Review by Zer0

"Zero gets to be the Hero"

This is by far the most amazing after all the stuff I read about this game, the screen shots I saw, I had to buy this and when I got it it was more then I had hoped for. This game has a good solid challenge, Wonderful visuals, the best controls you can put on a GBA and a near perfect gameplay.

Graphics 10/10: This game has some of if not the best graphics for Game Boy Advanced. Beautifully rendered backgrounds, great character models, game stills, seeing guys getting cut in half, and it rains in the stages!!! Every aspect of this game graphics is top notch. Couldn't ask for better.

Sound 10/10: Wow this game has a great sound track. Though still nothing compared to Mega Man 2 this game sound track gives great mood to the game. Sounds like you're playing a RPG. The sound effects are the best on GBA. Basically everything has sound it will make you think you're playing a PS MegaMan game.

Story 9/10: The story is great, a big twist from the usual. Zero is awakened after 103 years of sleep into a world under the control of a group called Neo Arcadia whose leader is X!?!? Now Zero msut fight off the Reploid killing Neo Arcadia and discover the truth behind X. Wow it is really good for a Mega Man game. It gets better too. The reason this gets a 9 is because it is extremely good for a Mega Man game and is an overall good story.

Control 10/10: It is smooth as glass. This game has the best control layout of any game on GBA period. Never played a game soo smooth. Ohhh it is as good as I say, believe it. You will find it soo easy to use and not frustrating at all. God it's good.

Gameplay 10/10: Oh Yeah. This is also incredibly kick butt. Multiple weapons plus elemental damage. The controls add to make this game wonderful. Near absolute perfect level lay outs. Timed battle bosses and tough battles. Real tough sometimes. Really challenging and fun. Getting those Cyber Elves is really fun and challenging to.

Replay 8/10: At $40 you can't ask for a better game. Secret Elves to unlock try to get your score to all S that is a tough on. The challenge of this game and overall feel will have you coming back for more.

Overall (not an average)10: It just works soo well I had to give it a 10. My God! Buy this game if you are a MEgaMAn fan or not!!

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 06/03/02, Updated 06/03/02

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