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Guilty Gear X FAQ
GameBoy Advance version
Version 1.6 (05/01/03)
By AnotherGamer(gamer777@hotmail.com)

Use for whatever you want, as long as money isn't involved and I'm 
credited as the maker of this FAQ.


4.General moves
5.Character-specific movelists
5.1 Sol Badguy
5.2 Ky Kiske
5.3 May
5.4 Millia Rage
5.5 Zato-1
5.6 Potemkin
5.7 Chipp Zanuff
5.8 Faust
5.9 Baiken
5.10 Jam Kuradoberi
5.11 Johnny
5.12 Axl Low
5.13 Anji Mito
5.14 Venom
5.15 Testament
5.16 Dizzy
6.1 Extra Colors.
6.2 Unlocking Testament and Dizzy
6.3 Unlocking Original Mode
6.3.1 Original Mode differences
6.4 Unlocking Extra Mode
6.4.1 Extra Mode differences Sol Badguy Ky Kiske May Millia Rage Zato-1 Potemkin Chipp Zanuff Faust Baiken Jam Kuradoberi Johnny Axl Low Anji Mito Venom Testament Dizzy
6.5 Unlocking GG Mode
6.5.1 GG Mode differences Sol Badguy Ky Kiske May Millia Rage Zato-1 Potemkin Chipp Zanuff Faust Baiken Jam Kuradoberi Johnny Axl Low Anji Mito Venom Testament Dizzy
6.6 Survival Mode tips
6.7 Unlocking Limited Release and Limited Release differences
7.Game modes
8.Color Edits
8.1 Sol Badguy
8.2 Ky Kiske
8.3 May
8.4 Millia Rage
8.5 Zato-1
8.6 Potemkin
8.7 Chipp Zanuff
8.8 Faust
8.9 Baiken
8.10 Jam Kuradoberi
8.11 Johnny
8.12 Axl Low
8.13 Anji Mito
8.14 Venom
8.15 Testament
8.16 Dizzy
9.1.Mode switch bug
9.2 Iron Saber madness
11.Revision history


B=Backward, hold to block opponent's attack, hold B and D to block 
low attacks
HS=Heavy Slash
+=Press together
Tap=Press rapidly
QCF=Quarter circle forwards, press down to forward
HCF=Half circle forward, press back to down to forward
QCB=Quarter circle backwards, press down to back
HCB=Half circle backward, press forward to down to back
DP= Dragon Punch motion, press forward, then down, down-forward
RDP= Reverse Dragon Punch motion, press back, then down, down-back
QCD= Quarter circle down, press back to down
cB-F=Hold back for 2 seconds, then press forward
cD-U=Hold down for 2 seconds, then press up
*=Signifies an Overdrive move; requires half of the Tension Gauge 
to perform, unless noted otherwise
#=Signifies a Destroy Move; these moves will always KO the opponent
instantly and win you the round if they connect, but they can only be
performed when you're in Rage Mode. Furthermore, if you don't connect
with it, you lose your Tension Gauge and thus any abilities that use 
it for the rest of the round. Dizzy doesn't have a Destroy Move.

4.General moves

F, F: Dash. Self-explainatory. Can be also be performed during 
regular jump and High Jump. Potemkin cannot Dash. Jumping while 
dashing greatly increases the lenght of the jump.

F, hold F: Run. Mostly self-explainatory. Covers much more ground 
than Dash. Johnny cannot run.

B, B: Backhop. Mostly self-explainatory. Seems to have a brief 
invincibility perioid at start that allows you to pass through some
moves if timed right. Can also be performed during regular jumps and 
High Jumps, not sure if you're momentarily invincible then, though.
Finally, even though you leave the ground during this move, you 
can't perform any special moves while backhopping.

U again when in midair: Double Jump. Jump again in midair. Mostly 

D, U: High Jump. You cannot use Double Jump during High Jump.

F/B+HS next to opponent: Throw. All throws are unblockable, but they 
can be only performed on standing or crouching opponents.

S+HS: Dust Attack(?). A slow attack that knocks the opponent high up 
into the air. If it connects, you can hold U to jump after them and 
combo them before they fall back to the ground.

D+S+HS: Sweep. A general move that always knocks down the opponent.

F+any 2 buttons when blocking: Dead Angle Attack. Your character
flashes while, and performs a quick attack that knocks the opponent
down. Consumes half of the Tension Gauge.

Any direction+2 buttons when knocked up in the air: Recovery.
Your character flips out of the attack, allowing them to block any
attacks your opponent was going to use on you while you'd be 

Any 2 buttons when blocking, except S+HS: Faultless Defense. You 
take no guard damage, and the opponent is pushed farther than 
normal. Consumes varying amouns of Tension Gauge depending on how 
long you use it.

Any 3 buttons simultaneously when performing any move: Roman Cancel. 
Cancels the move being performed, allowing you to follow up with 
something else while the opponent is still reeling. Also used to 
power up moves in Original Mode: this will be discussed in further 
detail in character movelists. Consumes half of the Tension Gauge 
to perform.

All 4 buttons simultaneously, or the button assigned as "Extra" when 
using 3-button mode: ¤Rage Mode. You can perform your Destroy Move 
when you have Rage Mode active. Slowly consumes whatever Tension 
Gauge you have, and when you run out, depletes your energy meter 
slowly. You cannot die from this, though. If you change your mind 
and don't want to perform a Destroy Move after all, input the 
command again to deactivate it.

QCF+HS+K in Tag Mode: Tag. Used to change characters in mid-match 
when in Tag mode. Unlike in other games with the Tag feature, there's
no actual interaction between the characters when you change them:
a flash of light covers your character, he/she disappears, and 
your other character appears in his/her place. Consumes half of the 
Tension Gauge.

5. Character movelists

Note: All movelists are for the Normal version of the character in 
question, using the 4-button layout. Extra and GG Mode changes are 
listed in sections 6.3.1 and 6.4.1. 

Note 2: If I don't know the real name for a move, I'll use a made-up
name instead. Made up move names have a ¤ before the name.

Note 3: All special moves that can be performed in midair can be
performed while standing as well: to do so, input the move command
(minus the attack button at the end) and quickly press 
UF/U/UB+the attack key used to perform the move. For example, if you
want to perform Millia's Bad Moon while standing, you'd input QCF,
UF/U/B+P: this'll cause her to jump and perform the move as soon as
she leaves the ground.

5.1 Sol Badguy

Throw: Sol grabs the opponent and headbutts them, knocking them down.
-A basic throw, nothing much to say about it. It might be possible
to follow it up with some moves.

QCF+P: Gun Flame. Sol scrapes the ground with his sword, causing
several pillars of fire to erupt in front of him.
-Nothing much to say, his basic long-ranged move.

DP+S/HS: Volcanic Viper. Sol turns around, leaping high into the air
with his sword covered in flame.
-A pretty basic anti-air move. Pressing QCB+K just after the flames 
disappear causes him to flip forward and kick the opponent back to 
the ground for some extra damage. HS version rises higher. Can be 
performed in mid-air.
Original Mode powerup: The HS version hits the opponent repeatedly 
for a grand total of 10 hits. You can still perform the kick 
followup, but it'll never hit, since the opponent will be out of 
range by the time you can perform it, and by the time they'll be 
low enough for it to hit, you can no longer perform it. 

QCB+S: Grand Viper. Sol crouches down and charges forward while 
trailing flames. He then performs the first hit of Bandit Revolver,
and finishes off with a mid-air Volcanic Viper.
-Useful as a counter move due to its' speed and range. And no, you
can't use the QCB+K followup with this move. Can go under most 
fireballs. Tap any 2 buttons and wiggle the pad left and right to 
increase the number of hits.

QCB+K: Riot Stamp. Sol leaps to the wall behind him, bounces off it 
and flies forward, hitting the opponent with a flaming kick.
-If it hits, the opponent bounces off the wall behind them, 
allowing you to follow up with just about anything.

QCF+K: Bandit Revolver. Sol leaps forward knee first, hitting the 
opponent, spins around, and kicks the opponent back to the ground.
-Knocks down only if the knee hits. If only the second hit connects
on a grounded opponent, you can use it to start a combo if you're 
fast enough. Can be performed in mid-air.

DP+K when close: Wild Throw. Sol grabs the enemy with one arm, spins
around, and slams the opponent against the ground, bouncing them 
back up.
-Since Sol recovers before the opponent hits the ground again, you 
can follow it up with most moves, although Volcanic Viper is usually 
the best choice. Unblockable.

*HCB, F+HS: Tyrant Rave. Sol punches forwards with his fist covered 
in flame. The flame turns into a stationary fireball, which Sol bats
forward with an upwards swing of his sword.
-Bounces the opponent off the back wall like Riot Stamp, but due to
increased recovery time, it's hard to follow up with anything.

*QCB, QCB+S: Dragon Install. Sol rears back while spreading his arms,
causing the ground to shake and flames to rise up near his feet.
-After performing his move, Sol glows red for about 10 seconds. 
During this time, he moves faster and all his normal moves recover
quicker, allowing him to perform combos he couldn't do normally.
His ground version of HS Volcanic Viper is also powered up: it goes 
as high as the screen, leaves behind a huge wake of flames, and 
does a lot more damage and hits than normal. The drawback is that 
once the effect wears out, he becomes momentarily stunned, leaving
him open for a beating.

#QCF, QCF+HS: Napalm Death. Sol crouches down, and then leaps 
upwards, causing 3 large pillars of flame to rise up around him. If
the opponent is hit, they are instantly KOd.
-Doesn't seem to have much range, but it appears to be an effective
anti-air move.

5.2 Ky Kiske

Throw: Ky climbs on the opponent, flips forward, and strikes the 
opponent down with a powerful electric jumping slash.
-Leaves the opponent right in front of you, allowing for easy 

QCF+S: Stun Edge. Ky crouches down briefly, then slashes with his 
sword horizonally, creating an arrow of electricity that travels 
towards the opponent. 
-A basic projectile. Can be performed in mid-air and travels 
downwards at a 60 degree angle when done so.
Original Mode powerup: Ky fires a projectile identical to the one
he uses in his Destroy Move. This projectile hits the opponent 
repeatedly until it goes out of the screen or the opponent is 
pushed too far away. This version of this move can't be performed 
in mid-air.

QCF+HS: Stun Edge Charge Attack. Ky crouches down for a longer 
perioid of time with electricity crackling at the tip of his sword, 
then slashes horizontally, creating a large projectile that travels 
towards the opponent.
-Longer delay, more hits and damage. Can also be performed in 
mid-air, but in this case, it's identical to a normal Stun Edge and 
travels downwards at a 20 degree angle.

DP+S/HS: Vapor Thurst. Ky leaps upwards while slashing an arc of 
electricity over his head with his sword, doing a backflip before 
-Another basic anti-air. Can be performed in mid-air. HS version 
rises higher.

QCF+K: Stun Dipper. Ky does a sliding kick, followed by an electric
slash at opponent's feet thay knocks down.
-The 2 hits combo only if Ky hits the opponent late with his slide 

QCB+K: Crescent Slash. Ky turns around and flips forward while 
moving towards his opponent, performing an upward slash with his 
-Since Ky recovers before his opponent, you can use this move to 
start juggles.

*HCB, F+HS: Ride The Lightning. Ky surrounds himself with a field of
electricity and charges towards the opponent.
-The field might protect him from projectiles, not sure though.

#QCF, QCF+HS: Rising Force. Ky gathers energy on his sword and stabs 
forward with it, briefly creating a large field of energy on it. If
this move hits, the opponent is instantly KOed.
-A medium-ranged Destroy Move. Not very flashy, but gets the job 

5.3 May

Throw: May grabs the opponent, and throws them far behind her while
flipping backwards.
-Doesn't really allow for any followups unless you're cornered and 
the enemy is right in front of you.

cB-F+S/HS: Mr. Dolphin! (Horizontal). A dolphin appears and May flies 
in a low horizontal arc while riding it. If it hits, she bounces 
off the enemy.
-Quite a basic rush-in move. S reaches around half a screen while HS
has almost full-screen coverage.

cD-U+S/HS: Mr. Dolphin! (Vertical). A dolphin appears and May flies 
in a vertical arc while riding it. If it hits, she bounces 
off the enemy.
-An anti-air version of the above move. This move can hit either on
ascending or descenting phase: in either case, she still bounces 
off. S does a low leap while HS leaps almost as high as the screen.

DP+S: Restive Rolling. May holds her anchor briefly above her head,
and then spins diagonally upwards with it extended.
-Appears to be an anti-air move, but there's more to it than that.
Once she stops in mid-air, you can make her go into another spin
by pressing any direction (diagonals included)+tapping S.
You can do this up to 3 times.

HCF+S/HS/P/K: Applause For The Victim. May puts her anchor on the
ground and raises her hand, causing a hoop to appear in mid-air.
A splash of water rises up near the hoop, and moments after, her
dolphin jumps through it, hitting the enemy.
-This is quite an interesting move. First of all, the button 
used determines where the hoop will appear:
S: around 2 character lenghts away from the opponent
HS: right next to the opponent
P: right above May
K: around 2 character lenghts away from May
Furthermore, holding the button in question will delay the move:
you still see the splash of water, but the dolphin won't jump 
through the hoop until you release the button, so you can use the 
move either as a combo starter, extender or ender. Mind you, you 
can only have one hoop active at a time.
Original Mode powerup: Mostly same as above, except this time, 6 
dolphins jump through the hoop one by one instead of just one.
They don't jump fast enough to combo by themselves, but you can 
attack while they're jumping to create quite a nasty combo.

HCB+K when close: Overhead Kiss. May grabs the opponent, leaps 
into the air with them, and backflip-kicks them across the screen.
-Very hard to follow up even when cornered, since the opponent 
bounces off the wall. Unblockable.

*HCB+HS: Ultimate Whiner. May hits downwards with her anchor. 
If she connects, she spins it around repeatedly for multiple hits, 
eventually knocking the opponent down.
-An auto-combo move of sorts, although if it hits an airborne 
opponent, they're juggled repeatedly.

*QCF, QCF+S: Great Yamada Attack. May rears back as a huge purple 
whale flies through the screen, hitting the opponent and bouncing 
them off the wall.
-Looks like it has good priority over most things, although I've 
yet to test it.

#HCF, HCF+HS when close: May And The Jolly Crew. May grabs the 
opponent and leaps high while holding them. She throws them back to 
the ground, where they're trampled by the entire (female?) crew of 
Mayship. The opponent is finished off by what appears to be a huge, 
fat female chef. She stops on the opponent, starts to turn back the 
way she came, but trips on the opponent and falls on them, KOing 
them instantly.
-Quite a funny sight to see the first time you witness it. Notice 
how the "Destroyed" text is displayed with colorful little floating 
balls with a dolphin in one of them, instead of the regular 
orange-yellow font that takes up most of the screen. Unblockable.

5.4 Millia Rage

Throw: She quickly teleports past the opponent while grabbing them
with her hair: she then quickly yanks it, knocking them down.
-Hard to tell what she's actually doing, so sorry for the possibly
inaccurate description. Anyways, what's interesting about this throw
is that both characters end up having their backs turned towards
each other: this can be advantageous to Millia since they might end 
up performing a wake-up attack while turned to the wrong direction, 
leaving them open for a beating.

F, F/B, B twice when in mid-air: ¤Double Air Dash. Millia does two
air dashes.
-This is Millia's special ability: she can do 2 air-dashes per jump,
or do an Air Dash during a Double Jump.

QCF+S/HS: Tandem Top. Millia spins around and whips with her hair,
creating a green spinning circle of energy.
-The circle stays stationary and disappears after a set amount of
time: S version lasts for around 1 second, while HS version lasts
for around 2 seconds. Most likely absorbs projectiles.

QCB+P: Iron Saber. Millia hops backwards and turns her hair into a 
sword: she then rides it forward along the ground.
-A fast rushing move, needs to be blocked low.
Original Mode powerup: Hits several times, and Millia doesn't
hop backwards before she does it.

QCB+HS: Secret Garden. Millia turns towards the screen with her 
arms spread, creating a ball of energy that floats straight up 
and continues forwards for a while before disappearing.
-Quite an interesting move. When Millia is posing, you can 
determine where the energy ball will move by pressing U/D/F/B+HS
before the ball appears. It'll still first move as described 
above before it'll start moving according to your commands. You 
can input up to 3 (possibly 4 if you're really fast) commands 
which the ball will follow in order, making this quite a versatile 

Tap S: Lust Shaker. Millia tilts her head forwards slightly and 
rapidly stabs the opponent with her hair.
-Generic button mashing special. Nice range, though, and pretty 
easy to combo.

QCB+K: Forward Roll. Millia rolls forward (duh!).
-Just what it says. Can pass though the opponent. Not sure if 
she's invincible during the roll or not.

QCF+P while jumping: Bad Moon. Millia covers herself with her 
hair, turning into a spinning moon crescent.
-Good damage, and surprises opponents nicely.

QCF+K while jumping: Maximum Velocity Fall. Millia pauses 
momentarily, then dives downwards VERY quickly at a 45 degree angle.
-Doesn't hit, and has no built-in followups I know of. Still, it can 
be quite useful if you notice that it was a mistake to jump and want 
to get down ASAP or as a means of covering ground quickly.

*QCB, HCF+HS: Winger. Millia turns her hair into a pair of wings, 
flies up, hitting the opponent, and then charges downwards.
-Bounces the opponent against the wall, allowing for some followups.

*QCF, QCF+S: Emerald Rain. Millia whips with her hair like in Tandem 
Top, but this time she does it 3 times, each whip firing out a large 
disc of energy.
-Each disc knocks down and bounces the opponent against the wall. 
It's impossible or at least very hard to get all 3 discs to connect:
either they're too high for the 3rd disc to connect, or the 2nd disc 
misses while the 1st and 3rd hit.

#QCF, QCF+HS: Iron Maiden. Millia bends down and thursts her hair 
into the ground. A pillar of light appears where the opponent is, 
with countless strands of hair flying up it. If they're hit, 
they'll get suspended in mid-air while being constantly hit by the 
strands of hair, until they're finally KOed by 2 huge strands that 
slash through them in a X formation.
-A homing Destroy Move...nice, eh? It goes on for quite a while as 
well, which is good if they mistakingly happen to jump in the wrong 
direction, as the KO effect doesn't happen until the last hit.

5.5 Zato-1
Throw: Zato turns into his demon form, slashing at the opponent's
-Works pretty much the same way as Sol's throw, including possible

U when jumping: ¤Flight. Zato starts flapping his wings.
-Instead of having a regular double jump, Zato can actually fly, 
thanks to his winged demon form. You can control him freely in any 
direction while he's flying. He stops flying if he gets hit, 
performs a jumping attack or after around 3 seconds.

D, D+S/HS: Invite Hell. Zato raises his fist upwards, causing a 
shadow drill to pop up from the ground.
-S causes the drill to pop up from around 2 character lenghts away
from him, HS pops up a bit more than half a screen away.
Original Mode powerup: 3 drills pop up in a line instead of just one.
If the first one hits the opponent, they can combo, although it's 
hard to get all 3 to connect, and even if the last one does, it'll 
always hit the opponent when they're on the ground, greatly reducing 
the amount of damage done.

QCF+P/K/S/HS: Summon Eddie. Zato raises his hand briefly, 
summoning a small shadow demon that crawls along the ground.
-Quite a compilicated move. After you've summoned Eddie, you'll 
notice a counter of sorts located in the lower part of screen on 
your side of the screen (whichever side your energy meter is 
located on). This counter steadily counts up to 100, at which point 
Eddie will disappear. After he disappears, the counter starts 
counting back to 0: you can't summon him again until it has done so. 
Now, as for what Eddie can do:

B/F: ¤Crawl. Eddie crawls backwards/forward.
-His movement speed is noticeably faster than Zato's walk, but not 
as fast as his dash.

P: Small Attack. Eddie charges forwards, hitting the opponent with 
his sharp beak. 
-Not much damage, but can be used as a quick suprise attack.

K: Moving Attack. Eddie turns into a spinning saw blade and charges 
towards the opponent. 
-Quite a nice move, keeps the opponent stunned for a good amount 
of time, allowing for some easy combo opportunities.

S: Anti-Air Attack. Eddie claws upwards, extending his claw to 
make it reach almost as high as the screen.
-Executes quickly and has good vertical reach. An useful 
reactionary anti-air when you have Eddie active.

HS: Drill Special. Eddie first turns into a puddle, but after 3 
seconds, he turns into a huge drill that hits multiple times,
disappearing afterwards.
-Bad delay, good damage. Notice that performing move
instantly brings the counter to 100 where it starts counting down,
meaning you can only perform this move once per summon.

-Finally, the button used to summon Eddie will determine which one 
of the moves described above he'll perform before you gain control 
of him, except in case of Drill Special: if he's summoned with HS, 
he does nothing.

QCB+S: Drunkard Shade. Zato rears back and then brings his arms 
forward, causing his shadow to briefly rise up in front of him as 
a barrier of sorts.
-The appearance of move suggests it's used to reflect projectiles, 
still need to confirm it, though. It can also hit for minor damage 
when used next to the opponent.

QCB+K: Break The Law. Zato sinks into his shadow.
-He's invincible to most everything while in this form, although he
can't attack either. You can extend the time he spends as a shadow
by holding K, although only lasts up to 4 seconds. You can also
move him around when he's a shadow by pressing F/B.

DP+S when close: Damned Fang. Zato envelops himself and his opponent
in a black bubble. He then appears outside of it and punches through
the bubble, popping it and damaging the opponent.
-Can only be followed up in the corner. Unblockable.

*HCB, F+HS: Amorphous. Zato motions upwards with both hands, causing
a huge wolf's head to pop up from the ground.
-Knocks the opponent up pretty high, may be possible to follow up.

*QCF, QCF+S when in mid-air: Executor. Zato turns into a huge sword 
that flies forwards, dragging the opponent with him until they're
slammed against the wall.
-Does more hits the farther away the opponent is from the corner,
although those extra hits only do 1 pixel of damage.

*HCB, F+S when Eddie is summoned: Megalith Head. Eddie turns into
a huge head that bites the opponent.
-Like in Drill Special, Eddie disappears instantly after this move.

#QCF, QCF+HS: Black In Mind. Zato rears back and spreads his arms
vertically, somehow hitting the opponent. If it connects, they're 
instantly KOed as a huge woman's head appears. Moments after,
the head turns into a horned skull.
-Not much range, but executes pretty much instantly.

5.6 Potemkin

Throw: Potemkin grabs the opponent with one arm and throws them over 
his head.
-Again, you can only follow it up if you're cornered.

QCF+P/QCB+P: Mega Fist. Potemkin leaps into the air and comes down
punching downwards with both fists.
-QCF+P makes him leap forwards, while QCB+P makes him leap backwards.
It might be possible to use this to jump over some projectiles.

QCF+S: Sliding Head. Potemkin rears back and does a huge headbutt
that makes him fall over on his stomach.
-If the enemy isn't jumping when Potemkin falls over, they're 
knocked down by an unblockable earthquake that does no damage.

cB-F+HS: Hammer Fall. Potemkin charges forward and squashes the 
enemy between his knuckles.
-Quite a basic charge move. Knocks down.
Original Mode powerup: Potemkin slams his knuckles together 3 
times, amounting for extra damage.

DP+HS: Heat Knuckle. Potemkin reaches upwards with his hand while
a shell casing is ejected from his iron knuckles. If he connects,
he uses his iron knuckle to hit the opponent with some fiery
blasts before blowing them away with explosion.
-Anti-air grab, and as such, it's unblockable.

HCB+HS just after the 3rd hit of Heat Knuckle: Heat Extend. Instead 
of blowing the opponent away with an explosion, Potemkin supports his
arm with his other hand and opens a hatch on his iron knuckle, 
revealing a bow-like device. An outline of a heart with an arrow 
through it appears on top of his hand, and he then proceeds to blast 
the opponent with a bigger explosion.
-A built-in followup to Heat Knuckle. Obviously you should try to 
use this every time you're able to connect with a Heat Knuckle.
If you're having trouble with the timing, you can always try to
press HCB+HS constantly after you connect with Heat Knuckle.

HCB, F+P when close: Potemkin Buster. Potemkin grabs the enemy,
lifting them above his shoulders. With his hands flaming, he
leaps high into the air, momentarily off the screen and comes
down, slaming the opponent on his shoulders, causing some major
back injuries.
-A command throw, and a pretty damn strong one at that. Hard to
follow up unless your opponent is in the corner. Unblockable.

*HCB, F+HS: Giganter. Potemkin rears back, then brings his hands
together, creating a wall of electricity that travels forward
around 1/3th of the screen.
-Dizzies if it connects, allowing you to follow it up with just 
about anything. However, you shouldn't get too creative, because...

*HCF, HCF+P just before Potemkin releases the Giganter: Giganter 
Bullet. Potemkin crosses his arms, spreads them, setting them 
ablaze, and then proceeds to charge forward with a huge yellow
aura surrounding his fists and most of his body.
-...the built-in followup is usually the best choice. Around 50% 
damage, and pretty damned hard to avoid, considering the Giganter
dizzies the opponent. Most likely has huge priority as well.
Doesn't use any extra Tension Gauge, since it's a built-in 
followup. Pretty hard to perform, though: my methoid is to input
HCF+P constantly right after the HCB, F+HS command for Giganter.

*QCF, QCF+S: Heavenly Potemkin Buster. Potemkin leaps into the air, 
hands first. If he connects, he grabs the opponent like in normal 
Potemkin Buster, but this time, he turns upside down, plants his 
feet against the ceiling, and kicks off it, turning around in 
mid-air and slaming the opponent against his shoulders upon 
-Quite a nice anti-air throw. Use if you can time it right so
you won't miss the grab: personally, I can't do it too well. 

#QCF, QCF+HS: Magnum Opera. Potemkin poses with both arms spread
while looking away. If the opponent touches any part of his body, 
they're knocked sky-high. If this happens, Potemkin's iron knuckles 
and neck collar disintigrate. He then kisses his fist, causing a 
heart to appear on it. Finally, he rears back and annihilates the 
falling opponent with a huge straight.
-Quite a nice Destroy Move, as it seems to work both as a reversal 
as well as a nice way to make the opponent pay dearly for simply 
getting too close.

5.7 Chipp Zanuff

Throw: Chipp trips the opponent and hits them with a elbow drop.
-Can't be followed up due to the fact that the enemy will be standing
before anything can connect.

U during Double Jump: Triple Jump. Chipp jumps up to 3 times in a row.
-Mostly self-explainatory, except you can't use it during High Jump.

QCF+P: Alpha Blade. Chipp rears back while crouching. He then 
disappears, slides forward and does a blindingly fast slash at the 
opponent's feet that knocks down.
-A very quick move with great range, very good at punishing mistakes.
Can be performed in mid-air.

DP+S: Beta Blade. Chipp does a jumping uppercut with blue energy 
trailing from his fist.
-A basic Shoryuken clone. Still good at what it's supposed to be 
used for. Can be performed in mid-air.
Original Mode powerup: Chipp performs the move twice in a row, 
efficiently doubling the amount of hits and damage done.

HCF+HS: Gamma Blade. Chipp bends forwards, creating a shadow 
duplicate of himself that charges forwards.
-Sort of a demi-projectile. Moves quite quickly.

QCF+S: Ressho. Chipp charges forwards with a flaming fist.
-Comes out and moves quickly.

QCF+S after Ressho: Rokusai. Chipp performs a flaming sweep.
-Hits low.

QCF+K after either Ressho or Rokusai: Senshu. Chipp flips forwards,
hitting the opponent with a flaming heel.
-A nice mix-up game: the opponent has to decide which way to block
after Ressho, and if they choose wrong, they get hit, due to fact 
that Senshu is an overhead and must be blocked high. Knocks down.

HCF+K: Genro Zan. Chipp leaps forwards, disappearing in a moving 
cloud of leaves: if the opponent is in the path of the leaves, 
Chipp appears on their back, slashing at their throat.
-The CPU just LOVES to get hit by this move, but that's hardly 
surprising when you consider how easy the AI is to beat in this 
game even on the hardest difficulty level. Anyways, it's a pretty 
damned good move; it might be possible for Chipp to avoid some 
attacks when he disappears. Unblockable.

D, D+P/K/S/HS: Tsuyoshi-Shiki Teni. Chipp teleports to a different 
-As usual, the button pressed selects where Chipp will teleport:
HS: Air, just behind the opponent
S: Air, 2 character lengths away
P: Ground, 3 character lengths forward
K: Ground, a bit more than half a screen forward
Notice that you can still use jump attacks when using either air 

QCB+K: Tsuyoshi-Shiki Meisai. Chipp turns partially invisible.
-Lasts for around 5 seconds. As usual, good on human opponents if 
you don't lose track of him, bad for CPU.

*QCF, QCF+K: Banki Messai. Chipp rears back, then charges forward 
and pummels the opponent with a wide variety of attacks, ending in 
a powered-up Beta Blade.
-Due to its' speed, very easy to combo. Looks nice too.

*HCB, F+HS: Zansei Roga. Chipp poses for a second, and then 
disappears, hitting the opponent with flying slashes as he bounces 
across the screen, knocking them high up in the air. If they all 
connect, he appears above the floating opponent with his fist 
raised. He then does a huge slash while diving downwards that 
leaves a huge slash mark, finally letting the opponent fall.
-Chipp's movement is pretty much instant, making this move
an ideal mistake punisher. Huge recovery, though.

#QCF, QCF+HS: Delta End. Chipp rises up in the air, poses while 
floating and sets his body ablaze. He then splits in five images 
that turn into fireballs. If the opponent touches one of the 
fireballs, they're sucked in middle of them. A five-pointed star is 
then drawn around the opponent, using the fireballs as the points. 
Finally, a kanji letter appears in middle of the star: it explodes 
as Chipp drops out of it, but the opponent is KOed instantly.
-Executes pretty slowly, but Chipp is invincible during most of the 

5.8 Faust

Throw: Faust jumps on the opponent, licks their face, and then jumps
back down, knocking the opponent down by shoving them with his butt.
-Like all "hit" throws, this one can only be followed up in the 

Hold F or B while crouching: ¤Crawl. Faust crawls slowly 
forward/backwards while crouching.
-Faust's unique ability. Not sure if it's a bug (most likely),
but this also allows him to drag the opponent with him as well if 
they're standing in the opposite edges of the screen and he's not 

HCF+K: Thurst. Faust does an extremely long-ranged thurst with his
huge scapel.
-Quite possibly the longest-reaching non-projectile move in the game.
Not very useful if done alone, though.

Hold B after Thurst: Pull. Faust pulls the opponent in with his
-If you're thinking about following this up with something and have 
it combo, sorry: it can't be done. It's good to use this if your
opponent isn't good at battling in the close quarters, though.

QCF+P (up to 3 times) after Pull: Hello! Faust swipes upwards with
his hand, knocking the opponent sky-high. He then jumps after them,
bends back, and knocks them down with a huge downward slap.
-Depending on how many times you input QCF+P determines how many 
parts of the above he actually does: input QCF+P once to have him
just slap the enemy sky-high, again to have him jump after them,
and if you want him to perform the slap-down finish, input it once 
more. Unfortunately, you'll recover too slowly to follow the second
part with an air combo, so that's out of the question.

QCF+P: What's Next? Faust raises his hand, and throws a random 
object upwards.
-These objects include, in no particular order:

Miniature Faust: Drifts downwards on a balloon in a zigzag pattern.
Upon reaching the ground, crawls forward slowly, doing minor damage
if it touches the opponent.

Bomb: Lands on the ground and sits there for a few seconds before
exploding. The explosion takes up the most of the lower part of
the screen, and can hit Faust as well.

Hammer: Hits the opponent. Notice it only does so before the first 
bounce: if it touches the ground, it can no longer hit.

Rock: Nothing happens initially, but after around 5 seconds,
a cluster of flaming meteorites comes falling down. If they hit 
the opponent, you can see that miniature Fausts ride on them.

Ring(?): Nothing, a failure item.

Chocolate(?): As above, but takes a longer amount of time to 

All in all, what you get is mostly random, so use at your own risk.

QCF+S: Souten Enshin Rambu. Faust sticks his scapel into the ground 
and climbs on it.
-The part where he swings forward can hit the opponent and bounces 
them against the wall if it connects. 
Original Mode powerup: Faust swings back and forth several times, 
hitting the opponent repeatedly.

Now, while he's sitting on his scapel, you can do following moves:

HS: Going My Way. Faust throws himself forwards while spinning, 
although his head somehow remains stationary.
-If you have the right distance, you can use this as a nice 
followup for the initial forward swing.

F, F/B, B: Move Forward/Backward. Faust swings himself 
forward/backward, moving in that direction.
-Unlike with the initial swing, this doesn't knock down.

P: Neck Periscope. Mostly what it says: Faust extends his head 
downwards to hit the opponent.
-Only hits jumping opponents, or possibly Potemkin. Not that useful.

K: Growing Flower. A flower momentarily pops up from Faust's head.
-No use whatsoever. Still, it's a nice taunt, which is what it was 
meant to be used for.

D: ¤Dismount. Faust drops down from his scapel.
-Mostly self-explainatory.

-Note that Souten Enshin Rambu ends if you use Going My Way or 
¤Dismount or don't press anything for around 5 seconds.

QCB+HS when close: Shower Hack. Faust slices up the opponent by 
twirling his scapel around.
-A nice command throw with a simple command. Not hard to follow up 
either. Unblockable.

QCB+P: In Your Face! Faust raises his hand up, covers himself with a 
piece of cloth, and disappears. A huge door then appears in front of 
the opponent and Faust opens it, slamming the opponent against the 
-One of Faust's mix-up moves: they all look the same when he starts 
them, but the opponent must decide which way to block in order to 
avoid getting hit.

QCB+K: Watch Your Back! Faust raises his hand up, covers himself with 
a piece of cloth, and disappears. A huge door then appears behind the 
opponent and Faust opens it, slamming the opponent against the wall.
-Like above, but from behind.

QCB+S: From On High! Faust raises his hand up, covers himself with 
a piece of cloth, and disappears. He then appears above the 
opponent, knocking them down by diving on them elbows first and 
flipping away if he connects.
-As above (pun unintended), although it's best to use it against 

*QCF, QCF+P: Super What's Next? Faust throws 4 random objects, 
one after another.
-Like with normal What's Next?, the objects are random. It also 
uses the same objects as the normal What's Next?, so it'd be 
pointless to list them again here.

*QCF, QCF+S: Gamble Attack. Faust crouches down, and somehow swims 
along the ground, scapel first. If he connects, the opponent is 
stunned, while Faust lurks in a puddle of water, with his head and 
the tip of the scapel poking out. 
-At this point, 4 treasure chests appear, and the opponent must pick 
one of them by pressing P, K, S or HS. If the opponent doesn't pick 
anything within 5 seconds, a chest will be picked randomly. Depending 
on what the chest contains, there are 2 possible outcomes:

Grim Reaper: 3 out of 4 chests contain this. If opponent picks a 
chest with this, Faust shoves his scapel up the opponent's rear as 
the screen turns to negative colors: the amount of damage done can 
be either around 30, 40 or 50%, depending on which chest the 
opponent picked.

Angel: The remaining chest contains this. If the opponent picks 
this, the move fails: an explosion throws Faust out of the puddle, 
resulting in minor damage, while the opponent escapes (mostly) 

#QCF, QCF+HS: This Week's Climax! Faust slides forwards on one leg
and attempts to poke the opponent. If he connects, the opponent
is set on a hospital bed with a bomb under it as Faust dives on them 
like in From On High! He bounces off, and pulls out a detonator,
attempting the blow up the enemy. He pushes the plunger, but nothing 
happens: he tries again, still nothing. He pushes it repeatedly, 
STILL nothing. A question mark appears on his head and he walks over
to the opponent to see what's wrong, and obviously enough, the bomb
blows up just then, KOing the opponent and giving Faust a nice ride.
-Good range, and despite being cliched, still looks pretty damn funny.

5.9 Baiken

Throw: Baiken trips her opponent, impales them with her sword, and
kicks them away.
-Yet again, can only be followed up in the corner, but it's very easy
to do so there.

QCF+K: Tatami Gaeshi. Baiken stomps the ground, causing a green plank
to pop up from the ground and then fall over.
-Opens the opponent up for juggles if it hits. Can be performed in
mid-air, and will fall downwards after falling over: this can still
hit the opponent, but it obviously doesn't knock down and does less 
Original Mode powerup: Baiken stomps the ground thrice, causing 3
planks to pop up simultaneously. Air version works as described above.

QCD+P when blocking: Zakuro. Baiken turns around as a spinning blade
pops out of her sleeve.
-Anti-air guard reversal. Quite useful if you have the reflexes to use
it. Hits only jumping enemies.

QCD+K when blocking: Mawarikomi. Baiken dashes through the opponent,
ending up behind them.
-If you blocked a laggy move, this leaves them open for a huge combo.

QCD+S when blocking: Sakura. Baiken stabs forwards with her sword.
-A generic close range guard reversal. Knocks down.

HCB+K: Suzuran. Baiken runs forward.
-She blocks any attacks thrown her way with her sword while still
running forwards, making this a safe way to close in safely.

DP+S when jumping: Yozansen. Baiken flips backwards while slashing
with her sword.
-Not quite sure on this one...possibly a high-priority air-to-air 

*QCF, QCF+S: Sanzu Watashi. Baiken charges forwards, performing
3 powerful slashes that each shake the screen and cause a kanji 
character to pop up.
-A basic Overdrive with nice comboability. Doesn't knock down
for some weird reason, though.

*B, HCB+P when blocking: Baku KI. Baiken poses, then points her
hand towards the opponent, causing a kanji character to pop up 
and hit the opponent.
-This and the other 3 guard-reversal Overdrives do next to no 
damage, but they incapacitate the opponent in various ways. 
This one disables the opponent's jumps until the effect wears off.

*B, HCB+K when blocking: Baku RIN. Baiken poses, then points her
hand towards the opponent, causing a kanji character to pop up 
and hit the opponent.
-Makes the opponent unable to perform special moves and
overdrives until the effect wears off.

*B, HCB+S when blocking: Baku RYU. Baiken poses, then points her
hand towards the opponent, causing a kanji character to pop up 
and hit the opponent.
-Makes the opponent's attacks do less damage until the effect wears

*B, HCB+HS when blocking: Baku HOU. Baiken poses, then points her
hand towards the opponent, causing a kanji character to pop up 
and hit the opponent.
-Makes the opponent take more damage from Baiken's attacks until the
effect wears off.

#QCF, QCF+HS: Garyutensei. Baiken runs forward. If it connects,
the view switches to a flashback on Baiken's training: she
kills her training partner brutally. The opponent takes their
place, and is instantly KOed afterwards.

5.10 Jam Kuradoberi

Throw: Jam throws the opponent upwards and flips back; she then kicks
upwards with both legs, hitting the opponent.
-Easy to follow up, assuming the opponent doesn't flip out of it.

D, D+K/S/HS: Breath Of Asanagi. Jam brings her hands together and 
poses as a sphere of energy appears around her upper body.
-Once you perform this move, you'll notice a symbol located in the 
lower part of screen on your side of the screen (whichever side your 
energy meter is located on) as well as a number next to it. This 
represents a powerup for one of Jam's moves when it's used for the
next time. You can have up to 3 powerups per move in stock at a time.
Performing the move with HS powers up Kenrokyaku, S powers up 
Gekirin and K powers up Ryujin.

QCF+K: Ryujin. Jam performs a slightly diagonal flying kick 
with a dragon-shaped flame on her foot.
-A nice rush-in move, can avoid low attacks.
BOA powerup: More damage.

QCB+K: Gekirin. Jam leaps forward, doing a flaming heel drop.
-Useful for hopping over low attacks as well. Has a large hitframe
as well.
BOA powerup: Extra hit and damage.

DP+K: Kenrokyaku. Jam flies upwards while kicking repeatedly.
-A DP-type move. Not too fast, though.
BOA powerup: Extra hits and damage.

QCB+S: Hochifu. Jam swipes upwards slowly with her arm.
-A parry. If the opponent hits her before she has raised her arm
completely, their attack is blocked, and Jam is usually free to move
while they're still recovering from their attack.

QCF+S: Bakushu. Jam charges forwards quickly, causing the screen to 
-Doesn't hit by itself. While she's charging, you can perform any of 
these followups:

P: Mawarikomi. Jam takes a pose with her arm held low.
-Not sure, I'm assuming it's a low reversal or parry.

K: Ashibarai. Jam stops where she is and hits the opponent with an 
energy-charged sweep.
-Hits low.

S: Hyappo Shinsho. Jam charges forward some more, and hits the 
opponent with a multi-hitting energy-charged punch.
-Loads of range and comes out quick.
Original Mode powerup: Extra hits and damage

HS: Senri Shinsho. Jam charges forward even further, and hits the 
opponent with a multi-hitting energy-charged punch.
-The nice thing about this move is that the initial charge allows
her to pass through the opponent, forcing them to block the energy
punch from behind.

D+K when jumping: Hoeikyaku. Jam pauses momentarily, and then dives
downwards with a kick. If it connects, she kicks the opponent some 
more before landing.
-A nice surprise move. Can't be followed up when you land, though.

*HCB, F+S: Chokyaku Houousho. Jam poses, then charges forward: if she
connects, she beats up the opponent with a multitude of hits, ending
in a flaming upward kick with flame pillars and a phoenix in the 
-Not as fast as Chipp's version: still useful in combos, though.

*HCB, F+HS: Renhoukyaku. Jam gathers power and creates a huge orange
sphere of energy that hits multiple times.
-Doesn't usually do full damage unless the opponent is in the corner.

#QCF, QCF+HS Gasenkotsu. Jam charges forwards. If she connects,
the screen shows her doing a variety of attacks in still frames
as kanji letters appear on the sides of screen. After 7 attacks,
Jam finishes off the opponent with a flying kick with a sun in the 
background: both Jam and the opponent are then shown falling back 
towards the ground in slow motion.
-Definately gets my award for the most stylish Destroy Move. Good 
range. According to Kailieann Raia, "the kanji from Jam's Destroy are 
as follows:

Ten - Jou - Ten - Ka
Yui - Ka - Doku - Son

Which roughly translates as:

In heaven and earth,
I am all that is holy"

5.11 Johnny

Throw: Johnny grabs the opponent with one arm and throws them upwards.
-Easy to follow up, but equally easy to flip out of as well.

QCF+S/P/K: Mist Finer. Johnny does a quick Iai-slash with his sword.
-Johnny's main form of offense. S does a low slash that must be 
blocked low, P does a high anti-air slash and K does a mid-level 
slash. Holding down the button allows Johnny to move backwards or
forward slowly with his back turned prior to executing the slash.

QCF+HS: Glistering Gold. Johnny throws a gold coin at the opponent.
-You can use Gilstering Gold up to 8 times per round, as indicated
by the coin counter visible on the screen. Connecting with a
coin will allow the next Mist Finer to do extra damage, and in case
of S Mist Finer, knocks the opponent higher up in the air. However,
if you manage to connect with 2 coins before using Mist Finer the next
time, the powerup effect will be much greater: Johnny will perform
9 Mist Finers in a row at varying heights, comboing the opponent
for loads of damage.

QCB+P: Bacchus Sigh. Johnny raises his sword over his head and 
unsheathes it slightly, causing several clouds of mist to appear
on him.
-If you get close to the opponent while the mist is lingering on you,
it will be transferred over to the opponent. While they have the 
clouds of mist on them, the next Mist Finer you perform on them will 
be unblockable.

DP+S, S: Divine Blade. Johnny leaps towards the opponent with his
fist raised.
-When you press S again, he punches downwards, shooting a pillar
of fire straight down.
Original Mode powerup: Punches downwards 3 times, shooting down
3 pillars of fire.

QCF+S when jumping: Aerial Divine Blade. Johnny punches downwards, 
 shooting a pillar of fire straight down.
-As above, minus the telegraphing leap. Reaches all the way down,
allowing for nice suprise attacks.
Original Mode powerup: See above

*HCB, F+HS: Johnny Special. Johnny does an upward slash: if he 
connects, he follows it up by slashing downwards and diagonally
upwards again, drawing the letter J on the opponent. He then
spins his sword around before sheating it: an explosion hits
the opponent soon afterwards.
-Not much range, but comes out quick. Might work as an anti-air as 
well. Notice how Johnny always ends up on the left and the opponent
always ends up on the right side: this was done to ensure that the
letter J would always look the way it's supposed to.

#QCF, QCF+HS: Joker Trick. Johnny throws a card forwards. If the
opponent is hit, they're transformed into a card and teleported next
to Johnny. Johnny then slashes the card in half, efficiently KOing
the opponent instantly.
-The only projectile-based Destroy Move. Not too quick, though.

5.12 Axl Low

Throw: Axl grabs the oppnent with his chain, slamming them behind him.
-Not too hard to follow up.

DP+S/HS: Benten Gari. Axl slashes with his scythes in a circle around
him, creating an image of a woman with a guitar.
-Protects Axl from all directions, which is always good. HS version
adds an upwards slash with his scythe.

DP+HS from HS Benten Gari or when in mid-air: Axl Bomber. Axl leaps
upwards slashing with his scythe, creating a burst of fire in front of
-An anti-air that can only be used in mid-air or as a followup...weird.
Still, it's a nice move. It's kinda hard to perform from HS Benten 
Gari, you need to input it just as the upward scythe slash hits. Like 
with all the moves with tricky followups, I prefer to just input DP+HS 
constantly after performing HS Benten Gari.
Original Mode powerup: More hits and damage

cB-F+S: Rensen Geki. Axl throws his scythe forwards, leaving behind
a green trail.
-Axl's long range move. Travels fast.

Hold U during Rensen Geki: Kyokusa Geki. Axl motions upward slightly,
causing the scythe to change directon and travel diagonally upwards 
towards Axl.
-An easy to do followup to the above. Useful at long range.

Hold D during Rensen Geki: Sensa Geki. Axl twirls the scythe around
after it returns.
-Does more damage than the other followup, but has less reach.

cB-F+HS: Rasho Sen. Axl rears back, and then throws a spark
forwards. If it connects, the opponent is suspended in mid-air as
Axl slides next to them on his knees. He them jumps straight up and
lands a bit further away from the opponent, causing the opponent to 
rise higher in the air. He then poses and shouts out "Yes!" as the 
opponent gets hit by an explosion.
-I think he's supposed to be lifting them higher up in the air
by a wire, but they either forgot to put one there or they thought
it wouldn't look good enough on a GBA. Your guess is as good as mine.
Anyway, it's a great move, since it appears to be unblockable.
Naturally, it has long startup time and the projectile doesn't travel
that far.

HCB+S: Raiei Sageki. Axl leaps forwards quickly. Once he reaches the 
apex, he stops and slashes diagonally downwards behind him with his 
-A nice mix-up move, since it hits the opponent from behind 90% of 
the time.

HCB+HS: ¤Giant Stomp. Axl flies straight up off the screen. After
around 3 seconds, he comes back down with what appears to be a
huge foot.
-While he's off the screen, you can control where he'll fall
by holding down F/B. I can't see what this move is used for, though:
it does next to no damage, and has pathetic recovery time, 
allowing the opponent to get up before Axl does even if it hits.
Not to mention Axl is considered to be standing when he's lying on
the ground, allowing the opponent to hit him with anything they 
wish and have it connect fully. Considering this move's appearance,
maybe it was meant to be a taunt of sorts?

QCB+P: Tenhou Seki. Axl takes a defensive stance with his scythes
spread: if the enemy hits him physically when he's posing, he blocks
the attack and retaliates by throwing the opponent, yelling "Yes!" 
-As the throw can't be avoided, this is a guaranteed reversal. 
A great move.

*QCF, HCB+HS: Hyakue Renshou. Axl does a Benten Gari with flames
around him, knocking the enemy down: he then follows up by
throwing a flaming scythe at them that hits multiple times.
-Comes out quick, and the scythe has long reach and any
part of it will hit the opponent.

#QCF, QCF+HS: Midare Gami. Axl faces the screen and shoots his
scythes in both directions along the ground: if it connects,
the opponent is repeatedly juggled by wires that zigzag all
over the screen before finally being hit by an explosion
and KOed instantly.
-Has quite nice range and hits on both sides of Axl, making
jumping over him pointless. Seems to dizzy the already-KOed
opponent quite often, which looks pretty funny when it happens.

5.13 Anji Mito

Throw: Anji trips the opponent with his fan.
-Quite easy to follow up.

QCF+P: Shitsu. Anji swipes downwards with his fan, creating a ball
of energy that travels forwards.
-A projectile with an interesting property: if it's blocked, the
outer shell of the projectile shatters, and the mass of energy inside
the projectile takes the shape of a bird, trying to land on the 
opponent for a surprise hit.

QCF+S/HS: Fujin. Anji charges forwards, tackling the enemy as a burst
of water rises from under him.
-S version comes out quicker, but has less range. HS version has 
longer range and knocks down, but has slower startup.
Original Mode powerup: S version does 2 Fujins in a row, the second 
one of them knocking down the enemy. Unfortunately, this makes most
followups harder to connect: you can still perform a followup
after the first Fujin, but doing this cancels the powerup.

S after Fujin is blocked or connects: Nagiha. Anji swipes low with 
his fan.
-Must be blocked low.

P after Fujin is blocked or connects: Shin Ichishiki. Anji jumps up 
and throws many closed fans at the opponent.
-Easiest followup to hit with. Can hit grounded opponents.

K after Fujin is blocked or connects or QCB+P when jumping: 
Shin Nishiki. Anji jumps up and creates a field of energy on his 
palms, minus the jump part if you do it while in midair.
-Usually the best followup to use after HS Fujin.

P during autoguard: Kou. Anji leaps upwards while swiping with
his fans.
-Has limited uses, although it's best to use when you manage
to autoguard a jumping attack. As for what "autoguard" is: well,
Anji can block attacks during certain parts of his attacks, 
most notable ones being F+P and F+K.

DP+HS: On. Anji leaps up to grab a jumping opponent. If he 
connects, he spreads his fan wide open and uses it to electrocute 
the enemy.

QCB+P/K: Kai. Anji leaps forward, spins around, and stomps 
downwards with both feet.
-P version has less range and is harder to connect with, but 
executes quicker and does more damage, while the K version has 
more range and is easier to force the opponent to block in the 
wrong direction, but does less damage and is overall slower. 
Can hit grounded opponents.

*HCB, F+HS: Issei Ougi "Sai". Anji rears back, and throws a huge
spinning fan. If the opponent is hit, it hits them repeatedly until
it finally knocks them up, snaps shut on them, folds together and
-Easy to follow up with, although nothing does more than 1 point
of damage after it.

#QCF, QCF+HS: Zetsu. Anji turns into a glowing ball of energy and
flies off the screen: he then returns riding a huge dragon made out
of electricity, which KOs the opponent instantly if it connects.
-Good priority and fills most of the screen, but has horrid recovery 

5.14 Venom

Throw: Venom raises his hand, turning the opponent into a cue ball.
-Quite an interesting throw. If you hit them with any normal
attack when they're turned into a ball, you'll hit the ball forwards,
hitting it against the wall. You can also follow up the wall hit with
another move.

cB-F+S/HS: Stinger Aim. A ball appears in mid-air and Venom shoots
it forwards with his pool cue.
-Quite a basic projectile, one of the rare full-screen ones in this 
game. S shoots the ball slow, while HS shoots it fast.
Original Mode powerup: Instead of a cue ball, Venom shoots a
small black hole-like projectile that hits multple times.

cD-U+S/HS: Carcass Raid. A ball appears in mid-air and Venom shoots
it diagonally downwards with his pool cue.
-An anti-air version of the above. S bounces the ball off the floor
at a 45 degree angle, while HS shoots the ball at a 80 degree angle
and the ball bounces back and forth between the floor and the ceiling
before flying off-screen.
Original Mode powerup: Same as above

DP+S/HS: Double Head Morbid. Venom charges forward while spinning 
his pool cue around.
-A multi-hit rush-in move. S version only goes forward a step or 2,
while HS version covers most of the screen, and he doesn't start 
spinning the cue around until he gets close enough for it to hit.

HCB+P/K/S/HS: Ball Formation. Venom raises his hand, creating 
a cue ball that floats in mid-air.
-Quite a complicated move. Depending on which button you use,
the ball appears in a different position. You can have up to
4 balls floating at a time, although you can only use each
button once. In addition to creating the balls, each time you
input the command, it changes the formation the balls are in:

P: Diagonally upward line
K: Diagonal square
S: A tilted number 7 of sorts
HS: Diagonally downward line

After you're satisfied with the amount of balls you've created,
you can hit them with any move to make them fly towards your 
opponent. Depending on which direction Venom strikes them from, 
they can either fly straight forward, diagonally or straight up.

DP+K: Warp. Venom teleports and reappears in mid-air.
-The location where he ends up is above where the Ball Formation is.
If there's no balls present, Venom teleports a step behind from where
he used it.

QCF+S/HS in mid-air: Mad Struggle. Venom pauses, and dives 
diagonally downwards, pool cue first.
-You can follow up the S version with some quick moves. HS version
ends in a backwards cue-vault flip kick that knocks down.

*QCB, HCF+S: Dark Angel. Venom creates a large red projectile with
an eye on it. It flies forwards slowly, but accelerates its' speed
as it moves.
-One of your best friends in Survival Mode. It does a ridiculous
amount of hits, and is almost a guaranteed dizzy if you run behind
it and push the opponent into it. 

*QCF, QCF+HS in mid-air: Red Hail. Venom points his pool cue
downwards, repeatedly shooting cue balls from it.
-Since he shoots them downwards, they bounce off the ground
if they don't hit at first. A nice air-to-ground super.

#QCF, QCF+HS: Dim Bomber. Venom swipes with his cue. If the 
opponent is hit, they're transformed into a small cue ball
(the ball's appearance varies depending on the opponent).
8 other colored balls appear around the opponent-ball
in a diagonal square formation, and Venom shoots the 
opponent-ball with a cue ball. The cue ball then flies
straight up, and the colored balls converge on the opponent.
They then spread up, and proceed to hit the opponent, one
by one. After the final colored ball strikes the 
opponent-ball, the cue ball drops back down, causing an 
explosion that KOs the opponent instantly.
-A bit of a lag, but it's quite a sight to watch. Wonder
if it could be used as an anti-air?

5.15 Testament

Throw: Testament grabs the opponent with one arm, lifts them up, 
pierces them with his claws and throws them away.
-Quite hard to follow up, due to bad recovery.

QCF+P/K: Phantom Soul. Testament points his hand towards the 
opponent, creating a skull that floats towards the opponent.
-P version arches downwards at first, then rises upwards slowly 
before disappearing, while K version does the opposite. If it 
connects, a purple circular symbol appears on the opponent, 
indicating that raven attacks are active. These include:

¤Scythe Attack: The raven flies above the opponent and turns into a
blue-skinned woman with a scythe, who then proceeds to hit the 
opponent with it.
-The most damaging raven attack. Knocks down.

¤Dive Attack: The raven dives down, hitting the opponent with its' 
-Comes out the quickest. Medium damage.

¤Feather Attack: The raven shoots several feathers at the opponent.
-A nice projectile assist move.

The raven attacks happen randomly for as long as the symbol stays 
on the opponent, which is around 10 seconds or so.

QCB+P: Grave Digger. Testament leaps forward and slashes down with 
his scythe. 
-Nice damage and range, but has kinda bad recovery.
Original Mode powerup: Testament does a second, lower slash that
works like a Dust Attack, meaning you can jump after them and combo
them if it hits.

HCF+S/HS: Exe Beast Alpha/Omega. Testament bows towards the screen 
as a head rises up from the ground, moves forwards, bites the 
opponent and disappears.
-S version (Alpha) appears behind the opponent, forcing them to 
block backwards, while HS version (Omega) appears in front of 
Testament and moves forward around 3/4 of the screen before 

QCB+S: Violent. Testament faces the screen and shrugs. If he's hit
during this time, he turns into a mass of blood, teleports behind
the opponent, and hits them with a geyser of blood.
-If this move connects, the opponent flashes purple and is poisoned,
meaning their life meter will slowly drop. They can't die from this,
though, and if Testament gets hit, the effect will be nullified.
Other than that, the opponent will remain poisoned for about 5 

*HCB, F+HS: Nightmare Circular. Testament raises his hand,
causing a purple pentagram to appear in front of him. A bloody
skull pops out of the pentagram, followed by a blast of blood.
-If the opponent is hit, they'll be poisoned, like in Violent.

#QCF, QCF+HS: Seventh Sign. Testament does a low slash, like in
powered up Grave Digger. If he connects, the opponent appears
on a bed. The human form of his raven then appears on the bed
as well and slashes at the opponent's throat, KOing them.
-Quite slow startup. Very hard to use in Original Mode.

5.16 Dizzy

Throw: Dizzy's demon side grabs the opponent and hits them with
a mass of spikes.
-Not that hard to follow up.

U during Double Jump: ¤Triple Jump. Dizzy jumps up to 3 times in a 
-Like Chipp, Dizzy can jump up to 3 times in a row. You STILL
can't perform it after a High Jump.

F, F/B, B twice when in mid-air: ¤Double Air Dash. Dizzy does two
air dashes.
-The fact that she can air-dash around like Millia AND can 
jump 3 times in a row like Chipp easily makes her the most mobile
character in the game.

QCF+HS: ¤Ice Geyser. Dizzy's angel side appears and motions towards
the opponent, causing a huge icicle to pop up from the ground.
-Can be used as an anti-air if you time it right.

QCF+S: ¤Demon Scythe. Dizzy's demon side appears and shoots
a blue spinning scythe out of its' sleeve.
-The scythe curves downwards at first and then flies upwards,
making it another nice anti-air.
Original Mode powerup: The demon side shoots out 3 scythes

RDP+S: ¤Ice Dagger. Dizzy's angel side throws a ball upwards, which
then turns into a dagger that flies towards the opponent.
-The ball toss can hit the opponent if close enough, allowing the
2 hits to combo.

QCB+P/K/S/HS: ¤Ice Pirahna. Dizzy's angel side creates a blue
pirahna-like creature that attacks the opponent.
-Depending on what button you press, the pirahnas do different 

P: ¤Short Bite. The pirahna flies forwards, chomping 3 times
before disappearing.
-The bites combo if close enough. Reaches around half the screen.

K: ¤Long Bite. The pirahna flies forwards, chomping 3 times
before disappearing.
-Same as above, except it's got longer range and the bites don't

S: ¤Pirahna Guardian. The pirahna follows Dizzy around. If you get
close enough to the opponent, the pirahna attacks them once, 
disappears briefly and then attacks again.
-A nice way to extend your combos, as well as generally annoy
the opponent.

HS: ¤Pirahna Laser. The pirahna flies in a sideways S patern,
shooting a laser out of it's mouth after chomping once.
-A good instant long-range attack.

*HCB, F+S: ¤Ground Explosion. Dizzy spreads her arms, causing
several fiery explosions to shoot up from the ground.
-Does more damage and hits if you're cornered.

*DF, HCF, B, F+P: ¤Death Archer. Dizzy holds her head as a 
purple glyph appears in front of her. If the opponent is 
standing where it appears, it opens up and dumps the opponent
in while Dizzy's demon side takes her over completely.
He does an arm motion, creating a bow, while the opponent 
falls back down from above, encased in a decorated stone
coffin. The demon side then draws his bow, shooting several
orbs of energy at the coffin. The shots converge on the coffin,
hitting the opponent several times, as the demon form fades
away and Dizzy regains her form.
-A pretty damn nasty move, considering the amount of damage it
does as well as the fact it's unblockable. It seems to do varying
amounts of damage: sometimes it does around 35% damage, while at
other times it does as much as 50%. The command isn't the easiest
to input, though.

*F, B, F, HCF+HS: ¤Death Laser. Dizzy faces the screen with her arms
crossed. Her demon side appears, and shoots the opponent with a
thin laser and continues by shooting them with a double laser from
his both hands. A beast's head then appears out of his sleeve
as another Overdrive flash appears. The head then proceeds
to shoot out a massive laser beam that does a huge amount of hits
and knocks Dizzy down as well.
-A great way to punish the opponent's mistakes, considering the laser
comes out instantly. Very hard to avoid and does tons of block damage. 
The drawback is that it takes an entire Tension Gauge to perform.

6. Secrets

The part you've been waiting for. So far, the FAQ hasn't been very
different from the others written for this game, if the more accurate
move descriptions don't count, but that's about to change. Let's 
start, shall we?

6.1 Secret Colors

To select your 5th color, select your character by pressing Start.

To select your custom color (the one you've edited in Color Edit),
press Select.

There seems to be 6 pre-made colors in all, as well as the golden 
color Daredevils use, but only the first 5 default colors seem to be
selectable. Any info on how to select the 6th color as well as the 
golden color used by Daredevils (assuming it's possible for the 
latter) would be appreciated.

6.2 Unlocking Testament and Dizzy

There are 2 ways to do this:

1)Simply beat the game. You'll fight them as your second-to-last and
last opponents, and will be able to select them once you beat them.

2)Get to level 20 in Survival Mode and a golden Testament will 
challenge you. Notice that he has infinite Tension Gauge, as do all 
Daredevils. Beat him (should be easy) and you'll unlock him. Now play 
until you get to level 30 and you'll be challenged by a golden Dizzy. 
Beat her as well, and you'll have them both.

6.3 Unlocking Original Mode

Original Mode is unlocked by unlocking Testament and Dizzy and 
reaching a certain level in Survival Mode. Additional info on what 
level you need to reach is welcome.

6.3.1 Original Mode differences

If you turn on Original Mode from the Options menu, it'll cause a few 
gameplay changes. Here's what it does:

-Rage Mode doesn't exist: this means that you can use your Destroy 
Move any time you want, with the usual penalties (loss of Tension 
Gauge). However, Destroy Moves can be only used as counter moves: in 
other words, if the opponent isn't in middle of an attack when you 
perform one, it'll pass through them harmlessly, and you still lose 
your Tension Gauge.

-When your energy meter drops down to around 25% or so, it starts to 
flash. When it's flashing, you have infinite Overdrive moves.

-After using Roman Cancel, one of your moves becomes powered up the 
next time you use it. These are discussed in each character's 
movelist in greater detail.

6.4 Unlocking Extra Mode

Unlocking Extra Mode is done on a per-character basis. After you beat
Testament and Dizzy, continue fighting in Survival Mode. Now, 
starting from level 40, a new Daredevil will challenge you: beat 
them, and you'll unlock that character's Extra mode. The order of the 
Daredevils seems to be fixed. In order, they are: Testament, Dizzy, 
Chipp, Potemkin, Baiken, Faust, Venom, Millia, Zato, Johnny, Sol, May, 
Axl, Anji, Jam and Ky. If you lose, you'll have to start all over 
again, fighting through the Daredevils you've already fought. Sounds 
fun, doesn't it? Fear not, though, as the AI is pretty easy. If 
you're having trouble, refer to section 6.6 for some useful tips.

6.4.1 Extra Mode differences

So then, you've unlocked an Extra mode for your favourite character,
but you've no idea what the damn thing does, right? Fear not, this
section will explain the changes that particular character undergoes
when chosen to be played in Extra Mode.

Note: All the differences are found by yours truly, so there's bound
to be loads of stuff missing. If you find any new moves I hadn't 
listed here before, be sure to inform me.

Note 2: If not otherwise mentioned, Original Mode powerups work
the same way as they do in Normal Mode.

Note 3: All movelists are compared to the Normal version of the
character in question. "Lost moves" are moves the character used to
have in Normal Mode but no longer has here, "Changed moves" are what
I consider to be moves that look the same way they do in Normal Mode,
but act somewhat differently. Finally, "New moves" are just that: 
moves that are completely new in both looks (even if it uses recycled 
sprites, which almost every new move does) and behaviour. Notice that 
I still consider a move "new" even if it's similliar to another 
existing move as long as it's performed via a different command and 
acts differently. Remember, I'm only human, so don't be too surprised
if you see moves under "Changed moves" that should be under 
"New moves" and vice versa.
--------------------------------------------------------------------- Sol Badguy

Lost moves:

Grand Viper (QCB+S)
*Tyrant Rave (HCB, F+HS)
*Dragon Install (QCB, QCB+S)

Changed moves:

-Bandit Revolver no longer knocks down on either hit, allowing you 
to use it in juggles without knocking the enemy too far away: the 
kick also hits airborne opponents up to three times, this includes 

New moves:

*QCF, QCF+S: ¤Infernal Viper. Sol does an extra-high Volcanic Viper
with a huge trail of flames trailing from it.
-Basically a Dragon Installed Volcanic Viper, except you can use it
any time you want.

*HCB, F+HS: ¤Wild Explosion. Sol takes a step forward and tries to
grab the opponent. If he succeeds, he throws them away like in
Wild Throw.
-If it connects, the opponent starts burning, and once they have 
burned for around 6 seconds, they are hit by an unavoidable 
explosion. Quite useful in combos. Despite the fact it's a throw,
it can be blocked.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Ky Kiske

Lost moves:

Stun Edge Charge Attack (QCF+HS)
Stun Dipper (QCF+K)

Changed moves:

-Not really moves, but more his animations. He has new stand, walk, 
run, crouch and dash animations. He seems to walk and backhop slower 
than normally, but his dash seems to be faster than normal, and the 
fact that he crawls when walking makes it easy to avoid many attacks 
when advancing on the enemy.

-Ride The Lightning hits only once, but does more damage.

New moves:

QCF+HS: ¤Stun Barrier. Ky rises his fist and then brings it down 
while crouching, creating a blue barrier of electricity in front of 
-Covers most of the screen vertically, and has relatively good 
horizontal coverage as well. A nice anti-everything move.

QCF+K: ¤Violent Dipper. Ky charges forward quickly and does a quick
low slash while facing the screen.
-A very good way to punish mistakes, as it covers lots of ground
quickly. Can pass through the opponent if they're close enough, making
it hit them from behind. Hits low.

*QCF, QCF+S: ¤Reach For The Thunderclouds. Ky crouches down briefly,
and then flies straight up, covered in electricity.
-Basically an upward Ride The Lightning. Good anti-air.

*F, B, F, HCF+HS: ¤Thunder Beam. Ky brings his hand in front of his
face briefly and then swipes downwards with it, shooting a laser 
beam from his eyes.
-Like Dizzy's overdrive, except less flashy and requires only half of
the Tension Gauge to perform. Great universal mistake punisher, 
as it comes out instantly. May miss short characters completely, 

--------------------------------------------------------------------- May

Lost moves:

Mr. Dolphin! (Vertical) (cD-U+S/HS)

Changed moves:

-You can no longer perform the followup direction change after 
Restive Rolling.

-Ultimate Whiner is now a special move instead of an Overdrive attack, 
and it always executes fully without the need to hit the opponent on 
the first hit: obviously, it does less damage.

New moves:


--------------------------------------------------------------------- Millia Rage

Lost moves:

¤Double Air Dash (tap F, F/B, B in mid-air twice)
Secret Garden (QCB+HS)
Bad Moon (QCF+P in midair)
*Emerald Rain (QCF, QCF+S)

Changed moves:

-Both versions of Tandem Top move forward slowly before disappearing,
instead of staying where they are.

-Using Winger only performs the first part: however, it does more 

-To perform the second part of Winger, press QCF, QCF+HS in mid-air.
Notice that this is a seperate Overdrive attack and requires half
of the Tension Gauge to perform.

New moves:


--------------------------------------------------------------------- Zato-1

Lost moves: 

Drill Special (HS when Eddie is summoned)
Break The Law (QCB+K)
*Megalith Head (HCB, F+S when Eddie is summoned)

Changed moves:

-Executor is now a special move. Instead of charging diagonally 
downwards for a short moment and then flying forward horizonally,
it only goes diagonally downwards. Performed by inputting QCB+S when
in mid-air.

-Summon Eddie works differently. Summoning him will make him perform
an attack corresponding to that button, but he disappears immediately 
afterwards. This makes using him more flexible, as you can summon him
at any time, but for only 1 attack.

New moves:


--------------------------------------------------------------------- Potemkin

Lost moves:


Changed moves:

-Gains the ability to dash and run like all other characters, adding
a new element of gameplay to him.

-Sliding Head comes out and recovers quicker, but no longer causes 
the earthquake that knocks down.

New moves:


--------------------------------------------------------------------- Chipp Zanuff

Lost moves:

Gamma Blade (HCF+HS)
Genro Zan (HCF+K)
Senshu (QCF+K after either Ressho or Rokusai)

Changed moves:

-Ressho hits multiple times and knocks down

-Rokusai is now a standalone move and hits multiple times. It's 
performed by pressing QCB+S.

-Banki Messai looks different: it starts with many F+Ps that increase
in speed and finishes off with 3 grounded Beta Blades into a powered
up Beta Blade.

New moves:


--------------------------------------------------------------------- Faust

Lost moves:

What's Next? (QCF+P)
Shower Hack (QCB+HS)
*Super What's Next? (QCF, QCF+P)

Changed moves:


New moves:

QCB+HS: ¤Below You! Faust raises his hand up, covers himself with 
a piece of cloth, and disappears. He then appears below the 
opponent, knocking them high up in the air by flying straight up,
elbows first.
-Since he can now pop up from 4 different directions, the opponent 
will be even more confused about which way to block. Can be used as 
an anti-air as well.

*QCF, QCF+P: ¤Tongue Troop. Faust extends his tongue as many 
mini-Fausts leap down from it and crawl towards the enemy.
-All of them combo if you're close enough to the corner, but they're
more useful in generally harassing the opponent.

---------------------------------------------------------------------  Baiken

Lost moves:

Suzuran (HCB+K)

Changed moves:

-All of her guard-reversal-only specials and Overdrives can be 
performed at any time, greatly increasing her offensive and defensive
ablities. Command changes to HCF+P/K/S for her specials, Overdrive 
commands remain the same. 

New moves:


--------------------------------------------------------------------- Jam Kuradoberi

Lost moves:

Breath Of Asanagi (D, D+K/S/HS)
Bakushu (QCF+S)
Mawarikomi (P during Bakushu)

Changed moves:

-Ashibarai is now a standalone move: to perform it, press D, D+K.

-Hyappo Shinsho and Senri Shinsho are no longer followups, but 
stand-alone moves. To perform Hyappo Shinsho, press QCF+S, and to 
perform Senri Shinsho, press QCF+HS.

New moves:


--------------------------------------------------------------------- Johnny

Lost moves:

Low Mist Finer (QCF+P)
High Mist Finer (QCF+S)
Glistering Gold (QCF+HS)
Bacchus Sigh (QCB+P)

Changed moves:

-Middle Mist Finer can no longer be delayed prior to release.

-Gains the ability to run, opening up new tactical possibilities.

-His F+K is now a special move: this makes it possible to combo into 
it from normal moves. To perform it, press QCB+K.

New moves:

*HCB, F+S: ¤Blinding Flash. Johnny charges forwards. If he connects,
the screen goes white for a second: when it returns to normal, it 
shows Johnny behind the opponent with his sword drawn, apparently 
having slashed through them.
-Fast and has good range, and does more damage than Johnny Special.
A good move. Easy to follow up with just about anything, and if
you have a full Tension Gauge prior to performing this, you can do
a Johnny Special just after this move for a nice damage total.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Axl Low

Lost moves:

Rasho Sen (cB-F+HS)
Tenhou Seki (QCB+P)

Changed moves:

-Sensa Geki is now a standalone move and can't be performed as a 
Rensen Geki followup. To perform it, press QCB+HS.

-Hyakue Renshou works differently: after performing the flaming 
Benten Gari, Axl follows it up with Axl Bomber. This makes the move
a better anti-air.

New moves:


--------------------------------------------------------------------- Anji Mito

Lost moves:


Changed moves:

-Shin Ichishiki can now only be performed when standing, as opposed 
to after Fujin and while jumping. The command is RDP+S.

-Shin Nishiki is now a standalone move. It's performed by pressing

-Kai can only be performed in mid-air or as a Fujin followup, as 
opposed to when standing. 

-Kou is now a normal special move: press DP+P to perform it.

-Fujin has different followups: P performs a small jump, during which
you can perform any jump attack or special, while K performs Kai. 
S is still Nagiha, though.

-For some reason, the followup commands are reversed if you use a
powered up Fujin and let Anji perform the second Fujin: in this case,
P performs Kai and K performs a small jump. Again, this doesn't effect
Nagiha, which is still performed by pressing S.

New moves:


--------------------------------------------------------------------- Venom

Lost moves:

Ball Formation (HCB+P/K/S/HS)
Warp (DP+K)

Changed moves:

-HS Mad Struggle works differently: instead of performing a backflip
kick at the end, all the hits knock down instead.

New moves:

DP+K: ¤Insane Resistance. Venom uses his pool cue to vault himself
into a backflip kick.
-HS Mad Struggle's followup as a standalone move. A nice anti-air.
Can be used in mid-air.

QCB+S while jumping: ¤Red Shower. Venom shoots a cue ball downwards.
-A special move version of Red Hail. Again, the CPU seems to have
great difficulty countering it, so abuse it in Survival.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Testament

Lost moves:


Changed moves:

-Since he loses his raven, all Phantom Skulls do is to act as a weak

-Violent is no longer a counter, he does the blood teleport as soon 
as you input the command.

-Exe Beast acts differently: S (Alpha) version goes forward around
2 character lenghts, while the HS (Omega) version goes forward the 
full screen, biting several times.

New moves:


--------------------------------------------------------------------- Dizzy

Lost moves:

¤Ice Pirahna (QCB+P/K/S/HS)
*¤Death Archer (DF, HCF, B, F+P)
*¤Death Laser (F, B, F, HCF+HS)

Changed moves:

-¤Demon Scythe flies straight forward, instead of curving upwards. 
When powered up, does more hits and damage.

New moves:

*QCB, QCB+S: ¤Ice Pirahna Assault. Dizzy jumps into the air as her
angel side appears and creates countless blue pirahnas that home into
the opponent and bite them.
-Very hard to avoid, and does quite a bit of block damage. Takes a
full Tension Gauge to perform.

6.5 Unlocking GG Mode

Like Extra Mode, unlocking GG Mode is done on a per-character basis
as well. Unfortunately, it's far harder to do. After you've beaten
all different Daredevils during a single Survival session (you'll be
at level 180 or so at that point), they'll challenge you for the 
second time, and this time, they'll use their 6th color instead of 
being gold; they'll still have infinite Tension Gauge, though. Beat 
them, and you'll unlock that character's GG mode. The order for them 
is Jam, Axl, Sol, Millia, Anji, Testament, May, Faust, Chipp, Zato, 
Johnny, Potemkin, Baiken, Ky, Venom and Dizzy. Once you reach level 
330 or so, you should've unlocked both modes for all characters 
and can safely lose on purpose and save your progress. For tips on 
how to get this far in Survival, see section 6.6.

6.5.1 GG mode differences

Like the name implies, GG Mode mimics the moves the characters had in
the first Guilty Gear game (obviously this only applies to characters 
who actually were in the first GG game). Since I'll list the moves in 
the same way as in the Extra Mode section, the same notes apply here 
as well.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Sol Badguy

Lost moves:

Wild Throw (DP+K)

Changed moves:

-Tyrant Rave does more hits, and has more range. It also looks a bit
different: Sol skips the flaming punch, and does only the upward 
slash. Doesn't bounce off the wall unless only the first few hits 

New moves:

K while running: ¤Slide Stamp. Sol hits the opponent with a sliding
-Quite a long range. Must be blocked low.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Ky Kiske

Lost moves:

Stun Edge Charge Attack (QCF+HS)
Crescent Slash (QCB+K)

Changed moves:

-Since he doesn't have Stun Edge Charge Attack, pressing QCF+HS will 
simply shoot the Stun Edge faster than with S. Both buttons can be
used to fire the powered up version as well.

New moves:

HCB+K: Needle Spike. Ky flips forward, slashing with his sword, and 
then comes down, hitting the opponent with his knees.
-Useful for hopping over low attacks.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- May

Lost moves:

Mr.Dolphin! (Horizontal) (cB-F+S/HS)
Mr.Dolphin! (Vertical) (cD-U+S/HS)
Applause For The Victim (HCF+P/K/S/HS)
*Ultimate Whiner (HCB+HS)
*Great Yamada Attack (QCF, QCF+S)

Changed moves:


New moves:

QCF+S: Aqua Rolling. May holds her anchor briefly above her head,
and then spins forward with it extended.
-Blanka who? Bounces off if blocked.

HCF+S: Parabolic Rolling. May holds her anchor briefly above her head,
and then spins diagonally upward in an arc with it extended.
-Like the name says, she flies in a wide parabolic arc that spans the
entire screen. Can be used either as an anti-air or a surprise 
attack on turtlers.

HCF+HS: Mr. Dolphin! May spins her anchor in front of her, causing
a dolphin to appear and fly forward in an arc.
-Useful for harassing the opponent.
Original Mode powerup: 6 dolphins fly in an arc instead of just one.
Unlike in Applause For The Victim, they can and will combo by 

QCB+S: Mist Finer. May spins her anchor in front of her.
-Protects a wide area in front of May. Tap S to make her keep 
spinning the anchor.

*B, HCB+HS: May Dynamic. May leaps into the air and dives into the
ground anchor first, creating a large explosion.
-The actual dive doesn't hit, it's the explosion that does the damage.
Can be useful for evading some attacks.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Millia Rage

Lost moves:

Secret Garden (QCB+HS)
*Winger (QCB, HCF+S)
*Emerald Rain (QCF, QCF+S)

Changed moves:

-Tandem Top is performed by pressing DP+S, and there's only one 
version of the move.

-Lust Shaker looks a bit different, and also seems to fail randomly:
when this happens, the move will have much less range.

New moves:

QCF/QCB+S: Living Lancer. Millia bends forwards and whips with her 
hair, creating a small yellow spike that flies forwards for a while
and then stops in mid-air spinning.
-After the spike stops, you can send it into any direction by 
pressing a direction+S. Performing the move with QCB+S will cause 
Millia to send the spike diagonally upwards instead of straight 

*QCF, HCB+HS: Iron Maiden. Millia bends down and thursts her hair 
into the ground, causing countless strands of hair to fly up in front 
of her. If the opponent is hit, they'll get suspended in mid-air while 
being constantly hit by the strands of hair.
-Basically, it's her Destroy Move turned into an Overdrive. If you 
perform this move when there's a Living Lancer in the screen, it will 
change where the strands of hair will rise up from: with QCF+S version, 
they'll rise up from the opposite corner of the screen, and with the 
QCB+S version, they rise up 2 character lengths away from the corner.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Zato-1

Lost moves:

¤Flight (U when jumping)
Summon Eddie (QCF+P/K/S/HS)
Damned Fang (DP+S)
*Amorphous (HCB, F+HS)
*Executor (QCF, QCF+S when in mid-air)
*Megalith Head (HCB, F+S when Eddie is summoned)

Changed moves:

-Invite Hell can be performed in mid-air. Still, the powered up 
version can only be performed while standing.

New moves:

*HCF, HCF+S: Dark Sentinel. Zato turns into a huge shadow demon and 
charges at the opponent.
-Lots of priority and nice damage.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Potemkin

Lost moves:

Hammer Fall (cB-F+S)
Heat Knuckle (DP+HS)
Heat Extend (HCB+HS during Heat Knuckle)
*Giganter (HCB, F+HS)
*Giganter Bullet (HCF, HCF+P during Giganter)
*Heavenly Potemkin Buster (QCF, QCF+S)

Changed moves:

-Potemkin flashes white whenever he performs a HS attack: this would
suggest he has autoguard active during this perioid, although that 
doesn't seem to be the case. Any information on what the flash does 
would be appreciated.

-Sliding Head can now be powered up: when powered up, several fiery
explosions rise in front of Potemkin as he falls down.

New moves:

*HCB, F+HS: Gigantic Piston. Potemkin rears back, and does a huge
flaming punch forwards.
-Good range. Strangely enough, leaves the opponent standing.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Chipp Zanuff

Lost moves:

Ressho (QCF+S)
Rokusai (QCF+S after Ressho)
Senshu (QCF+K after either Ressho or Rokusai)
*Zansei Roga (HCB, F+HS)

Changed moves:

-Chipp only has one version of Tsuyoshi-Shiki Teni available here,
it teleports him right behind the opponent. To perform it, press

-Alpha Blade knocks the opponent up in the air, and Chipp stops right
in front of the opponent, allowing you to use this move as a juggle 

New moves:


--------------------------------------------------------------------- Faust

Lost moves:

What's Next? (QCF+P)
In Your Face! (QCB+P)
Watch Your Back! (QCB+K)
From On High! (QCB+S)
*Super What's Next? (QCF, QCF+P)
*Gamble Attack (QCF, QCF+S)

Changed moves:

-Going My Way can be performed as a standalone move by pressing 
QCB+S. It can be also performed in mid-air and arches downwards when 
done so.

-Shower Hack is no longer a throw and advances forwards when 
executed. To perform it, press DP+S.

New moves:

*QCF, HCB+HS when close: Mad Operation. Faust lays the opponent on
a table, operates them with various instruments and finally blows
them away with an explosion.
-A nice super throw. Unblockable.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Baiken

Lost moves: 

Zakuro (QCD+P when blocking)
Mawarikomi (QCD+K when blocking)
Sakura (QCD+S when blocking)
Suzuran (HCB+K)
*Baku KI (B, HCB+P when blocking)
*Baku RIN (B, HCB+K when blocking)
*Baku RYU (B, HCB+S when blocking)
*Baku HOU (B, HCB+HS when blocking)

Changed moves:

-Yozansen can be performed when standing.

New moves:

HCF+HS: Kamaitachi. Baiken extends a claw from her sleeve. If it 
connects, she drags the opponent in, and slashes them away with her 
-A nice long-ranged attack.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Jam Kuradoberi

Lost moves:

Ryujin (QCF + K)
Gekirin (QCB + K)
Kenrokyaku (DP + K)
Ashibarai (K during Bakushu)

Changed moves:

-Breath Of Asanagi can only be performed by pressing D, D+P and it's
used to enable one of Jam's new moves. As usual, you can store up to
3 uses of her new move.

New moves:

Tap P: ¤Hyakuretsuken. Jam hits her opponent quickly in a flurry of
-Useful in combos. Good priority.

QCF+P after Breath Of Asanagi: ¤Dairyudan. Jam punches forwards, 
shooting a dragon-shaped energy beam.
-Comes out almost instantly and does a nice amount of damage. Useful.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Johnny

Lost moves:

Glistering Gold (QCF+HS)
Bacchus Sigh (QCB+P)

Changed moves:

-All versions of Mist Finer can no longer be delayed by holding down
the button.

New moves:

*QCF, QCF+S: ¤Mist Slaughterer. Johnny performs 9 Mist Finers in a 
row at varying heights.
-Identical to a fully powered up Medium Mist Finer. Notice how Johnny
performs the first slash before the Overdrive pause.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Axl Low

Lost moves:

Benten Gari (DP+S/HS)
Axl Bomber (DP+S after Benten Gari or while in mid-air)
Sensa Geki (Hold D after Rensen Geki)
Rasho Sen (cB-F+HS)
Raiei Sageki (HCB+S)

Changed moves:

-¤Giant Stomp is now performed by pressing HCF+K.

New moves:

DP+S: Benten Gari. Axl throws his scythe diagonally upwards, leaving
behind a green trail.
-Despite the name, this is a different move, as you can see from the
above description. Hits only jumping opponents.
Original Mode powerup: Extra hits and damage.

QCB+K: Dototsu. Axl charges forwards shoulder first.
-If it connects, it launches the opponent, allowing you to jump after
and combo the opponent.

*HCF, HCF+K: ¤Ransenrenbu. Axl runs forwards. If he gets next to the
opponent, the Overdrive pause happens, and he attacks the opponent 
with a variety of attacks, ending in Dototsu.
-Since the Overdrive pause doesn't occur until he reaches the 
opponent, this move can be used to fake them out quite nicely. Also, 
since the move ends in Dototsu, you can jump after the opponent and 
combo them, although all attacks do only 1 point of damage at that 

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Anji Mito

Lost moves:

Shin Ichishiki (K after Fujin)
Shin Nishiki (P after Fujin)

Changed moves:

-Both versions of Fujin knock down.

New moves:

*HCB, F+HS: ¤Shin Fujin. Anji charges forwards, tackling the enemy as 
a burst of water rises from under him.
-Like in normal Fujin, you can follow up the move with various 
attacks; obviously, they're much stronger here. Press S to perfrom 
Issei Ougi "Sai", P to perform a more powerful Kou and K to perform 
a more powerful On.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Venom

Lost moves:

Stinger Aim (cB-F+S/HS)
Carcass Raid (cD-U+S/HS)
Ball Formation (HCB+P/K/S/HS)
Warp (DP+K)

Changed moves:

-HS Mad Struggle works differently: instead of performing a backflip
kick at the end, all the hits knock down instead.

New moves:

DP+K: ¤Insane Resistance. Venom uses his pool cue to vault himself
into a backflip kick.
-HS Mad Struggle's followup as a standalone move. A nice anti-air.
Can be used in mid-air.
Original Mode powerup: More hits and damage.

QCF+S: ¤Single Head Morbid. Venom charges forwards while twirling 
his pool cue around with both hands.
-Comes out instantly, which is always good. Pressing QCF+S during
the move causes him to hit the opponent with a powerful poke that
slams the opponent agains the wall, while QCB+S performs a upward
swipe that knocks down.

*QCF, QCF+P: ¤Iron Assault. Venom crouches down as several steel
Venoms(?) descend from above and fly forward, exploding as they
hit the opponent.
-No, I don't know what the programmers were on when they decided
to put this move in. Well, it's a nice move, as the steel Venoms
are hard to avoid due to their size.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Testament

Lost moves:

Phantom Soul (QCF+P/K)
Violent (QCB+S)

Changed moves:

-Exe Beast has only 1 version, performed with HCF+HS. This time, 
both heads attack the opponent simultaneously.

-Grave Digger has much longer range, but is harder to hit with.
When powered up, hits several times for extra damage. The command
changes to QCF+P.

New moves:

DP+S: Panzer Centipede. Testament crouches down and plants a skull
into the ground. After 3 seconds or so, the skull flies straight up
from where it was planted.
-The planting animation can hit the opponent as well, and if it 
does, it knocks down.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Dizzy

Lost moves:

¤Guardian Pirahna (QCB+S)
¤Pirahna Laser (QCB+HS)
¤Ice Dagger (RDP+S)
¤*Death Archer (DF, HCF, B, F+P)

Changed moves:

-Demon Scythe spins in place, protecting Dizzy from attacks. It's no
longer a powerup move.

New moves:

QCF+HS when in mid-air: ¤Homing Ice Dagger. Dizzy's angel
side appears, creating a ball that turns into a dagger
and flies towards the opponent. After hitting the opponent,
it turns back into a ball and hits the opponent again.
-A great way to pester the enemy while still keeping your distance.
Original Mode powerup: The dagger homes on the opponent 3 times
before disappearing.

*DF, HCF, B, F+P: ¤Demon Install. Dizzy holds her head and starts to 
glow red.
-Identical to Sol's Dragon Install, except it lasts longer. No idea
if she has a powered up move as well, though.

6.6 Survival Mode tips

-Turn Original Mode on. This way, the CPU will eventually waste their
Destroy Move, which will miss you as long as you don't stick out an 
attack when they're doing one. You'll also be able to cheese the 
opponent to death with infinite Overdrives.

-The number of opponents you've fought and the level you're currently 
on have nothing to do with each other. You go up levels faster 
by defeating opponents quickly and taking little damage. One thing
that seems to be especially efficient in raising levels is doing 
high-hitting combos. If you do nothing but 20+ hit combos on the 
first opponent, Testament will challenge you during your second 

-Here's a very effective way of going up levels as fast as possible:
Select Venom. Charge up your Tension bar until it's half full, and 
throw the opponent. As soon as you can move again, perform Dark 
Angel, and dash after it. The opponent will be hit by it repeatedly,
get dizzied 95% of the time, and take loads of damage. After they get
up dizzy, you should have gained back enough Tension to use Dark Angel
again. Just throw them again, and repeat the process until they're 
KOed. This methoid will gain you several levels per fight up until
level 100 or so, and even after that, at least 2 levels per fight.

Any other tricks to make Survival Mode easier? Send them in!

6.7 Unlocking Limited Release and Limited Release differences

I'm not too sure about this one as well, but I think you unlock it
by unlocking every character's Extra Mode.

As for what it does, it allows you to throw the opponent while 
they're still getting hit, basically making throws comboable.

7. Game Modes

Arcade: Your basic arcade mode. Fight 8 opponents, then fight 
Testament and Dizzy. If you beat them, you'll unlock them, and see 
your character's ending.

VS: A basic one-on-one match agains a human opponent. Since I don't
have access to 2 GBAs with GGX and a link cable, I'm not too sure if
you can fight your opponent in other modes than normal 1-on-1 VS.

Training: My most used mode. Allows you to try out moves on a 
stationary opponent. I won't bother to explain the various options,
as all of them are self-explainatory. Press L to switch between 
player and opponent settings, and press Select to reset the round.

Survival: This is where most things are unlocked. Basically, you 
fight against an unlimited amount of opponents and see how far you 
get. Depending on how well you do, you get varying amounts of energy
back between rounds. Your fighting ability is measured in levels,
which increase depending on how good or bad you're doing. Starting 
on level 20, you'll be challenged by various Daredevils which are 
usually harder to beat then normal enemies. Beating them is the key
to unlock various extra modes for your characters.

Tag Match: You pick 2 characters that you can switch back and forth
by inputting the Tag command. The team member that's not currently
fighting will slowly regain their energy. Whoever loses both their
characters first, loses. You cannot use Destroy Moves in this mode.

3 on 3: You pick 3 characters. Whenever you lose a character, 
another one takes their place. This continues until one side loses
all their characters. No Destroy Moves here either.

Options: This menu selection contains several subtitles:

-Game Option: Mostly self-explainatory. Original Mode and Limited 
Release are discussed in their respective sections.

-Key Config: Pretty self-explainatory as well.

-Color Edit: You'll be first prompted to select the character whose
colors you want to edit. Once you do, you'll see that character in
one of their standing frames, as well as several other options:

Edit: Moves the cursor to the character's palette, where you can
pick one of their colors and edit it to your liking by increasing
or decreasing the R, G and B values for the color in question. 
Notice that while all characters have at least 14 colors to edit,
some characters may have more if their special and Overdrive 
moves use their own palette.

1-6: These are the character's default colors and can't be changed
for obvious reasons. Select one of them to use that color scheme as
a template for your work.

Backcolor: Changes the color of the background to allow you to see
the characters better.

Cancel: Returns back to the character select menu without saving 
your custom color changes.

Exit: Returns back to the character select menu and saves your 
custom color changes.

You can save up to 1 edit per character. To select your custom 
color for that character, select the character with the Select 

-Sound Test: Quite self-explainatory as well. Allows you to listen
to GGX's (IMO) less-than-ear-pleasing sounds.

-Ranking: Allows you to see your records. Press L and R to change
between game modes.

-Data: Allows you to save and load data as well as turn auto save

8. Color Edits

First, the rules:

1. I will ONLY accept GOOD color edits. Making a mess of colors that
looks like the character crashed headfirst into a shelf full of open
paint cans is a good way to nullify any chances that I might even 
consider posting the edit here.

2. Submit the colors as RGB values for each color, starting from the
second color from the top in the leftmost column (since the first 
color is unused for all characters), going down the column, and 
continuing into the topmost color of the second column from the 
left, and going down from there. If there are any unused color
slots in between, mark them with "(empty)". Once all colors have 
been submitted, make up a fitting name (or a description of it) for 
it and mail it to me to the e-mail address at the top of the 
document. Finally, make sure you specify what character the edit is 

If the rules don't make any sense to you, see the example below:

Name of the edit

00 00 00
23 12 02
06 31 11
00 00 00
23 12 02
06 31 11
00 00 00
23 12 02
06 31 11
00 00 00
23 12 02
06 31 11
00 00 00
23 12 02
00 00 00
23 12 02
06 31 11
00 00 00
23 12 02
06 31 11
00 00 00
23 12 02
06 31 11

Got it? Good!

8.1 Sol Badguy
By me:

Cloud from Final Fantasy 7: dark blue pants, dark brown vest, yellow

02 02 09
03 03 11
10 05 00
12 06 01
22 14 05
30 19 06
31 25 17
02 02 09
03 03 11
04 04 13
28 28 00
30 30 00
13 13 13
15 15 15
18 18 18

By Kailieann Raia:

Sol with a grey outfit. Nothing special, but it suits him.

04 04 04
09 09 09
10 10 10
16 16 16
21 13 04
29 18 05
31 25 17
12 12 12
15 15 15
19 19 19
11 06 00
18 13 08
11 11 11
22 22 22
30 30 30

8.2 Ky Kiske
By me:

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7: black outfit, silver hair

20 12 07
31 19 12
31 27 17
07 07 07
08 08 08
09 09 09
10 10 10
11 11 11
26 26 26
30 30 30
04 04 05
03 03 03
04 04 04
05 05 05
29 31 31

Dante from Devil May Cry: red/black outfit, silver hair

20 12 07
31 19 12
31 27 17
20 03 03
21 04 04
22 05 05
05 05 05
06 06 06
26 26 26
30 30 30
03 03 03
22 22 22
24 24 24
26 26 26
29 31 31

By Kailieann Raia:

Ky with black hair and a purple-on-green outfit

20 12 07
31 19 12
31 27 17
15 07 15
21 14 21
27 21 27
04 12 00
06 19 03
06 06 06
15 15 15
04 04 05
04 12 00
06 19 03
13 14 18
29 31 31

8.3 May
By Kailieann Raia:

May with pink hair and a blue outfit

22 11 04
26 18 09
31 28 23
02 02 19
06 06 27
10 10 31
02 03 02
10 10 10
14 14 16
23 10 14
28 19 21
31 27 27
10 10 10
21 21 21
31 31 31
08 09 13
12 13 21
17 18 28
08 04 03
23 21 24
30 29 30
8.4 Millia Rage
By Kailieann Raia:

Dark-skinned Millia wih silver hair and a blue outfit

10 05 00
18 10 00
23 15 00
05 12 15
07 14 21
10 17 24
07 06 07
10 09 10
12 11 12
11 10 11
09 08 09
10 08 08
15 13 13
20 18 18
25 23 23
31 29 29
28 26 26
25 23 23
22 20 20
19 17 17

By: Joe Maubach
Medusa Rage: Yes, everyone's favorite Inhuman is now in Guilty Gear! 

25 15 10 
31 20 16 
31 28 16 
19 15 20 
23 21 23 
31 00 31 
01 01 01 
04 03 04 
07 06 07 
05 07 10 
19 16 24 
22 13 02 
25 00 00 
27 00 00 
31 00 00 
31 00 00 
31 06 00 
31 11 00 
27 00 01 
24 00 02 

8.5 Zato-1 
By me:

Dante from Devil May Cry: red outfit, silver hair, dark blue shadow

17 09 02
24 16 14
31 27 23
14 03 03
17 04 04
20 05 05
23 06 06
26 26 26
30 30 30
19 01 01
28 09 09
01 01 10
02 02 12
03 03 14
31 00 00

By Kailieann Raia:

Zato with a blue outfit and a red shadow (based on Venom and Carnage 
from Spider-Man)

17 09 02
24 16 14
31 27 23
02 04 08
02 04 12
02 06 14
06 03 00
10 05 02
14 06 02
27 00 27
20 00 20
06 00 00
14 00 00
10 00 00
00 20 00

By Joe Maubach:

Wabufet-one: I don't know how to spell it, but that stupid big blue 
Pokémon with the little black tail thing. It's Zato kinda... 

10 11 16 
18 19 23 
26 27 31 
03 05 10 
03 10 17 
10 19 27 
09 14 20 
21 23 26 
31 31 31 
19 01 01 
28 09 09 
00 00 00 
03 03 04 
05 05 06 
31 00 00 

8.6 Potemkin
By me:

Barret from Final Fantasy 7: dark skin, dark brown gloves and boots,
dark green pants

02 02 02
12 06 03
14 07 03
16 08 04
15 10 00
17 11 00
19 12 00
00 13 00
00 15 00
03 03 03
05 05 05
12 11 00
14 12 00
05 05 05
25 25 25

By Kailieann Raia:

Potemkin's Daredevil palette

31 13 02
31 22 05
31 26 00
31 31 31
31 17 02
31 25 02
31 31 08
31 22 05
31 31 31
25 08 00
27 11 00
31 22 05
31 14 00
31 31 09
30 30 30

By Joe Maubach:

The Incredible Hulk: Yes, Potemkin is Hulk in disguise! 
Purple pants and everything! 

02 04 02 
00 16 02 
08 24 08 
01 29 06 
00 20 00 
00 25 06 
06 20 00 
24 07 24 
22 01 22 
10 00 06 
16 00 12 
10 00 06 
16 14 12 
24 24 08 
30 30 30 

8.7 Chipp Zanuff
By Kailieann Raia:

Chipp with light-brown hair and a blue outfit

17 10 05
25 16 09
30 26 20
06 06 11
10 10 15
14 14 19
03 02 07
03 02 12
03 02 17
19 06 02
22 09 02
14 02 02
25 04 04
06 06 06
09 09 09

8.8 Faust
By me:

70s Fashion Sense Faust

15 09 04
23 14 09
29 22 14
07 01 01
09 02 02
11 03 03
13 04 04
22 11 00
24 12 00
26 13 00
15 00 00
20 00 00
25 00 00
20 20 00
15 07 00
05 15 05
07 18 07
09 21 09
00 00 31
10 00 10
15 00 15
20 00 20
24 24 24
28 28 28
00 27 27
00 31 31
24 24 00
27 27 00
29 29 00

By Kailieann Raia:

Faust with a black outfit and a gold scalpel

15 09 04
23 14 09
29 22 14
02 01 02
04 03 04
05 04 05
07 06 07
04 04 06
06 06 08
08 08 10
05 04 05
24 22 07
30 28 16
17 19 19
24 26 26
09 04 00
11 06 00
13 08 00
31 31 00
09 10 11
20 21 22
27 28 29
20 01 00
31 01 00
00 14 06
00 24 06
19 19 17
21 22 21
25 24 24

8.9 Baiken
By Kailieann Raia:

Baiken with purple hair, a black kimono, and an emerald katana

26 13 05
27 19 13
28 24 18
03 03 03
08 08 08
11 11 11
15 15 15
21 21 21
25 25 31
11 00 11
19 02 19
14 10 02
24 20 10
10 04 00
00 20 00

8.10 Jam Kuradoberi
By Kailieann Raia:

Blueberry Jam
Jam with blue hair and a blue outfit

20 11 05
26 16 10
31 27 19
00 04 12
03 06 19
07 09 26
12 13 20
12 12 22
22 22 26
08 11 31
10 07 30
01 00 01
08 06 06
01 05 12
09 01 26
11 05 26
14 09 27
17 13 28
20 17 29
23 21 30
31 31 24

Strawberry Jam
Jam with red hair and a red outfit

20 11 05
26 16 10
31 27 19
17 04 00
24 06 03
31 09 07
25 13 12
27 12 12
31 22 22
25 05 09
30 07 10
01 00 01
06 06 08
12 05 01
26 01 09
26 05 11
27 09 14
28 13 17
29 17 20
30 21 23
31 31 24

Jam with black hair and a green-on-purple outfit

20 16 04
26 20 10
31 31 19
04 12 00
06 19 03
09 26 07
13 20 12
21 14 21
27 21 27
04 04 04
07 07 07
07 99 97
17 06 17
12 05 01
14 10 26
18 13 21
22 16 24
27 19 23
31 22 26
31 25 27
31 31 24

8.11 Johnny
By Kailieann Raia:

Dark-skinned Johnny with a faded blue outfit and a crimson sword

11 06 00
15 08 01
18 11 04
01 01 08
05 05 12
10 10 17
02 00 02
04 03 04
08 07 08
12 11 12
16 15 16
05 03 05
08 07 08
21 00 05

8.12 Axl Low
By Kailieann Raia:

Axl in a purple outfit with gold Kusarigama 

17 11 04
24 16 07
31 25 17
19 04 14
27 07 22
06 00 06
10 03 10
12 04 12
05 02 00
11 06 00
18 13 08
09 09 02
13 13 03
21 21 07
31 31 16

By Joe Maubach:

German Axl: He's not a Brit, he holds his allegience to the 

00 05 04 
24 16 07 
31 28 17 
11 06 01 
31 31 03 
15 12 00 
27 01 00 
31 04 04 
00 00 00 
00 00 00 
31 31 22 
02 02 02 
12 12 12 
20 20 20 
00 00 00 

8.13 Anji Mito
By Kailieann Raia:

Anji with a brown outfit and a black and white fan

20 16 04
26 20 10
31 21 14
31 27 20
08 04 02
12 05 02
16 09 04
23 23 23
31 31 31
02 00 02
08 06 08
24 22 24
30 28 30
26 02 26
31 31 31
19 00 00
28 00 04
31 07 12
25 25 25
00 07 21
04 11 24
04 14 31
09 15 31
14 19 31
17 07 17
23 11 23
23 15 23
23 18 23
25 21 25
27 24 27

8.14 Venom
By Kailieann Raia:

Venom with white hair, black (and I do mean black) skin, and a red 
and blue outfit

04 02 04
08 07 08
00 00 05
00 00 10
00 00 15
14 00 00
24 02 00
20 13 20
23 18 23
26 23 26
29 28 29
13 06 00
18 11 02
21 15 05
26 18 07

8.15 Testament
By Kailieann Raia:

Dark-skinned Testament with purple hair and a purple outfit

10 05 00
16 09 00
20 11 00
09 00 05
15 00 07
12 00 03
04 04 10
09 09 17
03 06 06
26 25 26
30 31 27
10 09 10
13 14 15
02 00 02
06 05 05

By Joe Maubach:

Gundam Deathscythe: Nearly all black/grey with a bright green scythe. 

10 10 11 
05 05 06 
08 08 09 
01 01 02 
02 02 03 
12 19 12 
18 19 20 
18 18 18 
10 06 00 
25 00 00 
28 17 00 
00 31 00 
00 25 00 
10 28 07 
15 31 16 
8.16 Dizzy
By Kailieann Raia:

Dizzy with black hair and a blue and white outfit

19 11 06
24 18 11
31 27 21
18 18 18
27 27 27
00 00 08
00 00 20
10 06 10
15 12 15
19 00 00
31 00 26
00 31 31
30 30 31
04 02 04
08 06 08
00 23 23
00 28 28
27 27 27
06 05 06
10 08 10
15 14 15
08 08 08
15 15 15
22 22 22
05 02 12
10 04 25
03 03 03
06 06 06
09 09 09
14 03 09

Red Dizzy
Dizzy with blonde hair and a red and black outfit (based on some 
random fan-art)

19 11 06
24 18 11
31 27 21
05 05 05
08 08 08
16 00 00
24 00 00
31 24 13
30 26 19
31 18 19
31 27 27
25 25 25
30 30 30
20 20 20
15 15 15
23 23 23
26 26 26
29 29 29
13 13 13
16 16 16
19 19 19
04 04 08
08 08 15
11 11 22
12 00 02
18 02 03
09 09 09
13 13 13
17 17 17
15 00 02

9. Bugs

Like quite many other games, Guilty Gear X has it's share of bugs as
well. Thankfully, none of them are game-breaking.

9.1 Mode switch bug

This can only be done in Training Mode, and it's pretty simple to do.
Just perform a Destroy Move, and when it connects, pause the game
and switch it to Tag. Once the opponent is KOed, you'll notice 2 

1.Instead of "Destroyed" sign popping up, the game displays the same
thing as it does with any other KO. 

2.Once the opponent is KOed, the second character comes in. Depending 
on the character you used, you may or may not get stuck either in the
last frame of your Destroy Move or your victory pose.
If you do get stuck in a Destroy Move pose, a hit from the opponent 
will get you out of it, but if you get stuck in your winpose, all
the attacks go through you and you've no choice but to reset the 
battle by pressing Select.

9.2 Iron Saber madness

Millia's Iron Saber (QCB+P) is quite a buggy move indeed. Performing
it during certain circumstances may yield some weird results:

1.Stand next to a cornered opponent, run towards them and perform it.
You'll hop back, but Millia aborts the move before she lands.

2.Stand in the corner with the opponent next to you. Same as above.

3.Stand half a character lenght away from the cornered opponent and
use the powered up version. Millia aborts the move after 1 hit.

All in all, if you intend to use this move, make sure you don't end
up in any of the abovementioned situations or you might be sorry.

10. Credits

-Me, for writing this thing

-???? for informing me that Roman Canceling in Original Mode powers 
up certain moves

-???? for mentioning the mode switch bug

-???? for telling me about an easy way to gain levels in Survival 

-Mark Green, for most GG Mode new move names, as well as additional
info on several moves.

-y3kman, for informing me what each of Baiken's guard reversal 
overdrives do.

-Kailieann Raia, for her color edits, and telling what Jam's Destroy 
Move kanji says. Also for reminding me that Extra Jam's Ashibarai is a 
standalone move. 

-Jeff McDonald, for info on Daredevil order and partial confirmation 
on how to unlock Original Mode.

-tianyuan2k1, for informing me on Extra Venom's new move.

-J. Chia, for the order of the Daredevils I hadn't yet covered, as
well as telling me about Anji's Extra Shin Nishiki.

-Maestro, for informing me that the KO sign DOES indeed say "Dash".

-Joe Maubach, for more color edits

11. Revision history

1.0 Initial release
1.1 Some new color edits, fixed a few typos. Most likely the last 
update before this game is released in the US/Europe.
1.2 Found out what Baiken's guard reversal overdrives do. Some minor 
1.3 A bunch of new color edits, thanks to Kailieann Raia.
1.301 Apparently not only male gamers use this guide, which is only a 
good thing. Changed some contributor info.
1.4 Some random additions, including a few new moves.
1.5 Got the rest of the Daredevils covered, and removed the remark 
about what the KO sign reads.
1.6 More color edits.