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         Golden Sun: The Lost Age
               Dialogue FAQ

     - All dialogue found in GS:TLA -
- From cinematics to personal conversation -
       - FAQ by thehomeland(.org) -
       - Version 1.01 UNFINISHED -

___/ Table of Contents \______________

I. Introduction
II. The Dialogue
  A. Opening Scenes
  B. Final Scenes

___/ INTRODUCTION \___________________

This FAQ compiles every word spoken by any character,
both major and minor, ever found in Golden Sun: The
Lost Age, for Gameboy Advance.  All people in every
town, village, cave, dungeon, island; all enemies,
djinn, friendly animals, and beasts of any sort that
present any sort of spoken text, INCLUDING the mind-
readings of each of these.

Why?  This can be helpful for finding clues the player
may have missed to get past a certain area, or for
finding out what exactly (s)he should do next in the

Additional Notes

* Some towns will be listed more than once, because the
content of conversation may change once a significant
event occurs relating directly or indirectly to them.
For instance, the first town you visit has a number of
puddles in many places.  When you come back later, the
puddles have dried up and the people speak different
lines.  Both scenarios' conversations are included in
this FAQ.

* Instead of describing individual citizens, they will
simply be given numbers.  If there are 12 citizens
walking around Prox, each of them will be labeled as
Prox1, Prox2, Prox3, Prox4, ... Prox12.  A hyphen ("-")
will seperate the name of the person from the speech.

Example: Prox12 - Hello there.

* There are a number of symbols used to identify what
type of speech the character uses:

>>> "/m/" before and after text denotes a mind-reading.

Prox12 - Hello there.
   /m/ - What are they doing here?

>>> "::" before and after text denotes that a person is
 thinking or can be heard without direct speech or
 mind-reading.  What is that, then?  Consider when
 Piers is thinking to himself while in jail, and also
 the conversation with Hamma at the final lighthouse

:: Hamma - The Wise One told me in a dream... ::

>>> "(*1)" found in any conversation denotes an editor's
 note by me to comment on that particular phrase.  For
 instance, you will find a (*1) next to the word "their"
 in the final cinematic conversation, noting that the word
 "their" was a misspelling in the game and not due to my
 mistyping.  At the end of each town or area section, a
 list of the starred-items (*1), (*2), etc. will contain
 my notes to the reader.

Kraden - Their(*1) can be no doubt.

Editor Notes
(*1) - This is a misspelling in the game's code. The real
   word should be "there", not the third-person-plural-
   possessive word "their".

>>> "[?]" refers to a voice that speaks who has no
 designated speaker.  Such as if a person is off screen
 who yells and has not yet been identified, this will be

* Your input is appreciated, but only in the form of
corrections to errors.  If you find that a citizen does,
in fact, have a name I might have missed, please let me
know.  If I misspelled a word, please let me know.

* Most of the description of what the characters actually
do, such as twitch, have an emotion bubble, walk away or
move an item, are NOT included except for those that may
pose some confusion in the dialogue.

Example: Toward the end, Garet yells something off the
 edge of the top of the lighthouse.  Had I not included
 that Garet moved to the side to yell it, it might be
 confusing to think Garet simply yelled it had he been
 standing right next to whoever he was speaking to.

* Contact information can be found at the extreme bottom
of this FAQ.  Thanks for reading, and I hope this improves
your GS:TLA (GS2) experience.

___/ Opening Scenes \_________________

Jenna: Are you sure we should be leaving like this?
       Once we go down those stairs, we can't get back
       into the lighthouse.  Maybe I should have
       stopped my brother...

Kraden: Jenna, is something troubling you?

Jenna: I just...

Kraden: What is it?  What's wrong?

Jenna: I have a bad feeling... Like something terrible
       is going to happen.

(Alex teleports in)

Alex: How unlike you, Jenna.
      Surprised to see me?

Kraden: Al-Alex... Were you listening?

Alex: Where's Felix?  Why isn't he here with you?

Jenna: My brother? He left us.

Alex: What can Felix possibly be thinking?

Kraden: He was worried about Sheba.
        He went to check on her.

Alex: He was supposed to be leading you out of here!
      I thought you would hae been far from this
      lighthouse by now. Why are you still here?

Kraden: We tried to stop Felix from going back up to
        the aerie.

Alex: How like him.  Once Felix gets and idea into his
      head, he rarely changes his mind.

Jenna: Alex, what were you talking about just now?
       What did you mean when you said... "How unlike you"?

Alex: I was merely surprised to hear you expressing
      such concern, Jenna. Nevertheless, I'm impressed
      Felix went back...

Jenna: Don't change the subject, Alex! What did you mean?
       Are you saying that I'm insensitive!?

Alex: If that's what you heard, then I must have misspoken.
      Accept my apologies.

Kraden: Well, Jenna, I think Alex has said his piece on
        the matter...

Jenna: I'm not sure he has, Kraden. (walks up to Alex)
       Who do you think you are, talking to me like that!?

Alex: I retract my statement, my dear.  Forget all about
      it, Jenna.

Jenna: ...

Alex: So tell me about this "feeling," Jenna...

Jenna: I'm just... I'm not sure we should be leaving
       Venus Lighthouse yet...

Kraden: What are you saying?

Alex: You can't really remain here...

Kraden: Alex is right.  It's far too dangerous, Jenna.
        We would only hinder the others...

Jenna: The others? Did Isaac follow us to the lighthouse?

Kraden: It would seem so.

Jenna: He must be trying to stop Saturos and Menardi!
       If my brother goes back and finds Isaac, they're
       going to end up fighting.

Alex: If the Venus Lighthouse has not yet been lit, yes.
      They will fight.

Kraden: Felix is a terribly rash young man, is he not?

Jenna: Why are boys such fools?

Kraden: He may be rash, but Felix is no fool.
        His good qualities outweigh his bad...

Jenna: That's why I think Isaac would understand if we
       just talked to him. Why didn't I think of this
       before now? Please... Can't we go back up and
       talk to Isaac?

Alex: I'm afraid that's not possible.

Jenna: Alex, why?

Alex: He is an enemy.

Jenna: Isaac? An enemy?

Alex: Our methods may differ, but you and I
      ultimately want the same thing...

Kraden: To light the elemental lighthouses.

Alex: Isaac and his friends would prevent this from happening.

Jenna: So that makes them enemies?

Alex: But hear not... They won't be able to defeat
      Saturos and Menardi. So... Felix went back to
      the top of the lighthouse?

Kraden: Why do you seem so pleased, Alex?

Alex: Why shouldn't I be?  After all, the lighthouse will
      soon shine brightly once again!

Jenna: Alex, why do you want to see the beacon lit so badly?

Alex: Oh, so it's my turn to answer questions, is it?
      Once, Alchemy was commonplace throughout this world...
      With its power, mankind worked wonders across the land...

Kraden: The lost age of man...

Alex: I want to see that world restored once again, and...

Jenna: And what, Alex?

Alex: We've spoke long enough already.  Let us continue
      this another time. We should leave the lighthouse now,
      before the beacon is fired...

Kraden: I concur... Let's meet at the location we agree on and
        wait for Felix.

Jenna: All right, Kraden, let's go.

=== End of Intro ==== (that I've typed so far)

___/ Closing Scenes \__________________

Scene: Top of the Mars Lighthouse

[?]: Betrayers, you have arrived!

Garet: Who said that!?

Mia: The wind's too strong! I can't see anything!

Sheba: I heard it too, but I don't see anyone else up here!

Piers: Felix! Quick! Cast the Mars Star in before anything has
         a chance to stop us!

[?]: So, you are still intent on lighting the beacon of
         Mars Lighthouse?

Isaac: Who said that!?

[?]: Have you forgotten me so soon, Isaac? And you, Garet?

Ivan: It seems to know you, Isaac... Do you have any idea
         who it is?

[?]: Then search your heart, boy!

Kraden: That voice...

Garet: It is the Wise One!

Kraden: Isaac, since when are you on a first-name basis with
         the Wise One?

Jenna: It must have been... Isaac, what happened in Sol
         Sanctum after we were kidnapped?

Isaac: When Saturos and Menardi stole the Elemental Stars,
         they triggered a volcanic eruption.  The Wise One
         prevented Mt. Aleph from erupting so that Garet and
         I could escape.

Ivan: But...wait, Mt. Aleph DID erupt!  There was a huge
         explosion!  We saw it all the way from Vault!

Garet: But it would have erupted with us still inside...
         There was no way we could have escaped in time.

Isaac: The Wise One held off the eruption until we could
         escape... He even halted the lava flow.

Mia: I can't believe it... Nobody has enough power to do that...

Garet: I know it sounds weird, but I was there, and it happened,
         so you'll just have to believe us!

Piers: If it can do all that, this Wise One seems more like a
         god than an Adept!

WiseOne: I did not just save you.  I also tasked you with
         recovering the four Elemental Stars.  Why have you
         disobeyed my command?  Why have you come to light
         the beacon?

Jenna: Because Prox will be destroyed if we don't!  We can't
         let that happen...

WiseOne: Prox?  They have brought this disaster upon themselves.

Sheba: Are you saying we should just abandon them to die?  What
         did they do to deserve that?

WiseOne: The people of Prox have committed and unforgivable
         sin.  The must pay the price.

Isaac: For lighting the lighthouses? Is that their sin?  Does
         that warrant total destruction?

Mia: If we don't light the beacon, Gaia Falls will eventually
         erode away all of Weyard!

Piers: We have fought for so long to save all the people of
         our world, and now you would stop us?

Sheba: Gaia Falls is growing.  It's consuming more and more with
         each passing day!

Jenna: How can you just allow the world to crumble into

Sheba: The seal needs to be broken!  The world will be destroyed
         if it's not!

WiseOne: You have learned far too much.

Kraden: Wise One! You can't continue to protect the lighthouses!
         You know what's happening!  It's your duty to protect
         all of Weyard!  If Weyard is destroyed, you will have
         failed us all!

WiseOne: ...

Jenna: Why don't you answer us, Wise One?

WiseOne: If Alchemy is unleashed, manking may well destroy all
         of Weyard itself.

Kraden: But we can combine our strengths, ensure that Alchemy
         not be used  for evil...

WiseOne: It is inevitable.  In time, one man will seek to rule
         over all.  It is human nature, inescapable.  And it
         shall come sooner than any of you think.

Kraden: Why do you say that?

WiseOne: The Water Adept who climbs toward the peak of Mt. Aleph
         even as we speak...  Is he not a friend of yours?  Alex
         is his name.  Surely, you have not forgotten him?

Jenna: Alex!?  What would he be doing on Mt. Aleph?

WiseOne: He understands far more than you do.  He knows that
         when the four beacons have been lit... Their light
         will gather at Sol Sanctum.

Kraden: But what will he gain from being there?

WiseOne: When the final beam of light reaches the peak of Mt.
         Aleph, the Golden Sun shall rise.

Kraden: The Golden Sun!? What is that?  And what would Alex
         want with it?

WiseOne: When the four beams merge into one, they form a golden
         light, bathing Mt. Aleph's peak.

Ivan: Is... Is that Alchemy?  I mean, pure Alchemy made real,
         at the heart of its power?

Kraden: And it's that light that gives shape to the Stone of Sages?

WiseOne: This has been Alex's one true desire from the very start.

Piers: Alex planned all of this?  Then he must have been after
         this power all along!

Garet: We've been duped! He used us all! Oh, you'd better believe
         he's not getting away with this!

Mia: Alex... How could he do this?  He's... He's one of my own
         people!  I feel sick...disgusted...

Isaac: None of that matters right now.  We stull have to light
         the beacon.  We don't have any choice.  If we don't
         do it now, Prox will be destroyed!  Felix...
         We have to, right? [ YES / NO ]
 - YES -
   Sheba: You bet we do! The Wise One will have to deal with
           Alex on his own.
 - NO -
   Sheba: Felix! We don't have a choice!  The Wise One will
           have to deal with Alex himself.

WiseOne: I cannot interfere in the actions of mankind.

Jenna: If you can't interfere, then how about getting out of
         our way so we can light the beacon, huh?

Ivan: Ooo... Good one, Jenna!

Garet: I don't like doing exactly what Alex wants, but it's
         looking like we've got no choice...

Isaac: Don't worry, Felix!  Just throw the Mars Star into the
         beacon's well! Now!  [ YES / NO ]
 - YES -
  (no reactions)
 - NO -
   Garet: The Wise One himself said he's not allowed to
            interfere! You're all clear!

(felix walks up, but blocked by the Wise One)

Piers: Wise One! Didn't you just say that you aren't allowed
         to interfere with our actions?

WiseOne: That is correct. I cannot stop you.  But... what if
         some miracle were to occur, one that prevented you
         from igniting the beacon?

Piers: Miracle?  what are you talking about?  What kind of miracle?

WiseOne: If you can defeat a miracle, only then can you ignite
         the beacon's flame.

Kraden: The Wise One is up to something! Be wary, everyone!
         We don't know what he's capable of!

(Doom Dragon appears before them)

Sheba: A three-headed dragon?  THAT'S your miracle?

Piers: So you would have us fight for our future?  Fine, then
         fight we shall!

Garet: What's he thinking?  We already beat a two-headed dragon.
         How much tougher can this one be?

Mia: I don't care how many heads it has.  Nothing's going to
         stop us now!

Ivan: Let's do it!  For Prox!  For the future of Weyard!

Kraden: Wait a second... Wasn't that two-headed dragon actually...
         So that means this three-headed dragon must be...
         Felix! NO! You mustn't fight that dragon! It's--

Garet: Too late, Kraden! We can't get away from it now!

Kraden: Felix, don't! Stop!!!

>>>> DOOM DRAGON APPEARED! (fight) <<<<


Ivan: ...Who are they?

Kraden: That's what I was trying to warn you about!
         It wasn't just the dragon that you killed...

Garet: I remember you warning us, but it was too late
         for us to stop...

Mia: Kraden: what do you know?  Why were you trying to stop
         us from fighting the dragon?

Kraden: It was the Wise One's final trap...

Ivan: Trap?  What do you mean?

Kraden: The Wide One knew he couldn't stop you, so he played
         a cruel, wretched trick on you instead.

Isaac: Kraden, I don't understand... What are you trying to
         tell us?

Jenna: Sheba, let's see who those people are while they try
         to sort this out.

Kraden: No, Jenna! Don't look!  You mustn't look!  It will
         only bring you pain...

Sheba: What are you talking about, Kraden? They can't hurt
         us anymore... We'll just--

(jenna looks down, then backs away)

Sheba: What's the matter, Jenna?

Jenna: It..can't...How? How...

Man1: Nnn... Uhnnn...

Isaac: ?

Mia: What is it, Isaac?

Man1: Uhhh...unnnn...

Garet: Isaac! I... I know that guy! That's your dad!

Sheba: Then... does that mean... the other two are...

Man2: Hhnnnng...

Lady1: Hhhnnn...

Jenna: Mom... Dad...

Piers: I'll heal Jenna's parents!  Quickly, Mia! Tend to
        Isaac's father!

(mia and piers use psynergy)

Kraden: If only... If only I'd realized sooner...

(fade out, back in)

Sheba: What's the matter Piers?  Why did you stop?  Jenna's
         parents need you...

Ivan: Don't give up, Mia.  You can't!  You have to save them...

Mia: It's no use, Ivan... I'm tapped...

Piers: I am, too... And even if I weren't, it's just too late...

Jenna: What are you saying!?  They're not... They can't be...

Piers: That's not what I'm saying, Jenna... I...

Jenna: I finally found them... I was going to be with them
         again... For the first time in years...

Sheba: Jenna...

Jenna: Please... It can't be...
       Mom... Wake up!  It's me... It's Jenna! ...Don't leave me...

Kraden: Jenna, you must prepare yourself for what comes next...
         Being transformed into a dragon, fighting in that form...
         This requires tremendous power.

Jenna: What are you saying, Kraden?

Kraden: In fighting you, your parents were forced to use every
         last ounce of their energy.

Jenna: The don't have the strength to...

Kraden: Even if they had won the battle, they would not have
         survived.  You cannot blame yourself...

Garet: (walks off to side, looks out) You monster!!!
         Why did you do this?  Why did you make us fight
         Jenna's parents?

Sheba: (looking out also) You're no god! You're no protector!
         You're evil!

Piers: (looks out also) You don't understand the pain you have
         caused, Wise One.  You have no idea the damage done to
         a child who learns she has destroyed her own parents.

Isaac: That's enough...
         I knew what I was doing the moment I raised my sword.

Felix: ...

Isaac: We defied the wise One in order to save the world.  Our
         parents would understand.  Don't you think so, Felix?
            (YES / NO)
   - YES -
      Jenna: You're right.  It hurts, but it's true.  We didn't
        do this for ourselves.  We did it for all of Weyard.
   - NO -
      Jenna: I agree with my brother... But it does no one any
        good if we don't complete our task.

Garet: (walks back over) We still have a chance to save Prox.

Sheba: Perhaps we can't save your parents, but we can save
         countless others.

Ivan: Kyle and the others saved them, too... They sacrificed
         their lives so that we could go on.

Piers: I never imagined that my actions would help to save
         the world...

Mia: Even though lighting the beacon may create wars and
         strife, I regret none of this.

Kraden: there's little time left, Felix ... Use the Mars Star
         and light the beacon.

(control given back to the player, cannot save here)

Individual words at this moment

Piers: I'm sorry things had to end up like this, Jenna.

Lady1: Uhhhhnnn... Felix... I... can't see you, but I sense
         that you're nearby... Please... Take care of
          Jenna for us...

Jenna: I thought I'd get to see my parents again... I thought
          I'd get to hold them again...  But instead, we
          were forced to destroy them...

Man2: Unnnn... Felix?  ...Jenna?  I am so happy...to have one
          last chance to see you again... in the end...

Kraden: both Kyle and your parents were very dear to me.
          My sorrow joins yours, friends.  We must light the
          beacon, if for no other reason that to provide
          the with a proper funeral.

Sheba: I don't know my parents... They might be alive, somewhere
          out there... but I share your pain.

Garet: I wish I could consol you somehow... It must be tough...
          I just wish I'd had one last chance to have some
          of Felix's mother's cookies.

Man1: *Koff! Koff!* Felix...  You made it back...alive...
          Please, I must ask one last thing...
          Tell Dora...to live her life to the fullest...for me...

Isaac: Our quest is almost over.  I...don't know how I'm going
          to tell Mom about this...  But sorrow can wait.  We've
          got to light the beacon.

Mia: If Alex set this all in motion, then he's responsible for this,
          and I'll never forgive him.

Ivan: Felix, I understand your loss... But remember, you and Jenna
          still have each other.

(if you walk near the hole: Will you cast in the Mars Star? YES/NO)
    - NO - (lets you continue talking to people)
    - YES - (see below)

(felix throws in star)

Mia: The beacon is lit!

Ivan: ...  And to think, I joined this quest hoping to prevent this
          from happening...

Sheba: And I began this quest as a prisoner, taken against my will.

Piers: And if that tidal wave hadn't sent me far off course, I
          wouldn't even be here now.

Garet: How many lives have been taken and changed forever just to
           light this beacon?

Jenna: Mom... Dad... Weyard is safe now.

:: You're right! I hear voices, too! ::

:: I told you... I told you I could hear them! ::

Garet: Who said that? Where are you?!

:: We're in Imil! We're at the base of the Mercury Lighthouse! ::

Mia: You... You can't be!

(scene changes to merc lighthse)

:: Mia: You.. You can't be! ::

Boy: Hey! I know that voice!  It's Mia! I just know it! Mia!!!

:: Mia: It's you! ::

Girl: Of course it's us! We can hear you, Mia!  You're all right!
          I'm so happy!

Old woman: Who are those two kids talking to?

Old man: I don't know.  They've been standing here telling everyone
          to leave the lighthouse. ...Weird couple of kids if you
          ask me!

:: Mia: How is it that we can hear you? ::

Girl: I don't know, but he told use we'd be able to talk to you
          if we came here now.

:: Mia: He? Who is "he"? ::

girl: I don't know... We were all sleeping, and he came to us
          in a dream... He said "Go to the lighthouse!"

:: Mia: The lighthouse? Why? ::

girl: He said that we have to deliver a message... He was too
        busy to do it himself...

:: Mia: What message? ::

Girl: We have to warn everyone to stay clear of the lighthouses!

:: Mia: What's going to happen? ::

Girl: I don't know, but he told us to warn people away from
         Mt. Aleph as well!

:: Garet: But who is "he"?! You still haven't told us!! ::

Girl: You're a meanie! I don't tell meanies anything!

:: Mia: Don't pay attention to him... It's me, Mia... Can you
         tell me who spoke to you?

girl: I told you, I don't know, but he looked like a big rock...
         with a big, rocky eye!

:: Sheba: The Wise One! ::

(scene change to mars lighthouse)

Sheba: What could he be doing?

Kraden: Of course! I understand...  The Wise One said that when all
          four lighthouses have been lit, the Golden Sun will shine...
          When that happens, Mt. Aleph and the lighthouses will
          probably become quite dangerous...

Piers:  So the Wise One is warning people in dreams, telling them
          to seek refuge?

Garet: Why would he do that!? You saw what he did to us... He can't
          be up to anything good...

:: Hamma: Have you not learned?  One's actions do not always reveal
          one's true intentions. ::

Ivan: Hamma... Sister...

Garet: Master Hamma! Did you receive a message, too?

:: Hamma: Yes. I was called to Jupiter Lighthouse in a dream.
          You have completed your quest, but I see it comes with
          great loss...  Your suffering has been almost unbearable.

Jenna: Master Hamma... My parents...

:: Hamma: I know, Jenna, and I am sorry.  But do not give up hope for
          the mjust yet...

Jenna: What do you mean, Master Hamma?

:: Hamma: Appearances can be an illusion... The Wise One has a
          caring heart.

Garet: He forced us to fight Isaac's and Jenna's parents! What's so
          "caring" about that!?

:: Hamma: If the Wise One were truly evil, he would not be warning me
          of danger in my dreams.

Garet: Well, I... I guess not... But then, what's he up to?

:: Hamma: We do not have time to discuss it right now. ::

Kraden: She's right.  If the Wise One said it's not safe to be near
          the lighthouses, then I think we should listen.

:: Hamma: I am heading for safety, too.  All of you must get away from
          the lighthouse now. ::

Kraden: Hurry, everyone! Let's go!

Jenna: What about our parents?

Isaac: We can't leave them behind...

Piers: I understand how you feel, but we won't make it if we have to
          take them with us!

Ivan: Make the decision, Felix!  Should we take them with us? (YES/NO)
    - YES -  (no reaction)
    - NO -  (no reaction)

(beacon flares up)

Garet: It's too dangerous... The Golden Sun is forming!

Piers: A ray of light is emanating from the beacon... from the
         Mars Star.

Sheba: What will happen?

Kraden: The power of Alchemy will be unleased upon the world!

Mia: We must take Isaac's father and Jenna's parents and flee!

Garet: Stop it! Let go of my wrist!

Isaac: Garet, get a grip! No one's touching you!

Garet: I'm serious, I...

Mia: The beacon!

Piers: Jenna... We have to move your parents!

Jenna: Mom! Dad!

Ivan: What's happening?

Kraden: There's no time for questions! Just carry them!
        Carry them and go!

(bright light envelopes everything)

(cinematic resumes in a house in Prox)

Old Prox: Thank you, Felix. And you, too, Isaac and Kraden.
          By igniting the Mars Lighthouse, you stopped Gaia Falls
          from devouring our town.

Isaac: We're just glad to have helped save Weyard...

Red Prox: You've been through may trials, more than any of us
          can ever know...

Kraden: We had no idea what to expect when we lit the final beacon...

Lady Prox: When we saw the flash of the beacon, we had no idea what
           you're suffered to light it.*

Isaac: I thouhht we were done for... There was no wa we could escape
           with our parents' bodies.

Kraden: Well, at least, not if we hadn't pulled together and
           overcome our sorrows...

Short Prox: That light was brilliant!

Kraden: you know, I shall always regret that I didn't get to look
           upon the beacon's light from afar...

Old Prox: I understand your regret... As a scholar of Alchemy, you
           would have been most impressed.

Isaac: I saw the beams of blue, red, and purple all streaming out
           toward the southeast...

Lady Prox: That's the direction in which Vale lies, is it not?
           Was the light headed to your hometown?

Isaac: Indeed it was.  The Wise One said the beams were going to
           merge into one above Mt. Aleph.

Old Prox: The orb of golden light we saw... that was shining
           directly over Vale?

Kraden: Yes.  that was the Golden Sun forming over Mt. Aleph.

Red Prox: If I remember the tales correctly...
          The Golden Sun is the blsast of light emitted at the
          very moment the Stone of Sages forms...

Kraden: Such legends exist even here? I wish that I'd known that sooner!

Old Prox: I fear for Vale; to think that all this energy is being
          released over your hometown.

Isaac: We're all worried about that.  We're hoping we can return
          to Vale as quickly as possible.

Red Prox: Oh... Isthere nothing we can do to convince you to stay?

Old Prox: We had hoped you might stay in Prox a while, but that
          sounds unlikely...

Isaac: Don't worry... We plan on returning as soon as things quiet
          down, don't we? (YES / NO)
  - YES -
  Old Prox: Our village will not soon forget that you saved us from
          the edge of destruction.  Do visit us again.
  - NO -
  Old Prox: You have just completed a long and difficult journey.
          Perhaps when you are older, and you look back on your
          youth, you will remember us fondly...

Kraden: When that time comes, I may no longer be in this world.

Red Prox: Don't say such things... I'm sure a long life awaits you.

Kraden: Well, I suppose we should be departing for Vale soon.

Isaac: You're right, Kraden... If we don't, you-know-who might
          start causing trouble...

Old Prox: At least some of your cares have been remedied...
          You must be glad to know we've brought all three back from
          the brink of death.

Red Prox: I would have not thought it possible had I not seen it.

Kraden: Even I do not fully understand it...
        But their* can be no doubt.  The fire Psynergy released by
        the beacon rekindled their spirits.  I hadn't expected so
        much Psynergy to be released by the lighthouse's beam...
        I have no real explanation, other than that their life
        force had not been full extinguished.  It was a miracle,
        but the fire Psynergy seems to have recharged them somehow.

Old Prox: And had your parents not been Adepts, the wave of Psynergy
        would have passed them by.

Jenna: Isaac!  What's taking you two so long?  Don't keep me waiting!

Kraden: Uh-oh! It's Jenna... We're late, and she looks rather
        displeased with us.

Isaac: Should I let her know we're leaving now? (YES / NO)
   - YES -
    (Isaac steps forward) I'm sorry! We're almost done.  Can you
        wait for us at the village gates with the others?
    Jenna: I'm serious!  If I have to wait much longer, you're not
        going to be happy!
   - NO -
    (Isaac steps forward) I'm sorry, Jenna! It sounds like things
      are going to take just a little bit longer...
    Jenna: Well, I'm not going to wait much longer! If you don't
       come soon, we're all leaving without you!

Short Prox: I'll wait outside with them.

Isaac: I don't think they want to wait anymore, Felix.  We're
         all set to head home...

Kraden: They have no patience whatsoever.  Ah, well... I suppose
         it is time to leave.

Red Prox: May your journey home be safe and uneventful...

Old Prox: We shall never forget what you have done for Prox.

(control is returned to player)

=== Individual Conversations ===

Old Prox: your body has absorbed a great deal of elemental energy.
            Please be careful.

Red Prox: I have much to do, so I won't be able to see you
            off, but I wish you a safe journey.

Lady Prox: There's no telling what could happen now... If you
            absorbed energy, maybe Jenna did, too...
            Which means you'd better not make her angry, or you'll
            really get it!

Woman Downstairs: Think of your old grandma's cooking every now and
            then when you're back home in Vale.

Man back upstairs that wasn't there when you went downstairs:  Felix,
            I always thought of you as my very own grandson when you
            were here...  Now that you're leaving, I can't describe
            the sorrow that fills this old man's heart.

Conversations Outside

Short Prox by the door: You did an amazing job... You accomplished
           what Agatio and Karst could not...

Purple hair Prox up stairs: I don't remember the last time I saw
           the sky this bright and clear. It feels wonderful!

Prox with round beige hat: I was so moved when I saw that light
            shining from the north. We all owe you our lives.

(one screen up):

Prox1: Felix taught me a lot about how to be a serious soldier...
       I've been going easy on myself, but no more! I'm going to
       train harder every day!

Prox2: I just don't think I'm cut out to be a soldier.  I know I
       should have taken up knitting instead.

Prox3: Well, you look like you're all set for the return trup to
       Vale.  Travel well, Felix.

Prox4: Even just standing outside the lighthouse, I can feel the
       energy coming from within...

Prox5: Sorry, Felix, but this road is blocked off right now.

Prox6: If you're worried about the lighthouse beacon, don't...
       It's still lit.

Prox7: Thank you so much, Felix! If you hadn't returned to us,
       we wouldn't be here now!

Prox8: Your foster grandmother knew that you would return. She
       always said you were reliable.

Prox9: Winter in Prox can be bitter cold, but I think things will
       feel more mild after this.

Prox10: the lighthouses have all been lit ... Does that mean we're
        going to fall back into war and chaos?

Prox11: If I'm going to be a great warrior, like Felix, I'm gonna
        have to train hard.

Prox12: Weeee! What fun! now that it's stopped snowing, we can go
        outside and play.

Prox13: I miss running around outside.  It's been so cold, I can't
        even work up a good sweat.

Prox14: I can hear the sound of children playing far off in the
        distance... That sound means that everything's back to
        normal and our worries are past.
Prox15: Will you be going back to Vale now that your quest is
        over, Felix?  Don't forget us!
Prox16: Thank you for lighting the fires of the lighthouse beacon,
        Felix.  you saved us all.
Prox17: It's too bad about Agatio and Karst...  They weren't bad
        people... A little obsessed, yeah, but it's still sad
        that they're gone.
Prox18: Felix, take some advice from an old man...  You would do
        well not to tell anyone that you were the ones to light
        the beacons...
Prox19: Isaac and his friends left Vale having sworn to return
        with the Elemental Stars.  When they return, they'll have
        to tell everyone what happened.  I hope they won't be
Prox20: I think the right to the north started receding when
        the lighthouse was lit...
Prox21: The lighthouse was so beautiful when the beacon was lit...
        It made a beautiful band of light!
Prox22: I wonder if that hole up north has stopped growning...
        What if it starts again?
Prox23: I had no idea there would be such a terrible earthquake
        when the beacon was lit.  My wife tumbled right into my
        arms.. It was like we were teenagers all over again!
Prox24: After that earthquake, I feel like I aged a couple of
        years in just a few minutes!
Prox25: The people of Prox won't forget what you've done for them...
        You can return home to Vale with great pride, but you'll
        always be welcome here.
Prox26: I guess the four lighthouses were the seal that blocked
        the power of Alchemy.  So not only did Felix save Prox, he's
        also brought about a new golden age!
Prox27: I've been told that lighting the four beacons has set
        Alchemy free on the world.  Now that we can all use Alchemy
        again, civilization is going to make great strides!

== Outside Prox ==

Jenna: What took you so long?  Mom and Dad are tired of waiting
        for you...
Lady1: That's not true, Felix.  You take as long as you need to
        say farewell to the people of Prox.
Man2: Don't worry about us, Felix... Puelle and the others took
        good care of us.
Jenna: Don't tell him that!  we'll be stuck here forever!
Sheba: You look like you're feeling back to your old self, Jenna!
Piers: You were weeping such mournful tears after the battle...
Jenna: What!?  As if!  You can't prove anything!
Mia: Go easy on her.  You have to remember, she thought that both
        of her parents had died.
Lady1: Oh, you were crying, Jenna?
Jenna: No! I said.. I said I wasn't!
Garet: Now you've got me thinking about my family... I didn't
        think I'd miss them this much...
Ivan: I only hope that they're all safe back in Vale...
Isaac: I just want to be home again... I want to see how my
        mother is doing...
Man1: Don't worry, Son.  I'm sure Dora's doing fine.  She's a
        strong woman.
Isaac: But the last time I saw her, she look so sick, so weak...
         Even if nothing happened in Vale, I'm still worried...
Man1: Don't worry, Isaac.  I'm sure she's in wonderful shape.
         I think she'll be surprised to see me!
Kraden: Sorry to keep you all waiting.  at last, the time has come
         for us to return to Vale...  As soon as wel leave Prox,
         we'll head toward Angara, and from there, to Vale...
Lady1: I can't wait to see this winged ship of yours!  It sounds
Man2: I remember so little of our trip to Prox... This is really my
         first voyage on a ship.
Man1: I remmber that the wind and waves make the boat rock... I
         hope I don't get sick...
Kraden: This ancient ship of ours actually flies above the ocean...
         It's quite a cozy ride.
Isaac: It looks like we've go an exciting last trip ahead of us,
         doesn't it? ( YES / NO )
    - YES -
       Isaac: Wow, Setting out like this takes me back to our
         own quest's start... It was long ago.
    - NO -
       Isaac: I'm still worried about my mother, but I'll try to
         put it aside and enjoy the trip.

Jenna: If you keep talking like this, we'll never go anywhere!
         Let's go Felix!

(most everyone walks off, issac & felix pause, and kraden looks back)

Kraden: What's the matter, boys?  Are you reluctant to depart? (YES/NO)
    - YES -
      Kraden: It's hard to believe that our quest is almost at its
        end.  I know how you feel.
    - NO -
      Kraden: After all we've been through, you can't possibly be
       nervous about this small trip!

Isaac: I just hope that Vale cameout of this in as good condition
         as Prox did...
Kraden: We won't know until we get there.
Garet: I can't stop thinking about how my parents are doing...
Kraden: Were the both of them in Vale?
Jenna: Can't you make a guess, Kraden?  Will Vale still be standing
          when we arrive?
Kraden: Not even I know that...
Garet: I can see it in your eyes, Kraden!  Toy think something's
           happened, don't you?
Kraden: It's a possibility... One that can't be ignored...
Isaac: If it's not there, then what's the point of even going back?
Kraden: Is that really how you feel, Isaac?  What about you, Felix? YES/NO
   - YES -
     Kraden: Have you already forgotten what we just discussed?
       You ought to refresh your memory!
   - NO -
     Kraden: You remember, don't you, Felix?  Think about it for
       a moment, Isaac.

Garet: What do you mean?
Kraden: Our conversation with Hamma after we ignited the beacon...
Jenna: Don't you remember us talking to the children of Imil at the
         based of the Mercury Lighthouse?
Isaac: When they were warning people away from the lighthouse?
Kraden: Yes.  the Wise One instructed everyone to seek refuge.
Garet: Yeah, so what about it?
Kraden: You still don't see, Garet?  Even if Vale were destroyed, I'd
         expect that the villagers have all escaped to safety.
Jenna: I guess that's true... They might still be all right.
Garet: That's true... So whetever happens, my family's alive!
Isaac: I'd forgotten about that... Thanks, Kraden.
Jenna: Garet, can you make sure everyone else knows that?
(jenna and garet walk off)
Kraden: OK, let's go.  the both of you!  We have to catch up
        to everyone.
Isaac: Kraden...
       Why did the Wise One change our parents into a dragon?
       Why did he make us fight them?
       I mean, we almost killed them... He tried to make us kill
       our own parents.  Why?
Kraden: Do you think that he intended for them to die from the start? (Y/N)
    - YES -
    Kraden: I cannot speak for him, but I think he knew that they
        would be revived by the beacon's light.
    - NO -
    Kraden: Ah... you don't understand why he put you through all this
        if he knew they'd survive...

Kraden: We cannot hope to fathom the motives of a being as all-powerful
       as the Wise One...
Isaac: You don't know either, Kraden?
Kraden: I can only hazard a guess... The Wise One... wanted to test you.
Isaac: What do you mean, test us?
Kraden: I cannot tell you more... It is up to you to find the answer.
        Will we use Alchemy to wage war, to raise armies?
        Or will we use it to grow wise, to rise above our petty feuds
        and perform great deeds?
        You were willing to sacrifice everything for your quest.  I'd
        say you've risen to the challenge.
        Oops!  Is everyone else that far ahead of us?
        We'd better hurry and catch up to the others before they
         leave us behind!
After all, I'm not terribly intered in trying to walk all the way back
to Vale.
If you feel the same, then we'd better be hurrying.
Isaac! Felix! We're off!

ROLL CREDITS (just some)

(Alex is seen climbing up Mt. Aleph)

Alex: The Golden Sun... The very quintessence of Alchemy's power!
        It's beginning!  Wait for me! Please, wait!  Wait until I
        reach the summit of Mt. Aleph!  (climbs faster)

ROLL (a few more) CREDITS

(mars lighthouse sends out its beam)

ROLL (a few more) CREDITS

(mercury lighthouse sends out its beam)

ROLL (a few more) CREDITS

(venus lighthouse sends out its beam)

ROLL (a few more) CREDITS

(jupiter lighthouse sends out its beam)

ROLL (a few more) CREDITS

(all beams converge on Mt. Aleph, zoom to summit where Alex stands
   without outstretched arms to receive the light)

Alex: At last!  I have it!  Eternal life...and limitless power!
        At least, the power of nature is mine to control as I will!
        Rise, storms!  Rise up and unleash your might upon Vale
        and the foothills of Mt. Aleph!

(nothing happens)

Alex: That's odd... I should have limitless power... So why can't
        I call up a simple storm?

(Wise One flies over to him)

Alex: Wh--Who are you?
WiseOne: I am called the Wise One...
Alex: The Wise One? Vale's protector?
WiseOne: You wish to have limitless power?
Alex: Wish to?  I just got it!
WiseOne: No.  Your power is nearly limitless, but it has boundaries.
Alex: Nearly limitless?  You speak in riddles. Can't you see? The
         power is mine!
WiseOne: Yes. You also have nearly endless life.  And your Psynergy
         is... somewhat stronger.

Alex: If you are trying to anger me, have a little tast of exactly how
         much power I have attained!

(uses psynergy)

Alex: Look at me! My body is brimming with power!

(WiseOne knocks him down, makes him hover)

Alex: How!? What's going on?  I should be all-powerful! How can
         you defeat me?!?

(WiseOne lifts him up and slams him back down onto the summit)

WiseOne: You are not all-powerful, Alex.  Your power has its limits,
         as does your life.
Alex: This cannot be! Who is responsible for this treachery? Who
         has robbed me of my dream?
WiseOne: I, the Wise One, imbued the Mars Star with some of the
         power of the forming Golden Sun.  It rests even now in
         the hands of young Isaac.
Alex: Why?

(rumble like an earthquake)

WiseOne: The heavens and earth are chaning, Alex!  You must flee now!
Alex: Wha--What!?
WiseOne: Mt. Aleph will soon be drawn into the heart of the earth!
         You must flee or join it forever!
Alex: Flee?! I can't flee! I can't even move!
WiseOne: Ah, yes.  You now see the limits of your power.  If you are
         swallowed by the earth, you may not survive.  If you survive,
         perhaps we will meet again someday...

(WiseOne flies away, Mt. Aleph sinks with Alex still lying on it)

Jenna: Finally! We've reached Vale.
Garet: ... ...
Sheba: What's the matter, Garet?  You're finally home again.  Aren't
         you happy?
Ivan: Garet's just worried about what's happened to everyone in Vale.
Mia: So it's just over that last hill?
Piers: I can't wait to see what your hometown looks like.
Kraden: It's beautiful... I'm sure you will like it, Piers.
Man2: I'm...just going to close my eyes. Someone tell me if it's all
         right to open them.
Lady1: Me too... Would someone else see how things are?
Isaac: I'll go.  Come with me, Felix.
Man1: How's it look, Isaac?
Isaac: I'm almost there...
       It... It can't be...
Jenna: What is it, Isaac? ...Felix? Say something!
Felix: I'm sorry, Jenna, but... Vale... Mt. Aleph... They're gone!
Garet: What!?

(image of a sunken Mt. Aleph appearS)

Man2: This... This is terrible.
Lady2: Is that... Mt. Aleph?
Isaac: Mom...
Man1: Dora...
Garet: Mom... Dad...
Jenna: Isaac... Garet...  What can I do?  What can I say to
         comfort you?

(image pans over to an illstrated group standing)

Jenna: They're here somewhere... They have to be here...
Piers: What can we do? How can we help them now?
Kraden: I don't know... Call out to them... Such a tragedy...
Felix: I'll call them...
       Isaac... Garet...
       I understand what you're feeling.  I've felt it, too.
       But standing here won't bring them back.
       Let's go back to Vault.  We can rest there and think...
Isaac: ... ...
Man1: ... ...
Garet: Your family's safe, Felix. You don't have anything to
       worry about anymore...  But what am I supposed to do?
       ...I'm all alone now.
Sheba: Aw... Poor baby...
Jenna: Sheba, what's gotten into you? How could you say that
       to Garet?
Mia: Tee hee! I wonder...
Garet: Sheba, Mia!? You think this is funny!? I've lost everyone!
       My whole family!

[?] Garet! Don't be so sad!
Isaac: ???
[?] I'd thought you might be a little more confident after all
       your adventures!
Isaac: !
[?] Ha ha! I've got to see my brother crying!
Garet: !!!

(image fades into a group of Vale-people standing nearby)

Garet's Dad: So you made it back, Garet... I knew it would take
       more than this to beat you, Son.
Garet's Mom: Welcome home, Garet...
Old Guy: You look surprised to see us, Garet.
Man1: How did you survive?
Garet's Sister: The Wise One warned us of danger.  He guided us
        here to safety.
Old Lady: Everything was destroyed... Our homes, our town...
Kraden: but the Wise One saved you all?
Garet: I'm... I'm not alone!
Kraden: If you all made it out, did Dora as well?

(image pans to the right to see Dora standing alone on a path)

Isaac's Dad: Dora...
Isaac: ...Mom...
Dora: Welcome home, Kyle... Isaac...
Isaac's Dad: You survived!!!
Dora: So did you...

(fades to an illustration of the 3 embracing)

(fades to an illustration of the two groups reuniting, including
 some rough-housing of Jenna with Felix)

(fades to an illustration of the sunken Mt. Aleph, then the words
  The End appear in the bottom right corner.)

[option to save your adventure] YES/NO:
   - YES -
      [saves the file you were playing on as "clear data"]
   - NO -
      [game resets]

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