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<---- Super Monkey Ball Jr. - GBA ---->
<---- Mini Games FAQ ---->
<---- By Silver1082 ---->

<--- 0 - Contents --->

1 - Introduction
2 - Monkey Duel
3 - Monkey Fight
4 - Monkey Bowling
5 - Monkey Golf
6 - Credits Game
7 - FAQs
8 - Contact Details
9 - Thanks
10 - Version History
11 - Legal

<--- 1 - Introduction --->

-Super Monkey Ball Jr. features some excellent mini games, that can be unlocked
 through the main game, and are extremely fun. However some of them can be
 particularly difficult in places, and this guide is designed to help you
 through the tougher parts.

<--- 2 - Monkey Duel --->

-I have yet to play Monkey Duel, as I have no friends who also own Super Monkey
 Ball Jr. to play it with. Any information/hints/tips on this section would be
 much appreciated.

<--- 3 - Monkey Fight --->

-In this mode you must use your large boxing glove (A) to knock other monkeys
 off the platform, with a variety of powerups to help you.

<-- Powerups -->

-The Powerups are contained in boxes which are dropped during the fight at
 various points. The boxes must be punched twice to open.

-BIG - This, rather obviously, increases the size of your Glove. This gives
 your punches extra power, so you can hit your enemies further. If you get a
 BIG powerup while your glove is already larger than usual, it will increase in
 size again, for an extra big glove.

-LONG - This, also obviously, increases the distance that you can punch,
 meaning you can hit further away enemies. If you get a second LONG powerup
 while you already have one, the distance of your glove will NOT get any
 longer. In my opinion this is the least useful of the powerups.

-VORTEX - When you have this powerup, when you hold down (A) your glove will
 continually spin round until the powerup runs out. A second vortex powerup
 will make your vortex last longer. On its own, or with a BIG powerup this can
 be devastating.

<--- 4 - Monkey Bowling --->

-This is easily one of the most addictive mini games, and the fact that it can
 be played four player with a single cart and GBA makes it even better.

<--- Normal Mode --->

-This is just a normal game of bowling with ten frames for 1-4 players.

-My Monkey of choice for bowling is Gongon.

-Strike Tips -  Obviously you will want to get as many strikes as possible in
 this mode, and I have a way that I normally do it. Start by positioning your
 monkey as far left or right as possible, then pressing (A) to enter aiming
 mode. Aim as close to the centre as you possibly can. Try to get as close to
 full power as possible. Give it a spin of about as single tap in the direction
 of which ever side you started on. With any luck this will give you a Strike,
 however due to the difficulty of aiming you will often have to improvise in
 the spin stage.

<--- Challenge Mode --->

-This a mode for one player only where you have ten pin layouts to knock down,
 with  a measly eleven balls, meaning you can only fail once.

<-- 1 - Full House -->

-Use strike tips from 'Normal mode' section

<-- 2 - Bucket -->

-Head to the far left, aim across to pins, spin as necessary. Easy.

<-- 3 - Baby Split -->

-Head to far right and aim across at front pin, possibly slightly to the left
 and go at full power. With any luck you will either hit both pins with the
 ball, or the first pin will knock over the second.

<-- 4 - One in the Dark -->

-Either start in front of the pins and go foward, or head to the right and spin
 the ball round.

<-- 5 - Fit Split -->

-Same as 2 (Bucket).

<-- 6 - Wash Out -->

-Now it starts to get slightly tricky, and many of the remaining combinations
 will have a similar strategy to this one. Head to the right and try to hit
 along the left edge of the three pins in a line. Hopefully at least one of
 those three pins will get knocked over and hit the fourth.

<-- 7 - Christmas Tree -->

-Similar to Wash Out, albeit reversed and with slightly different pin
 combinations. Hit the right two along there right side, and although it is
 unlikely the back one will struck across, hopefully the first one will.

<-- 8 - Dime Store -->

-You may be able to hit somewhere through the centre with a spin, however your
 best choice would be to again try to hit the one in the fore towards the one
 further back.

<-- 9 - Little Three -->

-Head to the right and hit the two on the left along there left sides to knock
 them over to the third pin.

<-- 10 - Big Three -->

-Same as 9 (Little Three), but more difficult as the pins are more spread out.

<--- 5 -  Monkey Golf --->

-Put Simply: Golf with Monkeys! As with bowling it can be played up to four
 player with a single cart and GBA. There are two sets of nine Holes.

-Falling Off in Monkey Bowling (O.Bs) should always be avoided at all costs as
 it adds two to your score.

-The maximum distance that the ball can travel is dictated by the colour of the
 aiming arrow, which can be changed with (up) and (down) on the D-Pad. The
 colours are:
  R - Red - 40 yds
  Y - Yellow - 20 yds
  G - Green - 10 yds
  B - Blue - 5 yds

<-- Course A -->

-Hole One - Aim along the banked curve, with just over half <R>. You may need
 to finish with <B>

-Hole Two - I recommend just over half <Y> to either side, so that you can
 finish with a <Y/G/B> for a Birdie.

-Hole Three - A bit tough if your aiming for a hole in one, but here goes. Aim
 as close as possible to the forward/rightmost square's top corner. Use <R> and
 you will need >precisely< one small bar less than the third of the thin lines.
 Any more power and you'll rocket off the top. Much Less nd you'll make it
 over, but won't get a hole in one. Good Luck!

-Hole Four - You can either play this hole safe and go along the flat with
 <G/B>, or be more risky. If you wish to be risky, aim for about the centre of
 the first QP and use either half <R> or full <Y>. You may need to finish with

-Hole Five - This looks easy, but looks can be deceptive. Use a <Y> 3/4 to 5/6
 power to get up the first slope, but be warned: it's easy to overshoot. You
 can then finish with a <Y/G>.

-Hole Six - This is were timing starts to become important. You need to aim to
 about the centre of one of the side two of the tree squares in front of you,
 and shoot with full power <Y> when the flaps are at their highest point.

-Hole Seven - This isn't too hard, but you are not going to get under par
 without an incredible fluke. Use <G> constantly at full power to go from one
 platform to the one below it to reach the hole in three.

-Hole Eight - Aim to the left of the centre of one of the side parts squares in
 the row that's nearest to you (I hope that makes sense :)). Then use <R> about
 3/4 power for a hole in one with any luck. Chances are that you are not going
 to get that hole in one first time, but keep trying.

-Hole Nine - No need to aim, but timing is vital. When you shoot use a 3/4 -
 Full Power <R>, and time it so that you will go over the centre part when it
 is horizontal and you don't hit the bumpers. Easier said than done, but you'll
 get it eventually.

<-- Course B -->

-Hole One - Aim for the centre of a bank. Full Power <Y> for a nice, easy hole
 in One.

-Hole Two - About one tap of (right) from where you first aim, then 1/2 - 3/4
 <R> for the hole.

-Hole Three - They may look different, but pretty much the same as Hole 2: One
 tap of (right) followed by 1/2 - 3/4 <R>.

-Hole Four - Aim for the centre part of the barrier with a full power <R>, then
 finish off carefully with a <G/B>

-Hole Five - TIMING! About 1/2 to 3/4 <R> at the 45 degree part of the first
 barrier, but watch your timing, and go just before the flap reaches its
 highest point. Then use a <G> to go along the platform, and <G/B> to finish,
 still being very careful with timing.

-Hole Six - Exactly the same as Hole One, but with movement. Again just watch
 your timing, and with a Full Power <Y>, or a half power <R> you should be fine.

-Hole Seven - This hole = :@ :@ :@. Aim for the centre of the
 furthest/rightmost block on the platform where you start, and then use a 1/2
 power <R>, possibly slightly more, then cross your fingers, and if
 unsuccessful, Lather, Rinse and Repeat ad infinitum.

-Hole Eight - Use a 1/2 to 3/4 power <Y> to go across the corners to the centre 
 row of three at either side, and remember to be very precise with your aiming.
 Don't try to get to the hole in one more from this point, and use two careful
 <G/B>s to go between the next two platforms to the hole.

-Hole Nine - Use a <B> to go straight forward then use a 3/4 <R> to get over on
 to the hole side of the slopes, and finish with a <G/B>

<--- 6 - Credits Game --->

-Okay, so this isn't a mini-game in the strictest sense of the phrase, but it
 is close enough, and therefore I have decided to include a section on it.

<-- Monkey Levels -->

-In the credits game you must earn collect bananas to gain certain
 'Monkey Levels'. Any bumpers hit will subtract five from your score, and
 anytime you fall off the level you will also lose five bananas.

-Here are all the possible levels:

 Level#  Level Name                Bananas Needed 
    1    Gorilla                        132       
    2    Chimpanzee                     129       
    3    Orangutan                      126       
    4    Siamang Gibbon                 123       
    5    Moloch Gibbon                  120       
    6    Capped Gibbon                  117       
    7    White Handed Gibbon            114       
    8    Gelada Gibbon                  111       
    9    Mandrill                       108       
   10    Hamadryas                      105       
   11    Yellow Baboon                  102       
   12    Black Ape                       99       
   13    Japanese Macaque                96       
   14    Savanna Monkey                  93       
   15    de Brazzas Monkey               90       
   16    Bonnet Monkey                   87       
   17    Talapoin Monkey                 84       
   18    Grey Cheeked Mangabey           81       
   19    Patas Monkey                    78       
   20    Proboscis Monkey                75       
   21    Golden Snub Nosed Monkey        72       
   22    Douc Langur                     69       
   23    Hanuman Langur                  66       
   24    Dusky Langur                    63       
   25    Brown Tufted Capuchin           60       
   26    Squirrel Monkey                 57       
   27    Tiki Monkey                     54       
   28    Dourocouli                      51       
   29    Spider Monkey                   48       
   30    Red Hot Howler Monkey           45       
   31    Black Howler Monkey             42       
   32    Goelidis Marmoset               39       
   33    Golden Lion Tamarin             36       
   34    Emporer Tamarin                 33       
   35    Pygmy Marmoset                  30       
   36    Western Tarsier                 27       
   37    Bush Baby                       24       
   38    Potto                           21       
   39    Slow Loris                      18       
   40    Slender Loris                   15       
   41    Vereauxs Sifika                 12       
   42    Avahi                            9       
   43    Indris                           6       
   44    Ruffed Lemur                     3       
   45    Ring Tailed Lemur                0       

<-- General Tips -->

-When you fall off the strange and you afre hovering waiting to be dropped back
 on, remember to use (A) to decide when you want to be dropped, so that you
 can continue collecting quicker.

-Where you have a set of four bananas you can easily get at least three of them
 by hitting the set diagonally, and by shifting left and right, with practice
 it is possible to get all four.

-When there is a set of six bananas you can also hit it diagonally again to get
 four of the bananas, and with practice shift left and right to get all six.

-Where there are a set of about four or five square jump platforms as you are
 going across them don't change direction until you are jumping back onto the
 main level. For example if you first jump onto them from the left, continue
 bouncing to the right until the final square where you will turn left to get
 back onto the level. This will mean you are far less likely to fall.

<--- 7 - FAQs --->

-Any Questions will be put here as they are asked.

<--- 8 - Contact Details --->

-If you wish to contact me with any corrections/suggestions/information for
 this guide, please e-mail me at:

-If you have any complaints, or wish to insult me, please e-mail:

<--- 9 - Thanks --->

-Thanks to THQ, AV and Realism for making this stupidly addictive game.

-Thanks to the National Grid for providing the power to charge by GBA SP while
 writing this guide.

-Thanks to anyone who has read and used this guide.

<--- 10 - Version History--->

-Version 1.00 - 21/2/04 - First Version

<--- 11 - Legal --->

 This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
 private use. It may not be placed on any web site except for Game FAQs and
 Challenge Ultima V1 & V2. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part
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