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         "Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits" FAQ version 1.0 (04/09/2004)
            Copyright Kevin Butler 2004 (kevinb@technologist.com)
          Copyright Martin Dale-Hench 2004 (hockeyfox@ameritech.net)
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          G R E A T E S T   A R C A D E   H I T S   V O L U M E   1

                 Defender...Joust...Robotron 2084...Sinistar


I. Introductions/Overview
   -Fox's Introduction
   -War Doc's Introduction

II. The Games

   1.0 Defender
       1.1 Controls
       1.2 Playing Field
       1.3 Scoring
       1.4 Game Basics/Tips

   2.0 Joust
       2.1 Controls
       2.2 Playing Field
       2.3 Scoring
       2.4 Wave Setup
       2.5 Game Basics/Tips

   3.0 Robotron 2084
       3.1 Controls
       3.2 Playing Field
       3.3 Scoring
       3.4 Wave Setup
       3.5 Game Basics/Tips

   4.0 Sinistar
       4.1 Controls
       4.2 Playing Field
       4.3 Scoring
       4.4 Game Basics
       4.5 Tips

III. History/Disclaimer/Thanks

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1. Find the number. For example, if I want to go to the Controls section of
   Defender, I would look for it in the ToC and get the number: 1.1

2. Press Ctrl + F

3. Insert the number. For example, I would punch in '1.1' in the blank.

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                          I. Introductions/Overview

Fox's Introduction
I asked War Doc if I could use his reliable information from his Arcade FAQs
in this FAQ for Game Boy Advance. He gladly accepted so here it is! I oversaw
the entire creation of this FAQ's format, but War Doc did provide me with info
for THREE FAQs. So.. Thanks a million quarters, Kevin!

Williams was a company that existed for a large period of time. They created a
plethora of quality, and I mean QUALITY, arcade games. Years later, Williams
has out-lived itself and drove into the brink of oblivion. However, its
legacy still lives. Midway took the rights of the most heralded games of
Williams' time and put together a collection. Think like a 70s junkie when
he was a teenager with this collection! Relish and relive the memories!

War Doc's Introduction
As an individual who got to play the original arcade games of the 70's and
80's, I found that although many games tended to have the same theme.  There
were a few companies that were willing to look "outside the box":  Williams
was one of those companies.  This collection features some of their best
games they put out.  Some of them went on to make Williams a major force
in the arcade business while others became sleeper and cult hits.  I hope
that you enjoy playing these games on their resurgence as much as I enjoyed
playing them when they originally came out.  I also feel very privileged
to be co-authoring this guide with an author who does an excellent job on
all the FAQ's he has written.

Contacting Us
If you have any comments about this FAQ, you can ask either one of us or...
both. If you have any questions about a specific game, ask the guy who wrote
it. Kevin (War Doc) did Defender, Joust, and Robotron 2084. I (Fox) wrote the
other one (Sinistar). I know, I know. I'm in the minority, heh. Anyway, the
e-mails are on the top of the FAQ.

                                 II. The Games

1.0 DEFENDER (written by War Doc)

Defender is a two-dimensional, shooter style game.  You have at your fingers
the most advanced fighter in the arsenal.  With its array of weapons and the
ability to maneuver quickly, this fighter is ideal for dealing with the enemy
threats.  In addition, you can respond quickly to any threats by quickly
reversing your motion and taking the quickest route to deal with said threat.
You also can fly continuously in one direction or the other to make yourself a
harder target to hit.  Be warned, though, that if you lose all ten humans, the
planet will explode and you will be out in space against some pretty
aggressive enemy units.  This is definitely a game of only the fittest
survive. To think, you volunteered for this duty.

1.1 Controls
D-Pad       : Move Ship
A Button    : Fire
B Button    : Smart Bomb
R Trigger   : Hyperspace
Select      : Quit Menu
Start       : Pause

1.2 Playing Field

Defender involves battling either on the planet or in space if you lose all the
humans.  The screen itself is a never-ending world since it "wrap-around" so
there are no edges.  You only see what is within your limited view but you can
see everything else via your radar.  I have included an example of what the
playing screen looks like:

    |  \___ FIGHTERS|           |  --   |                |              |
    |  \___ LEFT |- |           YOUR VIEW                |              |
    |            |- |\      /\     /\_/\   /\_         _/|              |
    |   250      |- | \/\__/  \/\_/     \_/   \/\/\___/  |              |
    |            |                                                      |
    |           SMART BOMBS                                             |
    |                 LEFT                                              |
    |           /\_____                                                 |
    |           +-----/                                                 |
    |                                                                   |
    |                            +--+                         +--+      |
    |                           /    \                       /    \     |
    |                          /      \                     /      \    |
    |                         /        \                   /        \   |
    |                        /          \                 /          \  |
    |                       /            \_______________/            \ |
    |                      /                                           \|
    |                     /                                             |
    |                    /                                              |
    |                   /                                               |
    |__________________/                                                |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |

You control your fighter through this screen.

1.3 Scoring

Scoring in this game is relatively simple.

Lander :   150 points
Mutant :   150 points
Bomber :   250 points
Pod    :  1000 points
Baiter :   200 points
Swarmer:   150 points

500 points for saving a human from a Lander.

Bonus at the end of each wave of Humans Left X 100.

You get a bonus ship and smart bomb every 10,000 points.

1.4 Game Basics/Tips

You start the game in the middle of the screen.  You can look at your radar to
see where the various enemies are.  Get to learn the sounds of the game because
they are an important clue as to what is going on out of your viewing range.

-  First of all, learn how to use the buttons with proficiency.  You don't want
   to be hunting around for the smart bomb or thrust button when you are in the
   middle of a firefight.  Practice is what will make you proficient.

-  Learn to use your radar screen and after a while you will only look at the
   viewable area briefly to take care of business.  Each enemy has a unique
   color on the radar so you should be able to easily identify what they are.
   In addition, you will also learn how each enemy moves around.  This will
   definitely become a great benefit in the later waves.

-  As I've already mentioned, listen to the sounds of the game.  When you hear
   a high-pitched chatter, that means a Lander has picked up a human in order
   to create a mutant.  Use your radar and look for the green shape going
   straight up; that's the lander.  Try to get over there as quickly as
   possible.  Just shoot the Lander, not the human it has taken.  When you hear
   what sound like something being put together, that means a Lander has become
   a Mutant.

-  Once you shoot the Lander, your job isn't over yet.  If the height is too
   great, the human will fall and die on impact.  Fortunately, your fighter is
   equipped for such emergencies.  All you have to do is fly over the human and
   your fighter will pick them up.  Anytime you scrape against the ground, you
   will set the human down.  Some players continuously ride around with a human
   like this to prevent the planet from exploding.

-  The planet will only explode when all ten humans are dead.  They you will
   have to go through five waves of nothing but mutants and the other regular
   enemies until you are back to a planet again.  Mutants are very dangerous to
   deal with because they not only tend to swarm, they also fire a lot of shots
   toward your fighter.  Of course, real good players just shoot all the humans
   so they can have the challenge of going through these "mutant" waves.

-  If you take too long on a wave, a saucer shaped enemy called a Briter will
   appear.  The Briter is much quicker then your fighter and it has the
   tendency to fire pretty accurate shots.  Try to clear waves as fast as

-  Use your smart bombs only when your viewing area is crowded with enemies.  A
   lot of players like to get all the Pods into their viewing screen then touch
   off the smart bomb.  A quick way to get a few thousand points.  Another use
   is to break open the pods so that Swarmers are all over then touch off the
   smart bomb.  Again, more points.

-  Speaking of Swarmers, they can outrun your fighter.  One of the tactics to
   "throw" them off is to reverse quickly a couple of times.  This disorients
   briefly and may even give you a chance to pick off a few of them.

-  Use hyperspace only when you are in a totally desperate situation (like
   getting swarmed by Mutants or Swarmers).  More times then not, the hyper-
   space will put you somewhere else but destroy your fighter in the process.

-  Watch out for the bombers.  Although they travel slowly, they have a bad
   habit of leaving strings of bombs.  If you are not paying attention, you may
   become another statistic if you attempt to fly through them.

-  You can fly through and under the terrain.  Use this to your advantage when
   maneuvering around.

-  Since you "wrap-around" the screen, this gives you a little more maneuvering
   room.  However, keep looking at your radar because the enemy that disappears
   off the left side will show up on the right side.  Also, shots do not wrap
   around the edge.

-  Since you get a free fighter and smart bomb at 10,000 points, that should be
   your constant goal.  As the waves get higher, though, things move a lot
   faster making even getting 10,000 points a challenge.

jjt_defender@yahoo.com states:

-  The most free fighters you can have is 255 displayed and smart bombs are at
   254.  If you roll over these two value, you will end up with only the
   fighter you are using and no smart bombs in the inventory.

-  The highest score you can have is 999,999.  After that, it will roll over to
   0 again.  You don't get any more ships or smartbombs after one million
   points until you get to a certain WAVE depending on the gamming setup.  You
   will then you start getting fighters and smart bombs again.

2.0 JOUST (written by War Doc)

2.1 Controls
Left (D-Pad): Turn Left
Right(D-Pad): Turn Right
A Button    : Flap Wings
Select      : Quit Menu
Start       : Pause

2.2 Playing Field

The playing field consists of your man and ostrich and a whole lot of buzzards
with their riders.  In addition to the enemy riders, you will also have to deal
with prehistoric birds and trolls.  I have included an example of what the
playing field look like (a little larger then normal):

    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |----------                     ENTRY POINT               ----------|
    |-- 4 --                           V                         -- 6 --|
    |                       -------+-----+------                        |
    |                          ------ 5 ----                            |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                 /      --+---+-   |
    |--+-----+----                          ENEMY->( )/      \__ 3 _/---|
    |     2     /                                                   ----|
    |----------+                                                        |
    |                          ------------------                       |
    |                            ------ 1 -----                         |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                          LAVA     |
    |                    |                                     TROLL    |
    |                    +( )<-YOUR OSTRICH                      |      |
    |                     / \                                    V      |
    |             --------------+-------+------------------     |||     |
    |               ---+   SCORE|MEN LEFT              +--     ||||/    |
    |                   \                             /         \ /     |
    |--------------------|                           |------------------|
    |                   /                             \                 |
    |                  /                               \                |

    NOTE:  I have put the numbers for the above platforms.  These numbers do
           not appear in the game.

You control the ostrich and rider to avoid the enemy riders, pterodactyl, and
the lava troll.

2.3 Scoring

Scoring in this game is pretty easy.  You basically get points for everything
(even for dying).

Knocking an enemy off their buzzard                    :   500 points
Bounder (Red Enemy)                                    :   500 points
Hunter (Silver/Gray Enemy)                             :   750 points
Shadow Lord (Blue Enemy)                               :  1500 points
Getting killed                                         :    50 points
Pterodactyl                                            :  1000 points
Not getting killed during a Survival Wave              :  3000 points
(Two player only) Not knocking each other off his mount:  3000 points

Eggs:  A progression that goes 250, 500, 750, and 1000 points for the next egg
       and every egg thereafter.  The progression starts again if you get
       killed or you go to the next wave.

You start with three ostriches and get a free one every 20,000 points.

2.4 Wave Setup

The waves (or levels) in Joust are set up in somewhat definite pattern.  There
are certain waves that specific events occur.  I will list these events along
with the first 20 waves.  Use the game screen to refer to platforms I am
talking about.


As the name implies, you must not get knocked off your ostrich during these
waves.  If you succeed, you will get the points.  These occur every 4-6 waves.

***EGG WAVE***

Instead of enemy riders, you are presented with 12 eggs distributed among the
different platforms.  The eggs will hatch after a time to give you enemy riders
to deal with.  These occur every fifth wave.


In addition to the enemy riders, you will have to deal with a pesky pterodactyl
or pterodactyls.  There are specific ways you can eliminate them.  This is
discussed in Chapter 7.  Occurs every 4-6 waves.  You start with one and it
progressively moves up to four.

***FIRST 20 WAVES***

 1.  Beginning wave, good for training.
 2.  Survival Wave.
 3.  Regular Wave, bridge burns out.
 4.  Hunters appear.  Lava Troll appears.
 5.  Egg Wave.
 6.  Platform five disappears.
 7.  Platforms four and six disappear.  Survival Wave.
 8.  Pterodactyl Wave (One Pterodactyl).
 9.  Platform one disappears.
10.  Egg Wave, all platforms restored.
11.  Survival Wave, platform 1 disappears.
12.  Pterodactyl Wave.  Platforms four, five, and six disappear.
13.  Regular Wave.
14.  Regular Wave.
15.  Egg Wave, all platforms restored.
16.  Shadow Lords appear.
17.  Survival Wave.
18.  Pterodactyl Wave (two Pterodactyls).
19.  Regular Wave.
20.  Egg Wave.

-  The above progression occurs roughly along the line although the platforms
   don't follow a pattern as to when they disappear.  The things that change
   are the enemies get faster and more Pterodactyls appear.  After wave 22,
   it's all Shadow Lords.

-  These progressions will continue until you hit wave 255.  After that, the
   waves roll back over to wave 1 and you start the cycle again.

2.5 Game Basics/Tips

When you start the game, your man will be at the entry point at the bottom of
the playing field.  From the other entry points, enemy riders will appear.  It
will then be up to you to successfully defeat them.

-  Learning to flap your ostrich's wings is the most vital aspect of this game.
   How fast or slow you flap the wings determines speed and maneuverability.
   Once you get good, you will be able to glide around and only flap for either
   altitude or to hit an enemy rider.

-  The name of the game is height.  Whoever is the higher rider during a joust
   is the winner.  If you and an enemy collide on the same level, the impact
   will knock you both backwards a little and turn you both around.  This can
   prove to be dangerous if more then one enemy is coming for you since the
   first one turns you around and the second knocks you off your mount.

-  You need to pay particular attention to the screen setup on each wave.
   Different platforms may collapse forcing you to readjust your strategy
   accordingly.  Using the 20 wave example from Chapter 6.4, I will give you
   some basic strategies.

   -  During the non-pterodactyl waves and platform one is intact, your best
      bet is to hang out under the right side of platform one.  The enemy
      riders have to drop to get to you.  Just a quick press of the flap button
      should give you altitude over them and the easy kill.

   -  If you lose platform one, the next best place is platform five.  This
      forces the enemy riders to rise up to you.  If you hover over the left or
      right edge, you can drop on enemy riders trying to rise up from the areas
      of platforms two and three.  Of course, if any make it to your level,
      just sit on that entry point.  When an enemy rider gets near, rapidly
      climb and move over toward the enemy to knock them off their mount.

   -  When you only have platforms two and three, you will use a modified
      strategy from the one above.  You will hover around the area that plat-
      form five was at.  This forces the enemy riders to rise up to you, there-
      by exposing themselves to you dropping down on them.

   -  If any of the above have Shadow Lords in them, you will have to be pre-
      pared to move around quickly since Shadow Lords are very fast and they
      tend to bounce off the top of the game screen.

-  There are a couple of ways to kill off the pterodactyl during the
   pterodactyl waves:

   -  First of all, you must be facing the pterodactyl in order to kill it.

   -  If platform one still exists, then just wait for the pterodactyl and be
      ready for it to choke itself on your lance.  If there are multiple
      pterodactyls, they usually come from opposite sides so the first one
      will have you turned around to meet the second one.

   -  If platform one is gone, they use platform two to do your prehistoric
      hunting.  If there are multiple pterodactyls, then you will have to move
      around until the second and subsequent pterodactyls are coming at your
      rider head on while you sit atop platform two.

   -  If you are real good (and I mean real good), you can kill the
      pterodactyls off in the air.  You just have to make sure that your lance
      is evenly aligned with the pterodactyls mouth.

   -  Pterodactyls also show up if you take too long on a wave.  These can't be
      killed using the platform method.  The only way is either in the air or
      to lose a man.

   -  Some players take out all the enemy riders but one.  Then they lead this
      rider toward the lave so the Lava Troll can grab them.  The player then
      sits and hunts pterodactyls.  This is a long process that is definitely
      loaded with peril.

   -  If you get killed before killing the pterodactyl, it is very hard to get
      in position to kill the pterodactyl since it does involve a sort of
      rhythm.  Also keep in mind that the enemy riders will still be trying to
      dismount you as you are hunting.

-  The Lava Troll hazard isn't too major unless you fly too close to the
   surface of the lava.  If you do happen to get grabbed, flap rapidly to
   escape.  It is also easy to hit enemies immobilized by the troll.

-  After you hit an enemy rider, they become an egg.  After a few seconds, the
   egg will hatch to the next hardest enemy rider.  For example, a Bounder be-
   comes a Hunter; a Hunter becomes a Shadow Lord.  After that, it will always
   be a Shadow Lord.  Some players leave one egg and then hover over it.  When
   the enemy buzzard comes to pick up the rider, you knock him off the saddle
   again and collect the points.  Again, the pterodactyl will show up soon to
   end this fun.

-  Make sure you don't knock too many enemy riders off at once or there will be
   eggs scattered all over the place.  This makes it hard to keep the enemy
   population down to a dull roar.

-  Whenever your rider gets killed, he will appear at the entrance point all
   shimmery.  If you let the sequence go, it will take up to five seconds for
   your rider to appear.  During that time, he is immune to all attacks.  Your
   rider will enter at the point there is the least amount of enemies.  This is
   usually the very bottom platform.  Keep in mind, the enemies also enter at
   these points.

-  The game does reach a point where there are so many enemy riders running
   around, they are constantly bumping into one another.  This, in effect,
   creates a wall which is very difficult and hazardous to navigate through.
   This means you have to split up the enemy

-  If you die during a wave, try quickly to get your bearings so that you can
   get in position to continue depleting the enemy forces.

-  The above tips are as valid for the two-player game as they are for the one-
   player game.  In the two-player game, though, you and the other player can
   cover each other to make it more difficult for the enemy to knock you off
   your mounts.

3.0 ROBOTRON 2084 (written by War Doc)

Robotron 2084 is a two-dimensional shooter.  You control your man to wreak as
much havoc on the robots as possible.  Of course, the robots are trying equally
as hard to make it so you won't have a nice day.  Survival of the fittest is
the motto of this game.

3.1 Controls
D-Pad       : Move Your Robot
A Button    : Fire
B Button    : Lock Position
Select      : Quit Menu
Start       : Pause

3.2 Playing Field

The playing field consists of your man and a whole lot of robots to deal with.
In addition, you have human families that you also need to rescue from the
robot menace.  I have included an example of what the playing field look like
(a little larger then normal):

    |                                                                   |
    |              _                                                    |
    |             [_]                                                   |
    |             _|_                                                   |
    |            |   |                                                  |
    |            |___|                                                  |
    |             | |                                _                  |
    |                                              |   |                |
    |                                                -                  |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |             _[]_                _                                 |
    |            |    |              (_)                                |
    |            |    |               |-                                |
    |            |    |              / \                                |
    |            |____|                                                 |
    |            \oooo/                                                 |
    |             ----                         /-\                      |
    |                                         |   |                     |
    |                                          \-/                      |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |

You control the man to avoid robots and their bullets.

3.3 Scoring

Scoring in this game is actually a little harder.  The reason it is harder is
that there are a lot of things that will earn you points.  Plus, there are a
lot of different enemies on the screen.  Here it the breakdown using this

  Missile Type:


         Score:  100 points
  Missile Type:  NONE
Characteristic:  These are the red robots.  Although they don't fire, they
                 overwhelm your man by sheer numbers.


         Score:  N/A
  Missile Type:  NONE
Characteristic:  The are the big green robots.  They are indestructible and
                 there main purpose is to kill the humans.


         Score:  500 points
  Missile Type:  "Snake-like" homing missile worth 25 points
Characteristic:  These are the robots that are blue and have really large
                 heads.  They "re-program" the humans into evil Progs who home
                 in on your character.  The Progs are worth 100 points.


         Score:  1000 points
  Missile Type:  NONE
Characteristic:  These are the red circles that travel around the game screen.
                 They are the transports for the Enforcer robots.


         Score:  150 points
  Missile Type:  A semi-guided mine that looks like a six-point star worth 25
Characteristic:  These are the blue, "Robby the Robot" looking robots.  They
                 tend to congregate in the corners of the game field.


         Score:  1000 points
  Missile Type:  NONE
Characteristic:  The white boxes with an "X" in the middle that travel around
                 the game screen.  They are the transports for the Tanks.


         Score:  200 points
  Missile Type:  Bouncing bomb worth 25 points
Characteristic:  These are the red robots that have tracked wheels underneath
                 them hence making them look like tanks.


You get 1000 for the first human rescued. Then it will progress at 2000, 3000,
4000, then 5000 for every human rescued after that.  This will last the entire
wave or until you get killed.  If you get killed or go to a new wave, then the
progression starts at 1000 again.

You start the game with 3 men and receive and additional man for every 25,000
points you get.

3.4 Wave Setup

The waves (or levels) in Robotron 2084 are set up in a definite pattern.  Once
you understand that pattern, you will be better prepared to deal with the
enemies that the game throws at you.  Here is how the waves are set up.

-  The SPHEROIDS make their appearance on the 2nd wave and every wave thereafter.

-  Starting at the 5th wave and every 5 waves thereafter (i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20,
   etc.) is a BRAIN robot wave.  These are also the waves you can amass a large
   amount of points due to all the humans you have to rescue.

-  Starting at the 7th wave and every 5 waves thereafter (i.e. 7, 12, 17, 22,
   etc.) the TANKS will make their appearance.

-  Starting at the 9th wave and every 5 waves thereafter (i.e. 9, 14, 19, 24,
   etc.) you will have one of three alternating enemies to deal with.

   -  On the 9th wave and every 10 waves thereafter (i.e. 9, 19, 29, 39, etc.)
      you will have the "GRUNT" waves.  These waves put you right in the middle
      of a large number of GRUNT robots.  In addition, the lit side edges are
      removed to make the field look bigger.

   -  On the 14th wave and every 20 waves thereafter (i.e. 14, 34, 54, etc.)
      you will have the HULK waves.  These waves put you right in the middle of
      a large number of HULK robots.

   -  On the 24th wave and every 20 waves thereafter (i.e. 24, 44, 64, etc.)
      you will have a combination TANK/ENFORCER wave.  These waves have you in
      the middle of large numbers of SPHEROIDS and QUARKS before they deposit
      their ENFORCER and TANK robots.

-  On wave 28 and each wave thereafter, you will get a combination of SPHEROIDS
   and QUARKS depositing their ENFORCER and TANK robots.  Before this, it was
   only the SPEROIDS depositing their ENFORCER robots to make your life

-  These progressions will continue until you hit wave 255.  After that, the
   waves roll back over to wave 1 and you start the cycle again.

3.5 Game Basics/Tips

When you start the game, your man will be in the middle of the playing field
surrounded by various robots.  Depending on the wave that you are on will
determine exactly what robots are ready to terminate your existence.  The game
is straight-forward, take out all the robots (except HULKS) to advance to the
next wave.

-  It is vital for your survival that you learn how to "scoot and shoot".  If
   you don't learn how operate the controls independently and run in one
   direction while shooting in other directions, you won't survive very long in
   this game.

-  Equally important to "scoot and shoot" is your ability to be able to fire on
   the diagonal.  It's easy firing up, down, left, and right, but it takes a
   little more mastery to fire in the diagonal directions.

-  Learn the different things the enemy robots do.  For example, the SPEROIDS
   have a tendency to congregate in the corners.  This works to your advantage
   since you can blast about 3 or 4 before they discharge their supply of
   ENFORCER robots.

-  Your main objective is to blast a path through the robots and get to the
   edge of the screen.  It doesn't matter what edge, just get to one.  The
   reason is painfully simple:  It give the robots one less direction to
   assault you from, plus, you can lead them around in circles blasting them
   and also cleaning out the corners from the abovementioned ENFORCERS.

-  The only times where you won't want to seek the sides is during the BRAIN
   and TANK robot waves.  The BRAINS fire a homing shot at your man so you need
   as much room to maneuver as possible so going against the wall would
   restrict that movement.  The same goes for the TANK robots which fire bounce
   shots.  They may miss you initially but you might get hit by the shot as it
   bounces up.  You are safer in the middle area where you have room to
   maneuver.  Just watch out for other enemies (which will be very low in

-  Try to rescue the humans as long as it doesn't put your man in danger of
   dying.  You can rack up some major points on the BRAIN waves since they are
   loaded with humans for the BRAIN robots to "re-program".  Again, make sure
   you have an avenue of escape.  Doesn't make sense to save a human, get the
   extra man, then die.  You, in essence, gained nothing from that level.  You
   can also shoot the HULK robots to push them away from humans also.  On the
   BRAIN waves, make sure you pick off the BRAIN robots as soon as possible.
   This prevents them from reprogramming the humans and leaves you more people
   to get major points with.

-  Since you don't have a limit on your shots, you can put up a "wall" of
   energy in whatever direction you move.  This can have a very devastating
   effect if applied right.

-  Make sure you take a quick look at the wave to assess where the main threats
   are.  You will have from 1 to 2 seconds to get ready for action.  If you can
   survive the initial few seconds as you blast your way toward the edge, your
   chances of survival will be that much greater.  Also be sure to remember
   what each wave has in store for you, this also will give you a greater
   chance of getting through the wave.

-  If you get tired, you can take a break.  That's right, wait for a TANK wave.
   Eliminate all of the robots except for one.  After firing a few shots, the
   TANK robot will run out.  After that, it's just a matter of avoiding the
   TANK and any other pesky robots.

-  ENFORCERS, like their SPHEROID transports, tend to congregate in corners.
   Use this to your advantage.  Every now and then one or two will zip very
   fast across the field. Their main threat, though, is volume of fire.  When
   you are on the edges, watch out since their shots tend to roll toward your

-  See all those pretty shapes on the playing field?  They are there as a
   nuisance.  They will kill your man if he hits them.  They can, however, be
   shot out of the way but yield no points.

Andrew Schultz shares his thoughts and tips on getting the most out of your
Robotron 2084 experience.  I am grateful for his input since he is also an "old
school" gamer like myself.

-  I found electrodes are useful as bunkers. They are the lowest priorities to
   shoot right away especially as more and more grunts appear. I like to save
   my shots to fire diagonally into the corner to pick off the SPHEROIDS.
   Getting rid of those guys are good except when I'm in a brain wave and would
   rather kill all the brains and leave just one ENFORCER.

-  On the GRUNT wave, I found a good strategy was to run at a particularly
   vulnerable area and retreat and keep firing. In theory, you might, say, run
   up and then fire up/left, up and up/right. In this case I think the top
   edges are a bit better to get to than the sides, just because they're
   closer. After that I usually cycle around the edges for this board.

-  Grunts don't quite go straight for you. They kind of zigzag back and forth,
   and that can often cause you to miss something you thought you shot at. Also
   as the level goes on they get a bit faster until they're as fast as you. If
   you have some spare people still to pick up this can be a problem and one of
   those ENFORCERS is better to have around last than a grunt.

-  The edge isn't always a good place to go or stay, if there are ENFORCERS
   you'll need to leave it a while.

-  Because you only get three(or is it four?) shots, you will want to make sure
   that you use them as rapidly as possible. You should be shooting constantly,
   but try to run at enemies that are obvious targets and shoot them while you
   spray bullets. A corollary here--you won't want to fire too often in any one
   direction as once you've cleared a path that way your shots will go through
   and take longer to hit the edge.

-  Electrodes can be very nasty to shoot. If you go to the edge and fire at one
   that's near the edge you're on, you can miss it and still be at risk of
   being killed by it.

-  I disagree with you about getting killed on a brain wave being a wash. Say
   you pick up 12 humans. That's 50000 points. And say you have 8 people to
   pick up and one grunt left, but it's running fast. Get killed. You'll be
   able to get the 8 people with your next life for 30000 points.  The one
   thing getting killed does is reset the bonus for humans, and that can be
   nasty since you can lose up to 10000 points.

-  People also need to develop an immediate impulse about where to attack and
   where to cut through to get to the side. There's very little time for this
   but once you learn it it's part of the excitement. On the downside getting
   killed doesn't always leave you with something easier to restart with.

Thank you Andrew for these tips.

4.0 SINISTAR (written by Fox)

4.1 Controls
D-Pad       : Move Ship
A Button    : Fire
B Button    : Bomb
Select      : Quit Menu
Start       : Pause

4.2 Playing Field

    |# OF BOMBS             \\\|             |///                       |
    |            SCORE      \\\|             |///                       |
    |BONUS AT XXXX          \\\|     MAP     |///                       |
    |     LIVES             \\\|             |///                       |
    |                        \\|             |//                        |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                            GAME SCREEN                            |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                /\                                 |
    |                               /\/\                                |
    |                            YOUR  SHIP                             |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |                                                                   |

4.3 Scoring
Planetoids      : 5 Points
Workers         : 150 Points
Crystals        : 200 Points
Warriors        : 500 Points
Sinistar Pieces : 500 Points
Sinistar        : 15000 Points

4.4 Game Basics
Objective of the Game - Your heroic mission is to destroy the Sinistar before
                        it can do too much. You have to collect rare Materials
                        stored within the Planetoids to create bombs that will
                        blow the michevious Sinistar away. However, there are
                        Workers and Warriors that will try to avert this

Controlling Your Ship - Really simple. You just use the D-Pad to move (WOW!)
                        and use A to fire. Pick up enough Materials and you
                        can use bombs (B button). The world in Sinistar is
                        spherical so there is no borders... if you go one way,
                        you will eventually return to the same position,
                        though you probably won't notice it.

Materials - Like I said, the Materials are hidden within the Planetoids
            (floating boulders). Shoot them with your standard fire and one or
            two will pop way, shimmering. Fly into it to collect it. You
            should stock up about 15~20 bombs before facing Sinistar. A
            Material yields a bomb, which I adamantly believe.

Enemies - WORKERS, the red 'miners', will scully around, amongst themselves,
          and attempt to bump into you. Will they kill your ship? Nah.
          Instead, they will STEAL your bombs! As long you keep moving and
          firing, you shouldn't have any trouble with them.

          WARRIORS, the flying tanks, are drones that fire a single missile
          at a time. They are the only ones that may destroy your ship other
          than Sinistar. Handle them at once.

Sinistar - Sinistar are constantly on the 'revive' mode, if you know what I
           mean. His Workers are always repairing him into the behemoth as
           you see him. At the start of the level, he has zero pieces on him.
           His workers, as you search among the Planetoids for the bombs, are
           building him up from zero to 20. There are 13 'sections', so you
           have to use 13 bombs to destroy him. To those who are wondering,
           7 pieces makes a face, which is one section. When his construction
           is complete, he will head directly for you. He can be seen as the
           large yellow dot on the map if he's nearby.

Waves - There are 4 waves in all and they repeat. They are:
        WORKER ZONE: Higher population of the workers swarm here.
        WARRIOR ZONE: Higher population of the warriors swarm here.
        PLANETOID ZONE: More Planetoids!
        VOID ZONE: Planetoid are rare here, easily making this the hardest

4.5 Tips
-Concentrate on collecting the Materials instead of the heavily-populated
 Workers. Except if there's a Warrior nearby, then you should take care of it

-Do not fire continously against the plantetoids... Destroying them only gives
 you 5 points and it won't break loose any Materials. Instead, tap the fire
 button to release scarce fire so the planetoid won't break open. That way,
 you will get more Materials out from a Planetoid.

-Don't let any of the Workers stick to you. Bumping them out will work, you
 won't lose any bombs that way.

-Listen to this when you're playing as a clue: "BEWARE, I LIVE!". This
 signals as the completion of Sinistar's production. Therefore, he will
 begin heading for you. Collect the final Materials and get ready!

-You should have at least 13 bombs in all, because that's how many bombs
 a Sinistar needs to be 'felled'.

-The bombs will home itself to Sinistar so there is no need for 'aiming'.
 However, if a bomb hits something else (Worker/Warrior/Planetoid), it
 will fail its objective. A message saying "Sinibomb Intercepted" will be
 on the top left corner, just below your lives and score. To prevent this
 from happening, release bombs when the Sinistar is in the playing screen.

-DO NOT try to out-run Sinistar! It is absolutely useless, because he is
 way more faster than you are. Instead, use your agility to out-manuever him.
 Go around him in large ovals and drop off bombs as you pass him.

-If you successfully completed a Zone, you will appear in the next Zone with
 Sinistar resting in just 2 screen widths north of you. You could use this as
 an advantage and destory him before his Workers revives him completely.

-If you run out of bombs, Sinistar will retreat and re-build as you collect
 more bombs.

-Keep moving! Good luck, my friend!

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