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Golden Sun 2 - The Lost Age
Summon Tablet and Sidequest Guide© V.2.7 5/9/2003
By Sherman Luong
Please Do Not Use This Walkthrough Without My Permission First!

Table of Contents

I.   About this Guide
II.  History
III. Summon Tablets
IV.  Side quests
      A. Madra Catacombs
      B. Kimbobo/Gamboa Catacombs
      C. Alhafra Caverns
      D. Taopo Swamp
      E. Treasure Isle
      F. Yampi Desert Cave
      G. Sea of Time Islet/Islet Cave
      H. Anemos Sanctum
V.   Events triggered by Golden Sun transfer
      A. Bandits of Vault 
      B. Feizhi's Wedding Plans? 
      C. Collosso: The Second coming 
      D. RedBeard/Deadbeard - The New King of Pirates 
VI. Copyright

I.About this Guide
This guide is useful for locating all the Summon Tablets found throughout the 
lands of Weyard. The guide will show the locations of the summon tablets and 
when they are available. The organization of the summon tablets is 
chronological to the plot so you will most likely have the right psynergies 
to get them. I have included a Sidequest FAQ since the reward of some 
sidequests is a summon tablet. If any of the locations are wrong please 
just send me an email at Instead of using up, down, left,
and right. I have used north, south, east, and west so you will not get 
confuse on whos left or right I am refering to.

V.1.0 (April 27, 2003) Just started collecting and inputing information.
V.1.5 (May 1, 2003) Finishing up adding and editing all information.
V.2.0 (May 9, 2003) Proofreading, copyright information, and Submission date.
V.2.5 (May 11, 2003) Added new section Events Triggered by Golden Sun I
V.2.7 (May 13, 2003) Added Alhafra Caverns, and locating some isles.

III. Summon Tablet

Zagan - Requires 1 Venus and 1 Mars
Required Psynergy - Move, Lash, Pound

This is the first Summon Tablet you will encounter. After exiting the Dehkan
Plateau, head west along the road until you see a cave. Enter the cave,
Indra Caverns. Cast Move on the pillar and move it to the middle, and then
cast Lash on the rope. Go up the rope and jump from the pillar to grab Zagan.
There you go, your first Summon Tablet!

Flora - Requires 1 Venus and 2 Jupiter
Required Psynergy - Whirlwind, Move

The first few steps will take you to the level where Flora is. If you know
how to get there, skip to step 12.
1. Enter Air Rock's interior.

2. Proceed forward, around and go down the ladders. Then proceed around the
room, go up the next ladder and enter the room.

3. In the next room head east and enter the door east of the door you came
out of.

4. Proceed east and enter the first door that is north of the screen.

5. Solve the puzzle using Pound and moving a wooden pillar over a pounded
gray pillar.

6. Hop over to the other side and head south to the Wind Stone. Use Whirlwind
northward to clear the northern barrier.

7. Hop back over and head north to the other wind stone. Use Whirlwind south-
ward to clear the southern barrier.

8.Proceed south and go through the south path where the southern barrier was
once there.

9.Proceed through the door and go down the ladder. Push the wooden pillar to
the square target.

10. Go back up the ladder, through the door and backtrack out the other door.

11. Head southeast until you see the wooden pillar you just moved. Hop on it
and hop to the other ledge. Proceed forward and enter the door.

This is the room where Flora is located.
12. Proceed toward the only path that you can take. Go down the ladders, up
the other ladder, go around the corner and enter the door.

13. Proceed north a little until you see a wooden pillar. Move the wooden
pillar one space to the left.

14. Head west to the now open path and go southward and enter the door.

15. Head west a little until you see a wooden pillar. Move that wooden pillar
east a space. Go back through the door you just came through.

16. Now proceed northward, and go down the ladder. Move right below the
wooden pillar and use Move to move it one space to the east. Go and stay one
space to the east of the empty steam jet. Use Move to move the wooden pillar
back to its original spot. Go up the stairs, hop on the pillar and proceed
through the door.

17. Go down the ladder and push the wooden pillar to its square target. Go
back up the ladder you came down from. Go up to the Tiki and let it carry you
over to the other side.

18. Cast Whirlwind southward to knock the wooden pillar which you have moved
over earlier to its new spot.

19. Head to the spot where the wooden pillar landed. It's at the beginning of
step 12.

20. Jump over and grab Flora!

Megaera - Requires 1 Mars and 1 Jupiter
Required Psynergy - Scoop

Head North of Mikasalla until you hit the mountain range. Then head east until
you see a cave. Enter the cave and use Scoop on the X-shape crack on the
ground. Go down the newly revealed ladder. Walk through the cavern to go up
the next set of ladder. Go up and grab Megaera! Easy, no?

Moloch - Requires 2 Mercury and 1 Jupiter
See Madra Catacombs side quest.

Ulysses - Requires 2 Mercury and 2 Mars
Required Psynergy - Move, Parch, Frost, Reveal, sand
This Summon Tablet is located in Izumo Catacombs. To enter this Cavern, head
to north of town and push the wooden pillar one space to the east and use
Reveal to reveal a hidden entrance. Go down the ladder to enter the Catacombs.
This whole area is very straightforward that it isn't even worth mentioning
much. Besides using Sand in the beginning, Use Move when you have to and use 
Frost on the puddles. There is a Phantasmal Mail in the south corner. Then use 
Parch on the pool, go down the ladder, go through the door and grab Ulysses!

Eclipse - Requires 2 Mecury and 3 Jupiter
Requirements - Ability to get into Lemuria and Lucky Medals.

This Summon Tablet can be easy or hard to get depending on your luck.
Basically, when you're in Lemuria, play at the fountain and try to hit the
bullseye with a lucky medal. One of the prizes for hitting Bulls Eye is
this rare Eclipse! It is one of the most powerful summons in the game.
Save before playing at the fountain, and try for the Eclipse first before
going for the other items.

Haures - Requires 3 Venus and 2 Mars
Required Pysnergy - Carry

This Summon Tablet is located in Angara Caverns that is due north of the
town of Loho. Its very straightforward. Go down a series of stairs. When you 
see the summon tablet room, use Carry to move the two stones on top of one 
another and hop over it to grab Haures!

Coatlicue - Requires 3 Mercury and 3 Jupiter
Required Psynergy - Hover, Parch
This Summon Tablet is located in a cavern at the southwest coast of Atteka.
Use the Hover ability to fly to the location. Go inside the cave, Use Parch
on the water, then go and grab Coatlicue!

Azul - Requires 3 Venus and 4 Mercury
See Treasure Isle Side Quest
Catastrophe - Requires 3 Mars and 5 Jupiter
See Sea of Time Islet Side Quest
Daedalus - Requires 3 Venus and 4 Mars
See Yampi Desert Cave Side Quest
Charon - Requires 8 Venus and 2 Jupiter
See Anemos Sanctum Side Quest
Iris - Requires 4 Mercury and 9 Mars
See Anemos Sanctum Side Quest

IV.Side Quest

A. Madra Catacombs
Required Psynergy - Reveal, Tremor, Frost, Lash and Growth.

*There are other ways to enter, but this opening will always be there

To enter the Madra Catacombs, proceed inside the town and go down the ladder
next to the inn. Go south to the next room, and head west and enter the door.
In the next room, follow the only path and go down the ladder. Walk
next to the sign. Use Reveal to reveal a trigger, and use it to open the Gate.

Go through the Gate and follow the brick road northwestward and go through
the first opening on the north. (It's a broken house, with a water puddle
on the other end) Follow the path until you see a vine on a wooden pillar.
Push the pillar to its circle target and climb up the pillar. Jump over to
the other side of the building, go north and use Move to pull the wooden
pillar so it will fall on the circle target. Proceed west to the newly open
path and climb down the vines and enter the door on the west end. Jump over
to the ledge on the east and go down the stairs. Go through the door and
grab the Tremor Bit.

Proceed back outside to the main gate. From the main gate, again head
northwestwardly and instead of going into the first opening, pass it and
proceed north into the door. Go into the door on the right and head all
the way north and take the stairs up. Follow the path and go down the next
step of stairs. Go and grab the lucky medal. Backtrack and exit this

Now head east and stand next to the water puddle you passed by earlier
and use Frost on it. Go up two steps and head southeast to grab the apple in
the chest. Head south and go around the building and use Move to move the
wooden pillar one space to the right. Go back around the building where you
came from and head north and go back up the vine wooden pillar that you
moved earlier. This time head eastward. Jump on the brown ledge, that looks
camouflauge to the brown wall. Follow the path around and hop on the wooden
pillar to get to the other side. Head due west until you reach the rope,
Use Lash on it and cross to the other side. Slide down ONLY ONCE, and hop
on the frost pillar and hop to the other ledge and enter the door. Go through
the door on the left and go next to the cabinet and use Tremor to make the
chest fall down.

Head back out the two doors, and take the west path all the way down and go
down the vines to grab the mist potion. Go up the vines and take the slide
that is just to the east. Proceed around this building and head west. Go
into the door that you went into earlier to grab the lucky medal. Once you're
in the door head straight and go in the two big doors. Grab the Ruin Key
found in the chest on the left side of the room. Go back out of the door,
take the door to the east and go down the stairs. Use the Ruin Key to
open the locked door, go in and grab Moloch!

B.Gabomba Caverns
Required Psynergy - Cyclone, Frost, Reveal

To enter the Gabomba caverns, use the ladder that goes down at the end of
the Gabomba statue when you were there earlier to get the black crystal for
Peirs. Go down that ladder to enter the Gaboma Caverns.

Head south and go down the ladder, then head north until you see a patch of
grass you can't reach because you are blocked by rocks. Stand close to the
rock and the nearest grass and use Cyclone. The Cyclone will take you to a
Venus Djinn, Mud. After finishing the Venus Djinn, slide down the slide. Go
up the Ladder nearby and go north around the rocks and go into the door.

Slide down the slide, And use the Cyclone on the big grass patch to your
southwest. After it takes you to the next spot, take the west path that 
eventually curves north and enter the door. Proceed northwest until you see a 
big patch of grass. Use Cyclone to reveal a Mint. Proceed north and go down 
the ladder and head south until you see a plus-shaped grass patch. Use Cyclone
on it and use Frost to create a pillar on the puddle. Backtrack and hop over 
the Frost pillar to cross over to the other side. Head north and use Reveal 
to reveal a hidden door. Go into the hidden door.

Head west and proceed upstream using the B button to gain momentum speed.
Then head south until you cannot move south anymore. Use Cyclone to reveal
a water puddle and use Frost to change it into a frost pillar. Go back into
the river and take the bottom path westward. Go up the ladder, hop over the
frost pillar and enter the door.

Go down the ladder, and proceed north. If you wish to fight a mad plant, Use
Cyclone on the grass patch. Afterwards, proceed forward and grab the
Tomegathericon! Use Retreat to get back out.

C. Alhafra Caverns
Required Psynergy - Tremor, Frost, Pound, Lash

To access the ALhafra Caverns you need to get the Large Bread to the hungry
kid near the docks. To do so, after you have defeated Briggs, head to the back
of the ship and enter the secret door behind a big crate. Use Tremor on the 
crate with the large bread. After you recieved the Large Bread proceed to the
docks and find a crying little boy who's hungry. Give him the bread and he 
will thank you and tell you to talk to his father. The father is the guard
guarding the entrance to the caverns just next to the mayor's house. He will
thank you and allow you entrance.

Once you are down inside the Alhafra Caverns proceed, north into the door. 
Continue on south cross the wooden bridge, go south more and enter the next 
door. Proceed west and use Pound on the pillar and head south. Go down the 
ladder and Use Lash on the rope, climb up and get some money, the Ixion armor,
and a Lucky Medal.

The next part requires that Brigg's has escape triggered event during the 
second time you visit Alhafra. After Brigg's has escape you can enter the
caverns again and instead of heading south after the first door proceed east
and use Frost on the puddle to grab the last three chest there. It will be a
Potion, a Psy Crystal and some money. Go south into the jail and grab a power
bread in a bowl.

Thats it, its quite straight forward. And the monsters there aren't worth to 
stay any longer.

D. Taopo Swamp
Required Psynergy - Move, Growth, Whirlwind, Cyclone, Douse, Frost, Tremor
Taopo Swamp is located South of Yallem but you will have to travel northwest
around the mountain range to get to it.

As you enter the second screen of Taopo Swamp you will notice the ground is
swamp and if you do not follow the correct path you will sink and be taken to
the stairs you started out in. The trick is to step on the bubbles. You will
have 10 steps before you sink. Make those 10 steps count.

Use Move on the stump to push the stump into the swamp then hop over the
plank and proceed to the north into the first grass door. Use Whirlwind on
the door, go in and grab a Tear stone from the rock in the middle. Head back
out and go down the stairs.

Stand on the first bubble. Head south onto the next bubble. Then hop on the
next two bubbles to the west. Go one bubble south, then go on the bubble to
the west and then up around the two sticks to the next bubble to the west.
Carefully go to the next bubble located south of you and then go up the stairs
to exit the screen and grab the cookie in the chest. Now backtrack back onto 
the bubble. This time go back north onto the bubble, around the sticks to 
the bubble to the east and head east again to the next bubble.

Proceed south onto the next bubble, then east and northeast to the next
bubble. East to the next bubble and north. Then head on the next two bubbles
to the east then south and go up the stairs. Go into the door and into the
next door. You will now enter the room where the Venus Djinn Flower is. Your
goal here is to push the Flower down into the ravine. In order to do so you 
will have to Move the wooden pillars into the steam to make a bigger stream to
push the djinn down. Its fairly simple to do. Once you pushed the djinn down, 
slide down the slide that is just east of the east wooden pillar you have to 
move and battle the Djinn.

After you defeat the Djinn, slide down and if you wish to fight a mad plant
use Cyclone on the grass patch. The other grass patch has a bramble seed,
but who needs it? Go through either door depending on which path you took.
Proceed into the door in the north in the middle section of the room. Go
into the other door. Head south and grab a Tear Stone from one of the

You may wish to stop at Taopo Swamp since the rest of it will only net you
a Star Dust and a Vial. And waste precious time.

Proceed back to the entrance. Use Growth on the vine, climb up the vine, and
slide down the two slides. Use Whirlwind on the grass door and enter it.
Proceed north into the door to room.

Proceed east and enter the door. Go west until you see a steam and a
slide. Use Douse on it to create a puddle. Then when the steam disappears
use Frost on it and then climb up the ladder and hop over to the other side.
Slide down the slide and enter the door to the west. Proceed to enter the
door to the east.

You will now enter the lava section of Taopo Swamp. Proceed south, use Douse
on the lava rock, move it into the lava, and hop on it and over to the south.
Proceed south into the door. Take the first stepping stone to the east. Time
the second steam and hop north, then east, then proceed south onto land and
work your way west until you see a lava rock. Use Douse on it, and move into
the lava. You can backtrack and grab a Vial from the chest. Once you're down,
head the same way back but east until you see another lava rock. Use Douse on 
it and move it into the lava. Head over to the other side and proceed north 
into the next screen. Approach the pillar with a large boulder on top of it. 
Use Tremor on it to stop the lava flow.

Backtrack south past the stepping stone room, head north into the door and
head to the half dried up lake area. Head north into the room. Use Douse and
move the stone. Head south into the door. Follow the only path and enter the
next door. Head West into a little northern corner, use Reveal and Scoop to
grab the Star Dust. Now use Douse on the lava rock in the center to fight the
boss. OH wait theres no boss here. You're done with this swamp, just leave now
if you didn't leave already earlier.

E. Treasure Isle Quest
Required Psynergy - Grind, Move, Lift

The Treasure Isle is located north of the Eastern Sea, it is the large island,
on the in-game map that is north of Izumo Isle. Basically the northest island.
As you enter the cave proceed north and take the west path to find 3 doors.
Go into the third door, the one farthest from you, and pick up a Lucky Medal
in one of the chest. Head back out and proceed west and take the northmost
door. (Note: The other two doors contains empty chests; if you don't believe
me just go in there yourself). You will enter a room with many chests to your
west. The first two sets are all empty chests, you will want to reach the last
set. To do so proceed forward and step on the trigger to have the stepping
stones turn into large boulders. Use Grind on the one directly to the east.
Hop over the stepping stones to the east and enter the door to the south.

Proceed south but do not go up the ladder. Instead, jump over the water to the
east and go around the stones and hop over to the stepping stones and follow
the stones into the wooden pillar area. Push the pillar onto the trigger,
then push it again once more time to the east. Now backtrack through the
stepping stone and stop right next to the wooden pillar. Use Move on the
pillar to push it back onto the trigger. You will see the large boulder is
now up. Proceed up the ladder and cross over and enter the door on the
other side.

Now head north and step on the trigger to activate the large boulders. Then
proceed east and use Grind on the east most large boulder. Proceed to hop
northwards and before going up the ladder you may wish to move the wooden
pillar on the west into its circle target to make backtracking easier. If
not, proceed up the ladder, cross the rope, hop over the stones westward and
grab the Jester's Armlet in the chest. Backtrack through the way you came
and go down the ladder. Proceed north and go into the door. Take the south
path and go into the door there.

You will now be back in the room you were in earlier with empty chests on
the isle. This time head south and use Move to move the pillar to its circle
target. Head west and grab all the items in the chest; which includes a Star
Dust, Rusty Axe and a Sylph Feather. Backtrack into the door you came through
and this time proceed northeast and go into the door that is all the way to
the north. (Note: You can take the northeast path and battle a Mimic chest

Follow the path and use Lift on the first boulder you see. Proceed north and
then west until you see a fork. Head west to grab an Iris Robe from the chest,
then head south and proceed along the path until you see another boulder. Use
Lift and go through and enter the door to the north.

You will now see the Jupiter Djinn Gale to your west.  Use Lift on the Bottom
West boulder and the Top West boulder. Continue north and jump over the ledges
to get to the northside of the top East boulder. Go south then jump over the
ledge to go up the ladder. Head west and take the rope south, then jump east
twice and go down the ladder and go into the door. Immediately go back out
of the door. This time since all the boulders are down so you can easily reach
and battle the Jupiter Djinn Gale to the west and get the Fire Brand Sword to
the north. The Fire Brand is a very useful sword so pick it up. Once you
finish, head into the door that you immediatly backed out of. Proceed through
the northeast path and enter the door there. It is time to prepare for the 
Boss fight, so SAVE.

The Star Magician is the third hardest boss in this game, he has about
8,000hp and gives 8000exp and 5500gold. His balls(not a word from you) have
around 400-500hp and gives about 400exp and some coins. But if you have a
good strategy then he is fairly easy to beat. His main problem is his
refresh balls and his guardian balls. Make sure they are killed before you
attack the Star Magician. Allow the Star Magician to have all four thunder
balls so he can not spawn more refresh or guardian balls. Then pound him down
with everything you got. Have Jenna or Mia heal with Cool Aura and Wish Well
when needed. Have Shade, Flash, or Granite handy at all times. That will
minimize damage on your party and still pound the Star Magician down. Once
he is defeated your reward is the Azul Summons!

F. Yampi Desert Cave Quest
Required Psynergy - Sand, Teleport, Burst, Move, Scoop, Pound

Enter Yampi Desert through the Alhafra side and proceed all the way to the
western most sand fall. Use Sand to navigate up the sand fall and head north
to enter the Yampi Desert Cave.

Once you have entered the cave proceed north and grab the Water of Life in
the chest. continuing north you will see a teleport pad. Use Teleport on it
to transfer yourself deeper into the cave. Once in the cave, head north then
west. Use Sand to get through the rocks, and Burst to free the door and
proceed to enter the door.

Move the pillars away and use Sand to reach the door to the north. In the next
room, take the west path and use Scoop to get the Mythril Silver. Now proceed
all the way east, then north and enter the door there. Proceed down the ladder
and use Sand to get to the other side, then use Move to move the pillar down 
once. Now head south and enter the door. Go west and grab the Dark Matter in 
the chest, then go east and south to enter the door to the next room.

You now need to move several pillars to get through. First move the
southmost horizontal pillar down. Then move the other horizontal pillar up,
and move the other horizontal pillar back up. Now move the eastmost veritical
pillar across the screen to the right. Use Sand twice now and move the two
horizontal pillars down. Use Sand again and move the westmost vertical pillar
to the right. Go up the ladder and into the door there. Hop over the pillar
and go down the ladder. Use Move to move the wooden pillar one space to the
west. Backtrack out of this room, and climb back down the ladder. Go south
into the door, then head east and grab the Orihalcon in the chest and use
Burst on the pillar. Now hop over to the other side and enter the door. Head
west, use Sand and enter the west most door, you have been through this door

Proceed north and enter the first door you see. Now climb down the ladder,
use Scoop on the sand to battle the Venus Djinn Crystal. After defeating the
Djinn, use Pound on the wooden pillar and enter the door to the north. Move
the wooden pillar to its circle target. Go back into the door you came
through. Go up the only ladder you can in the room. Move the rolling pillars,
use Sand and take the door to the north.  Take the east path and go into the
door. Head west and hop over the pillar and go into the door there. Then head
west again and hop over the pillar you have just moved earlier and head into
the door to the north. Once inside the door, prepare yourself for battle and

The Boss here is named Valukar, he has about 13,000hp and gives about 8700exp
and 5000gold. He is not that hard to beat. He is weak against water, just
pound him down with summons and if you have the Sol Blade use it. Once he is
defeated your reward is the Daedalus Summons! Use Retreat and you have
finished the Yampi Desert Cave quest.

G. Sea of Time Isle Quest
Required Pysenrgy - Mind Read, Teleport, Move, Frost, Sand, Tremor
Requirements - Able to sail in Pier's ship.

* If you have passed this part and want to skip to the main quest, skip pass 
to the "*****" line and start from there. :)

To be able to trigger the entrance for the Sea of Time Isle, you first must
complete a mini animal quest. It's fairly simple but you must travel the whole
Great Eastern Sea to achieve it.

The first island you need to visit is the artic island, E Tundara Islet,
found due south of Yallam, near the Tundara area. When you enter the island
you will see a penguin looking over to the other side of the island. Use Mind
Read on the penguin to see what he wants. Go save his friend by jumping over
the moving rocks, climb up the ladder and push the log down. Then move or
push the female penguin back over to the other side. Mind Read the pair and
recieve a pretty stone. Before you exit the island be sure to enter the
building to grab a lucky medal.

Your next island stop will be the island named SE Angara Islet, it is located
just west of Izumo island. As you enter the island you will see two treasure
hunters hinting on the whereabouts of treasure islet. They don't provide much
else. Now use Move to move the northmost crate down and line it up with the
other crate, then use Frost on the water puddle. Then go up the stairs and
push the other crate down on the crate. Hop over and Mind Read the bird.
Give the bird the pretty stone in exchange for a red handkerchief. Before you
exit the place, hop over to the boat and grab a lucky medal in one of the

Now with the red handkerchief in your posession proceed toward N Osenia Islet,
located due north of Alhafra. Use sand on the sandy area to get to the cow.
Mind Read the cow and exchange your red handkerchief for a bottle of milk
from the cow. Before you exit the place go inside the building and grab a
lucky medal in one of the jars.

With the bottle of milk, be sure not to drink it or you will never get to the
sea of time islet(hehe). Your next destination is the West Indra Islet,
located due north of Gondawan Cliffs. When you're in town go around town and
grab the lucky medal in the barrel just west of the hut. Then proceed to hop
over to the dog and talk to him with Mind Read. The dog being grateful for
the milk that you place in the water will give you a little turtle, which
was probably hidden in his stomach before. Take that turtle and exit town.

Finally your at the last leg of quest. Your destination is the Sea of Time
Islet. Located just north of the Apojji Islet. Go around the house and Mind
Read the turtle and give him his mate. The turtle will be grateful and will
take you to his "secret" area which is the Islet Cave entrance. You now can
access the Islet Cave anytime you wish. Just Mind Read the turtle to travel
to and from there.

From here on is the walkthrough for the Islet Cave quest.

Once you're inside the cave proceed to the first teleport spot. Do not use the
teleport yet. Instead head west and log roll yourself over to the chest and
grab the turtle boots. Then log roll back and head east and jump over a stone,
then go inside the door. Log roll over to the east, head south hop over a
stone and log roll with the log going north. You will run into the Venus Djinn
Meld. He's not that hard, what djinn battle is? Beat him and log roll your
way back down. Now head all the way north and log roll on the northmost log
westward and go into the door. Then log roll off the first log you see to
head west and grab the rusty staff from the chest.

Now backtrack your way back to the first teleport spot you were at earlier.
You can use Retreat to get there if you don't mind wasting 6 points. Now if
you have the Teleport Lapis from the Mars Lighthouse, use Teleport to
transport yourself across to the other side. Go inside the door. The path
here is the easiest to go through, It is 5 straight hallway rooms. Just keep
going north. When you are heading through the hallway, you will notice a
moving statue. Use Tremor on it to reveal the Mercury Djinn Serac. Fight and
defeat it. At the end of the fifth hallway, prepare yourself for a boss

The Boss is called Sentinel, and it heals itself 200hp a turn, and status
effects doesn't affect it that much. So put as many djinns on standby except
for Flash, Shade, and Granite, and just summon it to death. The boss has
around 9000hp and isn't really that hard to defeat. Having Flash, Shade, and
Granite will greatly increase your protection; just make sure you have one
free a turn. When you beat it, it will give you around 10.5k exp and
6000coins. Proceed to grab the Summon Tablet he was protecting. Now you have
Catastrophe at your disposal!

H. Anemos Sanctum Quest
Requirements - All 72 Djinnis must be collected
Required Psynergy - Teleport, Reveal, Sand, Move, Lift, Hover

Anemos Sanctum is located in Contigo, the entrance is the teleport pad in the
midde of town.

Before you enter the main part of the Sanctum, stand at the front door of the
temple. Use Reveal to enter the door and grab the Dragon Skin in the chest.
Go back out and go back in town where there is a teleport pad in the center
of town. Use Teleport to get into the main area of the Sanctum.

If you have all 72 Djinnis, just walk around the four element squares to
activate each of the squares. Once all squares are activated, the door will 
open to allow you to enter the Sanctum. Go in the door, and you will see a
Summon Tablet in the next room. It is Charon, go and grab it! Proceed
through to the next room. Go down the ladder and enter the door to the next
room. Go down and head west then north and enter the door.

Proceed west and enter the door there. It will take you to a room where you
will see a stone tablet with a image of a stick figure there. This stone will
mimic your every move up and down but will mimic inversely for right and left.
Now go UP twice, then left once, Up twice, right twice, and Up three times,
now move left all the way to have the stone hit the trigger. The door will
open so proceed to enter it. Then head east and follow the hallway until you
see the wooden pillar. Push the wooden pillar all the way to its circle
target and then enter the door  just north of you. Then head east and enter
the door to your south. Walk over all the black dots to turn them white which
activates the elevator. Go on the elevator and let it take you to the next

Go into the only door there then head west and push the pillar all the way
to its circle target. Go back around the green stones, and continue on
westward. Hop over the two little open spaces and continue along the path and
enter the door. Then go into the door just west of you. Proceed north and
enter the first door on your right. Go and grab the Dark Matter in the chest.
and go back out the door. Proceed north until you see the sand area then head
east and enter the door to the south.

You will now see a puzzle of broken tiles. The path to take is to head west all
the way. Then south all the way. Then go east all the way. Then go north two
spaces. Then west six spaces, north two spaces, east two spaces, north two
spaces, east two spaces, south two spaces, then east two spaces and north two
spaces and hop on to the elevator pad. Once you're in the next room, proceed
north and enter the only door there. Head west and move the wooden pillar
onto the circle target. Head all the way east and enter the eastmost

Proceed west and use Lift on the boulder and head to the door on the south
end of the room. Follow the path and enter the door on the other side. You
will enter another human tablet puzzle. This one is not hard, just use the
north side of the stone just north of the moving stone as a barrier. Move the
stone north of that stone then you move south; that would give you plenty of
space to navigate your moving man to its destination. Go in the door and
then jump over the edge and push the eastmost pillar into one of the circle
targets. Now backtrack all the way back out to the boulder. Use Lift on the
boulder again and and this time take the door to the north. Go along the path
and enter the door at the other end. When you exit, jump on the platform and
hop over in-between the two wooden pillars. This time push the one to the
east all the way to the remaining circle target. Now proceed to back out the
door you came through and go back to north of the boulder. Use lift again and
go south. Instead of going out the door, go east and stand on the ledge facing
the last unmoved wooden pillar. Use Move on it to move it to one side. Jump
over the ledge and push it away enough so that you can jump over the platform
to your north. Jump over that platform and use Move and push the wooden
pillar all the way to the end so it will open the door. (Note: After the
wooden pillar hits the target, DO NOT continue walking straight into the
pillar, you will get stuck on the top of the pillar. Yeah its a bug.) Now
proceed into the newly open door. Hop over the ledge and enter the next

As you enter the next room, take the only path that you can take, and enter
the room. You will enter another moving stone tablet puzzle room. This one
is tricky but just move north twice, east once, north twice, east once, north
four times, south one, west once, south three times, west three times, north 
twice, east three times, north all the way and then west all the way. Go in 
the door after it opens. Go north into the next door and grab the Orihalcon in 
the chest. Go back out of the room and head east and enter the next door.

You will next encounter another broken tile puzzle. Go on the first broken
tile, then move west once, and then north once. Exit the puzzle to the west.
Proceed to move all the way around, bypass the first cross section and
continue around the room and use Move on the wooden pillar found to the
east. Go back out and this time at the cross section go south and enter back
onto the broken tile puzzle. This time make your way to the east exit of the
puzzle and hop over to the sand area. Use Sand and cross over. Push the
wooden pillar aside and move north until you see another wooden pillar in
the way. Push that pillar away and enter the door.

You will now enter the final room of Anemos Sanctum. There is a picture
puzzle of a spider which is fairly easy to put together. Once the spider is
put together, SAVE YOUR GAME NOW. Once you move the spider it will take you
to fight the boss right away. So prep up and save your game!

Dullahan is the toughest boss in the game, he has about 17,000HP and would
give you 15,600exp and around 6500coins. You will need to be at least level
40 to defeat him. The following strategy was used when I was at level 45.
I placed all the Djinnis in stand-by except for Shade, which was on Piers,
Granite, which was on Felix and Flash, which was on Garet. You also need to
reform your party, because you will be using both. For the first team I have
Felix, Isaac, Sheba, and Ivan. On the second team I have Jenna, Mia, Garet,
and Piers. Once you have everything set, remember to SAVE!

Once you're ready, use Hover to bring the spidercraft to Dullahan. When the 
battle begins, have Felix and Isaac use Charon, Sheba, and Ivan use Thor. 
Afterwards, do not try to heal your guys yet. Just attack him with everything
you have. After your first party dies, it will autoswitch to the second
team. Immediately have all four use Ulysses and follow up on the next turn.
Have Jenna and Mia use Ulysses and the rest use their best attack. Dullahan
should die shortly afterwards. You might think its easy, but at any point in
this process Dullahan can cast Djinn Storm or Charon. You will have to
reset and start over. This strategy takes into account that Dullahan
doesn't cast Charon or Djinn storm until your party did their roles. Once
all four Ulysses have been summoned, and Dullahan uses Charon or Djinn storm,
you still have a chance at winning. Just heal and pound him down.

Once Dullahan has been defeated, your reward is the Iris Summon!

V.Events triggered by Golden Sun transfer

A. Vaults of Bandits - In Golden Sun, if you talked to the mayor of Vault 
after Collosso, he would tell you that the bandits have escaped.

If you have finished up Madra and declared Piers innocent, the Bandits will 
appear when your leaving town. Defeat them and get the Golden Boots from them.

B. Feizhi - If you saved Hsu in Golden Sun you can trigger this event when 
you first enter Champa.

You will see a girl looking around. Then she will ask if you are Isaac, and 
then tells you to give him a Golden Ring. Kraden ask if she likes Isaac, she 
blushes and leaves. I mean if she likes him, she would at least memorized his 

C. Collosso - Win Collosso in Golden Sun

The three opponents that were defeated by Isaac is now searching for him for a 
rematch thinking that he cheated. Well he did. But thats not the point. In 
Naribwe Inn, one of the patrons tells you there are three guys looking for a 
guy name Isaac. But you will not encounter these three guys until you reach the
cave entrance to Shaman Village with Isaac and Co. They aren't hard at the 
level you are when you reach the Hesperia. Just finish them off, and they will 
admit defeat and give you a golden shirt they found in the caverns. I guess 
someone just like leaving gold stuff around!

D. DeadBeard - If you beat Crossbone Isle in Golden Sun, you can trigger this.

After Isaac and Co. joins your team. visit the second floor of Alhafra inn. 
There are two pirates there telling you that Crossbone Isle, has been picked 
clean and whoever beats the ghost is their new leader. So they leave to go 
find Isaac who is now King of the Pirates!!!

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