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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i transfer data from golden sun to golden sun the lost age?

So,i need a link cable and another gameboy right? The golden sun the lost age press transfer data. And the golden sun i just leave it in the main menu. Ok...NOTHING WORK! Am i missing something here? And what should i do with golden sun while i m transfering the data?

Additional details - 5 years ago

And oh ya. If usung a link cable didn't work. How do i get the code for transfering data?

Accepted Answer

From: K_Tails 5 years ago

There is a way to only use 1 system. First turn on Golden Sun, at the main menu ( where it says continue/new game/battle etc ) hold down the R button, hold down left and press B. You'll see a new option. This takes a clear data and copies it into a code:

Gold: Transfers Djinn, Characters Stats, Items, and Money.

Silver: Transfers Djinn and Character Stats

Bronze: Transfers Djinn

Gold codes are about 260 Letters long, Silver is around 61, Bronze is around 16.

Now turn on Golden Sun TLA. If you're starting a new game, click on use a code and then enter it. Or you can click on "Update" to use the code on a previous existing file. You can update as many times as you want intill a certian point in the game after the first lighthouse.

Please note that "t's" and "+'s" look VERY similar, you can get confused easily when re-entering the code.

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