Question from cheeco88

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I capture a monster?

Marche is my Hunter and has capture mastered, but monsters are always at 0 perceant hit when I try to use it. What am I doing wrong?

Accepted Answer

From: kinryuten 5 years ago

1: Monster must be kneeling (aka critical health)
2: Monster must not be the last enemy unit on the field (i.e if your trying to capture a lilith and she and a juggler are left, keep the juggler alive long enough to catch the lilith)
3: Concentrate helps, but not by a lot. Your accuracy is never going higher than 25% so keep trying and if you must, inflict stop on the other unit (not the monster your catching, which leads to the last rule of catching monsters.
4: Never inflict a status effect on your quarry.

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Use in different location if not. use sleep on that monster and its have a chance

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Weaken up the monster till hes at his critical state then try it out. if you miss three times it wont work.
if it still doesn't work then the monster might not be capturable

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