FAQ/Walkthrough by Desdaemona

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Lunar Legend (GBA Version)
By Desdaemona
Version 1.1

* CONTENTS                                                          *

About This Guide
Cast of Characters
General Suggestions
Character Abilities
Card Collecting
Extra Notes
Item Guide

* INTRODUCTION                                                      *

How long has is been since the word “adventure”…
So, you’re gonna embark on the fantastical, virtual adventure that 
is Lunar Legend. Good for you! It’ll be a fun ride, as you step into 
the shoes of a boy named Alex and explore the beautiful world of 
Lunar. So, relax, take a seat, and turn on your GBA…

Lunar is a harsh, hostile world where the beautiful goddess Althena
breathed life, creating a small vibrant haven amidst the vast
wastelands. To protect the goddess, one special man in every 
generation is imbued with the power of the dragons, making him a 
Dragonmaster. Dyne was the last Dragonmaster, for 15 years went by 
without another…

In this walkthrough, I’ll try to stay away from spoilers but… this 
IS a walkthrough! There are some things I can’t help but reveal! 
Also, I’m assuming that you are reading this walkthrough because you 
are playing the game, so I won’t describe most of the plot twists or 
cut scenes; you can watch them for yourself :p

* ABOUT THIS GUIDE                                                  *

I’d like to claim I’m perfect but… typos and mistakes happen. If you 
think there’s anything that should be corrected/added or have any 
questions or such, you can reach me at desdaemona@mailhaven.com. If 
you are waiting for a response, be warned, I check my email at most 
twice a week; it might take me a while to get back to you.

V0.0 (25/12/02) Yay! Got this lovely, wonderful cartridge for 
Christmas! Happy, happy, joy, joy!
V1.0 (28/12/02) First draft done. Got the formatting, etc., skeleton 
work of the walkthrough down. Just need to flesh things out!
V1.1 (03/01/03) Enough flesh for public viewing, I think…

* CAST OF CHARACTERS                                                *

Alex: This Burg native is The Guy of the story, the person whose eyes 
    you are viewing your adventure through. He’s a quiet, simple boy 
    with grand dreams and pure intentions and other typical hero 
    qualities, the kind of boy a girl would take home to meet her 
    parents. He has an almost unhealthy obsession with Dyne and is a 
    fair fighter. 

Nall: A weird cat-like pet thing with wings on its back who functions 
    as a one-shot, portable Althena statue. (Don’t say that to its 
    face though!) I think Alex is so quiet because he’s living in 
    Nall’s shadow, ‘cause Nall certainly has something to say about 
    everything. Nall is also a walking garbage disposal, fish being 
    its favorite garbage.

Luna: Alex’s adopted sister, keyword being “adopted”, because their 
    feelings for each other, as you’ll discover, aren’t quite 
    platonic. She has a very healthy obsession with Alex and has the 
    voice of an angel… or, since it’s the world of Lunar, a goddess. 
    In fact, her songs are so potent they can heal people and do other 
    good stuff. She has a temper, though, so behave around her.
Ramus: A Burg boy who is Alex’s best friend only because he is the
    only other boy of the same/similar age. It’s not just me, really!
    His father doesn’t like him, too! Anyhow, don’t get too attached
    to Ramus, because his time with you is short; though, it’s kinda
    hard to considering what a below par fighter he is and having no 
    redeeming abilities.

Nash Rumack: An arrogant and rather annoying little bugger… er, I 
    mean elite wizard hailing from Vane. He’s the Mr. Know-It-All who 
    just has to be better than everyone, even if he’s a mess inside. 
    As a wizard, he has a couple of nice offensive spells and tons of 
    status-affecting spells that are only slightly more useful than 
    holes in the head.

Jessica Al Kirk: A spirited priestess of Althena who can bounce from 
    smiling and nice to hell’s fury in a nanosec, quite polar really. 
    If you thought Luna had a temper, well, believe me, even the 
    wisest sage in the world does not want to rile her. The biggest 
    thorn in her side, asides from the evil guy of the story, is Kyle; 
    he’s her childhood friend and heartache, one of those classic 
    love-hate, can’t-live-with-or-without things.

Mia Ausa: A timid and retiring head-of-the-super-national-Magic-Guild-
    to-be who is quite overwhelmed by her destiny. The flame and ice 
    of her magic seem to lend neither fire nor coolness to her 
    personality, or so it seems… She’s super cute and a very proper 
    lady who doesn’t appear to know that she can make Nash ran circles 
    in the palm of her hand… probably a good thing for Nash!

Kyle: Brash and crude, Kyle loves to brag about his handsome features 
    and battle (among other things) prowess; but then again, this 
    bandit leader has girls falling for him left and right for good 
    reasons. Though he’d slit his own throat before saying it, he 
    adores Jessica and as much as he enjoys insulting her, he’d slit 
    your throat before he’d let you touch a hair on her head.

Laike Bogard: A jolly-seeming wanderer who bumps into you at the most
    convenient of times. He knows an awful lot about everything,    
    especially about your question, where you need to be and what you 
    should do… Is he trying to lead you somewhere?

Mel Al Kirk: The militaristic and boisterous Hell Mel of Dyne’s 
    companions has settled down as the mayor of Meribia, but he 
    still loves chewing people out and a good fight. Though old now, 
    he still cuts a fine figure in stone! He has a soft spot for his 
    shy and prim daughter…

Royce: A creepy fortunate teller who enjoys talking like she’s 
    deranged, probably to disguise the fact that she can’t predict 
    worth squat.

Phacia: The serene and open-minded Head Priestess of Althena’s 
    Shrine who proves to be a vital aide at the most unexpected of
    times to Alex.

Ghaleon: The powerful mage of Dyne’s companions is now a stern and 
    forceful arbitrator of the Magic Guild. Though renowned and 
    respected by many, he’s modest, polite and even an avid protector 
    of fairies. Due to his high intelligence, he often broods and 
    debates over rhetorics and ideals.

Lemia Ausa: The babe of The Four Heroes is the head of the Magic
    Guild in Alex’s days. As a powerful sorceress, she passionately
    protects the welfare of the Magic Guild and Vane. Everyone 
    expects her daughter to succeed her.

Xenobia: The unscrupulous leader of the Vile Tribe who is blinded by 
    her love for The Magic Emperor.

Damon: An old and eccentric geezer, or if you’re more respectful, 
    sage, who likes to live in a tower filled with monsters.

Myght: Another old, eccentric geezer, this time an inventor, who 
    likes to live in a tower infested with monsters.

Tempest: You can’t help but think that he sees the world in only 
    black and white; it’s either ‘warrior, good, friend’ or ‘lying 
    scum, bad, must kill’. Nevertheless, he’s still a totally cool 
    character and he makes you realize how truly lacking your party 
    is in archer power.

Fresca: Tempest’s loving wife is completely loyal to and supportive 
    of her husband; the intensity of her devotion is not one-sided 
    either. She’s very much into the happy home and reproduction.

The Magic Emperor: Your nemesis, enough said.

Quark: The sagacious White Dragon who’ll give Alex his first Dragon
    Trial knows that sometimes ignorance is bliss…

Amelia: The volcanic Red Dragon who’ll give Alex his second Dragon
    Trial must enjoy her solitude a lot if she’s making the act of
    approaching her a trial.

Cyan: The joyful Blue Dragon who’ll give Alex his third Dragon Trial
    is quite the connoisseur of music.

Rubeus: The majestic Black Dragon who’ll give Alex his last Dragon
    Trial can unleash the power of the Dragonmaster.

* General Suggestions                                               *

- Equipment: If you have the silver to spare, upgrade everyone’s 
    weaponry and armor at everywhere applicable. If you are more 
    frugal, however, upgrade Alex (and later Kyle) at least; they are
    more equipment dependent and they’ll never leave your party when
    there’s fighting going on.

- Plot: Talk to people several times in the same setting. They might 
    have more to say and some of it can be quite amusing. Also, since 
    they may say different things after an important event has 
    occurred, I highly encourage you to go back and talk to them when 
    you have time. If not informative, they are at least interesting
    and let you get to know your party better. If you don’t like 
    wading through dialogue, however… well, you shouldn’t be playing 
    RPGs really and you probably should return this piece of plastic.

- Suggested Leves: This is the level I think Alex (and respectively 
    his party) should be around at a specific point of the game. It's 
    not set in stone, so it's like a your discretion kind of thing.

- Healing: Go pray in front of the abundant Althena Statues dotting
    the Lunar landscape to heal your party and Nall’s ability. They
    are like the Inns of typical RPGs except they are free!

- Dungeons: Unless the dungeon is a real maze, I won’t give explicit
    directions on where to go, because I find it gets more confusing
    that way. Most dungeons are fairly linear; it’s easier for you 
    explore for yourself. Also, if I do give directions, it’s on how 
    to get to the next point you need to be. I’ll list the treasures
    you can find in that area in the Items section but it’s up to you 
    to find them. Treasure-hunting is half the fun RPGs, you know.

- Bosses: they’re a pretty plain affair as your strategy won’t vary
    much from boss to boss.  Most of the time, this is your setup: 
    Alex use Sordance; Vigor on first turn if he got it. Kyle, if you
    have him, use Slash; Heat Up on first turn if he got it. Luna 
    and/or Jessica and/or party remainder heal Alex and/or Kyle and
    selves. If Mia and Nash aren’t acting as healers, use their most
    powerful offensive spell. If Mia has Buck Up though, have her
    use that on Alex/Kyle. Mia’s Arts Gauge ability is also good if
    you have it. That’s pretty much about it.

* Walkthrough                                                       *

*-*-*-Chapter 1.1 The Adventure Begins…-*-*-*

Location: Burg
Party: Alex
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: Angel’s Tear, Dragon Feather, Heal Gum, Mental Gum
Monsters: N/A

The story opens with Alex, the protagonist, standing before 
Dragonmaster Dyne’s gravestone, wishing desperately to emulate Dyne 
and experience a grand adventure of his own. You know how it goes, 
beware of what you wish for… 

Nall, his flying feline pet, suddenly arrives and interrupts his 
reverie, informing him that Luna is expecting him for singing 
practice. Childhood friend Ramus joins, too, announcing that an 
elite wizard from Vane is gathering all the village folk around the 
Althena Statue, and the presence of Alex and Luna is requested. Alex 
leaves Dyne’s gravestone and… lo and behold, you get control of Alex 
and have your first mission: find Luna!

Head down and explore a bit; the first house you see is yours and 
there are four treasure chests in it. East and then north is the 
spring, where Luna is serenading the birds. Collect her and head 
south to the Althena Statue. 

Meet Nash, the vainest wizard of Vane, who eventually recruits you 
to guide him to the White Dragon Shrine. Before you meet him at the 
village entrance and leave for the shrine, you need a map (which you 
don’t actually get to use, sadly… it’s just an item needed in your 
inventory); it’s in Ramus’ house, the one just above the statue. 
There’s a flashing arrow pointing to it; you can’t miss it.

Explore the town, too. Note there are two red chests: one in Ramus’ 
bedroom and one in the woods south of town. They are locked, so 
ignore them for now, but you will be able to open them much later 
into the game. Just remember where you saw them. 

You start off with 300 Sil and there’s a small shop.

Item Shop: Short Sw (200 Sil), Fry Pan (60 Sil), Clothes (80 Sil), 
    Wristban (60 Sil), WoodShld (100 Sil), Heal Gum (40 Sil), 
    ParaClen (60 Sil), Antidote (20 Sil).

Go meet Nash at the exit west of the town. Ramus wants a Dragon 
Diamond so he can be “filthy, stinkin’ rich” (his words, not mine!) 
and Luna worries about Alex’s welfare; combine that with Nash and you 
have a cute little party of four. Exit the town and proceed to your 
first real mission: the search for the White Dragon Shrine.

*-*-*-Chapter 1.2 Into The Woods-*-*-*

Location: Weird Wood
Party: Alex, Luna, Ramus, Nash
Suggested Level: N/A (you start at 1, no choice about that)
Items: 5 x Antidote, Dragon Diamond, Dragon Ring, 4 x Heal Gum
Monsters: Burg Dog (8 Exp), DeathCap (1 Exp), Fly Trap (8 Exp)

Part A

At the World Map, head down to Weird Wood, your first mini dungeon (of 
sorts). In the first area you see a fork in the road; south is to 
Saith, so head north. Enter the second area of the Weird Wood.

The monsters here are pretty powerful when you are at level 1, 
especially the Fly Trap whose attack can poison, so watch your HP. 
You’ll probably need to heal after every other battle. You also level 
fast, though, so the random encounters won’t faze you for long. The 
monsters may drop Antidote and Heal Gum.

You can wander around the area to get the treasures; there are 2 
antidotes and 3 heal gums here. Before exiting, however, you need to 
find a headstone northwest of where you first entered; the stone 
bears the inscription “The Month of Bounty”. You see, accessing the 
shrine is your first mini puzzle, and you need to find three 
headstones in order to trigger the puzzle.

Far to the west is a bridge; cross it to enter the third area of the 
Weird Wood. 

Part B

After you cross, your troupe of mighty warriors proclaim fatigue, 
thus you’ll get to camp for the night. You wake up refreshed with 
full HP and MP for all.

Northwest of your camp is where another headstone, “Show us ahead”, 
stands. In the west corner of this area is the last headstone, 
bearing the words “The offering shall”. That’s all the phrases you 
need to collect.

Note: There are 3 antidotes and 1 heal gum in this area. A red chest 
lies in the northeast part of this area, accessible by a hidden 
passage east of the chest that you can’t see.

In the northwest corner of this area is a stone wall branded by a 
bas-relief of Althena. Here string together the phrases like so: 
“The Month of Bounty”, “The offering shall”, “Show us ahead”. Luna 
will sing, accompanied by Alex’s ocarina, and the lyrical sound will 
open the wall.

In the ruins, talk to everyone; now, go to the end of the dirt path 
and examine the slate in the water. Nash, the translator thus far, is 
stumped by the ancient text, but Luna is suddenly able to translate… 
You need to shout out the White Dragon’s name; if you had talked to the 
villagers, you would have known that the name is Quark.

Nash wants to meet Quark to undergo the Dragonmaster Trial, and Alex 
(surprise, surprise!) decides to participate, too. It doesn’t matter 
what you answer in the trial, you’ll pass and Nash, well… After the 
trial you receive the Dragon Ring and the Dragon Diamond. Now return 
home to Burg.

*-*-*-Chapter 1.3 World, Here We Come-*-*-*

Location: Burg
Party: Varies
Suggested Level: 5
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

Everyone’s back, safe and sound, but also tired and cranky. Go pray 
in front of the Althena Statue to alleviate the group’s lamentable 
morale. Afterwards, Nash hurries off to find the remaining dragons 
(maybe they’ll like him better?) and Ramus scampers away with dreams 
of prosperity; you should eventually head home with Luna.

Two Days Later…

It’s the festival! Luna and Alex live in concert! After the 
performance, however, Alex, the moody jerk disappears… your 
momentous third mission commences: find Alex!

For the first, last and only time, you get control of Luna, just her, 
No one else, to do whatever you want… hey, get your mind out of the 
gutters! Anyhow, you should know where Alex is. Big hint: his 
obsession, Dyne’s Gravestone. 

Luna and Alex talks, etc. The translation is kinda wonky here, but 
the gist of the conversation is that Luna loves Alex and Alex is 
apparently clueless and only wants to go out adventuring but not so 
clueless that he doesn’t realize he needs Luna’s blessings. Luna 
gives him permission to go; she’ll wait for him.

Next Morning…

A cut scene, yadda yadda yadda.

Back to Alex: as he enters the Weird Wood, Ramus appears, wanting to 
hitch along the ride for Meribia to sell the diamond. At the fork in 
the road, go south. In the second screen, Luna catches up, too. (How 
slow is this Alex?!) As they talk… oh no! A Burg Dog ambush! Horrors! 
Laike shows up and helps you out, ‘cause you certainly couldn’t have 
handle it by yourselves… Laike, a self-proclaimed vagabond, leaves 
as quickly as he appears after his introduction. 

Continue out of the Weird Wood and you emerge at the World Map. Now, 
go to Saith.

*-*-*-Chapter 2.1 Trouble At Bay-*-*-*

Location: Saith 
Party: Alex, Luna, Ramus
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

You arrive and find the town unnaturally quiet. A woman flees by, 
warning you of pirates who have seized the harbor (blocking your way 
to Meribia). They also kidnapped Nash (why would anyone want that 
unpleasant loudmouth is beyond me). Well, being the goody-two-shoes 
you are destined to be, you have to rescue him.

Explore the town. Behind the east house on the upper level of the 
town is a red chest.
Item Shop: Long Sw (360 Sil), ClothArm (140 Sil), Scarf (20 Sil), 
    ClothHat (20 Sil), Heal Gum (40 Sil), ParaClen (60 Sil), 
    Fry Pan (60 Sil)

Go to the restaurant, the building with the fish. As you spy through 
the windows, you spy… pirates! The pirates are apparently blind, 
though, because your poor job of hiding passes muster. 

Go into the restaurant now and talk to the owner. He’ll direct you to 
Zet who is in the building below, the one with the anchor banner. 
There, Luna hatches a plan concerning… well, for better or for worse, 
you sneak aboard the Hispaniola.

*-*-*-Chapter 2.2 All Hands On Deck-*-*-*

Location: Hispaniola
Party: Alex, Luna, Ramus
Suggested Level: 6
Items: Armor Ring, Pot
Monsters: Pirate 1 (7 Exp), Pirate 2 (7 Exp)

Now that you are aboard the ship, wander in the general direction of 
North. You’ll encounter pirates; Pirate 2 is slightly tougher than 
Pirate 1, but the only annoyance is that they come in large numbers, 
always outnumbering you. Without Nash’s AOE spell, the only thing you 
can do is to hack away at them, one by one.  Luckily, Alex’s NOA goes 
up to 2 at Level 8, helping the tedium somewhat. Pirates may drop 
Heal Gum.

Save at where you find the pot. Beyond that point, you’ll find Nash 
tied upside down on a sail mast. Nall unties Nash and… you’re stuck, 
since you aren’t as smart as you are good and you haven’t concocted 
an escape plan. Your loud dialogue alerts the attention of the 
pirate captain, leading to your first boss fight…

Boss: Captain (150 Exp, 200 Sil)
Party: Alex, Luna, Ramus, Nash
Suggested Level: 9
Attacks: gunshot (target 1), crew rush/bomb (target all)
Details: Neither of his two attacks are spectacular. Luna gets 
    Tranquil by Level 10 if you are that worried about the AOE 
    attack. The captain is pretty easy to take down.

Yay, cookie for you! You saved Saith and the way to Meribia opens. 

On a sleepless night aboard the ship to Meribia, you, Alex, watches 
Luna sing in the crow’s nest… Lunar Legend begins proper.

*-*-*-Chapter 3.1 The City Life-*-*-*

Location: Meribia
Party: Alex, Luna
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: Angel’s Tear
Monsters N/A

Welcome to the big city (no lie, lots of places to explore!)! Once 
you arrive, Nash departs for business on Black Rose Street and Ramus 
has diamond negotiations to attend to. It’s just you and Luna. 

If you head back east, you’ll enter the harbour. A line of warehouses 
comprises the southern edge of the docks; the furthest west one holds 
an AnglTear; the furthest east one has a red chest.

In the city, there are four shops. There is a red chest in the Dross 
Shop (the big pink one with a picture of a piping man above the door). 
Incidentally, Ramus is in the Dross shop selling the diamond.

Weapon Shop: Knife (100 Sil), Short Sw (200 Sil), Long Sw (360 Sil), 
    Broad Sw (600 Sil)
Item Shop: Hard Pan (280 Sil), Heal Gum (40 Sil), Heal Drop 200 Sil),    
    ParaClen (60 Sil), Antidote (20 Sil), HolyWatr (100 Sil)
Armor Shop: LeathArm (260 Sil), PlateArm (480 Sil), 
    ClothArm (140 Sil), Pot Lid (20 Sil), WoodShld (100 Sil), 
    IronShld (360 Sil), IronHelm (260 Sil).
Dross Shop: Heal Drop (200 Sil), MentlGum (1000 Sil), 
    ParaClen (60 Sil), AnglTear (600 Sil), Perfume (500 Sil).

If you want to leave the city, you have to pay your respects to Mel 
(a rather intimidating figure) in his mansion first, and he’ll want 
to spar with you man to man. Unfortunately for you, he’s no pushover. 
Important: you do not have to beat him! There’s no shame in losing…

If you do want to beat him, however…

Boss: Mel (100 Exp, 0 Sil)
Party: Alex
Suggested Level: 11 (with all the armor and weapon upgrades, Armor 
    Ring and half a dozen heal gums)
Attack: poleaxe chop
Details: a chop for you, a slice for me, a chop for you, a slice… 
    not that interesting of a battle visually. If you decide to
    face him without my above recommendations, at least bring two 
    dozen heal gums.

You need to level up before facing him? You can’t; if you didn’t get 
the levels you require on the Hispaniola, too bad! If you win though, 
for your heroic effort, you get the Mel (enemy) card. Note: Mel’s 
chamber quarter has one red chest and the training room has two. 

West of the city is the aforementioned Black Rose Street, the hangout 
district for all the magic weirdo types. There are two shops there.

Weapon Shop: Luck Rod (1000 Sil), AquaStaf (1200 Sil), 
    Flame Rod (2800 Sil)
Armor Shop: Robe (400 Sil), Wristban (60 Sil), SilvRist (220 Sil), 
    PlatRist (660 Sil), Hairband (160 Sil), Bandanna (20 Sil)

Another spot of interest is the Card Shop at the west end of the 
street; you can get some of the character cards, etc. that you can’t 
get from battling. 

Right below the Card Shop is a fortune telling booth, a place you 
must visit to advance the plot. You’ll find Nash and the creepy Royce 
there. After the cut scene, talk to the two of them.

After your dates with Mel and Royce, go see Ramus in the Dross Shop. 
Agree to sell the diamond for 20 grand. Now, prepare to be swindled. 

Leave the shop and report this atrocious injustice to Mel, the 
beloved peacekeeper of the city whose word is law. Mel will 
cheerfully soothe you blues and tell you… to settle it yourself! 
Some help he is! No matter, it’s more fun to do it your own way 
anyhow. Return to the shop where the flustered clerk will finally 
allow you into the back, to the city sewers.

*-*-*-Chapter 3.2 Hunt For The Thief-*-*-*

Location: Meribia Sewers
Party: Alex, Luna, Ramus
Suggested Level: 9
Items: 3 x 500 Sil, 2 x Antidote, Heal Gum, Lucky Ring, 
    3 x Mental Gum
Monsters: Ammonite (12 Exp), FatSnake (6 Exp), Killfish (7 Exp), 
    Wisp (12 Exp)

Every RPG has a dungeon in the sewers it seems! Anyhow, this dank 
and damp dungeon is a big maze and it’s hard for me to break it 
down, so I won’t. Besides, you are a big kid now, you don’t need
me to hold your hand through every part of the dungeon anymore.

To get all the items you should explore every branch and crevice of 
the sewers. There are no empty dead ends. The sewer monsters 
disturbing you along the way shouldn’t give you any grief. Some may  
drop MentlGum and HealDrop.

If you just want to get the job done, head east, lower the ladder, 
cross it, and continue in that general direction until you find the 
entrance into the next area. In the level below, head west, lower 
the ladder, cross it, and continue in that general direction until 
you approach Dross.

He’ll be dismayed that you “punks” managed to catch up with him. To 
castigate your for your audacity, he sics his pet Aqua Lizard on you, 
giving you the final boss battle of this dungeon.  Note: if there is 
anything on Ramus that you value, take it off before this battle 
because afterwards, Ramus is lost to you along with everything he is 
equipped with. Also, you can’t ever explore the sewers again after
this, at least not for the duration of this game.

Boss: Rin-Rin (250 Exp, 300 Sil)
Party: Alex, Luna, Ramus
Suggested Level: 12
Attack: fire breath (oddly enough, for an aqua lizard; target 1), 
    poison breath (target all)
Details: The poison breath can leave you poisoned, so it’s somewhat 
    of a concern. Make sure Alex is healthy.

Rin-Rin meets a tragic fate. Dross is distraught at his loss and 
transfers ownership of his store to Ramus to atone for his 
evildoings. Ramus now has a reason for living. You automatically get
warped into the store after the battle.

Well, since Ramus is gonna settle down in good ol’ Meribia as a 
storekeeper, he’ll give ya the 20 grand he woulda got for the 
Dragon Diamond. Ramus for 20 grand… not a bad trade! 

Now that Ramus is settled, go to the fortune telling place to 
retrieve Nash. Oh, Nash gone already. So, return to the shop (again!) 
to find Nash seeking you and Luna. He invites the two of you to Vane… 
well, don’t just stand there, take him up on his invite!

*-*-*-Chapter 4.1 Magic Mayhem-*-*-*

Location: Subterranean Vane
Party: Alex, Luna, Nash
Suggested Level: 12
Items: 3 x 500 Sil, Gentle Hat, Heal Ring, Lapis Lazuli
Monsters: Batlefly (7 Exp), Gunfoot (8 Exp), Ice Dog (150 Exp), 
    Todstool (6 Exp)

On the World Map, travel to the Spring of Transmission. Why? ‘Cause 
Vane is literally a celestial city, how else did you think you were 
you gonna get there, you wingless peasant? 

Something odd occurs though, much to Luna’s dismay, and you don’t 
dock in Vane… at least not the Vane you wanted to reach! Instead, 
some disturbance in the magic flow lands you in Subterranean Vane, 
the ancient ruins of the former Vane that the current Vane is built 
upon. What’s worse, there’s no way back! You need to unravel the 
kink in the magic flow to make the magic circle work again.

There are two monsters here you should note. One is the Batlefly;
its attack can make you sleepy. The other, the Ice Dog, have several
interesting points. First, it’s ultra fast and likes to flee; if
your agility is not up to snuff you won’t get to battle it. Second, 
it has only a couple of hit points, but tons of evasion, so spells 
or skills with high accuracy works best. And you want to kill it, 
not just because it’s too cute, but also because you get lots of 
experience and silver (at least at this point) for the kill. It may 
also drop the Ice Dog Tail, but don’t hold your breath, that happens 
once every blue moon.

To advance, go to the transport crystal northwest of the circle; now
you are at another tunnel. Here, head down and go east. You’ll come 
upon a huge statue of Althena; it’s not the cause of the problem 
though. North of the statue is a treasure chest. Now, go down and 
head east again. Follow the path and you’ll eventually catch sight 
of another transport crystal.

A series of transport crystals and winding tunnels later, you’ll 
approach a niche where Nash discovers the source of the magical 
disturbance… and it’s disturbing Luna! Alex’s cry of concern for his
incapacitated girl alerts the vile entity of your party’s presence, 
so prepare to battle without her.

Boss: Evilmist (380 Exp, 0 Sil, Evilmist Card)
Party: Alex, Nash
Suggested Level: 14
Attack: disappear/reappear slap (target 1), rain (target all)
Details: dang, no healer, how annoying! So, have Nash take a stab at 
    nursing wounds while Alex concentrates on his sword work.

The crystal next to where the boss used to be teleports you right 
before the giant Althena Statue; heal and return to the magic circle. 
You’ve restored the circle’s mystical properties, so turn around, 
take one last look at Sub-Vane, because you can’t ever come back.

Withdraw from the Spring of Transmission and escort an ailing Luna 
to Althena’s Shrine in the west.

*-*-*-Chapter 4.2 Luna’s Sanctuary-*-*-*

Location: Althena’s shrine
Party: Alex, Luna, Nash
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: Light Emblem
Monsters: N/A

Althena’s shrine is a premium convalescence center fully staffed by
a bevy of curative priests and priestesses, and, because you are so 
special, the Head Priestess is attending to you! Meet Phacia, who’ll
fluff Luna’s pillows while Nash postulates to you the true cause of 
the Spring of Transmission’s malfunction.

Luna is the inadvertent saboteur, so leave the room when she wakes
up, and go through the ensuing cut scene. Phacia will present to you 
the Light Emblem which will dampen Luna’s latent magical emanations.
Return to the Spring of Transmission and, finally, to Vane!

Note: The stained glass of the shrine is absolutely gorgeous! The
priestess by the door will heal your party for free.

*-*-*-Chapter 4.3 City in the Sky-*-*-*

Location: Vane
Party: Alex
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

Nash is clearly at his element here as he suavely conducts you 
through the infamous city to Lunar’s Magic Guild. Inside the guild
chateau, he orders you to wait for an audience with Ghaleon, but
Nall and Alex are eager to explore. Well, why not? It is your first
time in Vane and you were just gonna wait anyway.

Luna however, the better model of patience, consents to tarry in 
Ghaleon’s reception room. Alone, she inadvertently meets… 

So let’s tour Vane! Several shops lodge here.

Armor Shop: SilverCh (1200 Sil), MageRobe (1280 Sil), 
    SilvShld (900 Sil), SilvGard (480 Sil), SilvRist (220 Sil), 
    PlatRist (660 Sil), FlasBand (240 Sil), WindBoot (80000 Sil)

Item Shop: Heal Gum (40 Sil), HealDrop (200 Sil), 
    AnglTear (600 Sil), ParaClen (60 Sil), Antidote (20 Sil), 
    HolyWatr (100 Sil)

Pentagram Shop: MentlGum (1000 Sil), MentDrop (5000 Sil), 
    AnglTear (600 Sil), Perfume (500 Sil), DragFetr (100 Sil), 
    RainSeed (12000 Sil), DarkSeed (12000 Sil)

Weapon Shop: RuneBlad (1000 Sil), SilverSw (1800 Sil), 
    FlameRod (2800 Sil), CrystRod (1600 Sil), MeteoRod (5800 Sil)

There are three points of interest in the Magic Guild itself. First 
and second, there are the Goddess Tower and Crystal Tower which are 
barred to you for now. Just remember where they are. Third is Mia’s
bed chamber which is located above the mansion’s western stairs. A 
red chest resides there as well as the gracious Mia. 

Well, how dare you backward yokels befoul Mia’s radiant eyes with
your unrefined, plebian faces… at least, according to Nash. The 
angry wizard drags you away from Mia’s revered presence with a 
thousand pardons for your unsightly intrusion. Guess who Nash’s has 
a crush on?

Anyhow, he conveys you to the esteemed Ghaleon who informs you that 
a Dragonmaster astride a Dragon steed is sighted in Lann. You heard 
your orders, go investigate!

*-*-*-Chapter 5.1 Fortress of Bandits-*-*-*

Location: Nanza
Party: Alex, Luna, Nash
Suggested Level: 12
Items: 100 Sil, Angel’s Tear, 3 x Heal Gum, Mental Gum, Paralysis 
    Cleanser, Soft Knuckles
Monsters: Ant Lion (9 Exp), Dethmoth (8 Exp), Earthel (10 Exp), 
    Wildboar (9 Exp)

Part A

To breach Lann you need to bypass Nanza, a mountainous region beset 
by bandits, but the only obstacles troubling you are the mountain
monsters. They aren’t a difficult bunch to dispatch, but be aware
that Dethmoth, a recolorization and upgrade of the Batlefly, can
render you asleep with its attack. 

The mountain path is an easy maze. In the first area, your exit is 
northwest of your starting location. In the second area, eventually 
you’ll enter a small cave; as you exit it, you’ll eavesdrop on an 
orotund argument between two strangers. After you exit, head north. 
There are two red chests in the second area, one in the cave and
another after you exit.

At the end of this mountain pass is the Nanza bandits’ fortress.

Part B

No monsters here and the bandits are friendly, even if you aren’t 
potential customers for their lucrative “protection” services.

Explore the fortress. Kyle’s room (the small room to the east of the 
jails) holds Soft Knuckles (which only Kyle can equip) and the room 
of many beds contains a red chest.

To set off for Lann, exit the fortress via the western gate; however, 
the guard there won’t open the door without Kyle’s say so. Talking 
to the guard triggers the appearance of Kyle in his room, so get your 
gate permit and get on with journey.

Part C

This mountain path is the most straightforward one of Nanza; just 
head west and follow the path until you find the exit. You’ll also
find a MentlGum here.

*-*-*-Chapter 5.2 Fishermen’s Foe-*-*-*

Location: Lann
Party: Alex, Luna, Nash
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

Lann’s niche as the quaint fishing village of Lunar is being 
threatened by the new Dragonmaster who is apparently a fanatical 
aquatic life conservationist. The DM’s anti-fishing sentiments is 
miring the poor villagers in the throes of starvation, so the task
of restoring Lann’s livelihood falls to you.

There is one small shop in Lann. A red chest rests next to it.

Item Shop: Wow! Pan (1980 Sil), Heal Drop (200 Sil), 
    ParaClen (60 Sil), Antidote (20 Sil), DragFetr (100 Sil)

Go to the village head’s bungalow (the large one beside the shop) 
and watch Jessica educating the Lann bumpkins about Althena’s 
doctrines. The Dragonmaster is not evil… the Dragonmaster is a fake 
and the man is evil! Upon hearing the commonality of your missions, 
she’ll join your party. 

The Dragonmaster impersonator hides on an island. Need a boat? Talk 
to the old guy on the wharf. The priestess Jessica will employ her 
gentle coercion on him and… Oh well, just get on the boat.

*-*-*-Chapter 5.3 Dragon of the Swamp-*-*-*

Location: Lann Island
Party: Alex, Luna, Nash, Jessica
Suggested Level: 14
Items: 100 Sil, 3 x 600 Sil, Fresh Ring
Monsters: Cyclops (12 Exp), Pirahna (11 Exp), PudgyBoa (10 Exp), 
    The Deep (11 Exp)

As you berth on the island, you’ll see Mack the Peddler. Get used to 
seeing him in odd places.

Mack the Peddler: Heal Gum (40 Sil), HealDrop (200 Sil), 
    MentlGum (1000 Sil), ParaClen (60 Sil), Antidote (20 Sil), 
    AnglTear (600 Sil), Perfume (500 Sil), DragFetr (100 Sil)

The treasure fairy sprinkled a myriad of treasure chests upon the 
boggy landscape, but half of them are booby trapped by monsters. The 
monsters ambush in droves, but with two healers in your party, you 
shouldn’t die. Beware of Cyclops who have a petrifying spell that is 
annoying and potentially dangerous.

The first area of the swamp has 100 Sil and the Fresh O. Head in the 
general direction of north. The second area has 3 treasure chests 
containing 600 Sil each. Continue north and eventually a dilapidated 
tent appears, in front it stands the faux DM.

Boss: Frogzard (600 Exp, 0 Sil)
Party: Alex, Luna, Nash, Jessica
Suggested Level: 15
Attack: tongue slap (target 1), jump and squash attack (target all)
Details: The only remarkable aspect of this boss is how absurd it 
   looks; a dark knight on a giant toad, ha ha.

Apparently, the guy is delusional and didn’t realize that it wasn’t 
a dragon he rode upon… That’s why you shouldn’t take too much drugs, 
kids! Anyhow, bad guy becomes good. All return. Jessica had fun, 
waves bye-bye. You go report to Ghaleon now.

Btw, once you finish the boss, you’ll leave Lann Island and you won’t
be able to return for the rest of the game.

*-*-*-Chapter 6.1 A Vicious Criminal-*-*-*

Location: Katarina
Party: Alex, Luna, Nash
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: Althena’s Orb
Monsters: N/A

Leave Lann, go through Nanza, and return to Vane. Ghaleon awaits you 
in the guild’s grand hall. 

As you review your mission report with him, Lemia whom you’ve heard 
so much about arrives. The conversation was all nice and fuzzy until 
suddenly, Lemia accuses you of insurrection! 

Alex is tossed into jail! The prisoner next cell moans incoherently 
coherent, isn’t that suspicious? After a cut scene, you have a party
of Alex and Mia (Nall and the prisoner don’t count because they can’t 

Exit the jail and go to the Crystal Tower (you remember where it is, 
right?) that was forbidden to you before. The guard who was guarding
it is now gone. As you enter, Nash joins, more for Mia’s sake than 
wanting to help you.

*-*-*-Chapter 6.2 A Girl to Save-*-*-*

Location: Crystal Tower
Party: Alex, Nash, Mia
Suggested Level: 16
Items: 1000 Sil, 1500 Sil, Angel Ring, Boost Coil, Mental Gum
Monsters: C Knight (17 Exp), C Mirror (16 Exp), Flymet (17 Exp), 
    Meteor (20 Exp)

The Crystal Tower is a sacred infrastructure; you can’t barge in 
there with your weapons drawn! If you wish to proceed, you must 
remove everyone’s weapons (keep your armors on, though; flashing the 
monsters won’t work). This is not a cataclysmic issue for the two 
magic casters in your party, but Alex… well, he should still perform 
satisfactorily barefisted. 

The resident monsters are susceptible to magic of the lightning and 
fire elements and should pose no great challenge to your party. They 
may drop HealDrop and Heal Gum.

A series of crystalline caves comprise this dungeon, but the path is 
fairly straightforward; only a few caves branch to treasure rooms. 
Your target is a doorway located in the middle of a cave (as opposed 
to the side like the other doorways). Once you enter that doorway, 
pass through two more rooms to interrupt a shady ceremony where a 
circle of powerful mages are forcing Luna to sing. 

A cut scene introduces you to Xenobia and her sisters, dubbed the
three Vile Tribe Witches. They disappear, leaving three pipers in
their place.

Boss (sort of): 3 Piper (105 Exp, 600 Sil)
Party: Alex, Nash, Mia
Suggested Level: 17
Attack: sword slash (target 1)
Detail: Well, this fight concludes your dungeon, so I guess it’s like 
    a boss fight; after it ends, you get warped out of the dungeon
    and you can’t ever come back. It’s really easy though…

Ghaleon is humbly apologetic that he fell for the Vile Tribe’s 
twisted scheme and expresses profound concern about Lunar’s future.
This mysterious Magic Emperor may pose a greater threat than they 
can predict and Ghaleon believes that they need Quark’s wise counsel
to deal with the impending calamity. You, the dragon seeking veteran,
shall guide Ghaleon to Quark. 

During his absence and Lemia’s recovery, Ghaleon appoints Mia and 
Nash in charge of the Magic Guild. As for you, he’ll meet you at 

*-*-*-Chapter 6.3 Old Friends-*-*-*

Location: Meribia
Party: Alex, Luna
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

Once you arrive in Meribia, call upon Mel in his mansion. As the 
Ship for Saith is unready, rest in Jessica’s room for the night
(together, with only Nall as your chaperone…). 

Luna awakes with an ominous nightmare… but let’s ignore that!
Ghaleon is up and at the harbour already (isn’t he in a hurry!) so
don’t keep one of The Four Herores waiting!

*-*-*-Chapter 6.4 Where It Began-*-*-*

Location: Calidor Island
Party: Alex, Luna, Ghaleon
Suggested Level: N/A (You’ve been here before; the monsters that 
    once troubled you are now pesky gnats that waste your time)
Items: Dragon Wings
Monsters: See Weird Woods

You return to your homeland; the kiss of nostalgia caresses your 
Mind… Ghaleon joins your party (one and only time, better make the
most of it!), so go visit around, show him off and impress your 
friends. Ghaleon, on his part, will be courteous and magnanimous
to the little people. He even saves a fairy! 

Something about him seems off though; he keeps on making weird, 
dark asides…

Eventually, you should head for the White Dragon Shrine of the
Weird Wood. You remember where it is, right? 

If you equipped anything of value on Luna, remove it now, for once 
you enter Quark’s shrine, you will lose her. She has an enigmatic 
past that even she doesn’t know about (you should have gathered this
much from the plot so far) and it’s going to embroil her in a course 
of fate that may shatter Lunar’s future!

Anyway, typical fantasy kidnap scene: you try to save her, but you 
are repelled back by a potent magical barrier. You fall to the ground
and everything fades to black…

You awake in Burg; Laike saved you and he is waiting at Dyne’s 
gravestone. Go meet him, you owe him that much (though what was he 
doing there in the first place?). 

After you decide to save Luna against the impossible odds (no, 
really, I thought Alex was gonna stay home and wait for Luna to save 
herself…), Laike gives you the Dragon Wings. What a neat toy! Let’s
give it a test drive…

*-*-*-Chapter 7.1 The Last Hero-*-*-*

Location: Meribia
Party: Alex, Jessica
Suggested Level: 18
Items: None
Monsters: Darklord (21 Exp), Gargoyle (22 Exp), Necroman (22 Exp), 
    Rook (21 Exp)

*-*-*-Chapter 7.2 The New Four Heroes-*-*-*

Location: Vane
Party: Alex, Jessica
Suggested Level: 19
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

Boss: Grandoom (1200 Exp, 0 Sil)
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia
Suggested Level: 19

*-*-*-Chapter 7.3 …And One More-*-*-*

Location: Nanza
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: Heal Drop
Monsters: N/A

Boss (using the term loosely): 2 Zottos (40 Exp, 220 Sil)
Party: Kyle
Suggested Level: N/A (Kyle is the same level as Alex)
Attack: poleaxe attack (target 1)
Details: To see Kyle in action; I can’t think of any other good 
    reason for this battle sequence. It’s super easy, but unique 
    enough to qualify for an honorary “boss” fight.

*-*-*-Chapter 8.1 Of Butterfingers and Lightfingers-*-*-*

Location: Reza
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: Dragon Feather, Mental Drop
Monsters: N/A

Item Shop: HealDrop (200 Sil), ParaClen (60 Sil), 
    Antidote (20 Sil), HolyWatr (100 Sil), DragFetr (100 Sil)

Armor Shop: SilverCh (1200 Sil), BaptRobe (1400 Sil), 
    SorcRobe (2000 Sil), PlatRist (660 Sil)

Weapon Shop: Katana (2800 Sil), Flail (2600 Sil), MeteoRod (5800 Sil)

*-*-*-Chapter 8.2 The Trial’s Trial-*-*-*

Location: Meryod Woods
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level: 20
Items: 2 x 2000 Sil, Femme Tiara, Lucky Bandanna, Scarab Wing
Monsters: Bad Buzz (80 Exp), Gorgon (73 Exp), Hellslug (62 Exp), 
    NoBrainr (65 Exp)

*-*-*-Chapter 8.3 Virtues of Bribery-*-*-*

Location: Meryod
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: Damon’s Memo
Monsters: N/A

Item Shop: Anger O (12000 Sil), HealDrop (200 Sil), 
    ParaClen (60 Sil), Antidote (20 Sil), HolyWatr (100 Sil), 
    AnglTear (600 Sil)

*-*-*-Chapter 9.1 The Tower Trial/Heist-*-*-*

Location: Damon’s Spire
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level: 21
Items: Battle Armor, Brave Bandanna, Cat Ears, Eyeglasses, 
    Ice Pendant, 4 x Mental Gum, Sorcery Robe, Thief’s Heart
Monsters: Batlebat (84 Exp), Gigant (90 Exp), Homunc (80 Exp), 
    Kyklops (86 Exp)

*-*-*-Chapter 9.2 A Thief In Name Only-*-*-*

Location: Reza
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:
Items: 2000 Sil, 5000 Sil, 10000 Sil, Angel’s Tear, Heal Drop, 
    Guild Card, Mental Gum, Shira’s Blueprint
Monsters: N/A

Thief Vendor: MetlPlat (2400 Sil), MetlShld (1800 Sil), 
    MetlHelm (1360 Sil), VaneRobe (3600 Sil), CrysRist (1200 Sil)

*-*-*-Chapter 10.1 Geeks’ Treasures-*-*-*

Location: Iluk
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

Item Shop: Anger O (12000 Sil), HealDrop (200 Sil), 
    ParaClen (60 Sil), Antidote (20 Sil), HolyWatr (100 Sil), 
    AnglTear (600 Sil)

*-*-*-Chapter 10.2 Mutant Farm-*-*-*

Location: Field
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:
Items: 3000 Sil, Crystal Guard, Heal Ring, Spirit Guard
Monsters: Devilfly (147 Exp), Flufball (120 Exp), Maneater (144 Exp), 
    Puffball (86 Exp)

*-*-*-Chapter 10.3 Waning Fire-*-*-*

The air balloon looks so cute! Too bad you can’t always travel by it.

Location: Volcano
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:
Items: Amethyst, Angel Ring, Barrier Ring, Dog Whistle, Fab Guard, 
    Fire Orb, Flame Sword, 5 x Mental Gum, Rainbow Tiara, 
    Red Dragon Shield
Monsters: Blob (140 Exp), Burner (145 Exp), Firel (155 Exp), 
    Scorpion (150 Exp)

When you land, go north, see Mack and a cave entrance.

Mack the Peddler: HealDrop (200 Sil), MentlGum (1000 Sil), 
    ParaClen (60 Sil), AnglTear (600 Sil), Perfume (500 Sil), 
    DragFetr (100 Sil)

Boss: 2 Bronzdog (4000 Exp, 0 Sil)
Element: Fire
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:
Attack: fire claw (target 1), fire breath (target all), double fire 
    ball bounce attack(target ball)

*-*-*-Chapter 11.1 Cruel World-*-*-*

Location: Marius
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

Weapon Shop: IronKnuc (14000 Sil), BraveSw (20000 Sil), 
    Sonic H (7600 Sil), MindStaf (8600 Sil)

Armor Shop: MetlPlat (2400 Sil), MetlShld (1800 Sil), 
    Platinum (1000 Sil), MetlHelm (1360 Sil), JadeTiar (400 Sil). 

*-*-*-Chapter 11.2 Harmony of Dissonance-*-*-*

Location: Lyton
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

Lyton Shop: BattlArm (4800 Sil), BatlShld (3600 Sil), 
    BatlHelm (2600 Sil), RainRist (2400 Sil), HealDrop (200 Sil), 
    AnglTear (600 Sil)

*-*-*-Chapter 11.3 Hearing Aid-*-*-*

Location: Lyton Cave
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:
Items: 5000 Sil, Mental Gum, Mind Robe
Monsters: Giga Ant (190 Exp), Mindblow (200 Exp), Sparkeye (195 Exp)

Mack the Peddler: HealDrop (200 Sil), MentlGum (1000 Sil), 
    ParaClen (60 Sil), AnglTear (600 Sil), Perfume (500 Sil), 
    DragFetr (100 Sil)

*-*-*-Chapter 11.4 Lovers’ and Dragons’ Lament-*-*-*

Location: Blue Dragon Shrine
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:
Items: Angel Ring, Angel’s Tear, Armor Gloves, Dragon Wristband, 
    Freeze Knuckles, Gentle Coat, Ice Dog Tail, Rainbow Bracelet
Monsters: Merlance (240 Exp), Slime (235 Exp), SpikeRat (245 Exp), 
    Waterel (235 Exp)

After a very amusing cut scene, enter the shrine. You see Mack, 
again (man, he gets around).

Mack the Peddler: HealDrop (200 Sil), MentlGum (1000 Sil), 
    ParaClen (60 Sil), AnglTear (600 Sil), Perfume (500 Sil), 
    DragFetr (100 Sil)

*-*-*-Chapter 12.1 Dynamic Duo-*-*-*

Location: Tamur Pass
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:
Items: Angel’s Tear, Brave Helm, Heal Drop, Ice Pup Tail, Wind Staff
Monsters: Dryad (270 Exp), Ice Pup (500 Exp), Ironman (*), 
    Shrieker (275 Exp), Sorcerer (*), Swarmer (280 Exp)

The *  monsters always come in one group formation : 2 Sorcerer and 
1 Ironman; beating them will give you 1520 Exp.

Boss (not really): 2 Zanes (840 Exp, 600 Sil):
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:

Ok, that was easy. So… let’s do it again! See the stats for above.

*-*-*-Chapter 12.2 Mountain Retreat-*-*-*

Location: Tamur
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Nash
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

Armor Shop: SilverPl (9600 Sil), IereRobe (5600 Sil), 
    MidRobe (6800 Sil), DragRist (3800 Sil), LuckBand (2800 Sil)

Item Shop: Barrier O (35000 Sil), HealDrop (200 Sil), 
    AnglTear (600 Sil), ParaClen (60 Sil), Antidote (20 Sil), 
    HolyWatr (100 Sil)

Weapon Shop: BattleSw (9000 Sil), Wind Sw (14000 Sil), 
    HolyHamr (22000 Sil)

*-*-*-Chapter 12.3 Another Tower Trial-*-*-*

Location: Myght’s Tower
Party: Alex, Laike
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: 1000 Sil, Barrier Ring, Cestus, Dark Sword, Heal Drop, 
    Mental Drop
Monsters: M Mirror (93 Exp), MagicHat (107 Exp), MechStar (115 Exp), 
    Spector (76 Exp)

*-*-*-Chapter 13.1 Virtues of Delegation-*-*-*

Location: Tamur
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:
Items: Black Dragon Pendant
Monsters: N/A

Boss (not really): Tempest (0 Exp, 0 Sil)
Party: Alex
Suggested Level:
Attack: arrows (target 1)
Details: Pathetic! Don’t even bother Vigor up; one Sordance and 
    Tempest goes down.

*-*-*-Chapter 13.2 Chasing The Wind-*-*-*

Location: Forest of Illusions
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:
Items: Heal Drop, Holy Tiara, Ice Dog Tail, Mental Drop, 
    Sonic Claw, Spike Shield, Star Bracelet
Monsters: Ambush (390 Exp), Inceptor (410 Exp), Shroom (400 Exp), 
    Yeti (450 Exp)

*-*-*-Chapter 13.3 Black Plague-*-*-*

Location: Pao
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

Item Shop: HealDrop (200 Sil), MentlGum (1000 Sil), 
    AnglTear (600 Sil), HolyWatr (100 Sil)

*-*-*-Chapter 13.4 Joys and Sorrows-*-*-*

Location: Black Dragon Fort
Party: Alex, Nash, Kyle, (Tempest)
Suggested Level:
Items: Angel Ring, Battle Armor, Battle Sword, Dragon Bandanna, 
    Fab Suit, Gentle Glove, 2 x Mental Drop, Judge Stone, Topaz, 
    Tourmaline, Wind Orb
Monsters: Chaos (620 Exp), Coronast (590 Exp), Goth (600 Exp), 
    Torment (610 Exp)

*-*-*-Chapter 14.1 A Link To The Frontier-*-*-*

Location: Varies
Party: Alex, (Nash), Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: Master Sword
Monsters: N/A

*-*-*-Chapter 14.2 The Dark Side Of The Moon-*-*-*

Location: Talon Mine
Party: Alex, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:
Monsters: MechTank (720 Exp), RocBiter (690 Exp), 
     Sergeant (700 Exp), Stalker (710 Exp)

Boss: Black Lamp
Party: Alex, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:

*-*-*-Chapter 15.1 Ties of Blood-*-*-*

Location: Cadin
Party: Alex, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

*-*-*-Chapter 15.2 Despair’s Traitor-*-*-*

Location: Ruid
Party: Alex, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:
Monsters: D Mirror, Raiken, Wyndham

Meet Taben, the anti-Myght!

Boss: Taben
Party: Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, Kyle
Suggested Level:

From this point on, Nash stays with you and your party is stable 
with Alex, Nash, Jessica, Mia, and Kyle. So, I won’t have that 
section up anymore.

*-*-*-Chapter 15.3 Grind To A Halt-*-*-*

Location: Varies
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

*-*-*-Chapter 15.4 The Magic Emperor’s Demise-*-*-*

Location: The Grindery
Suggested Level:

Boss: The Magic Emperor
Suggested Level:

*-*-*-Chapter 16.1 The Darkest Hour-*-*-*

Location: Varies
Suggested Level: N/A
Items: None
Monsters: N/A

*-*-*-Chapter 16.2 Cursed Fate-*-*-*

Location: Althena’s Fortress
Suggested Level:

Boss: Royce
Suggested Level:

*-*-*-Chapter 16.3 Aah! My Goddess-*-*-*

Location: Goddess Tower
Suggested Level:

Boss: Xenobia
Suggested Level:

Boss: Ghaleon
Suggested Level:

*-*-*-Chapter 16.4 Let’s Go Home-*-*-*

Locaton: Meribia
Party: Alex, Luna

* Character Abilities                                               *

Yes, I know it's not finished... it will be though in the future!

Sordance (Start) 6
Blast (Level 10) 9
Vigor (Level 12) 10
Flash (Level 18) 18 
WindDirk (Full Arts Guage Default)
Dragonmaster only:

HealSong (Start) 4
PureSong (Level 5) 4
Lullaby (Level 7) 8
PowrSong (Level 9) 10
Tranquil (Level 10) 15
RunSong (Level 12) 10
Goddess (Full Arts Guage Default)

Riot (Start) 6
Stone (Start) 6
Confuse (Level 12) 7
Enclose (Level 15) 8
Sparker (Level 18)
Sleep (Level 20) 
Blitz (Level 23) 
Thorbolt (Level 34)
ThorRain (Full Arts Guage Default)

Heal Ave (Start): 
Calm Ave (Start):
Pure Ave (Start):
GraceAve (Level 24)
Fear Ave (Level 27)
Love Ave (Level 31)
Miracle (Level 35)
Smite (Full Arts Gauge Default)

FlameArc (Start) 7
Freezer (Start) 5
Blizzard (Start) 10
IceShell (Start) 
Sleet (Level 21) 
Fireball (Level 24) 
Buck Up (Level 27) 
Inferno (Level 35) 
MistVeil (Full Arts Gauge Default)

Slash (Start) 6
Sweep (Start) 9
Sonic (Start) 14
Heat Up (Start) 8
Shiner (Full Arts Gauge Default)

Flarrow (Start) 8
RushWind (Start) 10

* CARD COLLECTING                                                   *

All bosses drop their respective cards guaranteed.

All monsters may drop their respective cards. Card Hunter 
    increases your chances of receiving a card from them.

Card Shop sells character cards.

No. 55: a chest in the Goddess Tower

Old Hag on Calidor Island

Spring in Marius.

Forbidden Forest in Stadius

Location: Forbidden Forest
Party: Alex and… depends on where you are in the plot
Suggested Level: 
Items: 10000 Sil, Flame Ring, Magical Hat, Pheonix Claw, Ruby Gloves
Monsters: Ampshire (160 Exp), Hotfoot (165 Exp), Nautilus (175 Exp), 
    Vorboar (170 Exp)

* SECRETS                                                           *

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*-*-*-Master Book and the Angel Sword-*-*-*

* EXTRA NOTES                                                       *

Thanks to UbiSoft and Game Arts and Nintendo for making Lunar Legend 
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* FAQ                                                               *

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* Item Guide

See above in FAQ.


*-*-*-Shields & Wrist Gear-*-*-*

*-*-*-Body Armor-*-*-*

*-*-*-Head Gear-*-*-*

*-*-*-Magic Gear-*-*-*