Moe by Mario san

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 The King of
 Fighters EX: 
 Neo Blood                              <Character FAQ: Moe Habana v1.5>
                                                  Written by: Mario san
                                                        January 4, 2002

 +- [Content] -+-+-+-+-+-+

  [1.] Intro
    1.1 Speech
    1.2 Game Review
    1.3 Hero Team Story (Prologue)
    1.4 Version Updates

  [2.] Notation

  [3.] Moe
    3.1 Moe's Profile
    3.2 Moe's Stuff
    3.3 Commands
    3.4 Desesperation Moves (<DM>)
    3.5 Special Moves Descriptions

  [4.] Combos
    4.1 Combos
    4.2 Striker Combos

  [5.] Secrets

  [6.] Credits

 +-========[ 1. Intro ]===============================================-+

  1.1 Speech
                           [!] - Warning - [!]
      [ All the things related to The King of Fighters, Moe and all ]
      [ the characteres are Copyright 2001 SNK and MMV.             ]
      [ This FAQ cannot be used for any commercial intention, only  ]
      [ for personal use, if you need permission to use this FAQ,   ]
      [ ask me for authorization and I will decide.            

  1.2 Game Review
       Well, KOF EX: Neo Blood is a special edition for GameBoy
     Advanced, however is only a new remake of KOF 99 plus a new boss
     and a new character in Hero Team. The graphics are the same than
     KOF 99 including the stages, except the Hero and Geese stages.
       The sound isn't good, but...what do you want? is a GB.

  1.3 Hero Team Story (Prologue)
     Was taken from SAMMYZONE(

   A cloudy sky draped an ailing and grubby city. Sitting before a 
  broken window frame, Kyo Kusanagi looked vacantly at the streets 
  below. Suddenly, energetic footsteps were heard coming up the stairs.

  "Hey! You alive in there?" called a female voice through the door. 

  Into the apartment walked a young girl who looked like Kyo. She was
  wearing a big smile and dyed hair. Glancing at her, Kyo gave a
  chiding remark.

  "Don't you knock before entering a person's house? Huh?" 

  "Don't cop an attitude with me, eh?" the girl fumed. "I went to the
   trouble to bring you some food. And I'm the one who got this room
   for you, aren't I?"

  Kyo screwed up his face as if smelling something bad and closed his

  "Surly as ever, I see," she frowned. Sighing and shrugging her
   shoulders, the girl noticed a white envelope on the table next to
   the groceries and picked it up casually.

  "What's this?" 

  "Hey! Wait. Stop it!" ordered Kyo. 

  Ignoring his request, the girl ripped open the envelope without
  permission and began reading through the message. Shortly after,
  she looked up, appearing excited.

  "This isn't an invitation to KOF is it?" she asked. 

  "Well, yeah," Kyo nodded grudgingly. "How do they always find out
   where I am anyway? Time after time these accursed envelopes always
   reach me."

  "Whatever. Stop whining. This'll get us in, won't it? Woohoo! Lucky!"
   he girl began to dance around the room, ignoring Kyo's grim face.
   He sighed heavily and brushed up his bangs.

  "You said that stuff before," he complained, "but this time are you
   really intending on entering KOF?" 

  "Of course!" she squealed. "The ultimate tournament of fighting
   styles, King of Fighters! I've always wanted to enter. And since
   this invitation has come to you, I have no intention to let this
   opportunity go by!"

  "KOF is not the picnic you envision it to be, you know." 

  "I know that," she said, stomping her foot in defiance."
   You want to see what I'm really capable of, don't you?" 

  "No, I don't. But I'm sure you can handle yourself." 

  "Don't hide your feelings. Anyway, we need one or two more members,
   so let's blow this popsicle stand!" 

  "Who put you in charge?" Kyo mixed his sigh with a painful smirk on
   his face. He knew he wouldn't be able to turn down her request.
   Earning money through street fighting, this girl -Moe Habana-
   had managed to find this apartment for him to live in and looked
   after his every need. Even though she had the petulance of a young
   girl, Kyo was obligated to honor her wishes.

  "Kyo, I guess I can't leave you alone," she smiled demurely. 

  "What do you mean by that? Can't resist me, eh? I'll say this,
   though, as far as Japan's!" 

  "Get serious, jerk." 

  A hot dog from the lunch Moe had bought was suddenly headed for
  Kyo's face. Kyo caught it, took a hungry bite, and then stared at
  the tame expression on Moe's face. 

  "True. The first time I met you, I did feel a shock of excitement,"
  she admitted. "But not anymore." 

  "Not anymore... Hmm." 

  Kyo had that same feeling. At the time, he'd thought it had resulted
  from meeting a kindred soul in a foreign land. If he had met Moe
  before, he would not have been able to forget this slightly
  self-centered, cheerful young woman. In a brief instant, after the
  two fell silent, a voice of a young man came from the door.

  "Well, well. Look's like I'm intruding, am I?" the visitor called out.

  "Benimaru!" cried Kyo. 

  "Looking good, Kyo," Benimaru grinned. 

  Leaning against the opened door, Benimaru Nikaido, the genius shooter
  who had fought his way through many a KOF tournament with Kyo on the
  same team, gave his old teammate a friendly wink.

  "Benimaru. Your timing's impeccable as always," replied Kyo. 

  "Timing, shmiming. It's one thing to summon a person, but you should
  have at least picked me up at the train station. Thanks to you, I had
  to mix things up with an irate taxi driver."

  "Sounds right. You can't expect to meet a friendly taxi driver in
   this part of town." 

  As if assessing each other's abilities, Kyo and Benimaru lightly
  butted their fists together in place of a handshake. Staring at the
  two out of the corner of her eyes, Moe cleared her throat loudly to
  call attention to herself.

  "Kyo, aren't you going to introduce me?" she inquired. "We are
   teammates, after all." 

  "Teammates?" asked Benimaru. Hearing this, Benimaru casually pushed
   his long lost pal Kyo aside and flashed his most handsome smile
   while making his way toward Moe. "I've heard our third team member
   was not decided on yet, but... you intent to join us? Really?" 

  "Do you doubt my abilities?" asked Moe. 

  "Quite the contrary. Only a fool would assume a woman to be weak on
  account of her sex. I welcome all beautiful women. And if you're
  strong, too, well, welcome to the team. Benimaru Nikaido, at your

  "I'm Moe Habana. I'm Japanese, by birth. The pleasure's all yours." 

  "Moe, eh? I'm looking forward to KOF this year," smiled Benimaru. 

  "You never change, do you?" sighed Kyo. 

  Watching the ladykiller do his dirty work, Kyo felt disgust for
  Benimaru. But with Benimaru by his side, the realization that KOF
  was about to begin was becoming more concrete. His period of avoiding
  his real battle was drawing to a close. This brought about a slight
  feeling of tension... and an even more palpable feeling of elation.
  Along with this, Kyo knew that his nemesis would most certainly be
  waiting for him at KOF. Regardless of proof, Kyo felt it for sure in
  his gut.

  "If I'm alive here, he, too, will not have died so easily," mumbled 
   Kyo under his breath. 

  As Moe and Benimaru continued talking together as if they were old
  acquaintances, Kyo stared vacantly at the cheerful couple and felt
  very alone.

  "When I first met her, I knew I felt it," he thought. "Something was
  there. I knew we've met before." 

  1.4 Version Updates
       Version 1.0 - FAQ struct, moves and the first combos!!
       Version 1.5 - I found the story in SammyZone & Move names...

 +-========[ 2. Notation ]============================================-+

                      Up-back    |   Up-forward 
                               \ | /
                       back  --- * --- forward
                               / | \
                     down-back   |  down-foward

  Up       : u       Button B : Weak Punch
  Back     : b       Button A : Weak Kick
  Forward  : f       Button L : Strong Punch
  Down     : d       Button R : Strong Kick

  Block               : Hold b/db when attacked
  Taunt               : Press Start
  Run                 : f, f
  Back Step           : Tap b, b
  Evade               : b/f + A+B

  Guard cancel        : LR during block    (cost 1 stock)
  Guard escape        : AB during block    (cost 1 stock)
  Counter mode        : ALR
  Armor mode          : BLR


  qcf - Quarter Circle Forward (d,df,f)
  hcf - Half Circle Forward (b,db,d,df,f)
  qcb - Quarter Circle Back (d,db,b)
  hcb - Half Circle Back (f,fd,d,db,b)
  DP  - Dragon Punch motion (f,d,df,f)
  DPI - Dragon Punch Inverted (b,d,db,b)

 +-========[ 3. Moe ]=================================================-+

  3.1 Moe's Profile
   Fighting style  :  Fist road + Old Martial Arts
   Birthdate       :  Unknow (1983)
   Age             :  18
   Country         :  American (Japanese parents)
   Blood type      :  
   Height          :  
   Weight          :  
   Hobby           :  
   Favorite food   :  
   Best sport      :  
   Most important  :  
   Dislikes        :  

  3.2 Moe's Stuff

    < Opening >
      Normal Round : Moe take her sweater lasing it in her waist.

    < Victory >
      Normal Round : Moe do a kind of kata.

    < Colors >
                  Original     |     'Copy'
      Top    :  Green & Pink   |  Pink & Green
      Skirt  :       Red       |    Yellow
      Shoes  :      Green      |     Black

    < Taunt>
      First cross her arms, then send a kiss with a pedal.

    < Striker Move>
        Cherry Blossom Storm (a short version).

  3.3 Commands

    [ Normal Moves ]
      ??????  : f + A
      ??????  : d + B (air)

    [ Throws ]
      ??????  : close b/f + L
      ??????  : close b/f + R

    [ Special moves ]
      ??????             : qcf + B/L (x3)
      Reading Stars      : DPI + B/L
      Steam Blast        : DP + A/R
      Deciphering Moon   : qcb + A/R

  3.4 Desesperation moves
      Cherry Blossom Storm  : qcb,hcf + B/L
      ??????                : qcf,qcf + A/R

      Cherry Blossom Storm  : qcb,hcf + BL

  3.5 Special Moves Description 

     [ ??????  : qcf + B/L (x3) ------------------------------------- ]
        Is a kind of mini-combo, however the last hit don't connect,
        that's strange...

     [ Reading Stars : DPI + B/L ------------------------------------- ]
        This move is very similar to a Cammy (Street Fighter) move =)
        Moe jump backward a little and back hitting the opponent.
        If connects, many flowers pedals appears.
        If blocked the R version, the second hit cause Guard Crush!.
     [ Steam Blast : DP + A/R ---------------------------------------- ]
        Is the tipical DP move type. Moe fly high with flowers at the
        end, kicking the opponent. Excellent anti-air.

     [ Deciphering Moon  : qcb + A/L --------------------------------- ]
        Very similar to Reading Stars(DPI + B/L) but can be combleable.
        If blocked the R version, the second hit cause Guard Crush!.

     [ Cherry Blossom Storm   <DM> : qcb,hcf + B/L --------------------]
        Moe spin all the screen with many flowers pedals around,
        starting down and finising in the air. (8 hits)

     [ ???????   <DM> : qcf,qcf + A/R ---------------------------------]
        Moe perform a kind of 'matrix' kick, attacking the opponent
        and finisihg with a Steam Blast. (4 hits)

     [ Cherry Blossom Storm  <SDM> : qcb,hcf + BL ---------------------]
        Identical to <DM> but the screen turn to negative like the
        <SDM> in KOF 2000. Great damage!! (12 hits)
        NOTE : If the <SDM> hits de opponent when is finishing (when
               Moe is falling), the hit score will appear with some
               hits (8 or 6 hits)....but the damage is very low...

 +-========[ 4. Combos ]==============================================-+

  4.1 Combos
       The combos with Moe are very difficult.

  [ Chain combos ]
     Almost all are 4 hits...

  dA = down + A   |   dB = down + B


 [ Normal Combos ]
   Jump L/R, stand C, qcf,qcf + A/R
   (6 hits)

   Jump L/R, stand C, DP + B/L
   (3 hits)

   Jump L/R, stand C, qcb + B/L
   (6 hits)

  4.2 Striker combos & Counter Mode Combos

                [ COOMING SOON ]

 +-========[ 5. Secrets ]=============================================-+

  - To select Iori
       Complete the game with Hero team

  - To select Geese
       Complete the game with Fatal Fury team

  - To select Extra Strikers
       To select K', Maxima and Vanessa like Extra Strikers
     just complete the game a few times in team mode.

 +-========[ 6. Credits ]=============================================-+

 - To GameFaqs, thanx!

 - To Sammy for the Story
   and moves names...

 - To

       M A R I O  M A L V I D O  - 2 0 0 2  - C O P Y R I G H T