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*The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris*
*Walkthrough/FAQ                   *
*By Phoenix66                      *
*PHOENIX66@HOTMAIL.COM             *
*Version 1.0                       *
*Copyright May, 2002               *

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I hope this guide will help you with this game.  It's not a hard game 
and I'm sure you can figure it out without looking at this, but I know 
the feeling you get when sometimes, you just can't figure it out, and 
then go looking for a faq at this site and find that there isn't one 
for this game.  So I hope I can be of some assistance.  I am a 
beginning FAQ writer so please bear with me.  I hope to be writing more 
in the future and, therefore, become better at this.
(Note: I've yet to see the movie so I really have no clue what's going 
on other that what was stated in the game, literally.  I didn't read 
the manual either.  I hate reading manuals unless I really have to like 
for fighting games.  I am ASSUMING that this is taking place after the 

One day, Cassandra arrives at a pyramid, after being told Mathayus 
wants to meet her there.  She automatically begins to sense great evil 
in there.  She then hears a cry for help.  It sounds like Mathayus 
pleading with her to come to his aid.  Not sure what is going on, 
Cassandra quickly goes through pyramid, only to find that it is not 
Mathayus but a man named Menthu who has tricked her.  Wondering where 
her husband is, she battles with Menthu but is easily overpowered.  
Menthu explains that this was all part of a plot to lure her here so 
they could kidnap her.  He then introduces Isis, a mysterious woman, 
with strange markings all over her body.  Isis explains that they need 
Cassandra to interpret the markings so that they can find the opening 
to the Dunes of Natash where the Scorpion's Stone lies and achieve 
total power.

Later, Mathayus arrives at the pyramid and hears Cassandra cry for help.  
He rushes to her but finds that no one is there.  Puzzled, Mathayus 
then hears Cassandra inside his head.  She informs him of what has 
happened.  Ready to come save her, she stops him, saying that brute 
strength will not allow him to prevail over this new enemy.  If he is 
to defeat Menthu, he must find the Sword of Osiris.  Mathayus worries 
about the Scorpion's Stone and Cassandra informs him that underneath 
him is something that will help.  It is the Hero's Gauntlet but six of 
the markings are missing.  In order to destroy the Scorpion's Stone, he 
must find the six runes for the gauntlet.  Now, with the Hero's 
Gauntlet in hand, and his wife to save, Mathayus sets out on his quest.

"The Scorpion King: Sword of Osiris" is a basic 2D platform game.  
Think Super Mario Brothers and the like.  You jump, run, climb, and 
fight your way through 7 stages, generally with 3 sections and a boss 
battle at the end.

The basic controls are as follows:
D-pad Left        Move left
D-pad Right       Move right
D-pad Up          Climb up
D-pad Down        Duck, Climb Down
A-Button          Jump
B-Button          Attack
L-Button          Switch weapons
R-Button          Hold down to walk (I have no clue why this exists.)
Start Button      Pause/Start game
Select Button     N/A

The advanced controls are as follows:
     Yeah, I know this really isn't that advanced but it does take
     more than 2 buttons, kinda so I'm putting it here.  Just hold           
Down-Right or Down-Left on the D-pad to crawl in the                    
corresponding direction.
Wall Jump:
     Jump towards a wall, then press the A-Button and the direction of       
the wall to jump off it.  Used to gain access to areas that cannot      
be reached by a regular jump.
Ceiling Grab:
     Along certain ceilings, there will be odd looking blocks in a row       
that do not match the architecture.  Jump up to those blocks and        
hold Up + A.  The character will automatically play grab onto the       
blocks.  Then use the D-pad to move across the row.
Sword Stab:
     Works with Broad Sword only.  While in mid-jump, hold Down on the       
D-pad.  The sword will be pointed downwards and it will hit any         
enemy underneath it.  You will also hop a little like a pogo            
stick.  This is a great way to take out scarabs and spiders, and        
was how I beat the final boss.
Charged Weapon (Mathayus only):
     Hold down 'B' to charge the weapon.  After a second, the character      
will begin to rotate the current weapon.  It creates a shield of        
sorts around the character.  Weak enemies that come in contact          
will automatically be killed.  Strong ones will be hit and              
depending on the enemy, will either back off or continue to come        
at you.  You cannot move during the charge, unless the wind is          
blowing you.  If you are hit during the charge, the charge will         
stop and it will take another second to initiate.  To end charge,       
let go of 'B' or you can do a....
Weapon Toss/Charge (Mathayus only):
     After charging the weapon, hitting a direction on the D-pad will        
allow you to do one of the two, which depends upon the weapon.          
These attacks are stronger than regular ones from each weapon.
            *Broad Sword:
                  This will allow you to do the weapon charge.  Hitting                   
left or right on the D-pad will force Mathayus                          
towards that direction with his sword extended in                       
front of him.  He only goes 2-3 steps though and then                   
stops.  Hitting up on the D-pad will make Mathayus                      
stab upwards with his sword.  Kinda useful in getting                   
enemies above you.
            *Double Swords:
                  This will allow you to do the weapon toss.  Hitting                     
any direction on the D-pad will allow you to toss the                   
weapons in that direction.  I prefer this move over                     
the Broad Sword because this allows you to attack                       
from a distance where you are safer.  Plus this can                     
be counted as a double-hit attack at times since the                    
weapons will come back to you like a boomerang.  So                     
enemies will get hit once after you throw them and                      
once on the way back.  This one has good distance,                      
generally going to the edge of the screen.

The differences between the weapons are:
     Broad Sword:
          *PROS--This weapon is the stronger of the two so that one                
stroke will equal two of the other.  If you're in a close               
battle, you will probably want to use this one to get rid of            
the enemies quicker.
          *CONS--It's range is rather limited and is the slower of the             
two.  It only delivers a horizontal slash with no real                  
vertical range whatsoever.  In order to attack things above             
you, you need to either jump and attack or do the weapon                
charge.  Kind of a hassle if you ask me.
     Double Swords:
          *PROS--More range with this one and is quicker.  Holding down            
the 'A' button for that extra nanosecond will force Mathayus            
to perform a second slash.  The first one is a swooping                 
downward motion, and the second is a horizontal slash.  The             
first swing is great for taking out those enemies that are              
just above you, out of the reach for the Broad Sword.                   
Charging it will also give you more range than the Charged              
Broad Sword.
          *CONS--This weapon is weaker.  Generally, it will take double            
the amount of hits from this weapon that it would for the               
Broad Sword.  So the two slashes by this weapon will only               
each one slash of the Broad Sword.
          I prefer to use the Double Swords whenever possible.  But it            
really comes down to each situation, and personal preference.           
Both are adequate in any situation but I think Double Swords            
makes life a bit easier.

There are 4 different Items you can get through the game:
Gold Scorpion:
     These are the same as coins or stars from other games.  Collect         
100 to get an extra life.
Pot Roast:
     These are found inside yellow orbs.  They will replenish 100% of        
your health (8 points).
Chicken Leg:
     These are found inside blue orbs.  They will replenish 50% of your      
health (4 points).
Fire Gems:
     These will double your attack power.  You get them from defeating      
enemies.  The max number you can get at any time depends on how      
many knuckle slots you've gotten on the Hero's Gauntlet.

Hero's Gauntlet:
After beating the first stage, you will automatically receive the 
Hero's Gauntlet.  From that point on, it will appear in the top right 
corner of the screen as a fist.  Then, after you beat each stage, 
regardless of whether or not you've gotten the rune, you will be 
rewarded with one knuckle slot, for a total of four in the end.  As you 
get more slots on the gauntlet, the more Fire Gems you can store.  The 
power that is given to you depends on the number of gems you have.

     1 Gem:   Weapon will be on fire.
     2 Gems:  Same as 1 Gem ability + a fireball circling you.
     3 Gems:  Weapon will be on fire and can shoot one fireball with                  
each attack.
     4 Gems:  Same as 3-Gem ability + 2-Gem ability.

When you obtain a gem, your attack power doubles.  Regardless of how 
many gems you have, your power will only double once.  Every time you 
get hit, you will lose 1 gem.

Scorpion Shrines:
Through the course of the game, you may find a strange altar with a 
large scorpion on it and blue fire on both sides.  These are the 
Scorpion Shrines and you have to go through them to get the runes.  To 
access a shrine, stand in the center of it and jump.  You will land on, 
the platform will slowly sink and you will be teleported to a treasure 
room.  These places offer tons of scorpions to collect and are great 
places to build lives.

Most of the stages have no enemies.  However, it is not exactly a piece 
of cake either.  Most of the time, you're going to have to cross spike 
pits or fight the water currents, avoid buzzsaws and run through areas 
where pillars try to ram you into spikes on the ceiling.  Eventually 
you will reach the end of the treasure room and find another shrine.  
Again, jump on the center fo the altar and you will receive the rune, 
as well as be teleported back the stage you were on, right where you 
left it.

Stage 1
No shrine

Stage 2
Shrine in Stage 2-2, after the second Boomerang thrower.  Jump across 
the large gap with 3 scorpions in the middle.

Stage 3
Shrine in Stage 3-2.  Go till you hit the first zombie.  Go up as far 
as you can with the wall jump and go across to the right.

Stage 4
Shrine in Stage 4-3.  After you beat the part with the floating heads, 
you'll find the top of a buzzsaw string.  Jump down the gap and hug the 
wall to your left.  You'll land on a small ledge.  The entrance is 
underneath you to the left.

Stage 5
Shrine in stage 5-3.  Right before the end, you will find a 6-armed 
statue on a platform right above the shrine.  Using the sword stab, go 
along it till you find the hole.  It's towards the left end.

Stage 6
Shrine in stage 6-2.  As you're going through the second half of the 
stage (the climbing part), you will eventually come across the shrine 
to your right.  But you can't get to it there.  Continue your way up 
and till you see a line of breakable blocks blocking a second route.  
Break the blocks and follow the way around.

Stage 7
Shrine in Stage 7-2.  You will come across 3 pillars in the ground 
separated by one space each.  The left one will rise and the other 2 
will fall.  Go down the center hole and crawl to the right.  You will 
fall down another hole right onto the shrine.


All the bosses in this game, as far as I'm concerned, are really easy 
to beat, with the exception of the very last one.  They all have a 
predictable pattern and I beat many of them without even trying.  Most 
of the time, all you need to do is just get in there and fight.  The 
weapon of choice for all of them except the last one is the Double 
Swords.  If otherwise, I will explicitly state it.  You cannot touch 
any of the bosses.  Otherwise, you will be damaged.  Now if you're 
really having problems, here are some tips....

Stage 1: Menthu

This really isn't much of a boss fight.  You only "fight" him when 
you're playing first as Cassandra, and as far as I know, there is no 
way to beat him.  Just hurry up and die to progress the story and game.  
You won't lose a life or anything or even hurt him.  Like I said, just 
hurry up and die.

Stage 2: Two Giant Anubis Statues

Your first boss fight.  While this may look kind of intimidating, it 
really isn't.  There will be two statues on two platforms on either 
side of the screen.  Each statue will be wielding a spear, which isn't 
even used most of the time.  The first decision, you need to do is to 
pick which one you want to get rid of first.  It doesn't matter which 
you choose so just pick one.  While you're fighting one, the other one 
will just stay on its platform and wait till you beat its partner or 
wait till you get near so don't worry about it.  Concentrate on one, 
then move on to the next one.

What makes this fight even easier is the fact that the statues will 
always try to stay on their platforms.  They may fall off from time to 
time but will get back on as quick as possible so don't worry about 
them roaming all over the place.  From time to time, they will use 
their spears.  They have 2 attacks.  They will always Twirl and Stab if 
you're near, and the other is a lunge when you're far away.  Most of 
the time the lunge won't matter.  As for the Twirl, just avoid it.  
They are invulnerable during the Twirl so that gives you a chance to 
get away.

So, finally, how do I beat them?  Using the Double Swords, pick one and 
literally start beating the crap out of it.  Either get underneath it 
and keep slashing, or get onto the platform and charge the weapon.  It 
will keep spinning and keep hurting the statue.  Before long, it will 
be dead and you will have taken, if any, just 2-3 hits.  And now for an 
really simple finish, attack the next one.  No, don't go in there and 
brawl like you did with the first one.  There's a very simple way and 
guaranteed pain free way.  Standing on the open platform, perform the 
Weapon Toss at the second statue.  All of its attacks will not hit you 
and you will always hit it.  Several tosses later, it's dead and you've 
beaten the first real boss of the game.

Stage 3: Giant Scarab

After grabbing the roast, you'll be at full health when you begin this 
battle.  You don't need to be but it's a nice assurance.  A giant blue 
scarab will start off in the center of the screen, then immediately fly 
off it.  After a few seconds, it will come down at you, rotate 180 
degrees and then take off again and repeat the process.  Like many boss 
battles, this is just a matter of timing.  To avoid getting hit, 
constantly be running back and forth along the screen.  Once you figure 
out the timing, you'll know exactly when it's going to come down on you 
and will be able to move out of the way.  Even if you don't, you 
shouldn't have any problems.  Again, using the Double Swords, after it 
comes down, get as close to it as you can without getting hit, and 
charge the weapon.  The Double Swords will give you that extra range 
and allow you to hit it freely.  Just keep repeating this process.  It 
won't take you long.

Stage 4: Floating Head

At first, it seems like there is no way to get by this boss.  Not only 
does the boss seems invincible, but the stage is working against you as 
well.  Ignoring the latter will help you a lot.  Instead of trying to 
fight the stage, work with it.

When you first start, you will be on the left, the boss will be on the 
right, and there will be BOTH rain and water current. (Why not just add 
in a hole in the middle! Geez!)  At first you think the two would 
cancel each other out but no luck.  But upon further inspection, you 
realize there is no wind at all.  The designers decided to fake you out!  
PSYCH!  So all you have to worry about is the water, and that is even 
true.  At the beginning, just go to the right side of the screen and 
keep the boss at the left.  This way you don't have to worry about 
fighting the current.  Just focus on the boss.  You will get hit during 
this time so hopefully you will have a couple of energy points or at 
least another life.  After reaching the right side look towards the 
left and charge up the weapon for a weapon toss.  When it's ready, just 
throw it at the head and don't stop doing so.

Before damaging the head, you have to get rid of all the protective 
orbs around it.  They only reproduce 3 times, I believe.  By throwing 
the Double Swords, you will more than likely take out half of them on 
each toss.  Eventually, there will only be one red orb left with a 
skull in the center of it.  Don't worry about aiming, just continue to 
toss at the general direction of the head.  I'm not sure if you can 
destroy this one.  It just disappears after a while each time I fight 

You're almost done when the large head becomes a skull.  In fact, 
you're fight is really over.  Just continue to charge the weapon and 
stand still.  The skull will just continue to try and run into you but 
each time will be hit the spinning swords.  After a few times, it will 

Stage 5: Rotating Pillars

This one looks easy but is just a BIT tricky.  There are 5 pillars 
total, each with one or two red bricks for a total of 7 red bricks in 
all.  Each red brick will rotate around and show its head, one by one.  
After a moment, it will then fire an energy blast to your general area.  
Be patient here since it's going to take a bit longer than other boss 
battles so far.  When one of the stones turns around, run up to it, 
slash at it, and get as far away as you can from it.  Then just avoid 
the energy blast.  Repeat until done.  This is where having the double 
swords comes in handy.  There are two at the top where, if it was the 
Broad Sword, you would have to jump and hit.  It's kind of hard to get 
it just right.  With the Double Swords, you just stand underneath it 
and do a regular slash.  The overhead one will hit automatically and 
save you the problem of trying a jump attack.

Stage 6: Flying Mummy

This one is too easy to be placed here.  At the beginning, you will see 
a mummy ascend to the sky.  Then it will make 3-4 passes at you, either 
at eye level or at waste level.  Then it will slowly descend to the 
center of the floor and sit there for a minute.  Then it will slowly 
rise back up, and repeat the process till it's dead.

This one is as easy as it sounds.  During the passes, he can't be hit 
so just avoid.  Stand in the center of the screen.  Duck under the eye 
level ones and jump over the low ones.  Then when he starts to descend 
towards the center of the screen, position yourself just so that you're 
out of his reach.  Charge the weapon and it will just stay there while 
you hit it for several seconds.  Repeat till it's dead.  It's that 

Stage 7: Menthu.....(and maybe Isis)

The reason I say "maybe Isis" is that it depends on if you've collected 
all the runes.  In either case you fight Menthu first and this time 
it's for real.

Menthu has 3 attacks.  First, he will stand in the center of the room, 
squat down, and send out an energy blast on both sides of him four 
times.  They will trail along the floor and climb the wall.  Don't stay 
close to the wall and jump over them as they corss the floor.  Second, 
he will charge up a powerful beam and shoot at you from the floor.  
There is no way to duck this so the only way to beat it is time it and 
either do a wall jump or jump behind him.  Finally, he will rise up 
into the air, disappear then reappear in a new location, and release a 
large ball of energy at you.  It's slow moving and rather easy to avoid.  
Most of the time he will do the first attack though.  He cannot be hit 
during any of these attacks.  Otherwise, he just walks back and forth.

To beat him, use the Broad Sword/Sword of Osiris and just stay with him.  
Keep attack him with the sword, jumping over him when he comes towards 
you and avoiding his attacks.  It's not really that hard.

After you beat him, you see a scene.  Now depending on if you've 
collected all the runes or not will determine how the scene plays out.  
If you haven't...

A dying Menthu asks Isis to quickly use the Scorpion's Stone to heal 
him.  She says that he has been foolish all this time, that the stone 
was destined to be hers.  Menthu dies and Isis flees with the 
Scorpion's Stone.  Mathayus goes checks on Cassandra.  Wondering what 
to do next, Cassandra says that there will be another day and another 
time to fight Isis.  Mathayus vowes that he will be ready for that day.  
The screen fades and the credits begin.

If you have collected ALL 6 runes...

A dying Menthu asks Isis to quickly use the Scorpion's Stone to heal 
him.  She says that he has been foolish all this time, that the stone 
was destined to be hers.  Menthu perishes as Isis tries to use the 
power of the stone.  But something goes wrong and she begins to 
transform.  The final battle begins....

Final Boss: Scorpion Isis

Gee, you couldn't see this coming?  Isis has now transformed into a 
giant monster, half-scorpion, half-Isis.  She takes up at least half 
the screen and has 3 attacks.  First, she holds out her hand, creating 
a large energy ball and sends it towards you.  This one moves faster 
than Menthu's so it's harder to avoid.  Second, she sends out 3 smaller 
energy blasts in the form of a tri-shot, meaning the shots fan out.  
They come out all at the same time from her tail.  This attack is 
rather fast so be ready to dodge when you see it coming.  The final 
attack is probably the least effective.  From time to time, she will 
try to ram you.  Now unless you're all the way at the left of the 
screen, she will connect.  She uses the moves equally so be ready to 
avoid all three at any time.

If that wasn't enough, it gets harder for two reasons.  First, 
following the storyline, you only have the Sword of Osiris to work with, 
with all its limited vertical range glory.  Second, the ONLY weakness 
is from her chest up.  Sounds kinda difficult?  It is.  Also, you don't 
get to recharge after the fight with Menthu, so hopefully didn't get 
hit that badly or have extra lives.  You're going to need them.

So how in the world are you supposed to even hit her?  You can't throw 
the sword and regular jumps don't go high enough.  But you have a wall 
on the left....Hmmm.....Yup, you guessed it.  TO HIT HER WEAK AREA, YOU 
HAVE TO WALL JUMP AND ATTACK.  This is another timing battle.  You have 
to time it so that when she starts to come towards you, you will 
already be leaping off the wall and attacking her.  Be careful, because 
some times you will go behind her and land on her back which is 
automatic 1 damage point.  How many times do you have to do this?  Not 
many.  Only 10!

Don't think you're luck will hold that long between avoiding her 
attacks and landing on her?  Neither did I?  So I found an easier way 
to beat her but a bit harder at the same time.  It uses the same 
strategy, but instead of using the regular attack, after leaping off 
the wall, use the Sword Stab technique.  Your horizontal range is 
nearly zero now but with any luck, you'll still make contact.  Not only 
that, but you will also bounce off slightly and hit her again.  However, 
this move almost guarantees taking damage after landing on her back but 
2 hits to 1 sounds like a good trade-off to me.

So ok, you hit her 10 times.  It's all over, right?  Nope.  She takes 
on one more form.  Basically, the scorpion half of her disappears and 
now she just floats around.  This part scared the crap out of me for a 
second for the first time.  I had one unit left and had no clue how to 
fight this second form, not to mention I started wondering how much 
more there was to this battle.  Unfortunately, she hit me first and I 
died and had to repeat the first battle with her all over again.  Then 
I was kicking myself after finding out how easy it was.

Easy?  Yeah, this second and final form is really a piece of cake.  
Remember the Floating Head Boss of Level 4?  Remember how after you 
beat all the orbs, the skull would just run right into your spinning 
blades?  Isis does the same thing here.  Right after you beat her first 
form, she becomes desparate and starts running into you.  Stand your 
ground, charge your weapon and let her come.  After a few hits, she 
will burn up and die.  You've now beaten the game.

The ending now is basically the same as before, except that now you've 
destroyed the Scorpion's Stone and those who would try to use it for 
their own selfish reasons.  Mathayus vowes to continue to defeat evil, 
and Cassandra vowes to always fight by his side.  The screen fades and 
the credits start to roll.


Many of you are probably wondering why I put this so far at the end of 
this FAQ.  Well, whenever I look at FAQs, part of me always feels bad 
for "cheating" in a way.  I hate not being able to figure out games on 
my own.  So by putting this here, I'm hoping to give everyone the 
chance to not look at this section unless they REALLY REALLY want to.


1.  I have no clue who the man is with the purple background on the         
password screen.  So I just refer to that one as 'purple'.  If          
anyone knows his name, please notify me.  Thanks.
2.  Some of the stages have a "With" or "W/O" next to the password.         
The "With" corresponds to getting all the runes up to that point.       
The "W/O" corresponds to not getting a single rune up to that           

Stage 1:
Menthu, Isis, Cassandra, Menthu

Stage 2
With: Isis, Purple, Isis, Menthu
W/O:  Menthu, Purple, Menthu, Isis

Stage 3
With: Mathayus, Menthu, Purple, Rock
W/O:  Purple, Isis, Mathayus, Isis

Stage 4
With: Purple, Cassandra, Isis, Cassandra
W/O:  Purple, Isis, Mathayus, Purple

Stage 5
With: Mathayus, Cassandra, Isis, Purple
W/O:  Purple, Cassandra, Menthu Purple

Stage 6
With: Mathayus, Isis, Cassandra, Rock

Play as Cassandra with all Runes collected:
Mathayus, Purple, Isis, Mathayus


This is a work in progress.  I plan on making at least a second version 
of this once I get more time, which will include more detailed 
information.  But I figure this will help many of you out for the time 
being.  Most of the names that I've used for enemies and such are, for 
the most part, created by me.  I have no idea what they are really 
called and just gave them names that would help identify them.  If any 
of you have any corrections or better hints and tips, I will be happy 
to put then and give you credit for it.