop down and let one of the 
    flying skeltons hit you with a green sprite. As Zombie Wario, jump so he
    falls through the floor, into a space with the CD chest. 

    Also, in the room with the red ladders, you can take a detour into room door
    204, heading left, and entering 203.

    Congratulations! You've collected all of the CD's in Wario Land 4.

 __      __ _     _   _
 \ \    / /| |   | |_| |_ 
==\ \/\/ / | |_  |___   _|====================================================
===\_/\_/  |___|     |_|  ====================================================

Karoke Mode

Now that you've collected all of the CDs, you think you're done with the Sound
Room, right? Wrong! There's a cool little feature hidden in Wario Land 4 that
if you get gold crowns on every level (10,000 points or above), Karoke Mode
will be unlocked.

What Karoke Mode does is it plays one song (sorry, you can't pick from songs)
and gives the words at the bottom. The only catch is the words are in japanese,
so unless you can speak the language, its pretty much only a listening 

However, during the song, there are some cool little tricks. Press up or down
to make the pitch of the song higher or lower, press left or right to make the
song go faster or slower, and press the L or R button to change the color of 
the CD (this doesn't change the CD, just the color of it). The lyrics also 
change with the color.

However, for those impatient enough to get 10,000 in each level, there is a
cheat to unlocking Karoke Mode. When your in the Sound Room, highlight the exit
sign, and hold L, R, Up, Start and Select at the same time. This is kind of
tricky to get your fingers on the right buttons, but it should work 


Collecting all of the CDs is a fun little challenge in Wario Land 4. This game
has some of the most replay value I've ever seen in an adventure game, and once
you beat easy mode it isn't over yet. There is a Hard mode and an Extra Hard
mode, each of which have more and more enemies consecutively. The time to 
finish the level is shorter and it can be quite aggrivating. However, this 
title will keep you busy for a little while. The CDs are fun to listen to and
have funny little sound effects. For instance, there is a track where you here
presumably a person walking through the city; you can here his footsteps, beep-
ing of cars and other city sound effects.

I hope you've found this guide helpful. As my first guide/FAQ, I don't know if
I did it completely right, but it looks good anyways =P

Thanks for reading

--Mario Guy


Thanks to Nintendo for making this fine game.

Thanks to Alex Cross and Mormelv2.0 for their information on the Karoke Mode.

Thanks to Pizadewd for his help.

Thanks to CJayC for posting this guide.

And thanks to you for reading.

Revision History

Version .5:
    Sent into GameFAQs half complete.

Version 1.0:

    Full version sent with all of the levels covered.

Version 1.02
    Made some small fixes, said thanks to Ceej =P

Version 1.05

    Corrected a few spelling mistakes, cleaned-up the wording on some parts.
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--Mario Guy