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The first Castlevania is better than this.BeatboxMastah2/10
Like running a Castlevania themed marathonCombatWaitress10/10
If I was Dracula, I'd fire the guy who made the doors on my castle. It still closes the wrong way.Dark Gaia7/10
It looks like a dog but purrs like a kitten!DKamikaze7/10
White Night Concerto definite PLUS!drmchaser59/10
Worth playing, just not as memorableEEEECHUTA7/10
Its hard to say that Symphony Of The Night is betterEmperorCesar9/10
A Truly Portable Symphony of the Night? Eh...hurricanedarby7/10
Konami Strikes Again!Juste Belmont8/10
Great, but some minor flaws.Karibe8/10
Total HarmonyKarmasore9/10
Harmony of Dissonance Spells Out a Typical CastlevaniaLegaiaRules7/10
Truly a handheld legend reincarnatedLordAzgul10/10
Almost the complete opposite of CotM, both good and badmegabelmont7/10
The worst in the GBA seriesOfisil5/10
The title isn't the only thing that doesn't make sense...Sir Garland3/10
Spanks Circle of the MoonSPAMBOY9/10
Monotonous with a bit of Confusion thrown insrgeman5/10
Closest thing to SotN that you'll find. Oh, and it's portable, too.Synthetic Messiah10/10
The weakest of the 3 GBA CVanias due to it being easy, with much backtracking, terrible music and mediocre controls - still a good game thoughTheMadcapLaughs7/10
A great Castlevania game, but still outdoneTJackson9/10
80% Castlevania , 20% Circle of the Moon, 100% Buy NowUltimateRincewind8/10
Wow!!! I didn't think you could beat COTMUncleUlty10/10
After well over 10 titles, Castlevania goes on strong!XxDarktlrxX9/10

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