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How do I get the assassin and summoner job?

I need help getting the assassin and the summoner job...
Please tell me how to get them.

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FinalLegendZero answered:

A Viera can become ans Assassin when she has learned two Elementalist A-abilities and one Sniper A-ability, and they can become Summoners when they have two Elementalist A-abilities and two White Mage A-abilities. Elementalists require one Fencer A-ability and one White Mage A-ability, and Snipers require two Archer A-abilities.
To sum it up, you need the following number of A-abilities for the two jobs:

White Mage*1

White Mage*2
3 1


Placid01 answered:

You need to master several A-abilities in lower jobs first. This chart explains how many skills:
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bradster7893 answered:

Vierra are a somewhat tricky race because they are the only class with a third tier of classes. Where the moogles have thieves into jugglers, and animists into gunners, vierras basically have archers into snipers into assassins. Assassin needs 1 sniper ability and 2 elementalist abilities, and summoner needs 2 elementalist and 2 white mage. It is worth the hard work to get these classes, as they are two of the best in the game.
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