Hacking Guide by Soren Kanzaki

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Medabots AX Hacking Guide v.0.7
Released on July 2, 2002
by Soren Kanzaki (soren_kanzaki@yahoo.com)

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Overview
Section 2: Version History
Section 3: Medabot Memory Basics
Section 4: Medal Block
Section 5: Parts Block
Section 6: Battle Block
Section 7: Credits
Section 8: Copyright / Authorization
Section 9: Miscellaneous

Section 1: Overview

    Medabots.  While sometimes the anime reminds me of Crayon Shin-chan 
(*shiver*), Medabots AX is a pretty well done game that balances action, 
collection, and RPG elements.  (Which seem to be the popular choices 
nowadays.)  You take on the role of the protagonist of the series, Ikki, in 
his attempt to win the Medabot tournament and generally prove that he is a 
good Medafighter.

    Based on your predilection for shooting or slashing, you can start off as 
either Metabee (gun-happy players) or Rokusho (sharp implement wielders).  
And of course, to encourage people to buy both and fight their friends, the 
only way to get all 12 medals and 120 Medabot parts is through linking.

    Well, or knowing how the game stores information in memory ...

Section 2: Version History

    0.7 (7/02/02): First draft.  

Section 3: Medabot Memory Basics

    A disclaimer before we begin (as borrowed from my other hacking guides):

    If you use any of these cheats, I'm not responsible for any 'weird' 
things happening to your game or your save data.  You use these cheats at 
your own risk (to your game, your system, your enjoyment of Medabots AX).  

    I made this document as a sort of educational glimpse into how the game 
was put together.  You can make the game easier.  You can make it harder.  
You can make it more fun.  You can make it a bore.  I think you get the 

    Secondly, this document is much more technical in nature than other 
things I have written.  I cannot guarantee it's 100% correct.  I cannot 
guarantee you'll understand it.  Hopefully, both of those conditions will 
hold true.

    Now, with the formalities over ...

    Thanks to programmers of Medabot AX, it is possible to write a single 
guide on how the memory is used for both Medabot AX: Metabee and Medabot AX: 
Rokusho.  (This is either good discipline on the part of the programmers, or 
laziness.  Possibly both?)  Both store critical game values in the same 

    Medabots stores information on the current experience/commands of each 
medal you currently possess, your global supply of Medabot parts (which 
includes those that have been equipped), and many other values in the memory.  
This game's approach is fairly straight-forward, so let's get into each 
section without further ado.

Section 4: Medal Block

    There are a total of 12 different medals in Medabots AX.  If you have 
Medabots AX: Metabee, you will start with the Kabuto and Mermaid medals.  If 
you purchased Medabots AX: Rokusho, you will start with the Kuwagata and 
Mermaid medals.  You obtain additional medals when you clear the Robattle 
Trial Areas, to a total of 8.

    Each 'medal' has 12 bytes of memory associated with it.  Let's look at 
the Kabuto medal (which comes first):

Byte 0  (203ec30): Current Level
Byte 1  (203ec31): Not Used (set to 0)
Byte 2  (203ec32): Points until next level, lo-byte (2-bytes)
Byte 3  (203ec33): Points until next level, hi-byte (2-bytes)
Byte 4  (203ec34): Strategy Panel 1
Byte 5  (203ec35): Strategy Panel 2
Byte 6  (203ec36): Strategy Panel 3
Byte 7  (203ec37): Strategy Panel 4
Byte 8  (203ec38): Strategy Panel 5
Byte 9  (203ec39): Not Used (set to 0)
Byte 10 (203ec3a): Not Used (set to 0)
Byte 11 (203ec3b): Not Used (set to 0)

    This is a neat, clean, and brutally inefficient memory block.  (A third 
of it is waste padding, as far as I can tell.)  Further medals start at the 
following addresses:

203ec30 - Kabuto
203ec3c - Kuwagata
203ec48 - Mermaid
203ec54 - ? (that's the name)
203ec60 - Spider
203ec6c - Bear
203ec78 - Monkey
203ec84 - Devil
203ec90 - Unicorn
203ec9c - Phoenix
203eca8 - Ghost
203ecb4 - Alien

    Simply add the byte number to the start address to arrive at the 'final' 
memory address.  (E.G., the Strategy Panel 5 for Ghost is located at 203eca8 
+ 8 or 203ecb0)

    If you plan on simply adding the medals you are missing at level 1, I 
recommend entering a value of 1, then adding the cheats.  Save via the 
normal, in game method (hit Select), then remove the cheats and restart your 
Gameboy Advance.  Use the Continue function, and you should have the new 
medals.  Do not exceed level 99 - it will remove the medal from your list.  
(For some reason, the default value for a medal not being present is 129.  Go 

Section 5: Parts Block 

    Some of the capitalization and spacing might be off on these names.  
However, you should get the drift.  As far as I know, the two empty slots are 
there merely for 'padding' - the memory addresses in this game are quite 
nicely laid out, in that they start at nice round memory addresses.

    There are 23 different 'male' Medabot layouts, and 7 different 'female' 
layouts.  You can switch between male and female Medabot layouts by hitting 
start, selecting the appropriate Medabot (Leader or Partner) and pressing the 
A Button.  Then, move to any parts slot OTHER than medal and hit the Select 
button.  You can use any combination of 'male' and 'female' Medabots that you 
desire.  While you are free to customize the set of parts you place on your 
Medabot, pressing the L or R buttons will cycle through the 'default' Medabot 

    If you're playing Medabots AX: Metabee, you'll start off with a complete 
set of Metabee parts (Missile, Revolver, Submachingun, Ochitsuka) as well as 
one other part of each type, randomly selected.  You'll also have 2 parts in 
each type for your Female partner.  (Thus, you could immediately change to 2 
male Medabots or 2 female Medabots, if you prefer.)  The Female parts don't 
always add up to a 'default' set.  I've never gotten any Heads other than 
Pretty Face and All Repair, and I usually have PateriVulcan and Short Shot.  
Your mileage may vary.

   If you're playing Medabots AX: Rokusho, instead, you'll have the Rokusho 
default parts (Antenna, Sword, Pipo Hammer, Tatacker), and the rest will be 
random as with the Metabee version.  You'll never get a chance to acquire any 
more Rokusho or Metabee parts (they're pretty good, but for the most part the 
parts in Medabots AX are balanced), so don't lose them!  You can, of course, 
trade them to someone if you wish - and this is the only normal way to get 
additional sets of these parts.

    In case you're wondering, you'll get a set of parts (Prominence, 
Ignition, Explode, and FireWorks) once you've beaten the Rubber Robo gang and 
reclaimed your prize for winning the tournament.  I haven't seen these parts 
used on any enemies you can encounter in Free Robattles, so this may be the 
only set you can get.

203ecc0 - Missile
203ecc4 - Antenna
203ecc8 - Variablehair (Female)
203eccc - Holy Helm (Female)
203ecd0 - Hunter
203ecd4 - Tension UP
203ecd8 - Deathbreak
203ecdc - Fracture
203ece0 - Guardian
203ece4 - Pretty Face (Female)
203ece8 - Hatchin
203ecec - Tyranolaser
203ecf0 - Spydertrap
203ecf4 - Cover-Up
203ecf8 - All Repair (Female)
203ecfc - Flip (Female)
203ed00 - Head Cannon
203ed04 - Missile Base
203ed08 - Sala-Head (Female)
203ed0c - Light Circuit (Female)
203ed10 - Helmet
203ed14 - Blast gun
203ed18 - New Wave
203ed1c - Power Driver
203ed20 - Grave Lane
203ed24 - Dogu
203ed28 - Clear Shield
203ed2c - Pan
203ed30 - Peck Strike
203ed34 - Prominence

203ed38 - None
203ed3c - None

Right Arm:
203ed40 - Revolver
203ed44 - Sword
203ed48 - PateriVulcan (Female)
203ed4c - Donor (Female)
203ed50 - Flexor sword
203ed54 - Shoot Barrel
203ed58 - Deathmissile
203ed5c - PastTouch
203ed60 - Canceller
203ed64 - Pride Viper (Female)
203ed68 - Catch
203ed6c - Megalaser
203ed70 - Cheapertrap
203ed74 - NinjaDagger
203ed78 - Cute Hand (Female)
203ed7c - Flap (Female)
203ed80 - Aim Rifle
203ed84 - Intermissile
203ed88 - Sala-Hand (Female)
203ed8c - Light Jab (Female)
203ed90 - Helmight
203ed94 - Fire Gun
203ed98 - Clinch Wave
203ed9c - PlusDriver
203eda0 - Judge Shield
203eda4 - Dohtack
203eda8 - Knightshield
203edac - Pun
203edb0 - Dondon Punch
203edb4 - Ignition

203edb8 - None
203edbc - None

Left Arm:
203edc0 - Submachingun
203edc4 - Pipo Hammer
203edc8 - Short Shot (Female)
203edcc - Translate (Female)
203edd0 - Straw Hammer
203edd4 - Range Shooter
203edd8 - DeathLaser
203eddc - Past Feel
203ede0 - Recovery
203ede4 - Desire Bison (Female)
203ede8 - Twist
203edec - Gigalaser
203edf0 - Cheaptrap
203edf4 - Ninja Blade
203edf8 - Repair Arm (Female)
203edfc - Flop (Female)
203ee00 - Battle Rifle
203ee04 - Guidemissile
203ee08 - Sala-Arm (Female)
203ee0c - LightBlow (Female)
203ee10 - Helming
203ee14 - Flame Gun
203ee18 - Nibble Wave
203ee1c - Minus Driver
203ee20 - Crime Stick
203ee24 - Dohtatack
203ee28 - Greatshield
203ee2c - Keen
203ee30 - Dopa Punch
203ee34 - Explode

203ee38 - None
203ee3c - None

203ee40 - Ochitsuka
203ee44 - Tatacker
203ee48 - Flaregather (Female)
203ee4c - Petticoat (Female)
203ee50 - Sharp Edge
203ee54 - Abductor
203ee58 - Deathcrawler
203ee5c - Umbilical
203ee60 - Ace Hooves
203ee64 - Queendresser (Female)
203ee68 - Swick
203ee6c - Rollertank
203ee70 - Multi-leg
203ee74 - Tiptoe
203ee78 - Purple Fin (Female)
203ee7c - Flavor (Female)
203ee80 - Howzer
203ee84 - Limptank
203ee88 - Sala-Tail (Female)
203ee8c - Quick Alert (Female)
203ee90 - Helchaos
203ee94 - Red Tail
203ee98 - Fishtail
203ee9c - Smacker
203eea0 - Protoauto
203eea4 - Dokan
203eea8 - Trojan Horse
203eeac - Squashbasher
203eeb0 - Wanafly
203eeb4 - FireWorks

203eeb8 - None
203eebc - None

Section 6: Battle Block

    The game, as can be expected, stores values for your current ability to 
utilize your Head part, Right Arm part, and Left Arm part.  These run from 0 
to 320, and are stored in 2-bytes as unsigned data.

    The Head readiness value is stored at 2010032; the Right Arm at 2010034; 
the Left at 2010036.  The number of uses of the Head part is stored at 
201003a as a 8-bit, unsigned value.  If you exceed the maximum number of uses 
as defined by the part, you will not be allowed to use the part at all; if 
you plan on fixing the value of this address, I highly recommend you use the 
value of 1.

    The current Medaforce level of your Medabot is stored as a 8-bit, 
unsigned value residing in memory address 20100b0.  The maximum value is, 
surprisingly, 51.

    The current HP (the game uses the term ARM) for your parts begins at 
2010012 (the head).  2010014 is the Right Arm, and as you may have guessed, 
2010016 is the Left Arm.  2010018 stores the armor of the legs.  However, as 
with most life-based memory, if an attack exceeds the maximum HP value of the 
part, it will be destroyed regardless of whether or not you've fixed the 

    For example, if you've fixed the current armor of your Medabot's legs at 
10, but the legs sustain an attack of 20, your leg part will be 'destroyed' 
for the current battle.  This is due to the underlying game logic (that is, 
the system check the current armor versus the damage; if the damage is 
greater than the current armor, the part is considered destroyed).  Also, if 
you fix the armor of a part, you won't see the 'recovery' of the part's 
current armor until you're hit again.  This is once again due to the game 
logic (the game doesn't redraw the color of the circle indicating your parts 
status unless you've been hit.  Why should it?)

Section 7: Credits

    There are several people without whose publicly available resources this 
document could have never been complied:

    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com), for being the comprehensive game information 

Section 8: Copyright / Authorization

This document is the sole property of soren_kanzaki@yahoo.com, and copyright 
2002.  Unauthorized reproduction, either in print, electronic, or other 
format is expressly prohibited without consent of the author.  Individuals 
may download this document from the following authorized websites:

GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

Individuals may only use this document for personal purposes and are 
expressly prohibited from transferring or reproducing this document in any 
format without consent of the author.  This document cannot be altered and 
then redistributed without consent of the author.  This document, 
reproductions thereof, or excerpts, cannot be sold for money.

Section 9: Miscellaneous

Nope, I didn't include the Appendix in this one.  Didn't feel as though it 
needed it.

I picked up this game, which turned out to be better than I probably first 
expected.  It's not the most entertaining game I've ever played, but people 
ought to give it a chance - it's not half bad.  Picking through the memory 
was a breeze, though.  I plain guessed on the 12-byte size for the medal 
block, and it turned out that I was right.  (I found two medals 48 bytes 
apart, which seemed excessive, but intervals of 16-bytes didn't work.  48 
over 4 is 12 ...)

Other folks are already working on the FAQ, so in all likelihood this is the 
only work I'll do for Medabots AX - I'm preparing for Harobots on the GBA, 
anyway, which if I can manage to play through it and understand enough of it, 
will be the next major work.