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"I love nostalgia, don't you?"

Intro: I can remember playing Ghouls N’ Ghosts for the Sega Genesis and dying all the time, never getting by the first level. Well, times have changed.

Story: You are King Arthur, a Knight of the Round Table. You have just returned home from a troublesome journey to your girl and your castle. As there are festivities celebrating your return, and as your love falls into your arms, a giant red demon scoops your girl up and flies away. Darn it, you lose more girls like that. Armed with armor, a spear and polka-dotted boxer shorts (I’m not kidding), you go out to kick some demonic bee-hind.

Graphics: I know this game was a rehash from the SNES version, but it sufficed. The levels aren’t the same as the Sega version, but the graphics are 16-bit quality. Now graphics do not a game make, but these were screaming “nostalgia” at the top of their lungs. The graphics are also clear enough that you can even see King Arthur’s polka-dotted boxer shorts. Ha, Ha. Shows you how outdated this game is.

Difficulty: This is where, in most people’s eyes, the GNG games take a nosedive. I hate games that are too easy on Easy, and too hard on Normal (*cough, Enter the Matrix cough*). This wasn’t the case. This game is hard on Easy! I spent many troublesome hours just getting by the first level, it’s so hard. The guys at Capcom really take joy in our misery in these games, don’t they? The difficulty just makes you want to tear all (or at least some) of your hair out and/or do unspeakable things to the game and/or Game Boy Advance. However, having played the Sega version of this (which I think is harder), I have the patience to take on this game. Oh yeah, one word of advice: Avoid the red demons at all costs. They are the most annoying creatures in all of video game history.

Sounds/Music: The music from the first level wins the award for “Most likely music to pop into your head at any given point without warning”. You’ll hear it so much because you’ll die in approximately 1 minute from starting the stage. This music will become so redundant that you’ll memorize it in two go-throughs. Of course, the Sega versions’ is funnier and better because it’s more cheesy. However, this does not detract from the score because the music is so good.

Gameplay: Simple is the name of the game. You use the B button to fire your weapon, and you use the A button to jump.

Sum it up!!
Story: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Difficulty: Way, Way, WAY Above average
Sounds/Music: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Final Score: 50/50= A+

The Last Word: I've seen people take off points for this game because it was ''too hard''. Let me tell you, the key to this game is PATIENCE. If you have patience, you will have fun with this game.

And now for something completely different...
''Eat, Drink and be merry, for tomorrow... another 989 NFL game will come out!''

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 01/01/04

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